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  1. Axelu

    Palace Staff Recruitment

    Accepted! I’ll be contacting you through discord, Helios.
  2. Axelu

    Palace Staff Recruitment

    Accepted! I’ll be contacting you on discord.
  3. Axelu

    Palace Staff Recruitment

    Accepted! I’ll be contacting you through discord!
  4. ♛Proclamation of Palace Staff Recruitment♛ [!] A roughly sketched depiction of the Krepost Palace in Markev, Haense Va birodeo herzanav e Edlervik, On behalf of the Royal Administration of the Haeseni Realm, we would like to cordially invite any and all persons above the age of thirteen to apply for any of the positions listed below. Kvuensbutjantas | Handmaidens Kvuensbutjantas are the women employed to cater to the needs of the Queen and her daughters, the Princesses of Haense. They are to keep the royal palace in a pristine state at all times whilst attending to the women of the royal family. Koecks | Cooks The koecks of the royal palace are those that nourish and fulfill the culinary indulgences of the royal family and their esteemed guests. Koecks must be willing to produce traditional Haeseni cuisine and be able to prepare the aforementioned dishes on a whim and in bulk for revelries or gatherings. Due to the prestigious position of a koeck, they are often held to the highest standards. Butjant | Butlers As a butjant, one is required and expected to attend to all members of the royal family, oftentimes only serving the King and princes. With the prior information under consideration, Butjants are to fetch dinner and refreshments for the Royalty along with anything else they should desire. Signed, Her Highness, Valera Alia Barbanov, Grand Princess-Consort of Kusoraev Her Ladyship, Aleksandra vas Ruthern, Chamberlain of the Realm
  5. Esme Dior beams in light of the news, the Princess intent on congratulating her dearest friend personally.
  6. Axelu

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Axelu Screenshot of the item: How you got it: In character gift from Jungle_Asian (Trinn)
  7. Axelu


    A merry Vivienne jots down her letter of interest, concluding with a flourish as she hails her mistress and her pre-pubescent kin hither with an elevated tone of voice.
  8. Axelu

    Royal Wedding

    Aleksandra musters a faint smile at the invitation’s arrival. ”Aye, proud of you – little Crow.”
  9. Axelu

    Say You'll Remember Me

    Luv, my main sinister sister, thank you sm for giving me a chance and being there for me, for making my day with your humor – Honestly, I’ve loved every moment I have had with you. You have my snap, insta, and discord so don’t be a stranger. ❤️
  10. Axelu

    Rotting Ruins. Decaying Mind.

    Esme perks her head aloft, a sinister sensation overcoming her as a murder of ravens fly overhead. ”Mm, I miss you.”
  11. Axelu

    The Dancing of The Roses 1703

    Vivienne d’Amaury smiles merrily in light of her cousin and the Empress Mother’s proclamation, tugging upon her Amelia’s skirts -- urging her to deliver a personal congratulation to the pair.
  12. ♥ Saint Julia’s Day Festival ♥ [!] An array of finely enveloped missives weave out of the Krepost’s corridors, set to be delivered throughout the Empire of Man via couriers.  To the esteemed vassals and citizenry of the Imperium, In recognition of the unity and warmth the Haeseni people have retained despite their days of numbing cold, we hereby invite our guests to a merry commemoration of Saint Julia, the Patron of Matrimony. To commence, visitors may traverse the grand city of Markev and behold the sights it has to offer; In the midst of the festivities, an event to memorialize lost loves and regrets, as well as embracing new fancies, will be held by the bonfire situated in the main square; Finally, to conclude the gaiety, attendees are invited to a feast where they may converse and indulge in traditional cuisine provided by our Kingdom’s finest culinary experts. Signed, Aleksandra vas Ruthern, Lady Chamberlain of the Realm
  13. Axelu


    An irascible adolescent smiles at the missive, jotting back a letter of interest to the officials. Name (RP/Mcname): Aleksandra vas Ruthern Residence: Markev Race: Haeseni human Age: 16
  14. Axelu

    The Copper Jubilee, 1702

    Alastrine Vientos makes plans to attend with her eldest child, Anna Katerina, aiming to introduce the youthful heiress to Haeseni society.
  15. Axelu

    First Childen's Pageant of Carolustadt, 1700

    A young Ruthern issues her even younger friend a nod of approval, then continuing to jot her ravings upon a loose scrap of parchment paper.