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  1. Risaalah to the Vasoyevi - 24AD [!]At the break of dawn, on the 21st of Snow's maiden, the dwellers of Vasiyeva would look up with morning yawns and tired sighs, as a number of falcons could be seen swooping down from the sky above, perching themselves down atop the camp's interior structure, upon closer inspection, one of them would be found carrying a piece of parchment, addressed to the Duke of Vasiyeva, if opened it would read: “Salaam Alaykum, those who offer us friendship, we offer the same twice over, and those who offer us enmity, we offer the same, twice over,
  2. Hakim Bin Mutayr Al-Hattan would be resting in the Masjid, contemplating over the recent events as he'd fiddle with the Tasbeeh wrapped around his palm, before promptly rising to his feet and making his way to the marketsquare, upon hearing the scholar's words he'd exclaim "Forgiveness is in the hands of Allah first, and so may Qahir be counted amongst the ranks of the Shuhadaá!"
  3. Hakim Bin Mutayr Al-Hattan would slam his fist furiously against his tent-post, cursing the Suticans in every manner he could "The damn Kuffar, we had only just reached an agreement with the Hyspians and Orenian priests regarding your situation, and now, after you had gone there with peaceful intent, that they would commit such acts!" the Qali would then remain quiet for some time, processing the news, before mumbling under his breath "And they complain to us of the Hamad's Brutality, the damn hypocrites!"
  4. Hakim Bin Mutayr Al-Hattan signs the document "May this treaty be of mutual benefit to all, In Shaa Allah."
  5. Hakim Bin Mutayr Al-Hattan reads over the missive, a feeling of calm and relief now suddenly falling over him "Verily Allah grants peace to those who act in good faith, may we always act in good faith with our neighbors in Osanora/Sutica, and may they act in the same manner with us as before."
  6. Hakim Bin Mutayr Al-Hattan would be in prayer at the Masjid as the final draft of the condemnation is brought to him, a sigh of sadness and regret would escape him as he'd exclaim "This has gone too far, Qahir, too far!"
  7. Reads over the invitation with a smile "mabrouk, Utayr, may Allah grant you comfort in each other!" he'd exclaim, setting the paper down as he went to look for his fanciest robe!
  8. [Symbol of the Fakhr Tribe] "As we entered into the dwelling of the Fakhr, we found a thriving people, they seemed to want for nothing, and yet, our Sultan has asked us to seek their support, they are said to be an honorable and proud people, and it is even rumored the Sayyid himself is of their blood." NOTE: This Tribe is part of the Badawi subculture, Learn more about them here. The Fakhr Tribe(Qalashi:قبيلة فخر ‎ | Common transliteration: Qabeelat Fakh'ar) is believed to be among the oldest and largest of the ancient Qalasheen tribes, the tribesmen occupy themselves wi
  9. Hakim al-Hattan would look over the invitation, though it seemed no matter how much he'd look over it, he still couldn't believe the day was fast approaching "I still cant believe it..." he'd mutter to himself with a mix of joy and excitement.
  10. Hakim Bin Mutayr al-Hattan would be seated in his khayma, as the news of the Hamad statements were brought to him "I have spent my life worrying only of what concerned the tribe and Oasis, but these priests, they send men to kill our own, they defile my dwelling, any compassion for the church left in my heart is gone, may Allah Guide us a better future, and bring about a lasting peace between the Hamad and the Church." He'd state before those among Banu Hattan, eyeing his Seyf in the corner.
  11. Very well done, every minor detail is well thought out and I really appreciate how every cultural practice has its little history to go with it!
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