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  1. Idakiller


    Yeah I fixed the changes that you told me to do
  2. Idakiller


    I fixed changes and added some stuff. Hope you approve
  3. Idakiller


    Dryadalis was born near the lands of Haelun’or, but he was sadly an orphan. He doesn’t know his parents and the orphanage only told him that his parents died by dark elves, he was told he was 100% of the high elven blood. Dryadalis remembers the orphanage telling him that his ancestors came through a portal. During Dryadalis childhood in the orphanage, he didn’t have lots of friends growing up so grew up and he trained to be a warrior day and night. Dryadalis came to the land of Haelun’or to learn magic and train to be strong. Dryadalis not have a religion, but believes what is right and what is wrong.
  4. Idakiller


    Mobslayer04 was born. He had a mother and a father. Father was a warrior elf. And his mother would stay home. His father died in combat. They were depressed and sad. Mobslayer04 grew up and he trained to be a warrior just like his dad.
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