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  1. you should very much give the Fable series a try if you like single-player, story driven games. Fable 3 is perhaps one of my favorite games of all time. That, or Mount and Blade Warband Mods, like Prophesy of Pendor. That's ridiculous. Both of these games are cheap as chips. Give them a go. Edit: Just found out Fable 3 is like gold dust now due to some CD-key issues - still worth it if you got some cash. Try out the whole series tbh, they're epic. :P
  2. Harold B. D. Winter V says yes and thank you.
  3. "Winters: You are true Orenians, keep the Heartland strong." - Excerpt from the Last Will and Testament of N. Horen, 18th of the First Seed, 1449. The North Remembers; “Mountain’s high and valleys low, The Northmen know, they know, they know, Hearths of roaring red flame, Snow as white, innocent as a maid, The North knows, oh they know, they know, In halls of log and stone, In our castle keeps built on bone, The North remembers and they know, They know, they know, they know, they know, Ne’er to forget, the deeds of those from long ago, By blade, by cudgel, by axe, by stave, The warriors of the North have gathered fame, So gather round me hearty lads, and hear the tale of the Northern bands, Winter, Othaman, and Stark! The North shall ne’er forget these names, we know, we know, we know, we know, So quaff your ale young green lad, and enjoy our tales or two!” Historic Orders: The Order of the Winterguard (Historic Levy) The Order of the Raven's Guard - (Vassal Levy) - (Disbanded) The Sons of the Creator - (Hosted Levy) - (Disbanded) The Winter Bannermen - (Disbanded) Historic Lands: The County of Eridell - Asulon The Duchy of Northal - Anthos The Kingdom of Herendul - Anthos The Arch-duchy of Herendul - Anthos Castle Tantallon (Winter) - Fringe Castle Glourchrich (Winter) - Fringe Highrock Hold (Geminine) - Fringe The County of Ayr - Athera The Kingdom of Vandoria - Vailor Heirlooms: The Book of Winter The Winter Signet Ring The Crown & Sword of Herendul Banner of House Winter Physique/Physical Traits: As found documented, within their early foundations, men and women of House Winter blood have the quintessential appearance of the average Aegisian Northerner (the updated politically correct term being Highlander). Thus, a Winter possesses paler skin than most other cultures of Humanity. They’ve usually black or brown hair, and dark brown or blue eyes. The height and weight of a Winter is similar to that of the common, everyday Human. Due to their actions within Orenian nobility, members of House Winter have often intermingled with Humans of cosmopolitical cultures and traits, therefore producing offspring with slightly differentiated appearances. Disposition: One of the more common inherent qualities of a typical member of House Winter would be their statesmanlike presence. Usually in their endeavors, a Winter tends to maintain composure with their calm and collective mannerisms. As it is, the words of a Winter are usually cautiously chosen for a purpose of eloquence and professionalism. Many of the House are known to have control over emotions rather than being brash and hotheaded. They are a people born of shrewd diplomacy and a hint of arrogance. Indeed, some of the family feel a sense of self-importance, but it is this that fuels their ambitions and makes Winters even more hell-bent on achieving set goals rather than plain foolish narcissism. It is to be remembered, throughout history, Winters have been sought by Kings and Emperors for their advice and wisdom. Some Notable Members of the House: Gren Winter - First recorded dynast of the Great House Winter, “Good” Gren Winter, Lord of Herendul, Father to Sigmundr, Edward, and Henry Winter, First of his Name in the Winter dynasty. Edward Winter - The Right Honourable Edward, Lord and Head of House Winter, Chief Diplomat to the Kingdom of Oren, Member of the Privy Council and Advisor to the King on Foreign Affair. Harold Winter - His Grace, Harold Winter of the House of Winter, by the Grace of GOD, Duke of the Northlands and Lord Prominent and Protector of the North in the Name of the Kingdom of Oren, Count of the Isle of Eridell, Baron of Castle Edward, Baron of the Walled Land and the Golden Fields of Oren. Robert Winter - His Excellency, Robert Winter of the House of Winter, by the Grace of GOD, Lord High Chancellor of Oren, Count of Northal, Host of the Sons of the Creator and Knight of the Kingdom of Oren. Edward Winter II - The August, Archduke Edward Winter II of Herendul, Seneschal of the Flaming Rose, Liaison to the Senior Command of the Flaming Rose, former Imperial Chamberlain to the Chivay dynasty of Oren, dynast of the Great House Winter after Harold II, Former Lord Protector of the North, Former jurist primus of Oren, Former King of Herendul, Kingdom Knight to Oren, Former Lord Chancellor