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  1. T H E S E A B O U N D Far from society, where the waves whispered tales of ancient seafaring legends, a union as profound as the ocean depths was forged. It was the year of 1962, beneath the azure sky and a gentle sea breeze, that Prince Nicodemus Basrid of Rudria set sail into the sacred vows of matrimony with the illustrious Marchioness of Haute-Epine, Olympe-Regina. The nuptial rites unfolded on the vessel of HHS the Matyan, where the salt-kissed air embraced the couple as they pledged their eternal devotion. And in the presence of a select few, including the Reverend Cardinal Frantzisko and the Royal House of Alstion, inclusive of Nicodemus's mother, The Princess Augusta, they exchanged vows that echoed like the soothing rhythm of the tides. The ceremony was intimate, an ode to the enduring love that burgeoned between them. Beyond the union of two hearts, this marriage heralded the convergence of two distinguished lineages, intertwining the Khedivial House of Basrid with the noble House of Dieuxmont. @MCVDK
  2. U N B I N D I N G L Y B O U N D "Do you hear the breeze?" Nicodemus asked. "Hear? Would one not feel the breeze?" Olympe quipped in return. "Ne.. Ne.. Listen," he replied, much more serious in tone than her own, his arm pointing to the sails above. SWOOSH. The wind crashed into the sails of the small vessel they were on, propelling it forth at immense speed. Waves crashed against the sides of the boat. It howled—the wind—and finally, the Marchioness could hear that breeze too. The boat embarked on an adventure, if only for an hour or so. And as deals were made by custodians back at the hold from which they came; Nicodemus and Olympe ventured into new horizons—both literally and, albeit unknowingly, figuratively. A N N O U N C E M E N T O F B E T R O T H A L 10th of Harren's Folly, 1960 𝒪 L Y M P E - R E G I N A D I E U X M O N T of the lands of High Peak MARCHIONESS, of the estates Beaufoy, Arentanie, Pacidia & l’Arbre d’Or COUNTESS, and of Rosius BARONESS: B Y U N I F I E D D I C T U M Our House of Dieuxmont and the House of Savoyard Basrid have concurred that our alliance strengthens both houses. It is agreed that a bond should be established through the sacred traditions of matrimony. Each house has put forth a candidate, duly affirmed by both myself and the Head of the Savoyard Basrids. T H E R E B Y D E C R E E D On their eighteenth birthday, which occurs on the same date, N I C O D E M U S B A S R I D, the Prince of Rudria, and M Y S E L F, the Marchioness of High Peak, shall be wed beneath the Grace of God, thus uniting us and our Houses eternally. Until then, they shall be betrothed. B Y W A Y O F C O N S E N S U S i. The Prince of Rudria shall retain the name Basrid unless his duties are carried out on behalf of the House of Dieuxmont, in which case the Prince of Rudria shall use the suffix: D I E U X M O N T - L I È. ii. The House of Dieuxmont makes no claim to the Free Khedivate of Rudria unless deemed so by the Prince of Rudria thereof. iii. Children shall bear the name Dieuxmont by birth, although one may be chosen as the heir to the Free Khedivate of Rudria and subsequently named Basrid. T H E M O S T H O N O U R A B L E O L Y M P E - R E G I N A D I E U X M O N T of the lands of High Peak MARCHIONESS, of the estates Beaufoy, Arentanie, Pacidia & l’Arbre d’Or COUNTESS, and of Rosius BARONESS. Head of the Household of Dieuxmont. H I S K H E D I V I A L H I G H N E S S N I C O D E M U S B A S R I D of the free lands of Rudria PRINCE. Head of the Household of Savoyard Basrid.
