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  1. I really like all of this. I’m happy to see Necromancy, perhaps, finally have some fresh ideas and direction in terms of the decision making. Definitly miss the old days of seeing Necromancers slithering arouns in all black and up to no good… +1
  2. Dear Applicant, Wonderful, I’m happy to inform toy that your application has been reviewed and you have now moved onto the second step of the process! I will be contacting you in the coming days with a follow up letter which will detail the time, place, and date of, not only our first time meeting one another, but your in person interview. I look forward to meeting you, and I can’t wait to see what you wear in your first impression… Salaam alaykum, Nataliya Kharadeen-Martell
  3. The Circle of Sorceresses Est. 12th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 41 of the Second Age Founded by Athena Durette & Nataliya Kharadeen-Martell “To serve matters of magic outside politics.” What is the Circle of Sorceresses? The Circle of Sorceresses is a guild founded by a pair of magic practicing women with the intention of making education for Voidal spell casting accessible to other interested women. Athena and Nataliya’s journeys as talented young mages were not anything close to similar - the only relatable aspect was the difficulty they had from start to finish. Yet somehow these two women managed to find one another. On their path they both discovered they both shared this idea of the Circle. Together they worked tirelessly to make this vision come to life. Why join the Circle of Sorceresses? The Circle offers primary rewards to those who work to secure themselves a place at the table. Those chosen will have a selection of magics to learn from quality professors. Our facilities are top notch and allow the class to get hands-on experience with magic. The Circle offers a community for like minded, aspiring young sorceresses to meet others like themselves and be apart of a community dedicated to the preservation and expansion of magical based knowledge. Application OOC Information: MC Username: Discord Tag: Magics Currently Studying : Magics Currently Teaching (If so how many students, if any, for each?);: IC Information: Your Name: Your Race: Your Age: Nation of Residence: Reason you wish to to join the circle:
  4. I understand that players can do whatever they want with their winnings, belongings, etc - however, when you abuse a specific mechanic of a magic it starts beceoming over saturated. When everyone and their RP mommy has tier 5 roman candles that can kill 3 people in 3 emotes. I’d LOVE to see the Transfig Enchantment dropsellers’ emotes making all of these items too! I won’t hold my breath. THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF THAT GETS GOOD THINGS AKEN AWAY. Golemancy got so hard scrubned- thankfully. However, if we don’t stop this then we can soon kiss Enchanting, farewell.
  5. 21 21 21 (21 savage voice)

  6. Discord: Luvvy#0001 Skin + Bid: Pink Princess 100 minas Riding Boots 100 minas
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