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  1. I think the decision to leave was a long time coming, and in the melodramatic fashion pertinent to a theater kid, I’ve decided to write a post on it. Regardless, I think several people I don’t talk to often anymore might desire closure immortalized (for however long this server lasts) on the forums. Having joined this server sometime in mid 2018, I can safely say it’s been a wild ride since. I was younger and consequently less experienced. The allure of the server had been on my mind for a while: I first joined the forums two years before, I believe, though I’d simply forgotten about it until then. In a considerably difficult time of my life, I stumbled upon the world of Atlas, a fantastical land with the capability to be the medium I desired to evade my problems and reality. So, I joined, having long engaged in fervent yearning to have lived in a different time – one comprised of kings, chivalrous knights, and feudal disputes (I whole-heartedly understand this is a weird notion for a kid to desire). Since then, I’ve met a plethora of great people, some questionable ones, and some I don’t particularly care about, as I’ve never talked to them beyond polite interactions, though they still hold a place in my heart regardless. I first logged onto this server as a mundane Santegian as the royal city was on its last legs, and eventually found my way to Hanseti-Ruska by chance. There, I was introduced to a collective of Wicks – some of which I still talk to today. I stayed in Haense out of love for their playerbase; there are few groups as tightknit as this one, I had found. Because of this, I always felt a few paces behind, but nevertheless, that sensation never inhibited my fondness for it. After playing a Ruthern, having joined the ranks of a group of lovely people with diligence and a outstanding vision, and thereafter a Barbanov Princess, I found myself in line to play a prospective Queen. Prior to this, I had joined Renatian ranks and played two of their Horenic Princesses and made friends from a different sphere entirely – a choice of mine which spurred some debate amongst the Haeseni privy, who had long-enduring tensions with some of them. Even presently, I believe that ooc friendships should remain ooc friendships, and too, that they can exist beyond the realm of LOTC politics; one can be honorable and loyal while having friends elsewhere. After all, this is only a game, and some people forget them. I’m the first to admit that I’ve been sucked up in this world and let it guide me. It’s been in those moments that I’ve realized it can be an incredibly unhealthy environment. There’s an entire world that exists outside of it – one that will last beyond the inevitable day that this server’s tenure of existence will come to a close. Anyhow, I’ve digressed: playing a Queen was certainly memorable. I established a court, participated in court intrigues, and got to live out my fantasies of playing a consort with some kind and thoughtful people. Simultaneously, I discovered that some of my friends had dark sides to them, their well-concealed, vulpine prowesses at manipulation and honeying their words having been lost to me. I also discovered I had a similar inclination to do so and I was perfectly okay with it, as in earnest, it’s just part of the job – to keep people blissfully ignorant of their surroundings. One thing they don’t tell you of stepping into an overglorified, and fleeting, position of power on mineman is how eyes will be on you always. Any decision you make, however well-intentioned, will be subject to ruthless criticism. I’ve thoroughly been an impulsive person, since my tenure as Milena Ekaterina. Small sentiments of mine, be they benevolent, or even spiteful, snowballed briskly, prompting me to make ill-advised decisions. Most of the time, these decisions – while brazen – led to good and appreciated outcomes. Occasionally, they weren’t, and oftentimes, they were spurred by people I thought had my wellbeing in mind. After much anguish, and after several conversations with a friend, I’ve come to realize mistakes are okay, especially on a minecraft server where you, or your efforts, will not be remembered in several years time. Let yourself grow, however you desire. As a nondescript Australian, apparently now pink-haired, girl told me: “If you aren’t having fun, then it’s not worth it.” A veritable truth, so ty dummy. To @Ivorey I’ve known you since I joined, apparently, though we’ve only been close for the past year, and some. Regardless, you’ve been an exemplar friend and I’m so lucky to have you. Here’s to all the facetime calls we’ve had, and will have. ilu. To @Trinn Through thick and thin, you’ve been there, and I’ve been there for you, and will lovingly continue to do so. Since you don’t play anymore, and we still talk, there’s not much to say except i hate u fatty (much love). To @MarinaEmily Literally being one of the coolest girls ever, thank you for all the fun moments and deep talks. You’ve been like a big sister, and for that, I’m ever grateful. To @JuliusAakerlund Thank you for being there for me, old man. You were, and I still consider you to be, like an older sibling – a sage guide to the toils of life, always with a reassurance to offer. To @JoelTheGinger and @Dasdi Now, we’ve all three quarreled, and have been subject to petty squabbles. Nevertheless, the former of you two took me under your wing and inspired