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  1. hey if there is any fms around hmu, i need a subforum made!

  2. I am King Stephen and this is my favorite tavern on Axios.
  3. "Honorable men do not support dwarven legions entering my home in the late hours of night, come to demand my forceful vassalization while they stood idly by and supported their kin being subjugated to a foreign race. While I fought for the Empire, I have always attempted cordial relations with the de Savins- it was their lot who bloodied with us at the ordeal in the Rothswood, rebelled against the tyranny of the Courlander crown and stood for peace in this dying world. I have, and will always have, a respect for these houses, rebels or not. But supporting dwarven interventionism to create another dwarven high realm which will collapse to inactivity is not honorable, it's treachery. We do not need a fiftieth world war which will achieve nothing but slam another nail in the coffin on this world; already manpower has dwindled on both sides and gone are the days of the massive armies of yore. I pray to God that Duke de Savin and our new Imperial Regent see reason, and that we may save Humanity from Itself. It is time for peace, not another decade of war like every year past." King Stephen sends mind waves to Daedalus.
  4. with the tahmasian heresy rooted within our server, its time to regrow the et +1
  5. "Southern lords, always the opportunists." Stephen grunts, rubbing his forehead. The scribe which read the parchmant stood nervously before the makeshift throne, the northern winds ripping loudly around the tent. It was awhile before the king broke the silence, calling out, "Heinrik! Call the guard, we march south!"
  6. CITIZENS OF THE PRINCIPALITY, It is our misfortune to have lost our reigning prince, His Serene Highness Prince Frederick Augustus, to the waves of the Shattered Sea, his current whereabouts and status unknown. His son and heir, His Serenity the Duke of Dorahy, Prince Robert Frederick, is underage and unable to rule without a regent. It is determined by the Council in Pruvia to establish a suitable figurehead and leader in this times, to ensure the prosperity and continue the legacy of Our Fair Lands. The Council has chosen the reigning King of Hanseti and Ruska, King Stephen I, to serve as current Regent in the stead of His Serenity the Duke of Dorahy, with promise of betrothal to His Serenity the Duke of Dorahy to one of his daughters. May he serve the Principality and Its People, in the name of all Good and Great. AS IS THE WILL OF THE PRINCE, SO IS THE WILL OF ITS PEOPLE, Ser Emil var Yaevyr, Executor of the Principality of Pruvia. His Majesty the King Stephen I of Hanseti and Ruska, the Ever Loyal Subject of His Imperial Majesty, Grand Prince of the Raev, Regent of Pruvia, Duke of Akovia, Krajia and the Greymarsh, Count of Karikhov, Ayr, Baranya, Kavat, Karovia, Torun, and Kaunas, Baron of Vsenk and Rothswald, Lord of St. Karlsburg, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera.
  7. Rhodir weeps for the sons that will never return to him.
  8. Just bring back Anthos for god's sake, or Vailor with a large event area like the Anthos north.
  9. Woe to this server when we care more about financial gain than roleplay.

    1. Tavern_Roleplay


      b-but that's not what he meant at all

  10. Rhodir Frostbeard sheds a tear, seeing his great-grandson become this strong. "Moighteh aye, 'e remoinds meh o'meh good son. Long liv' da Mountain Monarcheh." He mumbled with a slap of his belleh.
  11. Henry does not respond to Frederick, rolling over in his cot to sleep. He dreams about his sister, his brother, and how he should have died years ago.
  12. Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): Cart Island: Tahn Point A: Hochspitze, Pruvia, Mardon Exact co-ordinates of Point A: x: 2339, y: 76, z: 133 Point B: Human Hub Exact co-ordinates of Point B: x: 545, y: 74, z: -103
  13. Rhodir Frostbeard, a son of Rhewen, looks at the name, "Who da feck are ye? Ye ain't nae brotheh o'mine."
  14. Ser Stanimir sits with his family's party, awaiting the start of the speeches by the candidates, their supporters, and their critics.
  15. Ser Stanimir nods to another grand piece of art by Jakub MacDonough, "Truly a master of the brush."