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  1. "I'm getting too old to be able to read this..." Morgan groaned, soaking his skewered knee. He could only decipher the missive through squinted eyes, ever impermeable was its meaning even then. Such as it always was with his old friend, Callahan.
  2. The Banner of Lemon Hill flies proudly in its procession to Sakuragakure, 12th of Harren's Folly, 1965 "Through the destruction of His enemies' do we gain our salvation." Ser Morgan of Angren intoned, hitching the chest of cannonshot to his cart and making for the Cherry Blossoms.
  3. "A clear horizon," Morgan rested from his labors, sipping a concoction derived from lemons to help manage the pain of his skewered leg.
  4. Morgan lit another candle for his windowsill. Another friend gone in so horrible a way, it brought only melancholy to the old crippled man, that Elena could not live in the new age she helped forge.
  5. Old and gray, broken and crippled, Ser Morgan of Angren lit a candle upon the war's conclusion. An age of strife that had long existed since he himself had only just become a man finally concluded. He hobbled through his hollow hall to place the burning wick on a windowsill, a candle lit for all those he'd known who had perished in that half-century. Stalactites of wax had overtaken the sill, thick as the icicles that had once grown from the eaves of Lemon Hill during its deep freeze. Perhaps the world might thaw with this peace, perhaps it might remain the same. There was some hope, at the very least, for a gate without a gate.
  6. Ser Morgan of Angren begins the arduous work of tearing down Stassion brick by brick, but only after a day of rest as the assault saw him wounded. "LEMON HILL." Soon the floaters shall fall to earth.
  7. "LEMON HILL." Intones Ser Morgan of Angren from the top of Lemon Hill, making sure all was prepared to crush the regicides to his South.
  8. Ser Morgan of Angren crawled out from under the day's slaughter. Blood, viscera; his own and other's caked over his armor. Sitting stop a pile of the carnage, splinting his broken left arm, he spied the corpse of Tonito as it was pulled from the field. Morgan mustered the strength to sign the Lorraine to the fallen Cardinal, a man who had saved him a lifetime ago.
  9. Morgan of Angren reads as he is on the mend from the latest battle against Gashadabokurokinoadurokuro. One thing was certain to the knight, Stassion remained a thorn to all the Heartlands.
  10. "God have mercy on us all." Morgan stated, guarding the King's corpse.
  11. "A prayer for peace." Morgan says, signing the document.
  12. "A new Pontiff, after so many years." Morgan thought to himself, gazing upon the wrinkles that had overtaken the back of his hand since the last enthronement. So many friends come and gone, so much time lost.
  13. Fishy

    The Citrine Guard

    The Citrine Guard Established 1948 “As our village sports no gates so must we be its shield, As our Clergy wander the world so must we be their cloak, As undeath marches upon the land so must we be the gold that banishes evil.” Mission The mission of the Citrine Guard is to first and foremost protect our humble Lemon Hill, its denizens, and the clergy. Be the threat mortal, voidal, undead, or demonic in nature, the Citrine Guard is to stand at the ready for the Hill’s defense. We fight for no King or Kingdom, insteading wielding our blades for GOD. The Chain, the Ranks of the Citrine Guard The command of the Citrine Guard is symbolized by a simple iron chain. Each link, whether at the top or bottom, is vital to the overall structure of the organization. Whether one’s rank is that of Grandmaster, the leader of the Citrine Guard, or Recruit, Enlisted or Band of the Flaming Iris, each link must be carefully maintained. The Band of the Flaming Iris The Band of the Flaming Iris houses the knights of the Citrine Guard, men and women trained in the chivalric tradition to keep virtue and the tenants of the organization at heart. I. Grandmaster of the Flaming Iris The Grandmaster is the overall leader of the Citrine Guard, responsible for commissioning the officers of the Citrine Guard and bestowing spurs upon the worthy. The Grandmaster’s foremost duty is to Lemon Hill, protecting the demesne with their own life if necessary. When a Grandmaster dies or retires, their successor is to be chosen of the Knight-Commanders. Ser Morgan of Angren, 1948 - Present II. Knight-Commander of the Flaming Iris The Knight-Commanders serve as veteran officers of the Citrine Guard, capable of commanding both the Citrine Guard and the knights of the Flaming Iris. In the Chain of Command, they are second only to the Grandmaster. Dame Valda, 1948 - Present III. Knight of the Flaming Iris A knight of the Flaming Iris is to be a seasoned warrior trained in the chivalric tradition. They are to uphold the virtues of their rank at all times, for which they are permitted to bear a coat of arms of their own. In the Chain of Command, they are equivalent to a Man-at-Arms. Enlisted I. Sergeant, colloquially known as the “Lemon Sour” Sergeants serve to direct men in battle and maintain discipline in the ranks. They are to be proven soldiers more than capable of commanding their comrades. II. Man-at-Arms, colloquially known as the “Lemon Head” Man-at-Arms serve as the proven veterans of the Citrine Guard, capable of holding their own. May command lower ranks at the behest of a Sergeant or lack thereof. III. Militiaman, colloquially known as the “Lemon Levy” Militiamen are the backbone of the Citrine Guard, drilled and disciplined to be entrusted with the crest of Lemon Hill upon their tabard. Their purpose is to follow the orders of their Sergeant and serve as the mainline infantry of the Citrine Guard. IV. Recruit, colloquially known as the “Lemon Drop” Recruits are the initial enlisted of the Citrine Guard, to be trained and made into Militiamen within the span of a year. Billets Billets sit outside the traditional chain of command, existing as positions vital to the function and armament of the Citrine Guard. Any soldier may be assigned a billet, regardless of rank. I. Quartermaster The Quartermaster works to ensure that all men are armed, armored, and provisioned within the Citrine Guard, directing the alchemists and blacksmiths to accomplish this goal. II. Alchemist Alchemists work to ensure that alchemical supplies of the Citrine Guard are well stocked and the production of potions and elixirs. III. Blacksmith Blacksmiths work to ensure the Citrine Guard is equipped with proper steel and the maintenance of our arsenal. IV. Medicae Medicae work to bind the wounded of the Citrine Guard, be it with sutures or alchemics, tasked with preserving cherished life. Pay Enlisted I. Sergeant Room and Board A daily portion of meat and a lemon A daily portion of beer at the Red Roof Inn Arms and Armor A horse 15 minas a year II. Man-at-Arms Room and Board A daily portion of meat and a lemon A daily portion of beer at the Red Roof Inn Arms and Armor A horse 10 minas a year III. Militiaman Room and Board A daily portion of meat and a lemon A daily portion of beer at the Red Roof Inn Arms and Armor 5 minas a year IV. Recruit Room and Board A daily portion of meat and a lemon Training “Know us by our tabard.” Those seeking to enlist should contact either Ser Morgan of Angren (househelvets) or Dame Valda (Jtit#9196). Alternatively, one may apply by replying to this posting in the following format: Application Name: Age: Race: Username: Discord: https://discord.gg/hkpt7R6gqt
  14. "I am not a lord..." Morgan kvetches over the terminology of the pact. He is otherwise ready and able to wield his sword in the name of Lemon Hill against the forces of undeath.
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