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  1. damn that's some nice formatting
  2. "These spuds are totally outrageous..." Remarked Morgan, having spied one during Mother Frinna's art show at Lemon Hill.
  3. Morgan of Angren will be sure to attend in his new attire :)
  4. Helves got the first warclaim of the map...
    Do Better. @Urguan @Norland

  5. Charity for Whitespire, 1942 The extent of flooding in the Royal Capital of Whitespire. 2nd of Harren’s Folly, in the year of our Lord 1942. Hear ye faithful, no more than a few days past has a giant wave washed over the city of Whitespire, flooding its streets and destroying the homes of a great many of its denizens. In the wake of such devastation it cleaves to us, those united by the Faith, to provide for our fellow man in his time of need. Thus we of Lemon Hill hereby solicit donations to aid those effected by this calamity. Please deposit all material donations upon the cart before the Monastery of the Sacred Heart. What is most needed at this time are items such as these: - Dry Clothes and Blankets, -Temporary Accommodations, such as tents, - Fresh Foodstuffs, such as Kosher Bread and Bales of Wheat, - Potable Water, - Dry Firewood and Kindling. By your contribution we hope to help our brethren in their time of need. Those who are displaced at the present time by this catastrophe can of course find shelter at Lemon Hill. Additionally, we are calling for skilled medicae to travel to Whitespire to provide aid on site. IN NOMINE DEI, Ser Morgan of Angren
  6. Upon Lemon Hill, a grizzled knight of forty recalls a bout from his youth in golden days long since past. Across him his opponent, a murmuring boy two years his elder, yet Morgan did not care. Morgan was ever eager to prove himself, certain of his own abilities, he had picked the beanpole Alasdair out of the crowd for that very reason. Clack, clack, clack. Each strike grew Morgan's confidence ever more. Their last bind had thrown Alasdair off kilter, an opening. The only thing that could get in Morgan's way now was himself. The boy of ten ducked in, sword overhead just as he'd seen in the manuscript. With practiced feet and a cocksure grin, he paced around, preparing to pirouette as he'd seen in the manuscript. Yet when Morgan launched his attack, he felt not his master stroke connect, but Alasdair's. The boy of twelve stood atop the platform while Morgan was sent into the dust and dirt, defeated. A friendship was born then, for Morgan had found someone to surpass in Alasdair, but the quiet attentions of the girl in white had sown the seeds of loathing in Morgan for what he could never be.
  7. SUGGESTED RENAME: Strength (Offense) to Strength abrv. STR Strength (Defense) to Endurance abrv. END Skill (Offense) to Dexterity abrv. DEX Skill (Defense) to Agility abrv. AGI Renaming these stats provides better clarity and brevity when communicating, each starting with its own letter making for easier abbreviation.
  8. I am not a lord, but I will attend nevertheless. Morgan writes back on his RSVP. @AndrewTech
  9. The First Lemon Harvest 16th of Tobias’ Bounty, in the year of our Lord, 1935 To the Good People of Canondom, Thanks to the contributions of the Canonist Faithful, Lemon Hill has been founded between the rivers Constance and Northflow. After years of hard work, our providence is made manifest. Upon its peak the Monastery of the Sacred Heart stands to serve as a true bastion of learning for all the land. Down its slopes our congregation now settles, tilling the fields, pursuing their crafts, and tending the lemon trees. To celebrate the coming harvest of lemons, the good people invite all the realm to come and sample the fruit of our labors. Be it our titular lemons, our patented brews, or our fine meals, all shall be provided in ample abundance to those who come. IN NOMINE DEI OOC: Saturday, July 29th, 3 PM EST
  10. turn the tv on... it doesn't matter what channel

  11. "Such trouble it is when so many be-crowned heads gather. Each carries themself as a King, and is loathe to not have it their way." Morgan of Angren muttered, witnessing the troubled summit, "At least peace was signed despite all the bickering. And look, my name is upon it too!"
  12. Morgan of Angren gets to work, bundling up the many construction goods necessary to found his new home.
  13. The Lemon Charter, 1932 3rd of Tobias’s Bounty, in the year of our Lord, 1932. Let this charter stand as an eternal compact between God, Crown, and Faith. Upon it let Lemon Hill be established west of the River Constance and east of the River North Flow, a place and refuge for the Faithful of this world. The Parties The Church as represented by: His Holiness, Sixtus V The Holy Mother Church The Lemon Council The Order of the White Iris The Free Grange of Lemon Hill The United Kingdom of Aaun as represented by: The King of Aaun, James Leopold of Alstion The United Kingdom of Aaun Financial Clauses I. The United Kingdom of Aaun shall receive an amount of six-thousand standard minas from His Holiness and the Holy Mother Church, through the Free Grange of Lemon Hill, II. The United Kingdom of Aaun shall pay back in installments six-thousand standard minas to His Holiness and the Holy Mother Church, through the Free Grange of Lemon Hill, III. The Free Grange of Lemon Hill shall afford the upkeep and maintenance of Lemon Hill through taxes to the United Kingdom of Aaun only upon the fulfillment of Financial Clause II. Recognition Clauses I. The United Kingdom of Aaun and the King of Aaun shall recognize GOD as the sole Lord of Lemon Hill, II. The United Kingdom of Aaun and the King of Aaun shall recognize His Holiness and the Lemon Council as the government of the Free Grange of Lemon Hill, III. The United Kingdom of Aaun and the King of Aaun shall impose no nobility upon the Free Grange of Lemon Hill, IV. The United Kingdom of Aaun and the King of Aaun shall guarantee the free status of citizens in the Free Grange of Lemon Hill, V. The Free Grange of Lemon Hill shall recognize the King of Aaun as Majesty and suzerain. IN NOMINE DEI, His Holiness, Sixtus V, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon His Royal Majesty, James Leopold, by the Grace of God, King of Aaun, Prince of Alstion, Duke of Corazon and Balemena, Count of Enswerp and Whitespire, Protector of the Realm Ser Morgan of Angren, Protector of Lemon Hill Mother Lorina, Reverend Pastoress of Lemon Hill
  14. Fishy

    When can nations finally pay off their debt? I'm told they're stuck waiting on a debt plugin. Lemon Hill been waiting for over a month now.

    1. Laeonathan


      I paid them off already

  15. When can nations pay off their debt? Lemon Hill been waiting a month now to get started

    1. UnusualBrit



    2. Fireheart


      forever debt, get baited

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