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  1. IC: Eileen cackles. OOC: Luv gags.
  2. Luv

    Only Way Up is Down

    batsy, batsy, batsy..
  3. Luv

    What Is Dead May Never Die

    The sound of rushing water filled her ears as the once dark and evil place she could only hope to forget grew closer to her. Coming in from behind like a tidal wave, no shore to swim to. The current’s loud and ravenous waves were deafening as the sorceress stood with her back to the incoming flood - all she could feel was a horrific pain in her chest. The water suddenly stopped behind her, all she could see before her was darkness - so dark. A cold shiver ran down her spine as the the sound of running water began again. Looking down to her boots, Eileen saw herself standing ankle deep in water on all sides. She looked down and to her left only to see the body of a woman laying face down in the water. She looked familiar. “Lrahmondun… darûkûrz kalkoth.” Would echo a sarcastic and devilishly taunting tone from within the darkness before Eileen. When the words broke the silence it made the constant sound of running water pause, but only briefly. The witch tried to speak out into the darkness, but her open mouth only released bubbles of air which floated up and above her - the words escaping her throat were gargled and suppressed as if under many feet of water. Within the darkness before her a single pair of neon glowing yellow eyes would be the only thing visible, soon the darkness enveloping her surroundings again - the sound of raging waves nearly deafening. The only thing louder than the crashing ocean was the word that bounced around the darkness around her; “Kazlirt.” A white haired elfess sat upon her knees in the water only meters before Eileen. The elfess’ eyes would be dark and blank - empty. The woman looked about her surroundings, it seemed like she didn’t have a choice. The sound of the rushing water grew louder with each moment wasted by the sorceress. She’d bend down before the young elfess’ frame and looked directly into the empty voids, soon only to be filled with the all too familiar glow.
  4. Luv

    Here, kitty kitty.

    “Ra’drakurz raht roknoth kuul ra’vaznan amol tul.” muttered someone a few feet away from Eileen, who was laying upon the wooden floor of the room in which she had done the pact. Everything was exactly how she remembered it. Looking through the window across the room she could see it was nighttime, just around midnight she thought. Her eyes took a little longer than usual to properly focus and take in her surroundings clearly. Rising slowly to her feet she weakly lean against the wall behind her for support. “Rohn…” groaned the same voice as before, but it sounded a lot closer now. However, with each sweep her eyes did of the room - she saw nothing. Suddenly her eyes no longer followed her brain’s command of where to see. Her head no longer facing the window across the room, but now facing directly down to her feet. Two little yellow eyes stare back at her in the darkness of the room. It was almost like the eyes were glowing. The glowing yellow duo peeled themselves off of me, as they turned to look upon the deceased cat on its right side. The small black cat growled at the sight. “Krokah…” Eileen slowly slid back to the ground, her back pressed against the wall holding her upright. The room spun circles around her as the black cat, owner of the yellow eyes moved into her lap and curled up into a ball. It raised its head one last time with a gravelly tone of voice. “Kolt irahmondun… Ra’drakurz raht roknoth kuul ra’vaznan amol tul.”
  5. Eileen of Hallowfall scribbles a quick autograph in support of the charter.
  6. :OOC: MC Name: Zathairn (will be changed to this in 3-4 days from now). MC name of those living with you: Zathairn, CactusGreen, Axelu, EternalSaturn, Jlyoko, grimmothy, and Slayology. :RP: Head of household: Princess Amorette Blondelle Acal’elor and her sister Princess Esme Dior Acal’elor. Family/individuals staying: 7 home residents. Number of Children: 0 elves under the age of 50 years old reside here. The application would be left in the council chambers by Amorette Blondelle. The application was wrapped in a special blue silken tie. She’s take a second to adjust the parchment so it was laying exactly in the middle of the desk. Once happy with its positioning she’d swiftly strut her way out of the facility, her heels echoing rhythmically through the seemingly empty building.
  7. Luv


    ((absolute amazing, you’re doing great sweetie!
  8. Luv

    [✗] [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

    It’s common understanding that is how the lore is written, but I promise you that I have never once in my multiple years on the server seen a Druid’s request be anything but a command. It just doesn’t happen.
  9. Luv

    [✗] [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

    reserved ❤️
  10. almost time to release the spooky scary skeletons!

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    2. Ford


      drfate has actually done things for the community, though 

    3. Bluee


      yikes, the suddenly hostility 

    4. Luv


      @Ford just because i didn’t help design a new map or run events for large groups of players doesn’t mean i haven’t done anything... remember that time i was on the AT for a year and a half? A manager for majority of that time? i ran plenty of things to help out new players and help make that team better at its job the best that i could. thank you for choosing to ignore that though ❤️ 

  11. lets try dropping double standards??

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      the thread would probably be hidden if luv made a snap back, and seeing how it’s the whole next day and your original comment hasn’t been removed, it speaks.

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      Report it and it’ll get hidden. If no one reports it, staff probably isn’t going to care. I heavily doubt there are any “double standards” to be had with this situation. 

  12. Luv

    [Feat] Dark Shamanism

    gonna read and leave my thoughts ❤️ okay so here i am! personally i think this is such a better idea than the current way dark shamanism works. the original concept of taking their true name as a form of blackmail was so metal and honestly really unique – gave the shamans actual ways to find out about these dark mages and actual peruse story lines between two directly opposite groups. currently dark shamanism is in a super weird place where it has about 5-6 abilities consistently used and the rest are there as filler because of similarities between normal shamanism and dark shamanism so there needed to be significant differences. i think this method is perfect and could definitely be done right, unlike thuleanism you take base deity magic and gave it an edge but no one got to use it. good job mordu, totally wicked! +1
  13. shout out to @Delmodan for being the real LT – MVP, am i right ladies? lemme hear a round of applause. 

  14. looking for ghost players!!

    1. Angel_mystic


      Do you need special application for it? Sounds like interesting rp 

    2. Luv


      @Angel_mystic you do need a special application to play a ghost. 


      the link to the application is here! 

    3. Angel_mystic


      okay I'll think on it, sorry about the color text on mobile 

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