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  1. @Gamma O H MY GOD
  2. Zephonim, the Poison Ailed A better formatted version of the lore in the form of a Google Doc can be found here! Creation Physical Description Mental Description Abilities General Red lines/Restrictions Citations
  3. Certainly in love with this lore. Miss my Naztherak, but this adds a way to mix elements of both Alchemy and Naztherak while removing anything concrete so that if Naztherak is to return, it can cohesively move in the same direction. Lovely work as usual, Mordu! +1
  4. As someone who’s had Seer back when it was just a Feat and still has it as such I’ll add into this discussion. In terms of not fitting into the theme of Azdrazi, it almost entirely does. Azdrazi are meant to soak in knowledge and Dragons themselves are meant to be beings of all kinds of knowledge – Malghourn with Blood Magic, Mordring with the undead, etc. If anything these abilities really shouldn’t be strictly locked to one magic as there are plenty of magics that would be allowed to do things like that AND Seer only just recently changed up its dynamic to be this type of aesthetic and have these abilities. They aren’t ideas new to Seer, I even tried to write in the stuff regarding Languages into Frost Witches and it was met with positive LT response.
  5. The Dragon’s Greed Have You in Need of a Shopping Spree? 16th of the Sun’s Smile, 1773 To all Eldari within the Pale of Aldemar, Hope you’re all having a lovely day, or night, it’s me - Amorette Blondelle. Sometimes I find myself in a predicament where I just simply don’t know where to find the goods that I need. Personally, I like to make sure my mina goes to someone respectable. It also needs to be worth those mina, because I might think you’re super sweet, but if you should’ve been a dentist then I won’t pretend you're a candyman. Luckily in Tor Elder, we have many reputable businesses that I have personally gone and made purchases through - and I’m here to recommend them to you! Lady Amorette’s personal list of must stop shops: The Smirking Ker’s Trading Company Unique and well-crafted weapons and some of the most delectable sweets that won’t come with punishment pounds. Thale’s Blacksmith I’m not much for armor or big heavy tools, but I know both my dear family friends will vouch they’re goods made for a man! Ra’Muja’s Stand You never really know what to expect, sometimes it’s exactly what you didn’t know you were looking for, and sometimes it’s a learning experience that weird stuff like that actually exists. Vethrai General Store Everything from earring backs to beautiful hand painted chamber pots, the Vethrai make sure they provide the highest quality one-stop-shop in the realm. Yours Truly,, Amorette Blondelle
  6. Amorette Blondelle smiled softly at her gaze fell down upon the missive. Looking out the window of the estate she’d see Keledan looking out at the pond from the back porch. Tugging some hair behind her ear she would rise quickly to her feet and scurry off to find her best dress yet!
  7. The Far’anthir Prelude The Far’anthir Along the eastern coast of the Isle of Avir rests the Far’anthir, a mountain range strength from the furthest southern point to the most northern point of the coast. These mountains are known to be extremely treacherous to traverse for the novice hiker and the wildlife can pose a threat to anyone foolish enough to venture too far from the trails. The Far’anthir is mostly guarded and inhabited by the Izketoth and Wevtoli tribes. Both skilled and fierce warriors, they can often be very protective of their lands, and do not take kindly to those who show up without proper notice. Speaking in mostly Far-Tongue, these people are often hard to communicate with, luckily House Acal’elor has spent many years alongside scholars from House Thylsealaes, learning their language to maintain positive relations. OOC: Definitely wanted to expand upon the Isle of Avir lore I did with @MunaZaldrizoti, but wanted to see how this was perceived. Stay tuned maybe?
  8. Wrote another story telling post, update to Frozen & Fading 🤍 google doc link for better formatting found in the spoiler ~ La, la, lala, la la. La, la, lada lada. The soft wind blew through the trees putting together a sort of sympathy that made it difficult to really hear anything else. A pale hand pressed against the bark of one of the adformention trees, wrapped in a black and torn lace sleeve. The matted and curled mess of black locks were tossed over the savage looking woman’s shoulder as she’d press an ear against the wood and narrowed her sickly green gaze. La, la, lala, la la. Her eyes danced around the woods before her as her right brow slightly arched in confusion as she’d peel her face from the tree and try her best to look for the source of the singing. It wasn’t the leaves, she never knew greenery to act like sirens. Lifting either end of her torn black gown, she’d carefully step deeper into the woods - her bare feet barely carrying enough weight to stand the fallen twigs on the forest floor. The singing grew louder in her head as she’d advance. La, la, lada lada. Her free hand held a gnarly looking wand which she’d raise defensively out before her as her wild eyes went wide and sweeped every possible cranny of the woods around her. A small pond came into view, and she was certain she'd find the vocalist somewhere near. It had been quite some time since she’d seen anyone, frankly. Not even her beloved cat. The woman peered from behind the base of a tree upon the small girl kicking her feet about at the water’s edge. She couldn’t be much older than ten, Scáthach thought to herself. The girl would turn her head towards the setting sun, looking completely away from her now. The witch’s eyes narrowed and her brows furrowed in disbelief at the sight of an arrow wound garnished with bloodied blonde hair revealed itself. She’d definitely gone off the rails, poor Scáthach, but she was trying her best to keep it together. What else would you expect of someone who only ever sees the ghosts?
