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  1. Storm Elibar’acal would halt at the comment, turning a lofted brow to Haskir ”How many times must I say this over and over? It seems you people never get enough of the false drool that the halfling originally fed to Haelun’or, along with Alaion and Aerendyl on purpose to see me removed from Haelun’or. If you are unaware, those very same people were removed for lies, corruption and treason. The Diarchy sprouted many lies during its reign, you are foolish to assume such as true.” “And concerning Alfer, if you trust a word she says, you are severely delusional. She is known to be clinically mentally ill. That’s the whole reason Nelgauth is counseling her in the first place. It is known that she is not to be trusted. You are delusional if you trust a single word she says. As for this sleeping with shades, it would be wise to remember that it was us that removed the shades from Haelun’or, together. I do understand that you might have qualms with me, and I expect you to. But before you go screeching about the same false accusations that have been yelled numerous times over, you ought to check the veracity of your sources.” “Furthermore, whilst you’re saying that Azorella would spit on me, perhaps you ought to reflect on your own actions. You are the ones letting the same people that have attacked into Haelun’or. You are the ones virtually debasing and removing the guidance of Larihei, and you are the ones threatening the very culture, independence, and way of life of the mali. Azorella fought to keep us independent, free from the corrupt confines of the council. And yet here you are, forcing the ‘thill into nothing short of oppression. Azorella may spit on me, but she would have nothing short of the heads of those that dared defile the Silver State with the enemies that we once fought.” And with that, he would be off
  2. Storm Elibar’acal would finish writing the talonnii response, pinning it to the door of the manor. He would let out a heavy sigh, shaking his head. A frown would be present on his face. ”Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security. They have handed Haelun’or over, have thrown everything that has been worked for away.” He reiterates to himself, making his leave from the City of Silver
  3. Storm Elibar'acal laughs in reverse engineering
  4. This looks pretty incredible, well done to all those involved! I'm definitely interested in trying it out myself! Thanks for the hard work into developing these!
  5. Storm Elibar’acal refrains from voting
  6. Storm would listen to Celiasil’s response with avid interest, his head bobbing along as he speaks. A growing smile of excitement would be present on the elf’s face as he continues to absorb what Celiasil continues to discuss. The elf would then stand after his exit, making his way forward ”Indeed, Celiasil, we are in accordance and have many similar methods concerning the strategy and implementation of our Sillumiran policies. Thus to say, we have not much to discuss policy wise with one another. Furthermore, there will be a debate in the citadel planned in the near future, where we can specifically describe our policies in greater detail, and discuss there, thus I shall hold my tongue for now.” ”You state it is merely a matter of haste, and assurance among other things, but would it not be quicker to simply join the ranks of the Sillumir instead of participating in the debates, and waiting for the full vote to be cast? Additionally, if you are seeking assurance, then being as new as you are to the community, and so quickly announcing your intentions for government office when you have not even served el’cihi is anything but reassuring. Haste is important, ti, but too much haste creates uncertainty and suspicions as to real intentions. Too much haste is certainly dangerous. I do not underplay the value of haste in these debates, not at all. If anything, the elections require haste, especially matters concerning Sillumir, and the defense of the city.” “However, if you were vested in the best defense of the city, why did you not join the Sillumir before and contribute your share of effort? Why is it that you did not seem to have any interest or care for the Sillumir until a spot of leadership opened up? You claim haste, when you had much time beforehand to offer your ideas and opinions, you claim defense, yet you did not defend. Why, then, are you just now showing any interest in the position? Given such information, it certainly does seem like you are merely interested in taking a spot of power, or telling others what to do, in that case. I do not mean to say you are doing such, but I am pointing out that you had plenty of time beforehand to contribute to el’cihi and either actively chose not to, or purposely waited for such an opportunity. It should be sensible that any individual that seeks a higher status in Haelun’or must work for it before they reach such achievements. The Silver Council is not a position to be bought or simply filled. It is a position of prestige and highlights an individual’s