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  1. Although OOC content has been properly hidden under spoilers, in the interest of a productive/appropriate RP thread, refrain from the OOC back and forth that's been occurring. Further discussion on the fair/unfairness of what occurred OOCly will be hidden.
  2. Your style for RPing your played character is a fair point. We are adjusting our enforcement to be much more lenient again for this sort of thing. As for spooks who don't want to get metagamed. If I wanted to metagame a spook, I'd use their MC Name to do it. Posting a name or descriptions may be a concern that some have but posting at all opens them up to people just looking at their forum profile and learning what their MC Name through various means. After that, its one stop to NameMC or simply typing /seen in-game.
  3. Fair points have been made about higher-effort posts being rolled up with low-effort ones due to the anon posting technicality. At least on my part, anonymous posting was treated the same regardless of who it was as a means of enforcing the standard equally- and not offering much preferential treatment. @Islamadon put it very simply, this was needlessly pedantic. Consistency is something that teams should strive to have but consistency is difficult if guidelines and rules are too general. It's also hard to be consistent without a formal system for delivering corrective action. Although some might prefer a DM, that leaves little ability for other moderators to know if repeat behavior is occurring or if a prior explanation was even offered. Just as on the server, we have an infraction system that tracks and scales punishment to the severity and frequency of a behavior, so do we on the forums. A 0-point warning is the same as a DM but with the added incentive that you're less likely to get off scot-free if you continue to break rules or side-step standards. For posters who only need one reminder, this hasn't been an issue. For posters who disregard and don't care about how they conduct themselves, historical records are necessary because DMs will be blown off. I've responded to 100% of warning point inquiries and have provided extensive reasonings for why it was applied. Correspondence isn't the baseline system, only the infractions are- in-game and on the forums. They are what must be given while everything else is extra because we care about people understanding or improving the roleplay space. 90+ infractions have been handed out in the last month. The volume of rule violations on the forums exceeds that which occurs on the server in the same period. Rule violations on the server have the benefit of being isolated from whoever is directly witnessing them. On the forums, all users at all times can see them. Only about 3 moderators are moderating the forums while there are 14 who moderate the server. It is not practical to choose DMing as the primary means of communicating rule breaks. Most people do not desire any correspondence past what is provided in the warning and simply make the suggested adjustments. The vast majority of warnings given were 0 points with points usually being earned when those freebie warnings went unheeded. Continue the discussions, we are evaluating the public opinion and we are adjusting how we operate to better serve the wants of the community while balancing a sufficient RP quality. You can probably expect a poll to gauge desire for some proposed changes.
  4. Rule 3 is a choice for us to enforce because it's a guideline with suggestive verbiage, not directive. Just like posts that contain no RP and only OOC hidden under a spoiler arent against the rules either- even though rule 1 says: Posts should primarily consist of roleplay.
  5. To add, when someone chooses to post anonymously and it isn't clear that they are responding as an actual character, then it's obvious to us that they aren't adding to the Role Play. Instead, they are just injecting OOC opinion which more often than not is a negative one. If people want to communicate how they actually feel then they should do so plainly and if in an RP thread put it under a spoiler. Not everyone may have respect for the immersion of forum RP but it's been a goal since the beginning of the forums that it is legitimate RP and RP threads should have their immersion protected. With how accessible reaction posts have become compared to the past where only feasibly involved characters could respond, we like there to be some actual value added to the thread. As such, we are trying to apply these rules as systematically as possible.
  6. I originally thought of it to be a feat but once I got to writing it I figured I'd leave it open to the ST on whether or not is should be allowable for general alchemy. Because it has additional practices and procedures involved outside of just extracting signs and brewing potions, it should be a feat.
  7. I wasn't entirely sure how to specify it as an FA for the submission but I think it makes sense to. I could further describe the disadvantages of performing this kind of work on unwilling participants, essentially the success rate of a proper extraction would be lower. I mainly wanted to leave the door open for players to use it for good (therapy or preservation), bad (memory theft or manipulation), and neutral (make/sell memory trinkets) motives. I appreciate the feedback!
