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  1. The Hereditary Princess of Savoy, and cousin to the newfound Alstreim heir, boasted a smile as she commanded her maid servant, Matilde, to prepare a gift for Heinrich.
  2. The knight captain Helena Augusta accepts her duty with responsibility and solemnity.
  3. “You have but Napoleonic might, father-by-law,” remarked the doting Princess Catherine.
  4. THE ROYAL COURTS Of Savoy La famille Royale de Savoie, 1840 The Mission of The Court The Crown is often considered to be the head of any reputable state’s operation, the bureaucracy her legs, the labourers strewn across her many cities and hamlets her arms, and the Royal Court its heart. The Court of Aggrade seeks to resuscitate the glory and tradition of the age-old Ashford regimes, for too long reduced to a distant memory despite the prestige it once wrought, under the helm of illustrious Olivier II and House de Savoie. At the forefront of the Aggradic court lies Savoyard piety, the crown itself legitimized by the will of GOD. None can deny the beauty of divine inspiration and its impact on any modicum of Savoyen art, ranging from a saintly bust at the forefront of a municipal building to the glorious murals painted upon the Palatial Room’s domed ceiling. The arts are a centerpiece on the illustrious tapestry of Savoy’s storied past. In these ages of modernity, such remains true. Somewhere between modesty and godliness lies sanctity and the Courts of Aggrade know this to be true. The Nobility of The Principality of Savoy The House of Ashford de Savoie His Serene Highness, Olivier II, Prince of Savoy Her Serene Highness, Adeline of Rochefort, Princess consort of Savoy His Highness, Prince Olivier Laurene Lucien of Savoy, Hereditary Prince of Savoy Her Highness, Princess Catherine Johanna of Sutica, Hereditary Princess consort of Savoy His Highness, Prince Louis Maximillian Visant of Savoy Her Highness, Princess Athénaïs Olivienne Marie of Savoy His Highness, Prince Leufroy Denis Renault of Savoy The House of Ashford de Bar His Lordship, Guiseppe Emanuele Luigi Fabio Eugino De Bar Her Ladyship, Gabrielle Isotta Maria Prospera De Bar His Lordship,Luca Massimo De Bar The House of Ashford de Falstaff His Excellency, Lord Chancellor Conrad De Falstaff Cosette Eleanor Ashford de Falstaff Emil-Dardot Ashford de Falstaff Eloise de Falstaff Daniel Baldwin Ashford de Falstaff Francine Eloise Ashford de Falstaff The House of Barclay His Royal Highness Corwin, The Hereditary Prince of Sutica The Right Honourable Ernst Barclay, Baron von Freimark The Right Honourable Amadea de Aryn, Baroness von Freimark The Honourable Dietrich Barclay von Freimark His Excellency, Volmar Barclay, Lord Mayor of San Luciano Jurgen Barclay Mrs. Sophia Jazloviecki nee Barclay The House of Alstreim His Highness Ulrich von Alstreim, Prince von Merryweather and Landgrave von Alstreim Her Highness Nikita of Adria, Princess consort von Merryweather and Landgravine von Alstreim The House of Alstion His Lordship William Alstion, The Hereditary Lord of Alba Her Ladyship Joan Catherine Alstion The House of Helane Antonyus 'Tony' Helane Oliver Helane Aspasia Helane Caterina Louisa Helane The House of Vilac His Highness Antonius, The Prince of Vilachia Her Highness Maude Eleanor, The Princess consort of Vilachia Lady Hera Antonia Vilac The House of Rivera The Right Honourable Cesar Rivera, Baron of Hyspia The Honourable Margarita de Rivera The Honourable Cesar de Rivera The Honourable Rio de Rivera The Honourable Layla de Rivera The House of der Sainte-Blandine The Right Honourable Deimos van der Sainte-Blandine, Baron of Caer de Hodden Phillipe Hakon van der Sainte-Blandine Valentin Barend van der Sainte-Blandine Francis Macario van der Sainte-Blandine Arielle Calista van der Sainte-Blandine Ivar Warrick van der Sainte-Blandine Markos Anders van der Sainte-Blandine THE COURT HIERARCHY The Prince of Savoy And His Consort. Olivier II and Adeline of Rochefort, Prince and Princess of Savoy The Heir-Presumptive and His Consort. Prince Olivier and Princess Catherine, Count and Countess of Sarissa The Governor of Aggarde Selvia de Orsella The Governor of Aggarde is the executive figure of authority within the Royal Courts of Savoy. He or she is expected to maintain the Sovereign’s vision for the cultural sphere of his demesne and is thus expected to sustain an active cabinet laden with the country’s most promising nobility, artisans, and scholars. The High Ministra of Aggarde Joan of Alstion The High Minister of Aggarde is half of the Court diarchy second only to the Governor of Aggarde and the Sovereign. He or she is tasked with maintaining the structure of the court through etiquette. The High Minister must also assure the resident nobility in Aggarde are properly