to the Carrion dynasty of Oren, Former Lord High Steward to the Horen dynasty of Oren, Former Lord General of the Royal Orenian Army, Former Royal Scribe to the Orenian privy, Former Baron of Frostlake, Former Count of Northal, Former Count of Skyed, Former Baron of Horenswood, grandson of Harold Winter I, grandson of the exalted St. Godfrey Horen, and "Rex Aquilonius". Harold Winter IV - His Majesty Harold Winter IV of the House of Winter, by the Grace of GOD, King of Vandoria and rightful Vandalore of Vandoria and heir to the Apostolic Kingdom of Herendul, Grand Chancellor of the Grand Empire of Vanderquan, forever August, Apostolic King of Khalestine, Dunamis, Sutica, Defender of the Minorities, Dukedom of Orvar, Count of Al-Wakrah, Baron of the Golden Farms, etcetera. Known Dynastic Members: Gren Winter – First of his Name – Deceased Sigmundr Winter – Firstborn to Gren Winter – Deceased Edward Winter – Second born to Gren Winter – Deceased Henry Winter – Third born of Gren Winter – Deceased Richard Winter – Firstborn son of Edward – Deceased Harold Winter – Second son of Edward – Deceased Anabelle Winter – First daughter of Edward – Missing, presumed Deceased Alici Winter – Fourthborn son of Edward – Deceased Charles Winter – Firstborn of Henry Winter – Deceased Duncan Winter – Second born of Henry Winter – Deceased Robert Winter – First son of Harold Winter – Deceased Frederick Winter – First born to Charles Winter – Deceased Irene Winter – Firstborn to Duncan Winter – Deceased Katherine Winter - Second born of Duncan Winter – Deceased Harold Winter II – Firstborn son of Robert Winter – Deceased Edward Winter II – Second son of Robert Winter – Deceased Richard Winter II – Third son of Robert Winter – Deceased David Winter – Firstborn of Frederick Winter – Deceased Andrew Winter – Second born of Frederick Winter – Deceased Annabelle Winter - Third born of Frederick Winter – Deceased Penelope Winter - Fourth born of Frederick Winter – Deceased Harold Winter III – Firstborn son of Harold Winter II – Deceased Cordal Winter – Secondborn son of Harold Winter II – Deceased Richard Winter III – Thirdborn son of Harold Winter II – Deceased Robert Winter II – Fourthborn son of Harold Winter II – Deceased Delilah Winter - Fifthborn daughter of Harold Winter II - Deceased Mace Winter – Firstborn of Richard Winter II – Deceased Francis Winter - Secondborn son of Richard Winter II - Deceased Martin Winter - Thirdborn son of Robert Winter II - Deceased Rab Winter - Firstborn to Andrew Winter - Deceased Duncan Winter II - Secondborn to Andrew Winter II - Deceased Anne Winter - Firstborn to Edward Winter II – Deceased Edward Winter III - Secondborn to Edward Winter II - Deceased Richard Winter IV - Thirdborn to Edward Winter II - Deceased James Winter - Firstborn to David Winter - Deceased Robert Winter III – Firstborn son of Robert Winter II – Deceased Sigmundr Winter II – Secondborn son of Robert Winter II – Deceased Henry Winter II – Thirdborn son of Robert Winter II – Deceased Astrid Winter II – Firstborn son of Rab Winter I – Deceased Marie Winter - Secondborn to Rab Winter I - Deceased Harold Winter IV – Firstborn son of Harold Winter III – Deceased Frederick Winter II – Firstborn son of James Winter – Deceased Rab Winter II – Firstborn son of Duncan Winter II – Deceased Harold Winter V - Firstborn son of Harold Winter IV - Alive Edward Winter III - Secondborn son of Harold Winter IV - Alive Robert Winter IV- Secondborn son of Rab Winter II - Alive The Book of Winter: A Light Touch of Frost; The Beginning The House of Winter was formed many years ago, in a small Kingdom just outside the mapped areas of the Kingdom of Oren in Aegis in the North. The House Winter was inherently Old Northern, with the traits of such. “Good” Gren Winter, the first of his name, Lord of Herendul, was dying. His first son, The Rt. Hon. Sigmundr, was to become the Lord of Herendul through succession. His second son, Edward Winter, of noble birth and creed, had little to look forward too during his brother's reign. Edward was smarter than Sigmundr by far, and found his temper to be quite horrific at times, and the punishments that he handed out to be barbaric. Edward was not suited to the typical Northern lifestyle. They were brothers, and Sigmundr, although a great friend and brother to Edward was not good with power or authority. He would lose his temper, and shout at all manner of people, noble and peasant, making many enemies. Even his brother and father, and didn’t care who it was in front of. Edward knew this to be a death sentence in the Kingdom, and pleaded with his father on his deathbed to let him leave, to let his brother rule with his iron fist alone. His father agreed, and as such, Edward Winter left the Barony of Herendul, for greener pastures anew, to the South and into the Kingdom of Oren. The Start of Edward Winter; A Man