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  1. So i havn’t been on since sometime in 2019 due to me getting bored of games, I’ve decided i wanted to play a bit to kill some time since I’m in a 2 week holiday but since that time I’ve lost my old Minecraft account which was the one linked to this account and so I got a new account “shilohvvs” so i was just wondering if i could be whitelisted?
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    I have edited my application to your desire
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    Background/Character. He’s facetious, witty, charismatic and mysterious who loved to quest and explore. This is expected from someone with his ugly past. He was born in and grew up in middle-class streets of a Heartlander family in the city of Persa de Madera, he lived without worry until he was 8 years old, but at that point, everything had changed. He lost his parents in an invasion and was shunned. With only a couple of friends, he had to survive the harsh world he had been left in, his courage and wits managed to get a house, a stable balance, etc and “crush” all in his way. If not for any of this he wouldn't be the man he is today. Although haunted by his past, he now works tracking the people of the past with his pet Renatanian Mountain Hound which he found on one of his quests. By doing so he hopes to learn about the past and finally find the pleasurable life he never had. Information/Questions Human Heartlander Battlemage (sword and magic) Just turned 18 5’11 Loves music, plays piano and violin Follower of the Church Of Canon Used to live in Presa de Madera before “everything changed” to before his 18th birthday. Moved to Carolustandt just before turning 18 Black hair (more than a usual heartlander) Wants to learn Magic very badly! Doesn't hate anyone, not even the people who had killed his parents as he moved on from his past
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