  8. Thanks for the feedback and questions. With regards to using it for TA/teaching, it could be done with the trade off being that whoever is providing the knowledge is also removing it from their head for themselves. The lore has it that knowledge is an essence but only about 5 minutes worth of thinking. One who is highly skilled or proficient in something can either offer up the memory of the moment it clicked for them in RP (the epiphany) or spend the time to think through a complex concept utilizing the foundational understanding of the subject and then offer that to the student. I'd be open to feedback more on this idea to make sure its balanced well enough that its not a TA easy button. Your scenario with sending mysterious mind clips to some poor victim, you absolutely could, I reckon the Dwarf would become more insane as they continue to give up more of their own memories to the backs of Ravens for people to find.
  9. Alchemy - Mind Melding Background The intricate dance of reality is one of an eternal controlled chaos. Where the various planes of existence ebb and flow in perpetual motion, leaving only sudden moments of lucidity called memories. These memories are what gives life meaning and they become our most precious companions. Even though we may cling tightly to them, their existence is fleeting, often becoming distorted, forgotten, or eventually decaying entirely from our minds. For millennia, many have sought to combat the fragility of remembrance, to commemorate themselves and their experiences, in order to defy time's inexorable march. Alchemy has often been regarded as the quest for material transformation, with gold and eternal life being its most coveted prizes. However an ambitious branch of this esoteric art, known as Mind Melding, delves deep into these core motivations by offering a solution to the transient nature of memory. Mind Melding does not merely document memories- it captures, preserves, and breathes life into them. By extracting these memories and sealing them within crystalline vessels, an individual's experiences, wisdom, and emotions are granted permanence, ensuring they survive long after their mortal vessel has faded from the physical world- achieving immortality . . . at a price. Explanation Mind Melding is the process of isolating, extracting, and stabilizing certain essences of the mind. Within the mind are four key essences that when combined form a raw memory. These essences organized by increasing levels of complexity are called: Aetherial Essence (Emotions) Luminous Essence (Visual) Echoing Essence (Audial) Immutable Essence (Knowledge) A practitioner of Mind Melding is called a Remembrancer, performing therapeutic or scholarly services for willing participants and clients. Someone who utilizes Mind Melding for nefarious purposes is called a Neuromancer, often ostracized by all if ever found to be misusing the art. The mind is a perfect machine when it comes to producing, combining, and utilizing these essences and memories but is curtailed by its own fragility and malleability- memories can become overwritten or decay. Mind Melding seeks to make up for these shortfalls by deconstructing memories back into essences and subsequently reconstructing those essences back into memories within a more enduring medium. In order to preserve the integrity of each essence, it is common to extract each one individually. It is possible to extract multiple essences at once but there are greater risks associated with doing so. Once extracted, these essences can be further processed in a number of different ways depending on the intended use. The product of combining all four essences is called a Raw Memory. The process of stabilization changes Raw Memories into Complete Memories. When essences are stabilized but not combined to form a Complete Memory, they are known as Memory Fragments. Memory Fragments can exist as the individual essence or a combination of the others. Once stabilized, Fragments or Complete Memories are then able to be used, be it for consumption, preservation, or alteration. Without stabilization, Fragments or Raw Memories will decay. Once isolated, the process of extraction must be carried out or else the essence may be viewed as a rogue agent by the body and destroyed. Once extracted, Essences and Raw Memories are removed from the mind. They can be added or