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  1. cant wait for the ioannis counteroffensive

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      brace yourself!

  2. yopplwasupxxx

    1100 A.D. Medieval Age (RP)

    KINGDOM OF HUNGARY AND CROATiA Magyarország Monarch - Könyves Kálmán [Colomon the Book-Lover] Population - Around 2 Million [Including Saxon settlers, Cumans, and Székelys] Religion - Roman Catholicism [Minority Pagan and Jewish] Military Breakdown - Majority of forces unknown. Currently 2,000 in service in the Poland - 100 heavy cavalry - 600 light cavalry - 300 professional infantry -1,000 levied infantry Currently 4,000 levied Croatians serving the field against the Byzantine-Venetian invasion. Major Cities and Royal Manors - Royal City of Visegrad [Capital] - Gyulafehervar [Regional Capital of Transylvania] - Zagrab [Regional Capital of Croatia] - Gyor - Udvard [Regional Capital of Nytria] At first, it was the Crusaders who came. Early in the reign of King Colomon, known to his folk as the Desired, the Learned, and the Book-Lover, Crusaders in attempt to take the riches of Hungary and Croatia burned down the ports and cities of his people. The Jewish minority was massacred, the Muslim Cumans sworn to him were taken as slaves upon Venetian galleys. For four years, Colomon, more a philosopher than warrior, battled the Italians and Germans off his lands, reclaiming the right of St. Ladislaus to the Banate of Croatia. After that, Colomon turned north. Supporting the King of Poland in his civil war against rebellious vassals, his true gaze was upon finally bringing the rowdy border nomads, known as the Székelys, under his control. For another two years, he brought tribe after tribe under him, till everything from Pest to the Carpathian Mountains were under the Crown of St. Stephen. He also issued rights of trade for the Jewish merchants who fled deeper into Hungary proper, the Tatary Muslims who brought valuable trade to his inland cities, and the newly-arrived Saxon settlers from the German heartlands to bolster his industry and professional martial capabilities. Peace had been brought to his kingdom, and despite the rowdiness of his jealous brother Almos, Hungary stood at a chance of prosperity. That is, till the heretical Byzantines came marching into Croatia. Aided by the cretinous Italians, under their bluff of piety, they raid the lands of the Red Slavs once more, and in turn, attack the very honour of King Colomon. This slight, this heinous sin upon the line of Arpad will not go unanswered. They rape our women, enslave our children, and preach the Word of God as a vie for power rather than the divine salvation so promised by Christ. From Constantinople to Venice, they shall know that the Heirs of Attila, who once brought Rome to its knees centuries ago, show little mercy to the sinners and gluttons of Christendom. - Actions - Domestic - Orders are sent to the main centers of Visegrad and Gyor to muster between them 10,000 levied soldiers, another 2,000 in Gyulafehervar, and training of 700 heavy cavalry in Visegrad. The current charters for multi-faith merchants are maintained, and the newly-released law codex compiled by Colomon in the late 1098-1099, is also finally declared. The tribal Magyar and Cuman clans are also summoned at Zagrab, for an undisclosed reason. [PMs] Soldiers are moved, and unless spotted by Byzantine spies, would remain unknown to the current world at-large. [PMs] Kingdom of Bohemia - A new envoy is sent to King Borivoj, joined by the famous writer and monk Albert, in hopes of alliance and continued trade. As a sign of good faith, he gifts the Bohemian monarch the Toe of St. Stephen, Patron Saint of Hungary. A letter is also delivered to the monarch, for his eyes only. [PMs] Holy Roman Empire - Tribute is delivered, joined by his 15 year old cousin Sofia, to the regents of the Empire, while Emperor Henry fights in Denmark, in respect to the papal-coronated sovereign and continued peace between them. A letter is also delivered to the current prince ruling in the stead of the Emperor during his campaign, for his eyes only. [PMs] Kingdom of Poland - A declaration of continued support is made for the King Boleslaw III, and hopes of continued trade and friendship be maintained between the Magyars and the Poles. The Roman Empire - The army stationed within the lands of Croatia are given a single letter- leave the Crownlands of Croatia at once or face the wrath of the sons of Attila. The Serene Republic of Venice - The same letter is given to the Venetians, and a demand of reparations for their damages caused in both the Crusader tomfoolery years ago and their current malicious mission is made. A tax upon all Venetian goods are declared, and all ships and caravans bearing its flags are captured on sight by Hungarian forces. The Papal States - A formal issue is given to the Pope via emissary, for his eyes only. [PMs]
  3. yopplwasupxxx

    [Accepted] [Trial]Blago's GM App

  4. yopplwasupxxx

    Completely revised VA proposal (Feedback encouraged)

    Honestly, like unironically cuz everyone else is just joking... Like while I think u go too extreme, I do honestly believe there should be some regulation on specifically bandit roleplay. There are ppl on this server that are ******* ass at banditry you cant deny it and its getting real bad. Idk the exact solution but maybe it could be considered??
  5. yopplwasupxxx

