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  1. Lady Elisabeth Ruthern, convened with her relatives – her eldest sister and brother, alongside their mother – aside the hearth within Metterden. Habitually, her gaze found itself coaxed toward the threshold of their most junior sibling, Irene’s, chambers. Garnishing not a mien of melancholy over her youthful features in light of her sister’s stirring ailment, but rather one of steadfast hope, Elisabeth muttered her reassurances to young Aleksander Ruthern, telling him of the prowess of their nation – undivided and made whole by the very people which resided in it. ”By GOD’s will, all shall persevere.”
  2. Anya, the scholarly maiden of bygone origins, regarded the notice amongst her comrades, resigned to mere silence in anticipation of those whom seek.
  3. Helga Angusdottir, the Bison of Darrowmere, blushed profusely, impressed by the prowess of her viking-esque comrades. She readied her bathing suit, tauted her biceps, and donned her sunglasses. ”It’s go time.”
  4. dib’s the scariest white man i know
  5. Elizaveta get hyped, perusing the curation within newly-erected Metterden.
  6. axelu

    My Story

    MY STORY As an avid cultivator of rp posts, posting something like this is extremely unconventional on my behalf. It’s difficult to process one’s past and set it down on a document, or even paper; oftentimes, by doing so, we make it real - and reality can really be a hard pill to swallow. Nevertheless, particularly through these trying times, I find articulating my thoughts extremely necessary. While most may be aware, and some may not, there was a particularly huge fiasco which encompassed my friend group in regards to a set of messages that were released to the public by a friend of mine - a fifteen year-old girl who’s made mistakes, gaslighted by another three years older than her, and is currently in a successful bout of maturation. While I haven’t spoken to this former player in over a month now, I’ve learned that she’s endeavoring to grow and be better. With that said, she and I are very different people; at one point, we were barely amicable and more-so acquaintances. Regardless, in light of our barely-there age difference and mutual experience of being subject to manipulation, we recently became closer friends and I’m ever thankful for that, even if we haven’t spoken in some time. While I cannot speak personally for my friend, we both engaged in flirtations with the aforementioned person in very difficult and confusing periods of our life. At that point, it had been a year since I was sexually assaulted, with a dear relative of mine passing a month afterward (that November 1st of 2018). To make matters more incomprehensible, my parents' dwindling relationship finally came to an end when he requested their divorce in late December, barely after she endured the death of her mother. They finalized it a month later and in the fall of 2019, I came out to my parents with much hesitance. My mother received the news well enough, and with some anticipated fear (now, she and I are closer than ever and I’m so appreciative of the bond I have with her). My father, meanwhile, was less receptive... but I’m not here to go off on that tangent. Later that year, I was struggling myself with an abundance of insecurities and consequently fell into a steep pit of mineman obsession. I prided myself on my accomplishments in game because however fleeting as they were, they felt the most tangible. I began to distance myself from real life friends and refused to have my picture taken unless it was orchestrated by my own hand. My friend group then, server wise, was close and to this day, I’m particularly close with a few (ivory, eryane). Of the others, I admire marinaemily who, despite our occasional quarrel, is objectively a pillar of resilience and grit. Still, in that group chat, I felt almost suffocated on occasion. In our conversations with the others within that chat, an atmosphere of superiority existed that required tearing down other girls on the server. I grew apart from others, some of which had my back. In retrospect, that behavior was the epitome of irrationality and immaturity and I’m brazenly apologetic for the instances in which I encouraged it. At the end of the day, I’m only a kid and I am on a passage of growth and learning just like every other living person on this planet. My nondescript friend, around the time of the re-emergence of the Holy Orenian Empire irp, began relations with the person which, to my knowledge, lasted into December of 2019. During that time, she was led down a particularly wrong path by a 17 yr old boy on the server (a guy who, to the knowledge of most, was over 20). According to him, he was 13 when he joined the server and believed he wouldn’t be respected for his age. They exchanged very intimate messages that were released by the girl herself out of remorse for their past actions, and those afflicted by them. He ended the relationship prior to his eighteenth birthday though, briskly, began talking to me. While my relationship with him was mostly friendly, I - in eventually - reciprocated short-lived affections. In short, it didn’t last past the distribution of his incriminating messages with my friend and inevitable ban. Last I heard of him from several months ago, he was due to enlist in the army and in the process of making strides to, too, better himself as a human being and repent and move forward. While he hurt many people and he’s fortunately out of my life, every human being with an ounce of repentance in them owes themself the chance to rebrand and move forward. What spurred me to speak out today was not a spontaneous inclination to do so. Instead, people who have been using the situation to fuel a spiteful campaign against me did. Today, I received a message from a newer player that I’ve known for around 5 years now, and who’s like a little sister to me, that others were encouraging her to not be in my company because I “flirted with and dated a pedophile.” Ideally, I wouldn’t be bothered by it; I know my truth