readded to the mind through the appropriate preparation process. Minds are highly likely to reject foreign Essences or Raw Memories after a certain amount of time without employing means to deceive it. In order for implanted essences or raw memories to take long term, it is highly recommended that the subject is sedated and the mind given a dream suppressant- such as the Tum Somnum potion. Stabilized Fragments and Complete Memories are able to be interpreted by specialized instruments. They can also be returned to raw or essence form. Essences may be consumed in their unstabilized form with some risks involved. A subject undergoing Mind Melding processes may be conscious or unconscious. Consciousness is preferred as the subject is able to aid the isolation process of the desired memory. An unconscious patient will yield unintended extractions or unreliable results due to the potential interferences of the dream state producing its own essences. Subjects should be made to actively concentrate on the intended memory, or as preparation, be exposed to conditions that would immerse the mind in the desired memory. The subject must consume the appropriate isolation agent(s) to release the essence(s) for extraction. Extraction occurs through ethereal osmosis by affixing a Memorite to the back of the neck at the base of the skull. When the body attempts to flush the essence through the spine, the Memorite will intercept it. Memorite is a form of stabilization. In order to further interpret or repeat interpret essences or memories contained within it, it must be subjected to additional processing. The following are some known interpretation methods: Memorite with Aetherial Essence: The Memorite can be turned into a fine powder and inhaled. Due to the light gray hue of the powder, it is often referred to as ‘Gray Matter’. Inhaling the powder will invoke the emotions and feelings of the essence, void of context or tangible details. The effect will last for 1 hour. The Memorite can be inserted into a Chromolizer which reacts to the emissions of the contained essence and displays a range of colors to represent them. Due to the simplicity of the Chromolizers construction, it can be as small as a piece of jewelry or as large as a chandelier. Memorite with Luminous Essence: The Memorite can be cut such that a lens is formed on its exterior. By bringing the lens close, the images within can be viewed void of sound. Memorites are able to store 5 minutes of images before looping. The Memorite can be inserted into a Macrolumin Projector, where light is hyper focused through the Memorite and channeled to an opaque material. The detail of the images is highly dependent on the quality of light used. The images would lack color. Memorites are able to store 5 minutes of images before looping. Memorite with Echoing Essence: The Memorite can be cut with a hollow cavity prior to loading with essence. Once loaded, it can be placed over the ear. Depending on the shaping of the cavity, the sound quality is affected. Memorites are able to store 5 minutes of sound before looping. The Memorite may be inserted into a Fonograph that reacts to the subtle vibrations of the material and translates them onto a vinyl disc. This disc can then be replayed. Memorites are able to store 5 minutes of sound before looping but multiple Memorites may be transcribed onto a disc, disc size depending. Memorite with Immutable Essence: The Memorite, when loaded with Immutable Essence, has been observed to produce electrical signals that can be translated to a mechanical vessel equipped to receive and perform very basic functions. At this time, there are no known devices or vessels that are capable of translating or applying complex thoughts or concepts. Memorite with a Complete Memory: The Memorite can be inserted into a combination device called an Omnibus that applies the interpretation techniques of the Chromolizer, Macrolumin, and Fonograph. At this time, there is no known device that is able to interpret Immutable Essence to the degree of the others. The memory may then be viewed synchronized with color, images, and sound. Memorites are able to store 5 minutes of a memory. Extracted essences or raw memories are removed from the mind of the subject. The subject will be unable to recall elements of or the entire memory following the procedure. An unwitting subject of this