Unto Himself Edward arrived in Oren not long after the death of King Pampo, in the the town of Alstion. There, he met with the good Saint Dan, and bought a house. He had been given precious items from the Winter family fortune, and this had gone far in terms of helping him to become liked by many. Over the next few years, Edward set up a small lumberjack business, with his friend and Guard Captain of Alstion, John Brekan. The company made him comfortable, even rich. At this point, he started buying property in several towns and cities around Oren. The houses he owned were good, well-built and sturdy, money was better in bricks and mortar than in coin. While in Al’Khazar one day, he heard town criers yell of an available position in the Kingdom of Oren’s Privy Council, a seat as Chief Diplomat to the Kingdom of Oren. Edward applied, and after a lengthy interview of his nobility, creed and ability of tongues, was granted the job and title. He served Oren for many years, on the same Council as Everard Hightower, and was a personal friend of Raffus and Gabriel Hightower. The days were long, but he had made it on his own. A Summary of the Life and Times of Edward Winter Over the years, Edward became well known all over Oren, and then in Aegis itself. He met an abundance of people, and conversed with them at length of political matters within Oren and Aegis. He helped put down rebellions, met with the Wandering Wizard, and led the four man group, one senior diplomat from each race, to the gates of the Ascended to seek help against the Undead menace, himself representing the entirety of Oren and therefore Humanity.. When the Undead did come, and they came, Edward held sword in hand to help out his fellow Northerners while the Ascended retreated for their own reasons. The Resignation of an Orenian Statesman When the North of Oren burnt after the arrival of the Undead, it is said Edward cried. He had fought tooth and nail alongside everyone in the North against this evil, but had lost. His friends, including John Brekan were dead. His brother, who defended his Barony even further to the North, died in the fight against the Undead. The Barony fell to the hands of the Undead, the same as Alstion, Winterfell and Snowyfields. The land becoming barren, and hopeless. He vowed, that day forth, that he would see the problems of Oren through, and then resign. He did as he promised; he did his job until it was unbearable for him to carry on. The blood he felt on his hands became too much, and he resigned his position. His friend and apprentice Damien Glaft, took over the position. Edward fled to the boats to evacuate the mainland with his wife Moira Grenarin, a marriage arranged by his brother Sigmundr before the chaos of the Undead came to Aegis. He could not see his family or his House fall, when others more established and large had evacuated before him. The Wise Witch of Old Upon reaching the promised land of Asulon, the two went with a woman who Edward had helped save in Aegis from the gallows, to build a house in the barren wilderness away from society and the memories of politics. This woman was a great witch, who Edward had helped save more than once from a crowd of people who wished her dead. She used incredible magics and finesse to place large beams of wood almost like a child would a toy, and the Winter Estate was born in the middle of nowhere. The debt paid, the witch left to roam this new world in search of work and a place to settle, and Edward wished her luck on her endeavours. Little did he know what she would become. The Love of Edward and Moira A haven for House Winter, the place served as home to the House for several decades. Edward and Moira lived a quiet life away from the horrible chaos that ensued with the refugees of Aegis. Head of the House Winter, Edward felt it was his duty to carry on the bloodline. He had three children with the Noble Moira Winter, of Grenarin. The Right Honourable Edward, Lord and Head of House Winter, Chief Diplomat to the Kingdom of Oren, Member of the Privy Council and Advisor to the King on Foreign Affairs passed away in his sleep at the Winter Estate a few days after the news of his first born son's’ death. Richard Winter Richard Winter was the oldest, and best with the sword. His powers of intellect however, lacked. His skill with swords was superb, his father showing him some of the things he learnt himself from some of the Guards of Al’Khazar to protect himself from the dangers of the wilderness. At the age of twenty, Richard left the Winter Estate after an argument with his father. He joined Alras, and High King Syrio, a friend of his father’s back in the days of Aegis. He became a lowly recruit in the armies of the Monarch, and rose through the ranks. His skill with the sword was noticed, and he was given more responsibility. He fought tooth and nail when Alras went to