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  1. Before I elaborate on how I feel, I’m going to quote the CA Race Submissions Guidelines, as I feel it’s relevant to my main concerns and questions for the post “They (the ca race) should also have weaknesses to help balance the creature in roleplay, especially in combat.” “Strengths and weaknesses of the creature should be elaborated on. This should be used to explain the pros that the creature has (e.g. increased strength) and weaknesses (e.g. fire). As well listing what magics/mundane things are effective/non-effective against it. Include as well how some magics feel/react to in regards to said creature.” To be honest, I don’t really see the week of waiting after an azdrazi is killed as a weakness. Simply because of the fact that it doesn’t really affect anything irp. If I played an azdrazi character that was killed, and I had to wait a week before the flame was rekindled, I would simply take a week hiatus to avoid dealing with the implications of the death. It’s an easily exploited theme that I really don’t see as anything relevant to be able to claim it as a weakness. I see it as an insignificant limitation to their otherwise outlandish abilities. The same can be said for their inability to perform dark magics. An azdrazi has so many powerful abilities that I wouldn’t even see a need to turn to dark magic to accomplish their physical feats. Nor is their infertility any more of a weakness than other magics that turn the user infertile. The energies of Xan weakness is rather vague and underexplained, in my opinion. It’s listed as a vulnerability, but not elaborated upon in any way, thus I’ll not make any comments on it. When others ask for weaknesses, I feel it’s not so much weaknesses in general as it is combat and role-play weaknesses. In the creature submission guide, it visibly states “They (the ca race) should also have weaknesses to help balance the creature in roleplay, especially in combat.” Looking at the Azdrazi ca, I see no weaknesses or debuffs that would in any way affect the azdrazi irp’ly, especially in combat. All of the weaknesses I do see are either post-combat or out of combat ooc based restrictions around the creatures. You claim that whilst the creature may have strength rivaling that of an orc’s strength, there is nothing that makes them more durable than an average descendant, but I would argue the opposite. On your ca, you mention that their fortitude contests that of an orc, as well as their strength. The very definition of fortitude is courage, and adversity in the face of pain. That in itself is a measure of durability, moreso mental than physical, but still durability. Furthermore, I don’t know of many ca’s that are immune to all forms of heat and poison. They have enhanced physical abilities, enhanced mental abilities, and enhanced resistances. Doesn’t seem dissimilar to a soft ‘god mode’ button to me, and that certainly seems like higher durability than an average descendant. Not only do they have such physical abilities, but they have draconic abilities to further enhance themselves. When you have abilities like firebreath, which has a four block range, and Fireball, which has a 5+ block range (after which it starts to drop), that more or less forces a player to fight from range, less they risk getting burned by fire. Sure, your supposed weakness is waiting a week after death, but that’s if the opposing party can get in close enough to fight in any effective manner (Paladin weapons won’t do crap if you’re forced to fight too far for contact). And to top if off, they have the Burning Heat ability, which enables them to heal one another. Sure, it’s minor wounds, but that still very much tips the balance of a battle in the azdrazi’s favor, as do the rest of the previous spells I mentioned. Any ample minded azdrazi could easily control the outcome of a fight with such overpowered abilities. Again, I point back to the CA guidelines “They (the ca race) should also have weaknesses to help balance the creature in roleplay, especially in combat.” There are no weaknesses that I can see outright that help balance the azdrazi, in roleplay, and especially not in combat (Other than the paladin weapons, which won’t work for anything, if you can’t get close enough to use them). The ability to weakness ratio as I see it is merely overpowered and completely underbalanced. Giving them nearly irrelevant and insignificant weaknesses in my opinion does nothing to help the fact that they are much too overpowered and exploited in a combat sense. I’m going to echo the sentiments that myself and many others have about the ca, and that’s the fact that it most certainly seems like a strongarm ca, because they have extreme abilities that are completely unaffected irp or combat wise by any weaknesses. I feel like the azdrazi need a weakness that actually affects them in roleplay, and one that most people can reasonably utilize to balance the conflict. I’m not so concerned about people winning, so long as it is balanced, but I see not any reasonable form of balancing. Though I also look forward to the responses from everyone to address and likely quell my concerns, and I would like to offer my thanks beforehand for the answers and/or responses! I certainly don’t know everything, not at all lol, and I am sure there are plenty of things that I have not taken into consideration! And all in all, I still really appreciate the time and effort put into the rewrite. Regardless of how I feel, I know it’s never an easy task by any means, and requires much effort, so I would just like to thank everyone who did invest time into making the azdrazi ca better, be it whatever way that is. In the end that helps LoTC improve, and really, that’s the end goal.
