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  1. If you spend more than a day making a temp map then you have already failed at making it. Who the **** gives a **** about the lore for these maps at this point? It's always an ass pull with Alaskan bull worms or something similar. The ET can back fill event sites and all the other **** when it's needed. It's far more important for whatever map comes next to be released and functional before the end of summer when a majority of players go back to school.
  2. my sister made some cupcakes with chocolate frosting, want some? sending them out via pupper, may include chewed stick
  3. I didn't know adunadanes were immortal, my friend. Besides, Throdo is undead, Boiendl's Pontiff is long dead, and I presume Ambros is some kind of spook. On a side note autoage is broken as ****, don't use it. Whenever the staff play with the server time it fucks up and causes it to age. I've gained about 14 years in what should be 9.
  4. How do you feel about the map not being corrupted and what would you like for the next map.

    1. dsdevil



  5. I hope the map gets corrupted so we're forced to make a new map before the start of summer.

    1. Gypsy
    2. Tox


      this was a thing that happened in the past

    3. Fishy


      @Tox Yeah and it turned out to be a bretty decent map, all in all. The 3.0 Build Server was a better development process than just about any of the recent maps, even with the rampant abuse. 

  6. michael is evil, he made gereon de christ's eyes yellow like piss
  7. R.I.P. Kniaz, may you and Charlemagne have peace.

    1. Radu


      cool i guess

  8. "Oi'm dead serious, laddie, there be no way out of this Daniel, un more miss step and Oi'm gonna unleash 'ell. You think Oi wos ah prick years ago when Oi attacked people by meself? Think about how much more of ah prick Oi can beh when Oi'm GRAND KING and Oi have to **** over some adolescent Dibley sucking twats. Wew laddie!" A quote typically attributed to Grand King Bastion Ireheart as he slapped his belly, circa 1601.
  9. why is mossy cobblestone a blacklisted block help
  10. just give us real guns for ****'s sake, there are fuckers going around in air ships
  11. 18072037df27e6b7b561ca1a1b155df7.png

    Airships and yet we can't even have ******* cannons.



    1. Grubgoth Wud
    2. _Jandy_


      yo wtf, I put in months of RP to make a hot air balloon but @CosmicWhaleShark just took it away but I guess now we can have airships?!

  12. The development time for maps has actually been going down over the years, Vailor and Axios were hardly a two or three months at best, but had significantly less people working on them. Start new map development now so people can start working on it over the winter break. Aim for a summer release so you have nearly half a year to work, release it early at spring break if possible. Let nations prebuild their capitals on the server so they can fix up their terrain to be as they need it and we don't end up with nation's having to rush their builds which end up 20 blocks above the ground. If Hiebe Irongut's cousin is caught filling a mountain with diamonds again just ban him for the duration of the map and delete the materials. Most importantly though, the map needs to have an actual design behind it like Asulon, Anthos, or Athera, less so Athera. If you look at these three they very clearly have a particular road network and spawn placement that lead you through areas of rp rather than everything just being a dead end. Anthos did this well and every nation and city was strung together through the roads meaning you would actually be going through places to get elsewhere. The land for each race should be allowed to be designed by them so it can suit their needs, however, they should all still be apart of a greater road network in something like a circle or the foursquare hook design Anthos had, not the single road design Athera had. If Anthos is being rehashed it should be remade from a blank slate version of it, keeping the same placement of the mountains, rivers, lakes, and other features, but the worldpainting redone, maybe even raise it up a few blocks so there's more land for new areas and add in a few new waterways possibly. Then once the map is redone, host Anthos in its final stages with a dynamap and implement some but not all of the old builds and have ET or their old owners turn them into ruins. EDIT: A finite amount of land would also be good, the nations should take up all of the land except for particular event areas similar to Anthos' North. The main way for player groups to get land should be through the nations, splitting off to form their own nations should be through roleplay circumstances rather than by a charter asking for payment and everyone and their mother being able to sign.