war, but died from his wounds sustained in the fighting. The news found its way back to Harold and Anabell at the Winter Estate through a bird. A Different Sort of Man Lord Harold, Head of House Winter, was at a loss at what to do. Firstly, he wished to care for his family, but secondly, he felt compelled to bring his family back to its former glory. To right every wrong in this world, as his father had tried to. So, he packed his things, and left the Winter Estate, with Anabelle in tow, having sold it for a handsome sum. His brother and father were dead, and he must make good of his name, or so he told himself. He survived the trip along with Anabelle, and found themselves in Arethor, the capital of the Holy Oren Empire. Over several years of working as a blacksmith in the capital, he had enough money saved up to petition the Emperor to reinstate his house, and had found a friend in a man named Artorus Elendil, who would grant him land if he could so prove his identity. True to his word, his family was re-instated, and the Isle of Eridell was gifted upon him, and he became a vassal of the Elendils of Oren, alongside notable noble figures such as the Chivays who had a new force called the White Rose. Life seemed to be complete, Harold had become Lord Harold, Head of House Winter, Baron of the Isle of Eridell and Castle Edward, Steward of the County of Ildon and Baronet of the town of Ildon. Yet, things were to change quickly. Times Change, People Seek Purpose Harold Winter was content in Eridell, but that was not to remain. He had one son to his wife, who hailed from the small town of Eridell under his grasp. His son, Robert Winter, was his only heir, and he was proclaimed missing on the voyage to Eysium from Asulon. Indeed, many things were lost on this trip, including his loving wife, who succumbed to an illness. Harold never got over her death, having strings of intimacy with several woman in the refugee camps, until order was restored in New Arethor, and he carved out land to the North, making him one of the largest Nobles in the new land of Elysium. Lord Ser Harold, Lord Prominent and Protector of the North in the Name of Oren, Duke of Northal, Baron of Castle Edward and The Golden Fields of Arethor, Lord Protector of the Defenders of the North, Senior Knight of the White Rose died in his sleep, succumbing to the same illness as his wife, yet he didn’t go as easily. Surrounded by his friends, he whispered for his son to be found. A New Beginning for a Weary Traveller Robert Winter had been lost for several years, only being a young teenager in Asulon, he missed the boat while out looking for Anabelle, being captured by bandits and being held to ransom. Although his father’s Bannermen stuck with him, one by one they died, until Robert was the only survivor and had his Aunt in his arms, and cared for her, all the way back to where they both caught the Monks boat to Elysium. Anabelle deserted the young boy when they reached Elysium, even after rescuing her, feeling as if the Winter line had been lost. Robert, alone and scared, found solace in the friends he met on the streets, and used the sword arm he had practiced for the past decade or so under his father’s guidance to allow him to eat and make a living as a Mercenary. It wasn’t nice living, but it kept his belly full and provided for the family he had amassed, a wife with three boys. Yet, something was never quite right with Robert, he felt as if a weight fell upon him, one that he couldn’t shake. A family oath had to be filled, and he was the only one who could, as the firstborn of the Head of House Winter. The Land of Plenty and Virtue Robert Winter arrived in Anthos a relatively unknown man, him and his family had moved later than most, and finding room in this new place was difficult for him and his family. His sword was well-made, and he was sharp with his words. He found easier work as a labourer, and in time, built his fortune until he could afford to setup himself as a merchant of materials. Indeed, he made a great fortune under the guise of a one Harold Lefair, a known and respected Merchant of Anthos. He built up a small trading Empire that would help him re-instate himself as a Noble, which he did under the orders of Emperor Henry Horen V, yet, the best laid plans of mice and men unravel. The Emperor died, and civil war ensued, with House Winter stuck in the middle. With the civil war reaching it's peak, Oren was split asunder and after much more fighting, rested apart under the Dwarves vassaldom. Shaky peace came. The Land Where Men Are Divided; Robert Winter, much like his father and his father's’ father, loved Oren. Their loyalty, held no bounds. This, was surely the reason many came to House Winter for guidance, even the once Emperor of Oren, and then King of Oren, William Horen III. Oren had now split, the Kingdoms of Savoie, Galahar, Salvus