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  1. Nice sketches:-)
  2. FIRST and hope it gets accepted
  3. Yes i do very much,how much do you want for it?
  4. I would like a skin that looks like this: My char plays as a minister in The Sultanate Of Haria and should therefore look the part: Tall Dark hair Lordly clothes Stern face Perfrct weight(steve would be cool) My char is a smart/honest man with many ideas in his mind, sometimes he would simply sit and not speak, just think. He is very active and always thinks two moves ahead,he is an excellent tactician and a wise merchant. I'm willing to pay between 100/400 Minas for the skin depending on how i like it. Thanks in advance to whoever comes through for me:-) -AquaticWolf
  5. I would like a skin of an epic looking robed(take out the hood)man,sort of like this: Except please take out the yellow/gold and add Dark blue colour in place of the yellow/gold,Thanks? -AquaticWolf