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  1. Alren had just returned from the Southern deployment camp near the Korvassan front, a long day of planning construction projects behind him. As he rounded the corner into the Bastille, past the iron gate and through the mighty hard oak doors, he noticed a sleeping figure at one of the tables in the Great Hall. The slowly aging General chuckled to himself, recognizing the grizzled form of his old mentor and long time comrade. He stepped over to gently jostle him awake but recoiled his hand upon the sensation of cold flesh. The battle hardened DeNurem let slip a frown accompanied with a deep breath teeming with a certain sadness. “You helped mold me into the man I am today, a true stalwart soldier of the Empire, through and through. Godspeed comrade, may your warrior spirit continue to guide all those that follow in your footsteps.”
  2. ISA Enlisted Force Structure Expansion Drafted by the Ministry of War, 1784 The institution of the Imperial State Army has operated along an enlisted force structure that was outlined several decades ago with a satisfactory level of success. Much of a soldier's experience, proficiency, and achievements were adequately captured through the standard four enlisted rank chain for the first few decades of operations. However, as the responsibilities and scope of the ISA grew and expanded along with the prosperity of the Empire, a certain void began to steadily grow in parallel. It has come to the attention of the Ministry of War that there exists a need for greater classification of the enlisted force structure. As such, it has been seen fit to draft three new ranks to be implemented effective immediately to the Imperial State Army, 1st Regiment. It is the hope of the Ministry that this structural expansion will allow for a greater sense of accomplishment as well as the more accurate dispersal of an individual's achievements and skill level. As of the year 1784, the following new enlisted ranks will be drafted and implemented. In addition, changes to the original rank classification/responsibilities will also be posted for review below. Finally, a clear and concise Path to Promotion will be detailed to better facilitate the layman's understanding of what it takes to succeed in the Imperial State Army. Enlisted Force Structure * Denotes a newly developed rank that has been added to the system. Recruit Fresh recruits undergo a two year basic training process before being oathed and promoted to Private. During this time, they are exposed to the rigor and discipline of state military tradition, along with a nascent education in Orenian society and culture. Private Privates are soldiers who have completed basic military training and have become fully fledged members of the Imperial State Army. They are tasked with further adapting to the profession of arms through continued development of their military discipline, customs, and standards. The main concern of Privates is to hone their martial abilities and to internalize intermediate level combat training. It is at this stage, soldiers are expected to perform all basic duties as prescribed by their respective chain of command and to begin working towards earning a specialization that benefits their Brigade or Regiment. * Specialist Private (Spc. Private) Specialist Privates are those who have become fully compliant with the discipline, customs, and standards of military service; and are able to devote much of their time towards improving combat effectiveness and mastering a specialization or skillset. A Private may only be promoted to Spc. Private upon assumption of a specialization which can be determined by each Brigade or Regiment, to include the following: Smithing, tanning, stone or woodworking, construction, cooking, sapping, siegeworks, medicine, engineering, alchemy, military traditions, riding, tactics, training, special weapons handling, path-finding, scouting, hunting, and so forth. Corporal Corporals are regarded as veterans of service, having been bloodied or tested in multiple ways and have proven their worth as professional soldiers. They are entrusted with more duties and responsibilities than their Private counterparts and hold some degree of seniority over them, often guiding them through their duties and training. A Corporal has usually begun to fully master their specialization and are adept in a few key civilian and military skill sets, often proving as indispensable pieces towards a brigade’s overall success. * Senior Corporal (Snr. Corporal) Senior Corporals are those who have mastered their original specialization and can be relied upon to be effective combat assets on the battlefield. They are soldiers who have been a part of a number of military operations and are well versed in the ways of warfare. Having obtained technical expertise, these soldiers begin to pivot towards developing their leadership skills. Snr. Corporals are also expected to obtain an additional specialization that is useful to their Brigade or Regiment. Sergeant Sergeants are the first rank in the enlisted force structure that wield actual command authority. They are battle tested and combat hardened soldiers with a wealth of military knowledge and experience. Sergeants are looked upon to lead squads of soldiers in the pursuit of some goal or the tactical vision of their superiors. They also work closely with their commanding officers at home by maintaining the good order and discipline of their comrades. Their years of military service allows them to occupy leadership billets important to their respective Brigade or Regiment. * Master Sergeant (Mst. Sergeant) A Master Sergeant is the highest enlisted rank a soldier can obtain. They are experts in all things relating to their specialization, combat skills, military standards, and are well regarded leaders among their peers. They are by far the most grizzled and veteran of the enlisted ranks, having been a part of and/or helped lead a number of military campaigns or operations. The wealth of knowledge and experience of these soldiers is vital to continuation of desired military traditions and standards throughout the ranks. They are even looked upon to mentor commissioned officers and mold them into effective leaders. Master Sergeants also have the unique duty to ensure their Sergeant Corps is operating to expectation and aid their commanding officers in ensuring the needs of the troops are met. Path to Promotion The following promotion criteria are to be used as the standard to mark enlisted rank progression. There still exists the freedom for special circumstances that can be exercised by upper leadership in order to ensure effort and achievements are properly awarded. For example, an individual with exemplary skills which lacks the battle criteria may still earn rank through their domestic efforts. As well, a truly worthy soldier may even earn rank well before the minimum service time gates at the discretion of the Colonel. Recruit to Private Complete Basic Training Private to Spc. Private At least 2 years in Private rank 4 years in service Must obtain specialization Spc. Private to Corporal At least 2 years in Spc. Private rank 6 years in service Fought in a battle (skirmish) or operation/mission (event) Corporal to Snr. Corporal At least 2 years in Corporal rank 8 years in service Fought in a major battle (warclaim) or 4 normal battles (skirmish) or 5 operations/missions (event) No issues noted by leaders or peers in qualifying battles/missions Snr. Corporal to Sergeant At least 2 years in Snr. Corporal rank 10 years in service Fought in 3 major battles (warclaim) or 8 normal battles (skirmish) or 10 operations/missions (event) No major issues noted by leaders or peers in qualifying battles/missions Exemplary behavior, lives military standards, masterful level in specialization No court martials, no questionable activity, desirable attitude Sergeant to Mst. Sergeant At least 4 years in Sergeant rank 15 years in service Fought in 6 major battles (warclaim) or 16 normal battles (skirmish) or 20 operations/missions (event) Exemplary behavior, lives military standards, masterful level in specialization 4. Have worked a leadership billet at some point Signed and Approved HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, Alren DeNurem, Secretary of War
