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  1. Frontier Act Public Record As detailed in the Frontier Act, the Home Office of the Holy Orenian Empire is obligated to keep a public record of all primary resource developments and their associated lease contracts. All legal entities within the same subdivision (tile) as an exploitable resource are entitled to enter into a legal agreement with any preexisting leaseholders. New leasees must adhere to the previously established lease agreements as determined by the original leaseholders. Refer to the Frontier Act for more information. It is the responsibility of all relev
  2. *Fliers are handed out all throughout the capital city of Providence as well on stuffed into mailboxes across the Empire. A charcoal illustration of proud imperial miners hard at work catches your eye at the top. Further down, a finely detailed but poorly reproduced map depicts a long winding path towards an obviously marked X over a red dot. You take a moment to admire the sigil of the Imperial Home Office stamped into the bottom right corner of the advert before reading the following . . . A pair of Rhenyari twins work in unison deep inside the Prince’s Prospect Mine, 1808
  3. *Posters are hung up all throughout the capital city of Providence as well on message boards across the Empire. A lightly illustrated image of a grizzled bearded man greets you at the top. Further down, a finely detailed but poorly reproduced map depicts a long winding path towards an obviously marked X over a red dot. You take a moment to admire the sigil of the Imperial Home Office stamped into the bottom right corner of the advert before reading the following . . . An old Hansetian panhandler repairing a tear in his coat while prospecting at Hogspeak, 1807 Attention
  4. The Frontier Act - 1806 - Introduction: In this new land, the Empire has managed to assert control over a wide range of territory, bringing forth the age of Providence to the untamed wilds. The initial landing site of our colonists found great fortune and opportunity which has since grown into our nation's capital. As well, the rest of the Empire is teeming with development suitable land and an abundance of natural resources ready for exploitation. The Frontier Act seeks to fast track the Empire's progress with regards to the growth and development of
  5. Edict of Municipal Accountability - 1808 - Introduction The need for a representative government that holds the best interests of the people as opposed to the self is paramount to the success of any city. Providence is the Capital of our esteemed Empire, and thus must serve as the example from which all her subjects must follow. This idea extends especially into the realm of government- specifically at the municipal level. If the heart of the Empire does not have the wants and wills of the people as the driving force behind all its decisions, we are lost. The
  6. The 2nd Assembly of the House of Lords - 1806 - On the review and passing of the Marshall Bill, sent up by the House of Commons following majority passing. The Grandees of the House of Lords have reviewed the contents of the bill and have found it to be unsatisfactory. After consultation with the Home Office the Grandees propose a list addendums to the bill. These edits have been sent ahead to the respective bill authors. In Favor: None In Opposition: Lord Mordskov Lord Leuven Lord Valles Lord Carrington Lord Stahl-Elendil In
  7. 22nd Imperial Diet, House of Lords [!] The gentle bustling sounds of Providence are muffled by the large window panes that adorn the facade of the House of Lords chambers- a wing connected to the colossal Governmental headquarters of the Empire. Secured behind large locked doors and further guarded by stalwart soldiers of the Imperial State Army, the Imperial Grandees settle into their assigned seats. A few administrative aides armed with carefully ornate stationary stand idly by at the command of the gathering peers. The 22nd House of Lords convenes
  8. Thought provoking, well done. I have a new outlook on life because of this.
  9. Both Alren DeNurem and his grandson Drasus DeNurem cast their ballets like any true patriot would. Their sealed ballots being collected by a young Imperial runner and delivered safely to the Empires capital- Providence.
  10. The 4th Assembly of the House of Lords -1803- On the review and passing of multiple bills sent up by the House of Commons, to include the much awaited Excise Act 1803. Excise Act, 1803 The Grandees House of Lords have reviewed the intents and contents of this bill and have found only two items worthy of further deliberation. These items were carried forth into a joint Diet meeting between the HoL and the HoC. The conclusion of said meeting saw the appropriate edits made and the bill subsequently passed by the HoL. In Favor: Lord
  11. House of Lords: Criteria for Peerage Consideration - 1802 - To be a peer of the realm means to be in a class apart from the common man. Peers are the exemplars of duty, morality, and stability- all sworn in service to the Crown. They make up much if not all of the Aristocracy, purveyors of particular Human cultures with a set unified characteristics born from Imperial association. The bloodlines of the present are steeped in generations of achievements and renown that stretches back even to before the 1st Empire. Though even those born into simple means have the op
  12. If you are allied with someone you are 100% guaranteed to have crafted some form of diplomatic agreement with each other. If your ally is attacked, by the diplomatic agreement you have with them, you can either come to their aid in that battle or declare war against the offender and open up a new front. If you do not have an agreement with another group, you are not allies, you cannot aid/fight in their war or start a new one using that reason. My example on how raids could be a useful tool for allies out of range was just one example. I did mention other ways how if you are allied
  13. You could absolutely. The ability for the players to create whatever war system they want still exists, all they need is to be able to agree.
  14. If you are Norland with an alliance or some sort of defensive pact/treaty (diplomatic agreement) with Elvenesse, and Krugmar attacks Elvenesse; Its not that you had a treaty with Krugmar it's that your diplomatic agreement with Norland comes into effect. If let's say wars have already happened and as a term of winning a war you told Krugmar they cannot act aggressively (excessive raiding, declaring wars, etc.) and they do it anyway, then in that case you would have your treaty violated- you get a CB. If you had both, the alliance with Elvenesse and this existing treaty with Krugmar, and Krugma
  15. Questions are being asked, answers are being given. We are sharing our reasonings behind why certain decisions were made for this system. The system was released yesterday, there is bound to be confusion. I'm sorry if the dialogue is upsetting you, you are welcome to take a break from the computer and cool off.
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