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  1. The King, beyond the conflicts his position had afforded him, and the ill-repute fostered by his foes, was to those who knew him exemplary, loving, and wise. In his final years, such a vivid soul became tortured, and this was especially vivid to his eldest daughter, Maude. Although she avoided spectating her Father’s death, unlike her mother’s, there was something particularly impactful of being esperares from her father that day, therein being captured and held at Acre and having been privy to hostile sentiments against her father being levied at her by armsmen, despite their hospitality. Wherever she was after her escape, though it was certainly far off from the crux of battle, The Princess Royal held an intimate vigil for the memory of her liege and father - A king whose honor was bereaved from him by those who once honored him themselves.
  2. Amidst the tumult of the accursed day marred into history books as The Anastasian Finale, Maude Fredericka, Princess Royal of the Kingdom of Oren, peered into the eyes of her mother for the final time. Initially spared from seeing the demise of her father, Maude had been forcibly dragged away as the sight of her impaled mother - a woman who, throughout her childhood, had been withdrawn and callous but had since become a welcomed presence in her life. So much had been taken from her that day but what characterized those losses most was her loss of something precious and unredeemable: her innocence. Comfortably housed in the rural estate of the Lord of Acre for a month, the Novellen was later freed by a valliant armsman in service to her late father and remained in isolation. Through all of her anguish, the last words her mother had spoken to her - "GO" - panged relentlessly in her mind. In a selfless act of courage, Vivienne had been bereaved of her life, and although she was thankful for her mother's service, the adolescent pondered how, because of her survival, she would have to forevermore live with the reality of what she had seen and experienced. Her slate-grey eyes, having grown darker over the years, fermented by age and solemnity, made the auburn-haired youth resemble her sable-haired mother in countenance more than ever. These thoughts of hers, like many, were trivial to dwell on now, helpless to her present circumstances. She yearned to hear from her kith, who might or might not have survived the hellish events of the previous months, but spared a moment to smile upon a dove who soared across the distant horizon - resplendent and divine, unhindered by the conflicts which so heavily plagued her mortal plane. In this moment, perhaps for the first, genuine time in her comfortable life, she felt envy.
  3. Penned at the hand of The Princess Royal, Maude Fredericka and the Lady Seneschal, Mathilde Cyprielle, c. 1883 The attendance of the court bid, depicted by the Stassion Court Painter c. 1883 TO THE DENIZENS OF VIENNE AND ITS ADJOINED TERRITORIES Of Loyal stock and sound mind, In these times of profound strife, it is important we do not permit discord to hinder the progress of our great nation. With a populace estranged from the fundamental institutions of what cements the Orenian identity, one of fortitude, of triumph, and of unity before the adversity of the Great Deceiver’s damned will, the time of realization has indubitably begun. It is of utmost importance that there be a People’s Assembly at Castle Stassion, in which the people of Oren, in this the inaugural occasion, may adjourn within the Royal Residence in discourse to attend to the proceedings of the Courtiers at His Majesty’s Court. Furthermore, the Assembly will also suffice as grounds for ingenuous and forthright discourse between the engaged minds of Oren who seek to categorically impact their motherland for the common good of their people. The Court of Stassion’s ministry will ask and receive inquiries on behalf of the attendants, intent on encouraging meaningful dialogue on the subjects of political and social involvement, the availability of professional enjoyment, and quality of life. Accompany our Nation through her Great metamorphosis toward her time of Enlightenment and Amelioration. IN NOMINEI DEI Her Royal Highness The Princess Maude Fredericka Augusta Mary, Princess Royal of Oren, Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus and Seventis. Her Excellency The Lady Mathilde Cyprielle of Provins, The Royal Legate of the Court of Castle Stassion. The Honourable Miss Elisabeth von Preussens, Troubadour in the Court of Castle Stassion OOC: To be held Tuesday the 2nd of August, 2022 The purpose of this Assembly is to bring players of different niches/roleplay spheres within Oren, or other regions alike, together so we can have a discussion on the state of the realm, how things can be done better, and to express their interests in-character on joining the Courts, government, or other aspects of the Orenian playerbase in which they would like to involve themselves in.