  3. THE MINISTRY OF WAR Circa 1783 AUTHORITY The Ministry of War, or more commonly known as the General Staff, is the commanding force behind the Imperial Military. It oversees a number of key mechanics which are in accordance with the seamless continuation of the combined forces and its welfare. It is headed by the Secretary of War, who is advised on matters of Logistics, Intelligence and Operations by the Ministry of War. Within the Ministry of War, the Chiefs of the individual sections are granted their own Department of responsibility and have the authority to delegate within their own authority. Furthermore, the Ministry of War has the authority to appoint Imperial Generals and Admirals during times of war to ensure the orderly and conjuncted command over the combined military forces of the Holy Oren Empire; to include the individual Regiments of the Imperial State Army and the Fleets of the Imperial State Navy in accordance to the will of His Imperial Majesty. The Ministry maintains the proper conduction of the Imperial Forces and oversees their combat readiness and response preparedness. It ensures the nourishment, equipment, and funding of the Imperial forces and administers their accordance to a united Imperial Military. It is charged with the production, maintenance, distribution, and supply of various necessities or tools of war for the Imperial Military. MOTTO “VOLENS ET POTENS!” “Willing and Able!” STRUCTURE THE SECRETARY OF WAR 4 Star General Alren DeNurem KCL The Secretary of War is the Commander in Chief of all Imperial Forces during peacetime. He is appointed by His Imperial Majesty and serves as the Commanding Officer of the Ministry of War. The Secretary of War designates and Commissions Officers in the Imperial State Army as well the Imperial State Navy to command Enlisted personnel. Within his Authority, it is to allocate policies to the military departments, which train, equip, and direct the military forces; He is the High Commander of the General Staff, planning and coordinating military operations and deployments; It is through his command, the unified commands, which conduct the military operations, work together efficiently to secure the interests and the Will of His Imperial Majesty. The Authorities of the Secretary of War is as follows: The Secretary of War has the authority to staff their ministry, the Ministry of War, in such a way as to provide assistance in their duties- to include the appointment of chiefs for each division or department of the Ministry of War. He also retains overall authority in every facet of the Ministry of War. The Secretary of War has the authority to draft, approve, deny or revoke all commissions, promotions, and demotions of soldiers in the Imperial Military. The Secretary of War has the authority to preside on all court martials, direct internal investigations, maintain the good order of the armed forces, provide final rulings on special court martials, and pardon soldiers convicted under the Lex Kaedreni. The Secretary of War has the authority to develop the force structure of the Imperial State Army and Imperial State Navy in such a way as to promote military efficiency or effectiveness. To include; the creation or removal of ranks in the ISA/ISN, the creation or removal of military force groupings (Brigades, Regiments, Auxiliaries, Etc.), and the creation or removal of regions of military interest or activity. The Secretary of War has the authority to raise Imperial Generals and Admirals only in times of war as well as the authority to lower Imperial Generals at any time, to exclude the acting Fieldmarshal. He may also grant temporary military authority to non-military agents during times of war. The Secretary of War has the authority to manage the military finances for the Imperial State Army and Imperial State Navy, allocating funds and resources in such a way to ensure the needs of each division, department, or military grouping of the Empire is adequately provided for. Additionally, he may commission or decommission defensive fortifications in order to suit the needs of Imperial Military forces. He also retains the final authority in determining the monetary, resource, or facility needs of all Imperial forces. The Secretary of War has the authority to draft or commission, approve or deny, amend or repeal; policies, doctrines, or legislations pertaining to the Imperial State Army, Imperial State Navy, and the rest of the Imperial forces. THE CHIEF OF INTELLIGENCE Captain Alaric DeNurem KL The Chief of Intelligence is appointed by the Secretary of War. They are the main communications body of the Imperial Military. It is their task to ensure that the Ministry of War and its different bodies effectively communicates within itself. It is within this department that the Chief of Intelligence has the duty to gather intelligence essential to the Imperial Forces and report this progress to the Secretary of War. He serves as a direct correlation between the Imperial Strategy and command and the Imperial Forces on the battlefield. He furthermore may declassify and release information which is no longer relevant to the Imperial Forces and its Command. The Chief of Intelligence issues Action reports to the Secretary of War of individual strategic-essential information. The Chief of Intelligence was first recommended by the General Staff to simply issue Commission Reports. Yet the role has evolved into a professional and modern position of great importance for the Imperial Military and the Ministry of War. The Authority of the Chief of Intelligence is as follows: The Chief of Intelligence has the authority to (re)structure, (re)coordinate, develop, and staff their department as necessary to meet the needs of the Imperial Military and Secretary of War in response to whatever situation or priority is determined The Chief of Intelligence has the authority to delegate Agents to gather intelligence and to report the Intelligence to the Secretary of War to ensure the proper strategic upper hand over the Enemy in wars. The Chief of Intelligence has the duty to advise the Chief of Operations, Imperial Generals, Imperial Admirals on strategy. The Chief of Intelligence has the duty to deliver a yearly brief concerning intelligence to the Secretary of War. As well, determine the various classification levels for intelligence and reconnaissance information or operations. The Chief of Intelligence has the authority to to file commission reports about the intelligence at hand and to ensure its delegation to the Imperial Forces The Chief of Intelligence has the authority to appoint secretaries underneath him to assist him with his duties. THE CHIEF OF OPERATIONS Lieutenant Iskander Basrid The Chief of Operations is appointed by the Secretary of War. They ensure the Imperial Military has an ample directive of missions and operations to maintain productivity and opportunities for advancement, along with coordinating force groupings to execute military strategy. He advises the Imperial Generals and Admirals on military procedure and presents tactics and strategy. Their department designates and officilates individual tactics in accordance to the intelligence gathered by the Chief of Intelligence. He then accords this strategy and formulates it to the different Regiments and Fleets, ordering each their part of the operation ahead. The Authority of the Chief of Operations is as follows: The Chief of Operations has the authority to develop military doctrine, procedures, and maneuvers for dissemination to the lowest levels to ensure total force combat efficacy. The Chief of Operations has the authority to advise military commanders and generals on the capabilities of their subordinates combat effectiveness. The Chief of Operations has the authority to formulize Imperial Strategy and to ensure the distribution of individual battle plans to designated Imperial Forces The Chief of Operations has the authority to delegate between the other departments and military forces to achieve the upper hand against the Enemies of the Empire The Chief of Operations has the authority to advise the Secretary of War and the Imperial Generals upon the situation of battle and its progress. The Chief of Operations has the authority to appoint secretaries underneath him to assist him with his duties. THE CHIEF OF LOGISTICS Major Thomas Aquila KM The Chief of Logistics is appointed by the Secretary of War. They are the administrator of all things regarding questions of supplies, equipment and logistical issues within the entire Imperial Military. The Chief of Logistics’ duty comes with a multitude of different areas of responsibility. They serve as a direct legate between the Soldier’s