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  1. Stanimir coughs, "I suppose madness is genetic, eh?"
  2. "Demoting ancestral titles to mere duchies and granting them to a house of bastards and thieves? A grave insult, may only misfortune fall upon Yakov's line." Stanimir writes in his memoirs, while on the southern road with his kinsman Adolph.
  3. "You are incorrect for a few reasons, First, while Peter of Hanseti-Ruska used his distant blood ties to give credence to himself holding the title, it was the Imperial endowment of the title which gave him the actual title itself for him and his descendants to use. Before then, the title 'King of Hanseti' was used numerous times as a secondary titles to nearly every Orenian monarch post-Schism War, namely for King Andrew's claimed victory after the destruction of Aesterwald, which itself was acclaimed as heirs to Hanseti after Mirtok bestowed King Frederick its crown and vaults. From there, the title stayed with the Ashford dynasts and then the Johannian Horen Emperors, to which its scion John III granted Petyr the titles of both King of Hanseti and King of Ruska. Second, the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska was neither Hansetian nor Raevir, but a melting pot of wide variety of Highlander cultures. You had Raev-blooded nobles naming their children in the Marian custom (such as the kingdom's last king, Marius I), speaking in the Hanso-Waldenian accent (such as the House of Kovachev) and overall acting nothing like the Old Raev or the Old Hansetians, but rather something new. Third, in the end you speak of a culture from over two hundred years ago, from the current year of 1607. Times change, people change, the cultures of the days of Godfrey adapt and evolve into something different and new. We cannot control it, but instead look forward to see the lasting impact of the ancient ways into the modern customs we hold today. There is no true Raev anymore, nor is there a true Hansetian, rather a accumulation of centuries of cultural contact and intermarriage." Says a scribe.
  4. "The age of man is over... enter the age of woman."
  5. Name: Edmund Harwyn Age: 17 Race: Human Allegiance (Current nation of residence): None Past Military Experience: None None-Military Experience/Skills: None OOC Information: MC Name: yopplwasupxxx Skype Name (Used for updates, news and information): yopplwasupxxx Teamspeak is a required tool for battles and major events, it is recommended that you at least download it upon joining the Order. Have you been in the Order before?: Yea like for a week back in Anthos Do you plan to make this character one of your primary?: Yea
  6. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
  7. A great tavern to work at! If you don't work or buy from this place then you're a chum!
  8. I've known shady for awhile now, nearly 3(?) or maybe more years, I can't remember. Level-headed guy, smart, down to earth. Only fault of his is that he eats too many Red Baron BBQ ribs.
  9. Everything has been good goy- I mean friend, though now I'm in college and have become a complete degenerate scumbag. Just don't tell my mom. Hit me up on skype or snapchat (recknate), be nice to catch up fully.
  10. How have you been Matheus, haven't spoken with you since the old Adunian days.
  11. I agree
  12. "Godfrey, praised be unto him, was the holy lord which refounded the priestly tradition which you hold dear and rediscovered the two scrolls which you proclaim as true, deciphering them into the common tongue. Without him there would be no United Creatorism. To deny his prophethood is to deny God."
  13. I have been friends with MaxGemini ever since I joined this server. He is (even if my bantering with him looks otherwise) one of my dearest friends on this server and a great pick for staff. He is good with the newer players, a good communicator, and although he can get a tad aggressive at times, he is able to pull himself together and has bettered his overall demeanor as he has matured. A +1 from me, hopefully you consider him during your next round of recruitment!
  14. "I agree fully, only dwarves may rule humanity. Human males are weak and pitiful and human females can only be satisfied by BDC."
  15. How hard is it not to put last names in regal titles