  4. In her residence abroad, having evacuated from the bio-hazard that was the scorched husk of the Komnenos manor, Aurora Elaine was in disarray. The young miss had lost her childhood home and grandmother in the span of a day, and to her, it seemed that the end of her childhood was beginning. The komnenos flower, optimistic and idyllic as she was, wept joyously that day - the words her grandmother had addressed to her inspiring. "I'll honor you, grandmama. I promise." The adolescent later was beckoned by Orenian solicitors, the contents of Dame Primrose's will being dictated to her. She elected to stare outside the window, a wistful smile overtaking her countenance as she observed the gardens outside the ministry office.
  5. The cousin of Sebastien, The Princess Royal of Oren Maude Fredericka, had grown without the presence of her parents. Although there in circumstance, in name, her youth had been characterized by an expected solitude that was shared among those of the royal and noble class. The young adolescent often loomed in her sitting room, accompanied by one tutor, instructor, or another - perhaps even in the company of an instrument of her journal. It was all she had known, and for Her Highness, it was plenty. One evening, however, her kith had crossed her mind - the nephew of her mother, Queen Vivienne, a child of long-forgotten Savoy, much like Sebastien was, whose internal turmoil had driven her to inpenetrable melancholia. She remembered their sole interaction in the years bygone and how he had since faded into obscurity. A dynastic prince, whose legacy - once encumbered by gilded luxury and triumph had since dwindled. The burden of a Crown had plagued Maude for the entirety of her short life, she who was born in the midst of simultaneous loss and gain, and she who would not directly bear such a burden but would be obliged to observe its toll on those she had affection for. Here was Sebastien, another aethling who had lived the very same. That evening, the Novellen wrote to him and asked how he fared. It was a telling enough gesture, a reminder of their fractured family, ever distant, and ever troubled.
  6. "I hath ne'er seen such work, how resplendent.. It hath been so splendidly constructed by the genteel stroke of this Lord Aldersburg's quill," drawled the humble peasant and Mardonic baker, Heloise Pontmercy.
  7. "Aunt Catherine is always so insightful... Perhaps I should ask for her to sit down. I feel Frederick and I might learn much from her the truths of the world, and how we might lead with unity, by example, rather than through fear," The newly teenaged Maude, Princess Royal commented amidst her ponderings to her dear friend, Mariana.
  8. Thank you for the support and love brother, I’ll see you on the flip side
  9. I've been playing on this server for just over four years now. While a lot has changed for the better, at least publically, there are still more clandestine forums in which nasty behavior and toxic behavior thrive. Unfortunately, as many others have said, it's impossible to regulate the behaviors and toxic environments that manifest outside of the server itself. I do think, however, it's important for community leaders to set a positive example and promote inclusivity. While it's true that this is a sect of the internet, which is an inherently dark place, it doesn't mean we have to treat the issue of discrimination on this platform as one that is out of our hands. It's honestly disheartening that obtuse mentalities still exist in this day and age but just know, ydegirl, that you - and other minorities on this server - aren't alone! We have to work together as a community to protect ourselves and uplift those that are struggling with others' adversity
  10. The Princess Royal of Oren, Maude Fredericka, remained dutifully at the flanks of her various younger siblings as her twin brother, Frederick Aurelian, was whisked away to many clandestine assemblies among royal councillors. She doted upon her siblings, writing routinely within her beloved journal. Below her breath, the eldest royal child murmured - quietly, undoubtedly stricken by solemnity, yet with wistfulness, as her eyes averted to the painting of her father and mother which graced the principal corridor's wall: "We will survive, father, and all will soon be well... I hope Oren learns to trust the Baron Castile's guidance just as much as we do."
