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  1. "The only cure to vampirism is a bolt in the heart and a golden blade through the brain." Remarks Thomas Andrew Helvets, Duke of Cathalon.
  2. The law of surprise dictates that you may take his red tag. @breeniDo it.
  3. "I wonder upon what such conclusions are based." Thomas Andrew Helvets waved over a servant, presenting him a mortar and pestle with which he ground up some little red pills for his aches.
  4. The Duke’s Affirmation of Faith Seeking Penance 1st of Horen’s Calling, 1850 Issued and penned by the Duke of Cathalon from Cheval Hall. To whom it may concern, It is not for us, the laity, to decide upon matters of the clergy, ardent worshippers such as we seek the guidance of the Holy Synod and the Holy Mother Church led by the Vicar of GOD, His Holiness to bring us to moral righteousness and salvation in the Seven Skies. Duke Thomas Andrew Helvets, and the whole of the House of Helvets do affirm our fealty in faith to His Holiness, High Pontiff Everard VI. The tumultuousness of the past year of 1849 is behind us all, so let all come forward in this new year to be of one Empire, one faith, one High Pontiff. Lessons of the War of Two Emperor’s are remembered well within the household of Helvets, and bloody schism shall only lay humanity low as we sit at the precipice of invasion by the dwarves. Thus we denounce the actions of schismatics who would tear the tapestry of our faith apart and anoint themselves as its leaders. It is our fervent wish that their Imperial Majesties be reconciled with His Holiness, and that remedy be found so that the unity of our faith remains whole and the brotherhood of Canonism defended. We are their Imperial Majesties vassals always and the true Vicar of GOD, His Holiness High Pontiff Everard VI, leads the faithful. I, Thomas Andrew Helvets, Duke of Cathalon, seek penance from our Holy Mother Church so that excommunication and interdiction may be lifted from the souls of our Empire. We appeal to His Eminence, Francis Cardinal Albarosa, @KaiserJacobII, the Archbishop of our local diocese to hear our plea and dispense such penance. Signed, Thomas Andrew Helvets, Duke of Cathalon
  5. Thomas Andrew Helvets, the Duke of Cathalon, blames this on elves.
  6. [!] A letter is drafted and returned to the missive's signature, privately. @Cjmate8 "Intriguing letter, I'd even support your petition in court, but your dates are all wrong, it is the 11th of Sigismund's End, 1849. Signed, Thomas Andrew Helvets, Duke of Cathalon" OOC: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PGllTsVvRgcxFYhT3jljwobr16J6iHoKVgr22T0bTyE/edit#gid=1305173705 Link to the Imperial Calendar
  7. Thomas Andrew Helvets, the Duke of Cathalon, has a traveling circus act out a scene from a famous play, Stellar Conflict III: Revenge of Oren. "But Lord Malyithill promised us peace!"
  8. Thomas Andrew Helvets gave his son @DelaneyG Helton a solid nod as they had rode back into Providence after the victory. It was a solemn gesture, grim as he was now.
  9. Thomas Andrew sat awake the night of the pyre, unable to remove himself from the windowsill that had overlooked the spot the bonfire had once been held, now a smoldering heap of charcoal and ash. Water in his eyes, whether from the irritation of the smoke or the pain of a parent outliving their child, his heart ached yet again. It was the same black void of the night that swelled over the land like all those years ago, first his mother on the eve of the Nordling War decades past, then his beloved wife Leopoldine some five years ago, and now finally one of his youngest, Daphne, a daughter and a laughter that would no longer bring mirth to his halls, gone now too. Smiles were now all gone from the man, lost with the passing of that winter moon. All he could bring himself to offer now was the tortured expression of a cursed, haunted beast. That was all that Thomas Andrew could now offer the smallest of his children, Laurentina, a girl so young she never even knew of the mother that had born her. That winter would be a harsh one, he had thought, watching as the hours passed and the hoarfrost grew upon his window and the drums of war stirred in his ear.
  10. Later that eve, once properly tended, Thomas read to his daughter Laurentina a story as he had promised that night from his sickbed.
  11. Thomas Andrew Helvets celebrates with his family!
  12. "It is good to know that my family resides so rent freely in the heads of these gossipers." The Duke said with a scowl, casting the paper into the flames. He eyed the urn above the mantle of his fireplace, resting his forehead to it. "If only you were here now..." He solemnly sighed, a sorrowful expression haunting his demeanor, thoughts of his family and their welfare raced in his mind.
  13. The Duke of Cathalon wept for his departed wife. She was his love, the woman he had chosen to be at his side. Grief-stricken, he languished within his estate, vowing vengeance within his heart as he looked over his eight children. "Be strong," He told them through tear-stained eyes. @PerfectlyPeachy @clonky @DelaneyG @yandeer @Amayonnaise @zuziee
  14. "The feck is this doing here," Commented Thomas Andrew to his wife, Leopoldine @Fie, from his ducal estate as he read the document over breakfast in the parlor.
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