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    "I never resist an invitation to dance."
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    My Address is Hollywood
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    ~ Farrahrized
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    ~ Kypris'dionne

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  1. Gonna miss you bud!
  2. Coming from you, I'm fine.
  3. Hells yea
  4. Ya ya ya ya ya
  5. I am an Old Hat now

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    2. grimmothy


      You're still a certified stinky **** in my heart babe <3

      didn't realize it would censor s l u t

    3. Luv


      @Gucko Thank god you're only gold VIP!!!!!!!!

    4. Slayy


      Shhhhhh OLD HAT OMG I thought ya meant old 

  6. Kypris'dionne gets her hand on one of the letters, looking off to her cousin with a frown. She'd soon crumble up the letter and sent it into the lit fireplace before her. "Guess the big move is a no-go."
  7. Come back to me

  8. Kypris'dionne trembles in fear.
  9. "Litty" says Estelle Ruric.
  10. Omg look its the golden gate bridge

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    2. Luv


      @Bad Guy ShadyWas the a threat we all know you won't follow through on???????

    3. Bad Guy Shady

      Bad Guy Shady

      oooo you got me seething now >:\\

    4. Appetency


      What does this mean

  11. Not sure, they don't remove actual problematic posts but can remove comments from people who have been publicly known to be MY LACKY, my GOD DAMN subservient. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/378-application-team/
  12. You're a little bit country, I'm a little bit garbage. Because while I reign supreme overlord manager of the AT, only MY people will be welcome. Idk what that means but like I am a mountain biking vampire witch from the future and I just want to pick the side that protects my rights.
  13. Yes, you should be dethroned, you're horrible. Idek you but hi You ask for problems. Go write another leaving post.