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  1. hit you with the Luv x @The King Of The Moon collab

  2. I Heard a Woman Weeping in the Woods By Luv A beachside manor stood just along the coast which resided on the edge of the dense woods. These woods, home to the Wood Elves of Axios, were dense and covered a large portion of the area. Urban legends spread of a ghost seen in those woods, along that beach. The lavishly dressed lady would always be depicted as frantic, but in some incidences described as mentally unstable. She couldn’t seem to remember her way back to that house. Ghosts are not real, right? There’s no way that someone who is dead could be… Not dead? If she really was a ghost, or even real, what happened to her? Why does she linger in those woods? Why does the walk the shoreline still? ((More of a creative writing post about the beginning of my character’s ghostly experience. The writing below comes from the perspective of my character’s soul trapped in a state of limbo and uncertainty.)) Desperation. The breath I cannot take burns me. It is smoke in my lungs and throat. As if I had inhaled fumes from a burning flame, and then held my lungs cruelly waiting. My mouth open, throat scorching, unable to pull in air. My chest, the horrible pain vibrating from my heart. My limbs and muscles refuse to move. I cannot breathe. I am choking. The heat roars to indescribable temperature. The stillness spreads to my chest and limbs. I want to scream, to tear at my face, to wail—but I am trapped. I cannot move. I cannot move. Lies. I must remember. I must remem— The house. I lost control. What have I done? I was so naive. The very things I wished for, formed in ranks against me. I made them. Robbed their mother from them. I was becoming the monster he wanted. I was known for my savagery, their mother was too. As I reaped, I reforged my motivations into a better approximation of your true shape. Desperately, I consumed more and more, hoping for the briefest echo of what I once was. Instead, like a fire, I burned too quickly, destroying everything in my wake. Selfishness. It was a beautiful day when I went to meet him. I hope the girls weren’t as excited about the trip as me? What if no one ever lets them out? Who is gonna keep Illidar company? I’m in this prison. The horror of that idea feeds my mania. The story of one, Kypris’dionne is ending. I can feel it. I have to get myself back up. I must… I must... I have no hands. I have no feet at the end of my legs. I can’t get up. The darkness binds me, like a coffin. No. I force myself upright. But I can’t know if it is working. I don’t know anything, only the darkness.
  3. Amorette Blondelle would frown as the news arrived to her. Lowering her gaze and shaking her head briskly would take up a moment of time before she spoke, having now collected her thoughts. “I pray, for the sake of the accused... For Dimaethor’s as well, I would hope no one in the Motherland would be so ungrateful as the turn on the man who finally got the flowers blooming... The audacity.”
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      sorry i’m retired. it’s just cappy doing the graveyard shift now

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  9. Hope everyone is having a better day than yesterday.

  10. I’d like to start off by giving a massive frown to those in Administration that tried to discredit the voices today by claiming we are “farming rep”. I would like to also further explain that myself, and many other victims, are not looking for medals and special treatment. We’re asking to be treated like people. I don’t feel safe with that sort of mentality leading the server. The lack of messages I’ve received from the Administration regarding my situation with Ski_king3 was heartbreaking. I was held at his foot by a leash and forced to do whatever he told me to. Many people knew this, but after he was banned I heard nothing. Not even an apology that one of your admins did this to me for years. I’m still harassed for the things he blackmailed me to do. I will not give out the information he knew that was used to blackmail me. Many of my friends are victims, it’s something that brought a lot of us together which is unfortunate. This has caused damage. These people are hurt. You discredit them by telling them they only speak for rep. Have you seen what happens when we make claims? We’re accused of lying or needing proof and we’re harassed. I don’t have screenshots of these vile men’s genitalia. I don’t have recorded conversations of them verbally harassing me. I don’t want to be reminded of those images or those words. I thank you for taking action towards one of the accused, that is a step in the right direction. Don’t stop there. Keep up with the community. Take further investigations into accusations. Listen to the voices of the players you “desperately hope to please and keep on the server”. I expect that the Administration will ignore this. I expect that no apology with be given. I expect that no action against the lack of humanity will be taken. Prove me wrong before the entire community tears you to shreds. Disclaimer: These are MY personal thoughts. I do not speak for other victims entirely. Majority of the Administration has me blocked on discord. So I’ll be posting it here. I don’t want your rep.
  11. a fellow creative wizard
  12. I would like to point out the following members of the community. Not for the gross misconduct we’ve lately seen the forums plagued with, but for genuinely doing their jobs, as either staff or fellow players, to make me feel like I’m not alone during these times and to make me feel like there is someone looking out for me. I cannot thank the following individuals enough. If you are their team leads – give them a raise.


    @TheAlphaMoist @Jenny_Bobbs @_Jandy_ @ZythusRequiem


    I feel during these dark times we should take time to thank those that help lift the burden. Thank you.

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      @TheAlphaMoist ngl i at first wasnt fond of u because of ur snarky comments but then i realized everyone has their reasons and we all move on from it eventually, ur a cool dude

    3. jdesarno


      We didn’t even get paid as staff. ‘^’

    4. ZythusRequiem


      Thank you so much for your kind words!

  13. As if the lore games weren’t bad enough... 

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