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  1. To be one with Paradise Fliers and public speakers would find themselves in scattered towns and states along the corners of the realm, speaking of the Great Korvassa. “The Paradise of the Korvassa rest easy in the hands of docile giants, however, such peace does not last through silence. It is with dormant physiques and vibrant minds does peace truly resonate. In order for such a peace to prevail, great souls and able minds must perpetuate it and therefore, on this great day, it comes to your attention that you are needed in the Great Rajdom of Thyra, to carry on a joint responsibility of upholding paradise. The Rajdom welcomes all beings from all disciplines, and is currently constructing a multitude of housing, both singular, familial, and compound-style for the diverse souls who seek out the Rajdom as a symbol of hope and peace. We welcome you, citizens of Arcas, to search your soul for a singular vision of paradise. For the next two Elven weeks, any being which enters the gates of the Rajdom will have the opportunity to obtain a home without the burden of taxation for two tax terms (two Elven weeks). Taxation is proportional to home size as well as involvement within the Rajdom’s purpose of spreading peace. It does not matter if you are a singular individual, with a family, a group of companions, or a corporation… all are needed to fulfill the duty of Paradise. With this call for action in our journey, city-duties and employment are increasing. Whether your trade be within mercantile practices, military operations, farming, diplomacy, or anything in between, The Rajdom can offer you a home to feel safe while earning your worth, a promise few others can make. If you are interested, please sign the flyer or send a bird to the Rajdom and a representative will assure your questions, quieres, and can reserve you a spot in paradise. Below are the current housing plans for the Rajdom of Thyra: Move-in Ready 7-10 Burrows 3 Family Homes 3-6 Singular Homes Current Planning 25 Apartments 5 Market-Homes 10 Burrows 5 Family/Corporation Homes 2 Compounds Prospective Planning 5-10 Farmland Homes 3-5 Market Homes in Front of the Gates 1-3 Compounds Underground/Cavern housing Priority Trade Positions (While all employment opportunities are welcome, we are looking for leaders in these fields) Librarians Tavern Workers Military Farmers Casino Workers Actors/Directors/Theater Arts We welcome you to explore the possibilities waiting for you in our Rajdom, and hope you can be a member of our Paradise.
  2. The Briny Paradise From the banks of the Korvassa to the shores of the isle of Jade, lay a friendship granted by all that is good within the mother-realm of Arcas. The people of the great Rajdom of Thyra and the Jade Republic have formed a political bond which has been sealed through friendship and prosperity for both of its kind, understanding that through difficulty and ease, one another can prove to be vital for the very coexistence of the southern islands. It is then, in the month of The Grand Harvest, 1719, that the Rajdom of Thyra and Jade Republic unite in a defensive-pact to ensure that peace, prosperity, and existence is maintained. Article 1 - Upon both parties (or signatories) approval of this document, defined by a signature, this defensive pact will immediately be in effect and will last through realms both known and unknown. If either party violates this treaty, it will be immediately revoked. Article 2 - Defining this pact constitutes the acknowledgement that either party is in agreement that if either is unjustifiably attacked or the victim of aggression, a responsibility to assist in defense is bound to the duties of either party. Article 3 - Neither party is required to participate in offensive measures or aggression. A decision against participating in aggressive offensive activity is not a violation of this defensive alliance. Article 4 - The qualifications for defensive aid requires that the party seeking aid has not meaningfully provoked an attacker, nor has committed offensive aggression to cause defensive need. Article 5 - Each party will be treated with equal respect within the lands of the Rajdom of Thyra and the Jade Republic. No disrespect towards either signers citizens, highborns, or leadership will occur, and a violation of such calls into question the integrity of this contract. Article 6 - If The Rajdom of Thyra or the Jade Republic commit an offensive form of aggression or fall victim to a defensive form of aggression to an ally or neutral state, it is the responsibility of the other party to interfere. If such dissipation does not occur, it calls into question the integrity of this contract. Article 7 - Revisions to this document are accepted through the official meeting sat by direct leadership of either party or announced representatives. Kalalian Vortral-Enrique, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Keeper of the Korvassa Hsieh-Xin, Huangdi of the Jade Republic, Builder of the Golden city, Protector of the Hou-Zi, Friend of the Wildlings, Ally of the Kharajyr
