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  1. Charles would smile upon reading the missive, clearly overjoyed seeing they have their own bishop now.
  2. Charles Geoffrey Suffolk would sign the agreement with a single stroke of his wrist
  3. Pact of Crimson and Green Written and confirmed on the 2nd of Malin’s Welcome 1718 Edward Suffolk, Patriarch of House of Suffolk and Ser Charles Montagne as the Regent of Curonia, representing Edgar Devereux, Patriarch of House of Devereux, on behalf of their respective houses, vassals and all the estates they command, have met in Avalain City, and agreed upon upholding the following articles, above all laws, legislations and agreements, on this day and all the days to follow: ARTICLE I - The House of Devereux and the House of Suffolk (each “Signatory” together the “Signatories”) agrees to rescind the Vassalage Agreement of Suffolk and Devereux dated 9th of the Grand Harvest, 1703 and the House of Devereux further releases the House of Suffolk from all obligations, liens, oaths, agreements and understandings. ARTICLE II - The House of Devereux agrees and acknowledges that the Suffolk Woods ((tile 58) as defined in “the Ironaxe Initiative” dated 6th of Owyn’s Flame, 1706, fully belongs to the House of Suffolk and the House of Devereux grants all of their rights on the said land indefinitely to the Patriarch of the House Suffolk. ARTICLE III - The House of Devereux recognizes and acknowledges that the Archduchy of Suffonia ruled by the royal house of Suffolk, is an independent and sovereign state. ARTICLE IV - The Signatories hereby forms an alliance and pledge, accept and ensure to defend the property, rights, subjects, lands and estates of each other against internal and external threats alike, with all the might the each Signatory can muster. ARTICLE V - The House of Suffolk further pledges, accepts and ensures to support the Patriarch of the House of Devereux’s offensive campaigns with all the might they can muster, excluding any offensive campaign against the members of the House of Suffolk. ARTICLE VI - Patriarch of the House of Devereux may choose to refrain from supporting the offensive campaigns of the House Suffolk. ARTICLE VII - The House of Suffolk recognizes the Patriarch of the House of Devereux as the Senior Signatory and the House of Suffolk and their vassals accepts and acknowledges that any treaties they may execute concerning war or military alliances, requires the approval and signature of the Patriarch of the House of Devereux to become effective, excluding the agreements signed with The Imperium Renatum and vassalage and patronage agreements. ARTICLE VIII - The House of Suffolk recognizes the Patriarch of the House of Devereux as a Mentor, and recognizes the Kingdom of Curonia as a mentor state to the Archduchy of Suffonia. ARTICLE IX - The Signatories recognizes that the Pact of Crimson and Green shall take precedence over all subsequent pacts containing their signature. Article X - The House of Suffolk may not vassalize under any nation other than the Kingdom of Curonia or any potential overlord of the said kingdom. Signed and Sealed by His Royal Majesty, Alfred II Edgar of House Devereux the King of Curonia, Duke of Curon & Umbra, Count of Cyrilsburg & Avalain, Baron of Arisan, Blackreach, Rivia, & Vasile, and Lord of Bear Mountain & Blackden His Excellency, Charles of House Montagne the Regent of Curonia His Royal Highness, Arthos of House Devereux, Prince of Curonia His Serene Highness, Prince Edward of the House of Suffolk, Archduke of Suffonia, Duke of Warwick, Count of Pembroke and Baron of Alnwick His Highness, Prince Charles Geoffrey Suffolk, Prince of Suffonia
  4. Hey! We are currently hiring Litematica Builders, for our castle. All the materials are gathered and a fair amount ( 1/3 ) Of the Castle is already completed. We are willing to pay hefty amounts for the quick completing of the castle I, divided the castle into 10k and 25k block parts, each have different prices If you are interested, contact me here, on the forums or over Discord ( Mordred #0340 ) PS: There are already 3 people working on the castle
  5. Near the stables of Warwick Tent Camp, upon receiving the missive and reading it, slowly starts to mutter with a faint smile on his face “ It has been an honour, King Will. Ave Curonia, long live the new King. “
  6. Hey, I’ve been voting for 40 days now, and I just saw that you guys added a day 30 milestone, which is 1.5k, since I completed it earlier I couldnt get any rewards even though I voted for 40 days straight, can we compensate?
  7. “ For the Empire ! “ said Bartholomew Clinton as he raises his fist up
  8. MordredValois


    Bartholomew ( Bart ) Born at 1667 in the city of White Peak his first days of life was rough and cunning, he was sickly and weak presumed will die in coming days. But he rejected his fate and got better, stronger. in age 7. he was taller than most of the childdren at his age. As days passed by, he learned hard work from his father, he went fishing with him every day to the lake near the city. He learned how to catch big fish with small bait, he learned the delicacies of fishing. He worked at the fields, to earn some money, basically he worked in every opportunity he gets no matter the job is. He learned fighthing, brawling because he always got himself in trouble. As in everything he learnes, he became very good at fighthing. actually he proved himself to be a skilled fighter, he fought, worked, fought, worked. He seeked riches, after he became 16 he leaved town to go Pembrokshire. where he meat Count Edward by coincidence, he started to work for Suffolks. Not long after Edward took him in and gave a job, and a place to stay. He proved himself to be worthy of that generosity. He worked hard, fought hard and gained the favor of Count Edward, which made him a retinue.
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