needs and the Ministry of War and its funding. They work in conjunction with all other departments, military branches, and military forces to meet all resource or material needs no matter the situation or circumstance. They also have certain oversight into the creation/construction of military vessels, accomodations, fortifications, and infrastructure. The Authority of the Chief of Logistics is as follows: The Chief of Logistics has the authority to oversee the correct funding of the Imperial State Army and the Imperial State Navy and the physical well being of its structures and forts at home and abroad. The Chief of Logistics has the authority to conduct regular inspections of Crown held infrastructures entrusted to the Imperial State Army or Imperial State Navy and issues reports to the Secretary of War. The Chief of Logistics has the authority to oversee the funding of the Imperial State Army and Imperial State Navy, and the funds proper distribution, separating it into equipment, payment and general spending for individual costs. The Chief of Logistics has the authority to ensure the continuous combat supplement of every Squad, Brigade and Regiment in the Army. As well, the Ships, Flotillas, and Fleets in the Navy. The Chief of Logistics has the duty to report the progress of his department to the Secretary of War. The Chief of Logistics has the authority to designate and write official reports on the individual segments of his duties and to address any discrepancies to the Secretary of War via these reports. The Chief of Logistics has the authority to appoint secretaries underneath him to assist him with his duties. The Chief of the Navy George Kovachev The Chief of the Navy is a special official of the Ministry of War to whom management of the naval budget is delegated, responsible for the payment and armament of His Imperial Majesty’s maritime forces. He also advises the Admiralty on all matters pecuniary and handles general administrative tasks. He is usually not an Admiral himself, being mostly a civilian position, but can be. The Department of the Navy is a special department created within the Ministry of War to more accurately and effectively provide for the needs of the Imperial State Navy. This department works closely with the other Chiefs and departments to achieve this duty or to cooperatively support their duties in all things related to the Imperial Navy. CHAIN OF COMMAND MILITARY HIGH COMMAND THE GENERALS During wartime, the Ministry of War has the power to raise Imperial generals from its pool of talent between both the Imperial State Army and the auxiliaries. In theory, any soldier could be raised to the post of general - however, in practice, it is relegated to officers of either the army or auxiliary corps. When a general is raised during wartime, they are assigned a number which dictates their hierarchy in the chain of command - the 1st General supersedes the 2nd, and so forth. The Ministry of War can also instruct Imperial generals to maintain authority within certain regions, ensuring like-minded cultures and peoples are kept in cohorts for maximum efficiency. The only perpetual Imperial general is the Imperial Fieldmarshal, who operates even in peace-time. All Imperial generals, upon their ascent, are granted a baton of service along with standard-issue colonel attire and begin as one-star generals. With notable triumphs, innovations, and victories, the Crown may elect to raise them two-stars, three-stars, and so forth; however, billet always comes before rank, and thus a two-star 3rd General will be lower in the chain of command than a one-star 1st. Only the most distinguished generals in history can end their military career bearing the lofty title of generalissimo, connoting a six-star general, the highest honor an Orenian military commander can attain. There are three historical figures, each the leading military mind of their century, that are considered to have warranted the title of generalissimo. They include Saint Thomas of Kaedrin, Henry Rothesay, Count of Sundholt and Prince Antony of Renatus and Marna. The standing Imperial Generals are, as of 1783: Count Alren DeNurem, Secretary of War, Imperial Fieldmarshal, 4 Star General, Colonel of the 1st Regiment, Knight Commander Order of the Lion (KCL). THE ADMIRALTY The Board of Admiralty, known in shorthand as the Admiralty, is the administrative board responsible for overseeing naval affairs within the Empire, beneath the auspices of the Ministry of War. Taking its form as a board of all admirals granted a commission of that rank by the Crown, the Admiralty acts as a council of experts on naval affairs, as well as holding the positions of fleet admirals responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations of the fleet, meeting bi-annually within the office of the Admiralty. The president of the board is ex officio the Lord High Admiral. Due to the historically vestigial nature of the Imperial Navy, this position has evolved into a largely honorary one usually bestowed upon members of the Imperial family, with the Admiralty as a whole body responsible for collective operations and roster appointments in conjunction with the established policy of the Ministry of War. Admirals are typically appointed in a manner similar to that of the generals in the Imperial State Army - on an ad hoc basis. Unlike their army counterparts, however, admirals may retain purely administrative, political or advisory duties. All admirals hold a seat on the Board of Admiralty. The current Lord High Admiral, as of 1783: Count George de Sarkozy THE OFFICER CORPS (Army) The Officer Corps of the Imperial State Army is the main command body of the Imperial Ground Forces. They are designated with a Commission and have the honor and privilege to lead soldiers of His Imperial Majesty to victory. They are either battled hardened veterans who have distinguished themselves from their fellow enlisted soldiers and have been promoted in accordance to this or able-bodied Imperial Citizens from either Nobility or the general people. A nobleman or woman who wishes to join the Officer Corps must produce a sponsorship letter from their respective house leader. Confirmed nobles must provide a 16,000 Imperial Mark commission fee. Unconfirmed nobles or lowborn individuals must pay a commission fee of 20,000 minae and must present a letter of sponsorship from a current Imperial State Council member. Each type of commission also requires the applicant to be of sound character and educated foundations. The Officer Corps makes up the bulk of personnel staffed to the Ministry of War, however, enlisted or civilian employees are also permitted in order to meet the needs of each department. COLONEL Colonels are the commanders of their respective regiments and direct overseers of all Majors and Captains within their regiment. They are responsible for the overall strategic vision of the regiment and it’s accompanying brigades. Their purview extends to entire regions in the Empire, determining grand scale defensive requirements as well as formulating localized plans of attack. Their authority grants them the ultimate ability to promote/demote at will as well as create/disband brigades as necessary. During peacetime operations, Colonels are the highest-ranking members of the Imperial State Army. There is only 1 Colonel per Regiment LIEUTENANT COLONEL Lieutenant Colonels assume the responsibilities of the Colonel during their absence and acts as second-in-command to the Colonel and their regiment. Their primary charge is to aid the Colonel in any and all facets of administration/command as delegated. There is only 1 Lieutenant Colonel per Regiment MAJOR Majors are veterans of the ISA and the Officer Corps. Their long lasting service and loyalty to the Empire rewards them with this position. They serve as Officers in an administrative position and ensure the commanders of each Brigades are most effective in their duties. A Major is the overseeing officer of a number of Brigades, this number varying from the Brigades within each Regiment. There is only 1 Major for every two Brigades in a Regiment CAPTAIN Captains are the commanders of their respective brigade and direct overseers of all Lieutenants within their brigade. They occupy a much more intimate role with the soldiers under their command; And are directly responsible for ensuring their soldiers are properly equipped, trained, and provided for. They oversee the daily operations of the Regiment and are the motivational