  11. What's your favorite niche of RP? It's hard to choose! I'd say my top two, out of the various "niches" of rp I've encountered, would have to be those that involve political intrigue and grimdark and cultish rp. I know, they're both entirely different, but they share a commonality - the excitement of never knowing what's to come. I consider myself a thrill seeker and there's something utterly exciting about the interactions between characters who are all driving to succeed, and how sometimes competition and in-character politiking is necessary to get there, as well as having your character uncover a dark and sinister secret of their world - and whether or not they'll choose to avoid it or become indoctrinated by it... Who is someone you admire or look up to on LOTC, whether or not they play anymore? Goodness, there are just so many people in this server that have impacted me in so many ways. I'd hate to signal out a few among them because the players on this server have impacted me in so many different ways. Nonetheless, I'll mention a few that have touched my heart more dearly: @Trinn: This girl right here, just barely older than me, took me under her wing and made me into her friend. She's such a talented artist but an event better person - with a huge heart and an impeccable sense of humor. Glad to be playing her older sis now... @JuliusAakerlund: I consider Julius to be a parent to me on this server in a lot of ways. Although we don't speak as often anymore, as our time on this server has driven us in different directions, I'm still very fond of him and grateful for the lessons he imparted on me when I was just a young, new player in 2018 and he was NL of Hanseti-Ruska. Thank you for your compassion and sage advice! @Ivoreyy : Ivory!!! Although she doesn't play anymore, I consistently annoy this girl with snapchats and she does the same. Despite being half a world away, she's one of my dearest friends. I admire her so much for her work-ethic, her artistic talent, and her positive mindset, as I'm sure many of the players on this server do. @Eryane : Eryane has undoubtedly been one of the greatest and most insightful people I've met on this server. She's been faced with so many challenges, has overcome them, and is now THRIVING (which I am so proud of her for). I know you're reading this mf, take me with you to Eastern Europe next time. @Nectorist: Nectorist is that friend you can always have a laugh with but he's also incredible thoughtful and supportive - not to mention incredibly dedicated and intelligent. I've known him since I was a noob and I think we can both agree we've changed for the better since then. @Dasdi: While our friendship has undergone its tribulations and rocky moments, I think all that was necessary in order to strengthen the friendship we have now. Dasdi is among the most supportive, kind-hearted, and loyal people out there and I'm so fortunate to count him among my friends - not to mention a bomb ass builder AND skinner. Cute, talented, and sweet? A triple threat. @amyselia: Yet another player that I've known since the get-go, amy and i go way back. We've been through a lot together and apart, we know that entirely, but I just have to say that this girl is not only a talented writer, skinner, artist, etc. but also a very insightful and hardworking individual with so much to offer. @LionhzThe Kang of Oren himself. I knew this guy when he was a Norland shill ages ago and never thought we'd be friends but we've both come very far and since then, he and i have experienced some cool ass moments on the server together. He's kind-hearted and driven - traits I admire very much in my friends. @venclair : I can say so much about this girl - talented, generous, and beautiful inside and out. She's like a little sister to me, having known her for upwards of six years. I have sm love for her she's basically my little sister!!! Despite being younger than I am, she inspires me each day to be better and not make stupid decisions in my personal life. Thank you, venny. @JoanOfArc : Absolutely a chad. I'm thankful for this guy's friendship. Although we aren't as prone to converse anymore, I've shared some unforgettable times on here with Julius. He's a pillar of support and warmth. In addition, there are just so many more. For the sake of not repeating myself, I'll be tagging some others that have made my tenure on this server memorable: @ncarr @Publius @Lhindir_ @Tigergiri @Cepheid @Jtit @Khan @LithiumSedai @Monkee @Chennster@Emenzi@Burnsider @MadOne@Spicii@AndrewTech@Koanda @Papy @Alexi_ What's your most memorable RP encounter? As a middle-aged individual by LOTC terms, I've experienced a considerable amount of fun experiences on here. First, when I was a newer player, as a peasant, meeting other players for the first time and being filled to the brim with excitement, then as a variety of nobles heeding or participating in the intrigues of court, and on