achievements and contributions to el’cihi, a symbol of service, loyalty, and sacrifice. None of which you have shown for Haelun’or as of yet.” ”Elsillumiran is indeed as complicated as I have made it sound. This coming from someone who served in their ranks for eighty years, I bore witness to the complexity of the organization myself. You can not assert anything of that which you do not know anything about. The soldiers therein are ‘thill, different and more complex than any other race of descendents in Arcas, different from those outside the walls you may have commanded in the past. As such, these differences make for a completely different experience in the ranks of the Sillumir. The ‘thill are much more rational and logic-based than their lesser counterparts. You make them appear more simple than they actually are.” ”Indeed, it seems you are simplifying the Sillumir much more than they need to be. The ‘thill are not merely mindless drones to be ordered around and presided over, especially not elsillumiran. This is referencing the people who have an absolute loyalty, love, and sense of duty to el’cihi, moreso than the average ‘thill, as they have to risk their lives to defend others. It is therefore sensible to assert that, in a leader of those who are willing to fight and die for el’cihi, they must openly demonstrate the very qualities and the very service that they are leading. Ti, their job is to serve and protect, as you have stated. But as Okarir’tir, that is your job as well. Elsillumiran are looking for more than just a leader, they are looking for one that has the same, if not more, devotion and loyalty to the Silver State. Something you have not proven yourself, as of yet.” ”I am of the belief that if one is to be the leader of those fighting and dying for the Silver State, our Weeping Blades, one must have served in elsillumiran, to demonstrate to their brothers and sisters that they too, are willing to serve, and sacrifice. One that would not order their subordinates to do something that they would not themselves do. You have not fought for el’cihi, nor have you as of yet contributed or sacrificed for el’cihi. You have not served, you have not protected, as the men under you will be doing. How can you then expect respect from them? I would certainly not be willing to listen to the orders of one whom is virtually a stranger to myself, especially someone who tells me when and when not to run into the arms of death for the Silver State. The Okarir’tir is more than just a Silver Council position, it is accepting the burden of the Defense of the State, it is accepting responsibility for your soldiers.” “All mali’thill are bright minded individuals. All capable of great and wondrous things. That is why we are superior, after all. As such, all mali’thill are expected to contribute for maehr’sae hiylun’ehya and are able to voice their opinions and ideas to one another. You simply have not done so until a government position is opened. So, the ultimate question, perhaps, is why do you feel you should be given such a position of dedication, when you have given next to nothing, and have not served el’cihi? Elsillumiran, even more so than the average ‘thill, symbolize such ideals.” ”You most definitely have the brilliance. But every ‘thill does, this is Haelun’or. Mali’thill are the brightest in the realm. What defines a ’thill in Haelun’or is not their minds, but their sacrifices. After all, sacrificing and serving are the basic cores of purity and maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.”
  7. Storm would bob his head at Alluin as he speaks, thus standing to answer the query ”Ahernan for the question, Alluin. My opinion on anonymity is quite simple, something I have echoed many times in the past, llir. I will not accept anonymity in any way, shape, or form, in terms of making it a requirement for the Sillumir. I have firsthand seen the plethora of negative effects it has on the civilians and on one another withing the Sillumir ranks. Anonymity is ineffective, and time wasting. There is no need for it. Instead, resources could be devoted elsewhere, such as to the establishment of Sillumir training, and the general betterment of the city defenses. I am certain you heard all of the issues I brought up during the previous election debates, so I am not going to list them all. However, if you need me to elaborate on this, I most certainly can. He would then turn his attention to Celiasil, dipping his head in both greeting and respect ”Ahernan for the welcome as well, Celiasil. Your feedback and response is quite appreciated, as that is what keeps the wheels of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya moving along in a steady manner. I would like to point out, that I do not underestimate or underplay your combat ability. Your past combat is exerience in itself, most certainly.” “I would like to voice my agreement that a fresh set of new eyes and ideals are important for the Sillumir, but you make it seem as if a leadership position is the only way to accomplish that, which is most certainly not the