  3. Disgrace Among the Sands While it is understood that paradise is the form of true perfection, such paradise cannot lay silent towards those who wish to taint the vision so carefully built, with disgust and disgrace. Upon our welcome, the people of the high principality of cresonia have disgraced the realm of Korvassa and the mother of Arcas. They lay waste to the sea, less than a mile from our capital of the great Rajdom of Thyra, where they now build their own capital, seeking refuge and independence from the idea of paradise; their vision: removing ours. Upon diplomacy, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kalalian Vortral, gave several chances for the high principality of cresonia to temporarily seek the guidance of Thyra, understanding that they were too fragile to begin on their own. Not only was this request denied, but it was denied on bad faith to secure friendliness among the realm. Upon such, Kalalian sought the leaders of Athalia, a country forming under the Rajdom of Thyra, to speak sense into the wretched and self-proclaimed high princess of cresonia, to which Athalia was also denied on the claim from the high princess herself that she could defend her “claim” alone. With such disrespect to the Korvassa, and to a promising vassal of the Rajdom of Thyra, as well as direct disdain for the goal of Paradise, offered by Thyrian officials, it is hereby announced, on the 2nd of the Grand Harvest, 1719, that the falsified principality of cresonia will be given one elven day to make a solidified decision in regards to the livelihood of its people. The choices provided to such squatters are complete and utter vassalization, relocation away from the Korvassa, or death. If no choice is made within the elven day, the latter will be assumed and the Rajdom of Thyra will swing the sword of paradise to preserve the values of the very paradise which is swung. The Rajdom of Thyra looks forward to resolving such a disgraceful entrance to the Korvassa, and maintaining the integrity of land preserved for centuries. Signed, Kalalian Vortral, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Keeper of the Korvassa
  4. It is in the eyes of all to witness the agreement of neutrality between the great Rajdom of Thyra and the Llyrian Concord. This proclamation will last over the realm and onto others both known and unknown, proclaiming the neutral stance to which both parties have towards one another. Neutrality is outlined as an agreement to be completely unbiased in times of peace and despair, and provides full understanding that if aggression were to occur to either party, a treaty blockades either signer from entering such aggression towards the other side, and cannot be broken through other contracts and signages. This neutrality also provides acceptance of free trade, guests, meetings, and interactions with one another on an informal standard, allowing for either party to freely interact with one another without the burden of holding a defensive pact or treaty. If any of the terms below are broken or ruptured, the proclamation of neutrality immediately ceases to exist Terms Neither party will engage in aggression in anyway towards one another, being direct or indirect participation in any aggressive strategy against one another. The borders and walls of either party will be open for guests of either party to enter as they please. Trade and commerce is accepted freely accepted and can be utilized at anytime. Signed Kalalian Vortral Keeper of the Korvassa, Representative of the Great Raja Ithrendas Regis Iyliar, Empyrion of Llyria, Guardian of the Primordial, and Paragon of the Ohr
  5. The Winds of Paradise The island of Korvassa has grown to live for centuries before the time of the descendants, with prosperity and peace. The sand dunes of the north and grass blades of the south rolled with the winds and mirrored the calm waves of the ocean encasing the island, securing true paradise from those who wish to impose their values over the Korvassian land. This security has faltered, allowing descendants of many races to colonize the island, disputing diplomacy and political affairs over the true natural wonder that such a land has to offer, yet, this invasion of soul is not blindly rejected by the natural power of Korvassa and so has come to allow the keeper of the island to seek neutrality through the art of sovereignty to disallow the potential of scarring and brutalization of both the people and the natural beauty of Korvassa. This document outlines the process of imaginary peace to solidified agreement for the security of all in Korvassa. Below are terms and conditions posed to both the Rajdom of Thyra and settling Kingdom of Athalia, granting protection and security to the Athalian people while they grow and prosper into true independence. All terms must be mutually agreed upon for true and just effect. Terms of Athalian Dependence Defining Dependence While the Kingdom of Athalia begins to prosper and build their settlement, it has been agreed upon that the Athalian people cannot defend themselves from any form of attack, as they are not expected to, considering the new growth and focus on domestic affairs. It is true that both parties understand the potential of Athalia, and welcome the idea of two true powers that rest on the Korvassa, however, great powers cannot come to be immediately and as such, the Rajdom of Thyra will hold socio-political superiority over the Kingdom of Athalia who will act as a Dependent under the Rajdom of Thyra while domestic and foreign affairs are dealt with by the Athalian people. It will be sought that once the standard of independence has been defined to the fullest extent, the Rajdom of Thyra will relinquish all titles and jurisdiction over the Kingdom of Athalia as they will no longer be needed. This comes with a duty to tentatively maintain a defensive alliance between one another after the removal of the Dependency Clause, allowing any protection and security to the Kingdom of Athalia as they continue to grow as a newly efficient and functioning