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  1. "RIP Shinji, should've done robotics. Would've been infinitely more badass n' some'ow feels like it'd've been funny." The beast-elf poured out a measly amount of his cold one for the Lich. He only remembered his mother, really. Pain in his side, she was... He didn't remember her son's crimes. "Don't care didn't ask plus you're Ibleesian and also dead." He flipped off, taking a deep breath as he returned to his meditation. He knew his death would likely be just the beginning of something cataclysmic, but least there would be less raid ladders, for now. In a moment akin to astral projection, his skygod is seen seething, crying over a drawing tablet with a gun to their head that says "deadlines" a la political cartoon. He turned to his mother, pleading for mercy. "Mom... they're making fun of my character on Minecraft again..."
  2. Omg Turbo dog my dog who is turbulent and a dog
  3. "Ti... That's right! Ay'Celianor!"
  4. yaer aegh erya ee gneepy gnarp bleep yer euah
  5. "Happy Pride month." Stated the Barrowlord.
  6. rathat


    Toilet bowl water for the lot honestly. Anyways there's a cocktail called a "Zombie" which will be on the nose for our necrotics
  7. "We cannot afford such tomfoolery. We grant passage, welcome, and to unite in cause-- only for the name to be tarnished..." The Herald of Oaks rubbed his temples, but against his better judgement painted this all the meanwhile. The amalgam's natures were at odds.
  8. A short missive is posted, available to those of Xion aligned with The Sixth Synod, Mordring, and The Black Sun. Thought was clearly put into the penmanship, the ink of artichoke and soda ash with utilization of much illustrative detail. ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── To the Faithful and Followers of Xionism and it's denominations. United by conflict, cultural renaissance is among us. Under one banner, the lost return to what was written, as it was written. With this resurgence, a grand recycling has been made of the Heralds of old- a vigor replenished with call to action. Even in these days of great fragmentation, We, as in I, have stood stalwart. We have remained. We are anchored, roots deep beneath the surface. When the search of Weirhents lead to obscurity- it is decided one must hold firm as beacon to those who seek to usher in an Age of Harmony. It is with such We are now in possession of the title Herald of Oaks. We are Danek. Al'Hakav Merinek. Penned 179 SA. 24th Owyn's Light
  9. Christ has risen. Billions of eggs must be consumed.
  10. kill snow elves, behead snow elves, roundhouse kick snow elves into the concrete, slam dunk a snow elven baby into the trash can, crucify filthy snow elves, defecate into a snow elf's food, launch snow elves into the sun, stir fry snow elves in a wok, toss snow elves into active volcanoes, urinate into a snow elf's gas tank, judo throw snow elves into a wood chipper, twist snow elves heads off, report snow elves to the IRS, karate chop snow elves in half, curb stomp pregnant snow elves, trap snow elves in quicksand, crush snow elves in the trash compactor, liquify snow elves in a vat of acid, eat snow elves, dissect snow elves, stomp snow elven skulls with steel-toed boots, cremate snow elves in the oven, lobotomize snow elves, drown snow elves in fried chicken grease, vaporize snow elves with a raygun, kick old snow elves down the stairs, feed snow elves to alligators, slice snow elves with a katana.
  11. "Say Amber-Cold Fools right now." The boar-man spoke, dumbfounded. Jokes aside, the Rage Druid, usually ambivalent to news of deaths in the aspect's folds even in the face of nature's overwhelming sorrow, found himself succumbing to a series of emotions. Bosh. The druid of War was one of the few he respected, and a fellow venerator of The Boar. Never in the mortal plane would they fight alongside once more, and never in the mortal plane would they get to do that spar. Either way, the death of Talliyun was one deserving of utmost respect, and the path of mourning wouldn't be met with any sadness for long from the Edict member. He had died in the way he had promised for himself. And with a saining near the altar of Moccus in the Grotto, a "Death and Glory" sounded from his brother in Rage.
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