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  1. i found doggos????

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TeaLulu


      no i found 2 doggos!!! PM me when u get on i'll go to where they r and u can summon em

    3. Fishy


      i'm pretty sure i've released them already

    4. TeaLulu


      they have ur names on them!!! it sez "owned by u000893"

  2. Gunpowder, Cannon and Arquebus Lore

    My guess is that rune cannons could either be made into a cultural variant or a specialized artillery piece, preferably the latter. I would like to see reforms to siege engines because there is hardly any advantage or difference between current devices.
  3. Wildling Land Charter

    a35 is owned
  4. regarding the techlock

    no preload, 3-4 emotes, /roll 20 for result literally does not need to be any more complicated than that, it's essentially the same rules for crossbows
  5. Give me the current map file, please.

    Schematica isn't up to date yet
  6. Slashing nations in 6.0

    Kill all charters, they're cancer. Guilds shouldn't be independent landholders, encourage them to move into cities or to ask nations for a parcel so that some form of interdependence is had. Fast travel is an obstacle to centralization, and most settlements are simply nonviable without it. It has allowed groups to divide freely without any need of focusing activity into a single settlement, having a town at the edge of the world is no problem because you can instantaneously and freely travel to it. Focusing on the main four races again would be swell, but it shouldn't mean every other nation is gassed. Give the main four special privileges compared to other nations that allow them to better promote activity in their capitals. This could include the first and largest pick of territory, so traffic may be better directed through a capital. Perhaps even give these racial capitals the sole ability to establish fast travels, those at the other end of the cart would be dependent on travel to and from a capital city, and thus more inclined to participate with those places. Getting people to centralize should be a process directed through policy rather than something enforced by staff mandate; however, if the server is to centralize in this manner, certain powers must be afforded to racial nations to give an appeal to centralization. Go back to massivecraft, I like my premium minecraft fantasy rp dynamic.
  7. The New Map

    freebuild is for chumps and aegis was a **** map.
  8. my sister made some cupcakes with chocolate frosting, want some? sending them out via pupper, may include chewed stick
  9. How do you feel about the map not being corrupted and what would you like for the next map.

  10. I hope the map gets corrupted so we're forced to make a new map before the start of summer.

    1. Chapter Master Quvs
    2. Tox


      this was a thing that happened in the past

    3. Fishy


      @Tox Yeah and it turned out to be a bretty decent map, all in all. The 3.0 Build Server was a better development process than just about any of the recent maps, even with the rampant abuse. 

  11. [✗] Malchediael and His Celestine [Magic]

    michael is evil, he made gereon de christ's eyes yellow like piss