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  1. “My poor niece Catherine, now an orphan, how your mother must have suffered.” Prince Henry Frederick lamented.
  2. Prince Henry Frederick celebrates as another member of the treacherous A.I.S. is defeated!
  3. Prince Henry Frederick prepares for the race!
  4. “They said he built a palace so grand it out shone Anpalais itself, but in the end Emperor John Sigismund had him clapped in irons.” Henry comments, contemplating entry into Helena Ninja Warrior.
  5. NAME: Henry Frederick Helvets ((MC NAME:)) u000893 RACE: Aeldinic IMPERIAL SUBJECT (Y/N): Yes IF NO, FROM WHICH FOREIGN COUNTRY?: N/A PEER OF THE REALM (Y/N): Yes IF YES, OF WHICH PEERAGE?: Kaedrin PREFERRED WINE: A nice, dry cabernet.
  6. how’s new map coming
  7. CONSUMPTION OF THE KING Issued and Confirmed by His Majesty, Adrian I, King of Kaedrin, 17th of Sigismund’s End, 1750. BELOVED KAEDRENI, AND FELLOW IMPERIALS, Take heed, for upon this day His Majesty, Adrian I Helvets, King of Kaedrin has perished, having succumbed to the consumption he has so long battled. Body and lungs wrecked by disease, His Majesty has passed into the arms of our Lord above where his earthly aliments may at last cease. Born in 1697 and baptised Helton Hadrian, His Majesty was the second son of Count Othodoric Aurelius (1672-1743) and Countess Ernesta née Marna (1670-1723) Helvets. As a second son, His Majesty was sent from his Aeldinic homeland to ward under Count Conrad-Baldwin Ashford de Falstaff (1680-1725) in 1711 as a measure of alliance. Within the Count’s demesne His Majesty constructed and managed the Helbruke, the Inn at the Crossing, within the County of Leuven. In the subsequent War of Two Emperors, His Majesty fought on behalf of his uncle, Holy Orenian Emperor Joseph I of Marna (1668-1728), gaining knightly spurs for his service. After the war’s conclusion, in which Leuven was ceded to a nominally neutral state, Helton immigrated to Ves with a great tow of Kaedreni followers. In the meantime, Ide would appoint Helton Hadrian Helvets the Prince-Procurator of the Republic of Ves, by virtue of a special edict that created that particular office. This time was punctuated by increased discontent, with civil unrest steadily increasing since the demise of the past ruler of the Republic, Alfred Myre. The chaos reached its zenith when Urrigon Drumm, a dwarven silversmith, undertook an attempt to seize control of government. Prince Ide fled the city in an attempt to protect himself, however, the newly appointed Prince-Procurator, Helton Helvets, remained within the city, putting down the riots and seizing control of the government for himself. In these efforts, he was supported by Richard de Reden (1695), a fearsome condotierro of Kaedreni descent, who had recently switched his employ from the King of Curon to that of the Prince-Procurator. Along with him came the Caer Bann Company, an institution of hoary Kaedreni mercenaries, who pushed Helton to consolidate his hold on the Republic and establish the Duchy of Cathalon as a dynastic institution for his family. Soon after Haraccus’ departure, the captaincy of Ves was declared to be in a state of vacancy, which enabled Helton to seize the title of Prince of Ves in proper, by virtue of election. The ascension of Emperor Alexander II in 1726 would vindicate His Majesty’s efforts years earlier to support his maternal uncle in rebellion against the Pertinaxi. The absence of all claimants to Ves allowed the Rhoswenii to elect Hadrian their king. In a great ceremony within Varoche Palace, the electors tossed their swords at his feet, proclaiming him King Adrian I of Kaedrin, the election being confirmed by the Emperor. Adrian’s election ushered in the creation of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin, a constitutional system of government which would serve as a model for later replication by Imperial reformers. Adrian was wed to Annabelle Lorin Castor (1698-1736) in 1728. Together they had eight children: Thomas Tancred (1728), Peter Owyn (1728), Arianne Renee (1729), Leopold Guy (1731), Robert Castor (1732), Margaret Antonia (1733), Henry Frederick (1734), and Richard Victor (1735). In 1732, the King oversaw the reclamation of Guise, land which had been surrendered a decade prior by the Republic of Ves to secure peace in the War of the Two Emperors. This was greeted by great fanfare among the people, and numerous baronies were established around the region. Becoming widowed in the War of Orcish Aggression, the King began a campaign of vengeance against the greenskins, culminating in the heavy bombardment and devastation of their lands in 1737. Soon after, when he had fallen ill, Adrian chaired a constitutional convention in which the royal prerogative of the Kingdom was transferred to the Governor-General Richard de Reden, who served loyally during his tenure in office. