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  1. Ines sits in Oskars estate writing a letter to Godwin about taxes for Oskar while he is away. Dear Godwin, I have been informed to speak to you about taxes while my husband is away for personal reasons and seeing as he won’t be back for some time I would like to speak to you about such as I am fairly new to city life and I have no yet adjusted to such things. Forgive me for waiting for so long I just have no been able to find myself being able to get out of bed, I have been sick as of late but now the past few days I do feel better and have decided to write to you to hopefully sort this situation out. - Ines von Turpitz ( I think I got it right aylmao ) @Lukariatias
  2. The woman sits there beside the man, her pale blue eyes fixated upon the single strawberry, her pale skin illuminated by the warm fire that devoured the wood that kept it alive. She watched quietly a forlorn look upon her face as she closed her eyes, a deep, sharp pain pulsed from within her being, heart heavy she leaned back listening to the three words spoken by The Jackalope. Leaning forward again she lets out a sigh, the silhouettes of the two pirouette across the walls. “ Ask not the sun why she sets. “
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    Delores is of dark skin, hair and brown eyes the human woman wanders the streets of Ves and Reza she doesn’t have a permanent home nor does she care to have one. Delores was raised a commoner and has remained such her entire life, she does not see anything wrong with her way of life and has met a man while she was roaming the streets, she fell in love with him and he did her as well. The two soon declared each other husband and wife but have yet to get it officiated. The two are very fond of each other and while they rarely spend time in town they do visit them often for drinks. Delores is often kind and happy to those she and her significant other meet but she does have her moment.
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    Inés De la Rue and her fiance have moved into the Capital City of Helena, very recently although, poor and without much money the two are here looking for a new beginning something they can both enjoy together. Inés while she enjoys books more than people wanders the streets looking for any sort of job she can. The young woman came from a small unknown and very unimportant village within the hills and left her old life behind to find something much more grand and appealing. She does like to bake and if she can’t find something to do with books, the girl will search for a baker of some sort to help and spend her days baking, she did love sweets and the smells that a bakery produced. Inés stands at a ripe 5’2, her body is petite and she is slim, healthy but slim the complexion of the girl is fair and kissed red upon her cheeks from the sun, her hands are dry and rough from years of labor back in her village. Inés tends to also keep to herself and while- she is used to getting her clothes dirty she does prefer to keep them as clean as she can if possible at all. The girls hair is long and blonde, she has it flowing loosely down her back as she does have a ribbon to hold it back with, or she simply tucks it into her shirt to keep it out of her face for the time being. The girl wears a simple grey/red skirt and a beige top, with a leather corset laced in front with a leather belt around her waist as well, holding a very light coin-purse and a few other small pouches that seemed relatively empty. Inés had always heard stories of Helena from her mother growing up as well as stories about Adria from her father, and when she turned nineteen (19) she thought that it was finally time, especially after the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with asked for her hand, and while her family was poor he cared not and insisted that they were meant to be. And so- Inés said yes to him, and they settled it- the two would move away to Helena and start a new life by any means necessary. As Inés was growing up, she helped around a small farm, she would tend to the chickens as a child, and then the cows and sheep once she was old enough, yet she the girl was always caught day-dreaming about another life, a life outside of a farm a life where she could do what she wanted when she wanted. She would speak idly of them to her best friend, the man she would later find out wanted to share the rest of his life with her. They would often sneak off into the forest to walk the trails created by the forest creatures talking, talking idly of a life inside a large city and a large house, full of all the things they could never have staying here. Inés would also read in her spare time, she was taught by her mother and father but they could only teach her so much, so- whenever she could she would use what little coin she earned and would go into town and buy the cheapest book she could when she was old enough to read on her own.. as much as she could. The girl soon found she preferred them more than people, a shame because she was often scolded for not doing her work or for becoming distracted while reading them. She had broken many a chicken egg because of it. And boy, was her father not happy with that at all.. Her mother on the other hand, was happy her daughter was enjoying books and dreaming of a new life outside the village, for a spirit bound to one place for their entire life is a spirit bound to a slow and boring life. She wanted what was best for her daughter and- while she was upset that she was leaving after she heard of the engagement she knew, knew that it would be better for her and so did her father; even though he was very displeased and visibly upset that she was leaving.
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