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  1. Drasus would read over the intelligent work, admiring the great effort and understanding of his beloved faith. The beacon of light that was Canonsim and his unyielding faith in God had always been there for him even in his darkest of days. Even when the world was threatened with total annihilation by unspeakable demons from beyond, the strength of the Church stood against the tide- even going to far as to summon the patronage of the Angels themselves when it was needed most. The Archchancellor would sign a Lorraine to himself, uttering a private prayer in his mother tongue. His wife would enter the room where he sat pondering the content of the thesis, silently offering a steaming cup of tea. Draus focused his attention on her, speaking as though she had been a participant of his thoughts the entire time . . . "God's will permeates all of his children, the Church itself is an extension of His grace. As we march ever forward into the future, we are forever changed with each passing age. The Church is a bulwark of continuity for Humanity but it too feels these transformations born of time. The faith will endure so long as the faith will embrace change, bringing into it's delicate fold the lives of the pious and willing." Alexis DeNurem would simply nod, possessing an intuitive understanding as to what her husband was referring to. She bid him a peck on the cheek before departing. Drasus smiled as she exited.
  2. The Old Generalissimo Alren DeNurem, a veteran of the Inferi Incursion notices one of the missives. He looks it over with a hearty chuckle, joyfully chortling to his even more ancient yet strangely abled Uncle Wesley . . . "These lazy putrid abominations could barely lift a finger against a terrible enemy back in Korvassa and now they resign themselves to the activities of the common mortals. A mere bounty posting, were they not a pervasive lot with thralls abound? Oh look, it's childishly slapped over another one, it must have offended them greatly- just as the ghost town of New Esbec did. Truly great Lords of Fire, soon to be master of none as their influence dissolves in these lands." Before he departs, he produces a momento kept over from the recruit drives that saw the brave step up to the Inferi scourge while the scaled fiends hid in the shadows. In a similar fashion to the worm bounty, he tacks over it with his own announcement . . .
  3. The Archchancellor sends word to the War Office to strip the accolades of the now disgraced Simon the Lizard. To think all he had worked for, the battles fought, the service given was now forfeit. A selfish maneuver to seek a demonic power from the Arch-worm, trading their freedom for middling power. As well, the cowardice to put their own family in danger sickened him, but he thought perhaps the fraternity of the cold blooded was worth more to Simon now than what he had before his fall from grace. Drasus would call to a military attaché . . . "Bring me the old files on the 4th Brigade."
  4. Drasus DeNurem stood outside the pristine white manor that was Provins, spending a moment to catch his breath after the recent events. As the members of his party filtered up the steps and into the exterior courtyard one by one, he lifted his head to speak . . . "The witless heathen has escaped our grasp. Lord Pruvia is truly dead, any semblance of the great man he was is most assuredly gone. These gutless worms will not be spared so long as I live, and all those who become wretched slaves to demonic beings will be shown no mercy. I cannot believe the coward Simon has degenerated into, couldn't even stand with honor, only turn tail and slink away into the night." He would look off into the direction that the pair fled to, the Kingdom of Haense. Taking one last deep breath, the Archchancellor would motion for his comrades to head back to the City . . . "This family will no longer be tortured by the adulterer, the traitor, the heretic, or the abomination. It's truly fortunate that all of such were contained in one recreant man."
  5. The Archchancellor spends a moment to mourn the complete loss of pride and honor in those who would claim any sort of noble blood in these antics. Truly what a pathetic and craven existence it must be to be pretenders and chattel to foreign pagans. He lifts his gaze to the Duke of Adria, Philip Aurelian, who was being fitted by the tailor for an Adrian styled suit piece . . . "May their memories be soaked in irredeemable shame or be cast into the wind so that none may know their name."
  6. The Old Generalissimo casts his vote proudly RP Name: Alren DeNurem MC Name: Markosi Voted: Yes
  7. Mirtok

    In Flaming Revelry

    Drasus made landfall at the base of the smoldering ghost town that was New Esbec. He remembered in his youth that a man named Iskander Basrid was entrusted with the prosperity of the region. To think what an abysmal failure he was in said venture. It was no wonder to him that he had turned tail and slunk off into obscurity, leaving the township of New Esbec in a worse position than when he had started. As he made his way through the town he observed the wanton destruction about him. The Archchancellor chuckled to himself as he saw the childish scribblings of some clearly mentally deficient idiots that read 'Azdromoth'. It seems they really wanted it known that the 'Arch-Drakarr' was the culprit, having repeated the graceless message on any surface they could find. Drasus remarked aloud . . . "The Arch-Worm strikes again." With a scowl, Drasus returned to his boat and made way for the Capital.
  8. Drasus peels away from his office in the Selm Palace, having spent a number of hours debating the articles contained within the edict. Along his walk through the city streets of Providence he spends a moment to reflect on the important element of tangible representation that he hopes these changes will bring. He says rhetorically to an aide that was following close behind him . . . "I do hope the citizens of the Empire rise to the opportunity afforded to them. With the dissolution of sponsored political parties in favor of a more direct representation of the people, the plan is such that the will and want of our Empire will rise above the machine of politicking." His aide simply nods in agreeance as the Archchancellor carries on with his walk, mumbling a conversation to himself all the way.
  9. The Archchancellor looks over the content of the freshly selected Solicitor-Generals announcement as it lays before him on his desk for the final approval. Satisfied with the work and the changes put into motion, he applies his signature at the bottom. He looks up to his new comrade, Rev Vuiller, offering a brief nod. . . "It's time the courts got back in working order, and Imperial law given the respect it deserves. I trust this alteration to the function of the Ministry of Justice will go well, and that the tensions with the Imperial State Army will finally be put at ease." He chuckles having thought of one more thing "And perhaps the citizens of the Empire will appreciate subsidized representation is court."
