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  1. Name of your Charter: Crimson Keep Owner's Username: MordredValois Owner's Roleplay Name: Charles Geoffrey Suffolk Location (XYZ): A: X-100, z-2450 😧 x-200, z-2350 Tier applying for: Tier 2
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  3. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames MordredValois Ban Reason Sexual Explicit Roleplay Players Involved Featherstone By your own understanding, why are you banned? ERP is against the server rules, which I broke. Why should you be pardoned? Im a fairly new and active player in the server. me and Featherstone both. While we were breaking the rules we werent actually aware of the situation, which we stopped immediately after her warning saying this is against the rules. I, for myself love to roleplay. Your server is providing me the means to do what I love which I appreciate and really sorry for breaking the rules. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? During my banned time I had time to think about what I did wrong and from now on I will choose my actions carefully and try not to break any rules or to hurt the community in anyway possible. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. For a community to function properly, its members should take care of it, have to respect the rules that governs the community as well as the leaders of it. When members act they should not think of themselves as the main attraction, they should look out for not their own but the communitys interest. They should constantly work for the communities behalf in order the community to become a better place. Like a company to run smoother there are certains rules and people who act in the borders of those rules to make the company function properly, healthy. In my case I will from now on be extra carefull and work for the communities well being.
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    The Loyalist Party

    “ For the Empire ! “ said Bartholomew Clinton as he raises his fist up
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    Bartholomew ( Bart ) Born at 1667 in the city of White Peak his first days of life was rough and cunning, he was sickly and weak presumed will die in coming days. But he rejected his fate and got better, stronger. in age 7. he was taller than most of the childdren at his age. As days passed by, he learned hard work from his father, he went fishing with him every day to the lake near the city. He learned how to catch big fish with small bait, he learned the delicacies of fishing. He worked at the fields, to earn some money, basically he worked in every opportunity he gets no matter the job is. He learned fighthing, brawling because he always got himself in trouble. As in everything he learnes, he became very good at fighthing. actually he proved himself to be a skilled fighter, he fought, worked, fought, worked. He seeked riches, after he became 16 he leaved town to go Pembrokshire. where he meat Count Edward by coincidence, he started to work for Suffolks. Not long after Edward took him in and gave a job, and a place to stay. He proved himself to be worthy of that generosity. He worked hard, fought hard and gained the favor of Count Edward, which made him a retinue.