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  1. @joey calabreeni
  2. had mine yesterday, im petitioning for trophies to be made would you like a trophy
  3. How long have you played LOTC?: 6 Years. What is your opinion on the Forum Team as a whole?: Doing pretty okay now. How well does the Forum Team perform according to you?: Above and beyond what old teams have done in the past. How do you feel about our communication with the player base?: It could be better, but a Your View is a step in the right direction. How could we improve the previous?: More Your Views, more open discussion with the playerbase about Forums and general forum conduct. If you have anything to say on the side, leave it here:
  4. dont do it to yourself
  5. Pretty much. No The Staff now has Departments instead of Teams. Lore Department doesnt use Skype anymore, they use the Staff discord. You bet. :)
  6. pretty terrible human being +1
  7. yes
  8. Community Meeting is NOW. https://discord.gg/rNjzkMF

  9. Hey everyone, we are currently working to get the server back up. Hope you're enjoying your freedom. -Harold x

    1. SeaDaedra


      there is no freedom without mineman

    2. James2k


      what brought it down

    3. Lirinya


      i dont want freedom. take it back.

  10. i think your father owns the same pair of sunglasses that I do @Niccum