and Adunia now took land from the once mighty Empire of Oren. Seeking Roberts guidance, he was put in charge of the military as General, to face the unknown threat to the North, and to help William conquer the problems at home. He commanded the mighty forces of Oren, up North unto the ruins of Greywin with the rest of Anthos. Together, the demons of the North were beaten back and slaughtered, until Greywin was once again in the hands of the living. Victory had been won, but at a horrendous cost. Robert, for his unswerving loyalty and courage, was appointed unto the Privy Council as the new Lord Grand Marshal of Oren's forces. He was to now deal with the growing problem on the homefront, against the so called other Northern Kingdoms that had sprung up, at the expense of Oren. A Fighting Man Always Looks to the Rose; His skill at judging the battle-grounds and potential threats to Oren was a welcome addition to the Privy Council of the Kingdom of Oren as Lord Grand Marshal ever since the Exodus of The White Rose. His insight had been able to avoid a few wars, to help Oren regroup. William Horen III had great things in store for Robert. After much debate among the Privy Council, the position of Lord High Chancellor, Privy Master Councilor, became available, and Robert was elected into the position by his peers and liege. Although the events that followed, were not able to be dictated for sensitive reasons, Robert did his utmost to keep the Kingdom of Oren vibrant and upbeat, always looking to expanding its horizons with both alliances and free trade. A Timely Death; a New Beginning Robert was an old age when he died. He died with his family around him, and in the comfort of his own bed, like any true Statesman would want it. Many suspected foul play, but it was not true. It was just death, come for Robert at his end. His eldest son available, Edward II, became the Count of Northal and Lord of House Winter. Life went on for a few months, until events would unfold to change the very House that Robert had re-ignited in Oren. The King of Oren, His Majesty William Horen III, was deposed. The rightful heir, His Highness, Silus Illius Horen, was to take over charge of the Orenian Kingdom. Indeed, not agreeing with the ideals of the new King, Edward took it upon himself to take his lands and declare himself a King. Thus, creating the Kingdom of Herendul with the help of the other Human Kingdoms. His Majesty, King Edward Winter II of Herendul was now the ruler in the North, steadfast was he with the Winterguard. His vassals rejoiced in the news, and all stood by him, and it is said more came to take up arms under his banner because of his courage and bravery in standing up to the old Kingdom of Oren, now Renatus which began to crumble. The Son Returns Harold Winter II had always lived his life how he wished to. However, at a very young age, his adventurous behavior would be his downfall. He was captured by a marauding troop of slavers, who made their home on the seas. His life was a living hell, until he could work his way up the rungs of authority and leave the hell on earth that was the slave ship he knew as home. His time aboard the boat had changed Harold, and not in a good way. The knee-jerk reactions, the uneasiness and fierce loyalty all new traits of the now older, stronger man. He told people to call him Razor, instead of Harold, he made sure people knew that he was surely someone not to be trifled with. Harold had always made his own way in the world after his imprisonment, but after his fathers dead, he found himself returning to Oren to help his younger brother with not only the House, but the Kingdom it now held. The Northern Plague Harold had not returned to a peaceful nation - no - his younger brother Edward, the King of Herendul, was in a constant battle against the Northern plague, hordes of beasts descending upon Herendulian land from beyond the wall. Things which nightmares are borne from. A few skirmishes took place, several men were wounded - and it looked like the plaguemen would win the day as their orbs of red corruption neared the Herendulian capital. Impervious to ballista fire, the orbs seemed unstoppable - until an unknown soldier fired a bolt towards an orb after the heat of battle - and it expired in an almighty explosion. The morale in the Anthosian armies, as the beacon was lit by Harold Winter II skyrocketed as the first orb came crashing to the ground. The unknown soldier continued on his way, destroying the orbs, until none remained. The ground forces of the Northern plague vanished, their tree climbing days were surely over, and humans ruled the land without question. Many Winters were injured that day, but no deaths befall the Winter House, but many others found their deaths that day. The Northern Plague was gone, for the time being but they would surely return. The Wandering