    [Denied]yoppl's GM Application

    Minecraft name/s: Yopplwasupxxx Age: 18 Timezone: EST Skype/Discord: Yopplwasupxxx for both What is your availability: Afternoons to evenings, around the general peak times of the server. Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: Communication between the players and the staff itself. The staff has constantly appeared as some strange boogeyman, which is in fault of both the players and the staff. If we can increase the amount of information shared with the players and aim to be generally nice, I believe we can rediscover the respected player-moderator relationship. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: As a normal player, one that helps those who needs help and makes roleplay for others enjoyable. GMs are the representations of what it means to the player on this server, and so should act accordingly. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: Remove this strange 'cabal' vibe around the time, making it seem like its more of a social club than a group of players who want to make the server better. Please list three players who will vouch for you: Ask anyone you want, as I am sure I have those who do not like me over the years. However, I think Ioannis, Niccum, Levirad, Xarkly and others will vouch for me. What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: To be frank, many of the newer GMs have joined way after I did, and so some of them I know very little of. However, from glancing at the current list I do not believe there is any I am in conflict with, and I feel I can work in a respectable manner to my fellow peers. What are your finest and worst traits?: My two finest qualities is that I believe I am a good communicator with those that generally don't get their opinions seen, and I am also a very good writer. However, I do sometimes appear too indifferent to some matters and I have been in the past somewhat defensive of the playerbase I have been apart of (be it the old Lucienists, Aesterwald, Haense, Oren, etc). Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: I joined in the beginning of my Freshman year of High School, so I've been here for almost 5(?) years. I have went through many transitions, from my dark days as an Ishikawa samurai (thanks to you, Will Dorahy) to my fumbles as an Adunian under good ol' Axlrose. I've been on numerous high councils for Oren (privy, princes, what have you) and even was a Clan leader for a short time in the orcs (back in Anthos when we still had the Krag). I've played a dwarf, human, elf, and orc throughout my time on this server, and have met many wonderful, and not so wonderful people. The server itself helped me, I believe, and in fact gave some of my greatest friends I currently have today. I will not lie, I am not perfect in any regard, I have done stupid **** and pissed off many people. However, I have grown through the years and I feel ready to give back to the server which gave me so much. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: The lore, of course. I have spent most of my time on LotC writing, and it was this server which made me pursue my interest in creating stories and poems. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team?: Any player who is willing should be given a chance, albeit if they are ready to do it in a mature manner. Link me a good song:
  6. dewper will be crushed under the boot of our god 501 and there is nothing you mortals can do about

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      you cannot understand because this is not your world. this is the mathic world, and we’re living in it

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  7. nice to see devirad plagiarizing half their laws from mine, real cool ;/

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    2. The Kingdom of Devirad
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      do we get a casus belli for plagiarizing 

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      Guys we aren't undead and we don't have at least 3 magics. Therefore we aren't relevant and must cease arguing against almighty Devirad immediately!!!!!

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    [Accepted] [Actor] Yoppl's ET App

