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  1. This is a very questionable decision by the Administration, and one that I think will be remembered for much longer than most of the so-called Admins on the team will be. This nepotism and corruption is how you alienate player-bases and cause a rift between players and the staff; use of the administrative prerogative and power to stifle and crush months of roleplay to get to that point, to appease their friends caught with their pants down and unwilling to engage. Now Admin approved and effectively backed and propped up. Its' not good enough.
  2. Zzzzzzzzz

  3. Why did I get warned when someone else called me a white supremacist? 

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    2. UnbanCharlesTheBald2022


      So if you are ever a manager and one of your employees gets sexually harassed, you're just going to fire both of them ? LOL.


      >I'm not going to justify my decisions in public

      >does it

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    3. Burnsider


      It's a lovely, but ultimately worthless strawman you've built. 

    4. UnbanCharlesTheBald2022


      Oh you're one of those, I understand you, it's all good buddy, it will take you longer to develop.

  4. Du Loc 

  5. this is cyber bullying how can the mods let this happen
  6. HRH Prince Sigirath Tundrak II, Grand Halerir of Fenn, Duke of the Hill, Breaker of Chains and Defender of the People would send a courier with a bottle of Fennic friendship whisky and box of charcuterie to the Oshima.
  7. how are you meant to make a staff report if you can't make a new thread in the subsection?

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    2. un-w


      harold staff reporting admins for not making snelves their own subrace

    3. wowj


      y do people want a second high elven race?

    4. Harold


      @ScreamingDingo smh not everythings about you sit down 


  8. Just ban all romance roleplay. It has no place on the server when there are minors on the server. It’s ******* cringe anyway
  9. I’m a racial snow elf. That’s what I roleplay. My race is snow elf.
  10. You try to be nice about these things but then they just remove it without discussion and think they can get away with it @SquakHawkjoel stole snow elven racial status and nation status, we would like it back please if you won’t recognise us as the main high elven nation. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, it’s either one or the other. We are either the main nation of the high elves, as the largest and most active settlement, or we are our own separate entity entirely and therefore are our own race and nation. @ScreamingDingo @Monkee
  11. watch me watch me transform give us back snow elven racial status and our nation that you stole when you were a corrupt admin
  12. We can just rename high elves to snow elves right, when we have the nation status? Then the current high elves can be called snow elves, that makes sense to me and seems the most logical way forward if lore team want to play shenanigans with such things
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