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  1. “Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, brother. May the strength of your light continue to shine bright even in the afterlife. Your dedication and service to el’cihi will never be forgotten. You shall be the example of duty and sacrifice to the state, and example of the kind of love and devotion that the Sillumir themselves strive to exemplify. Rest easy, and may Larihei guide your path to peace and rest. I shall see you again, I am sure.” Storm says, kneeling beside Nehtamo, fighting back tears himself, as he loses a brother in arms
  2. Tilruir’tir Storm Elibar’acal would smile as he reads the missive, nodding “I am prepared to do such. For the sake of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. May the wheels of progress continue to ever push forward!”
  3. From the office to the Tilruir’tir Urgent Missive to the Silver State Ca. 20th of the Deep Cold, 1751 Fellow denizens of the Blessed Enclave, the Silver Council, and the Diarchy, When in the history of a nation, the stench of corruption and injustice begins to seep from the machinations of bureaucracy, it becomes evident that such problems have infiltrated deep into the heart of government. The result of such infection, such dirty stains upon high places is due to either ignorance or unwillingness of those involved to treat such a mess. The solution to such problems is simple: Clean the filth that has enveloped the system; remove the dangers and stains that the corruption has plagued upon the justice system, and ensure that both the safety of Mali’thill and the pursuit of purity in maehr’sae hiylun’ehya is upheld, at whatever cost is necessary. As Tilruir’tir, it is ne my job, it is my duty, my obligation to the citizens of Silver to ensure such that our laws, beliefs, and people are protected. Furthermore, it sickens me when injustice is delivered. When the very law of a nation fails in the purpose of bringing those necessary of crime to justice, to punish them for their actions -- worse yet is when the law is twisted and convoluted in such a way as to punish some, but not others. The law is unmoving, unbreaking, unbiased, and should be treated as such. However, the worst feeling as Tilruir’tir is to discover, upon investigation, that the law has potentially been warped and power abused such as to protect enemies of the state. Providing a faux and inconspicuous shield over the backs of dark magic users that have infiltrated our government. To discover that my superior, the Okarir’tir may be abusing their power to aid the enemy sickens me beyond my ability to quantify. It is unacceptable, it is unjust, it is treason and sabotage of the highest degree imaginable and must be quashed, lest the path of Silver become tainted by the hands of the enemy. I hereby declare that the Okarir’tir Alaion Miravaris, and the Nerithil Valarieth be lawfully brought to trial for accused crimes against the State, violating the Obvious Laws: Article 1: Allowing the presence of a -- by their natural state -- violent being within the walls of elcihi. This is also treasonous of an Okarir’tir, for it breaks the oaths at which you serve. Article 3: Allowing the impure wanderings of a shade parasite within the walls of elcihi. Article 4: Allowing the purity of an individual to be sullied without actions to prevent such, and in fact allowing it to stagnate. Article 6: Allowing the intentional mutilation of oneself or another individual to occur or go untreated by harboring a shade parasite. Okarir’tir Alaion Miravaris is accused of drafting missives to potentially hamper or prevent the arrest of dark mages, disallowing the incrimination of enemies of the state. This is by the Obvious Laws a treasonous act, and is a violation of the oaths they uphold to protect the Mali’thill and the Silver State’s citizenry from foreign threats, and those of corrupt nature that at which exist within the confines of the city. Nerithil Valarieth has potentially, intentionally or otherwise, been infected by a shade parasite, and has been manipulated by the dark being to encourage corrupt actions be taken in the government of the Silver State. This individual by, their mere existence, violates various articles of the Obvious Laws, and for the Okarir’tir to draft missives potentially in their support, implies corruption present within the pinnacle of our Silver State’s government. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA MIRUELN THILL’EHYA ITO KAE’LEH Storm Elibar’acal Tilruir’tir of the Sillumir Valenar Laraethryn Okarir’nor Uppori Visaj Okarir’tayna Ri’Haskir High Aelkos Var’Umi Leparda Varkolu Alu’Rha’kir Aluhuso Tul’Tsisha Tultelkos Anethra Uradir Laurir Dele Seregon Anniler'hiylu Corvac Aldin Citizen Elric Reed Medi’ir Sulraell Head Eternal Librarian Leandra Laraethryn Eternal Librarian Valens Ith’ael Former Okarir’tir Muzthag Leparda Sillumir Quartermaster Nelgauth Maehr’tehral Former Okarir’hiylun Valliline Yllasalor Sillumir Elathion Dagre’sae Sillumir Maya Noirette Informant Kleo Vethrai Citizen Crumena Ilwindior Citizen
  4. Storm snorts at the missive, taking note that he not only conducted the interviews and investigations during the absence of the Okarir’tir, but that he also gave the go-ahead for the last arrest of a shade, which turned out successful. Yet now, all of a sudden, they have to wait for the Okarir’tir to oversee every step of the process “Seems horribly inefficient. Justice does not deliberate, it does not wait, it does not halt. Most of the last shade investigation took place when the Okarir’tir was absent. This will only serve to hamper progress in removing them, thereby endangering the state.” He remarks, before balling up his copy of the missive, tossing it in the fire ”What an inconvenient power grab.”
