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  1. if “she” beef we me, we gone beef foreva

    1. Banner
    2. frill


      whole squad full of killers im a killer too

  2. at night i turn into misses doubtfire

  3. there’s a moose and a goose loose aboot my hoose

  4. Sign me up! Discord: Luv#2390
  5. Lana would murmur at the notice with a bit of a heavy sigh. She’d make her way to find Charles and Elena.
  6. Luv

    my **** has more inches than you have dollars

  7. Eileen grabs her Orenian Emperor mask and rushes to tell Xaj!
  8. tis the witching hour uwu

  9. Eileen would raise a hand to her lips as she’d turn towards Xaj and Svette with an over-dramatic gasp. “This just got spicy!”
  10. Google Doc Format (Suggested) Forum Format (Gross)
  11. woot woot! thank you so much!!!
  12. you were one of my favorite people to just sit on discord and talk to. so many fun ideas and the rp we’d done was super dope... really had lots of fun with the dael rp and i will definitely be sure to keep the statue safe ❤️ hope top see you around the north discord or just around in general again sometime, be safe and stay in touch ❤️
  13. hi, i was in the hospital. sorry i didn’t do any skinning or lore writing while i was vomiting up blood. i’ll be sure to get on that whenever i stop. xoxo – cuchie queen

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    2. Kaelan


      Get better soon 

    3. rotund_man


      take it easy, get well

    4. Kanadensare


      cool story bro

  14. Amorette-Blondelle would hold a hanger with an unseen dress up to her chest as her eyes stared intensely into the wall mirror. She’d shake her head briskly and toss the garment aside and retrieve another gown. ”I can’t be the best looking one there... At least have to give them a chance.”
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