case. Any leader that does not take feedback from their subordinates, as well as outside feedback is a fool in and of themselves. If a ‘thill wishes to contribute a new set of ideals and eyes to the Sillumir, they are more than free to voice their opinions to an officer, or join the Sillumir. I have spent my life fighting tradition and share the belief that adhering to the past inevitably leads to the repetition of history itself. That is what the phrase maehr’sae hiylun’ehya means after all, health and progress. To keep pushing forward, to adapt and change for the future is imperative for the Sillumir.” ”You claim that the heart of the Sillumir must be maintained. This is a correct assumption. But as someone who has never served alongside, nor in the Sillumir, how would you maintain that of which you know nothing of, nor have experience with? The simple answer is that you can not. To maintain something, you must first know it, and how it works. That much is common sense. I can wager that a dedicated army such as the Sillumir is not the same as the mercenary groups you have experience with in the past, especially that of a leadership position. Whilst combat is combat, leadership between every group is different in and of itself. Just because you have experience in serving another combat, that does not automatically make you eligible to be a leader of another.” ”You also claim that talk is cheap, and must be proven through actions. That is quite the audacious claim for a ‘thill who is a relatively new addition to Haelun’or. Your supposed qualification is based off your loyalty, skills, and experience, which you most certainly claim, but not of which have been proven, as of yet, if I stand correct. If you wish to prove yourself, why not join the Sillumir as a recruit and do so, then? You are no more a stranger to the Sillumir than a foreigner is, and as such, how would you expect proper respect from them? Leadership comes with experience and history in the field that you are a leader in, and you have no history nor experience in the Sillumir. It is not a matter of tradition, as you claim, but it is a matter of experience, of history. A mercenary group is not the same as a dedicated military.” ”Take for example, myself. Not only do I have the words to convey my experience, history, and loyalty to Haelun’or, but my near century of service was witnessed by Haelun’or itself, it is public knowledge, proven through those actions that can be recalled from the past. Alluin and Haskir are both witnesses of my history, just as I have witnessed Alluin’s history.” ”As a relatively new ‘thill, what makes you more qualified to lead elsillumiran than any other soldier in the army? Again, your words must be proven through your actions, and that which you claim to have has not been proven through many years of service and dedication to el’cihi. You claim that you are readily capable of educating yourself on the Sillumir, but what best way would there be than joining as a recruit and working up from there? To be a leader, you must have a bond, a history and experience with those that you lead, otherwise the entire structure itself is in danger. Soldiers are much less likely to follow the orders of someone whom they have not first served with, someone whom has not first proven why they should be above the rest.”
  8. Storm Elibar’acal, upon hearing his nomination, would rise from his observation post, making his way forth to the center of the crowd. He would bring a hand to the pommel of his sword, resting it there, as he reflected on the past with the sillumir. His sapphire hues would scan the crowd, casting a silent glance to many old and new lliran of his. (Haelun’or by @Ryloth) ”My fellow lari’onnan and mal’onnan, Blessed siblings of silver. Today, we stand at the precipice of crossroads I had never thought of. The great Okarir’tir Kaelan has stepped down, and has since ventured off onto an expedition for Athera. Indeed, these are the exact troubling and unforeseen circumstances I had aforementioned in an earlier missive of mine. As such, the future of the Sillumir is in the hands of the next ‘thill that you all feel is most competent enough to lead in this position. I am confident in your ability to decide such, dear lliran.” He would pause for another moment, allowing the collective group of eyes and ears to absorb the previous topic, before continuing forth. “I have been asked by several of you, ‘thill whom I consider like family to myself, and that I have absolute trust in, to once more step up and pursue the mantle of leadership, as I held in the past. As they believe in my ability to lead the Sillumir once more, I shall accept this nomination, and am henceforth proclaiming my intent to be considered the next Okarir’tir.” Storm would then straighten himself out, clinking his boots together. His sapphire hues would take on a new gleam, as a determined fire sparked within himself. He would bring his fist up over his chest, curling it, in the simple, yet powerful salute of the olden days. Memories of saluting Alaion and Kaelan flashed through his