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  1. Adel al-Hattan would carefully read over the proclamation, eyeing the portions detailing the sovereignty of the newly-founded Sultanate "Now to protect and safeguard our realm, may Allah grant our Amir a steady hand and mind to do so." he'd mutter, before heading back into his study to finish his designs for the new city.
  2. Adel would still be occupied with his travels, seeking as much knowledge in the vast academic institutions across the realms, at his stop by a seemingly unremarkable hamlet, he'd come across fliers, showcasing the Shawarma establishment in all its glory, his stomach growled, it had been years since he'd had a taste of home-cooked food "I suppose it's time I make my way back home!"
  3. The aged Hakim receives news of his Granddaughter's marriage via his trusted falcon, overjoyed at both her return to the Oasis, her wedding, and a long awaited reunion, the Emir galloped at full speed towards the Oasis, arriving in the dead of night, he'd immediately begin putting up the tent typical of the Badawi Majlises and weddings, and placing artworks he'd kept from decades prior along its walls, all while barely containing his own joy!
  4. "THAT'S MY GRANDDAUGHTER IN THAT POSTER!!!" A clearly distressed Qali elder would shout amidst the sands
  5. Hakim Bin Mutayr, old as he was, would be deep in the deserts, passing by an abandoned well during his hunting trip, as he did so, he'd find the piece of Parchment detailing the latest news in the Oasis "I suppose we shall see if the New can truly learn from the Old..."
  6. Hakim would slam his fist against the wall, his anger becoming ever more obvious as he did so "These damned fools, they treat each other's lives as though it is but a trinket to take, in their arrogance, they believe they have the right to take the lives that their Lord had granted their fellows, may their Ignorance and idiocy be the end of them." he'd state in his rage, however his attitude would sooth as he'd see his servant come around the corner with a warm glass of camel milk "Send word to my son, Abdi, this Fitnah must be stopped."
  7. Hakim had spent the day strolling about the Orchards of his home, making his way through the dense shrubbery that collected outside the walls as news would be brought to him, by way of his daughter, of his dear friend's passing, stumbling back a few, he'd been completely off-guard, the bold ranger and caring friend he'd met all those years ago, was now gone "Allah has given a great Honor to the fields of Elysium, for our Sadiq will rest there forever, may she be remembered, praised and honored until the end." he'd mutter, as a few solemn tears streamed down onto his beard.
  8. Hakim Al-Hattan reads over a flyer his children had handed to him, as he'd wander the streets he'd see the excitement and anticipation evident on all the local's faces "You've once again outdone yourself, Zahra!"
  9. News would be brought to the aged Emir as he'd been seated in the Masjid, going through a number of documents to be signed, as he did so, a Servant would come running through the hall "Sayyidi Hakim, Sayyidi Hakim!" The servant would call out, coming to a halt near the worn-out Qali, handing him a parchment detailing the latest news from across the sea, particularly their close friends in the Jade State "The Sharqi moon dims, may Allah help them." was all Hakim could say, before letting out a heavy sigh of exhaustion and leaning back against his seating, he'd then close his eyes and pinch the bridge of his nose "Prepare our camels."
  10. Great post man, happy to see these cultural developments unfold in the Emirate!
  11. The Missive would find it's way into the Emir's hands as he'd be surveying the new structures rising from the sands beneath him, eyeing the dome that would top the GSC with both awe, and approval "From humble beginnings indeed, may Allah see the fortunes of the GSC and the Emirate grow further!"
  12. Hakim Bin Mutayr Al-Hattan reads over the invitation, a wide smile appearing on his face as he'd notice the intricate artwork of his daughter all around it "Excellent work, Zahra, I suppose all that's left is to continue on with the preparations!"
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