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  1. Fishy

    7.0 Annoucement!

    ? tbh if you cap nations at four and up the size of vassal plots you fix the issue
  2. Fishy

    Common Sense Act, 1655

    Theo signs
  3. 30 minutes or less

    1. evil_taco


      that's the papa john's guarantee

      that's the papa john's guarantee

  4. cannons when? +1 mogroka boom boom
  5. Fishy

    Project Danehammer.

    Hence why warzones exist. It needn't **** over people with commitments.
  6. Fishy

    Project Danehammer.

    wtf, who wants to fight three times a week six hours straight? I have a job and college this summer, can only imagine how bad it'd be once school is in again. Only thing broken with warclaims are the war rules, the classic warclaim system is perfectly functional as is. Warclaims are maybe a 1-3 hour commitment on the weekend at an agreed upon time, and that's pretty exhausting. Having to drag that over the weekdays for 6 hours apiece sounds downright nightmarish. Warzones could be conducted similar to this for advantages in skirmish and siege warclaims, rather than determining the overall war. Overall though, I'm not looking forward to spending 12-18 hours fighting each week just to get to a siege.
  7. Fishy

    [Feedback] Nation Status

    I don't want Nexus plots 2.0, any attempt to automate regions via plugin is awful. Should have just kept or made new charter rules seeing as we are roughly half way through this map with this territories plugin no where in sight. Though, the best solution would be to require neither by adopting a system of land distribution similar to 3.0's, wherein the primary four racial nations received the lion's share and distributed it as RP saw fit. However, this isn't really feasible until a map transition.
  8. Fishy

    BETA: Plugins that white people get turnt to

    Can we revert this change please? It is really ass trying to manage them now, especially near stables.
  9. Flayhaos reigns, Kyle the Everchosen has returned!

  10. @Fishy You were the first player to ever down me in lotc; back in athera outside Petrus, when i was a cringy af 14 year old with a cringy af de bolbec rebellion. cheers dude

  11. Fishy

    Travel Distance Feedback

    Hardly. The original human reservation was set near the crossroad Belvitz occupies, only for it to be revoked and leaving two other options, those being Renatus and Marna's initial locations. There were infinitely more locations available that would have allowed any nation to create a viable, well-traveled, and easy to access rp hub, however those sites were forbidden because a road ran through them or someone else was further along the highway. Better placement is as easy as letting nations back on the road instead of just being cul-de-sacs that travelers have no reason to enter. If someone sets up a toll booth, tavern, hamlet, or even a city, let them. Either way this would generate the fabled "roadside rp" or otherwise travelers could just go around. Nations should define the roads, not the other way around. As a side note, freebuild ought to be kicked back out into the wild outlands rather than being the very first thing players come into contact with.
  12. Fishy

    [✗] Half-Olog Lore

    What is the point in having uruks and ologs as distinct subraces if players are free to minmax them into retaining the best traits with none of the drawbacks? ffs end this abuse
  13. Then they have to roleplay the main consequence of being a spook or having them around? lol