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  1. Asami would drop on her knees as she found what happened out. “Pep....” She uttered as tears began to form on her eyes, dripping past her cheek.
  2. I wish you a speedy recovery and that you have strength and enough rest to fight off this virus! Good luck, AlmondTree!
  4. +1 no pugsy pls friend :3
  5. It’s cool, simatra. I’ve called him Telanor before.
  6. Does this mean we can have a Van Helsing? :0
  7. “Good luck Julian!” Asami would nod. “Julian for Senate!”
  8. Reserved Gonna attempt a drawing lol Depending on the time and whether or not I have this finished by the time i probably will withdraw oop. Sorry guys!
  9. (OOC) Mc Name: Feebis Discord Username: TemporalShift#3708 Timezone: CST Best time to contact you in game: 3 PM CST (RP) Rp Name: Asami Ambrose Race: Human Gender: Female Age: 18 Relevant Experience: She had a brief investigation event in Talon’s Grotto where she and her partner Anastasia Dokar followed a string of clues to more evidence of a murder committed there. She has medical experience and is looking towards finding out the complexities of rigor and livor mortis. She is able to patch up a minor wound, burn, or do sutures on less serious injuries. Please provide a brief statement in regards to who you are as a person: She’s fiercely determined, paranoid, obsessive, and surprisingly observant of the people around her. She wants to understand people and their relationship with mortality. Despite being terrified of death, she wants to overcome her fear and understand its purpose in their world and life.
  10. ((oof my bad guys. hmmm. never done this before xDDD))
  11. cheat and lie when in dubai

  12. “Oh thank god.” She releases a held breath.
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