  2. I know I’m no longer a member of the community, but I can’t emphasize just how beautiful and incredible this is. Y’all have done a really awesome job in working on this, and I’m proud of the effort, and how it’s turned out! Very well done!
  3. Storm Elibar’acal would open the door to his house, upon hearing a light whimpering after he had awoken. Upon spotting the whimpering bundle, the somber elf’s brows would furrow in confusion ”Perhaps someone left it here by mistake?” he queries to himself, bending down to inspect the package. He would first see the note from Adelith, picking it up to read it. Storm would let out a heavy sigh, shaking his head ”Oh Adelith, Dear. You were right, all along. But despite our conflicts, you will always have a home and welcome arms from me. You were like a daughter to me.” He would then turn his attention to the puppy. Having never owned a pet other than in independent bird, he would be unsure how to approach it. The elf would opt to gingerly pick up the bundle, holding it close, like a ”I’ll cherish it with all my heart, Adelith. That is my promise to you. Do be safe, Dear, and I hope you send bird occasionally.”
  4. The specter of Storm would remain throughout his former home, his presence almost like a perpetual backdrop to the familiar quartz walls and hallways. He would chuckle at Eredael’s words ”It seems you still have much to learn, oem’ii. You failed to pay attention to the missive, it seems. There was a clear distinction demonstrated in the missive between family beliefs and that of purity. Both were separately addressed. The magic and marrying of a paladin go against the talonnii beliefs, which are rather anti-magic. On the other hand, Daerine is very obviously an impure individual. Fear not, youngling. Despite your boundless knowledge, I assume you were never quite fully educated on talonnii matters, a failure of my own, I admit. Though, perhaps you ought to get your head out of Elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya and ‘thill literature and truly expose yourself to the world. Common sense dictates that no progress, no knowledge can be gained from staying in place, embracing stagnation. True progress and knowledge is gained by exposing yourself to outside information and cultures. If that is what you want to label as hedonism, that is your own failure, not mine.” ”Furthermore, you are not one to preach about forsaking Silver and City, when you ‘thill are the ones that willingly opened the gates to an ancient enemy, inviting them in, and endangering the entirety of the culture and history you ‘thill have built to preserve. Elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya would have taught you that the ‘thill are independent and need not the protection of others. You all chose to forsake silver the minute you chose to bend the knee to a historical enemy, and place yourself under another. Continue to cower behind your silver walls, continue to embrace the laziness, fear, and paranoia. I, on the other hand, will choose to continue to work for the better.” A hooded figure nearby would grin at Alice’s words, shrugging lightly ”I would like to see evidence for your claims that I ever said any of that, in the past. To me, it seems like you are merely making up whatever happens to be on your mind. Of course, I think every ‘aheral that Haelun’or hates is accused of declaring hatred for high elves and purity at one point or another. Perhaps you should think of something new. And whilst you’re doing that, I’m sure you can come up with something other than the overused word ’ata, as it merely reflects the own sheep-like mentality that most have. I am not claiming any rights, merely reminding another that they should not act like they are any better, when they are just as impure. Perhaps you ought do your research?”