leaders in executing the strategic vision of the Colonel. Captains possess the authority to promote/demote Lieutenants as necessary to assist with the management/administration of brigade affairs. Oftentimes the Captain is the key figure for some form of specialization that directly translates into the framework of their assigned brigade. There are only as many Captains as there are Brigades in a Regiment LIEUTENANT Lieutenants assist their respective Captain in a multitude of ways to include commanding billeted positions within their brigade or regiment. They are granted the authority to command smaller groups of soldiers within a specialization billet; They are also responsible for the daily operations and accomplishment of their assigned billet. Lieutenants also possess the lowest level of command that has inherent authority to lead soldiers into conflict. There are only as many Lieutenants as there are official Lt Billers, as determined by the Colonel of the Regiment ENSIGN Ensigns are tasked with leading small groups of soldiers in non-stressful situations, handling paperwork, bureaucracy, and managing mundane operations in the absence of other commissioned officers. Their primary charge is to assist their superior officers in any task assigned to them; as well as support the Sergeants of the Regiment in their pursuit of Enlisted management. Officers at this tier are encouraged to seek out additional duties or becoming involved in some form of extra civil service. CADET Cadets undergo a two year basic training process before being oathed and promoted to Ensign. During this time, they are exposed to the rigor and discipline of state military tradition, along with a nascent education in Orenian society and culture. THE OFFICER CORPS (Navy) Officers of the Imperial State Navy, much like that of their peers in the Imperial State Army, act as distinguished individuals trusted by the crown itself, carrying the Crown’s commission to act as a leader of men in the name of the Empire. Charged by the Ministry of War and Admiralty to serve the Empire faithfully and to keep true to traditions of serving men, navy officers must act with a distinguished dignity that represents the country as well as the Imperial Navy. COMMODORE Due to the wide expanses of the sea and the needs of the Empire, a fleet, led by an admiral, often finds itself broken into several smaller units known as flotillas. A commodore acts as the sole representative for a naval flotilla standing as the senior-most captain, and is responsible for the maintaining, actions, and care of multiple vessels of the Imperial Navy. CAPTAIN A captain is the commanding officer of a rated Imperial Navy ship-at-sea. The naval captain is responsible for the maintenance of his ship, crew, and duties as well as any ships put under his care and protection within his duties, such as non-rated vessels, merchant vessels, or passenger vessels charged to be escorted. In the event a flotilla is split, or a single ship is sent out, the captain is considered the sole naval commander until contact can be re-established with the fleet. LIEUTENANT Lieutenants serve as the primary assistants to a captain in the Imperial Navy, acting as divisional officers over certain parts of a ship or flotilla, as well as performing administrative or specialist duties aboard the ship. While it is uncommon, one may find a ship’s lieutenant to also act as its chaplain, surgeon, purser, or sailing master. Granted a commission, often to serve on larger vessels, it is not unexpected to find at least one, if not more, lieutenants working alongside more senior officers. ENSIGN An ensign is the lowest level of officer, serving aboard a ship of the Imperial Navy. Often seen as a gesture given to young gentlemen of high prestige, ensigns serve as assistants and officers-in-training in order to prepare them for a chance later in life for the potential of promotion to lieutenant within the Imperial Navy. Ensigns are often children of wealthy or aristocratic families. LEX KAEDRENI COURT MARTIALS and MANDATES To ensure the proper discipline and prosecution of soldiers of the Imperial State Army and sailors of the Imperial State Navy, Court Martials serve as a basic military procedure to determine a soldier/sailors innocence or guilt. The basis for this is the LEX KAEDRENI, which serves as the Imperial State Militaries legal mandate. All members of the Imperial State Army or Navy are beholden to an internal legal system referred to as the Lex Kaedreni (LK). The court martial is divided in 4 different Courts, each being held in accordance to the mandate of military law broken. These are; SERGEANTS BOARD A Sergeants Board may be called when the accused is still a recruit or of the lowest military rank. It’s primary purpose is to resolve minor offenses and be used as an administrative tool for delivering justice and promoting discipline. A sergeants board shall consist of a panel of three military personnel of the Enlisted category; two of which must be the rank of sergeant, and the third of Corporal or above. A Sergeants Board may issue punishments proportional to the offended mandate up to but not to include discharge from military service. SUMMARY COURT MARTIAL A Summary Court Martial may be called on any military member of the rank Lieutenant or below. It’s primary purpose is to resolve minor to moderate offenses and be used as an administrative tool for delivering justice and promoting discipline. A Summary Court Martial shall consist of a panel of three military personnel. If the accused is of the Enlisted category the panel shall include at least one Enlisted member of the rank Corporal or above. If the accused is of the Officer category, the panel shall consist of only Officers. A Summary Court Martial may issue punishments proportional to the offended mandate up to and to include discharge from military service. GENERAL COURT MARTIAL A General Court Martial may be called on any military member in the Imperial military. It’s primary purpose is to resolve major offenses or when the offender is of the rank Captain or above. A General Court Martial shall consist of a panel of five military personnel, all of which must be officers. One seat must be filled by a Colonel or above, and two seats must be filled by a Captain or above. A General Court Martial may issue punishments proportional to the offended mandate up to and to include the death penalty. SPECIAL COURT MARTIAL A Special Court Martial may be called on any military member in the Imperial Military. It’s primary purpose is to resolve all offenses by an offender of any rank in the most concise manner possible. A Special Court Martial is seated by the 1st Order General or above. A Special Court Martial may issue punishments proportional to the offended mandate up to and to include discharge from military service. A Special Court Martial may occur even after the findings of previous court martials with the new findings superseding the former. To join the ranks of the Imperial State Army, approach any Trooper easily identifiable by their red military uniform! or Contact a designated recruiter or Captain at the Recruitment Office ((ErikAzog#8112)) ((au Lune#4046)) ((grnappa#6709)) ((JokingHill#2196)) ((Paulobig#2719)) ((cobbler#0001)) Interested in life at Sea? Then perhaps service in the Imperial State Navy would suit you, approach any Sailor as denoted by their stark blue military uniforms! or Contact a rated Officer ((Imp#7502))
  4. Mirtok


    General Alren DeNurem receives the address from the great Basrid, taking a moment to reflect upon his words and the many years served in his ministry. “I can think of no finer statesmen in the history of the Empire. To have come from humble origins and lesser means, to a station of monumental reach and legacy is a true testament of your personal character. The pillars you have set in place will be looked back upon fondly for generations to come and the Empire is forever changed by your efforts. Your facilitation for the military has enabled the martial powerhouse the Empire has become in the wake of great tragedies, you have lived and brought genuine providence to Humanity. From your comrades in the Imperial State Army, we salute you!” And with that final word, the White Bull would render one last salute to a greatly respected man. Following suit, the entire ranks of the 1st Regiment, Imperial State Army, would also raise a stiff hand to their brow in recognition of the Arch Chancellors monumental service to the Empire.
