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  1. i am officially the poorest player on lotc with -190,800 in my bank 

    1. SquakHawk


      college does that

    2. Harold


      i aint even bEEn to n0 college tho

  2. 12,000 says Harold McScribley
  3. Any update on spawning in 457,000 minas for the Snow Elves?
  4. Prince Hadolph Tundrak II, Rightful Duke of the Hill, Speaker to Wyvrun and Defender of the Fennic Peoples, would smile as he places a dagger through the proclamation from his self-imposed exile. He would speak aloud, but only to the small group in the cave he now took refuge, in hiding. His head covered in a shawl to protect from the harsh sun of the unprotected mountains. “This puppet, magically appearing Tundrak who evicted me and my family from our home and land, will enjoy what I have planned for him and his master. Be ready, llir...your enemies already flock to the cause, inside, and outside of your trumped up, two minas in the bank nation.”
  5. THE IMPERIAL DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY As issued the 9th of the Amber Cold, 1749 As guided by the Liverymen of the fair city of Helena, the City Clerk does hereby request that as per the recent remodelling of Helena, the local populace gives suggestions and pass comment on recent Municipal works and perhaps as such, ones we may wish to focus on in the near future. To leave a comment, please place it into the box within the Tax Office. IN NOMINE DEI Mayor of Helena, City Clerk of Helena,
  6. The moderation team can’t read

  7. They don’t listen, and will preach to you what should and shouldn’t be on the wiki. Boycott the wiki until they make it an actual staff team 💦
  8. Thank you for braving the community ire and being frank; such is not an easy job. These threads keeping those who do still play and those who have left because of what LoTC has become in recent weeks, updated, is by far the best communication come out of the staff team recently.
  9. Any reason IRP that we are doing this?
  10. An anonymous Waldeniab man would instruct a letter is sent around the Enpire at the news. “My fellow Imperial citizens, At the untimely death of Mr Boudewijn D. Haas, I now offer 1,500 minas as a bounty to catch his unknown assailant and brought to Imperial justice, whereby handed over to be tried for the crimes. signed, The Panda Merchant
  11. Harold 4 Admin Team 2020 

    1. ScreamingDingo


      isn't retirement coming up fast for you big fella

    2. Lyonharted™


      Harold for Telanir 2020

  12. sup ape

    1. Harold


      didnt even say merry christmas back who do u think u are

  13. you can call me a gorilla any day, better than ****.

    1. The_Protagonist_of_Lotc


      anyone whose sat w me in voice or in text for any period time knows I call literally everyone ape / gorilla / chimp etc. 

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