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  1. Bid: my love skin: everything
  2. Queen Milena of Hanseti-Ruska peruses the missive, an unamused frown curving at her lips. ”It saddens me that the Emperor’s own mother seems to have such distrust for his regime... and how overtly uninformed she is! Why, everyone knows Lorrainians have opted to cower in Guise, not the Adrians!”
  3. HAESENI HARVEST INITIATIVE - I Issued and Confirmed by the Royal Office of the Queen-Consort 6th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1729 Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, The years succeeding the union of King Andrik III to his consort have been endowed with prosperity. A kingdom having recovered from the plague of War, it has not only been privileged with the birth of an heir, and the matrimonial celebration of its Princess-Royal, but with a bountiful harvest. With a bustling staff managing their upkeep, the fertile meadows encircling Reza are now laden with viridescent life and produce, amongst them wheat. Compelled by such fortunes, it is incumbent upon us to hereby declare the following edict: For the betterment of all Haeseni and any who lack the proper sustenance required in their livelihood, THEIR MAJESTIES’ declare the establishment of the Haeseni Harvest Initiative. Sustenance shall be dispensed every Four Saint’s Weeks (One OOC Month) in Robert’s Square. Conventions shall be held on the Grand Harvest. Under the Supervision of the Royal City of Reza’s administrators, farmers shall be hired to sustain the initiative. Professional Inquiries may be directed to any of the signatories below. May the Saints and Exalted keep watch and sustain all who hunger. IV JOVEO MAAN, Her Royal Majesty, Milena Ekaterina Fyodorovna of the House Barbanov-Carrion, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska and its pertaining realms Her Excellency, Lady Kamilla Stafyr, Maer of Reza Ilkazar of Alban, Royal Advisor
  4. Mariya Oliviya, within her secluded chambers in the Haeseni Palace, ponders over her husband’s death – only comforted by the waning candlelight providing the room with an incandescent flare. ”Did I betray you, Viktor, as I said you betrayed me?” The Dowager Countess, only twenty-four, ruminates, her voice limited to that of a hoarse rasp. ”GOD has cursed me on this day, and left me a decrepit widow. Yet... yet it seems, I deserved it.”
  5. "HUZZAH. The Queen is with child!" A Feast for Generations, 1729 (Saturday: August 17th - 4:30 EST) The waking morning had proven to be of ilk to the renown of Milena Ekaterina, since her union. She would often make rounds around the palace, greeting passerbys. Yet, in the days since the beginning of the seed, the suggestion of a protruding stomach had began to betray the young queen's natural refinement of posture, as she was brought to a slouching manner in an attempt to breathe with lesser injury and theatrics alike. This brandishing of a more eased demeanor was most noticeable to those engaged in the daily activities of Her Majesty's rapidity of life, whom instantly regarded the apparent pregnancy with excitement and mirth; Eventually, word would spread amongst the plethora of courtiers and servantry alike, before an official statement could be released. During the seed’s peak, whence the sun assumed its place above Reza’s beauteous confines, fanfare would emanate from Robert’s Square, and a gawky herald not yet in his adulthood would be posted atop the wooden stands -- ready to declare the paramount news. To the citizenry of Oren, It is with the greatest jubilation that the Haeseni crown does wish to formally announce the pregnancy of HER MAJESTY, the Queen, and an invitation to join us in celebration of THEIR MAJESTIES’ firstborn atheling, and the union of the exalted bloodline of Carrion, uniting crow and crow alike. Invitees are to convene in the Basilica where a christening ceremony is to be held. Guests will be ushered into the Prikaz, and its respective throne room, where they shall be expected to bestow a gift upon the esteemed bairn. A feast shall later be served, succeeding the ceremonies, where those in attendance may indulge in Haeseni cuisine amongst the Royal Court. GOD save the August House of Barbanov and their illustrious crown. Signed, Her Royal Majesty, Milena of House Barbanov-Carrion, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska and its pertaining realms.
  6. Axelu

    A Stifled Flame

    A STIFLED FLAME [!] The Duchess of Alba, circa 1727 “Your mother and sister have gone now, my beautiful Julia. Do not let that stifle your flame.” She had recollected her father’s coos of reassurance. He had promised her he’d stay alongside her, yet he too, had made himself scarce. The youth would have grown since then, her tresses longer and her frame gawky as she steadily traipsed toward adolescence. If one were to put her alongside her mother, Vivienne, they would note a remarkable resemblance betwixt the two. She lowered her grey glance, letting it sweep dully over the cerulean waters bordering Helena as she’d stand on her railed balcony. A dragon without her flame; without resolve; without ferocity. What am I, then, she thought. She did not wield her siblings’s redeeming qualities: Adeline’s unwavering ardor and regality, nor Charles and Henry’s stately prowess. Her grip upon the railing tightened. Who am I? . . . YOU ARE WEAK The child sharply pivoted to face her chambers, startled, yet found herself staring directly at her own reflection; it was immaculately polished, not an idle stain in sight. She found herself enthralled, meandering toward it with a jutted index finger. It curled, hesitant to breach the depiction of herself, as if doing so would distort it. The finger begrudgingly straightens, finally meeting its likeness. With abruptness, the child untethered from her reverie, an inner tempest stirring in its wake. “I am not weak!” She shrilly contested, palms rapping against her temples as her knees met the glossy flooring brutely. Heavy exhalations escaped the youth, wrathful sobs and bellows following shortly thereafter. A retinue of maids rushed into the princess’s quarters, distraught to find her gaunt composition stirring upon the floor. They moved to grasp at her, and restrain the frenzied jerks of her body. The child was unappeased, countenance flushed with a wanton carmine hue as the tumult ensued. “Your Highness, please,” A younger handmaiden pleaded, her plump hands palpitating fretfully. After a few painful moments, the child stilled, perpetuating her frigid, glossy glare unto the woman -- then spitting at her face. “Bring Adeline here. I wish to see her.”
