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  1. The Princess of Savoy excitedly plans to attend, readying her first to brave the mountainous cliffs.
  2. Catherine mourned the loss of her aunt and dearest childhood friend gravely and locked herself in the palatial apartments. She would not exit for several days’ time, reminiscing of the others to her husband The Prince of Savoy.
  3. The Princess of Savoy, Catherine, awaited the exhibition with fanfare. "My husband's gutt cousin will bring even further glory to our realm," She remarked to the Baroness of Caer Hodden, the Landgravine of Alstreim, and the Chancellor of Savoy as they each prepared their attendants for the journey to Niseep. "He has brought us all great pride with his innovations. For a rare time, science will not prove to distract the faithful. It is smiled upon by the divine light of GOTT."
  4. Catherine, Princess of Sutica had been alerted of the demise of her father-in-law upon overhearing the whispers of Palatial servants and not the official missive that would arrive in an hour's time. The lady had endured much of her private pregnancy alone since her husband departed for a pennant pilgrimage, and while she had encountered some stress in the process, she had mostly avoided any dire situations. As news of Olivier's fate permeated her ears, and etched a violent marking in her mind - knowing that the man who had assumed a paternal role so very young had perished - Catherine's knees rattled and soon found herself collapsing groundward. The usually silent lady's sorrowful caterwauls could be heard across the Palazzo Aggrade's upper corridors, even as she was whisked away by the attendants who found themselves in the business of delivering the princely child that had arrived one-month too soon.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9V5aByfeCM&ab_channel=sekainoowarijp A Legacy Continues: The Birth of an Ashford de Savoie Published: 11th of the Sun’s Smile, 1854 A gathering in the Palazzo Aggrade after the birth to celebrate. In a moment of loss and grief, GOD gives us miracles in which are to aid in the prosperity towards the grand scheme of our lives. While the eldest Olivier de Savoie went to ascend the Seven Skies, it was at that moment which the fates destined for his legacy to continue. Princess-consort Catherine of Sutica had given birth to a boy - a second son, bright-eyed and spirited. At the final breath taken by one, it was the first breath of another in which OLIVIER GUY ASHFORD DE SAVOIE was born on 11 of the Sun's Smile, 1854. It is to make the day a day to celebrate all that has come before, and what is to come. It is a day which history will mark as both a beautiful tragedy for a life to be brought into the world as it is taken. The infant Olivier Guy will receive his baptism at the date marking the first month of his existence, accompanied by his parents, siblings, and GOD. SIGNED; HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Olivier II Laurene, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Corazon, Count of San Luciano and Sarissa HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Catherine Johanna, Princess of Savoy and Sutica, Duchess consort of Corazon, Countess of San Luciano and Sarissa, Baroness of Brynnrose
  6. Her Most High and Excellent Imperial Highness The Dowager Countess of Temesch shed a tear for humanity, so stricken by internal conflict, wigs that might have once oozed led into the scalps of their wearers, and influence from bearded creatures two feet tall. "What of Providence? What of unity amongst men, beneath GOD. By golly, Ioannes, we may be doomed," she lamented curtly to His Illustrious and Noble Gracely Imperial Highness The Princely Father Ioannes of Temesch, her son, from their foreign residence. "I hope in time humanity may remedy the fractures on its great tapestry. I hope life, once more, may be valued by golly! For now, let us alone remind ourselves of what is important." She proceeded to squash a cockroach beneath her heel.
  7. The Princess of Savoy, Katharina, had spoken to the Lord Palatine and the Duke of Akovia some time ago and recognized them to be wonderful men of good nature. Queen Emma herself, being a dear friend, was too recognized by the Barclay scion as a pillar of Haeseni excellence. Despite the climactic difference between these two nations, they held a common interest unbreakable by even geography - GOD. She would hope this friendship would be enjoyed by citizens of the Northern and Sovereign realms.
  8. The Princess of Savoy commended her aunt, the Langravine, on her excellent work via courier, promising to sooner visit Merryweather.
  9. THE CONCORD OF AGGRADE, 1853 Scribed by the Office of HRH The Princess of Savoy [!] A depiction of Prince Lucien Aurele, Count of Peremont, and his promised Stephanie of Vidaus To the citizens of SAVOY AND HANSETI-RUSKA, Amidst the ongoing strife within our lands, importance in retaining our culture and adherence to the teachings of GOD. The North and South, at polar ends of our realm, are united in their love of Canondom, family, and Sovereign. It is in the holy name of GOD that the ROYAL HOUSE OF SAVOY and the DUCAL HOUSE OF VIDAUS announce the betrothal between their dynasts, HH Prince Lucien Aurele, Hereditary Prince of Savoy and Count of Peremont. Lady Stephanie Ruthern. As decided in the Royal Palace of San Luciano, Aggrade, The marriage will be fulfilled upon the groom and bride both reaching the age of majority upon the year 1861 The dowry of the bride will be cemented upon the eve of the marriage and may consist of land, produce, or coin, wherein it will be extended to the Crown of Savoy as compensation. Signed, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Olivier II Laurene, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Corazon, Count of San Luciano and Sarissa HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Catherine Johanna, Princess of Savoy and Sutica, Duchess consort of Corazon, Countess of San Luciano and Sarissa, Baroness of Brynnrose HIS EXCELLENCY, Rhys var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Viscount of Greyspine, Baron of Rostig, and Lord Speaker of Hanseti-Ruska
  10. Her sister, an aging thespian who was sat beside the other crone on a rocking chair, confidently replied of the watermelon (despite her blindness), "You are speaking to a fat baby, my dear, you know they can't talk."
  11. The journey had been extensive but, despite her matured age, The Dowager of Temesch, Helena Augusta, endured it spiritedly. Tall and proud did she join her kith and his friend in this foreign land - encompassed by legend and fantasy. She had once traveled to the Aeldinic land of Touron to lay to rest the ashes of General Armand de Rennes and was an avid explorer of foreign realms. None, however, rivaled the Elysian paradise that was before her. She smiled, knowing she would ne'er forget the sites she had seen.
  12. The late Princess Maria Horen of the Renatian Empire drank a flute of Ardennic champagne alongside her husband and their dear cousin, Hannibal, as they surveyed their descendants from the afterlife. “I foresee them doing well for themselves, Your Imperial Highness,” the Countess of Marsen drawled with dramatic flair. “They survive us yet.”
  13. Helena Augusta, The Countess of Temesch and Dame, some years past, recognized the sacrifice made by her nephew with respect. “A true Count of Susa would put family above all else. Anthony, God rest him, taught the boy well,” she told her sons Ioannes and Adrian, alongside her daughter the Dowager Crown Princess Alix of Sutica, in their modest homestead in the South. @JoanOfArc @venclair @Tiresiam
  14. The aged Countess of Temesch writes to the newly returned Amelia, noting her intentions to invite her over to reminisce.
  15. “No, I am certain he said the Argent Legion. Maybe you mistook them for another auxiliary army I could readily name,” remarked Henry Horteau.
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