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  1. Luv

    Frozen and Fading

    Here I am again crying over this one...
  2. Will give more explanation behind my support, but for now, I hope this +1 will suffice?
  3. Would totally like to add that my phrasing of “useless magic” probably came across super ******* rude and that wasn’t my intention! I was speaking in terms of practical use and spell list (regardless of however many combative or non-combative spells there are). Mean that for the price it wasn’t worth it, at least not in my opinion. My other points, hopefully being taken constructively and just as my personal opinion, still stand! Apologies Archi if I sounded like a *****, just reading back through this and was like “yikes that comes across pretty rude”.
  4. This. Not super familiar with he said she said, or what they didn’t say, but nothing was really all the visually different from High Elves at all nor was I ever really faced with any sort of defining culture that set them apart from just being liberal High Elves; which you can just be without needing to be a whole subrace. Yes, the argument of Heartlander, Highlander, and Farfolk can be met with argument, but the point being made is that there are three distinct cultures that are vastly different from one another and are also met with apparent visual distinguishing factors. The point that’s trying to be made is that there isn’t anything in the visuals or strong enough unique culture that would be enough to really classify them as their own race from the Wood Elves, High Elves, and Dark Elves.
  5. Addition: 1000% believe Shade should be RP’d as a the CURSE it was intended to be. Similarly to the Frost Witches, someone should not WANT to be a Shade – an unwilling subject to at the mercy of their demon and Coven. Hell, make a list of 20 or so active roleplay traits to choose from that are all pretty awful or problematic to choose from and with each tier they develop a new defective trait. Don’t use basic things like “he’s insane xd” or “she basically becomes Harley Quinn”, but things like addiction to alcohol or lore approved drugs that has become a physical dependency, insomnia which has both physical and mental drawbacks under that umbrella, or mania for those that like to rp the more “i’m crazy teehee” aesthetic that is in fact realistic when done properly. I, as a former Shade player, have never agreed with the 5 slot behemoth that Shade has become with the little to no visible drawbacks for the rest of the community that made something of that size fair. Shade, in my eyes, is the magic under the Dark Arts umbrella that is meant to be the “combat magic” where using things like freeform tendrils(I suppose you could keep Caliginous Flames and minor environmental adjustments such as shadows, the lighting, etc to make things spooky) that were quite the powerful weapon in any close quarters scenario when defending themselves from those who’ve discovered their true nature. However, a GOOD Shade would have known that is the only time their magic should be used for combat, to ensure that their secret remains as such. The Shade’s entire goal is to eventually take the host body for itself, and that means they cannot get killed – so being stupid or careless at any point could mean endgame. Perhaps keep the PK clause? If they chose to not PK then the Shade simply is PK’d and they lose the MA?
  6. I like some of the drawbacks and downsides you proposed, but you mean to tell me this near absolutely useless magic outside of self roleplay development won’t also be circled jerked into obscurity? I understand that a lot of the people on this server think that their million layer onion characters “selfless” behavior to care about the character development of others at the sacrifice of themselves is fine and dandy – but, keep that for the Event Team. I don’t see why this needs to be a whole magic, especially an absolute breakdown of the most traditional Shade concepts. Shade magic NEEDS TO: lose Shade Gems lose its endgame(s) get stripped of its healing capabilities both major and minor for people that believe rping by yourself is providing some elevated service to LoTC; GREATLY increase the idea that the shade is a separate identity and personality from its host, another character. I personally always liked shade x other magic collaborations, make it 3 slots and base a lot of the magical roleplay around the new aesthetic and corrupted nature of those other 2 magics? tier 5 shades or shade fathers/mothers are the end result of an untreated problem, the shade has now snuffed out anything that resembled the person from before – this means loss of things like memories, but not their racial curse or physical illnesses. Just some ideas from someone who played a shade for quite a while and has actually been considering helping the current community with it if they were interested. I’m not totally “active”’ anymore due to my IRL circumstances, but I’m definitely invested in the Shade Lore and story as I am the Witches, so I hope this helps!
  7. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Sniitchery )) Name: Amorette-Blondelle Acal’elor Vote for Sohaer: ( ) Anethra Uradir ( ) Eredael Rhenaer
  8. Baby, please I’m not one of these hoes.. Chasing dreams and diamond rings so don’t call me no more! @Tsuyose

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