  9. Amorette beams as the notice makes it way to her! Overjoyed, she’d begin to work on her outfit she’d be wearing on such occasion!
  10. The future is dark and full of terrors: A loud squeak echoed through the empty halls as the large wooden door slowly opened from the gentle touch of the silver haired maiden who stood before them. With soft steps she’d make her way inside the dilapidated ruins of what was once her home on the Isle of Avir. Her wide eyes scanned the dark room lit only by the full moon which would shine through the missing parts of the ceiling. Outstretching her arm would cause a soft wave of heat to erupt before conjuring a small fireball which illuminated the room - the shadows rushed to find somewhere to hide, all around her. Raising her head towards the sky she’d soon realize the soft snowfall. With a slow exhale her breath would become visible leaving her lips. Amorette moved more so into the room before turning her gave to a throne of sorts that sat on the other end of the room. A man dressed in black nearly head to toe, aside from his similarly silver hair, would be seated hunched over to his side upon the seat. Narrowing her gaze upon the figure she’d take a slow advance forward, trying her best to ignore the shadowy figures moving around in the corners of her vision, she knew they weren’t real. Making her way to the steps leading up she would gasp at the realization of who was seated before her; the rotting and festering corpse of her late brother, Lucian. A strong and cold wind blew out the flame in her hand as she’d raise her hands to make an attempt at shielding her face. The body slightly twitched before jolting upright, the sound of crunching bones echoed loudly in her ears as her brother raised a single finger to point at her. “Is it terrifying?” called out the voice of her brother which seemed to reverb and echo with distortions and crackling fire. “I fear no evil.” Amorette responded with a stern yell as the snow in the wind began to cling upon her form, spreading across the surface of her skin leaving behind a greyish pigment. A bright blue glow would emit from her form before she’d turn away and slam her eyes shut. The sound of crunching bones echoed through her ears and as fear roared through her vein she’d make an attempt to run back from the steps, but slipped into the snow. Upon landing she’d find that it wasn’t cold at all anymore. Everything was quiet. Slowly opening her eyes would reveal the same place, but now covered over in a thin layer of ice. Her grey hands slowly lifted her up to better look around her surroundings. Footsteps in crunching snow were all she heard before a female dressed in a beautiful black and red gown stepped out from the shadows, her silver blonde hair shining in the moonlight. She’d shake her head disappointingly upon Amorette, and she sure did look just like her too. “We aren’t safe, sister. Hide behind those walls of Silver or by the side of a fearsome dragon… Nothing will save you.” Would briskly shake her head as she’d slam her eyes shut once more. Making an attempt to rise to her feet she’d gasp as a sharp pain met with her throat. Her eyes shot open to meet the eyes of another familiar boy, Alwin stood before her with tears in his eyes. Her hands rose to her neck as she’d fall into his arms, all she could hear were his faint sobs - as if there was some sort of wall between them. He continued to sob over her form as she’d make any attempt she could to move, but all failed. The agony of the wound on her throat felt like fire as the taste of blood drowned her. Soon his form shuttered as his pupils expanded outwards, the surface of his eyes now pitch black. “If only I had taken control, I could have saved her. I could have saved us all.” Whispered Alwin, but the voice was not his to speak. The same demonic distortions in Lucian’s voice altered this one. “H-Haelun?” Amorette managed to pathetically cry up at him. A state of panic rushed through her, but she was unable to escape Alwin’s embrace. “Your mother was such a pathetic host… Her desperation for Sinhat’s approval was not only beneficial, but quite hysterical. She should have known by then a girl like her wasn’t meant to be loved. It just wasn’t going to fly with me.” The familiar voice cackled from its husk, her brother then dropped her as he’d rise to his feet. His black eyes menacingly looked down upon her. Still frozen in place she’d look back up to him as he’d turn to walk out of her field of view. The sounds of crumbling stone and crackling fire roared around her. Her form barely followed her guidance as she’d try her best to get up, only falling onto her back once more. Bright lights came from all directions as the smoke billowed into the air. Her heart beating hard in her chest nearly drowned out the sound of fire engulfing the building she lay in, but one last familiar voice faintly called out to her. She couldn’t quite make it out the first time, but it called again this time much louder. “Amorette, ******* run! I’ll be right behind you!” Were the last words she’d heard from her Aunt Illidar as she stayed back to fight off the men who’d had been hunting them. She did as she was told, ran as fast as she could, and waited at the river. Illidar never came back. With a violent gasp, Amorette would shoot upright in her bed. Beads of sweat soaked her face and her heavy breathing took a moment to dismiss as her gaze peered about the room, her new home in Tor Eldar. It was just a bad dream, she’d thought… but, she could’ve sworn it was still light out when she’d arrived at his estate.
  11. first!!! teeehee, it’s good to be back. i’ll give my thoughts laterrrrrr
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