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF KING ADRIAN I OF KAEDRIN Hereby does his Majesty affirm this to be his final act, the execution of which shall be overseen jointly by Governor-General Henry Rovin and Premier Frederick Armas. I. The Crown of Kaedrin shall be returned as a possession of the Commonwealth until such a time as a new King of Kaedrin is chosen by the House of Electors. II. A year of mourning is hereby declared from the date of this issue, during which no coronation may take place. Upon the anniversary of my passing a Diet is to be held to determine the future course of the Commonwealth. III. The Helvets Estate, being defined as the Duchy of Cathalon, the Varoche Palace, and the assorted intellectual and material properties hereafter referred to as the ‘Helvetii Vault’, are to be familial demesne of my sons Thomas Tancred, Peter Owyn, Leopold Guy, Robert Castor, Henry Frederick, and Richard Victor. IV. Until from amongst my sons one’s feats deems him worthy, as arbitrated by the attorneys of this will or a higher power, there shall be no Duke of Cathalon. V. To my children, stricken with wanderlust and set loose upon the world, I grant my ashes, so that irregardless of where you roam you shall be accompanied by family. IN NOMINE DEI, His Majesty, Adrian I of the House of Helvets, King of Kaedrin, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Cathalon, Lord of the Rhoswenii, and Captain & Defender of Liberty 
  8. APPOINTMENT OF A NEW GOVERNOR-GENERAL Issued and Confirmed by His Majesty, Adrian I, King of Kaedrin, 5th of Owyn’s Light, 1749. BELOVED KAEDRENI, AND FELLOW IMPERIALS, With the resignation of Governor-General Richard de Reden, the Crown has deemed fit to appointment Henry Rovin as his successor in office. His predecessor’s accomplishments were many, thus it is that we hope Henry’s wisdom and pragmatism shall continue that legacy. IN NOMINE DEI, His Majesty, Adrian I of the House of Helvets, King of Kaedrin, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Cathalon, Lord of the Rhoswenii, and Captain & Defender of Liberty 
  9. **** the CT. Down with the tyranny of OOC zones, we’re only doomed to repeat the same mistakes of it using conventional, on-map designs. I would also like to remind everyone that the CT is not just the temple itself this map, but also incorporates a quarter of the map that prevents expansion, as seen in the spoiler below highlighted in blue. I know the World Team has talked about it ad nauseam using one way teleports and “racial” hubs to solve and alleviate these issues. I’d very much like to hear from them on their plans for the next map. @VonAulus @ARCHITECUS Oh yeah and remove resources, shops, and other services from CT. A little tutorial area to get food and stone tools is fine but it shouldn’t extend beyond that.
  10. “Atta boy” says King Adrian I, gargling on honey and peaches.
  11. Adrian I signs the lorraine and offers a silent prayer.
  12. DEATH IN THE FAMILY Issued and Confirmed by His Majesty, Adrian I, King of Kaedrin, 19th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1736. BELOVED KAEDRENI, AND FELLOW IMPERIALS, Hereby does the Crown of Kaedrin grieve. Our dearest Queen Annabelle Loren, struck down and murdered by the honorless spawn of Krug. Beloved, she is survived by her husband, his Majesty, and several their children left shaken by her passing. May she find peace in the Seven Skies for the life of virtue she lived, and for the violence that was her end. IN NOMINE DOMINI In Loving Memory... Her Majesty, Queen Annabelle Lorin Helvets (1698-1736) Hereby does the Crown of Kaedrin call for this blow to all humanity be avenged. As a grieving father, as a man who has lost his beloved, this blighted race must be driven to the ends of the earth and exterminated. Let the streets be slickened with their foul blood, let this attack be returned a thousand-fold, their misbegotten kind brought out wherever they might be found and butchered as the beasts they are. The crimes of Krug and his brood shall forever be repeated if they are to survive, like a twisted, demented comedy that plays out over and over again. Let the mercy of Owyn’s Flame take them and extinguish this tragedy once and for all. IN NOMINE DEI, His Majesty, Adrian I of the House of Helvets, King of Kaedrin, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Cathalon, Lord of the Rhoswenii, and Captain & Defender of Liberty 
  13. “We shall see to it that all ceremony and provision is given in the wake of Father Lochlan’s passing to celebrate his contributions in life.” Commands King Adrian I
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