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  1. Axelu

    Caranthir_'s Game Moderator Application

    + 1 Responsible, and friendly. I believe he’d make a wonderful GM.
  2. Axelu

    The Bilok'thuln

    [OOC] Username: Axelu Activity: 8-9/10 Skype: (no longer active) Discord: Axelu#4554 [Rp] Name: Almithara Annungilben Gender: Female Place of Residence: Talar’ikur/Fenn. Race: Mali’Fenn Roles: Bilokon’sair & Nor’sair Do you swear allegiance to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince, and pledge to do your duty and never steal?: Yes, of course.
  3. Axelu

    Marshal's Farewell

    Alana Grimm studied the resignation with a solemn gaze, a soft grin tugging at her lips. ”We’ll never forget the work he has done for us, and I’m sure he’ll continue doing great things despite retiring,” She mused, promptly shifting towards Alfred Rubens to gather his opinion on the matter.
  4. Axelu

    Character head commissions!

    A talented sister!
  5. Axelu

    [I] papyb's Game Moderator Application

    Papyb is overall, a wonderful person who helps the player-base move forward. I’m sure they’ll make a wonderful member of the team, should you give them a chance.
  6. Axelu

    Therese's laments [PK Post]

    Therese’s laments [!] A worn artwork of Therese av Grimrich, dated 1664 ____________________________________________________ In a cottage, nestled by overgrown foliage, that could only be described by the warping wood that made its once stable structure soon to crumble, lived a woman; Exhausted and unkempt in appearance. Her visage drooped with the sorrows of the jumble of memories that even she could not discern. There was only one phrase that had lingered in her mind on a constant loop, much so that she’d event blurt it out in the wonted silence of the cabin’s depressing confines. “Selrik Wick.” She screamed to no end, unheard by society; She raked her fingers through her chestnut tresses and sobbed, never comforted by those she had considered family. In time, ironically, the fifteen years she had spent in the hut lost its meaning, and so did the rising and setting of the sun she considered so radiant. And then, there was true light- the creaking of the decaying door could be heard, giving light to an appreciated sight in the tired woman’s eyes. “Lady Faroe, it seems I’ve found you.” The flaxen-haired woman greeted the woman, a sympathetic frown lining her features. She reeled a palm outwards for the former Baroness of Kerzenwick to take- and so she did, without any qualms on the matter. “Lady Scathach... Why have you come for me?” Therese inquired, her features blanched from disbelief. The blonde-haired woman replied with a shrug, pacing about the vastly empty space. “I’ve come to retrieve you from this.. refuse of a living area. You, and the rest of our ladies.” The Wick contemplated it for a moment, a frown creasing into her features. She allowed her palm to recoil as she rose- unexpectedly wrapping the woman in a deep embrace, tears glossing over her sea green eyes. “I cannot, Scathach. How can I when I’ve been drained of such hopefulness I once had? ” The centuries-old woman studied the middle-aged Therese intently, pursing her lips in thought. “I see, Lady Faroe... A shame. I truly hoped for you to join me. What are you to do?” “It’s my time, Lady Scathach. I know what I must do.” She reassured the woman with three bobs of her head, a solemn grin lacing upon her features. “Goodbye, Johanna. It has been an absolute pleasure.” Scathach quietly commented, before leaving as quickly as she came- leaving the front door swinging on its hinges. “Well then, I reckon I have to write up letters now.” She lightheartedly murmured, a relieved sigh easing out of her lips before scrambling the tattered shelves of the insides, setting her attention upon a stack of ripped parchment paper and a quill obscured by the shadows. In time, she began. Content with the words she had left to say to her loved ones, the woman smiled- after a decade and a half of contemplative sadness, she was free. OOC: Being my longest played character, and having shelved her for a long while, I felt it was time to honor her with this post. I officially am permakilling Therese av Grimrich, after thirty-some IC years of having her as my character and seeing her story come to a fitting end. Thank you to everyone who role-played with her, it was fun.
  7. Alana Grimm furrows her brows, a frown creasing into her features. ”I never thought a simple lie on the Mournstone’s behalf would lead to this,” She murmured, curling her digits into a fist- her exasperation evident.
  8. Axelu

    Cyrilsburg City Open

    Alastrine Vientos perused the flyer, a toothy grin assuming itself upon her features. ”I can’t believe it is almost completed! If it looks as lovely as its people act, then I simply can’t wait,” She chimed amidst being encircled by an abundance of tomes in the Sutican library- hoping to further her knowledge in sparring and alchemy!
  9. Axelu

    Death of Ardennes

    A frown lined the lips of a young, ashen-haired adolescent. She exhaled profoundly, eyeing the uncompleted Ardennes solemnly. ”I truly wished for this to be completed- Perhaps mother would have liked it,” She murmured, before beginning her journey to the city of Sutica.
  10. Alana Grimm supports this message.
  11. Axelu

    The Evar'okarn

    Justiciar Application [OOC] Username: Axelu Discord: Axelu#4554 Timezone: EST Availability for RP Interview: (Meeting already took place, though, anytime if another one should be requested!) [RP] Name: Almithara Annungilben Gender: Female Race/subrace/culture: Mali’Fenn Place of residence: Fenn. Prior relevant experience: A student of government, and law- Almithara has valuable insight and experience concerning the laws and policies of other nations. Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn, and to the Grand Prince?: Yes.
  12. Axelu

    [Culture] The Southeron

    I quite like this! Glad to see its page made. +1
  13. Axelu


    Full name: Alana Theodosia Grimm Year of Birth: 1660 City of Primary Residency: Markev ((Mc name: Axelu))
  14. Axelu

    The Cold Moonlight

    Wonderfully written. Love her!
  15. Axelu

    [I] EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    One of the most hardworking, and dedicated players I am relieved to have met on this server- as well as having a genuine concern for the player base, and how to better their experience. Joel would make a fitting addition to the team. +1