me, initially. The latter of you two, always a steadfast friend and quite literally a neighbor. To @Eryane and @Zaerie My two Haeseni gals – thank you for your kindness and your love. Both of you share my love of theater tunes, and broadway in general, alongside my admiration for my Haeseni community. I’m sorry to leave at the height of our plans to aid the restoration of the city, and the courts, but I’m wholy confident in your abilities to succeed without me, as you have. You’re both incredibly gifted, and so, deserve at least that much. To @Imperium Thank you for taking a chance with me and truly trusting in my potential, and in me. I hope that trust wasn’t in vain. Keeping skating, mop-head. To @AndrewTech As my former son, I’ve got to admire you. I think that’s my job... All jokes aside, thank you for being as sympathetic and driven by curiosity as you are. Strive high, as you’ve always done, and I’m sure you’ll get places. To @Pureimp10, @Piov, and @NJBB Clearly, we’ve quarreled and butted heads in the past. Nevertheless, I admire you all fully and desire you to succeed in all your ventures in the future and as you continue in your adult life. May you make the best of smoothies (looking at u, NJPP). To @Cracker I don’t know how you’re as smart as you are, but you are. Maybe it’s an effect of age, and experience, but I still envy it. Thank you for the advice, and even just for allowing me to rant. Hope you get to chill and keep doing what you enjoy, man. To @LithiumSedai My Renatian, and now Sutican, king! Thank you for supporting me and being an overall good guy. I wish people didn’t give you **** for just doing your **** To @Lionbileti I’m joining you in the retirement home, Aids. See u there To @Dyl You’re pretty cool! Keep in touch, or whatever 😎 To @Emenzi Thanks for being a cool guy and allowing me to do my thing w the courts n stuff. I appreciate it. Keep vibing and drinking that beer To @Harrison Thank you for being a loyal friend and enduring my rants about celebrities' degree of attractiveness, alongside the occasional tik tok I’d send you. To @Fanasty You’ve got great things coming at you, I’m sure. You’re fun, driven, and entirely capable. Thank u for all the talks, and don’t think I’ve forgotten your offer about taking me clubbing once I return to Europe – I’m holding you to it. To @SmolNoot My literal child, and four years long friend – I’m so excited to see your growth in art and in your creative and intellectual pursuits. You’re the sweetest and I love you the mostest. To Erik mfing Azog (idk your @ man srry..) Sorry to leave amidst playing yo wife. We had plans to better the d’arkent family, and overall, have fun with it. You’ll be fine though, and since you’re cool, I only wish you the best. To the Haeseni and Orenian community Thank you for lasting, and enduring, memories and impeccably enjoyable characters. Despite my falterings and mistakes in the past, you still embraced me with open arms so continue thriving. If you’re not mentioned, or if you feel your respective memo was too short, don’t be offended. I’ve either said what I’d like to say to you, you’re a banned player, or you have my contact info. Otherwise, most of you are pretty cool and deserve recognition so consider this a blanket statement of appreciation for the rest of you. Relax, im not dying or some ****. AXELU Rest In Peace 2018-2020
  2. Princess Tatiana lauds the Maer on his efforts to better the city of Reza!
  3. First off, I’d like to take a moment and thank Joel. It’s a very brave thing to do – to come out, in front of such a vast community, and pour out his sentiments as he just did. Every day, I’m astonished more by your capabilities and friendship. Ty for being there, as an older sibling would, for these (nearly) two years I’ve played now. ❤️
  4. Princess Tatiana Lorina receives the missive of establishment with a satisfied grin, contented by the fruition of the Queen-Mother’s efforts, at last.
  5. _______________________________________________ To my relative, Akkar, I write to you after much deliberation, and admittedly -- hesitance. I grew, for the most part, in isolation from my kin, and my people as a whole. My maln stipulated in his will that I, his young daughter, would be upbrought far from the war with plagued our lush and abundant earth, until recently. Nevertheless, within me was instilled a profound love for Wyvurn and the Mali’Fenn As the only standing daughter, and heir, to the late Grand prince, Aelthir, the Second of His Name, I consequently wish to know the intentions you have for my people -- your goals, and its tentative future. If your intentions lack nobility, and this reemergence of the Fennic throne is to satiate any whims for power of yours, cease this foolishness, and permit for Wyvurn’s will to be fulfilled -- and for his legacy to be put to rest. SIGNED Princess Lydienne Almithara of Fenn, Princess of Tahu’lareh
  6. Princess Tatiana Lorina, traversing the foliage-laden roads between the estate of her husband’s family, Selm, and her beloved and native Reza, beams as the news that her cousin Sigismund II, the late King Andrew’s successor, was – at last – to be coronated and cemented as King of Hanseti and Ruska. At this time, she thought of her newly born daughter, the Lady Eleanor Victoria d’Arkent, her dear friend Queen Maya, and the celebrating Barbanov household. “A better time is among us – one of advancement, and prosperity, but most certainly jubilation!”
