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  1. Maria of Beaufort, princess of the Imperium Septimus and the elderly mother to Titus, jiggies mirthfully, relieved with the runt’s death!
  2. petitioning staff to let me use times new roman, my go-to font, for my status updates!

    1. Lionbileti
    2. papaWACKO


      latin is the superior language, I concur

  3. LETTERS PATENT, 1750 On this seed of the Amber Cold, the Princely crown and regency hereby bestow upon Cato Vallberg his ancestral holding, the County of Vrakai. Heretofore, Lord Vallberg is a titular magnate of the Ruberni peerage, entitling him and his kin to the styles and honors pertaining to their status. SIGNED Her Highness, the Princess-Regent, Anabel Aleksandra
  4. The Ruberni princess duly resigns to attend the summit, wholy disregarding her prejudices in favor of the collective wellbeings of her fellow canonists.
  5. TREATY OF TRADE The Principality of Rubern and the County of Pestilles By way of the terms discussed on the 13th of the Amber Cold, 1750, The Principality of Rubern is endowed to provide to the County of Pestilles: Three iron blocks The County of Pestilles is endowed to provide to the Principality of Rubern A Quarter of a stack of meat (equivalent to fifteen filets) Forty-Five spools of wool This exchange shall be held every Saint’s month at the discretion of the signatories and will be valid until the year 1760. SIGNED Her Highness, the Princess-Regent Anabel Aleksandra His Excellency, the High Treasurer of Pestilles, Robert de Alence
  6. THE RUBERNI MASQUERADE OF 1751 Of Roses and Thorns As approved by the Prinzesa ov Rubern on 1751. On the 10th of the Amber Cold of 1750, a myriad of letters would be displayed on noticeboards of the AIS’s constituent nations. Bearing a miniature of the Ruberni seal, they would read: Czian, I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you, my fellow Ruberni and comrades, to inform you of an upcoming ball in the Principality of Rubern’s most humble capital. It would surely be a joy to see you there. Keeping to the theme of the Ruberni’s most beloved pastimes, hunting, attendees must embellish themselves in articles of clothing reminiscent of animals. Such entails furs, masks, and the ilk. Those who cannot afford a mask are entailed to any of the ones offered below, as graciously donated by the Lady Archchancellor of Lorraine. SIGNED Her Highness, the Princess-Regent of Rubern, Anabel Aleksandra Her Excellency, the Archchancellor of Lorraine, Morana Vilchyc The Honorable, Carina ov Anpalais OOC Info: Date: January 18th, 2020 Time: 4pm EST Location: Rubern’s Palace (go straight ahead from the city’s primary entrance) Masks (made by Fieselena): If you are in need of a mask, refer to the ones in the spoiler below and express your interest via a forum roleplay emote which includes your discord if we do not already have it!
  7. Within the city’s square, the Princess-Regent, Anabel Aleksandra , mulls over the predicament. ”Be swift, good mercenaries, and rid the Ruberni of this plague.”
  8. RUBERNI SPEECH An incomplete compilation of Ruberni speech, compiled by Brutus af Morr COMMON WORDS COMMON PHRASES PEOPLE INSULTS TITLES PLACES ADJECTIVES OTHER NAMES The Ruberni has its origin in the Vrakian speech, the tongue of the Reiters and the Azghari Cumans who lived on the plains of Vrakai in Atlas. When using the language, much like Raev Botch you may use it to a degree you see fit, replacing words with Ruberni words to portry the influence of the dialect and Ruberni culture. -ien/-ian ar/er ena ov/op ve/va ne-/no- dj- -aj/-ej COMMON WORDS Czian - Hello (formal) Ahoj - Hey (informal) Busca - Farewell Dien - Day Este - Night Dja/Ya - Yes/Yeah Niem - No (literally: I do not agree; consent) Nievem - Never Dje - I/Me Djem - I am Djev - My/Mine Vy - You Em - is/are Jo - Good/Well (may added as a prefix, ie. Jo-Busca, meaning ‘good-bye’) Jonagy - Great Ov - Of A - The Prosim - Please COMMON PHRASES Rov engem - Follow me Jak magve? - How are you? Jo hevelt - Good morning. Jo nevet - Good afternoon. Jo eszkat - Good night. Jo dien - Good day Jo este - Good Evening Mun-este - Goodnight A nevem... - My name is PEOPLE Apar - Father Amja - Mother Emeer - Man Zena - Woman Godan - God Szent - Saint Kamarad - Friend / Comrade / Buddy Kochany - Loved one / Partner INSULTS Dar - Stinky Hovna - **** Dirve - Dimwit Stoba - Stupid Ostoba - Fool Faszci - **** Kovadt - Fat Sakra - Damn Kurva - ***** Picsa - ***** Pyjnis - Penis TITLES Kaczar/Czar - Emperor Kaczarina/Czarina - Empress Kiral - King Kirala - Queen Prinze - Prince Prinzesa - Princess Magnat - Magnate Vojevode - Voivode Herzeg - Duke Hercega - Duchess Grof - Count Grosna - Countess Rytir - Knight Huszar - Cavalryman/Hussar/Knight Kapitany - Captain Popa - Pontiff Pap - Clergymen PLACES Var - Fort Varos - Castle Prievidza(Priev for short) - Palace Varok - Town / City ADJECTIVES Keves - Little Nagoy - Big Joh - Good Goor - Bad Gjorva - Great RACES Alfski - Elf Bortu - Dwarf Darkir - Dark Elf Duch - Spook / Ghost / Undead Emeersok - People / Folk Emeer - Human / Man OTHER A B C D E F G Hoovne - Horse Hoovnevas - Horseman / Rider I J Kavalerie - Cavalry Kutya - Dog L M Nylpuska - Crossbow O Pancer - Armour Puska - Bow Q Rota - Company / Platoon Szablya - Sabre Szallier - Merchant / Trader / Supplier Triumf - Victory U *** - River (eg. *** Ruber - Ruber River) Veri - Blood Vojak - Soldier Vojna - War W X Y Zoldak - Mercenary NAMES https://www.behindthename.com/names/usage/hungarian MALE Istvan Jozsef Janos Zoltan Zsigmund Andras Boris Matyas Valdemar Stibor Tibor Varek Wojtek/Wojciech - (Vojna(war) + ciech(rejoice) Varotek Vladirusk Vladrick Mariusz Radoslav FEMALE Ana Anja Anabel Anna Urszula Marta Maja Nataliya Joanna Vanja Sofiya Sonja SURNAMES -mir -slaw ex: Boleslaw Wozniak
  9. A JUBILANT TOURNEY On the morning on the 3rd of the Grand Harvest, 1750, missives would be distributed to the respective sovereigns, or governors, of the AIS nations. I hope this finds you well, You and your citizenry are hereby invited to the capital of our most August alliance, the Provincial Principality of Rubern, to indulge in a tourney. There will be food and drinks, alongside general festivities. The triumphant competitor will be paid a prize of 1000 Minae. Should you be nterested, apply with this template: ((IGN)): Name: Age: Affiliated Nation: Her Highness, the Princess-Regent of Rubern, Anabel Aleksandra Her Excellency, the Archchancellor of Lorraine, Morana Vilchyc Guest List All constituent members of the AIS OOC Information Date: 12th of January, 2020 Time: 3pm EST Location: Free City of Rubern, Rubern
  10. Milena Ekaterina hails her once-protector with kin-like affection, offering the man her arm to ease his ascent. ”Come now, Nikolaus. You helped me much when I was a girl; allow me return the favor.” ”Both of us were so young, then, in comparison the the moment we each respectively took our last breaths. The world only spited us further, and fate became too cruel.”
  11. the man speaks facts
  12. let **** be stirred at least now we can have a discussion ab the shitty dispositions of members of this sever
  13. yeah ok cool story look at how ur community leaders b reacting to some rp **** n that’ll tell u all u need to kno
  14. screenshot retrieved from 1 of my many dewper-esque alts (btw) My experiences are my own n im not inclined to share them here, though I would like to talk ab how u used a throw away assassin persona 2 kill sm1 u disliked oocly. seems like the kind of behavior we’re trying to avoid here !
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