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  1. Hanrahan should be in the Adria-H*enser quadrant
  2. how is hanrahan a centrist renatian
  3. Morgan of Angren reads this missive in 1909, wishing the world used the correct calendar again.
  4. Morgan of Angren reads this missive in 1909, wishing the world used the correct calendar again.
  5. Who is streaming the warclaim tomorrow?

  6. Democracies and republics are two different things. The most democratic process in LotC would have to be town councils wherein citizens vote on issues directly, electing a NL is a republican process by definition not a 'true' democracy. There have been a number of times NLs were elected, or at least attempted, throughout the server's history. From Al'khazar in Aegis descending into anarchy over electing a King, to the Reformed Kingdom of Oren in Athera that elected Andrik Vydra then Olivier de Savoie, and even the formation of the Novellen Empire where Alexander II was voted Emperor by the human monarchs, and his succession similarly being decided by Haense and Curon's abstain. The Republic of Ves is another example, one I supplanted with just two elections, and I didn't even have to run for NL myself. Democracies are just that, corruption, Aristotle is 100% correct. Republics are just a few generations removed from corruption, either bouncing back after a Dictator or embracing Autocracy. These forms of government work in smaller, municipal environments, where damage is limited, but implode at national levels which threatens the security of roleplay.
  7. Morgan of Angren has become an aspiring woodcut comic, giggling incessantly about "The Cuckolds' War."
  8. Morgan of Angren has become an aspiring woodcut comic, giggling incessantly about "The Cuckolds' War."
  9. "What is this I am nine?" Asks Morgan of Angren, Witchslayer, upon finding the missive.
  10. "This is just evil," Commented eight year old Morgan of Angren, a worldly youth.
  11. I lost a lot of good mice to left clicking to break blocks.
  12. Building Blocks Q: Do you think there should be just one set of each building block or node? Or multiple? How would you scatter them throughout the world? Multiple, normal/basic building block nodes should be naturally abundant in the world and thus able to be sourced at a variety of locations. Different wood types should only be found at different climates/regions but still plentiful in their locales. As materials get more niche, there should be a decline in the amount of nodes they have. A block such as Endstone perhaps only has 2-4 nodes on the entire map but there should still be stacks to gather at each node. I would distribute nodes throughout the world by assigning each to a different tile. Basalt could only be found in a, or formerly, volcanic tile so perhaps only 3 nodes exist spread out in the world. Q: Would you want to see different numbers on these building blocks? In yield or in harvesting time? Yields for nodes as they are are very poor. I’d like to see a major increase, at least a stack for fully harvesting a node. Perhaps better tools, such as iron over stone, could be used to also boost yield. Q: Would you prefer a system where you physically break the block rather than right clicking it? Right-clicking is better but it matters little. Q: Do you think there should be a distinction between Niche and Common blocks? Yes, I’d even go so far as to say that resources such as iron, coal, gold, copper (when it's introduced in the update), redstone, lapis, emerald, and diamond should be separated from each other. There should be no such thing as a generic mine, rather specific mines for each resource with their own levels of rarity in the world. Iron should be plentiful as it is universally used, and realistically can be sourced from a variety of things, even bog water, so let’s say 10 or more iron mines. Gold on the other hand is niche being used for either RP or ornamental purposes and should be quite rare, perhaps only 2 or 3 gold mines exist on the entire map. Q: Would you like to see a system, perhaps expensive tools paid for with mina, that increase your yield when gathering? Not for mina, any tools players use should be craftable by players. Iron tools should give 3x yields on a node. CT and Travel Q: Would you like to see more Soulstone slots? What are possible benefits / consequences? I’d like to see no Soulstone slots. The Soulstone mechanic is far too convenient and de-emphasizes the world. There is nothing I hate more than hearing 'Alright, everyone soulstone home' at the end of a group outing. Unfortunately I seem to be a fringe minority with that opinion. Q: Would you like to see the return of the Greater Soulstone for purchase from Cloud Temple? What difference should it have? I don’t even recall what that was. Q: Would you like to see a road placed before nations, or a road placed between nations shortly before launch? Why? Roads placed between nations before launch. Putting roads before nations is cart before the horse, roads exist to help facilitate travel between nations and guide players between them. Q: Should there be a speed boost on the main roads? Not against it, but the last implementation was rather clunky and caused a heap of issues by not allowing landowners to manipulate their roads and the surrounding land. Perhaps use a ‘Traveling Boots’ item instead that allows players to move faster on road materials. Q: Do you foresee any issues with the removal of hubs and reliance on beacons/pillars? I’d worry that communities could become too insular and the rest of the world ignored if SS pillars become the standard of travel. This issue is not that far off from what we have now. Tiles Q: Should tiles be uniform in shape or arbitrarily drawn by hand (roughly following geographical features etc.) such as how they are on 8.0 (current)? Arbitrated all the way. The current tile map isn’t perfect and I could list a thousand things wrong with the Heartland’s tiles but the system remains the best. Tiles should correspond more to their geography, rivers and mountains splitting them up. Ideally a stronger emphasis on a tile being a single biome as well. The Arentanian Mountains, the ones west of East Fleet, are split into fragments with wildly different proportions for no good reason when in reality the mountain range should be two tiles at most. I’d like to see mountains be real dividers of territories by being unclaimable and having their hinterlands parceled out into surrounding tiles. Making mountains, their summits and ridges, unclaimable could also go a long way toward map preservation by leaving areas as wilderness and unbesmirched by ISA space ships or dwarven cake forts. Q: If they were uniform, which of the following would be preferred? Squares because the implementation is far easier than other systems. Q: If they are not uniform or arbitrary, how else would you like to see them? Based on geography/biome. Q: What kind of tile upgrades would you like to see possible? I think resources should be intrinsic to a tile, if you’re already shelling out 10k minas to purchase a tile, you shouldn’t need to spend more minas to develop it further.
  13. Inscribed on a shrine somewhere beneath a portrait of Saint Foltest of Aeldin is the word "UNDEFEATED."
  14. Jack from Cross-the-Waters rows his boat ashore.
  15. You cannot sell provinces while at war in eu4.
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