procedure will likely not even recognize the memory gap unless attention is drawn to it. Excessive essence harvesting may result in dissociation and eventually Memory Bleed. This is a result of the mind's natural processes becoming too unstable to adequately produce, combine, and utilize essences. Excessive harvesting occurs after five failed essence extractions within a 24 hour period or a combined 15 extractions within the period of a week. Memory Bleed leads to either a comatose state or ego death. Mind Melding is a complex form of alchemy that if not carefully and expertly carried out will result in extreme mental harm to a subject. Potions & Crafts Memorite (Common | Tier 1) Memorite Solvent (Common | Tier 1) Aetherial Isolixir (Common | Tier 1) Luminous Isolixir (Common | Tier 2) Echoing Isolixir (Common | Tier 2) Immutable Isolixir (Rare | Tier 3) Memory Confluessence (Rare | Tier 3) Redlines
  10. The Kingdom of Balian ~ The Kingdom of Balian, 1943 ~ ~ Commissioned by King Adrian Novellen, Cartographed by Rainier DeNurem ~ In a realm where the sun kisses the sea, lies the Kingdom of Balian, a radiant pearl set along the storied Rubicostaissmia. Its warm golden shores cradle islands that rise like emeralds from the clear blue depths to the West. Each a sanctuary of secrets and beauty, shrouding an intense richness of natural wealth. Along the Northern border, the ground ascends to touch the heavens themselves. The mighty Oeste Mountain Range stands guard over the lush oasis below. Its evergreen peaks veiled in mist and mystery run a divide to the Sons of Malin beyond. These towering ridges and cliffs have witnessed eons pass, their slopes rich in lore, life, and the promise of nature's bounty. To the East, the ascending plateaus of the Valle de San Lothar play host to a canopy of white trunked ancients, offering shade upon fertile fields. The heartland of Balian is a carefully woven tapestry of rolling hills, a symphony of greens, grain, and where palm trees sway in the wind telling the tales of old. The gentle rolling hills at the foot of the mountains are graced by the soft touch of the Rubicostaissmia sun. Like devout followers, they serve as a testament to the Creator's poetry, where every breeze carries a song and every dusk a promise of peaceful dreams. Beneath the gentle waves of the Ruby Coast lies another world altogether. Vibrant coral reefs rise from the ocean floor, teeming with life, mesmerizing beauty, and color. It is said that merfolk and sea sirens dance amidst these coral groves, serenading the marine life with their ethereal songs- spurring an abundance for the Capital City of Portoregne’s fishermen. Yet, the wonders of Balian are not only in its light touched allure. Deep within the belly of the Kingdom lie veins rich with gemstones. The mines of Balian, legendary throughout Aevos, shimmer with the brilliance of diamonds. This phenomena, a testament to the shared wealth and prosperity of its people. To wander through Balian is to walk through the pages of a living epic. Where every stone, stream, and starlight has a tale to tell. It is a realm of timeless splendor, a beacon for those in search of wonder in its purest form.
  11. An enfeebled alchemist- Drasus- reflects on the status of the Human leaders in the world as this treatise comes across his desk . . . "Imagine wielding the trust and strength of a nation just to turn around and behave cravenly at the most witless of threats. Anti-Imperial or not, if you kowtow to the threats of morons then you are just as pathetic as the wig wearers you abhor. To call yourself a leader, a Human, a descendant of Horen, and bend to faithless raiders- you might as well affix yourself to the bow of the ferry and screech the sea sirens song, you absolute parody of dignity. Thank GOD there are still those who aren't brain addled to the point that the only solution left to them is to erase rational thought so as to assuage the onset of fear wrought of violent threats. Rejecting Imperialism by blindly boot licking a violent Imperialist. For shame. I relish the end of pompous powder touters but at the expense of Humanities moral station . . . what could be worse." He would sputter and cough after the rant, clearly malding from his own thoughts. The sterilized bottles he was working with becoming contaminated with angered sweat dripping off his ruined brow.