  5. Storm sips his homemade buttermint tea that morning, having decided to indulge himself into reading. When suddenly, he happens to hear voices upon the wind, almost familiar, in a way. ”Ah, ‘ata. The same, trite term the ‘thill have used to describe anything they don’t like. Really, they ought to come up with a new name, it’s getting quite old, and is horrendously overused by now. Though, they’re usually the ones attacking others, especially verbally, so if anything, I suppose they’re the ‘ata, just too delusional and caught up in their fantastical superiority complex to realize. Ah, how I pity those foolish enough to think they’re better than others.” He would shrug, once more lifting his tea to his lips, continuing his reading into smithing, when he hears another voice Storm chortles as he hears this, almost spitting out his tea. He would put it down for a moment, leaning back in his chair with an impish smile ”Perhaps I ought to point out that you’re actually the closest to losing your mind, Mister Calith. I’m surprised you haven’t done so already, as ancient and slow as you are. Just like I said to Daerine, you shouldn’t to call me a monster when we both know you have most definitely sinned as well, do not try and act innocent. That makes you quite the hypocrite. Furthermore, since you obviously can’t read, let me clarify that my point was mentioned in the first paragraph or two, I merely drew it out in a deliberately long and sarcastic lecture of a missive to ensure that my point was made, and its intention was to draw anger! If that wasn’t blatantly clear, then perhaps you have already lost your mind.” His brows would loft as he lifts his teacup up once more to take a sip, glancing over his reading once more. After finishing the page, he would turn it, an entertained smile upon his features. ”How predictable.”
  6. A Despot in the Making [!] A missive would be delivered to the people of Haelun’or by way of eagle. Several of these pamphlets would be dropped haphazardly in the city throughout the day, with one such being delivered to the residence of Elibar’acal From the Residence of Elibar’acal A Formal Response to a False Tyrant Ca. 12th of the Amber Cold, 1785 To One Miss Daerine Elibar’acal and fellow Elibar’acal Talonnii, I would like to extend my thanks to Daerine for such an entertaining missive. I have never laughed as much as I did earlier today. The level of audacity and delusional grandeur claimed by such a ridiculous failure of a missive was much for my mind to comprehend. Though, I will admit that I found it very amusing. Ahernan, for the hearty laugh. Unfortunately, it was a rather foolish waste of your time to write out something that I will not accept in the slightest. My simple answer is that you have no right to call yourself a matriarch of any kind. If you think you have any authority over or respect from me, then I ask you to reconsider. I don’t know how much manipulation and lies you had to tell for anyone to even consider you as a matriarch, let alone actually being one. I hope that you were joking, because I could not take the missive seriously at all! First and foremost, let me point out that you have absolutely no right nor privilege to be an Elibar’acal matriarch. Not only are you impure yourself, we both know that, do not try and lie to the world, but you are also practicing magic. In case you didn’t know, the Elibar’acal talonnii is anti-magic, notoriously so. You practice magic. You seem to have a blatant disregard of family history and customs already. Not to mention that you have married a paladin. I appreciate your desire to be a Laurir, but I think you failed your first lesson. If you'd like to be tutored on talonnii customs and history, feel free to seek me out! You cannot be a mage and consider yourself a proper talonnii member, let alone a matriarch. If you are truly the Laurir as you preach, then Ivoriel was foolish to have handed it to you so carelessly. Better luck next time, I look forward to your next tryout! Truthfully, it was amusing to see the way you referred to the talonnii as yours, when it is not, has not, nor will it ever be yours. That much alone is evident enough that you care not for the talonnii and its preservation, but more for the power and influence it gives you! It’s almost like you’re a predictable one! Then again, despots are usually quite recognizable! They all share that same entitled attitude and behavior! It startled me how quickly you referred to yourself as Laurir of Elibar’acal, almost as if you were seeking to have that title in your grubby hands all along! Before you ever claim any title, please ensure that your missives are formatted neatly! Each paragraph should have one space between them! Of course, it’s not required, but it helps the missive appear neat! Since I’m already lecturing you about the talonnii, I might as well help you write a proper missive, since you appear quite incapable of doing so! It hurt not only my mind to read the missive, but also my eyes. Not only was there a prolific amount of rhetoric and garbage on said missive, but it was absolutely dreadful to read. I implore you to revise your style, llir. You call me an ‘ata, you imply I am impure. Yet you do this merely to hide your own impure and deceitful past. You are no saint, you are no Laurir. You are merely a wretched despot hungry for more and more power. It doesn’t take more than a halfwit to figure that much out. Now, I am no