  5. ~ The Korvassa Front Lines 1780 ~ A gentle breeze wafted over the calm dunes of Korvassa while the General of the Imperial State Army stared out across the vast sands. In the distance, steady columns of thick black smoke hung above the undeniable location of the Inferni incursion zone. The demonic sigil burned bright even amidst the bright backdrop of the blazing desert sky. Behind him, his comrades in arms from the ISA and the HRA toiled with their duties. The siege of Al Faiz was certainly imminent, all present knew this to be true despite having no insight to the inner machinations of the enemy. Before too long, they would set out over the bleached ground to potentially give their lives to hold off impending doom. The soldiers were elated to be directly addressed by their beloved High Pontiff. Bringing words of the divine to inspire the heroism of Man throughout the defensive force. Not much more could be done to stall the inevitable, what had been done would simply have to be enough or else risk total destruction. The plan was quite simple, the only stake the soldiers of Oren had in all of this was to mitigate the loss of precious life while inflicting mass casualties on the enemy in the process. A hit and run so to speak, there was little option left in the wake of such an indomitable foe. As the last of the prayers of protection and hymns of war were uttered from bowed heads and sand chapped lips, a singular horn was blared marking the start of the battle. The supply chain previously established had allowed for the import of a number of mobile ballista batteries that had been marked to reinforce the East flank of the city. The scouts earlier in the day had detailed the massive conglomeration of demonic thralls to that side of the city. In conjunction with its proximity to the evacuation route for the city, the East became the premiere front against the oncoming ground forces. The numerous tangles with the Inferi by the Death Korps deployed to Korvassa had yielded tactical data that suggested the sheer magnitude of the enemy troops to heavily outnumber that of the descendants. Saving the city had slowly become less and less a possibility as the time ticked closer to the day of the attack. And as the day indeed came, it was all too obvious that Korvassa would fall. Though it is not the nature of true descendants to cower in the face of great adversity. All throughout history, the annals have been marked by valiant stands against overwhelming odds. Though perhaps the ancestral heroes did not have to contend with the possibility that their souls would be consumed by their invaders. Despite the danger, the men and women of the ISA and the HRA refused to back down without at least making the Inferi earn it. As well the proud Al Faiz would not simply go calmly into the night. There were yet still some who dwelled within the city and all those who volunteered to assure their escape would need to be assured their retreat as well. For every comrade lost in battle, the strength of their murderers would grow. Many others had come to join the battle in hopes that perhaps the doomed city might not yet fall. They promptly took up arms all along the sandstone walls as the hordes of pitiful masses swarmed from beyond the miniscule gap between the city and the enemy war camp. The Oreners, augmented with Elven infantry, formed a defensive line to the East. The call had come to begin the evacuation of the last round of civilians and soon after the Inferi began to issue calls of their own. At first, it was hard to see the extent of the enemy forces from over the rolling dunes. Perhaps those inside the city were able to see them first but the Oren flank had to wait in terrible anticipation. The steady rumble of hundreds of armored feet echoed from over the ridge across from their position, violent shireks of unnatural origin randomly called out in guttural glee. General Alren boomed across the ranks of his comrades “Hold the line comrades, ready those baslistas! Archer, lock bolts and prepare to fire on my mark! We must keep this flank open as long as we possibly can for we are the only thing separating the enemy from the evac route for the city. We must not allow the ship to become compromised or all is truly lost! The strength of Man is evidence by your brave willingness to stand with me today. We will not sit idle and allow these Demons free reign to slaughter and kill. They will earn every drop of blood, and we shall return that prize ten fold onto them. Once more comrades, hold the line and fire on my command!” As the last of his words were uttered, Alren looked across to the horizon while his comrades let out their own battle cries in response. A legion of pathetic, squalid demonic soldiers barreled forth from the direction of their war camp. His eyes widened slightly in shock as he estimated their numbers to be in the hundreds, a mass of chittering bloodthirsty killers marked for the singular purpose of destruction. The General looked over to the men beside, issuing a silent nod as they too realized what was coming for them. In one singular motion, the order was given to fire. The likes of the Orens rained volley after volley of bolt fire on the charging enemy, all the while crews manned several mobile ballistas that fired through the heaped masses of meat. It was hard to tell what was occurring on the South end of the city but the bone rattling thuds gave subtle indication that the siege was in full swing. What could be easily seen however were waves of missiles felling many in the enemy front lines. Blood erupted into the air as massive bolts ripped their ranks, tossing gore and gibs abound. Though nothing seemed to have interrupted the avalanche of the encroaching enemy forces even as their ‘comrades’ became obstacles for them to trample over. Line after line had met descendant arrow, and yet they still came. Eventually the order was issued to pull back to the next ridge along the evacuation route, abandoning the ballistas in favor of more rapid mobility fire from a crossbow. It was in that instance the enemy swarming the Eastern flank finally returned fire, raining their own brand of piercing hate on the ranks of Oren. God must have been watching over them that day as only a few had been struck in the initial volley. Alren with his shield raised had witnessed one of his soldiers shot clean through his visor and into his eye- fortunate enough not to be killed instantly as the velocity of the arrow was mitigated by his eye socket. Though as the arrows continued to pour from above, one found its mark in the Generals shoulder. The enemy force was truly overwhelming, any attempts at holding the line would have been careless suicide. Once again, the order was given to pull back so that the next phase of the tactical plane could be executed. Blood poured steadily from the wound in his shoulder but Alren stilled trudged over the sandy dunes. Through gritted teeth he would call out to an officer nearest him . . . “Lt Helena, send word to the forces in the city, we are quickly being surrounded. The window to escape is closing and if they mean to fight another day they should make their way to the ship! Go comrade, and ensure we too are not surrounded on the Western side.” The Lieutenant gave a sharp salute before sprinting off towards the front gates of the city. The Oreners continued on with the bloody affair, now firing at will into the oncoming Inferi. Beset below the ridge line of their previous position, a line of ether rich barrels had been positioned in anticipation of an overwhelming attack. It was obvious at this point that the objective to hit the enemy had been met and now it was time to run. Those who fought atop the city walls were now pouring out from the front gates and towards the impressive vessel docked in the natural Korvassan harbor. It was now or never, the General gave the order to blow the charges. With a single action, Private Velu produced a hearty flame from their palm and lobbed the voidal attack at the barrels. In the blink of an eye, from once what was unobstructed land had become a towering wall of searing hot fire- buying precious moments to cover the evacuation of the Korvassan defense forces. The final order was given, board the ship or be left behind. The sentence alone was motivation enough for all present to take advantage of the fiery distraction and clamour for the boat. Only a couple souls- perhaps motivated by bravery or foolishness- stayed behind as the ship set sail across the bay to Aegrothond. Alren watched from the ship deck and hundreds more Inferi thralls streamed forth from either side of the city. It may not seem obvious to the uninitiated but the days objective had been a resounding success. The city of Al Faiz though fallen had been fully evacuated and the Inferi had been dealt a huge blow at minimal cost to the descendants. Only time will tell what is in store, who is next in the warpath? One thing can be certain, Oren will be there to resist it, every step of the way.
