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  1. Apoollo


    Christopher Paladin came from not friendly origin. His parents, amateur highlander bandits raided the occasional caravan that came through near there small shack. His parents argued one day and decided to move south, away from there home in the north and decided to move to the foreign south. They moved downwards, raiding small unprotected caravans. While moving south, Christophers parents got chased by some not friendly mercenaries near the sprawling city of Adria when they thought they could loot. “Here they are!” one of the mercenaries shouted before being bonked on the head with a crude bat that his parents gave him. The parents, being chased by the mercenaries ran and told Christopher to go south to Ves and find help there. He now mentally decided that he will try not to kill and not be a bandit unlike his parents. He walked south to Adria after many days.
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