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  1. Issues with the Sillumir? She knew some where dissatisfied when it came to complaints regarding attentiveness at the gates, but nothing else in particular came to mind. It’s good that the state is at least taking note on the conflict, for any imbalances in the rights of the people would most certainly limit the societies progress and health. It really do be like that sometimes.
  2. Do returning players have to fill out a CA if they wanna play on their Kha or are we free to go ham

    1. TheAlphaMoist


      you’re free to go ham as long as your original CA is accepted

    2. Samler


      @TheAlphaMoist I think Rat means “If I played a kha before they needed a CA, can I play it or do I need to make one for a char that already exist from before the system?”


      Rat, had to make a CA for my golem once they needed ones. So I presume you need to fill out a CA.

  3. Mcname: rathat Category: Art Attach Content: https://imgur.com/NNtWqLS
  4. image.png.e55c7891607e72a58704414144ba33f9.png

    haelun’or simulator

    Edited by rathat
    1. Ixli


      Make a high elf 

  5. you will never understand all of the proPAIN I go through

  6. Ive achieved peak big boy status im roleplaying in minecraft in one tab, making this status in another, teaching my bf how to steam crabs in another, and giving life advice in yet another

    1. overlord2305


      *lumbers over making you seem smol in comparison*

    2. Magicpastry




    3. overlord2305


      Wait I thought it read 'streaming crab'...... *DIVES IN TO SAVE THEM LIKE A TRUE HERO*

  7. n-neon genesis envangelion! 

  8. LotC taught me more about foreign politics than my entire highschool career.

    1. iMattyz


      I am fully qualified to become a geostrategist now

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