  7. THE HIGH COURTS OF HANSETI-RUSKA AN OVERVIEW  Over the years, the courts of Hanseti-Ruska have been without little structure, the traditions of old lost to time. War and tumult has left Haeseni families lost and lacking stability. As the King and Queen begin their reign together, it is only fitting for the restructuring of the Courtier System to commence as well. Under the direction of the Royal Council of the Court, the High Courts of Hanseti-Ruska is hereby announced.  ROYAL COUNCIL OF THE COURT HER MAJESTY, THE QUEEN: The Consort of the King. HER EXCELLENCY, THE GRAND LADY: Head Courtier. Supervisor of the ladies and lords residing at court. THEIR EXCELLENCY, THE CHAMBERLAIN: Head Event Planner and curator of the Royal Household. Supervisor of the Event Committee. THEIR EXCELLENCY, THE ROYAL LIAISON: Head communicator with the courts of HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY.  PLANNED RESTRUCTURING Due to the impactful nature of the changes, in-depth documents shall be released at a gradual pace. The Courtier System of Hanseti-Ruska is hereby reinstated. Entertained Parties may deliver a letter of interest to the GRAND LADY, where she will deliberate the aforementioned applicants’ place amongst the court. Titled Nobility will be advised to volunteer a maiden daughter to the High Court, where she may serve as a lady-in-waiting to a lady of higher standing. Titled Nobility will be advised to volunteer a younger son to learn beneath a Royal Official, for if they shall not serve their house as patriarch, then they partake in government work. Families of the Burgher and Common class are encouraged to volunteer a maiden daughter to the High Court, where she may serve as a handmaiden to a lady of higher standing. A planning committee is hereby reinstated. Entertained parties may deliver a letter of interest to the CHAMBERLAIN, where they shall deliberate the aforementioned applicants’ place amongst the court. All citizens of Hanseti-Ruska are encouraged to apply, should they be interested in the field. Courtiers shall be given priority in the selection of cabinet members. All cabinet members must be ready for extensive training in Haeseni Customs and traditions. The position of ROYAL LIAISON is hereby instated. The Royal Liaison shall remain in communication with the Imperial Liaison of Orenian Court, as well as liaisons of fellow Orenian vassalage. The Royal Liaison reserves the right to recruit Haeseni citizens to the position of junior liaisons whom will coordinate with foreign liaisons in the absense of their supervisor.  Signed, Her Majesty, Milena Barbanov-Carrion, The Queen of Hanseti-Ruska Her Royal Highness, Princess Marelika of Haense, Grand Lady of the Court Her Royal Highness, Princess Sofiya of Haense, Chamberlain of the Court
  8. Sign up Character Name: Julia Adelaide House: Alstion Age: early pre-adolescence Rank: Duchess of Alba Do you reside in court?: yes McName: CripplingQueen Timezone: EST Discord: axelu#4554
  9. [!] Fliers would be distributed across Reza, and pinned to boards upon its nearby roads. PALACE STAFF APPLICATION 5th of the Sun’s Smile, 1726 For too long, the Palace life has been devoid of the bustling movements of the employed citizenry, and their tasks have therefore been left undone. Arguably the heart of the Prikaz, Palace staff fulfill an important role in carrying out tasks for the royal household. Therefore, on behalf of Her Majesty, any persons above the age of fourteen are invited to apply for occupancy of the positions below. Kvuensbutjantas | Handmaidens The Kvuensbutjantas are women employed to cater the needs of the Queen, Queen-Mother, and princesses. Not only are handmaidens expected to ensure their needs are met, but also to assure the Palace’s tidiness is kept. Koecks | Cooks The koecks of the royal palace are those that nourish and fulfill the culinary indulgences of the royal family and their esteemed guests. Koecks must be willing to produce traditional Haeseni cuisine and be able to prepare the aforementioned dishes on a whim and in bulk for revelries or feasts. Due to the prestigious position of a koeck, they are often held to the highest standards. Scribes A vital part of Palace life, scribes are those who write for the Koeng and his August Company. Applicants are required to be literate and adept in the art of penmanship. Interested parties may send a letter by courier directly to Her Majesty in the following format: Name: IGN: Discord: Age: Position of interest: Signed, Her Majesty, The Queen of Hanseti-Ruska
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  11. A young Julia Adelaide, within Helena’s bounds, displays a dulled smile across her lips – satisfied with her uncle’s newfound ascension.
  12. Vivienne ascends to the seven skies alongside her daughter, finding comfort in the adolescent’s embrace.
  13. Julia Adelaide nods, clutching a miniature chaplet as she stares beyond Helena’s towering gates. “Rejoice, as the line of John has risen again – conflict cannot deter GOD’s will.”
  14. A flaxen-haired scion of a forgotten dynasty clenches the missive in her left palm, tears welling around her eyelids. “Mon Dieu, ma fille. Too soon ripped from your children.”
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