  12. Genealogy of House DeNurem Always Faithful, Always Loyal Ov Uskog, Ov Usiellig House DeNurem Family Tree The History of House DeNurem House DeNurem's legacy traces back to the early 1300s, when Mirtok DeNurem, while faithfully serving the Teutonic Order, laid the foundation. The name itself, 'DeNurem', pays homage to the Order's birthplace in the lands of Aegis, Nuremberg. In adherence to the customary nomenclature of Northern cultures, 'DeNurem' roughly translates to 'from Nurem'. Mirtok, alongside his brother Darius DeNurem, a Mali’ker with questionable blood ties, chose to forego siring progeny during their formative years, wholly dedicating themselves to the cause of the Teutonic Order. It was during this period of fervent service that the respected DeNurem Industries was established in the year 1330. The company was later formally integrated into the Teutonic Order, and emerged as the epicenter of technological research and the crucible of military production for the organization. In recognition of his dedication, Mirtok was eventually elevated to the rank of OrdernMarschall, or General, within the Teutonic Order. As the era of Aegis drew to a close after the collapse of the Nether, House DeNurem, along with the Teutonic Order and the newly founded Realm of Hanseti, found themselves forced to seek refuge in Asulon. After their journey, the House's membership remained largely limited to the two brothers. In Asulon, Mirtok played a pivotal role in establishing the capital city of Dresden. However, after a disagreement with the new Hochmeister of the Order, Samuel Bealcrest, led to Mirtok and his brother's exile to the Northern region of Hanseti. It was here that Mirtok founded the city of Watcherstadt, committing his followers to stand vigil against the Kingdom of Renatus, their aggressive Northern neighbor. After Samuel Bealcrest's assassination, Mirtok's rapidly ascended to the position of Hochmeister and worked tirelessly to fortify the Realm. He enlisted the Hansetian civilian population into military service, instilling the values of the Order throughout. Additionally, the Realm's defenses were bolstered against potential invaders from the Northern kingdoms through a series of strategic construction projects. Tensions escalated between the Realm of Hanseti and the Kingdom of Renatus with the emergence of Godfrey Horen. After years of bitter military conflict, Mirtok sought an audience with Godfrey, leading to a pivotal meeting at the grand sentinel statues guarding the gate into the Realm of Hanseti. It was there that Godfrey articulated his vision for a united Humanity, an Empire. Moved by the original goal of the Teutonic Order, Mirtok aligned with Godfrey's vision and pledged the Order, and subsequently the Realm of Hanseti, to his cause. ~ The Hochmeister, Mirtok DeNurem, 1350 ~ With the inclusion of Hanseti in the Imperial vision, the Holy Orenian Empire finally took shape. House DeNurem was granted a duchy, with Mirtok named the Duke of Hanseti. Additionally, the Teutonic Order was recognized as an official knightly order, conferring gentry status upon all its members. Darius DeNurem joined the side of the Emperor, being dispatched on countless personal missions from which he was rewarded greatly. He received a personal knighting from the first High Pontiff, Gideon Silverblade, and was appointed Count of Karth for his service. Darius would later be elevated to the sole Imperial Justice, acting as Godfreys answer to domestic malcontent. In the later 1300s, Mirtok would lead the Teutonic Order in expanding the Empire's influence and strength across the known world. Following several military conquests, Mirtok was elevated to the status of King of Hanseti, establishing House DeNurem as a royal lineage alongside the venerable House Hightower. In 1414, the lands of the Kingdom of Hanseti were rendered uninhabitable by calamitous flooding. This disaster extended its reach to the rest of the Descendant nations, prompting a forced migration to the uncharted continent of Anthos. House DeNurem, entrusted with sailing ahead of the Imperial ships, secured a foothold in the untamed lands. Mirtok established a colony in the North of the Imperial settled lands, carving out from the vast Northern mountains Castle Greywynn as his capital. Leading the Teutonic Order, House DeNurem became the stalwart protectors against the Northern wastes, home to a host of twisted creatures, including the Bohra, a fierce race of boarmen prone to mindless violence. ~ Castle Greywynn, Anthos, 1419 ~ When the final boats arrived at Anthos in 1420, the Empire began to take on its new form. Under