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  1. "My mother does trust Her Excellency's judgement very much. Golly, she would be fantastic," hummed the Dame-Equester Helena of Susa whilst skimming over the missive.
  2. “Alright,” remarked the Holy Dame Helena with indifference, carrying on with her bouts of sparring without further delay.
  3. In the afterlife, a woman of great stature and flaxen tresses awaited the beloved general. She was a warrior by all means, forged by the strongest of steels and the wielder of blessed aurum. Tatiana of Alban had been many things throughout her life of service - mother, daughter, dragon - yet always bore in her heart a special place for her time as Peter d’Arkent’s wife. “You may rest now, Petey,” she counseled her old friend as the light embosomed them both.
  4. THE HAMMER WAS STRUCK 1814 A likeness of TRH Countess of Dobrov and her daughter HE The Imperial Majordomo, Lady Milena Carrion-Tuvyic. Painted in 1808. - OBITUARY Elizaveta Angelika Carrion-Tuvyic nee Ruthern On this fateful eve, it is with profound sobriety that the House of Carrion Tuvyic, comital lords of Dobrov, announce the passing of their leal matriarch and Countess, Elisabeth of Metterden, at the matured age of sixty. The Lady Dobrov perished suddenly overnight, issues regarding her fluctuating blood pressure roused by th
  5. A woman of middling age prays for the soul of Irene Sarkozy, believing her mission most admirable.
  6. Presumably nestled within the lush territory of Dobrov was the wig-and-spectacle donning Baroness of Woldzmir, a woman who matured in the luminous company of Dame Yuliya Styrne. The letter delivered to Elizaveta by a young courier that had valiantly ventured into the imposing depths of the Kremlin Anavet was recognized immediately, and knowing of the playwright's health, she quickly grasped at it. It felt as though all had grown dimmer - the torchlights, the sunlight that was suggested by the crevice produced between the curtains on the windowsill of her bedchambers, her heart. El
  7. Helena of Rosemoor but prayed, saying naught of her grandfather’s decision. “The pious and stalwart are rewarded, and the sinful are bound to learn - one way or another.”
  8. Helena Augusta readies her fine steed, Allegria, as she retired in Rosemoor Manor. A look of sheer determination was brandished across her face. "Let's do this," grumbled the recooperating woman. RP Name: Helena Augusta of Rosemoor and Susa Minecraft Name: Axeluu Age: 19 Do you agree to pay the entry fee of 5 minas to participate in the race?: i suppose....
  9. The afflicted scion of Rosemoor, Helena Augusta, prayed for the soul of the perpetrator from her bedside. For days now had she been in confinement, her poor mother and father fretting over her, faultless yet stricken with guilt. "I worry for the safety of the courtiers - will this occur again, I wonder? Who next will fall victim to unrighteous ambition and sin?"
  10. Music A letter was delivered to the Imperial residence of the Majordomo by some young mademoiselle of flaxen hair and ditzy disposition, pristinely packaged into an ashen envelope and branded with the scarlet emblem of the House Carrion-Tuvyic. To My Darling Chrysanthemum, Milena Ipera, Today, I had the pleasure of observing yet another spell of heaven’s weeping that thrashed down upon our comely Dobrov from my balcony in the Kremlin Anavet. As I grow more congested by the hour and must confine myself, verily, I have been ab
  11. i will gladly take ur aethier no cap. (missed u tho bro, hope life has been well! sent u a req on discord so we can catch up)
  12. A TREATISE ON CANONICAL CHIVALRY 1810 There has been one great constant throughout the various Empires, Kingdoms, and governorates of Man - a concept that instills in any good, canonist individual humility and encourages them to sacrifice: service. It is the duty of those who welcomed themselves into the flock of the righteous to commit to service to their faith, regardless of the mode by which they do so. In this treatise, I will speak on faithful service by gallantry with a focus on the Code of Chivalry written by Maric Varodyr (and i
  13. Helena Augusta, upon hearing the flurry of whispers from the courtiers and skimming over the article herself, quipped entertainedly to her brother, "Quite a pretty man I am, then."
  14. The Baroness Woldzmir, presumably retired to her apartments in the lush territories of Dobrov, had received a parchment from the Father personally. She wept, furrowing it in one hand. To him, she penned: "Good Father, How Deeply you feel."
  15. WERE I TO DREAM A poem by Elisabeth Carrion, Baroness Woldzmir, 1810 Were I to Dream how fine all Would seem to be. From the bustling bastion of ivory To those seas that gleam With iridescent light from above me, Dreams fester, I have been told, and therein sire history. I have visualized a bridge, antiquated and doddery, Held by a ligneous beam, Or two, maybe three. A haze shrouded it but still, Beyond that grey flurry, Was a path that stretched as far across As the mundan
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