Noble While politics raged on in Herendul and Oren alike - the untimely death of her King left the two nations reeling - both felt the death of King Owyn Carrion, but welcomed the rule of his son. It was decided that the two nations of Herendul and Oren would then combine - that Herendul would become an Archduchy inside of of the Orenian Kingdom - for the greater good of humanity as we knew it. Winters rejoiced at the news, and many found solace in the fact that one of the realms oldest and most noble Houses had returned to it's roots in Orenian culture. House Winter's respect and credibility was so lent to the new monarch, with invigorated right to rule to the Kingdom we now called home. A marriage was proposed between the new ruler, and House Winter, and the proposal was accepted. The once Princess Katherine Winter would marry, to formally accept the inclusion of House Winter into the Orenian Kingdom. Now, the Kingdom of Oren was of mutual importance to all - and as such - imperative to the common goals of Anthos - to rid the land of the Northern plague beyond the wall. A Dwindling Tide of Snow Winter winds were the harshest - and the Winters knew this to be true. Harold Winter II went on another adventure - leaving his Brother Edward II in-charge of House, home and the rest. Unfortunately, the tides of change became evident as many died or lost their way in the House's forces. Edward II kept hold of the title of Archduchy - but many vassals either re-oathed to the King of Oren or faded into obscurity, along with their houses. Herendul had become the plaything for nature, as her structures grew colder still while Edward became more active in Orenian politics, reaching Lord High Chancellor of Oren as Robert Winter, his father, had done before him. Times grew harder in Herendul - with noted vassals such as Di Silvari marrying off. The mountain had become silent - while Oren's call raged. Valles stood strong through this time. Winter in the Fringe After an extended trip - and a mass migration into a new realm discovered - Edward II, Archduke of Herendul, found himself vying with other nobles in this new land. Valles, one of the strongest vassals of the House, found themselves between a rock and a hard place when faced with the growing rumors of a Winter split from Oren. The rumors were found to be untrue - but the message stuck and Valles, under the guidance of Jon Othaman, declared her independence from House Winter and oathed to the King of Oren. The times grew leaner for House Winter, as the snows began to melt and it surely looked like Winters time was slowly fading to Summer. Surprise, Snowflake Yet after a great battle against the Zion Coalition, and the subsequent loss of the Orenion forces, our noble King, was declared dead. The next man to take the throne of Oren was not to live long either, being brutally murdered by his own bodyguard retinue - a successful coup by the Church of the True Faith after a false coronation and the appointment an anti-pope to rival the Churches’ own. Indeed, after only three Elven days, the King was dead and the Regency, led by House Winter, took full control of Orenian affairs. Edward Winter II. prepared his household to attend the coronation ceremony, but a roaring blizzard struck Herendul the night before the journey was to begin; the horses could not navigate the snow. Sitting in his cold stone keep by the sparse warmth of the fireside, he received a letter by carrier pigeon spelling troubling news. Edward learned that the Prince Franz had branded himself a heretic by creating a Raevir Anti-Pope to coronate him in place of the High Pontiff, and that the Prince intended to make war on the Church's militant orders. As soon as the snow cleared, Edward trekked to the neighboring mountain peak where the Holy Synod held conclave. He sought audience with the High Pontiff, and learned of the growing support to overthrow the heretic Prince who claimed the Orenian crown. Knowing that he could hold no loyalties to an illegitimate and heretical Prince, and recognizing the right of the Pontiff to coronate the next King, Edward affirmed his loyalties to the rightful regency and faith. When the Lord Ruthern and his men performed a bloody coup, assassinating the Prince and any of his privy and loyal lords and men, the regent government organized by Edward and the High Pontiff took de facto power, preventing a Ruthern monarchy and the resurgence of a Franciscan one. Searching for a monarch to supplant the late King Heinrik, the tetrarch regency governed for nigh upon a year. It was only as the spring's song echoed around the deserted stones of Abresi that the exalted St. Godfrey returned. The Archduke had accompanied a Lucienist pilgrimage out of the new-found land of the Fringe to the ruins of the old imperial palace in Anthos. It was there that he witnessed a spectre of the divine