  7. axelu

    Ivory's Skin Shop

    (kinda hype)
  8. A haeseni scribe hastily adds His Holiness’s name, signing the Lorraine in remembrance of his work.
  9. THE VICTORY MASQUERADE 1761 | 314 A depiction of Ruberni commoners prancing gleefully in their square, ignorant to the brutality of their overlords. TO THE ENTIRETY OF THE ORENIAN DEMESNE It is with great pleasure that the Royal Courts of Ekaterinburg announce the Victory Masquerade of 1761. In a time of great merriment and relief, that all but one of the AIS entities, the Ruberni, have concluded that any further war efforts would stifle human growth, the Queen-Mother’s cabinet proudly introduces this jubilation with intent to bolster unity amongst Orenians, and fortify relations with our bordering Provinces. Attendees are suggested to don red as a primary color, as an ode to the enduring Ruberni, who have not yet relinquished their pride and history of needless bloodshed. Too, the partygoers present are welcome to emulate any of the historical figures listed below of the 18th century, involved in war, in their attire. TOGETHER WE PROSPER AND PERSEVERE. Ave Oren LIST OF DECEASED HISTORICAL FIGURES IN RECENT WAR Johannes I, High Pontiff of the Canonist Church Andrew III Lothar Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska Andrew IV Peter Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska Governor-General Ester Devereux, Princess Royal of Curonia Lord-Palatine George Barbanov-Alimar, Regent of Hanseti-Ruska Tiberius Barrow, Regent of Hanseti-Ruska Lord Palatine Leopold Stafyr, Count of Nenzing Milena Ekaterina Carrion-Tuvyic, Queen-consort of Hanseti-Ruska Princess Mariya Angelika Barbanov, Duchess-consort of Adria Princess Aleksandra Alimar, Countess-consort of Nenzing Prince Kazimar I Barbanov-Alimar, Grand Prince of Muldav Prince Leopold Guy Helvets, Duke of Cathalon Prince Otto Tuvyic Barbanov, Duke of Alban Princess Alexandria Cecilya Barbanov John II Rudolph Vyronov, Duke of Carnatia Ser Isaak Vyronov Dame Primrose ‘the Forebearing’ Kortrevich OOC: Sunday the 29th of March, 2020 4pm EST IV JOVEO MAAN HER ROYAL MAJESTY, the Queen-Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch Maya Valeriya Barbanov HER EXCELLENCY, the Grand Lady of Hanseti-Ruska Princess Tatiana Lorina HER EXCELLENCY, the Chamberlain of the Court Juliya of Vasiland The Royal Administrator of Events in Reza Angelika of Vasiland H jj\j
  10. Lydienne, the last of Aethir the Second’s issue, reads upon the missive with a smile at Aesilnoth’s flank. “We can only hope for a better time – one in which the righteous among us are restored, and the reviled pretenders are removed from their faulted, barren thrones. Until then, Elvenesse will – and should – remain beneath one: Prince Feonor, who claims his seat as the bastion of Aegrothond.”
  11. An elderly Renatian of yore fondly remembers what once was, still appreciating what currently is, and yearns for what is to come.
  12. Princess Tatiana Lorina lauds Miss Herbert for her exquisite writing and attention to detail, enthusiastically probing her husband and ward, alongside Queen Maya, of their perspectives on the woman’s piece.
  13. axelu

    Frozen and Fading

    An old compatriot of Eileen, the Winter’s maid, Therese of Kerzenwick, hails the woman in the afterlife with a simper and lilted brows. “There you are, Freyja of mine. At last, my supreme and my sister – if not in the frost, as it was meant to be, but in spirit – you arrive.”
  14. Princess Tatiana, wife to the former Mayor of Helena and the Grand Lady of Hanseti-Ruska, endorses her sister-by-law, Mary P.!
  15. THE NOBLE DIET AT EKATERINBURG 1759 As confirmed by the Royal Office of the Queen-Mother, Maya Valeriya, Baroness of Antioch. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, The Royal Courts of Hanseti-Ruska, beneath the administration of the Queen-Mother, hereby announce the first diet of the Nobility since the somber and heavily mourned death of HRM King Andrew IV. With this event, the learned and diverse gentry and aristocracy that encompass our vast lands may come together, fortifying comradery and resolving disputes in a civil manner. ITINERARY A Feast shall be held, primarily, as a method of instigating conversation and relations between the established, and unestablished, nobility in the Ekaterinburg Palace. All are invited to indulge in the many foods lain out for them. Shortly afterward, a traditional Haeseni ballroom dance will be held. Thirdly, present nobility may make any grievances or pleas to resolve disputes that are intrinsically more sensitive to be dealt with in the wider court, renowned for its inclusivity to the burgher and common class. Handling such grievances would be the King’s regent, the Queen-Mother, or an official proxy to the Kingly authority. OOC: Monday, the 16th of March, 4 EST IV JOVEO MAAN HER EXCELLENCY, the Grandy Lady of Hanseti-Ruska Princess Tatiana Lorina H jj\j
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