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  1. @Fireheart Kevins ban will therefore be more than a year, which is more than DPM had. Can you explain? 


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      harold you got me banned from ooc chat for making a joke about you being washed up wtf buddy why you talking smack

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      you need to finish highschool before you can play MY minecraft server kid

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    Mud the Peasant Beggar of Renatus waggles his cup in front of the other denizens looking at the proclamation.
  3. What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game Ban Minecraft Usernames Kevinblabla Reason for punishment Gate Abuse and Ban History Players Involved Ioannis Corpean By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment? I broke the rules on multiple occasions and I was punished harsher than most when they looked at the history I have as a player, which is why my ban became indefinite. Why should you be pardoned? It's been eleven months since my last ban and I have changed during this period, while it may not look like I had the first couple months of being banned where I continued to show aggressive behaviour my time away has let me mature. I would like to show I have changed and I promise to be a courteous and rule-abiding player who will not cause any trouble in the future. I also regret my actions and want to apologise to everyone who had been affected by them. I have also spoken to Harold at length before making this appeal, since he was part of the Administration team at the time and one of the people who banned me previously. He believes that I have changed, and he shows this by agreeing to post the ban appeal on my behalf. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? Think first, then act. That is mainly the cause of all my problems on LOTC, I do certain actions without thinking what the consequences could be afterwards, which is a negative point I have. I will stop doing this as I have realised that I actually enjoy the server, which is why Ill refrain from getting in trouble and just have fun with my friends I have made, and still have, on the server. I am going to change my playerbase, RPing with Harold and Ioannis in Fenn, and re-learn how to play the server like a rule abiding player. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. It shows us that this server is just made for a game and that we are all here to have fun and that's it. The community guidelines show us how to treat each other in a respectful but fun way. Which is the most important thing since I just said that the main reason why people play this server is for their own enjoyment. “Be Encouraging & Open” is for me the most important guideline as it tells us how to encourage others in order to have more fun on the server and is mainly just good for all of us in general. And it is just mainly nice to regard the person you are role playing with is treated courtesy and dignity, but also respect, in order to get the same back. Which is what we all want. The Community guidelines in a whole is a very well put together post, and made for improving on a healthy community, which is why it is an important aspect for the sorry.
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    Moderation Update Log - February

    Harold 4 GM 2019
  6. Harold

    The Bilok'thuln

    [Ooc] Username: premiumroleplay Activity Rating (1-10): 7 Discord: harold#4697 [RP] Name: Hadolph Tundrak II Gender: Male Place of Residence: Citadel, Fenn. Race/Sub-race/Culture: Mali’Fenn Roles (at least 2 roles, not including Bilok’sair as part of minimum): Orrar’sair, Nor’sair Do you swear allegiance to the Princedom of Fenn and Grand Prince, and pledge to do your duty and to never steal?: yeeeee
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    the time is now
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    The Evar'okarn

    Steward Application [OOC] Username: premiumroleplay Discord: harold#4697 Timezone: gmt [RP] Name: Hadolph Tundrak II Gender: alpha male Race/subrace/culture: subrace Place of residence: Princedom of Fenn Prior relevant experience: n/a Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn, and to the Grand Prince?: Yes
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    hey guys

    @iyanna Hey, you should think about applying as a Snow Elf! You should get Discord (https://discordapp.com/ ) as its what we all use here. My discord is harold#4697. My minecraft name is Premiumroleplay. If you want any more info, give me a message, and I wish you all the best with your application.