emperor utter the single name of, "Peter." The Apparition of Light’s Kinsman Edward Winter II fell to his knees when he set his sight upon the apparition of his grandfather, and then pledged to do his utmost to serve the true successor named by the late emperor's ghostly tongue. When the Rose fleets arrived on the rocky shores from Aeldin, Edward was among the first of the Anthosian nobles to affirm his loyalty to the new regime. Seeking to continue serving his nation as it recaptured imperial glory, Edward was named Imperial Chamberlain on the privy council, the only official of the fallen Vochna to retain conciliar authority. With his new-found responsibilities to a just and imperial government, Edward saw fit to abdicate the Arch-Ducal coronet to his elder brother Harold who could keep a more vigilant eye on the family holdings while the Chamberlain focused on the affairs of the state. A Trusted Man in a World of Snakes The Chamberlain tended to the Emperor's personal requests in peacetime, and maintained his household serving staff. It wasn't until renewed Dwarven, Teutonic, Snow Elven, and Orcish aggression reminiscent of the Zionist pact threatened the sovereignty of the Imperium that Edward refocused his attention on the defense of his nation. As wars came and went, the dust settled in the Fringe. Edward mourned the loss of his dear friend, the Emperor Peter Primus, but lauded the newly crowned Robert. Political tensions were renewed in the place of clashing steel, and Edward thought it best to pull his family from the public eye. Relinquishing most unneeded titles and assets, the House Winter focused on its attention on service to the Chivay crown. The Winter Rose When Kaldonia was abandoned due to the inhospitable conditions of the Fringe, the good folk of Oren embarked upon a journey to find a new land, Edward sailed alongside the Emperor and his men. The veterans of the Winterguard stood solemnly at the bow of their ship, the Casticus, through many a sun rise. Happening upon port for a year on a large isle, they refueled and restocked, and counted their losses from the ravages of the sea. Dwindling in number, and for a short time separated from the bulk of the Orenian fleet, the House Winter found the new continent of Athera two years after their kindred Imperials. To the dismay of Edward, the House Chivay had been ousted by the Carrion prince, and the Empire was left to the governance of a triumvirate of Carrion, de Savoie, and Chivay, in the interregnum before Boris was crowned. The sweltering heat of summer beat down upon the men of House Winter and their banners, and shelter and asylum was sought with the Chivay loyalists in the Chivay held castle of Angren. Finding a new home with friends of old, the Edward pledged his men and service to the newly founded Order of the Flaming Rose. For some years then, House Winter served loyally under Grandmaster Helton Chivay of the Rose. Over time, Emperor Tuvya Carrion came to the Orenian throne, and with it the Rose eventually were recorded to have sailed to the distant lands in the continent of Aeldin. Heil Aesterwald Edward was at a short stand-still for a moment as towards how to move forward. With the Rose gone from Athera, House Winter was under scant protection. He was eventually offered a privy position in the northern realm of Aesterwald; after which he and the kin beside him traveled to the Konigreich. He then acted faithfully and dutily as the Lord Korrektor of Aesterwald. In time, many other Winters whom had not lived alongside Edward began making their appearances known in the realm. Harold Winter III, firstborn son to Harold Winter II was one of those few to come into the fold. As the heir to the Winter bloodline, he quickly ascended to the position as Lord Treasurer on the Aulic Council and was granted a House fief, which later developed into the County of Ayr. Times were good for Edward and his family as unification began in its nature. His niece Astrid Winter II married the Konig, Voron Rovin I, and therefore solidified a bond betwixt Winter and Rovin. Unfortunately, however, not all things are meant to stay. The Kingdom of Renatus was refounded by a knightly Order’s uprising, and in that rebellion sparked in the south. The Waldenians decided that they would raise arms against the Empire of Oren in support of Renatus, just as Oren had previously declared war on the north: simply for doggage and conquest. War Ensues And so it was that in following the early stages of the rebellion, Harold Winter III vanished from civilization. Edward kept doing his duties in the Aulic Council regardless of this loss, and over time it was declared that the Kingdom of Renatus won in their war of rebellion and secession. The Konigreich was once again free from Oren’s clutches, and soon after the Empire itself was dissolved into a Kingdom, which later dissolved