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  1. doin’ the lord’s work, I can’t BEE-lieve it.
  2. I’m bringing home a baby bumblebeeeeee 🐝

    1. manicfairy


      Girl but why are you such a baddie?

  3. This art brings back so many memories sorry I’m tagging y’all but really my favorite people @Jake!@gab @Taylor@Ventai The kids of America 🥺

  4. This! This is what I came to see! +10, 10, 10s across the board
  5. “That must be Orcish for Larihei... Seems they’ve traded their integrity for street slang.” Ellanaerys peered at the missive and lowered her tiny spectacles down the bridge of her nose. Shooing away Vivec with one of her hands immediately as he’d enter the living room — He tends to be quite distracting.
  6. It’s really messed up in the city, and sorry I had to add to the body count 🥶

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    2. Luv


      @Urara I think I’m so cold that they might have to throw me out 

    3. Luv


      @Nozoawyk about drill

    4. Nozoa


      @LuvIdk I like drill

  7. “Perhaps we should send a care package of mina! It’s so unfortunate that our silver brothers and sisters are trapped somewhere so... third-world. They’d surely appreciate some financial assistance with their travel fees.” Ellanaerys beamed!
  8. sorry, idk what my responses were and i won't explain them. 

  9. at [redacted] & [redacted] for enriching me with this roleplay experience, can't wait to see it come back!!!!!!??????????
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