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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r2YXAoPEg11te98J7ok-a2Vi_QtHYyam543TT-2Mjok/edit?usp=sharing @501warhead TLDR; No RP at Cloud Temple please.
  2. Definetly only an ET event-race, at best. Not balanced, needs a lot of work and time spent to be even be an application based race. It's a big no from me. Go play a Kha and experience the server a bit more.
  3. Well, we should mention the fact that Smow Elfs are half breeds in RP, unpure. The High Elves would persecute them for this fact. As such, Snow Elves should be their own race, and own nation as they cannot find peace anywhere else and the High Elves themselves see them as an abomination. Real talk.
  4. You are a good man. God speed and keep the path.
  5. sir i have to feed my family
  6. Ser Lucas McScribley watches with grimace, as the people of Johannesburg cry out in the streets as panic sets in. Around him, looting took place without mercy. The shop fronts, now being boarded up without much care, broken into by the peasantry. Someone yelled "Fire!" in the crowd, as a house nearby burnt down. A man accused of being a rebel lay dying with a slash across his stomach, his wife next to him in the street craddling his head, as the chaos ensued around them. Nobody stopped to help the man, as the guards began to loot his corpse. Ser Lucas wondered if the people of the Duchy of Mardon cared for their kinsmen, or at all for Humanity? The Horenian Snake, the Duke of Marna, had sealed the sieged fate of the city of Johannesburg, the Jewel of the Empire, Heart of the Crownlands. That night, the city was quiet as the rebels camped on the feet of the Emperor himself.
  7. Ser Lucas McScribley smiles.
  8. somebodies slipped some acid into gucks cornflakes this morning boys

    1. Gucko


      its on like donkey kong

  9. Kincaid being kincaid.
  10. I'll give you an enchantment table for him?
    1. drfate786


      Are you calling her a troll? 

    2. LadyRebecca


      Wait how did you get my most recent selfie

    3. Harold


      this was actually meant to be me