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  1. Set the default emote color to yellow pls

  2. Renatus forfeited the field battle though. They would’ve bought another week with that.
  3. Gottfried John Helvets finally finds peace in the Seven Skies.
  4. Helton Hadrian Helvets raises a tankard of free ale and a sword in honor of his uncle, “Long live his Imperial Majesty!”
  5. RP Name: Siegfried of Gorgona Username: u000893
  6. “Now this is some traditional Horenic culture.” says Siegfried, a fellow bastard.
  7. Can’t harvest wheat in CT with a hoe and animals are unkillable, pls fix

  8. 30 minutes or less

    1. doledipper2005


      that's the papa john's guarantee

      that's the papa john's guarantee

  9. I don't want Nexus plots 2.0, any attempt to automate regions via plugin is awful. Should have just kept or made new charter rules seeing as we are roughly half way through this map with this territories plugin no where in sight. Though, the best solution would be to require neither by adopting a system of land distribution similar to 3.0's, wherein the primary four racial nations received the lion's share and distributed it as RP saw fit. However, this isn't really feasible until a map transition.
  10. Flayhaos reigns, Kyle the Everchosen has returned!

  11. @Fishy You were the first player to ever down me in lotc; back in athera outside Petrus, when i was a cringy af 14 year old with a cringy af de bolbec rebellion. cheers dude

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