Emperor Godfrey Horen's direction, House Blackmont and House Carrion were placed as subjects of the Kingdom of Hanseti. This decision sowed internal strife within the Kingdom, as House Blackmont had long been rivals of House DeNurem and the Teutonic Order. Mirtok forged an alliance with neighboring House Green through his marriage to Allison Green. In 1425, Mirtok and Allison welcomed twins, a son named Booker DeNurem and a daughter named Winter DeNurem. This alliance grew stronger as noble and royal houses within the Empire extended mutual military support against House Blackmont, a rebranded version of the notorious House Flay that had terrorized many in Asulon. A civil war eventually erupted within the Kingdom of Hanseti, with Augustus Blackmont, the head of House Blackmont, challenging House DeNurem's claim to the throne. The war initially favored House DeNurem and their noble alliance, until House Blackmont secured a marriage alliance with House Chivay. With the formidable Order of the White Rose joining the war effort, members of the noble alliance began to defect in fear. Those who remained by House DeNurem's side included House Hightower of the Kingdom of Salvus, House Silverblade, House Ishikawa, House Green, and the Order of the Lions. The civil war came to a climactic end during the Battle of the Dreadfort in the mid-1400s. Although House DeNurem was defeated, Augustus Blackmont did not claim the title of King. ~ The Battle of the Dreadfort, 1430 ~ In the aftermath of the defeat, Mirtok DeNurem rallied the remnants of his forces and directed them towards a campaign into the Northern Wastes. Bohra attacks had intensified during the civil war, threatening to spill into the rest of the Empire if left unchecked. Mirtok vanished from the lands of Anthos during this campaign and was not seen again for decades. In his absence, House Blackmont and House Carrion largely claimed the lands of the Kingdom of Hanseti as reparations from the civil war. Emperor Horen, son of Godfrey, disbanded the Teutonic Order after Jonathan Black's failed interim administration and the mysterious destruction of Castle Greywynn. As the Empire announced its exodus to the lands of Aeldin, Booker DeNurem became a ward of the Imperial household and accompanied Emperor Horen. Allison Green and Winter DeNurem remained in Anthos, finding refuge with House Green. House DeNurem slipped into a period of obscurity with the majority of Imperial institutions relocating to Aeldin and the loss of their titular lands. Darius DeNurem, retaining his titles, embarked on a monastic path in pursuit of atonement for past transgressions. He would ultimately complete his exile from the remnants of the Empire in the wake of The Scourge in 1457, a period marked by racial purges against Elvenkind. Darius used this time to orchestrate the takeover of the Princedom of Malinor, leveraging his position to wage war against the new Human Empire, led by House Carrion, in the 1460s. Following the migration to Athera in 1468 by the nations of the world, House Chivay assumed control of the Empire. It was during this period that Mirtok DeNurem resurfaced, reestablishing House DeNurem as a military power. He revived the Teutonic Order and opted to govern the Hansetian people through a military junta instead of assuming the title of King of Hanseti. Darius retained the title of Prince but abandoned his hold over Malinor and reunited with his brother in Hanseti. Darius wed a woman named Caitlyn, and the couple had a daughter, Elizabeth DeNurem. It was also during this time that he founded the enigmatic 2-11 Mercenary Company. Mirtok used this time to care for his subjects and provide a sanctuary for Northerner kind. He achieved this by forming the Northern Commonwealth alongside prominent Northerner families like Clan Orvar and House Rovin of Aesterwald. ~ The City of Snowdrift, Northern Commonwealth, 1470 ~ During this era of reconstruction, Mirtok was fortunate to reconnect with his daughter Winter. However, in 1472, he chose to disband the Teutonic Order, redistributing its wealth among the Hansetian people and making a substantial investment in the Kingdom of Aesterwald. Mirtok then mysteriously vanished, never to be seen again. Darius DeNurem quietly departed from the realm with his own growing family, which now included his son, Lazarus DeNurem. Winter DeNurem married Francis I, Duke of Adria, and had children under the House Vladov name. In the aftermath of Mirtok and Darius’ disappearances, House DeNurem once again faded into obscurity. In the Isles of Vailor, around the year 1502, several of the progeny of Darius DeNurem gathered