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  1. Duifu Takai Eiji would nod stoically in approval at the well-written and refined handbook of the Yong Ping Army. "Duhu Tianrui Ryu-sama, this is quite the overhaul. I hope that this will bring more prosperity and safety upon our city." He would place the handbook within the shelves of his home, sighing in weariness as he would glance slowly at the handbook, toward his newly adopted infant, and then towards the uniforms as they stood in comparison side by side. One was marked with wear, though it once was colorful—the hues have long faded and the metal rusted. The other was new: intimidating metal with a full helm, a face of stone—impassiveness when handing down punishments and orders. It was during these trying times when he juggled between his responsibilities throughout the Jade State and his personal life. It was a hard choice, he would think as he looked upon the discarded child that once lie upon the wooden floor of the Yujin Monastery. He would take up the spear, once again, for his countrymen.
  2. Aika Ambrose Murata's fist would clench the missive with a fierce look, passionately resonating with the message against hatred and intolerance inscribed in it. Her eyes were filled with rage that could not be held back any longer as she read through the letter once more. The paper was then smoothed out on her desk before Aika took up an ink brush to write down what had been written there. With her bold strokes, which seemed almost like they'd break if touched by someone else─the young girl wrote down each word of the letter one after another—translating the message in Oyashiman as well. She quietly folded the parchment into thirds and placed it inside of its envelope. Then she sealed both with red wax, leaving only the address untouched so that no other hand but her recipient might touch them. When finished, she stood up from her seat, walked over to the window facing east, and opened it wide, a charming little bird fluttering about outside. One could hear the sound of wind blowing past this way and that throughout the room. This day, however, was windless, though it was still springtime at present. The bird perched upon the windowsill as she tied the message delicately with a red ribbon—the color of blood, of passion, of love lost─together with a single flower visible behind her. After returning to her chair, she sat down and waited for the bird to complete its delivery. ≿————- ❈ ————-≾
  3. GN: Feebis RP NAME: Aika Ambrose A daughter of Asami Ambrose finds the raffle ticket and fills it out.
  4. Discord: TemporalShift#3708 Skin + Bid: Cloaked Armor 150
  5. Takai Eiji would mourn the brilliant and brave musin, "He was truly the best of us."
  6. Case 1: The Freshly Picked Liver of Zi Ji Tsumitateta Kanzo 摘みたてた肝臓 Kop van een skelet met brandende sigaret, Vincent van Gogh, 1886 Location: Zi Ji 3, YONG PING Reported Written by Duifu Eiji Takai, Kanshou Tianrui Karla, Auxiliary Tianrui Ren, and Pathologist Kiriha ON THE DESECRATION AND CRIME SCENE AS FOLLOWS: [!] Kanshou Tianrui Carla submits a report. "On a patrol of the city with myself & Kin, a goat was discovered in front of the Teahouse. It's fur was drenched in blood, yet other than that it was unharmed, and there was also small puddles of blood about the area. All of said blood was cleaned, the goat given a bath, and placed in a safe location. The cause of the blood is at the moment unknown.” "During the continuation of the previously mentioned patrol, with merely myself this time, I followed a trail of blood and discovered what appears to be a half-eaten organ atop the hot spring area within the city. And soon after I found an untouched meal upon a table with splattered blood on it. I am unsure if this is related to the bloody goat but I think it would be safe to assume so." [!] Auxiliary Tianrui Ren submits a report. "On following up the investigation with Kanshou Tianrui Carla, we discovered the blood trail leading to a body in Zi Ji 3. The body bears sign of extreme mutilation with blood soaking the surrounding ground, full autopsy to follow." Body of a Courtesan in Nine Stages by Kusôzu [!] You see a desecrated corpse. Dried blood is left near the two entrances and as you approach you observe the murky, viscous liquid of blood pouring from the corpse. Within its midsection, you can tell that some organ or organs were taken out from the corpse due to the hole that it left. Clearly, the victim was killed from the shock of the violence it received as well as the blood loss. If you look closer, you may see something else that may or may not tell you what happened to this poor victim. Autopsy Transcript by Kiriha, Pathologist Kiriha: “Anyway,” he nods. “Knife blades tend to leave vere clean cuts.” He points at the gashes along the boys chest and arms, though rather covered with salt. “Claw marks tend to leave ragged gashes.” “Seence they aren't sharp so much as poentee and have force behind them. Yet, here.” Kiriha: “I would theenk so too, but look at thes.” He points to the hepatic artery, and the cystic duct. “You see how clean and precise thees cuts are?” Kiriha: “Animals do not do that.” Kiriha: “...you know ov anytheeng perhaps that could cause such wounds, or would, perhaps, target ve leever speceefecally?” He pauses. “Oh! And, and! Kiriha points to the arms. He seems… weirdly exited about all this. “Look at theese pierceeng marks! Ve claws were theen enough to stab weeth.” Kiriha: “Yes, ets been decomposeeng for a few days by ve look of theengs.” Kiriha: “Ets not human! No descendant does thees! Ets completely deeferent!” Tianrui Carla: “I'm wondering exactly what kind of thing could do this though….” Kiriha: “RET?” He throws his hands out, grinning from ear to ear, “Oh I do wonder what et es, what I wouldn't geve to know and study et.” Join the YPA! And Join the Next Case!
  7. Tabletop with my irl friends and family. We've played Alien, Fallout 4, Tales from the Loop, Pathfinder, Warhammer: Fantasy, etc. I like to draw our characters but I'm very slow
  8. DISCORD: TemporalShift#3708 IGN: Feebis SKIN TITLE: Sakura Tea at Midnight Kimono BID: 470
  9. DISCORD: TemporalShift#3708 IGN: Feebis SKIN TITLE: Sugar Plum BID: 370
  10. DISCORD: TemporalShift#3708 IGN: Feebis SKIN TITLE: Sugar Plum BID: 350
  11. DISCORD: TemporalShift#3708 IGN: Feebis SKIN TITLE: Sakura tea at midnight BID: 430
  12. DISCORD: TemporalShift#3708 IGN: Feebis SKIN TITLE: Sakura tea at midnight BID: 410
  13. DISCORD: TemporalShift#3708 IGN: Feebis SKIN TITLE: Sakura tea at midnight BID: 290
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