memories at lightspeed. He would close his eyes for a moment, as a minute smile began to sprout momentarily on his features. The grin would not last long, as it was soon replaced with a determined gaze, his sapphire orbs flicking open to comb through the cloud. He then shouts a familiar phrase to those veterans of the Sillumir: ”Larihei, kae’len cruan sulier, ay’kae vallumer’ehya. Elihinsil, Elberr, Kina’ehya, laean kae wynne myumiereyae. Ay’nae’leh sirame k’taliiyhe, ay’elcihil k’cruare. Il’iylkarim, mirueln thill’ehya ito kae’leh!” Another momentary pause would follow, Storm’s form remaining stiff and resolute, before he continues again. “Elsillumiran are more than just the military, more than just the enforcers of Silver Law, more than just simple mindless puppets to be ordered around by any 'thill. They are the guardians of purity, of Silver. They are the heroes that offer their lives to Haelun’or, in both body and mind. Countless sacrifices have been made by them, and each day, the Weeping Blades are prepared to lay down their life for el’cihi, for the people they know and so dearly love. They carry a burden unlike any other ‘thill in all of Haelun’or, yet they ask for no praise, for no glory. They simply serve -- humbled. On the outside, the Sillumir may seem like a simple bunch of ‘thill, but one can not truly grasp the full depth and scale of the operations within, nor the magnanimity of what being a part of the Weeping Blades means until one is a member, and thus accepted into the tight-knit community of these reputable warriors. Respect is not given; it is earned through countless years and decades serving alongside brothers. Elsillumiran, past and present, all possess a special bond with one another that is nothing short of a talonnii in itself. Built upon the roots of sacrifice, determination, camaraderie, and discipline, the Sillumir forge a lifelong friendship and love for el’cihi that persists even through death itself.” “As I mentioned earlier, respect is something often earned through service in Elsillumiran, and the same goes for leadership. Elsillumiran do not simply bend the knee to any ‘thill claiming to be their leader. To be recognized as a leader, you must be a distinguished member of the Weeping Blades, and have the experience alongside your brothers and sisters to prove it. I can see it being difficult for an outsider to earn the respect of being a leader, when they have not proven their loyalty alongside those defending their nation -- after all, in the end, actions speak volumes louder than words do. In my opinion, simply being a citizen for a few years does not qualify one for military leadership -- nor does experience in other militaries, either. Elsillumiran is unique to the Silver State, and I believe one should serve within it, making the grueling climb up the military ranks, before qualifying to lead the military. One must possess a firm understanding of Sillumir protocols, hierarchy, and traditions. Something an outsider would obviously not possess.” He would slowly lower his arms, reverting back to his previous form with his right hand resting on the pommel of his sword ”This is where I consider myself a qualified leader of Elsillumiran. Not only did I serve Haelun’or for almost eighty years in the Sillumir, but during that time, I put in the blood, sweat, and tears to prove my leadership capabilities and loyalty to el’cihi. From the recruit I began as, I built myself up as a Tahorran, joining the elite forces of Elsillumiran known as ARC. From there, I lead my unit, gaining invaluable experience and insight into leadership, and the inner-workings of the command structure. Eventually, my abilities were recognized, and I was promoted to Tilruir’tir, second in command of Elsillumiran forces. Alaion was the Okarir’tir at this time, however he was almost completely absent, and I often acted in his place, taking up his responsibilities as the leader of Elsillumiran for several decades. I worked to build respect and trust with my Sillumiran comrades, and most of them admitted that they saw me as more of a leader than Alaion. It was also during this time, as the de-facto leader of the Sillumir, that the Weeping Blades were flourishing. Our military size was often comparable to that of larger valah states. Elsillumiran were well trained, and had a large presence around el’cihi. Additionally, after a unanimous decision to abolish anonymity, we were able to successfully repair our relationship and trust that the aforementioned policy had so severely damaged in times past.” “Ahern ito nae’leh, my fellow brothers and sisters of silver, for your time. I look forward to any questions you may have for me, and I shall answer them to the best of my ability. Regardless, I am confident that the bright minds of the ‘thill before me will choose whomever the best candidate is, regardless of who you vote for.” Storm would then move his hands behind his back, clasping them together, as he gazed at the crowd. His serious demeanor would then change as he begins to reminisce about the times of yore … [See drop-down.]