housed. The High Ministra must promote the stability of Savoy’s rich culture. The Ciambellano of Aggarde Nikita Von Alstreim, Princess consort Von Merryweather The Ciambellano of Aggarde, The minister in charge of preserving and maintaining the courts' cultural values. He or she is tasked with keeping a record of the many cultures that appear within the courts and upholding the Customs and foundations of Savoy itself. Mistress of the Robes Guenda di Sarola The woman in-charge of overseeing courtly dress code is followed for anyone entering the Palace. Additionally, she may also be a personal designer and seamstress for members of the court if she so pleases. Finally, she is also required to update the court’s dress-code when needed. THE HALO OF CERIWYN The Halo of Ceriwyn is an exquisitely crafted cornet that partitions into five individual pieces, each piece possessing a distinct colored gemstone.. Once each piece is reunited with the other, it fastens a brilliant tiara that portrays a crystalline structure. Those who possess each piece are esteemed, righteous, and honorable ladies of the court who have contributed much to Savoyian lifestyle and culture. Those who possess the pieces are: The Heir’s Wife The Governess The High Ministra of Aggarde The Ciambellano of Aggarde The Mistress of Robes THE BANDS OF ASHFORD Amongst the many elaborate schemes you may find in our court, you may find that it is the halo’s of our houses that are the most deliberate. By this, those scrutinized by the Canon for vanity may just see gold, jewels - but these valuable gems are attributed to our fine court based on symbolism, on significant events. Whilst it is in our passing that people may see the glowing light we once provided dim, and lament. Savoyards will not wait until one passes to recognize the beauty of their presence. For our folk, we arrange what is most valuable, and present it as gifts. A bare, aureate wrist-band is the first among the presents received by a maturing noble. It represents the first flowering in the transition from childhood to adulthood. A symbolic penchant is attached to the naked band over the duration of a noble’s life, each representing an important sacrament: marriage, merit in the battlefield, merit in the arts, and the ilk. Additional penchants may be received through dynastic exchanges between the houses of Savoy. “Upon one's coming of age, a challenging time indeed. You see the world differently and get more responsibility. Some responsibilities are more ancient and traditional than most. It is upon your family's obligation to present you with your own gold. At first, it may appear blank, a blank slate for them to decide. As they live through their experiences, they may make choices and opinions to be added to their slate. To make it theirs in every sense of the word. A dazzling piece that holds your decisions along with your family jewels for you to treasure forevermore.” Olivier the Younger TRADITIONS AND ADDENDUMS The Prince of Savoy with his sons and daughter-in-law. Les Belvitz is a new years tradition which references one of the many miracles. Les Belvitz celebrates the Miracle of even with the purity of fire. That an opportunity can still be attained. Something precious can be left behind if only one takes the time to look. The capital will take a chest and place all their wishes for the Next Generation and bury it in the middle of the square.When the new Generation comes around. They build up a tree around the box, which the Royal children or the next highest authority may then get to light it aflame. While the 'tree' burns, the townsfolk have a feast and festival saying goodbye to the old and whisking in the new. Once the burning is fulfilled and the festival over, the senior generations usher their children to read their wishes and make new ones for their own - A charming cycle to celebrate the miracles and their children. La Carnivale - with the ST. Everardite Fast After many years the ancient tradition of The Everardite Fast was originally performed by Saint Everard while the Undead searched for him. Much like his fast, A family would prepare freshly caught cod and salt to cure it so they may eat it little by little for the next three days; with these meals, they are only allowed to drink water. We do this fast to honour this saint and to show one's devotion to God. Afterwards, Carnivale shall take place where the citizen that fasted should partake in the festival and treats. Dressing in Elaborate masks, colourful gowns and suits to hide from the very Undead that once sought out Saint Everard. Where they will parade around the various that will allow them. The groom should carry a small piece of Aurum, or gold, in the pocket of his suit to keep evil spirits from spoiling the day while the