  6. ~ The Rolling Hills of the Crownlands 1780 ~ Another half a decade had come and went. With it, an ever changing list of priorities and critical directives. Though work had never officially stopped on divulging the secrets of the “Blackpower Project” the resources dedicated to it slowly dwindled as the mysterious nature of the substance alluded so many. As well, the bright minds of the 5th Brigade one by one dimmed as conflict in the South had claimed so many lives in brutal fighting. The General, along with a dedicated team of comrades with no other purpose than to tinker, kept at the minatony of trial and error. New and strange substances were combined in a multitude of ways, all inspired by rotted and forgotten maniacal alchemical scribblings. The time Alren could spend in the laboratories sunken well below the impenetrable stone of the Eye of Man became less and less. His attention and expertise were needed on the frontlines, directing the Empire’s forces far from the worktables of what had once been the premier undertaking of his regiment. The project seemed hopeless, some strange ulterior barrier had prevented any remarkable progress towards the end goal. Any mixture that was devised seemed to produce some energy but not nearly enough to match the explosive power of the ancient powders. The practical applications of any weapon they were able to produce were virtually non-existent, more so a party trick than a means to conduct brutal warfare like the times of old. It was then in the midst of the bloody conflict with many foreign nations, as the skies above assailed the world with unknown anomalies, and horrific monstrosities spilled out from another plane of existence, that a remarkable breakthrough was made. The snowy General had retreated from the chaos in the world around him, once more to North-Easterly reaches of the Empire. The cool air of the territories, married with the silence of nature secluded from metropolitan exploitation had always been a great comfort to Alren. It had been some time since he spent any considerable presence in the manufactorum, not quite like it had been when the halls were flush with heated air from the many forges. The steady pinging of craftsmen at work, expanding the impressive supply of Imperial resources destined for the next area in which war reared its ugly head. But despite the time away, the work he had left had been carefully tended to and saved from decay by the astute Corporal Helson. The aging DeNurem poured over the work of a much more energetic man he had once been, motivated by discovery. He remarked fondly of the satisfaction he had once gained from performing the tedious work of trial and error. His old notes, full of dead ends but surprisingly useful discoveries along the way, had gone on to progress the capabilities of the Imperial State Army in unintended ways. He eventually came upon the original record of his first trial with the ancient powder sample that had been compared to the initial iteration of a like substance. His mind drifted back to that time with a vivid detail of the decade old memory- that unmistakable sulfuric scent made for it’s recall effortless. And with a flash of brilliant epiphany, almost exactly like the flash in the pan from his memory, he had an idea. “Oi, Corporal! Wheel in one of the ancient cannons and have some of the other Privates carry in a few rounds. Also, clear your desk out of the way or your thesis on Wonk blood won’t be much more than a hole in the wall!” From above, recruits and cadets in the 2nd Brigade had been running laps along the perimeter of the fortification. Under the booming commands of Captain Othaman and the metaphorical whip of his dauntless commandants, the proceeding of the day's basic training had continued uninterrupted. That was until an eruption of sound vibrated the ground from beneath their feet, causing some of the newest recruits to lose their footing. All in attendance looked around for the source of the noise. Was it perhaps an attack? Had the Inferi Demons actually managed to insert forces so far from their incursion point? A small column of grey smoke plumbed from an opening in the great grey keep of the Eye. The visage of a familiar silhouette emerged from within as well, casually walking through the unknown smoke. The voice of the General called out over the courtyard . . . “Fear not comrades! Those rumblings were not the allusions of your death, far from it in fact. They are indeed the allusions of death for any who might find themselves at odds with the Empire and her allies. Rejoice brothers and sisters, for we now can wield the ancient weapon of our ancestors. We have reentered into an age of fire! We are Blackpowder Blessed!”
  7. Throughout the Empire, another wave of mass produced images printed atop delicately decorated fliers are dispersed in public places. Posted on message boards, adhered to walls and poles, included in newspapers and displayed in storefronts; it would be hard to escape it’s image. Accompanying each one is an additional handout with the following message painstakingly copied. In the onset of the Inferi incursion, it feels as though the sun that shines upon us all grows dim. The lands to the South suffer in the most unholy of ways, twisted and corrupted by demonic presence. All who stare into the face of the enemy are stricken with paralyzing fear; a sense of dread that evokes cowardice in even the most surprising of places. With each passing moment, the willing and able to fight shirk their duty against evil and succumb to complacent and selfish security. Who is left that is willing to fight such an indomitable foe? Well, the Imperial State Army of course! Even as the demonic rift spills forth unimaginable horrors from the great beyond, your comrades in red fight on unphased! But it turns out, they are not alone in this endeavour. For even under the unholy shroud of darkness inflicted by the Inferi, a shining beacon of light cuts through it all. A source of comforting power, stalwart character, and unyielding courage. The Paladins of Xan do battle against the demons! It is for their valor on the battlefield and their willingness to defy evil that the ISA salutes our plate clad comrades. I’m a fan of Xan, are you?
  8. The distant sounds of industry ring throughout the city streets. The steady beat of soldiers marching grows louder as one would approach the front gates of Helena. From within the stoop of the Bastille, General DeNurem watches carefully atop his war steed as his comrades depart one by one in perfect lockstep. Stealing a moment to draw in a deep breath, he would peer over to the mass of descendant peoples also observing the deployment. “Comrades of the Empire, heed my words. The threat that the Inferi presents to this world spells utter doom for us all. They are an insidious foe, capable of great swaths of destruction through sheer numbers and the use of heretical magics. But this alone does not make them the truly dangerous entity of adversity. They possess the wherewithal to inject poison into our very minds, steering the unassuming to do their bidding for them. The mastery of infiltration and manipulation has already been felt across the descendant races as more and more are ensnared to do their bidding. Like a spider's web, they riggle helplessly, constricted by their own actions until the spider is ready to devour them alive.” “There are those who cry vehemently to stand down against this demonic enemy. They would have us stowe our weapons and converse with that which only sows dissent. They mean to have us wait, idle and complacent as the Inferi continue their campaign against our world. City by city falling to their clutches as those who could have stood against the tide were forced to watch from behind their walls. They wield passages of psychotic machinations guised as divine prophecy, gleefully parroted to one another. Unsubstantiated claims and understandings on the functions and purpose of this demonic invasion leak from any fool with a mind too small to question. It is in these ever darkening and uncertain times that the root of our own undoing shall come from within. Cowards whose only fight in this life was orchestrated by demons, to sabotage the heroism of the selfless warriors by eroding the will of the people.” “The Imperial State Army shall not back down from this fight. By the will of God and the Emperor, we shall meet the enemy in battle well before they beat down on our doorstep- will we see you amongst our ranks? Do you have what it takes to die for a purpose bestowed upon us all with no greater stakes than the defense of life itself?” And with that he rode off to the helm of the marching soldiers, up to the main road, where a long line of cargo laden wagons awaited. The men and women of the ISA each found their place seated behind two strong horses fashioned to sturdy vehicles. In the back of each one was a different assortment of weapons, armor, foodstocks, building materials, and raw resources- all bound for Korvassa. It took them all some time to ensure the bindings on the cargo were secure, the horses were readied, and the last of their comrades had mounted their wagons. The likes of Captain Othaman, Captain Darkwood, and Ensign Swint patrolled up and down the line, ensuring all were up to par for the journey. “1st Regiment! Move out!” bellowed Alren, the air about them silent in the wake of the order. Then finally, the gentle rumble of many wheels and the trot of hooves beat against cobblestones. A few scant shouts as sergeants barked orders to their enlisted peers to tow the line. The convoy was off to a frontier like none other, to help turn the tides against an enemy unimaginable. The peoples of Korvassa cried out, the Empire listened.
