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  1. i’m glad we could make you smile. every moment with you made me smile.
  2. Fairnette Songbird would squeal at the sound of a festival, quickly gathering everything into her burlap purse and rushing towards her cart to begin planning her costume!
  3. Rhaenys Izalith looked through the note with an open jaw. She seemed to be genuinely shocked. Her expression turned into a fine mix of disgust, fear, and horror as she’d bit by bit listen to the responses of the parties exposed by this document. She’d rise to her feet and begin to shred the initial note left by Rosilya into a four big pieces and threw them into a box of sand that rested in the corner of the room. The black furred feline would tilt its head in confusion as she added foreign material to its’ litter box. Then turning to the window of her home where the multiple different responses could be heard through, she’d close it simply and lock it. She’d turn back to face away from the window letting out a vile wail. “And they were concerned about my purity?!”
  4. i was excited for the past 3 hours... final.
  5. hey, interested in joining the songbirds!!! lmk some info please? my discord is luv#2390


    can’t send you pms on the forums and don’t have you on discord sooooo

    1. WuHanXianShi14


      you’ll wanna speak to @Anonymous_Potato she leads our clan now!

  6. finally got around to fixing the redlines! working on other little things i missed in my rush to get this done, but bare with me.



  7. “I wish to provide my services to the Llyrian people by joining the Traceless Order. My name is Zel and I am a skilled mage. I hope to hear from you soon” -Z e l
  8. gonna be posting another off topic thread soon... stay tuned!


    also want to thank everyone who commented and left their opinion on the “witches, shamans, and ghouls – oh my!” post, i appreciate everything and i’m currently working on proper responses to everyone who commented, so also stay tuned for that.


    if you missed said post, here it is: 


  9. rip lotc discord 🙏🏻

  10. greetings everyone, luv here! so i’ve noticed lots of talk across the forums, various discords, etc that people are unhappy with the villainy rp, specifically dark magic, as of lately on the server. i have been spending some time gathering people of various different communities, primarily blood magic, to help fix this issue and to hopefully provide some enjoyable rp for all of you! please leave your problems with the current state of dark magic villainy, suggestions, comments, questions, etc down below! i’d love to hear from everyone regardless of the community you primarily play in as i feel like everyone’s opinion can prove useful moving forward. thank you and try to keep it respectful, please!
  11. Can I have your Snapchat?

    1. Luv


      of course! it’s sexilexi12

    2. Tato


      that's doxxing bro

  12. and i oop – 

  13. no disrespect of course, because i did read what you posted, i’m having a confusion... so you’re telling us the ET will no longer be doing personalize hunt events because you’d rather us do them ourselves? this seems like it could be abused in some regards and just seems lazy on the team’s part as i see very few ST online at once nowadays and haven’t seen a single event in quite sometime from a large number of those seasoned ET. as much as i like the idea of an area people can specifically go for events, it seems like a bad idea in terms of the same people showing up every time, getting to play “the hero”, and collecting the loot which has been a serious issue in the past. my point still stands that this seems lazy. however, i will give you and your team the benefit of the doubt and i will wait to see how this plays out over the next few months before completely trashing this concept and direction. hope it works out! good luck!
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