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    An Uruk born and raised within the capital city of the Orcs, Krugmar, who carried out the duties he was made to do with typically blissful ignorance throughout his childhood. In his late teens, however, he ran away from home after being called weak by an Uruk who had easily beat him in a match of hand-to-hand sparring. Determined to become worthy to rematch with the Uruk, he began wandering aimlessly throughout the lands in search of any way to become stronger, from simply challenging himself to feats of strength such as lifting rocks that appeared heavy, to challenging any other wandering warriors he came across. This has caused him to fight and meet (usually in that order) many different shapes and sizes of warriors throughout the land, from sturdy dwarves to elven mages and many versatile humans. Throughout over a decade of dueling, he has never killed any who he challenged. Whenever he would come close, he would immediately stop fighting and insist that his opponent tell him how strong they thought he was and ask for advice. No matter how strong he becomes, he still doubts that he is strong enough to beat the Uruk who he met that day. The first encounter he ever had with humans was with a strong human Highlander named Lugh, who he greatly respected for his strength. Since they met, they have been friends in arms and rivals in strength.
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