  9. Standing as a backdrop to a large stage setup in the main square of Helena is a large mural. Denizens of the city flock from the many side streets and doorways that feed into the heart of the metropolis. Before too long, a sizable crowd has gathered in audience to the platform to hear the words of the Imperial State Army’s General DeNurem. “Your comrades in the Imperial State Army have been locked in vicious small scale engagements against the demons that threaten our realm. The once proud and free dunes of Korvassa have been irrevocably tainted by the evil energies of the Inferi and the innocent lives of the Al Faiz have come into intense mortal danger. The threat of their city being overwhelmed appears imminent if left to weather this storm alone. Their people call out for God to give them strength and to bring deliverance in this conflict. As such, the War Office in conjunction with the Imperial Inquisition have officiated the Inferi Incursion Campaign in response to this crisis, starting with the flagship mission Operation Korvassan Defense.” “The fearless men and women of the ISA have committed themselves to the selfless defense of a foreign nation. We recognize that victory will not come to those who shy away from their duty while evil persists. For if Korvassa falls, there is no telling how the destructive capabilities of the Inferi will further be amplified. For the sake of the Empire, we cannot take this risk and allow the enemy to establish a permanent foothold within our world. Join us today comrades, find glory and eternal purpose on the only battlefield that has ever mattered. For the Empire, for Humanity, for us all!”
  10. Throughout the crowded streets of Helena, bright red bordered posters are carefully adhered to many visible spaces. Beside them, another document professionally penned and delicately decorated with patriot visages of Imperial symbology. “Children of Horen, followers of Canon, patriots of the Empire! We are in the midst of a truly catastrophic trial, one that threatens every corner of the lands we call home. This world has come under threat from an inconceivable foe, a legion of fire and fear prepared to feast upon the providence we have all worked tirelessly to create. At this very moment, the chittering masses of enthralled creatures corrupt all that they touch, rendering everything in their wake withered and ruined.” “The brave soldiers of the Imperial State Army have become fully entrenched in the defense of this great Empire. But hear me now, this conflict threatens all! Our holy purpose is to protect each and every citizen of this great Imperium but idle handles shall render this mission impossible. We cannot afford to be apathetic in the face of such immeasurable adversity. We refuse to wait, huddled and afraid within the walls of our cities. We must meet the enemy wherever their wretched forms persist. Comrades of the Empire, join us in this fight against the demonic incursion- let us take the fight to them before the fight comes to us.” “Enlist in the Imperial State Army Today!”
  11. The lands South of Helena, just outside the typical reach of the Empire, had always been a sort of untamed and dangerous place. Ever more so now in the onset of the war against the begrudged coalition. What would have been a cautious expedition through the mired woods or a wary stroll along the roads has become a landscape locked in battle and bloodshed. Alren DeNurem had spent his fair share of time on the frontlines locked in the ebbs and flow of clashing swords and zipping arrows. A strangely welcome change of pace from the decades prior. Though in the midst of it all, other elements in the world were at play. He was not witness to the appearance of certain celestial bodies as they came crashing through the skies of Arcas. Nor had he felt the rumbling from their eventual impact. What he had seen however, were the immeasurable clouds of particulate mass launched into the atmosphere. The initial crashes had created mighty columns of smoke and fine debris that could be viewed at incredible distances. The General knew not what such a sight meant for his world, nor was he aware of what dangers they would bring. His attention had been primarily locked on the strategies of warfare and the logistics of battle. From time to time, within his office atop the Bastille in Helena, his attention would momentarily be stolen away as he watched the clouds over the impact site to the South. An unmistakable pinkish haze rising up from where once before only blackened smoke. “How curious” The proximity to the area locked in combat was reason enough for the Imperial State Army to take interest in the events over the mountain. A few pairs of scouts were dispatched to avoid coalition positions as they journeyed to the epicenter of the otherworldly essence that whisply clawed at the heavens above from wherever it lay beyond the horizon. The hope was to understand the scope of the site, the extent of the landscape damage, and the potential for capitalization for the war effort. However, these hopes were soon lost as none of the scouting parties had returned on time . . . or at all for that matter. “Captain Darkwood, have your comrades made any headway with their investigation on the impact sites? I had expected a report on my desk days ago so we can move ahead with the war effort.” Alren would call from the top of the great hall in the Bastille, leaning rigidly over the guardrail to his balcony. The towheaded officer had been tending to a recently acquired bundle of war supplies, preparing them for shipment into the warzone. Upon hearing his General's words, he snapped to attention and focused his gaze towards the direction of the voice. Issuing a smark salute he responded- “None as of yet, General. We fear they may have been intercepted by coalition forces enroute to the target destination. They have failed to meet the prescribed check in periods at any of the forward deployed operation zones. Though it is also likely that the added dangers of the enemy territory has forced them to be tactically cautious so as to continue to avoid detection. I’ve prepared another rescue party to try and insert behind enemy lines to see if we can link up with the stranded scouts. Assuming they are still alive, General.” “See it done comrade. I want those men found and I want this ‘thing’ catalogued. Perhaps I shall join your soldiers in the field and see things for myself.” Alren twirled the end of his mustache as he considered the prospect. The Captain acknowledged his statement before continuing on with his work towards the war effort. A prickly sense of intrigue buzzed at the back of the snowy Generals head. He wasn’t much for considering things that were not directly associated with the mundane and physical world. He would again peer out from a window facing South, this time making use of a telescopic instrument. That strange pinkish substance emmitating from ‘something’ just over the peak of the mountain. Thick and curling tendrils of unnatural material lifting up into the air- corrupting the heavenly blue with a film of something subconsciously sinister. The longer he looked, the stronger the urge to know exactly what was going on became- it was almost primal in contrast to the calculated demeanor of the highly disciplined soldier. Preparations for the following journey had been astutely accomplished by the members of the search party Alren was to be a part of. The men and women of the 3rd Brigade were true professionals in their craft, horsemanship and expeditionary navigation. The General reflected back to his earlier days as the Colonel of the 1st Regiment and the original creation of this cavalry grouping. They certainly had come a long way, standing now proudly as among the Emperors finest. Their previous Captain, now Lieutenant Colonel had executed the vision perfectly. For this mission, these dragoons would be making use of their survival and tracking skills instead of their equine mastery. Alren was afforded an air of comfort heading behind enemy lines with capable comrades such as these. Prior to their scheduled departure, it was customary for soldiers of the Imperial State Army to be read a passage of prayer and protection from the men of the cloth. Typically this honor would belong to the resident Chaplains of the Regiment; all of which were indisposed on the front lines, administering the last rites to the fallen slain in combat. As such, the holy words God would need to be delivered by those with an even closer ear to God, under His own roof at the Helena Basilica. As pious as any man in the Empire, Alren DeNurem entered the Lord's home, careful to wash his hands of any sin at the vessel provided near the entrance. He took a moment to admire the many murals and frescoes that adorned the sacred walls before finding his place among the masses in the pews. He, alongside his comrades, bathed in the humble embrace of the father's voice, receiving the blessings for the danger ahead. Upon the conclusion of the sermon, a young lad clothed in a long white robe ceremoniously walked down the pew alley. In his possession was a neatly stacked bundle of unmistakable righteous epistles. Copies painstakingly reproduced from their progenitor document, penned by none other than the Holy Father himself, High Pontiff James II. Alren patiently waited with his head still bowed as the ornately decorated parchment