  3. THE UNDERTAKING To lose a father so young is a burden none should have to bear, especially not alone. That day, Lady Olympe had been, just like so many days before, writing in her journal aboard The Savoyard, the hearty yacht owned by the grandmother, Marguerite Adela, who had years prior served as the Marchioness consort of Haute-Epine. Her strong female presence had always permeated her upbringing, given the designation of the former Margravial consort as her guardian upon her parents' retreat from public life. The items laden upon her oak shelves tremored as a wave crashed along the western flank of the boat and so, Olympe, ever focused on details, rose to adjust them. She stared at the miniature portrait of her parents, depicting them on the day of their marriage, and lamented how far they were -- oceans away. Moments later, her attention was roused by a knock upon her door. It was her grandmother -- a woman garbed in a dark crimson coat, with sable-black hair streaked with grey that was neatly held by an elaborate tricorne hat. Her countenance was sober and pallorous, yet upon closer inspection, moistened by an onslaught of tears. The Dowager Marquise voiced in Auvergnat, her silvery tone inflecting upwards, “Olympe, how are you today?” “Grandmother, is everything alright?” queried the youth in kind, wafting over to comfort her ailing ancestress. The revelation that the Dowager Marquise would levy upon her granddaughter would ultimately result in silence. There, the two stood in an embrace -- two women of different generations, mourning the loss of the one that came in between. Another wave crashed against the great Savoyard vessel, yet no one was prompted to fix the items upon Olympe’s shelves that fell as a result. The painting of Louis III and Isabel fell to the ground, the glass shattering for the ultimate time. It was then that Olympe knew there would be no more boats, travels, or distance from her family. At her young age, she was reminded by the gentle yet affirming touch of her grandmother that, henceforth, there would be only duty. -=(+)=- It is with great displeasure that the Margravial House of Dieuxmont de Rosius announces the untimely passing of His Lordship the Marquis of Haute-Epine, Louis III Etienne Olivier. His Lordship passed in the recent battle, and was cared for by his estranged yet everloving wife, the Dowager Marquise Isabel of Varoche. For the sake of privately mourning the life and legacy of Louis III, it has been the prerogative of Olympe I, Marquise of Haute Epine, and her regent, Marguerite of Lewes, to maintain news of the passing as a family matter, except for the Crown and Privy Seal, until now. The Marquise of Haute-Epine vows to uphold the tenets and legacy of the House Dieuxmont de Rosius, and all its holdings forthwith, to the best of her ability. Additionally, as is her tantamount responsibility, she swears fealty to the Crown of the United Kingdom of Aaun, its sovereign King John I, its consort Amelya of Middelan, its heir The Prince Charles, and promises herself to service beneath it. Although riddled by sadness, the Marquise hopes that, with the turning of this new leaf, that the House Dieuxmont de Rosius may prosper and grow as their emblem, a Rose, would with proper nurturing and care. AVEC DIEU, Olympe Regina Dieuxmont de Rosius, Marquise de Haute-Epine, Comtesse de Beaufoy, Arentaniebourg, Pacidia, e l’Abre d’Or, Baronne de Rosius, Madame de Mont Louis
  4. The newly inherited Marchioness of Haute-Epine, the eleven-year-old Olympe-Regina, laments the departure of the man that she had never come to know. In response, she wrote: To His Excellency The Treasurer of Aaun, and beloved kinsman, It is a shame that my late father could not introduce us, and moreso lamentable that since my arrival two Saint's Days ago, we have not yet become acquainted. Having been raised by my grandmother, the Dowager Marchioness Marguerite, upon her ship, the Ashford, I was never permitted much to connect with my kith on the mainland. How regrettable I find that, now, especially given how much things have changed for our most respectable House. Though you seek to forfeit your titles - a request I am inclined to accept - please, too, accept my offer to meet. Perhaps we might discuss the fate of our shared House, the very same house who once considered the illustrious peak of God's Mount home, and subsequently became anointed as Dieuxmont. I am eager to hear your ideas, and receive your counsel, as I undertake the endeavor of raising our house -- our family -- into something that you, our fellow de Rosius kith, and I might be proud of. Let us continue striving for greater heights. Blessings to you, Olympe-Regina Dieuxmont de Rosius, Marchioness of Haute-Epine, Countess of Beaufoy, Arentaniebourg, l'Arbre d'Or, and Pacidia, Baroness of Rosius, Lady of Mont Louis Ward to Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Aaun.
  5. The late Mother Adela, a Martyr of Reza, is touched by the commitment to the Order that she once led. Her blessings enshrine the Abbeys of Saint Jude and Judith.