some occasions as mystical creatures. I'll say though one series of exchange really sticks out to me. When the scythling cults had first begun to plague Haense, and my character Milena's son was taken, and she rode into battle to retrieve him alongside her husband King Andrik III before being captured with marinaemily's character Vespira. After being rescued, there was a large shift in her development and I think it set the tone for the remainder of her life which - while controversial, I did manage to enjoy. Another LOTC experience that I consider memorable would be between my and Lhindir's character. It was among the most difficult relationships that I have ever had to rp, taxing emotionally, but it provided an incredible narrative I still reminisce fondly on to this day. Why do you enjoy the current community you play in? I enjoy the community I play in because it's comprised of dear, age-old friends but also newer players who are filled to the brim with passion and potential. It's a treat watching young and old on this server come together and create something as beautiful as the Orenian playerbase. I'm thankful to have found a home there. How has LOTC grown and developed since you first started playing? Sooo much change has occurred, it's crazy! So many different settlements and niches have emerged since I was new. There's a more inclusive environment on the server, and I suppose that comes with the magnitude of growth the playerbase size has experienced throughout recent years. There's also a lot of contuinity, though - you see similar faces and similar nations, with their values and in-character cultures largely in-tact. It's been beautiful seeing the change occur right before my eyes. Why do you play LOTC? I can say with certainty that it's because I enjoy a storyline. However, I think after my current characters, my time on here will be coming to an end. The world has so offer so much and I'd like to see it, unabridged by a beautiful but ultimately virtual world. However, this server, along with the memories and friends I've made on here, will always be in my heart.
  12. Manus amoris Mater et filia Orenae A positive depiction of The Princess Royal, When a youth, Gripping Her Majesty’s Hand. A tempest had roused over the imposing edifice that was Castle Stassion, reducing the bustle of courtiers, dignitaries, and servantry within the courtyard. They had retired indoors, now occupying the court’s sitting rooms, canopied gardens, or bed chambers to converse with their peers. Lords took time to acknowledge their families after a busy day, young maids gossiped on settees, kindling in hearths warming them during the ides of Spring, and children fabricated games to pass the time. It seemed like any other evening in the Heartlands - yet it was not. The Kingdom’s men and women of valor had fought that day, just as they had the day prior, just as they inevitably would the next day, and perhaps even the days after that: for King, for country, and Orenian dignity. In the residential wing of the Royal Family, the eldest of King Frederick and Queen Vivienne’s daughters lounged in her chambers, stiffly poised atop a velvety comforter and silken pillows. Staring dully at the ceiling, the youth had grown considerably jaded since the time of conflict had begun. Already a notoriously solitary young lady, the limited circle of companions Maude had since entered their own sequestrations in the various fiefs surrounding Vienne, resulting in a lonely atmosphere for the maturing child. Her youngest siblings could be heard playing amongst each-other, limited in their use of the corridor abridging their rooms. The sister closest to her in age, Princess Maxima, frequented the gardens in their isolation whereas her twin, Prince Frederick, had himself joined the war effort - valiantly, Maude thought - despite his young age. This left the Princess Royal alone in her chambers, pondering the similarities between her present circumstances and the time of the accursed Rot, the ailness that vastly plagued their continent and obliged families to stay indoors. Often did she peruse the set of poems her mother had written and gifted her for her tenth nameday, or brush the coat of her childhood Teddy bear, Bartholomew, but one day, after having overheard the atrocities of war spoken by gossiping maidservants, she was spurred to write in her diary. She sought to write in a fashion reminiscent of the stories she often indulged in, or even the potent hymns that the Queen herself had written. Nothing came to mind, and young Maude glimpsed longingly at the likeness of her mother and her completed many years ago, framed in a silver fixture that adorned the wall adjacent to her nightstand. Manus Amoris, it was titled, depicting the ornamented hand of the Regina Orenae and her eldest, the Filia Orenae. Painted by Rosina of Cathalon, an Orenian artist and noblewoman of growing renown, the painting was