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  1. Axelu

    Writ of Abdication, 1693

    Alastrine Vientos accepts her newfound position with a hazed mindset, though with the wholehearted belief that the tutelage both her father and her cousin have bestowed upon her will provide her with the necessary tools to carry out her tasks effectively.
  2. .Aleksandra vas Ruthern emitted an exasperated exhale, disagreeing silently via the shaking of her head. ”Cassius’s loud, but he didn’t deserve tha’.”
  3. Axelu


    Hey, thanks for being a really awesome person. We’ll all miss you. Much love!
  4. Axelu

    Fabius Bracchus; The Prefect We Deserve

    Alastrine Vientos and Aleksandra vas Ruthern both support this message.
  5. Axelu

    Rhysten Smithy [Arms, Armor, and tools]

    Esme Dior Acel’elor smiles.
  6. Axelu

    [Legend] The Phantom of Old

    Love this.
  7. Axelu

    Skylez1's Lore Master Application

    A splendid guy well versed with the current lore; I’d suggest him for the position, due to his general knowledge- especially within the alchemical lore area. +1
  8. Axelu

    Carrion for the Crows

    Almithara Annungilben absently trudged through the sleeted expanse bordering Talar’ikur, her stark blue gaze drawn to the dangling bodies serving as a warning to those who had caused so much grief to the Mali’Fenn. ”Whoever is doing this, do not continue. For your own sake,” She’d mutter to herself, already having garnered an idea as to who it could have been orchestrating the several attempts upon herself, and her closest friends.
  9. Axelu

    GOD rest ye, Lady Talraen

    Alana Rubens, with her husband and the Talraen Baroness herself at her side, pored over the solemn occurrence- The woman given unwavering solace in the fact that they are now at peace.
  10. Axelu

    Culling the unnatural.

    ((Very interestin’!! I’d love to hear more.
  11. Axelu


  12. Axelu

    An Announcement of Marriage

    Aleksandra vas Ruthern smiles for once.
  13. Axelu

    Unfitting demise

    Alana Rubens greets her closest friend, alongside her newly arrived husband, at the entry of the Seven Skies.
  14. Axelu


    Alana Rubens smiled warmly as she greeted her fallen husband after so many years in the Seven Skies.