  6. Issued and Confirmed by the Lady Chamberlain In the Year of Our Lord, 1944 To the United Realm of Aaun and its subsequent territories: The years succeeding the ascension of our Kingly Majesty, Edmund the Second, have been endowed with prosperity. A United Kingdom founded on the principle of labor, service, and love by the Harvest Lords who preceded us must certainly be honored, especially as the celebration of its anniversary nears. With a bustling staff managing their upkeep, the fertile meadows encircling Whitespire are now laden with viridescent life and produce, amongst them wheat. Compelled by such fortunes, it is incumbent upon us to hereby declare the following edict: For the betterment of all Aaunic denizens, particularly the dwellers of the Crownlands, and any who lack the proper sustenance required in their livelihood, it is our privilege to announce - at the behest of HIS ROYAL MAJESTY - the establishment of the Aaunic Harvest Accords of Whitespire. Sustenance shall be dispensed every Saint’s Weeks (One OOC Week) in Whitespire’s City Square. Conventions shall be held on the Grand Harvest. Under the supervision of the Whitespire City Diet and the City Watch, the fields surrounding the Aaunic capital will be tended to, harvested, and cared for with prudence so that the products of these efforts are sustainable in the long term. The incumbent Lord Mayor and Commandant will be trained by The Princess Augusta in regard to supervising the project and securing its autonomous longevity. Professional inquiries may be directed to any of the signatories below. May the Saints and Exalted keep watch and sustain all who hunger. SIGNED BY, Her Royal Excellency The Lady Chamberlain of Aaun The Princess Augusta
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  8. The Marchioness of High Peak, Marguerite Adela of Lewes, was personally told of the news by her son in one of their infrequent, yet nonetheless loving on the mother's behalf, audiences. With an apron stained by grapes, the maturing, yet lively, noble lady could not stifle her display of glee. "What a brilliant choice, Louie! May your union be bountiful!"
  9. Hours before the news of the Lord of Alba’s passing, his youngest sibling, The Princess Augusta of Aaun, had been sat alongside Adela of High Peak by kindling in their private palatial lounge, discussing a matter of great importance. Augusta’s eyes always seemed to stir towards the flames, enthralled by the wipsy and warm-hued tendrils that seemed to call to her. Her ring finger trembled, as though weighed down by the supple ring encircling it against a higher force drawing it to the flames. Whispers emanated from behind her, stirring the finest of hairs from the posterior of her neck to stand erect, before the world went dark, the last of her sight in that moment being the murky countenance of her helpless sister-by-law whimpering over her. Wind pounded against Augusta’s face, with her garments thrashing violently. As she opened her eyes, darkness absorbed her periphery, the only source of light emanating from a sliver above her — where she had presumably fallen from. It was too distant, then, however, for any comfort derived from its existence to wash over her. A growing warmth gradually crescendoed against her back, and as it did, wisps of Augusta’s skin began to melt away from her dermis. The whispers trickling from behind her intensified, eventually evolving into screams - screams of hundreds, of thousands, who received no respite in this ungodly abyss. The most prominent among them was the voice of her brother, the Lord of Alba. Her eyes fluttered open with weak precision. No longer was she in the lounge, but rather, in the Palatial infirmary, entirely alone. In the near distance, the bells of Whitespire were struck various times, each pang born reverently after the demise of the last. Augusta thought of her brother’s screams, and pondered if there would come a time where she would only remember just his screams, and not his elegant voice, or his suffering, and not formidable character. At this, the Princess wept, inconsolable. She anguished over the people of Aaun most of all. Henry would never come again.
  10. The youngest of King James’s children loitered at the highest level of the hand of Horen, the frigid atmospheric air reddening her cheeks. Augusta Charlotte, a young woman in her twenties, then, had always admired her eldest brother, though their difference in age left them little in common. She pondered whether or not, if the Prince had lived longer, they would have become closer, in due time. Her thoughts would consume her for a while, her ring-clad index finger fidgeting with each gust of wind that rustled by.
  11. A woman, this Knight’s ever devoted and formidable wife, would welcome him with the same love that she had felt in life into her embrace, were there truly a heaven.
