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  1. The 4th Assembly of the House of Lords -1803- On the review and passing of multiple bills sent up by the House of Commons, to include the much awaited Excise Act 1803. Excise Act, 1803 The Grandees House of Lords have reviewed the intents and contents of this bill and have found only two items worthy of further deliberation. These items were carried forth into a joint Diet meeting between the HoL and the HoC. The conclusion of said meeting saw the appropriate edits made and the bill subsequently passed by the HoL. In Favor: Lord
  2. House of Lords: Criteria for Peerage Consideration - 1802 - To be a peer of the realm means to be in a class apart from the common man. Peers are the exemplars of duty, morality, and stability- all sworn in service to the Crown. They make up much if not all of the Aristocracy, purveyors of particular Human cultures with a set unified characteristics born from Imperial association. The bloodlines of the present are steeped in generations of achievements and renown that stretches back even to before the 1st Empire. Though even those born into simple means have the op
  3. If you are allied with someone you are 100% guaranteed to have crafted some form of diplomatic agreement with each other. If your ally is attacked, by the diplomatic agreement you have with them, you can either come to their aid in that battle or declare war against the offender and open up a new front. If you do not have an agreement with another group, you are not allies, you cannot aid/fight in their war or start a new one using that reason. My example on how raids could be a useful tool for allies out of range was just one example. I did mention other ways how if you are allied
  4. You could absolutely. The ability for the players to create whatever war system they want still exists, all they need is to be able to agree.
  5. If you are Norland with an alliance or some sort of defensive pact/treaty (diplomatic agreement) with Elvenesse, and Krugmar attacks Elvenesse; Its not that you had a treaty with Krugmar it's that your diplomatic agreement with Norland comes into effect. If let's say wars have already happened and as a term of winning a war you told Krugmar they cannot act aggressively (excessive raiding, declaring wars, etc.) and they do it anyway, then in that case you would have your treaty violated- you get a CB. If you had both, the alliance with Elvenesse and this existing treaty with Krugmar, and Krugma
  6. Questions are being asked, answers are being given. We are sharing our reasonings behind why certain decisions were made for this system. The system was released yesterday, there is bound to be confusion. I'm sorry if the dialogue is upsetting you, you are welcome to take a break from the computer and cool off.
  7. 1. An alliance is a diplomatic agreement. If a treaty specifies things you cannot do- like attacking someone- and someone does them, that's a violated treaty. We can add in specifically to the list of some examples that if you ally is attacked, you gain that type of CB. We kept the verbage a little broader to capture many more situations/circumstances that could occur. As for your case with Defensive wars, allies cannot participate with the Defender in that case unless the Attacker attempts to commit aggressive action during the DW- like invading. When a side that is supposed to be waging a De
  8. Pulled from General War Mechanics page, "Allies in War: All allies must be declared publicly on the forums in order to participate in any of the battles." For the sake of battles, if they aren't posted on the forums as public RP knowledge, they cannot fight. They can still help with materials, raids, or any sorts of things they wish to be a part of in RP outside of the actual warclaim battles. New allies can be made before or even during an ongoing war, we only ask that it be posted so we know the RP/relationship is legitimate.
  9. 1. Pulled directly from AW "AWs are for the purpose of righting what has been wronged during typical economic, diplomatic, or social exchanges. They are usually reserved for much less jarring or offensive instances that would trigger a VW. Rather, AWs usually occur as a result of violated treaties or diplomatic agreements, economic competition, unfulfilled promises, or moments that personally offend certain organizations, institutions, or important figures." If your Ally is attacked, and you have a publicly declared agreement with them, I.E an Alliance, you gain a CB. 2. The range is des
  10. It's mentioned all over the rules that if you have a valid CB, you can pursue a warclaim. In the case that your Ally is attacked, you gain a CB that enables an Amendment War to be fought. Whether or not you are in range of another Ally that is fighting their own war claim drives whether or not you want to combine your forces with them or to pursue your own war front. If you are out of range of the Ally that is in conflict, then your choices become to cash in that CB immediately, hold onto it for later in the war or let it expire when your Allys war is over. As far as when battles happen, we ha
  11. Yes, raid cap will be zero. This raid alleviation will persist until the next battle in the war and will either continue or discontinue pending the results of the battle.
  12. War System Features War Chests: All incurred costs paid to Staff during a war are paid into a central war chest held by Moderation. The victor of the war will end up receiving the full contents of the war chest upon the conclusion of the war. Posting War Claims: War claims must be posted on the forums in the War Claims sub-forum, where the reasons for war are detailed out with evidence. Term negotiations between the participating leaders will occur on this thread. All attempts should be made to conduct these negotiations in RP but OOC content will be permitted in parent
  13. This style of CB is available to groups, lairs, settlements, and nations and is normally in response to a previous event or a certain state of affairs presently. This is a more broadly earned CB, making it a relatively simple one to claim but also it’s not necessarily strong enough to justify conquest or national elimination. Situations that could qualify as a valid reason for this CB include; Subterfuge/disruptive interference, assassination attempts on important figures, religious disagreements or crusades, cultural incongruencies/friction, economical obstacles or diplomatic failures (broken
  14. This style of CB is available to settlements and nations that own at least one tile and seek to expand or reclaim their holdings into other tiles. This CB is only available when there is an RPly justifiable reason for conquering neighboring territory held by another settlement or nation. Some of these reasons include scarce resource acquisition, acquiring developmental space, dealing with border friction, or when reclaiming lost territory from a previous war. Under these conditions, either an Expansionist War or a Reclamation War may be attempted. Expansionist War (EW): EWs a
  15. This style of CB comes into effect when a group, lair, settlement, or nation engages in sustained hostile activity against another. This can come in the form of raids, banditry, continuous villainy, or reasonably actionable threats. This CB is only available to the recipient of the hostile action allowing for a Defensive War to be declared against the aggressor. Defensive Wars (DW): DWs are for the purpose of repelling aggressive attacks, quelling hostile activity, and/or in response to political/social provocation/threats when not already engaged in another form of war with
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