  9. From the Residence of Elibar’acal Realm Wide Invitation to Silver Ca. 5th of the Sun’s Smile, 1774 Fellow mali’thill, mali’aheral, and other lliran of Silver across arcas, and beyond, The Diarchy has been dismantled. The countless decades of tyranny, oppression, and stagnation have come to a close. Down are the ones that claimed false maehr’sae hiylun’ehya and puppeteered the very councillors meant to serve the people for their own greed and power lust. In the ashes of the fear and paranoia that once dwelled within the hearts of the mali’thill rises a newborn phoenix. A beacon of liberty, of peace and safety. The compendium and amalgamation of a suffering peoples that now seek a newfound freedom from the chains that once shackled them in place. Symbolizing a new age of unity and maehr’sae hiylun’ehya that beckons the children of Silver forth unto this dawn that awaits us, the New Republic has risen, spreading its wings in preparation for the first flight into the heavens. The Silver State of Haelun’or has been reborn. With a new age comes a new outlook for the times ahead. The era of bygone days calls on us to change and adapt for the future that promptly awaits us. Thus, we answer the call of Larihei and embrace this change, stepping across the threshold of the past, united, as we embark forth, approaching the next crossroads we shall inevitably encounter with each passing day. The solutions to these potential problems rest in the mind of every ‘thill and ‘aheral residing across the realm. As such, the answer to that which we strive to achieve, the success and grandeur that we work so hard in pursuit of, requires the coalesced brilliance of the mali’aheral and mali’thill across the realms and beyond. Even Larihei herself did not work alone; her followers were an integral part of her rise to success. No longer do we push our brothers and sisters away, no longer do we exile and suffocate our own people for the sake of power and status quo. We have seen the success that can be achieved when the ‘thill unite in a common struggle against the forces of evil, and we stand now in the glory and triumph that has been ushered forth when the ‘thill unite. To all mali’aheral and mali’thill scattered across the realm: We urge you home, we call you forth to the Blessed Bastion, so you may share your brilliance and reunite with your brothers and sisters of Silver. For the sake of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, for the sake of all ‘thill and ‘aheral in the past, present, and future, come and stand by your brothers and sisters, that we may embrace the future together and overcome any hindrance that may linger in these skies unknown. The banner of the New Republic waves in the wind with a new ferocity than ever before, inviting all forth, in its flight for maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. May the sacrifice of the Golden One, Azorella Elibar’acal, always be remembered. And may we follow in her footsteps to reach and transcend her incredible legacy. Ay’Azorella Ay’Larihei Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Storm Elibar’acal
  10. Personally, I don’t play League, but I have friends that do, and I think this is a pretty creative idea! Wonderful job thinking outside the box!
  11. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! Well done, guys!
  12. The Ballot (( MC name:StormBreaker0520 )) Name: Storm Elibar’acal Vote for Sohaer: (XX) Nelgauth Maehr'tehral ( ) Anethra Uradir ( ) Abstain
  13. The Ballot (( MC name: StormBreaker0520)) Name: Storm Elibar’acal Vote for Okarir’maehr: (X) Silvos Sythaerin (X) Elahern Aeth'sulier ( ) Olrin Maehr'tehral Vote for Okarir’nor: (XX) Elathion Dagre'sae ( ) Aiera Sullas
  14. The Ballot (( MC name: StormBreaker0520)) Name: Storm Elibar’acal Vote for Okarir’tir: (X) Kaelan Aldin (X) Alluin Miravaris Vote for Okarir’hiylun: ( ) Silvyr Uradir (XX) Dele Seregon ( ) Farandil Aldin
  15. Storm would loft a brow, shifting in his seat. His brows would lightly knit together, as he stands back up to reply to Kaelan’s counterargument “Statistics are not needed. I experienced the distrust and resentment that the anonymity cause firsthand, and any fellow Sillumir that served during that phase can agree with me. We were called cowards and ‘thill openly admitted that the masks and anonymity led to their distrust of the Sillumir. I am certain other citizens can corroborate such information. It was more than just the Okariran that held a distrust for the Sillumir, many of the denizens did as well, something I noticed myself. You encourage me to post statistics, as if distrust is measured and applied, but my firsthand experiences before and after you left are statistics themselves. Simply because it is something you did not notice or failed to notice does not mean it never happened and wasn’t present. It was very obvious that there was a certain distrust during that time. Perhaps we ought to gather some citizens from that time and conduct a poll, if you truly want statistics.” ”And again, you were absent during the second phase of the Weeping Blades that served the Silver State, and I’m certain any Sillumiran brethren that were present can attest to the increased trust and cooperation. Such trust led to the citizens reporting the presence of shades and dark mages in Haelun’or, such as the shade posing as Aerendyl’s wife, and other such individuals, such as Nerithil, whom was a well known shade. All reported by citizens to the Sillumir on a basis of trust. Should you desire statistics, then look at the history of the time you were absent, and it will clearly show said correlation.” ”Admittedly, we Silver blades do not serve for valor or honor, but to protect our fellow ‘thill. Part of that protection is trust. And it is important that the ‘thill know who they are safeguarding their lives to. For all they know, a mali’ame or mali’fenn could be hiding under the helmet, under the armor. I would certainly not trust my life to anonymous puppets wandering around, nor do I think a citizen would, either. The ‘thill must know their guardians, so they are ensured that the faces behind the masks are guarding their best interests.” ”Finally, it should be very evident that as an Okarir’tir, you are serving not yourself, but your denizens. Perhaps a poll ought to be conducted first, so as to receive feedback from citizens before you implement such a controversial method? I think that would be for the best. I can say for certain that if anonymity is re-instated, I will ne be joining the Sillumiran ranks.”
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