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  1. Luv

    To the Mali'aheral of Aegrothond

    Amorette Blondelle of the prestigious house Acal’elor would beam at the news! Running to grab her servant to furiously shake at her sleeve. “Did you hear the news? Our glorious elchihi has come under new leadership! I cannot wait to meet him!”
  2. Luv

    [Rewrite] Necromancy, Fourth Generation.

    darkstalkers would’ve been fine to add as paleknights were shelved and dreadknights removed entirely. i will give my further feedback later so... i guess reserved.
  3. that’s fine! this is no place for petty drama and accusations. we can simply take it up with the GM team and leave this here. any FMs that see this debate i request that you leave it up as it’s evidence towards the real reason i was removed from the ET last time, many thanks.
  4. were they as clear as the /seen on me that indicated i wasn’t on the server? or was it as clear as the seens i left your unrequested and borderline disgusting pictures over snapchat on?
  5. now, believe it or not i’ve grown to value your opinion. but this isn’t correct. i don’t know where you got this information from or proof, but i’d more than LUV for you to post it on this app if you are so certain of it happening. my last time i was on the ET i was working under @Skythe one who commented above. i recently lost my grandmother upon joining the team and i needed a break, instead of doing any communication with me he just removed me and told everyone that i abused my pex but there are plenty of other reasons that i can discuss with the ET lead on why i really think he removed me.
  6. as an ex-kharadeen i totally support haria/caliphate/kardasi til the end... let THEM have this. rip amina kharadeen-staunton
  7. free my boy heero

  8. Luv

    ultimate actor application

    another +1
  9. Username Kahloola Discord luvvy#0001 Timezone I live in EST, but I basically don't sleep so. What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Sutica, Gladewynn, and Haeuln'or (for races). Magically I RP primarily with the Dark Mages and newly joining the Druid Community. Staff History AT Manager Event Actor (twice technically, only was able to serve time once however) Wiki Team Proof Reader Lore Team (with the new roles I don't know which I'd have been equal to, probably Librarian?) Forum Moderator Ban History Yes I have been banned for one month for selling explicit items ICly and for a week because of RPing magic on a PK'd character. Further explanation can be given for both. Blacklist History: Never received a staff blacklist. I did recently receive a magic blacklist which ended halfway through December. Why do you want to join the Event Team? The last time I had been accepted to the team I was never given the chance to do what I reapplied for (which I definitely will explain in private as to not stir the pot). I wish to bring back the ideas of smaller groups of players being able to live out fun adventures from monster hunts to searches for buried treasure. I find that too many large scale events occur where the same few players get to play the "hero" and I find that it discourages other players from wanting to participate because they are consistently thrown aside for the same few characters. Why should we accept you onto the Team? It's been quite a long time since I've felt a genuine tug at myself to make a change in something on LoTC. I do not want to bash the current team or any of its members as I know they all do their best otherwise they'd not be on the team anymore, but I've noticed a lack in the "little things" to put it simply. All events are grand scale multiple time event lines that usually cater to specific groups of people and those same people receive the same types of rewards. I genuinely wish to help the team in whatever way I can, even if it's not doing events and more so just shooting off ideas and suggestions to other members whilst helping with planning (and if I could build other than dirt homes, I'd help there too)! My first run on the team was not great and I really didn't know what I was doing and my head was NOT in the right place nor was I, to be honest, mature enough as a person to actually handle working with so many players so often and with such a large team of people many of which I'd never interacted with prior. I really wish to make the differences I wanted to from the start and help make everyone on the server feel included or like they can experience the same as anyone else here. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I explained it above, my apologies should probably read all the questions ahead of time. I wish to create more dungeon style events where people can happen upon the location, gather a party, and undergo the event. I would also love to help in more large scale events playing as your lesser goons or occasional boss fights. What makes a good event? Participation is a big thing for me when it comes to event nowadays. In the recently event lines I've seen and in the almost extinct smaller events I see the same few players getting to play the leader/hero and walk away with the trophy. I don't like this and personally would like to include players new and old while giving everyone the chance to experience this for their characters and develop them to their desires. Organization would be the second biggest bit for me as it is impossible to run a successfully decent event without a bit of prep. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: The old application format listed events based on the amount of players present for each event so that’s how I’ll be depicting them here, moving from smallest (one player) to the largest events I feel comfortable with being 10 to 12 players at most – middle scenario being anywhere in between. Scenario One: I personally really wish that the AT Monks would’ve been better used and fleshed out to do their intended purpose. For events regarding new players I really would love to do interesting and unique characters pertaining to the area in which the new player is looking to live that can guide them to their destination. For example, if someone is looking to live in Gladewynn then I would perhaps have an Aspectist Wood Elf guide them safely to their destination whilst telling them a bit about the city and its natives. Wouldn’t require too much preparation just a long night of skinning. Scenario Two: The second idea I had would be made more specifically to target an individual player who is looking for personal character development. Playing a wandering woman with some sort of familiar, very witchy, very tarot. Pulling from a crowd in a city to call a man or woman away to give them a sort of psychic reading regarding the situation they are dealing with ICly. Taking a few days prior to speak to the chosen player and acquire as much information as possible (sometimes even speaking to other players OOCly who might be involved) to gather a realistic and actually beneficial event for the chosen. Since they would be pulled aside in a public place that would allow other players to see this event and personally request it with me! Scenario Three: I am a big fan of event sights that are placed throughout the map for players to find and interact with. Now, this might be a little crazy, but the idea of space in LoTC has always been something i thought would be really cool and to my knowledge has never really been explored. For this idea if I could go approval then a rock, or meteor, would land upon the planet with visual effects similar to that of some sort of magical artifact. Upon being discovered by player(s) and depending on their reaction to the object would obviously change how the event would go. Greedy or malicious intent with the object could lead to a more sinister and PVP style event while a more scientific and research based approach could lead to various different outcomes and “loot” to be collected for later uses.
  10. Luv

    ultimate actor application

    so not only did you copy me but you also lied..? i thought you were playing FORTNITE WITH THE BOYS???????? +2 -1
  11. la flame keep makin’ fire

    1. HurferDurfer1


      bring the pain girl!

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      We live in a society

  12. i miss my girlfriend come back to me

    1. Ysabelet


      What do you need from me this time

  13. Luv

    Lhindir's leaving post

    my favorite ❤️ i’ll miss you so much, but i’ll be following in your footsteps soon enough™. wish you the best and hope to still hear from you on discord or something! eileen will miss beo dearly. lhindir was kypris’ best husband tbh.
  14. i got hot sauce in my bag, swag.