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  1. Chaw

    if i feel nostalgic looking at these forums imagine how old this mf feel๐Ÿ˜ต

  2. I didnโ€™t except much from this admin team, but I thought it would be better than this.
  3. Have you been praying?

  4. Too many main characters on LoTC now, not enough fillers. When was the last time you met a normal guard or a normal tavern server with a bad attitudeโ€ฆor even just a humble farmer who didnโ€™t have a tragic backstory and could triple backflip while holding seven katanas while also being schizophrenic and two tone hairโ€ฆ
  5. Dingo hates basketballl because he was always picked last

    1. Qctho McAntoine

      Qctho McAntoine

      He's a halfling IRL, and he was turned away from his childhood dream of playingย when he was young

  6. some people really deserve to beย rootyย tooty pointย and shooty victims

    1. Nug


      LOL what

  7. yeah me and Telanir talk all the time @Treshureirl awaits my friend
  8. safety team saved my entire crop thank you safety team
  9. 2am **** posting, my favourite

  10. for my next trick

  11. Name: Sigirath Tundrak III Race: Snow Elf Gender: male [[OOC]] Username: Premiumroleplay Discord: you have it Timezone: GMT/BST
  12. hi itโ€™s your boy Harold idย like to appeal 5 warning pointsย 

  13. Prince Sigirath Tundrak III finds the parchment in a darkened corner of the cesspit he would reside in now. His ears clipped, and his face angry from a life spent away from his peoples. His father, the exiled one, would flash before his eyes and his face grew dark. โ€œI am on my way.โ€
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