of impeccable quality - depicting not only the love between mother and child, in the most literal sense, but also the adulative relationship between Crown and Country, Monarch and Subject. To Maude, however young she was, on the brink of adolescence and ladyship, the implications behind this painting were not lost. Plucking aloft a quill from her desk, garbed still in her nightgown, with her unkempt hair fastened only by a gossamer sash, Maude wrote with a determined quickness. Modifying, erasing, and the ilk, for many days, The Princess Royal concluded her missive and duly wiped her brow. After having sent her draft to her tutors, and being returned revised by their knowledgeable scribes, she seemed content. Oren, First, before conveying my sentiments, it would favor me to define you, in my eyes. You are not solely the Heartland we inhabit, nor the territories of my father’s demesne. It is you, I, all of us. Oren is the air we breathe, drafted inwards from our great rivulet Anastasie. It is the sustenance we consume, bred in the farmlands of Acre and Mardon. Oren is the love in our hearts - the connection that tethers us so fervently to our families and our humanity, no matter our station in life - no matter the pedigree of our birth. In my studies, I have learned that Oren, throughout what the great statesman Simon Basrid referred to as the ‘Tapestry of Man’, the compendium of human history, has withstood the test of time itself. Before the Kingdom we know today, there were the Empires of our forefathers, the Holy Orenian Empire and the Empire of Man. Much before then, there were interregnal periods and other iterations of a Kingly Orenian Crown. Despite the change in Crowns, in state, and other institutions, there has been one source of continuity - War. War, necessary at times, is not at present times. War is what has fractured humanity and driven it to pieces across history. It limits progress. I pray each day hoping my father, his chancellors, my younger brother, do not each succumb to its victimization. I dream of a day where fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons, in a family just like mine, and perhaps just like yours, do not have to bear any torment because of war-driven casualties. Nonetheless, this war is no fault of ours, Oren. We prosper, all thanks to your faith in the present state. I fear others seek to harm us and diminish our progress. Withdrawn to my rooms, I feel helpless as a deceitful incursion disturbs the peace. I mentioned this war is not necessary. It is not, and yet, it is Oren’s duty to finish it - and decisively too. Our humanity is in peril but in our hearts, entirely full of love for what it means to be Orenian and to be humans, a united front, lays the answer. Follow in the example of the brave Jazloviecki and Barclay, men not native to our lands but every ounce as integral to the Orenian identity - men who have devoted themselves in service to the perpetuity of their chosen country. In turn, offer your prayers to our kith abroad who have strayed from you, their home, in favor of ambition and caprice. It is our duty to proffer the Manus Amoris, the divine Hand of Love, to the misguided and bring them into light and sanctuary. We must defend what we know as true, solemnly and righteously. I will do my part through my writing because, often, I feel as though my voice is not yet enough… but perhaps enough to inspire you, my country and people, to uphold what is just. Do not forget what it means, Oren, to be of our stock. Signed, Her Royal Highness The Princess Maude Fredericka Augusta Mary, Princess Royal of Oren, Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis.
  13. "D-Does this mean we will have to include Mister Elbert in our games?" queried Maude Fredericka timidly to one of her dearest friends, the heiress of Azor. @Cepheid
  14. Heloise Pontmercy, a humble and simple farmer from Mardon, praised the Darkwoods for their return. "How wonderful it is that such a grand house that I can recall from my childhood has returned to Oren. Just in time for Kingstide, too," She cooed in one of her various letters to her paramour and betrothed, a rotund but wealthy estate-owner her ailing father had promised her to.
  15. The Princess Royal, from the sanctuary that was the Castle Stassion, had already begun to understand the profound significance of this celebration. Nobles, gentrymen, and even the servants grew heavy with enthusiasm as they anticipated the forthcoming Kingstide. The Kingdom of Oren, against the odds of war and fracture, had surmounted the insurmountable and become an undeniable power in the realm of Almaris had had survived as such for a decade. Maude Fredericka looked upon the joint portrait of her father and mother painted in honor of their coronation and knew, somehow, in that young mind of hers, that their legacy would be one that would last.
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