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  1. Ameen Al-Nabeel would be seated in his study as he is informed of his friend's unfortunate passing "Ya rabb, an honest man, kind even to those who are deemed his enemies, may he rest in peace, very few deserve it as he does."
  2. Ameen Al-Nabeel sits in his study, tending to his wound "A great victory, and a lesson to all those who would dare to harm those who are of the Southern Confederacy!"
  3. Ameen Al-Nabeel would be seated in his office, tired from a long day's journey " By Allah! So long as the Sheikhdom of Al-Faiz stands, we shall cut down all those who dare to inflict undo harm upon our brethren in Millstone!"
  4. Ameen Al-Nabeel would sign the document, letting out a sigh of relief “Alhamdulillah! May we prosper together and live in peace!” He’d say before returning to his work.
  5. Ameen Al-Nabeel signs the Treaty, then returns to work Peering over his records.
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