Saint, nor am I claiming to be. I know very well that I am a flawed, and even an impure individual in the eyes of Haelun’or. In case you did not realize, pointing out my own choices, despite your own chosen impurity in the past makes you quite the hypocrite. You have no room to call out others, Daerine. We both know that. The difference between you and I, however, is that I openly admit such, and I push others to be better than myself. You, on the other hand, attempt to find a scapegoat to hide your own sins. My utmost apologies, but I will not be your scapegoat. It’s almost as if you enjoy biting the hand that fed you. It was I that urged your return to Haelun’or. It was I that emphasized and elucidated that you would be forgiven of your past impurity and transgressions. You seem to have no gratefulness for the forgiveness that the Silver State has offered you, and instead seem to be uptight, and entitled. Thinking you’re better than others, when you are obviously just as flawed. It was myself that recruited the Elibar’acal back to Haelun’or, and pushed for the preservation of the talonnii beliefs and customs after the Revolution. Where were you during this time? Do tell. Tell me. When I was defending Haelun’or from the voidal tear along with my fellow Sillumir, where were you? Oh, that’s right! You were running around being impure! When I was helping rid the city of dark mages, where were you? Being impure. Where were you, in the midst of the countless lives, sweat, and blood that so many people shed for the safety of their Silver State? You were nowhere to be found, indulging yourself in impurity, associating with the enemy. Even as I left Haelun’or, I did not fraternize with the enemy. You call me an ‘ata when I have spent nearly ninety years in service to the Silver State, helping it in any way I possibly could, devoting my life to it. Of course, I am not pure. But I love my talonnii and its people, I love the ‘thill, whom I also see as family, and I wish to protect them. As far as I’m concerned, your silly purity serves as nothing more than a leash for you to control and choke others, to limit your own development as a civilization. I have never attacked, nor do I ever plan to attack. I am no ‘ata, as you so wrongfully claim. I am a Sillumir, I am a soldier. And regardless of whether or not I am pure, I will always seek to protect others. You, on the other hand, Daerine, may continue to cower behind your walls of silver, you may continue to be lazy and lustful for power. That is your choice. I, on the other hand, look to continue my work serving others to the best of my ability, a true purpose in life. Not to be uptight, not to be haughty and act better than others, but to be humble and sensible to all fellow descendants. Because I know what the greater purpose is, and that is not purity. Division will surely lead to the loss of the realm, and we need all the unity we can get if we wish to combat the inferi tide. Your Haelun’or gossip is really none of my concern. What is my concern, however, is when a tyrant attempts to claim that which is not theirs. When the talonnii is endangered, and the preservation itself is at risk. I am not a blood Elibar’acal, I am not pure. But I know what Azorella would want, and I know she would not spare a single thought for an impure ‘aheral that practices magic to even be considered as matriarch. I know very well I am not worthy enough to take up the mantle as matriarch, and neither are you. You are just so engulfed in your delusions of grandeur and ignorance that you fail to see yourself for as wicked as you truly are. I wasn’t bothering you, nor was I bothering anyone. Thus, I find it oddly coincidental that you took the time to attack me, and target me. I’ll tell you why you did so. You’re just bored, and seeking some entertainment! You just wished to give me a laugh and write something silly, I bet. In all honesty, I really doubt you would be mentally impaired enough to write something as indubitably unbelievable as that! In reality, though it was because you know I would not accept you for one moment. It was because you know how much I care about the talonnii, because you know I am one of the obstacles in your way. You merely wished to try and see me off, as if I would go down easily, that way you could claim power without any opposition. I hate to rain on your parade, but I’m a soldier, and we do not tend to go down easily, especially when we’re protecting that which we love. Relinquish the title of Laurir. You have done nothing to deserve such an honor. You are not pure, you practice magic. Furthermore, there was no announcement to the talonnii that you had been made Laurir, meaning you circumvented notifying even your own fellow family members. You must have been delusional in the first place to ever have expected respect or recognition from myself. If any ‘thill deserves the matriarch mantle, it would be Maeve Elibar’acal, who has taken care of the mansion, a pure ‘thill that practices no magics, and a paradigm of talonnii beliefs and values. I will recognize no unworthy ‘thill as a matriarch. And you, are in no way worthy. You are not my matriarch. Since you obviously think anyone can be an Elibar’acal matriarch or patriarch, I hereby disown you from the talonnii with the authority I pulled from my rear end as well! Additionally, Doctor Storm would like to diagnose you with despotism and schizophrenia! As you would have to have