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  1. In the depths of the Wildlands, Aleksandra would ruminate of the men’s well-beings, tending to her nursing child’s dark, wispy locks. She frowns as her eyes peer ahead, scrutinizing the murky azuline shores but a short distance away. “How I miss those runts,” The aged princess laments, unaware of how the men she had once quarreled with succumbed to grisly demises. “I’ll see you soon, you rats,” She mutters, before setting young Robert in a makeshift crib.
  2. Mariya vas Bihar sweeps her eyes over the missive, nodding once satisfied with the Duke’s additions to her works. ”That man won’t try it again,” She states assuredly, grinning at him before bidding him adieu.
  3. Mariya had only known her sibling for a fifth of her life, yet his demise sent the adolescent into yet another tryst of sadness. As she traverses the streets of Reza, she then stops short of a set of pikes before the gates — such harborIng the decayed skull of the man who terminated her mother, the beloved Queen Elizaveta of Vidaus. “May the man who struck down my brother burn, and rest along his damned brethren.”
  4. Vivienne smiles grimly, perusing her daughter’s letter for a moment before fitting it within the confines of her chest. ”Ma fille, how you’ve grown.”
  5. FEAST FOR CROWS Circa 1717 Issued and Confirmed by His Royal Majesty, Marius II of House Barbanov Iv Joveo Maan, Strife will not deter the people of Hanseti-Ruska from merriment; Since the dawn of its creation, unity amongst the Karovic families has been unwavering. To commemorate the stirring togetherness of crows, the Haeseni administration invites the denizens of Reza, Ves, and Avalain to a feast where they may revel in traditional cuisine and entertainment. The festivities will be held within Prikaz Palace; Altercations between guests will not be tolerated. Signed, Her Royal Highness, Princess Mariya Oliviya of House Barbanov OOC Time: 6pm EST Date: May 24th, 2019 Location: Reza, Haense
  6. THE DEATH OF A REGENT; MISSIVE TO CURONIA To all citizens of the Kingdom of Curonia, His Imperial Majesty, Godfrey III, writes once more to the peoples of Curonia to extend an olive branch to them. Day by day, more subjects of Curonia make the pilgrimage from Avalain to the Imperial Heartlands in order to make their oaths and swear fealty, joining service under the true Emperor. Yet there still remain denizens of their capital that opt to linger in their city despite their corrupt regent, Ecbert, having been captured and slain at the hands of Our men. Their chosen monarch is a youth that has known little except the venomous statements fabricated by his reptilian regent. It would be bizarre for any to follow an unfit child into the infernos of war. Thus, it is a moral duty of true patriots to remove the liars and cravens who poison his ear and endanger their Kingdom. Our Imperial Majesty beseeches the men and women of Curonia to venture to the Imperial Heartlands - be with your kin, for your rightful monarch, Anabel I, resides in our capital and will accept you alongside Our Emperor with open arms. The amount of entreaties we may offer is diminishing, however. As more Curonians join us, the men that remain are increasingly bitter and resentful of the Renatian throne. Our olive branch will not be perpetually extended. Lest we forget. [!] Attached to the bottom of the missive is a list of the so-far deceased signatories marked in red.
  7. Issued and Confirmed by the Red Prince of Muldav, Josef Eimar Before my eyes, I have seen my son blossom and develop into a fine boy; His diligence and skill never cease to amaze me. Sometimes, I have wondered, if he is even my issue at all with how much we vary. Nonetheless, at his young age, he has brought us esteem and efficiently ran the affairs of our relatively new house. Therefore, it is with a content heart that the tenure of my husband and myself as vassals of Hanseti-Ruska has come to an end. I name my firstborn, Prince Kazimar, head of House Alimar with all of the titles that come with such. GOD be with you all in these difficult times. IV JOVEO MAAN, Her Serene Highness, Aleksandra of House Alimar, Red Princess-Mother of Muldav
  8. ”The chevaliers of my people keep our populace resilient, for that, I must thank them,” Maria Henrietta muses aloud, all the while tending to her son’s chestnut coils. ”Ave Godfrey.”
  9. ull always be my son @ heart alex
  10. Maria feigns her surprise.
  11. Amidst running her errands in the Imperial Capital, Maria Henrietta nods in approval – confident in the unfurling of the event to be hosted.
  12. Maria Horen resolves to attend the merriment, intending to encounter her friend, Anabel.
  13. Within the confines of the Palace’s dining room, Maria Henrietta hears of the altercation’s outcome – The woman, for once, stretching her lips into a smile of hope.
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