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  1. The Final Prince’s Calling The Duke and Family amidst the Augustine Gardens by Margaux Renée Helvets, 1797 8th of Sigismund’s End, 1800 Obituary On this day in the year of Our Lord, 1800, Henry Frederick Helvets, Duke of Cathalon, has passed into the Seven Skies at the age of 66. He is survived by his wife Blanche Thérèse, Duchess-Dowager of Cathalon, and their children, Margaux Renée Helvets (Age 10) and Thomas Andrew Helvets (Age 7). Born to the King of Kaedrin, Adrian I, and Queen-Consort Annabelle Castor in 1734, Henry Frederick was the last of the
  2. 50 tough hide

    10% drop rate

    500 Boars :}

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      poor boars, what did they ever do to deserve such slaughter?

  3. Duke Henry Frederick Helvets celebrates the canonization of St. Foltest with bowed head and wrinkled hands held together in prayer.
  4. His Grace, Henry Frederick Helvets, the Duke of Cathalon signs the document.
  5. “What,” says the Governor General
  6. Aeriel saying she made a portal to another part of the realm in flavor text doesn’t mean we went to another plane of existance. Any descendant culture introduced in between Asulon and the Fringe would make no sense if
  7. This is like writing lore for six people, but then it gets worse because it goes onto snub its nose at everyone else, I hate it.
  8. c’mon, at least make it a round ten
  9. Summer Bash 2020 BYOB

  10. “The mad man must be reined in!” Declares the Governor-General
  11. The Governor-General sends word to Mister Napier! ”To Mr. Napier, I have read your most recent interview published by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and I must say it is a most intriguing piece. To have the first-hand account of one so close to the Order of the White Rose illuminates much of our history untold to us by modern scholars. Though their way of life has been passed down to us via oral tradition, seldom recorded are the personal lives of the Ordermen save what has been written of their saintly deeds. I would ask after Miss Tanith’s letter box, such th
  12. I). SPEECH OF ED MYRE The Right Honorable gentleman Ed Myre wishes to speak in front of the House of Commons, and the Speaker of the House granted him the ability to do so. II). MUNICIPAL TAXATION – PASSED Mayor Edmund Bren wishes to establish a small tax of 50 minas to verify the usage of residence and secure a minute steady income for the City of Owynsburg, and asks the House of Commons for assent. AYE: 5 NAY: 0 ABSTAIN: 1 AMEND: 1 The Governor-General hereby assents to this resolution. III). RESIDENCY BILL – REJECTED, SENT BACK
  13. “That’s cute,” remarks the Governor-General, having already mastered the science of aeronautics in Novellen quite some time ago.
  14. The Governor-General frowns at the quotations at least one of his brothers had concocted.
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