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  1. -atreus would look to it and quickly sigh at all the battles-
  2. Hell ya! This is amazing
  3. My guy I just met you irp but have a good one man and don't stress, safe travels
  4. illian has no idea whats going on but rolls with it
  5. illian would curl into a ball and cry seeming how another of his family was lost on a side note it was good of you to pk props to you and an awesome char
  6. RP Name::illian lucis caelum MC Username:DanteZblue_potat Discord:DanteZblue_Potato#8984 What Nation Are You Affliated With?:none atm Why Do You Wish To Come?:illains friends are going What Skills Can You Bring?: Medical skills and good with a fishing rod
  7. IGN (MC Username):DanteZblue_potat Discord:DanteZblue_Potato#8984 Likes:rare weapons/rare gear Dislikes:junk misc/iron
  8. aedyn would look up and sigh whilst he would ready him self and train for yet another voidal battle
  9. Players/Group Requesting: talons grotto/DEVIL MAY CRY monster hunting guild What kind of Event are you looking for?: Horror spooky event where undead pirates rise from the water Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: 6:50 est 30th of oct Talons grotto Organizer's Discord: DanteZblue_Potato#8984/RealPeopleGames#2925
  10. It seems there is a lot more happening than I thought
  11. Dante is a highlander raised in a farfolk environment because his mother and brother were forced out of the town they were born in because of there fathers death then for baby Dante to be raised in a small town from some unknown origin sets out on his 18 birth day to explore the world beyond the small town
  12. mmm more or less don't know how to apply but I guess I will browse around and try to find whatever it is required of me I suppose 



    do I just wait?

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    1. SquakHawk


      the “apply” section at the top is where you apply.

      until then, you wait for a Community Team Member to handle your application. They usually get a hold of it in a few hours.

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