independent state separate of the Rajdom of Thyra. To maintain the integrity of this proposal for Athalian dependence on Thyra, the officiator will be agreed upon to be Kalalian Vortral, the natural keeper and protector of the lands of Korvassa, who represents both the Rajdom of Thyra and Kingdom of Athalia as the ‘Minister of Foreign Affairs’. This will ensure that when the standard of independence and functionality is defined, the Rajdom of Thyra will be disallowed any continuance of jurisdiction or socio-political superiority to Athalia, allowing for a check of safety for the Athalian people, and security of Thyrians proposing the risk of carrying the Kingdom of Athalia to term. If any violations which are to be denoted below occur, or if either party oversteps the terms outlined in agreeance of dependency, Kalalian Vortral will be the mediator of such violations, issuing true security of the realm of Korvassa, understanding that he is a mutually agreed upon third party and unbiased to the claim of this document. Protective Clause As such is agreed upon above, it is the duty of the Rajdom of Thyra to protect the Kingdom of Athalia as they continue to finish their capital, as well as grow internationally. If any justified raids, battles, or even wars find their way to the gates of Athalia, it is the sole duty and purpose of the Thyrian people to call their bannermen to the aid of Athalia. The same is true for Thyra, and protection is mutually accepted by both parties dependent on the need. If the Rajdom of Thyra is under siege, raid, or control of any individual other than the proclaimed Raja, it is mandatory for the Kingdom of Athalia to aid in the continuance of paradise. Protection is necessary for the any fledgling entity, and the same can be said for the Kingdom of Athalia, who will be secure in the hands of the Rajdom of Thyra for as long as it is necessary. In part to protection, the Rajdom of Thyra will hold a military presence in the capital of Athalia to prevent any immediate or domestic attacks on the integrity of the Kingdom of Athalia. The fort can vary in size, and will be built from the resources of Thyra, in any location that the Kingdom of Athalia wishes. This grants full protection to the Kingdom of Athalia from justified attacks and aggression from any justified party. A third sector of this political dependence to the Rajdom of Thyra insists that the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy actively seek mutual trade agreements and benefiting treaties and alliances for the Kingdom of Athalia and the Rajdom of Thyra. Trade Clause Commerce is perhaps the most important feature of a civilization, even more important than offensive protection. Commodities will be stapled and sold throughout the lands of Korvassa between the Rajdom of Thyra and Kingdom of Athalia. This will benefit a self-sustaining economy and ability for the Kingdom of Athalia to earn economical respects from other charters and settlements of those residing in Korvassa and the mainland of Arcas and its surrounding islands. The Rajdom of Thyra exclusively promises to fairly trade and openly accept commerce exported and imported into the Rajdom and across the Korvassa into the Kingdom of Athalia. Providing Assistance If the Kingdom of Athalia requires assistance, whether it be militarial, economic, social, or political, the Rajdom of Thyra has a responsibility to answer the call of Athalia and with such, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will be bound to the constraints of mutually agreed upon governance of both the Rajdom of Thyra and Kingdom of Athalia, working alongside respective representatives of either civilization to determine the need for assistance, as well as defining violations and incongruence of either party involved within this dependency clause. Further Diplomacy As stated previously, a time will eventually come when the Kingdom of Athalia has prepared its launch for independence, and once defined by the King of Athalia, Raja of Thyra, and Kalalian Vortral, the officiator of this agreement, sovereignty will be returned in the fullest form to the Kingdom of Athalia, granted with no repercussions, fatigue, or aggression. The return of sovereignty will be returned with grace, speed, and excitement, finally allowing the Kingdom of Athalia to prosper as an individual alongside the Rajdom of Thyra and the many scattered settlements of Korvassa. It is to be expected that either nation be prepared to further diplomacy once this contract has ended, and as a part of the Kingdom of Athalia swearing temporarily control in return for security and safety, a feature involved in such agreement is that we will never lose sight of the Paradise either party found. Korvassa is the most important piece of land in all of Arcas, and is valued without war and aggressive politics. This is perhaps the last plot of soil that has not, nor ever will be, struck by war and violence. In order to maintain such, it is required that a tentative agreement to continue peaceful relations be intact within this agreement, understanding that mutual peace and prosperity is the utmost important goal outlined in this document. Violations If any violations to the agreement above occur, then the party at fault to such violations must answer to the council of Athalia, Thyra, and the officiator to determine proper punishment and repercussions to any violation outlined within this document. Pieces of this document are subject to change, erase, or be added without the consent of the party at fault for committing violations, as it is a disgusting