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  1. "But... My fields..." murmurs Francis the wheat boy.
  2. Name: Francis Andolome IGN: OWowenWilson Age: 29 Position of interest: Scribe
  3. OWowenWilson


    Francis was born the son of Marquis and Amanda Andolome. Marquis had served in the Orenian Civil War, and his earnings as a foot-soldier, combined with his meager savings, were enough to purchase a trading stall in Ves. The life of a merchant suited his family well, and young Francis was afforded several tutors. He learned to read and write, and was immersed in histories, philosophy and arithmetic. He worked his father’s stall for a time, but his love of learning drove him to travel. He visited nearly all the libraries in the Empire, as well as Brandybrook, the Jade Republic, and Lathadlen. He earned a living working as a scribe and laborer throughout his travels. After years of self-tutelage, Francis developed a deep rooted desire to make something more of himself. He was a common man, son of a foot-soldier, but he dreams of a place in the highest courts of the realm.
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