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  1. Alright but how am I supposed to fricking roleplay when everyone’s sprint jumping around town oocly. 

    1. Harold


      Come to Fenn, we will RP with you friendo

  2. Of course. All we want is for players to be mature and make the wise decision that enhances roleplay. If everyone would do that, that would pretty much be the end of these problems. But for one reason or another, there’s always an immature person that won’t cooperate that way. Maybe they’re one of the younger players who were accepted on this server and don’t understand how this all works, or maybe they just want their daily clicks. Whatever the reason, it’s kind of impossible unless everyone you’re rping with are the same people that have learned to be mature over a long period of time. So I think I’m siding with those who say they want to remove crp from banditry to make it more about the roleplay than the items.
  3. Crovidae


    Tal was born in 1708. Just five years after the founding of Curonia. His father was in the military, and his mother acted as a housewife, often the one in charge of taking care of Tal and teaching him how to read and write. While his father would spend a lot of his time in the military serving the new kingdom, he would end up being the one responsible for most of what Tal knows about swords and basic combat. In his spare time as an older child, Tal often referred to books to keep him entertained. This further increased his skill of reading and writing. Unfortunately, Tal’s father had become mentally unstable, he simply wasn’t made to handle the type of life that the military had to offer. However, he had no other main talents that would grant him work. So he stayed in the military, and as time went on he became increasingly irritated and depressed. Sometimes he took out his anger on his family, often through outbursts of wrath. This was likely what caused Tal’s fear of loud outbursts or sudden noises, and his slight paranoia. It eventually came to a point where his father became insane and attacked his wife, killing her. As he realized what he had done, he became overcome with grief and regret, and promptly killed himself as well. Tal was devastated after figuring out what happened. Wanting to move on from the past, he decided to take his possessions and set out for another place to call home, perhaps Renatus.
  4. So hello, I’ve had experience with complicated Minecraft roleplay servers before, and while I know most of what to do already, (chat channels, what meta and powergaming is, the wiki aka essays of lore you need to read before doing anything, literally just how to not embaress yourself in roleplay) I have noticed some drama. As such, I want to tiptoe my way around those landmines of conflict before I actually know what’s going on, and maybe find out what I want my character to be. So far, a Human Heartlander named Tal sounds good as far as characters go. Not entirely sure what goals I have for em though. I also want to ask what cities/towns would be recommended, but this community seems pretty split on the matter of Llyria right now so uh... Any Pointers?
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