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  1. New "fast travel" can be taken to the gates of Haelun’or from the boat by taking the Wyrssa! It looks a little something like this! Cute, right? This big guy will help you get from the boat to the gates of Haelun'or quickly and safely.
  2. The results for the election are in. Congratulations to everyone that has won the election. The following positions of the council have been filled: Maheral - Andria Fi'talareh The Maheral serves as the cultural leader and a source of wisdom; they are selected by the previous Maheral instead of by vote. Okarir'mali - Cinh'llytn Len'irrin 1.) Guidance. Guides the fellow servants in their duties and aids them as required. 2.) Greeting. The Okarir’mali welcomes all new citizens to Haelun’or and guides them according to their needs. 3.) Interaction. Interacts intensely with the citizenry of Haelun’or, ensuring new and old citizens are appropriately engaged. 4.) Service. Serves as a referral point for all citizens. 5.) Housing. The Okarir’mali also houses new arrivals and makes sure all citizens meet the requirements for citizenship. 6.) Documentation. It is the Okarir’mali who may deny and accept citizen applications, a duty shared with the Okarir’san, Okarir’leyun and Maheral. 7.) Lands. The Okarir’mali also presides over all land within the borders of Haelun’or assuring that it is well maintained and orderly. 8.) Example. It is the Okarir’mali who serves as the example for the Tilruir of the lesser elven districts so they might know how to effectively administer their people. The Okarir’mali may also guide these Tilruir so they better achieve their purpose. Okarir'karir - Vuln'llyt Fi'talareh 1) Event planning. The job of the Okarir'karir is to plan event such as festivals and celebrations for the people of elcihi. Okarir'lin - Tennallar Ilmoriel 1) Housing. The Okarir’lin is in charge of keeping housing in check. They will be in charge of assigning homes. 2) Documenting. The Okarir’lin is in charge of keeping documentation of who lives in what home, shops, etc. 3) Caretaking. They will be tasked with assuring that the people and shop-owners are kept happy and their needs are met, should they have an issue about their home or shop plot they come to the Okarir’lin. Okarir'indor - Cenwall Maeyr'onn 1.) Eternality. The Okarir’indor holds authority over the library, its management and the dissemination or lack thereof of all tomes within the library. 2.) Development. The Okarir’indor works to develop the pursuit of scientific research in Haelun’or so that the maher’sae of the maher’sae hiylun’ehya may be fully developed and pushed to new limits. 3.) Negotiation. The Okarir’indor has permission to negotiate with outside legal bodies about any affairs regarding the schools and colleges of Haelun'or or its colonies. 4.) Protection. It is the Okarir’indor who also ensures magic is only taught and used by pure citizens within the home of the mali’aheral. It is to the Okarir’tir the Okarir’indor shall refer any unlawful magic users. Okarir'tir - Carvalon Maeyr'onn 1.) Implementation. The Okarir'tir implements the Silver Laws of Haelun'or and the wills of the Hieal'thilln through his/her actions. 2.) Mitigation and Minimization. The Okarir’tir attempts to minimize the chaos caused by impure and lesser races in the home of the mali’aheral. 3.) Justice. The Okarir’tir is charged with writing up appropriate punishments for violations and ensures such documents are up to date in the public domain and library. Okarir'san - Ysmay Onenna 1.) Documentation. The Okarir’san writes council minutes, summarizing each moment of the Hieal’thilln. 2.) Dissemination. The Okarir’san releases these minutes in the public library for perusal each time. 3.) Communication. The Okarir’san also communicates with all mali’aheral through the public domain, making sure they are content and passing their grievances on to the appropriate Okarir. 4.) Advertisment. It is the duty of the Okarir’san to publish all events and news on the public domain to make sure mali’aheral are ready for such events so they might attend. 5.) Documentation. It is the Okarir’san who may deny and accept citizen applications, a duty shared with the Okarir’mali, Okarir’leyun and Maheral. Okarir'lliran - Varen'thal Len'irrin 1.) Documenting. The Okarir’lliran keeps a record of alliances and hostilities available in the public domain. 2.) Dissemination. The Okarir’lliran provides copies of all signed treaties for perusal in the public libraries. 3.) Advising. The Okarir’lliran advises the Sohaer and Hieal’thilln on beneficial alliances and political maneuvers. 4.) Communication. The Okarir’lliran assures relations with other factions are maintained by sending out frequent convoys and messages. 5.) Protection. The Okarir’lliran protects elves from unfair prosecution beyond the Silver Walls of Blessed Haelun’or. Okarir'leyun - Cypris Dae’vonn 1.) Patronage. The Okarir’leyun acts as a patron to innkeepers, engineers, actors and musicians assuring that the fine arts are developed in Haelun’or. 2.) Providing. The Okarir’leyun assures that gourmet foods and exotic wines are available in the inn for mali’aheral consumption. 3.) Construction. The Okarir’leyun makes sure living spaces of various tiers are available for the mali’aheral. 4.) Maintenance. The Okarir’leyun makes sure the city is well maintained and appropriately developed for the mali’aheral. 5.) Eradication. The Okarir’leyun endeavours to eradicate homelessness within fourteen (telu vailu) kariman of its emergence. 6.) Construction. It is the duty of the Okarir’leyun to appoint and oversee building teams for the modification of the city. 7.) Modification. The Okarir’leyun makes sure no modifications to living spaces are conducted and any modifications are removed with haste within seven (laier) kariman. 8.) Documentation. It is the Okarir’leyun who may deny and accept citizen applications, a duty shared with the Okarir’mali, Okarir’san and Maheral. Ay’Larihei MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed: Andria Fi'talareh, Maheral Cinh'llytn Len'irrin, Okarir’mali Vuln'llyt Fi'talareh, Okarir'karir Tennallar Ilmoriel, Okarir’lin Cenwall Maeyr'onn, Okarir’indor Carvalon Maeyr'onn, Okarir’tir Ysmay Onenna, Okarir’san Varen'thal Len'irrin, Okarir’lliran Cypris Dae’vonn, Okarir’leyun
  3. Ilene is certain she'd kill him, though, she wonders how he knew what she was thinking. She wonders how she knows what he's thinking. #nometa
  4. Ysmay hopes this rogue impure witch hunter tries her, she'll put his head on a spike.
  5. hey guys it's me, maddy bieorgy, can anyone tell me who i ask for necromancy??? thnx xoxo ur fav e-gril