  5. Storm Elibar’acal would read the missive, a gloomy frown upon his face “Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, Silir. Your sacrifices and effort to the State will never be forgotten. Far in distance and thought we may have been, but never by heart. You were a wonderful leader, and an even better brother in arms. It will be hard to find one competent enough, or with the same brilliance as yourself. May your soul rest well in whatever afterlife exists.” He would then fold it up, placing it in his pocket, to carry with him as a constant reminder wherever he went
  6. [!] A missive would be posted far and wide around Arcas Greetings, from the esteemed Elibar’acal family! I am Storm Elibar’acal, writing to extend a gracious invitation to any potential house servants looking for work across Arcas! The Elibar’acal talonnii is already large, and will only be expanding in the future. Thus, it has been decided that a house servant is needed to assist in upkeep of the manor and its residents! The preferred applicants are mali’ame or valah, however any other race, excluding uruk, are open to apply for said position. The expected tasks include general housekeeping such as cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the manor, food preparation, watching over children that may be at the residence, and escorting the members of the household should they leave the walls of Haelun’or. Preferred traits and/or requirements of applicants are as follows: Mali are heavily preferred, but humans are also a preference Willingness and ability to perform labor Previous housekeeping experience Experience in food preparation and serving Applicants must be good with children and able to look after them Applicants must have a clean criminal background Applicants must have combat experience Applicants must be polite and have manners Room and board will be provided to accepted applicants. To apply, a bird may be sent to Storm Elibar’acal (StormBreaker0520) or Azorella Elibar’acal (GrandpaBlue), and an interview may be planned and conducted. We look forward to your applications! Okarir’mali Azorella Elibar’acal Tilruir’tir Storm Elibar’acal [!] The Elibar’acal seal would be stamped below
  7. Storm would regard the application with great interest, lofting a brow “This one is interesting. I suppose it will be an entertaining interview.”
  8. From the office of the Tilruir’tir Public Notice Announcement Ca. 20th of Malin’s Welcome, 1750 [!] An urgent public notice announcement to the citizens of Haelun’or and its various allies will have been posted in The Silver State and its allies abroad On behalf of the Diarchy, the Silver State of Haelun’or shall make public the identities of various dangerous individuals wanted by the State in connection for aiding in the escape of a criminal, and fleeing the law. Should these individuals be spotted in any allied territory, they are to be immediately apprehended and returned to their native Silver State to stand trial for their crimes. The wanted individuals are as follows: -Nelgauth Maehr’tehral - The original criminal in question and sought after -All Maehr’tehral kin – Believed to have escaped with Nelgauth -Erendiel – A potentially dangerous rogue Sillumir that aided Nelgauth’s escape -Any individuals aiding in the escape or refuge of said criminals Sketches have been attached to this missive for ease of identification. The top four pictures are all of Nelgauth Maehr’tehral in various known outfits. The bottom picture is Erendiel, a rogue Sillumir who assisted the criminal in escaping. Furthermore, it should be noted that Nelgauth Maehr’tehral publicly admitted to hosting a shade parasite and should be considered potentially dangerous to approach. He has also been spotted consorting with the Shade Father and is considered an ally of the shades. Caution is advised. It is unknown if any of the other individuals aiding this criminal are also shades or are infected themselves, but it is safe to assume that those aiding this delinquent are assisting and cooperating shades. On behalf of the Silver State of Haelun’or, the identities of these dangerous individuals is brought forth so that the safety of the public and protection from dark magics is to be ensured. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA MIRUELN THILL’EHYA ITO KAE’LEH Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar Tilruir’tir Storm Elibar’acal
  9. Name: Storm Elibar’acal MC Name: StormBreaker0520 Age: 81 What magic are you trained in, if any: None How do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali’aheral? Purity in the bloodline has always been a pursuit of mine, passed to me by my kin. Through my pursuit in defending purity as a Sillumir, I find myself to be even more responsible for remaining pure and following the way of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. How long have you resided in Lareh’thilln? 21 years Will you follow the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? Absolutely. I hope my time in the Sillumir and elemyumir has helped to prove my loyalty to following maehr’say hiylun’ehya. What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? Arcanism
