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  1. +1 more furry companions = less wars
  2. Al Badawi [A Badawi Caravan making its way across the Kharasi desert] "The Qalasheen have long been the rulers of the sands, launching great conquests and basking in great eras of abundance and prosperity, yet little is known of those that wander the deserts, beyond the sandstone walls of the Sultan, armies that dare to march deep into the sands rarely return, and when they do, the weary soldiers often return telling wild tales of Oasis camps that stretch as far as the eye can see, of a people that follow the word of Allah, hold to the Qali ways, yet remain... different
  3. Lets out a light chuckle as he read over the invitation "Alfa Mabrook Yabna Hamza, it is about time you set roots!"
  4. Sultan Al-Mujjadid signs the document, holding it up in the air for all the citizens of Korvassa to see “Long may we remain united as one people, Long may we prosper, Long live the Sultanate, Allahu Akbar!”
  5. Sultan Al-Mujaddid would sign the document, holding it up for the others in his council to see "By the will of Allah, we shall end the presence of all Bandits and Tieves across the land!"
  6. Signs the decree, a look of frustration across his face "These rogue bandits..., Allah Yahdeehim."
  7. Sultan Al-Mujaddid signs the document "Ma Shaa Allah, another job well done, Saeed."
  8. Sultan Al-Mujaddid signs the Document before looking over his balcony, gazing into the open deserts "Well done, Saeed, let us hope it is only the beginning of lasting friendship, Bi'Ithni'lah"
  9. Sultan Al-Mujaddid would sign the Treaty "Let us hope this is but the beginning of mutually beneficial relationship"
  10. Sultan Al-Mujaddid would be touring the building as it neared completion, a smile across his face as he walked about “Ma Shaa Allah, it is good to see new establishments forming within the Sultanate!”
  11. An ultimatum from the Falcon and Dove. [!] White Falcons, like doves, fly across Korvassa, bearing a letter. If opened it would read: “To the Duchess of Savinia, Annatrina Baetriz De Savin, News has reached us that you have settled your government and people within the ruined city of Thyra, the city falls between both the Sultanate of Korvassa and the Principality of Vitenna’s territories, this is an announcement of sanctions and an Ultimatum to you and your government, LEAVE THE SETTLEMENT, should you wish to remain in the Korvassa, you must resettle your old cit
  12. Ramadan Mubarak Everyone! Hope you all have a great month and pray we come out under better circumstances and as better people!
  13. Rise of the Sultanate [Flag of the Sultanate] This declaration proclaims the emergence of the Sultanate of Korvassa as a sovereign state that rules over the Korvassa desert. Founded by the Glorious Sultan Ameen “Al-Mujaddid” Al-Nabeel in the year of Allah, 1764. The virtuous rule of the Sultanate will be conducted from its magnificent capital, the city of Al-Faiz. Trait: Friendly/Neutral National religion: Iman al-rashidun Government: Hukumah Administration I, Sultan Ameen “Al-Mujaddid” Al-Nabeel, in the name of Banu Nabee
  14. The Falcon and the Dove 3rd of The Deep Cold, 1762 Long has the Desert of Korvassa been a battleground between many peoples and races, yet in all this time, rarely had two nations found themselves more at ease and accepting of each other than the Sheikhdom of Al-Faiz and the Principality of Vitenna have, to this end, both nations have seen it fit to come to an agreement on the following: ARTICLE I - The Sheikdom of Al-Faiz and The Principality of Vitenna agree to adhere to a strict pact of non agression, under all circumstances. ARTICLE II
  15. The Sea and Sand’s Brotherhood 20th of The Amber Cold, 1762 Long have the Sovereignty and people of Talon’s Grotto and the Sheikhdom of Al-Faiz been friends and brothers in arms, when the Farfolk people’s Caliphate of Khalestine was overtaken by plague and they became refugees, it was the Mighty land and sea of Talons Grotto that took them in and aided them, and in return the Farfolk people gave their support not only militarily. but also in trade, friendship, and brotherhood. With this long overdue document and publicization, the two great peoples come to a
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