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  1. you’re just jealous because i have seven kids and three baby daddies. 

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      That's hardly anything to be proud of

    4. Dunstan


      Hotdog down a hallway?

  2. tell me why we go to war, too many traps.

  3. why is everything on my profile listed as “array”?

  4. Saturn, Moon, Earth, and Mars (Mars)
    NASA takeoff with the rocket (NASA)

  5. sorry to any of you who have me on discord or snapchat that received explicit photographs of my 14 year old body. gotta love getting jumped by a bull-dyke and her pet angler fish in drag. i can’t get into either of them currently, only my discord but it’s still being a bit messy.

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      what is this server coming to this is 4chan tier

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      @Kardel do YOU want his number?

    4. Kardel


      yes send let him get a taste of some monky ****

  6. walk my way, i’ll share the things that you want

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      will u tho?

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    1. D4NNA


      Isn’t it strange that we are listening to the voices of the dead?


    1. J33xt101


      Yes Luv? Something to say? 

  9. IC: Eileen cackles. OOC: Luv gags.
  10. batsy, batsy, batsy..
  11. The sound of rushing water filled her ears as the once dark and evil place she could only hope to forget grew closer to her. Coming in from behind like a tidal wave, no shore to swim to. The current’s loud and ravenous waves were deafening as the sorceress stood with her back to the incoming flood - all she could feel was a horrific pain in her chest. The water suddenly stopped behind her, all she could see before her was darkness - so dark. A cold shiver ran down her spine as the the sound of running water began again. Looking down to her boots, Eileen saw herself standing ankle deep in water on all sides. She looked down and to her left only to see the body of a woman laying face down in the water. She looked familiar. “Lrahmondun… darûkûrz kalkoth.” Would echo a sarcastic and devilishly taunting tone from within the darkness before Eileen. When the words broke the silence it made the constant sound of running water pause, but only briefly. The witch tried to speak out into the darkness, but her open mouth only released bubbles of air which floated up and above her - the words escaping her throat were gargled and suppressed as if under many feet of water. Within the darkness before her a single pair of neon glowing yellow eyes would be the only thing visible, soon the darkness enveloping her surroundings again - the sound of raging waves nearly deafening. The only thing louder than the crashing ocean was the word that bounced around the darkness around her; “Kazlirt.” A white haired elfess sat upon her knees in the water only meters before Eileen. The elfess’ eyes would be dark and blank - empty. The woman looked about her surroundings, it seemed like she didn’t have a choice. The sound of the rushing water grew louder with each moment wasted by the sorceress. She’d bend down before the young elfess’ frame and looked directly into the empty voids, soon only to be filled with the all too familiar glow.
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