was passed out to every God fearing denizen, until eventually he too had one in his hands. It was not all too often the High Pontiff would make an address of this nature unless the stakes were truly great. He read through each word as if the Pontiff were standing before him to deliver the message. But as he read, his heart began to sink deeper and deeper into his chest. The General would turn his head towards the lead Lieutenant for their expedition- his eyes still fixated on the letter- and motioned for them all to depart at once. The impact of the High Pontiffs' words weighed heavy on Alrens mind while they marched South from Helena. Service to the Empire and the Emperor had been the hallmark to his entire adult life. Never once had he thought his duties to be in any way a failure in the eyes of God. Even if at times he did not fully understand the reasons behind the activities of the Imperium, his loyalty to the system had kept his head held high no matter what. All this was now challenged, for if God himself would see that his Emperor had follied, did that too spell his own failures? He shook his head in a fruitless attempt to dispel the potentially treasonous thoughts, almost misplacing his footing as a result while they scaled the Western mountains, careful not to be spotted by Dwarven patrols. These were not things he could afford to be distracted by, not while the lives of his immediate companions were on the line. Though it was certain, much would need to be discussed when he returned to Helena in the wake of this new revelation. It took the rescue party several days to cover the distance to the impact site. Not only had the terrain been treacherous on it’s own- sheer cliffs and jagged rocks hungry to claim any who lapsed in focus- hostile evasion further expanded the timeline. It was on the fifth day of the expedition that it became obvious that they were close to their destination. As they drew nearer, the once far off sight that was the strange ethereal tendrils of pinkish purple were now mighty leviathans of strange smoke lazily rising up from over the ridge. The primal curiosity made an appearance once more in the normally distinguished visage of the General. Propelled by an almost obsessive attraction to finally view the source of this unknown landmark and the overall objective of their mission, Alren quickened his pace ahead of the rest in the party. Their jobs were to find evidence of the previous scouts' condition, his became to simply satisfy the hunger that raged from within. As Alren drew nearer, strange sensations began to manifest throughout his body. He initially shook them off as signs of elevation fatigue, having spent several days ascended into thinner air. Such was common for novice mountaineers, he remembered how so many of the unacclimated privates in the 3rd fell victim to improper environmental immersion during their training. However, even as he descended the symptoms he was experiencing failed to dissipate. Infact, they only seemed to grow bolder and more painful. With each step in the direction of the pink smoke and charred rock, an insistent and harsh pounding would course through his skull. The air around him hung heavy in his lungs, the ashe from a mighty impact floated about him, belaboring his every breath- even through the mask he wore. It was an annoying agony to continue but the seasoned veteran pressed on nonetheless, he was so close after all. “God will give me strength, his Light will carry me through this labor, and I will be humbled by his will. The Lord ruleth me, I’ll not want. He makes me down to lie, in pastures green: He leadeth me, the quiet waters by. For though I should walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Thy rod and Thy staff, they hath been a comfort to me.” The last of the words of prayer would leave his lips as Alren hoisted himself up the final ledge that blocked his path. His head ached, his body felt withered, his ears buzzed, and his throat burned. He blinked his eyes, squinting through the unnatural hues in the smoke abound. A sturdy gust of wind blew past his face, and with it the column of pollution that obscured his vision. Before him, in the bosom of the mountain amidst the charred and blasted cliff face, was a sight so bizarre that the General was stricken completely speechless. Fires raged all along it’s features, molten rock and slag ran out from underneath it like red-hot glowing rivers of honey. Alren stared in disbelief and staring back at him was the morbid grin of a truly colossal skull. Eye sockets so large, an Imperial war frigate could sail right through them. His eyes glazed over as if he were trying to look past the blackness in the back of this behemoths skull. The constant thudding in his own head reached new levels of pain, erring on the side of torture. The otherworldly gasses and particulate mass once more obscured the disturbing object. But Alren continued to stare blankly. Much like a parasite would erupt from within another insect to taste the air after consuming its victim, an unwelcome and intrusive thought fought through the immaterial pounding in his mind. No amount of religious conditioning nor indoctrination had prepared him for what he saw. His mind raced to explain it all. Has God himself been cast out of Heaven by some immeasurable foe? He found himself unable to resist the words that leaked out from his mouth- into the air for everyone yet no one to hear. “God is dead.”
  12. Alren notices the old wrathful friar muttering to himself on a sidestreet in Helena, the collar of his old monk robe hanging loose around his neck. Always sparing a moment to lend an ear to men of the cloth, the snowy general would listen in. “Would not an official court subpoena be the exact opposite of taking it into his own hands. Do you not view the authority of the Imperial justice system as something that perhaps prevails over all Imperial citizens? Godspeed, friar.” He would leave a small stack of Oren Marks for the aging man before continuing on towards the Bastille.
  13. General DeNurem would stand before a long surface with many glinting pieces of metal adorning it. He would periodically peer down, inspecting the delicate and ornate engraving. The names of each heroic comrade who have brought glory and honor to the Empire. His careful review would be interrupted by a nascent Ensign with a stack of documents in hand. “Well done comrade, place them on my desk and I shall review them in time.” Alren would nearly mutter as his eyes remained fixed on the assortment of medals. “As well, check in with the Lieutenant regarding the civilian honors. For those who cannot commit their bodies to war are still worthy contributors to the war effort. Godspeed!” As the Ensign departed the room, the last glimpse of a snowy General stooping over could be witnessed just before the door closed.
  14. It had been a steadily growing number of years spent behind a desk. Every so often he had been afforded the opportunity to toil with his comrades as new defensive structures were raised throughout the Empire. For most of his career, save the earliest days serving under the command of Captain Jasper Carrington, he had been a peace time administrator. General Alren DeNurem remarked fondly on the camaraderie forged with his brothers in arms, fighting along the sloping hills on the fringes of the old Imperial borders as a young man. He had the fortune thereafter of the war declining into simple skirmishes along the roads until at last proper peace had been declared. In that time, the ranks of the Imperial State Army had grown immensely despite the lack of conflict that would normally bond a military force together. It was a strange feeling for him, to fear never being able to feel the thrill of a true battle once again and at the same time clawing to peace at all costs. Though as with most things in the world as grand of the Empire, decisions elsewhere would force its will upon him. However, the call to war for a DeNurem is as synonymous as the clink of a gold coin to a Carrington. The snowy General stood broadly along the main way in front of the Bastille as his comrade were loaded up one by one into many open topped red carriages. The many trunks of armaments, war gear, and rations piled high at the head of each cart. The look of pride on the many young men and women who had never felt the punishment that is to fight an enemy in open combat. The more cynical veterans seemed less pleased as they knew what await but it was all too obvious they too were happy to answer their nations calling. It is not too often Man is presented the opportunity to give one's life for something that is simply greater than the sum of its parts. These brave Imperial citizens had trained for the majority of their adult lives for a moment exactly like this- Alren was certain his comrades were ready. Before too long, the logistical shouting was replaced with the steady rumble of wheels over cobblestone. The Helena Regulars were off to war, red coats under glinting cuirass’, pikes and sabers rattling with each bump- aboard one of the vehicles, the men were joined in a hymn from times long since past. Without much ceremony or fanfare, the General hopped aboard a passing carriage. And as they all disappeared over the bridge horizon, Alren DeNurem was but one of many- a soldier of the Empire.
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