    Minecraft name(s): Yopplwasupxxx Discord: yopplwasupxxx #6527 Time zone: EST Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: I have been banned twice; Once for receiving ten points on the forums [https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/117798-yoppls-ban-appeal/], and another for destroying carrots during an Imperial Raid [https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/111743-yoppls-ban-appeal/]. Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions?: I have been ET once before, during the summer of 2015. Where do you grab inspiration from?: As with most people on this server, I get my inspiration from majority of the medieval fantasy outlets, such as the Witcher, Game of Thrones, and so on and so forth. However, my biggest inspiration comes from the Prince of Nothing series, an relatively unknown saga of books. What are your characters and are you willing to sacrifice any?: My two main characters are my striga Henry, a former Imperial Prince and High Magistrate turned vampire, coping with the death of his family and his lost of feeling to the world, and my King of Haense, Stephen I, a young king jumbling politics and stewardship of his realm, as well as the fact he is unable to sire an heir. I am willing to sacrifice both to become an ET. What race, or group, do your events best cater to?: By far, humans. I know ALOT of human lore, majority of its history, religion and customs, as well as nothing personally nearly all the human leaders excluding some of the newer states on Asul. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event?: Immersion. This one factor can make or create an event, as it is crucial to have the players feeling like they are ‘involved’. Putting time into fleshing out all aspects of the event and making sure the population of the event itself is two ways to make sure immersion is safeguarded and the players have an enjoyable time. What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team?: I consider myself very knowledgeable in lore and also a decent writer, capable of scripting posts and other threads for event-friendly purposes. I am also capable at organizing, if the need arises. Why do you want to be part of the ET?: I wish to be apart of the ET because I feel I would be a good addition to the team, as well as I believe I will have a fun and enjoyable time while doing the duties and responsibilities of the regular ET member. Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize For 1-3 persons The Merchant from Ildicia Ildicia, before the collapse of the Adunian Isle of Al'Idic and further the entire land of Aegis itself, had been a trading center for most of the north and Orenic caravans. Common was the pelts of the Ildic animals to the Orenic nobility, as well as the constant shipment of marble that built much of the Orenic buildings and architecture. However, from the collapse of the Adunian Isle and Nation, aswell as the stigma placed upon the Harrenspawn [Adunians], there is little to none of the once expansive Adunian traders. The event would as follow: a merchant claiming he was from a 'mystical' land, henceforth Ildicia or whatever location as the ET member sees fit, would arrive in a capital. Showing numerous artifacts and other goods [named items], he would, theoretically, gain a small mass of players. He would claim that he carried more goods, but that his wagon was attacked by bandits and must be reclaimed. He would give the chance for three [reasons unknown] players to join him to assist him in returning the stolen goods with a promise of a rare treasure. The merchant [ET member] leads the trio to a pre built ambush sight, with a small, knocked-over wagon. However, it appeared to be a trap. The merchant would shout to attack, and a PVE or PVP [depending on the amount of ETs and/or helpers] fight would ensue. If the three players win, the fraud of a merchant would lay defeated, his plan in shambles. It would be up to the players what to do next, as the merchant would offer a rare sword/armor piece [named, info-boxed, and reasonably enchanted/boxed] for his life. However, it would be noted that the merchant still carried the minae from the items he sold. For a group of 5-10 The Crypt of Saint Godwin Horenson Saint Godwin of Paradisus, Patron Saint of the Heartlanders and Kings, was the third and last son of Horen, the Father of Mankind. Godwin, despite being the last of the trio, was the first to marry, first to bear a child [Owyn Godwinson, later the Prophet Owyn the Purifier in Orenic Theology], and the first to rule his own realm. However, Godwin was also the first of the three brothers to be slain. Godwin died by the hands his eldest brother, Harren, after Godwin challenged the elder to a duel to release the imprisoned middle brother, Saint Joren Horenson. In this event, a weary man [the ET member] would run towards the populated center and claim there was an issue. After further investigation by the players, the man would tell that he, while creating a new farm for himself and his family, came across underground ruins. However, the man be a craven, and wishes for a band of men and women to follow him into the crypt. After a reasonable size of people agree to follow [7-10], they would embark back to the man’s farm and to the uncovered tomb. The band of players would soon enter the crypt, and begin to the explore. The tomb would be a tad spacious, showing cracks and clearly showing its 1500 year old age. As they continue forward, the players would see an insight of old Human Lore, with the walls scribed with old stories written in riddle. The trek through the tombs, at this point, would almost seem uneventful, as there is no loot and old writing upon the old walls. Moans would be heard, scaring the man and him running off. Mobs, preferably zombie mobs or the like, would spawn in and a small PVE event would ensue. At the end, the players learn of the necromancer, who has apparently made his home within the crypt and dislikes outsiders. The next act of the event would begin, as the players would dig deeper into the heart of the tomb while fighting various mobs. As the players reach the heart, the actual grave of Saint Godwin, the final fight would ensue. There, the players must face off against the necromancer himself [played by the ET] and his band of undead. As the fight reaches a close and the necromancer is defeated, the players would reach their prize: the ancient Shield of Saint Godwin and other loot, which the players would split amongst themselves. For a group of 20+ The Giant of Or’Logon Giants have all but died out after the mass-killings by the descendents, with Elves, Humans, Dwarves, and Orcs alike hunting them for fun or for their dangers they pose to the normal population. Time to time again, however, a giant shall emerge from the wilderness it came from, attacking a city or keep in an attempt to push the entrenched populace out of the land. The Giant of Or’Logon is no different. This event would occur at a random time, preferably while another occasion is happening at the desired location [such as court, a trial, military training, festival, etc.]. Emotes would show of rumbling happening around the keep/town, to which the players would investigate. As they look, the playerbase who spot the approaching giant, would appears on the intent to cause harm to the people. The players would act accordingly [depending on their RP and culture] and the giant would eventually reach the settlement. A fight between the giant and the players would ensue, with the ending being very open-ended. Depending on circumstances, the giant would be slain and the players would be victorious. If slain, the giant would hold the Hammer of Or’Logon, a special item to which the players would fight over the ownership for and more fighting would ensue. This event, contrary to the others I’ve listed, would be very spontaneous and no set ending/goal can be given. How long do you plan to stay in the ET?: As long as God permits. Tell me a joke: Tahmas’ accomplishments on this server.
  9. hey if there is any fms around hmu, i need a subforum made!

  10. yopplwasupxxx

    [Denied] Violino's [Re-ET Actor] Application

    with the tahmasian heresy rooted within our server, its time to regrow the et +1
  11. Woe to this server when we care more about financial gain than roleplay.

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      b-but that's not what he meant at all