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  1. Prince Hadolph Tundrak II, Grand Chancellor & Grand Treasurer of Fenn, would fully support the Happy Frog Trading Company, and its stall in Fenn.
  2. Harold

    Forum Signatures

    where are the ones for the veterans @Defy
  3. The Free Market of Fenn A flyer would handed out within cloud temple, showing in sketches, the new Free Market of Fenn. The market would feature stalls from some of the prominent businesses, and entrepreneurs throughout Arcas, including the Happy Frog Trading Company, the White Circle Trading House Company, the Happy Puffin Tea Shop, the Grand Wizards Emporium,and Fennic Enterprises Inc. The note would continue, stating that... There are stalls still available for those who wish to trade, free of charge, and free of taxes.
  4. Tfw the staff is so terrible, Telanir shows up to try and soothe the playerbase.


    1. Ang


      Go away, you Loch Ness Monster

    2. Harold


      Love you too Ang

    3. Sporadic


      Tfw Telanir is so terrible the playerbase shows up to try and soothe the staff

  5. I was denied from the GM team for making them upset. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Harold


      Please provide proof of toxicity @TheAlphaMoist Or it is a baseless claim, and harassment that I will report to the relevant team!!!

    3. KeatonUnbeaten


      @Harold you wouldnt have been let on the team anyway, you have to be a certain level of incompetent, which im sure an intelligent bloke like yourself wouldnt be

    4. Haseroth


      no you were refused because you said mean things to me a few years back and i showed it to tythus and he said that u werent gonna get gm this is my revenge harold..

  6. I found your theme song – https://youtu.be/ljPFZrRD3J8?t=63


    1. shoahinsnowyfields


      biggest knacker wedding my loooooooooooooooord

  7. Do your ******* job.
  8. You should both stop complaining and being passive aggressive, you asked for community input you got it – fix everything else the community wants first. You were both at the (most lackluster) Community meeting I’ve ever seen, recently, but the community told you what it wants even if you don’t want to hear it. That was entirely low energy, no admins showed up other than Tarrebear, the only Dev who bothered was Wrynn and even then he hadn’t been included in the meeting until someone spoke up and said he was there. Every ‘answer’ was “we are working on it.” Except for Wrynn. Because Wrynn knows how to handle the community. Wrynn’s done this before on a team that worked. Now we see you trying new things, with all the spelling mistakes, it reeks of low energy and little thought at all to what is a very touchy subject for this community – so I've got to ask, what the **** is wrong with you guys? Why would either of you think this was a good idea when staff and player relations are at an absolute low? Get your house in order before building an extension.
  9. Everyday we go ever closer still to the **** heap.
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