  10. An Existential Threat From the office to the Tilruir’tir Letter to the citizens of Lareh’thilln Ca. 5th of The Deep Cold, 1745 Fellow Denizens of the Blessed Enclave, To say that the voidal tear is a threat to the Silver State is a complete understatement. The voidal tear is not just a threat to the State, it is a threat to the entire realm. A threat that must, at all costs, be contained and eliminated. It has torn husband from wife, daughter from mother, brother from sister. It has led to the culminated suffering of an entire realm, and continues to do so, despite our best offensive operations. It has invaded our lands, corrupting the nature around it. Violent, dangerous horrors erupt from these tears, threatening death and injury on any who venture close by. Only by the willpower and heroism of brave souls are these threats vanquished, but not without leaving injury in their wake. The same heroes that fight against these tears often suffer terrible injuries, only to recover and fight another battle. We owe these heroes much more than we could ever afford to repay them. Thanks to their audacity and selflessness, the threat is much less rampant than it could be. That being said, heroes like the ones mentioned above are in short supply. Every ‘thill has the capacity to be a hero in some form or another. Whether it be by raising a sword and shield, serving beside your comrades in arms, tending to victims as a medic, or procuring precious minerals such as iron to provide for the war and voidal efforts. The State is in desperate need for heroes such as this: ‘Thill who are willing to provide for their state, both physically and materially, in order to ensure the safety of the mali’thill enclosed behind the beautiful walls of Lareh’thilln; Mali’thill who are willing to make the necessary sacrifice in the name of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, to eliminate the threats against the Silver State and preserve the ever rolling wheels of progress. More recently, it has come to my attention just how imperative it is that we, the inhabitants of Haelun’or, contribute in any way we are able, both in the war effort and against the voidal tear. The voidal tear, in particular, is threatening to consume the entire realm, and with it, everything that we know and hold dear, as the chosen ones of Larihei. With each passing day it grows in strength, it’s death grip on the realm tightening. Unless it is ultimately erased from the realm, it will grow to consume Arcas and its inhabitants. The bastion of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya is in extreme risk unless action is taken to curb the threats present before us today. Such danger is not expressed without examples of this danger. In the latest series of attacks against the Silver State, our very own Okarir’maehr, the adored Rinaedith Seregon, was attacked by the voidal being, Grief, and dragged into the void with four others by her side, myself included. Four of us were eventually warped back to Arcas by the being, however the Okarir did not return for some time. After being recovered from the realm, it was discovered that Rinaedith had been permanently blinded by the void. The Okarir’maehr has been harmed by a powerful enemy, but an enemy that can be defeated nonetheless. As it is an attack on our people, such is it an attack on our State, a direct act of war against Lareh’thilln. How long? How long is it going to take, how many lives, how much suffering will it take before we see the need to rise up and defend the motherland from the threats lurking just beyond the walls? To what extent must evil terrorize our blessed bastion and its inhabitants before we decide that enough is enough? Ne more, I say, enough is enough. We can not afford to put any more lives in danger by continuing with business as usual. It is time we mali’thill stand beside one another, for one another, and contribute for the greater good, in defense of the greater good, lest the threats devour us all. Contained, they may be, but they are stronger than ever. I extend this calling to all capable mali’thill residing within the Silver Enclave, to those inside the walls of Haelun’or: Serve the state, contribute, sacrifice in defense of the state. Perhaps not with lives, but with time and effort. For those mali’thill who are physically capable, I implore you to join the reformed Sillumiran and defend the Glorious Homeland against threats, both internal and external, that may seek to wreak havoc on Lareh’thilln! Those who may be less physically apt for combat, then become a medic and tend to the wounded, or work to procure much needed resources for the State. Either way, your contributions will directly support the efforts at home and abroad to keep the streets of Haelun’or safe and peaceful. In defense of all that we hold dear, in retaliation for all of those that have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of our enemies, in defense of all those who may be the next victims of the violence, and in unity against the forces of corruption and impurity, it is with an emboldened heart and duty to the state that I ask all capable citizens to heed this call to arms and join the Sillumir, to defend your homeland and fellow mali’thill. For those less capable, I urge you to take up positions that will otherwise benefit the state, such as tending to the wounded, or procuring resources to help with defensive and offensive capabilities. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA MIRUELN THILL’EHYA ITO KAE’LEH Tilruir’tir Storm Elibar’acal
  11. “This is a rather young oem’ii. But eligible nonetheless!” Storm remarks, lofting a brow as he removes the application
  12. Storm Elibar’acal plucks the application off the notice board, adding it to the others he had collected Storm notices the new application pinned to the notice board and plucks it off, adding it to the others, and making a note to interview them should they be found
  13. Storm pauses as he reaches to take the application from the notice board, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to make sure his vision did not deceive him. “Impressive, I would not have imagined an Okarir applying for Sillumir. This is interesting indeed.” he thinks to himself, plucking the application from the board and returning to the barracks.
  14. Storm Elibar’acal notices another response to the new missive and plucks it off the notice board, rather pleased. After noting the name of the individual, he makes a note to approach them should they be seen in Haelun’or.
  15. Tilruir’tir Storm Elibar’acal Notices the quick response to the new missive. “Impressive.” He thinks to himself, removing it from the notice board. He then returns to his sentry, making a note to approach Adran should he see him in Haelun’or again.
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