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    5 year AMA

    next summer, baby. June 2024. mark it on your calendar. 1. Preemptively, I have to say that each time I've rped with you has been wonderful. We really play off of each other's characters and emotes very well, and seldom has rp ever been stale with you - if at all! I'd have to say that one time in Petra when Pavel showed Maude how to fight for the very first time was my favorite. To me, that signaled her shift from being a victimized young girl to a woman -- both in terms of prowess and emotional maturation -- and the beginnings of vulnerability commencing to surface in Sir Ivanovich. 2. This is a controversial one... Since there are various factors that determine this, and I have a fair selection of NLs that I admire deeply, I'll call out, in particular, @JuliusAakerlund's rule of Haense as Robert I. He was a very altruistic and welcoming King who led an active haense and welcomed me into the fold of Haeseni leadership at the time. I was very new and it's NLs like him that make the experience of assimilating so much more comfortable. It's a practice I've tried to implement when I've had the pleasure of leading a group of players before, as well. I'll also note Ricky's Emperor Augustus. He was a solid ruler with direction, and various facets of player life were strong during his EoM, regardless of any externalities that were being faced. 3. My favorite historical figure is another point of contention for me! It really depends on the day, but right now, it has to be Eleanor of Aquitaine, and for a few reasons: Eleanor's marriages to Louis VII and Henry II made her the Queen Consort of both France and England, two of the most powerful kingdoms in medieval Europe. Her influence was not limited to the courtly sphere; she actively participated in political affairs, counseled her husbands, and often acted as a regent when they were absent. Eleanor's court became a center of vibrant cultural and intellectual activities. She played a pivotal role in the development and promotion of courtly love, a literary and cultural movement that influenced medieval European literature and ideals of romance for the centuries to come. She was also actively involvement in the Second Crusade and accompanied her husband Louis VII on the crusade to the Holy Land, becoming one of the few queens to personally participate in a military campaign. While the crusade was ultimately unsuccessful, her participation highlighted her determination, courage, and commitment to her role as a leader and was the mother of several notable rulers, including Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) and John of England. Her children played significant roles in shaping the course of English history, including their involvement in the Angevin Empire and the events of the Plantagenet dynasty. Eleanor of Aquitaine's remarkable rise to power and her ability to assert her influence in a patriarchal society make her a symbol of female strength, resilience, and leadership. She defied the prevailing gender norms of her time, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to inspire and captivate audiences to this day. 1. I am! I've accomplished a lot in my personal life over the last year, and I am so thankful for the opportunities that have been provided to me, the experiences I've had, and the people and places I've come to know and love, both in real life and virtually through all of you <3 2. The best book I've ever read is, hands down, the Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone. It is widely regarded for its compelling portrayal of an artistic genius, its historical accuracy, and its exploration of universal themes. It continues to be celebrated for its enduring literary merit and its ability to transport readers into the vibrant world of the Renaissance. 3. I try to not idolize one person in particular, but rather, admire many people. I focus on their virtues and shortcomings and try to learn from both. It sounds a bit lonely, but that's how I hold myself and others accountable. However cliché it may sound, however, my mother is someone that I'll always admire and love – despite her virtues and shortcomings. She raised me and set the stage for who I am today through her love of academics, her work ethic, and her compassion (and also stuck through the indomitably annoying adolescent stage). My favorite character overall has been Elizaveta vas Ruthern, who married the Count of Dobrov and later went by the epithet of Angeline de Montcalm. Her story was one of the most riveting I had the privilege of instrumenting on this server, and it always flowed so organically too. I wasn't even sad to say goodbye to her because it had just been such a fulfilling play time with her that I knew it was time to let her go. As for my emotes, I wouldn't say that they are, but thank you <3 Honestly, it's just reading, practice, and getting into character. I try to tailor how flowery or curt they are based on the character that I'm playing, or an emotion I'm trying to convey.
  13. This is a little late, but given I've seen so many people do this recently, I'll give it a shot (AND actually respond, this time...) Hold me accountable <3 Here's to half a decade on here (lol)! I'm looking forward to reading and answering your questions
  14. “And so, he of the dragon’s blood, in all of his majesty and righteousness, tames the dragon,” remarked The Princess Augusta of Aaun to the afamed squire, Gawyn of Pertinaxi, as she tended to his wounds. “Well-done, my darling friend — your name will be etched upon the names of the realm’s most valiant heroes, and your devoted and good heart immemorial.”
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