  10. The DeNurem Ministry 1838 In accordance with the Edict of Pompourelia, 1787, and under the original precedent set by the Edict of Establishment, 1732. It is the legal right and obligatory duty of His Imperial Majesty’s chosen Archchancellor to formally select appointees to his Government as Ministers, Secretaries, Chiefs, and Directors of the Crown; pending respective affirmation of by the Diet. It is his furthermore his duty to act as the personal right-hand to the Monarch. The current administration has thus been raised with the dissolution and retirement of the d’Azor Ministry and the stalwart Sir Ledicort d’Azor; succeeding is his own Vice-Chancellor: The Honourable Drasus DeNurem, 1838. His is the seventh Ministry to succeed from the Reestablishment of the Empire in 1725. - Drasus DeNurem, 1832 - BIOGRAPHY OF THE ARCHCHANCELLOR First born son of the late Sir Alaric DeNurem KL- a prominent Captain of the Imperial State Army's Fourth Brigade- and grandson to Sir Alren DeNurem GCL- the Count of Mordskov and Generalissimo of the 18th century. Drasus DeNurem was raised among martial legends that had helped shape the fabric of the Empire for much of the 1700s. He received a formal education through the Imperial State Army Youth Academy, a subset of the Imperial State Army Combat Academy that offers world class development for the Empire's soldiers. Throughout his youth, he had a particular affinity for engineering, architecture, and discovery. At the turn of the century, as the Empire found itself in new lands, Drasus committed himself towards constructing public infrastructure projects. These achievements prompted his appointment as Secretary of the Home Office in 1806 under the Sarkozy Ministry. After nearly 10 years in the Home Office, Drasus resigned the Secretary position in 1815, in order to pursue a period of self development and to manage the family estate for his aging grandfather. He began to study the intricacies of statecraft and the inner workings of the Imperial government, all under the tutelage and mentorship of Ledicort d’Azor who had recently been made the Archchancellor. In addition to these studies, he began to explore the complexities of alchemy and the many scientific benefits it could bring to the world. Finally, in the year 1830, the Archchancellor Ledicort d’Azor appointed Drasus as his Vicechancellor after the several year disappearance of Keaghan Armas. Immediately, he took to rooting out any inadequacies he could find within the Imperial Government, working especially close with the Home Office to ensure further Imperial expansions into public infrastructure and development. Upon the death of the esteemed Emperor John VIII, the retirement of Sir Ledicort d’Azor, and the ascension of Emperor Philip II, Drasus DeNurem was appointed Archchancellor of the Holy Oren Empire. Drasus aims to style himself after the effective governance brought on by the Basrid Ministry, having been raised on the same principles all his life- told to him by his grandfather who served under said ministry. He brings with him a stern, no nonsense mindset, seeking to reduce institutional bottlenecks and empower greater representation and support across the Empire. - The Imperial State Army, 1st Regiment, 1781 - Marching in Defense of Korvassa THE CHANCELLERY The Chancellery is the body of administration that makes up all personal assistants and advisors to the Archchancellor. Aspirants in government are encouraged to reach out to the Archchancellor or Vice-Chancellor about positions as scribes, couriers, escorts, and attaches to facilitate communication and ensure timely action and assistance with the various departments of the council of state. It is headed by the Vice-Chancellor, the penultimate minister of government. ARCHCHANCELLOR: His Imperial Excellency, Drasus DeNurem @Mirtok VICE CHANCELLOR: ~Vacant~ THE COUNCIL OF STATE The Council of State is assembled by the Archchancellor to manifest the vision of the Imperial Government. It’s contrived of seven positions, each with their own respective office by which rising civil servants interested in a particular facet of government can elect to join as an understudy. The many burdens of state require loyal and capable minds to tend to, and as a result, the DeNurem Ministry encourages any and all who see tasks that they may contribute on to reach out towards the respective minister, secretary, chief, or director who is expected to maintain a formal office with a hierarchy by which civil servants may ascend. The Council of State is as follows: The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Her Excellency, Eliza Brae-Wittenbach @AndrewTech The Secretary of the Home Office, ~Vacant~ The Secretary of the Treasury, His Excellency, Henry Penton @CharmingCavalier The Solicitor-General of the Ministry of Justice, His Excellency, Rev Vuiller @Harald The Chief of War of the War Office, His Excellency, General Erik var Ruthern @Imperium The Director of Civil Affairs, Her Imperial Highness, Princess Josephine Augusta @VIROS The Director of the Secret Service, His Excellency, Sir Anthony Basrid @BobBox
  11. This man about to end the Wiki teams whole career
  12. A response is sent back to the applicant enclosed in a lily white envelope sealed with a deep purple wax stamp. Congratulations! Your application has been reviewed and meets our standards in order to proceed further along the process. A letter shall be dispatched immediately to schedule a meeting in the Capital to discuss further details about your application. We look forward to doing business with you and to the prosperity you will bring to the Empire. Godspeed. Drasus DeNurem, Vice-Chancellor of the Holy Oren Empire
  13. Discord: Markosi#3008 Skin: Dunbonnet Bid: 150
  14. The Vice Chancellor nods to his mentor as he finishes writing the announcement before sending it off for replication. He spends a moment reflecting on the revered statesman, a close family friend to the DeNurems, and a role model for much of his own young adulthood. "Time marches ever forward, I look forward to hearing your wisdom."
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