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  1. The Baron of Rytsburg sits quietly in his estate.
  2. see you in two weeks
  3. damn how did rebels figure it out...

  4. Baron Stanimir slaps his belly in thought.
  5. Abraham Gloop-Armahnk will attend.
  6. "Alright, I'm all charged up."
  7. "An oath of fealty which the Empire has never broken to Haense. Verbal insults does not equate into raising your sword and start killing, and Haense is not Raevir-Orthodox. By the Void, I would call Haense not even Raevir, with majority of both the populace and its noble houses abandoning the Botch and the archaic lifestyle of its peasants and military systems. Haense is purely Canonist and Canonist alone, not of any sectarian branch and so any removal of the old Orthodox system does not affect Haense in any way, shape or form. And if you read the recent Golden Bull, all five saints were merely 'relooked' on and all five were voted to remain within. (And if you wish to be technical, only three of the five were even Raevir by blood, and Saint Charles was raised by a Hansetian so that brings that count down to two). And there has been blessings of many controversial figures in the past, and another blessed to mark an unchecked list does not move people to drawing arms against the Empire. Again, while I will not defend some of the actions of His Imperial Majesty, but if the Empire wished to lessen the autonomy of the Kingdom of Haense they would never have granted royal pedigree to us in the first place, would have divided us from our vassals in Carnatia when they had the chance, and would have continued ban us from ever recruiting in the crownlands. The Empire would never have given the Kingdom of Haense thousands upon thousands of imperial crowns to expand into the northern wastes. Or granted complete pardon to both King Andrew (who denied it and was ousted by his vassals for such) and ever vassal in Haense, and in fact delivering us an Imperial bride for our fair monarch. And if what you say is true, with Haense composing the majority of Oren's manpower- why leave? Haense has a levitated position in both haggling with the Empire and getting special deals and rights. Why abandon such to uncertainty with a power like the former Courlanders that has warred with Haense directly before?"
  8. "To answer your first point- Haense follows the Imperial Law accordingly and therefore will not commit treason, unless through the special case where the Emperor is deemed unfit to rule and henceforth forced to abdicate via the special use of the diet clause, but none of these rebels want to do such, but rather destroy Oren in its entirety. And to your second point- I will not defend the previous actions of His Imperial Majesty, as some were foolish in both idea and its execution. However, with the majority of the Lotharingian lords rebelling, with many only ennobled in the past year mind you, it was in His Imperial Majesty's desire to make sure the City of Metz was secured. It was no mystery about the on-the-fence attitude of the Archduke, and so His Imperial Majesty acted swiftly with his own agent. Was it foolish? Perhaps so. But will Haense raise arm for this rebellions led by those enemies which it warred with before? To disband an Empire, while albeit has performed some actions which some would seem vile, that has always in the end assisted the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and her people? No, it will not. The Empire has never acted against Haense, and so Haense has no reason to betray its legal-binding oath to the Empire."
  9. "The oath of fealty to the Empire trumps that of another union with another vassal-state. Besides the fact, Haense (both in its kingdom and ducal forms) have been both in contract for decades longer than the pact with Lorraine, with that only forming mere months beforehand. It is not 'pathetic', although you may think so for your allegiances, but rather following binding legal contracts which outplay other, small pacts. The fealty to the Empire is more important, as it is both older and in higher regard, and so Haense decided to follow the longer, more legal-binding oath than the Lorraine one."
  10. "But the coup was supported by the Imperial State itself. If Haense did assist Lorraine it would be drawing arms against both direct Imperial armsmen and the mercenaries within their fold."
  11. "The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska holds their loyalty and ties to the Empire above those of another vassal. While an alliance was made between the two states- Haense and Lorraine respectively-, this bond was implied to counteract and assist against other vassal-states within the Empire and those abroad. Taking up arms for Lorraine would henceforth be breaking its own, more substantial agreement with the Imperial State (which if Haense did break it, it would be called treason) as well as breaking the enforced Imperial Law, which Haense abides to accordingly."
  12. John Macdonough would note notes in hopes of others responding to his note with their notes in order to disparage other notes and emphasize his note as greater than the others.
  13. John Macdonough slaps his belly while in a trance.
  14. "Actually it be his grandson, King Arn, who created a schism from the Holy Church. Albeit his actions during life be strange and I find his blessing by our Holy Father quite interesting, it can be said that Jack remained faithful to the Holy Church, no matter the motives of that time's decadent Pontiffs." says man.