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  1. Thomas breaks yet another chair in Cheval Hall, lamenting his sister's departure in his lonely manor.
  2. Thomas Andrew found himself sat in Providence's grand cathedral, idly listening to the lengthy sermon and hymns that reverberated throughout its hall. Bored... The Duke had thought, So, bored... The young Duke turned soldier had never been particularly pious, observing only great turmoil within the faith in his upbringing, instead it was simply duty that had brought Thomas into a pew today. Soon enough an urgent letter found its way through the congregation, How anomalous, Thomas thought, only to find himself as its recipient. The words in both his throat and head stopped, replaced only wi
  3. OOC SIGN UP: IRP name: Thomas Andrew Helvets Discord: Fishy#7948 IGN Name: u000893 Age: 21
  4. RP Name: Thomas Andrew Helvets Minecraft Name: u000893 Age: 17 Do you agree to pay the entry fee of 5 minas to participate in the race?: Yes
  5. Thomas locked his door and blasted his tunes. Indignant of his mother's lecturing, he rocked around his room, his auburn mullet fluttering with each bob of his head.
  6. RP Name: Thomas Andrew Helvets MC Name: u000893 Voted: Yes
  7. The Final Prince’s Calling The Duke and Family amidst the Augustine Gardens by Margaux Renée Helvets, 1797 8th of Sigismund’s End, 1800 Obituary On this day in the year of Our Lord, 1800, Henry Frederick Helvets, Duke of Cathalon, has passed into the Seven Skies at the age of 66. He is survived by his wife Blanche Thérèse, Duchess-Dowager of Cathalon, and their children, Margaux Renée Helvets (Age 10) and Thomas Andrew Helvets (Age 7). Born to the King of Kaedrin, Adrian I, and Queen-Consort Annabelle Castor in 1734, Henry Frederick was the last of the
  8. 50 tough hide

    10% drop rate

    500 Boars :}

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      poor boars, what did they ever do to deserve such slaughter?

  9. Duke Henry Frederick Helvets celebrates the canonization of St. Foltest with bowed head and wrinkled hands held together in prayer.
  10. His Grace, Henry Frederick Helvets, the Duke of Cathalon signs the document.
  11. “What,” says the Governor General
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