which is veritable. It became a problem when my experience became cannon fodder for a wearisome vendetta against myself and my friendships. I implore everyone reading this to stop perpetuating resentment, hate, and slanderous information teeming of falsehood against others. We’re living in an era of discovery, and not all of it is euphoric or beneficial like the creation of a vaccine (still waiting on this one) or a new game being released to the public: POC are being targeted, killed, and dehumanized even today – the twenty first century; LGBTQ+ people are still being marginalized and brutalized in the Eastern World, and even in the Western world. Let’s open our eyes. We have this vast platform, facetious as it is, that most of us utilize it as a channel and outlet to escape our toils in the contemporary world. In lieu of bringing those same issues here, we can vie to solve them.Regardless if you associate yourselves with Orenians, the elves, Korvassa and Sutica - even magic and banditry - we are one community reveling in what this server has to offer. We’re all constantly growing and we’re not the same people we were even yesterday. No one should feel distressed by opening discord, or their game – I think we all can agree on that. Share your own stories if you’d like below, or share the love you have for your fellow players. Without hesitance, I’m sending much love. Signed, axel
  7. Lady Elisabeth snickered excitedly, recalling the instance in which she first introduced the coupling.
  8. bertha the fat shivers, frightened!
  9. Much to the Secretary of the Interior’s presumed relief, the party would be open to all Orenian compatriots of the d’Arkent household!
  10. A DEBUTANTE in SELM 1775 The Honourable Eleanor Victoria (L) and Theresa Polyxena (R), c. 1774 For the Ducal Household in Selm, the year of 1775 is fabled to be one of grand revelry, celebration, and good-tidings. Upon its arrival, sixteen Saint’s years will have passed since the birth of the House of d’Arkent’s eldest sire of its newest generation, Miss Eleanor Victoria ( @venclair ), succeeded by her siblings, Miss Theresa Polyxena ( @marinaemily ) and Mister Alexander-Lucien ( @Arundlt ), a year later. In a young lady’s life, the arrival of womanhood - the next epoch in the ever dignified tapestry of her story - is pivotal and thus, she should be surrounded by the entirety of her family and friends. It is with great merriment that we invite you to a debutante Ball in honor of the Captain and his daughters, whom he and his beloved wife, the Princess Tatiana of Bihar, have lovingly monikered their little flower and dove respectively. TIMETABLE Address - The honored maidens’ mother and father, before the entirety of the assembled guests, will graciously address and thank those in attendance and concoct a speech in regards to their growing daughters. They will be accompanied by Joseph de Selm, the latter’s son. Tourney - In the spirit of merry jubilation, able-bodied men and women of the Empire are invited to test their prowess among their compatriots with a monetary risk involved. Waltz - To conclude, attendees will enter the afamed Mirror Hall within the Selmite Estate, renown for its immaculately polished, nearly crystalline, floors and highly built walls and join loved ones in the company of Imperial musicians and hor d'oeuvres. Specialized Invited are sent to: The Imperial Household HIM the Emperor of Oren, Peter III @ARCHITECUS HIH the Princess Imperial, Princess Anne @DreamInSpace HIH the Duke of Helena, Prince Joseph @Hunwald HIH Princess Elizabeth of Helena @Ivorey HIH Prince John of Helena @KosherZombie HIH Princess Juliette of Helena @yandeer HIH Prince Philip of Helena @BenevolentManacles HIH Prince Peter of Helena @Ark HIH the Countess of Rocheforte, Princess Lorena of Oren, and her respective household @Starryy TRH The Count of Pompourelia, George Sarkozy, and his respective household @bungo The House of Basrid TRH The Count of Susa, Sir Jahan Basrid @Dyl Mister Simon Basrid, Imperial Archchancellor @Cracker The Lord Iskander Basrid @KBR Lord Basil Basrid @MCVDK Lord Darius Basrid @Quantumatics The House of Carrington TRH the Baron of Carrington, Lord George Carrington @ChumpChump TRH the Baroness of Carrington, Lady Mary Philippa d’Arkent @Ivorey Miss Alpha of Carrington @Merqurie Miss Mary Lucille of Carrington @libertyybelle Miss Mary Sophia of Carrington @Eryane Miss Mary Jane of Carrington @Branchio Miss Mary Vespira of Carrington @lalosia Mister Jasper of Carrington @EddyTheBrave Mister Peridot of Carrington @Heff Royal Grandees HRM the King of Hanseti and Ruska, Sigismund II @seannie HG the Duke of Cathalon, Prince Robert @gamer_guy HH the Grand Prince of Muldav, Josef II @hippo HE the Warden of the Pale of Aldemar, Keladen Laraethryn @Malaise Distinguished Peers and Folk of the Empire HRM The Queen consort of Hanseti-Ruska and Countess of Metterden, Viktoria Sofiya @Zaerie The Lady Irene Ruthern @Eryane TRH Viscount Provins, John Pruvia-Provins. @Bawg TRH Viscount Albarosa, Frederick Pruvia-Albarosa @BigMacMoMo Mister Ostromir Carrion-Ostrovich @Lhindir_ Madame Renee Rothesay, Maitresse-en-titre @Marquisee2 … And all Orenians. Per Miss Eleanor’s request, attendees are encouraged to garnish red on their attire. OOC: Friday the 3rd of July, 2020 4:30pm EST d’Arkent Event Co.
  11. From wherever she lurked, The Red Princess and Baroness of Antioch Aleksandra Sophia grinned in a most eldritch manner, duly contented by the honorable Henriette’s educational missive. She’d note, were she about however, that her female descendants (her grand daughter, Queen consort Maya of Muldav and Princess Analiesa of Hanseti-Ruska) were issued the subsidiary Barony of Antioch to carry as courtesies in a fashion very much similar to the princely duchies bestowed on the younger sons of a reigning Haeseni monarch.
  12. Try utilizing another browsing platform! If that doesn’t work, maybe consider pasting from a doc until devs sort it out.
  13. frill?! where r u?! come back (echo) come back back back

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