in the Mali’ker city of Ker’nor. This marked the formation of Clan DeNurem as a subset of House DeNurem. Lazarus DeNurem had been living amongst the Orcish War Uzg for decades. In that time, Darius had departed from his son to pursue an undefined agenda. Lazarus would leave the War Uzg after a time and venture out on his own, meeting a fellow Mali’ker by the name of Aearonel while on his journeys. From the union of Lazarus and Aearonel DeNurem came four more Mali’ker children; Grimwald, Aly’shal, Sileath, and Legatus. As well, two grandchildren; Rolim and Alisaera DeNurem. The DeNurem Clan rose to relative prominence in Ker’nor, holding multiple positions among the city's government and military. In the year 1530, the city was devastated by a violent volcanic eruption. Grimwald DeNurem led evacuation efforts for the citizens of Ker’nor and secured a deal with the Mali’ame of Laureh'lin to shelter the refugees. Unfortunately, Clan DeNurem would not be able to reestablish itself and the members of the family scattered across Vailor to seek new opportunities. It wasn't until the late 16th century that House DeNurem would resurface under the leadership of Darius. After pledging allegiance to Emperor John III Owyn in 1578, House DeNurem rallied House Rothgard and House Huntly to its banner. Darius was granted the title of Baron of Mordskov by the High Pontiff in 1582. Little is known about the events that transpired in the Barony of Mordskov, except that it eventually became perilous to inhabit due to a thanium enriched miasma that permitted the land. Sometime in the mid-1600s, Mordskov had become largely uninhabitable and deserted. ~ The Barony of Mordskov, 1613 ~ Parallel to Darius’ rule in Mordskov, House DeNurem continued to endure, outside the chronicles of the Descendant races, under the lineage of Booker in Aeldin. Sometime in the 16th century, Booker DeNurem's grandson, Viador II DeNurem, arrived in Vailor and perpetuated his house. In 1725, Alren DeNurem was born, a direct 9th-generation descendant of Booker DeNurem. In 1743, Alren ventured to Arcas and settled in Helena, the capital of the 8th Holy Orenian Empire under Emperor Peter III. Conscripted into the Imperial State Army during the Rubern War, Alren DeNurem embarked on a distinguished military career. He implemented extensive reforms within the Imperial State Army, greatly enhancing the Empire's offensive and defensive capabilities. Alren commanded Imperial forces to victory in six campaigns and played a crucial role in the success of the descendant nations during the Inferi War. In 1781, he was granted the County of Mordskov, and in 1795, he was appointed as the 4th Generalissimo in Human history by Empress Anne I. Alren expanded the influence of House DeNurem through his military and administrative triumphs. In 1740, he married Gwyneff Efferstadt, and in 1745, they welcomed a son, Alaric DeNurem. Alaric joined his father in the service of the Imperial State Army, and they both earned gentry titles within the Order of the Lion. Alaric further extended the DeNurem lineage by having six children. Notably, in 1772, Drasus DeNurem was born. ~ Portrait of Sir Alren DeNurem the White Bull, Count of Mordskov, 1770 ~ Drasus continued to bring honor to House DeNurem through his scholarly pursuits in architecture and engineering. This led to his appointment as Secretary of the Home Office for the Imperial Government in 1808. After a productive 30-year career in administrative government, Drasus was selected as the Archchancellor under Philip II in 1838. Drasus, a renowned alchemist, followed in his grandfather's footsteps by delving into military technologies. Unfortunately, his reign as Archchancellor was cut short in 1845 by an explosive accident that left him feeble and unable to speak. A few years later, in 1849, the Empire witnessed the ascension of Philip III. This marked House DeNurem's retreat from mainstream politics and prominence. The County of Mordskov was put into abeyance, and members of the House departed from the Empire. House DeNurem gradually faded away as the Holy Orenien Empire descended into turmoil. In the present era, House DeNurem endures. Its members are dispersed across various Human nations, each finding their purpose and station. Notably, within the Kingdom of Balian, Admiral Dante DeNurem commands respect and authority respectively. In service to the Kingdom of Aaun, Darius DeNurem has emerged to lead the centuries-old 2-11 Mercenary Company once again, becoming a Knight Errant in the process. Other DeNurems have been known to frequent the Commonwealth of Petra and the Most Serene State of Lurin.