bride should make a small tear in her veil that is said to bring the best of luck. During the wedding reception, the bride and groom should break a porcelain vase adorned with artwork from each sides’ cultures. The amount of pieces the vase breaks into symbolizes how many years the marriage will last. Asking the saints and old wife tales. It is a trick that young girls do to see if they can figure out what their husbands or fiances will do. They sit in front of a pool of reflective water and light candles. They say you can see your future in candlelight reflection. In the far back, they will either see a coffin or a man. Left to wonder about their fates in what they see. If you’re unattached and you see someone sweeping the floor, make a rush for it. If someone brushes over your feet by misfortune, then you’re destined to be single for the rest of your life. GOD WITH US. HIS HIGHNESS, Prince Olivier Laurene, Hereditary Prince of Savoy, Count of Sarissa jure uxoris HER HIGHNESS, Princess Catherine, Hereditary Princess consort of Savoy, Countess of Sarissa HER EXCELLENCY Selvia de Orsella, Lady-Governor of Il Palazzo Aggrade HER EXCELLENCY Lady Joan of Alstion, High Ministra of Il Palazzo Aggrade HER EXCELLENCY, Nikita Averilya of the House of Alstreim, Princess consort of Merryweather, Landgravine of Alstreim, Ciambellana of Il Palazzo Aggrade ISSUED IN THE NAME OF HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Olivier Renault of the House of Ashford de Savoie, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Corazon, Count of San Luciano HER SERENE HIGHNESS, Adeline, Princess consort of Savoy
  5. "We took executive liberties. I hope you understand, gentlemen and ladies," remarks one of culprits behind the name assignments, Catherine Johanna. "What, do you prefer yourselves to be unmarried?" The adolescent inquired with dumbfounded shock to the flock of confused nobles filed before her bedchambers.
  6. The Hereditary Princess of Savoy loomed over the shoulder of the older Guenda, excitedly poised on her very toes as she watched the Mistress of the Robes finalize the documents. "We will have our couriers release this at once! Brilliant work, dear Lady di Sarola!"
  7. The Knight-Captain Helena Augusta, Countess of Temesch, had retired from the royal courts to her familial homestead, Rosemoor Manor, years ago. As her various children traversed the continent, she felt herself truly committed to the Order and her faith. Every evening, after a gruelling day of training, did the Novellen anticipate a letter from her children. While their replies to her letters were not constant, she knew they were. She felt them from afar, and despite their differences, exuded love for the children of she and Prince Robert Francis. The maturing Novellen made peace with the independence of her children. She admired them all the more for it, knowing that she was once a young lady with just enough ambition to circle the nest but not enough to soar out of it.
  8. The Hereditary Princess of Rome Savoy beamed with pride and anticipated the innovative use of their city's latest marvel with much fanfare. "Did you see, pray, what we have to look forward to?" She commented to the ladies of her cabinet. "Let us hope the men make us very proud." @Tigergiri@capiital @MissAnneDrey
  9. The Hereditary Princess of Savoy, sat by the hearth in the Savoyard Palazzo's library, had been a spectator to the Fennic delegation's arrival earlier that day. She recalled them with fondness and thought them formidable allies.
  10. The late Holy Mother prayed for the Cardinal's soul.
  11. IGN: Axeluu Name: Catherine Johanna Within the Palazzo, young Catherine sought to acquire a raffle ticket for herself, hoping to brighten the spirits of her ailing husband.
  12. Johanna I welcomed her old statesman friend into the seven skies with a hug and barclay trademarked cigarettes.
  13. Holy Dame Helena, from her travels abroad, wrote to the fashionable seamstresses once more upon receiving a copy of the missive, commending them - once more - for their brilliant work.
  14. The Hereditary Princess of Savoy, and by birth Princess Royal of the defunct Sutican realm, could not resist a smile knowing that the great men of Waldenia stood united under the vibrant Ashford sun.
  15. Princess Catherine von Barclay of Sutica considered this a triumph for her illustrious household, having to have been restrained by her buxom maidservant Matilde for, it seemed, the bride-to-be - so direly wishing to offer gracious words to Ernst - forgot her nuptials approached closer each second. "Oh, Matilde, I must congratulate him," whimpered the girl though to no avail as she was forcibly pampered in frankincense and Southern perfumery.
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