disgrace to paradise to violate the claim of peace, prosperity, and life. End of Contract With the signatures of both the Rajdom of Thyra and Kingdom of Athalia, this dependency clause immediately goes into effect. The end of this contract will be defined by the beneficiaries of this contract; the Raja of Thyra, King of Athalia, and officiator. Names have not been attached to the contracts council as the contract will continue past the being of individual leadership and is reserved specifically for the safety of Korvassa. If any leader of this contracts council are to perish, an immediate meeting will be scheduled to maintain the contract and its integrity. Upon the discovery of independence, and Athalia’s successful fulfillment to the standard of efficiency and functionality, sovereignty will be voted on within a majority system, meaning that only two-thirds of the council must vote favorably. This holds the right of the officiator, and disallows any potential advantage of Athalia or Thyra, allowing one party to vote against the decision, yet, if the realm of Korvassa sees to it that the Kingdom of Athalia is ready, it will be voted in favor of sovereignty. If such claim is not seen, then the vote will be in favor of continued security and arrangement of potential amendments to this contract, defining more closely what standard is sought by the realm of Korvassa and the mother-realm of Arcas. Below are the signatures of the Kshatriya of Thyra and the Privy Council of Athalia, agreeing in mutual support for the betterment of the Realm. Allowing the dunes and grass to wave harmoniously with the waves that have supported prosperity for centuries before our thought. Maintaining this documents engirty comes with great faith, trust, and acceptance for the betterment of Korvassa and its people, before idealized states and politics. We think of Korvassa as we sign this document, understanding its implications, and fully entrusting one another in maintaining the balance of life we were so fortunate to find on this island. The Officiator Kalalian Vortral, Protector of Korvassa The Rajdom of Thyra The Kingdom of Athalia Raja Azhar ‘Sul’ Khan King Nolan Stuart O’Hara
  6. The city-square of the Rajdom of Thyra, circa 1718 It is through times of misfortune does one truly find the purpose of self. This self is attuned with skills to shape oneself, one's family, and one's surroundings, however, only a few are granted the privilege of molding the realm into a more perfect structure. Seen to it by the Mother and Father of all, the Rajdom of Thyra was built upon innovators who did not intend to better the realm, making destiny play only a larger role in the birth of Thyra. Beginning as a family stronghold for the security of an individual name, the Enrique family built something beyond themselves; community. Through the smoldering dunes and salty oceans surrounding the Korvassa, the Enrique family sought refuge and safety, eventually seeking such values for the entire realm, inviting many into their home...building it into a city-state of unimaginable architecture and size. Many saw this newly constructed city as a sign of hope, peace, and prosperity, however most important of all… It was seen as a new beginning. Many traveled from the corners of the realm to begin selling their goods, housing their families, and finding a different type of refuge that wasn’t found elsewhere on the mother realm of Arcas. This refuge was much more than security, or safety for any individual. It was something deeper, more wholesome to the mind, more lustful to the touch. This refuge was a sign of a revival for the kindness of the realm, and a voice to those who were repressed for so long on the mainland. Thyra was finally seen as a peaceful outlet for one to thrive in, With the vision of such a valuable cause comes the publicity of it. It is hereby announced that the Rajdom of Thyra has opened its gates for the descendants of the realm to flourish in the paradise which the city has to offer. These gates represent the opportunity of paradise, yet when closed, represent the security of such a value. It is important to remember the sacrifices made for the wellbeing of a better future, and the selfless attitudes of many to make the Rajdom of Thyra possible. This possibility was not easy, however, was granted by the Enrique family as a sign of fortitude for ones’ character, perseverance, and persistence. These attributes fly over the walls of Thyra, the red and green colors coinciding in the flags scattered ontop the walls and palace, symbolizing the balance of unnecessary imbalance. What was once seen as incongruent is molded together into a sculpture of Thyra, a monument for paradise. Aside from the philosophical standpoint of the Rajdom of Thyra, the great city demanded great innovators, and with such, a government was built from the dunes of the Korvassa to shape the values of Thyrians’ to come. This government, also known as the Kshatriya contained the positions of the Raja, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Domestic Affairs, Minister of Coin, and Below are the descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of each official member of the Kshatriya. The Raja: The Great leader which presides over the domain of the Rajdom of Thyra, overseeing the ministers and maintaining the well-being of our great Rajdom. The Minister of Foreign Affairs: Has a responsibility to be diplomatically inclined and fair to all of those among the realm. Striking alliances, deals, pacts, and treaties is the primary role of this individual. The Minister of Domestic