something wrong with your head to think I would listen to a word you said! Worry not, Daerine, as this isn’t the first time I have helped talonnii members with their problems, I am more than happy to help you work through your childishness, manipulative attitude, and despotism! With enough help, I promise we can get you the treatment you need! You were foolish to think I would ever take a word of your missive seriously. I do not care for your opinion, for your words, just like I do not care for the opinion of Haelun’or. I have more to do in my life than worry about the opinion of some insignificant speck in the map of Arcas, and their superiority complex. I will continue living my life as my please, and nothing you say or do will interrupt my choices. I will continue carrying the Elibar’acal name, and I will raise my oem’ii to our same standards, with the exclusion of purity. I became disillusioned with such a waste of standards a long time ago. I have a life to live, that does not include caring about you, or respecting the manipulation and lies you propagate. Let that prosper with the sheep of Haelun’or, but it shall stop at my door. Please, do respond when you have any legitimate modicum of authority, or find someone that I will respect as laurir. Until then, I beseech you to sit down, shut up, and cease being a deceitful hypocrite to yourself and those around you. I will not be a sheep like the rest, nor will I listen. And you are no rightful matriarch, merely a fake trying to force your will on others. I do not wish see the talonnii led to ruin, but should your potent hands grasp it, all that has been built will crumble under your carelessness and selfishness. I will never accept an impure and alleged magic user such as yourself as a matriarch. That privilege is reserved for someone far worthier than ourselves. I thought I smelled the stench of despotism and gluttony when I awoke this morning. Though I do entreat you to wear some perfume. I could smell your rancid personality from my home. Perhaps from now on, before you try and attack others, you should take a look in the mirror and reflect on yourself. Ay’Azorella Storm Elibar’acal
  7. Storm Elibar’acal would wake up from his slumber that day, a scowl upon his face. He would sniff the air, his brows knitting together ”Mmm, the stench smells familiar. I’ve smelled it before...” He comments, continuing to sniff around. He knew a familiar scent when he smelled one, and after a moment, the realization came to the weary elf ”Ah, that’s right! The stench of despotism and lust for power.” He comments wryly, before walking out to find the missive in his mailbox. Upon reading it, he would let out a hearty laugh, continuing such for a moment. His face would turn cherry red as the amusement from the missive continued to push him into a fit of laughter. As it eventually subsided, he would crumple up the missive, cackling loudly ”I knew I recognized it. Funny, that an impure mage seeks to accuse me, when they are just as bad. Ah, the art of being a hypocrite.” He hums, before sitting at his desk, removing a quill and some parchment, and beginning to write a response of his own
  8. ”Why would I want something your azdrazi overlord gave to you? Sorry, but I don’t drink the juice of ignorance, as well, my well-meaning llir.” He queries, tossing the juice box in a nearby waste bin, as even his infant drinks the juice of freedom
  9. ”At least I have air, rather than being trapped in the suffocating atmosphere of azdrazi occupation. Seems hypocritical to remind myself when you’re still sucking in the azdrazi mouth feed.” the ‘aheral responds in kind, once more dipping his quill to continue writing
  10. Storm Elibar’acal would take a gander at the missive, raising a brow at the seemingly contradictory tone of the missive. He would snort, leaning back in his chair, casting an amused gaze out the window to the forests outside. ”I find it quite interesting how they choose to align themselves with a regime that is well known for attacking and slaughtering the innocent lives of descendants, yet they now claim that they do not intend on fighting their fellow descendants. Quite contradictory, if you ask me. The dogs choose to lie down and submit to the faux protection of the azdrazi, yet try and bark as if their voice has any significance. If you do not want to be associated with them and their crimes, then you shouldn’t have let them in and signed the pact in the first place.” He would then turn his attention back to his desk, reaching for a quill and ink, and resuming his work ”Of course, arguing that a pact is not associating or allying with the azdrazi is a likely counterargument, but the semantics of the word are irrelevant. I have no doubt in my mind that the government has sworn fealty to Azdromoth. Actions speak louder than words, many times louder, and the actions of Haelun’or scream azdrazi. Or perhaps, azdrazi puppet. They will also likely claim that they had ‘no choice’ to deny the pact, but if that is the case, they have no more choice to deny any other demands of azdromoth, even should he ask them to march on and wage war with their descendants.” ”There’s no argument over the choice between peace and war. Yet they say there was only one way they could have peace and protection, and it was to surrender to the azdrazi. Admittedly, there’s a risk in any course you follow in that, but every lesson of history has taught the realm that the