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  1. I wouldn't let the current iteration of staff tie my shoelaces, let alone run the server. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ScreamingDingo


      it's good they give you velcro shoes when you enter the retirement home at least

    3. Harold


      its almost time for my sponge bath

    4. TranscendentalPoet


      Harold for 2nd director

  2. hello friend it has been too long nice to see you hope you are well in this time of crisis 

    1. Aengoth


      hey man great to hear from ya. if you ever want to chat my discord is Aeng#6018 hope all is well with you

  3. I got warned for inflammatory content. This is factual. This is not inflammatory content. I think. Maybe it is. Who cares. **** you anyway.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. PiousChorale_


      hi harold hope you're doing well

    3. ronjeremus


      Have a nice vacation in cyprus until the warn expires

    4. ScreamingDingo


      i enjoyed ur comment : (

  4. So your house in Helena is still under your name. If you could log on and sell it to me or the other person that would be great


    1. argonian


      man relax his house isnt even that nice 

    2. Wbuus


      it’s quite big.

    3. frill


      solve it in rp 😕 there are provision in orener law for “”declaring people dead”” if they don’t RP over a certain amount of time, designed for situations just like this.

  5. Flambo got what he deserved, but watch for the vultures who will now swoop in to take the power. Please ensure they are not the same, before you give them Admin.

    1. ScreamingDingo


      hey i can tag myself in this




    2. Harold


      you do a good swoop dingo, it’ll be a close one between you, xarkly and Mystery if he puts his hat in the ring

  6. I see you’re online now haha. I heard you stopped playing recently, how are you?

  7. Hey man, I’m looking to buy your home in Helena. I can offer 10,000 mina. Please contact me on discord, tcadey#3353 . I noticed your current discord does not work, so please contact me. -tcadey

    Edited by Wbuus
    1. Harold


      Sold already 

    2. Wbuus


      Ah, to who? If its not official I’ll pay much more

  8. can i buy your house in helena off you im not a dwarf anymore

    1. sergisala


      Lefty are you back? 😮

    2. Harold


      Yeah sure mate, get in touch 

  9. lev

    Hey mate, hope your doing alright with Corvid19 around, thoughts and prayers your way xoxo

    1. Haseroth


      yeah harold take care of your self. 

    2. Harold


      This is Harold’s solicitor, unfortunately Harold has passed away. He has left many members of this community money in his will, please phone 555-kissmyass to collect your money.

  10. how are your cypriot vacationing homes going these days

    1. Harold


      Falling down mountains 

  11. what a shame

    1. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      cannot believe this is happening

  12. “here we go again” says Hunthgar
  13. Do you remember when they said things would change when Telanir left?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheAlphaMoist


      Doesn’t this sort of stuff take a minute or two

    3. JasperJohn


      who is they

    4. Stargush


      What can you expect? Telanir admitted he was disconnected from the game and failed at communication and was away too often, and to redeem himself by stepping up to taking action, instead made a council of admins to discuss the design of the game for him while he works on codes.

  14. weren’t you removed from staff in the past for abuse of PEX?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Goblinberg


      It may have been long ago, but Harold you are the last one who should speak, you aren’t really ‘the’ clever guy. 

    3. Harold


      Was never removed for abusing PEX.

    4. Goblinberg


      What's your proof for that? And I'm pretty sure if you're now removed is for your incompetence or you just gave up. You aren't better than anyone, just to say. For now cookie is doing a good job 

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