  13. The final hour of the competition drew to an end as fishermen from many lands and stations in life rushed through the front gates of Portoregne. Buckets and bags dripping with the days catch were hurriedly emptied into barrels, hoping to score some final points. Rainier totaled up each competitors haul and assigned points respectively. With the final barrel recorded, it was time to announce the winner . . . "In 3rd place, Casimir Vilac @LazyBacon220 with 82 points!" "In 2nd place, Ezren Kervallen @SapphirePool with 111 points!" "And in 1st place, with 141 points, the winner of 200 mina and the title of 'Adrians Angler', we have Lorand Korvacz @imkenobi!"
  14. Balian Briny Bonanza ~ Portoregne Harbor, SA 146 ~ The vibrant tapestry of cultures and tradition that is Portoregne bustles with activity as the sun overhead gently warms the colorful city. The air is filled with the intoxicating aromas of freshly baked bread, roasting coffee, and sizzling seafood. The narrow, cobblestone streets are lined with charming shops and cafes, and the lively markets are overflowing with colorful produce, fresh seafood, and fragrant spices. Fishing boats bob up and down in the harbor, their nets heavy with the day's catch. The abundance of fish in the waters surrounding Portoregne is one of the city's greatest treasures. The Bay of Sirens is home to a wide variety of fish, including Tuna, Isleskippers, Salmon, and Ocean Wardens. For many, the waters offer a comfortable living and the citizens of the Kingdom take great pride in their fishing skill. Posted at multiple public spaces is an advertisement adorned with detailed illustrations of various fish in the margins of the page . . . His Royal Majesty, Adrian, King of Balian, is sponsoring a fishing competition hosted by DeNurem Delicacies, dubbed the Balian Briney Bananza! The competition is open to all those who would wish to try their luck and skill at harvesting the bounties of the sea. To the top three fishermen will go the treasure! 1st Place: 200 Mina and the title of "Adrian’s Angler" 2nd Place: 100 Mina 3rd Place: 50 Mina Contestants will have 1 Hour to find a piece of shoreline to cast off from and catch as many fish as they can. Depending on the rarity of the species caught, points will be accumulated for each catch. The fisherman with the top three highest scores will win. Refer to the following table for the point breakdowns. Common: 1 point Uncommon: 2 points Rare: 4 points Epic: 8 points The rules are simple: Pre-caught fish are not allowed Personal fishing gear is allowed No other person or contestant may help or add to another's score 1 hour is allotted for catching and depositing in a contestant's respective submission barrel All manner of sea creatures native to Balian are legitimate submissions Registration for the event will be allowed until 15 minutes before starting. Pre-register through Rainier DeNurem of DeNurem Delicacies or respond to this advertisement with the following information. Name: ((MC Name)): Fishing Experience: ((Event starts Friday, 22 Sep @ 6:30pm EST, meet at the square inside the capital city of Balian. Recommend arriving early to ensure registration with the event. Respond to this post with the above details or contact on discord at mirtok))
  15. Within the mighty confines of the Bastion, Cadet Draco looks about his comrades enjoying a lavish meal before their inevitable deployment. The news that war has been declared between his mother nation and their neighbors to the South was an exciting prospect but it weighed heavy on the minds of his fellow soldiers. Draco offered some words to those seated around him. "I shame that the noble King of the Dwarves has been so grossly misled by his own kin. A shame too that he has such a loose grip on those that bring mayhem and violence to foreign lands. We will not stand for the assault and mutilation on any of our citizens, regardless of race. If the men under the mountain would wish to march on Imperial soil, we shall be there at the fringes grinding their stone bulwark into dust through the mill of war." Breaths in a breath, allowing a moment of silence to permeate before raising his voice to a booming toast . . . "I raise a tankard to their warriors and ours for answering the call of duty but my hammer shall rise in tandem. To arms comrades, to war!"
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