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  1. Harold


    they banned ryan and twi these are my friends i dont know who you're talking about
  2. Harold


    they banned my friends for gaming the system why isnt arockstar28 banned
  3. Harold

    wtf staff

    go back the retirement home boomer
  4. i propose a day of stike action on lotc

    1. Hiebe


      Would never happen.Β 

  5. hmmmmmmm smells like targeting to me but thats only like, my opinion, man
  6. an explanation why you banned my son would be nice thank you
  7. Good luck on your next adventure, but I disagree with your post. You weren't the unblemished victim. You goaded the other side into war. I would suggest you were toxic in almost every interaction i've had with you. You gave as good as you got, and no amount of white-washing will get rid of that. Do I think less of you for that? No. Enjoy life, touch some grass, it's nice out there. Cheers, H
  8. As the missives would be nailed to every poster-board and post across the lands, Pete would gaggle with the rest of those who have to gain insight into the goings-on secondhand. He would gaze upon it and take it in, he liked the fancy text and little pictures. It made him feel proud. He would look to the reactions of those around him. "I wish ah' could read." Pete would say under his breath. At this he would heave his hoe back onto his shoulder, and return to the fields of Acre. There was farming to do.
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