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      its not funny anymore

    3. Slayy ◡̈

      Slayy ◡̈

      uh okay, no we aren't causing drama 

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      it's funny again

  6. I'm curious as to see what was 'exposed' and what our 'group intentions' were. As stated by many parties prior I had asked for the situation with @Aelsioln and the gate to stop numerous times.
  7. Did you read it? It's the 15th what is the relevance to this? FOR ANYONE WISHING FOR A TL;DR LOOK HERE: Artifacts made from out of two humans Lifeforce makes a parasite out of the artifact Someone is given said parasite and because of this, they can mold their flesh and such to make weaponry. Can mold other people's flesh to do healing, but more like a bandaid. Can give themselves more flesh to mold with some drawbacks. Shakaar are ghoul type creatures, basically, Frankenstein went wrong and can be made into constructs. Hives are nests for Shakaar. Itriv are basically cannibalistic familiars and are made in the hives. You're welcome.
  8. Lenaylu reads over a post before swiftly ripping it down. "They fear what they do not understand, we protect people from the monstrous forces of the dark and rogue voidal mages... Ungrateful."
  9. So I'd like to specify this with I was NEVER told I was going to be ban reported up until about maybe two hours ago when I approached him myself about it. 1) The post wasn't a plot to have you to PK, I posted what happened in RP because I found the story interesting. I am allowed to post and was UNINFORMED of the rule stating I would have to specify you weren't PKing. I will be reposting it as I am allowed to and have permission from an FM stating I must simply clear some things up. 2) I have no qualms with you or your player base, that is a stretch to say such as well as I have never once performed villainy RP in your city that was not voided by a GM. I respected that we were no longer friends and I therefore left you alone IRP and your player base IRP. 3) I don't really understand the third claim in the first paragraph, my character has qualms with you because you banished her for being a dark mage when you would have no knowledge of such IC. The amount of time it took me to get around to finding you one on one in character is irrelevant to the situation. When I came to attack you and kill you last night IC I was alone, there was no one else with me. The only people I remember being present was @Aelsioln and another player I cannot remember. 4) You have been told my pronouns numerous times during verbal calls, I have learned to grow up a bit and move past people misgendering me on accident. However, when we were arguing OOCly you use that term "him/her/it" as a way to insult me not because you were generally confused. I have numerous eye-witnesses to attest to that. Context clues, a thing we all learn in I believe grade school, would be able to tell us that I am correct in this situation. Now to finally wrap this all up, I did not encourage the situations that went on today, I even messaged that to @Aelsioln when I logged on, but she was busy so our conversation never happened. I even told the people in my discord, the ones you've ban reported, that I didn't support this and that I wasn't going to be apart of it. Now if you'd like to have a sit-down and talk this out with a GM I am more than happy to do so, as I once called you my friend and would like to think you would be willing to solve such on a civil level. Sorry if this is wordy and strange to read, just wanted to get my voice out as I am being accused of starting this which was NOT the case. Hope we can clear it up and feel free to @ me or message me with any other concerns or questions.
  10. Why was my RP post hidden?  

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      So I was given 0 warning and no explanation by ANY FMs as of now, and it's been almost an hour. 

    4. Luv


      All cleared up, sorry for the confusion! Will be making the proper adjustments and replacing the post shortly.

  11. Hell yea
  12. if I don't get some more dark magic tonight i'm gonna burn this server to the ground @Slayy ◡̈

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      Sir K Andruske

      Silly geese. Frosties only burn things when its them at the stake. 

    3. Slayy ◡̈

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      We shall stake you, mystic magic mojo man!

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      Sir K Andruske

      Bleep bloop I am de peep doop

  13. Ysmay Onenna would look over the parchment briefly, shaking her head. "A change in her surname? I was never informed..." she'd frown.
  14. First woot woot good ****
  15. This is something that should be brought to the MAT privately. Not something to be posted publically because you have a personal issue with the player receiving the magic OOCly. Judging by your verbal reaction on Discord and such has led me to believe such is the case. There was a valid RP reason for this to occur, and so he received the magic. If you wish for an elaboration feel free to message me on Skype. This could've easily been messaged to him directly, you are not his teacher there for any issues regarding his progression or mistakes in the magic are none of your concern. These are my thoughts and I shall not be reply to anything else on this thread, as that is not what this is for. XOXO