Affairs: Has a responsibility to maintain inter-state relations, overseeing stewards and events which partake within the walls and territory of the Rajdom, sharing a responsibility with the Thryian Military Captain to preserve order within the community of Thyra. The Minister of Agriculture: Has a responsibility to oversee the agricultural production of the Rajdom, as well as having the role of feeding the community, allowing enough agriculture and livestock, the Minister of Agriculture maintains governmentally sponsored farms, barns, stables, and other holding facilities for animals, livestock, and agriculture. The Minister of Coin: Has a responsibility to manage the economy and purse of the Rajdom, reporting financial activity and status to the other ministers as well as the Raja and discussing deals, trades, and expansions. The Captain of the Thyrian Army: Has a responsibility to protect Thyrian’s both from domestic and foreign threats. This minister has a duty to share responsibilities with the Minister of Domestic Affairs as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs by keeping those within our territories safe. The Kshatriya act solely in the interests of those who swear to the values of true paradise, granted by the city of Thyra. These members have proven great leadership and innovation, granting permission and formulating ideas such as the construction of casinos, theaters, and hospitals as well as event-planning, public safety, and foreign affairs. Without the Kshatriya, the structure of paradise would be lost, and thus, those of the Korvassan Realm are forever grateful. While the Kshatriya is an important resource for the Rajdom of Thyra, they nor even the Raja himself would be valued without a people to follow such innovation. Thyrian’s have been accepted from all corners of the realm, and have begun to write the history of paradise for their children’s children to be prideful in memory, for they were raised in the greatest vision of life as we know it. The people have the right, unlike in many other civilizations, to garner the ability to choose and to debate, something which has driven Thyrian innovation even further, understanding the core of what paradise means to the common individual, and not the ruling classes. Thyra is truly paradise. This much is known to be factual in the mind of any individual, and will only continue to shine a beam of innovation as long as innovators breathe. It is the duty of all to maintain such integrity, and to remember the great sacrifices lost for the betterment of the Thryian people and its allies, as without such sacrifice, the reward of paradise would never be visible to the eyes of the descendants which roam the Mother Realm of Acras. With such burden of formality cleared from the shoulders of the Rajdom, it is finally time to announce the true birth of the Rajdom of Thyra, and to paradise. Long live the Raja. Long live the Paradise of Korvassa. Long live the Kshatriya. Love live the Rajdom of Thyra.
  7. Notes, flyers, and announcements would be posted and told across the realm of Arcas, reaching every nation and settlement across the lands. To the wonders of Paradise! The Rajdom of Thyra has officially constructed its gates, and invites a feast for all of the realm, to come and observe the first moments of a breathing paradise. The Rajdom and its vassals, as well as allies have prepared a special day of various events to honor those who assisted in the construction of Thyra, and the maintenance of its values. In a few Elven days, the gates will open to a bustling festival, where all are invited to bring their wares and valuables to sell and trade. Among these, will be vendors of various foods and items found across the realm, to exemplify the vast cultural diversity of our Rajdom. While the festival runs, events offering prizes will coincide. While exploring the city, you may find several booths, offering Thyrian merchandise and souvenirs such as the Thyrian Sandsnake, sand clovers, and many other items carefully crafted by the Rajdom. While trade and conversation will be heard, stewards will be readily available to offer citizens housing and granting an elven week without taxation to offer our courtesy for making such a vaillant choice to live in our community. As the festival continues throughout the day, attendees will have the opportunity to migrate away from the stalls and square to the theater, to watch a beautiful play, or joust on water-logs to determine the best stick fighter in all of Arcas, as well as awarding the top three jousters with special prizes and rewards. While the fun and music topple across the city walls of Thyra, the bells will ring, directing everyone to the Thyrian palace, where the ceremony of notability will occur. Through this formality, the great individuals and houses will be named, followed by the joining of two houses in a royal bond of marriage. To celebrate these great events that signify the structural support of our Rajdom, all are invited to stay for the grand feast, that will be held at the original festival grounds. This will conclude the night of festivities, and all are welcome to a fair share of leftovers and lifelong memories. We hope to see you in paradise, basking in the Korvassa and celebrating the mark of a new beginning for a life found only in the Rajdom of Thyra! A map of Arcas, signifying the Rajdom of Thyra would be detailed and attached to the flyer [OOC] Event Details: Date & Time → June 7th, 4:00pm EST Location: The Rajdom of Thyra Coords: -1100; 400
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