greater risk lies in appeasement. And that is the specter our well meaning ‘thill friends refuse to face. That their policy of accommodation is appeasement. And it gives no choice between safety and war, only between fight or surrender. If you continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually you’ll have to face the final demand, the ultimatum, when they demand everything. And what then?” “If you do that, then eventually all will become comfortable with the appeasement and expect you to surrender without a fight. And therein lies the road to war. Because those voices pleading for peace at any price do not speak for all of us. Most of us know, and yet do not believe, that life is so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the cost of liberty, the price of chains and occupation.” ”Is the homeland really not worth dying for, in defense of? Is it not better to go down fighting, than to submit to others? If nothing in life is worth dying for, then what does the sacrifice, the martyr of Azorella, who died for Haelun’or, mean? Where does martyrdom begin? Just in the face of the inferi threat? Or should our past ancestors have simply accepted the fall of our previous realms? Should we have given up when the voidal tears threatened the peace of the entire realm? Should those continuing to fight the inferi have thrown down their weapons and refused to fight? Ne, the martyrs of history are not fools, our honored dead who have fought and died to protect their homeland and realm have not died in vain.” “Where, then, is the road to peace? It’s a simple answer: You and I have the ability to stand up to our enemies and say that there is a price we will not pay, there is a point beyond which they must not advance. We have the ability to fight to the last stand, until the last drop of blood exits our veins. Even should we die in the fight, the enemy will grow to know the ferocity of our souls when we fight to protect that which we cherish and love.” ”It was the loss of their confidence in the Sillumir to protect them, it was the desperation and laziness to have someone else do their job for them, even turning to the azdrazi, that led to their own foolish actions. It was silly for them to ever think that their choices would not have consequences in due time. Now that they realize the gravity of their actions, it amuses me to see them attempting to squirm out of the grip of the azdrazi, like so many other nations that have casted out the dragon kin. Though, it is relieving to know that they are at least somewhat aware of the atrocities committed by those occupying their state.” He would crumple up the missive, throwing it in a nearby trash bin, before returning his full attention to his work, and the dozing infant nearby
  11. Max Edwards would loft a brow as he read the news of the developments ”It gladdens me to see my old home once again rising from the ashes of despair that once consumed it, the struggle against the inferi tide has had a large toll on them all. I wish them the best of luck in their new travels, they have sacrificed much already.”
  12. Storm Elibar’acal would halt at the comment, turning a lofted brow to Haskir ”How many times must I say this over and over? It seems you people never get enough of the false drool that the halfling originally fed to Haelun’or, along with Alaion and Aerendyl on purpose to see me removed from Haelun’or. If you are unaware, those very same people were removed for lies, corruption and treason. The Diarchy sprouted many lies during its reign, you are foolish to assume such as true.” “And concerning Alfer, if you trust a word she says, you are severely delusional. She is known to be clinically mentally ill. That’s the whole reason Nelgauth is counseling her in the first place. It is known that she is not to be trusted. You are delusional if you trust a single word she says. As for this sleeping with shades, it would be wise to remember that it was us that removed the shades from Haelun’or, together. I do understand that you might have qualms with me, and I expect you to. But before you go screeching about the same false accusations that have been yelled numerous times over, you ought to check the veracity of your sources.” “Furthermore, whilst you’re saying that Azorella would spit on me, perhaps you ought to reflect on your own actions. You are the ones letting the same people that have attacked into Haelun’or. You are the ones virtually debasing and removing the guidance of Larihei, and you are the ones threatening the very culture, independence, and way of life of the mali. Azorella fought to keep us independent, free from the corrupt confines of the council. And yet here you are, forcing the ‘thill into nothing short of oppression. Azorella may spit on me, but she would have nothing short of the heads of those that dared defile the Silver State with the enemies that we once fought.” And with that, he would be off
  13. Storm Elibar’acal would finish writing the talonnii response, pinning it to the door of the manor. He would let out a heavy sigh, shaking his head. A frown would be present on his face. ”Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security. They have handed Haelun’or over, have thrown everything that has been worked for away.” He reiterates to himself, making his leave from the City of Silver
  14. Storm Elibar'acal laughs in reverse engineering
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