entirely. During these events, the Konig Voron Rovin I. passed away from sickness. He eventually passed Countship of Ayr from Harold III to his grand-nephew to spend his elderly years in peace and quiet, albeit attending Council meetings and writing documents when they are called for. Unfortunately, Edward II, died peacefully as the days grew. Snow in the Desert -WIP- The Faster They Rise; The Harder They Fall -WIP- The Four Horsemen As the Coalition of Courland, Dwarves, Orcs, Snelves and Warhawkes found major purchase in the lands, vassals and men of the crumbling Holy Orenian Empire, a ship was sighted appearing from the horizon on the outskirts of the realm of the now Kingdom of Courland. The large, unyielding ship was decked in brown and blue, flags flew from the top masts while a crew of men worked the rigging. Four figures stood at the helm, one wearing an aurum crown and carrying an unwieldy Aurum blade, it’s jewelled sheath hanging loosely by his waist. Dressed in Aeldin finery and aurum, the men watched as the land of Axios came into view. A quick, bustling wind spurred them on. House Winter had returned.
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  5. As far as i'm aware, voting is down intentionally while we are still blacklisted. I'm not sure who's been making you promises on this but they would be wrong to do as such. It's not broken. As far as the economy is concerned, plans are in the pipeline and approval is being sought. Hopefully this has cleared this up ^^
  6. So i'll be honest, the economy right now needs some real TLC. With voting gone, we have an issue that needs to be addressed, we see this and have heard this concern already from a few people within the community. So here's the short answer, as to not spoil anything. We have a couple of things planned to happen ASAP, which I don't want to leak too much on, but expect the Event Team to be involved. We are also working on a larger game plan moving forward, which includes very much what you would expect and perhaps more... Be assured its being looked into and it's not been left by the wayside. Regardless, all feedback is welcome and the team will review it thoroughly as usual. In the meantime, please accept this money cat as a token of things to come in the near future.
  7. An unknown figure would be seen traversing the land outside of Courland, as if to make his way into the city. His furs draped over his shoulders, the pale and possibly sickly looking fellow looked very warm indeed, sweat pouring off his balding head and onto his forehead, drips uponn drips fell. He spat from atop his horse, licking his teeth clean afterwords. He nudged his horse onwards, and when it did not move, he slapped the top of its head hard, to obey him. The horse grudgingly took him forward into the city.
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  9. ______________________________________________________ Debt Collecting “Why’s it so bloody hot here?” - Redacted, 1599. ______________________________________________________ As the cold air took hold of the evening, a ship bobbed lazily in international waters looking to make a landing; a mega portal from Aeldin to Axios being used to travel between them. Banners flew from the top masts, denoting importance of the ship and her cargo. Men onboard looked hard-worked and tired, as if the trip had been made in record time, but they hit port and disembarked without issue. Resting for a spell, the group then travelled onwards to meet with those who had sent for them. ______________________________________________________
  10. A blind cripple peasant who has to beg for money. Unable to work because of your gammy hands, and unable to see, you are destined to wander aimlessly as a drifter for the rest of your life, depending on people to help you along the way.
  11. Ser Lucas McScribley the Cyclops, Lord Treasurer, smiles to himself as he sharpens his blade for the coming night, ever vigilant.
  12. _____________________________________________________________________ Lucas McScribley of the Army of the Westerlands, an elderly, grizzled, and much battle-scared former Knight of Oren, and now of the Westerlands takes a well-earnt seat atop a defensive wall of Bastion. The wall would be patrolled at intervals of time, the two man patrol addressing him correctly and saluting as they passed to continue their duties. Lucas would return with a curt nod, then look back to the expanse that sat outside the wall. From his waist hung a sword in a ceremonial scabard, by his feet an aurum warhammer, sheild, and Knights' Helmet - alongside what looked to be his lunch, a few slices of bread and one whole carrot. Luxury. He thought back to his many adventures with the Westerlands Company. Many different other-worldly beings had faced him, and many had perished, yet not without considerable damage to himself. He thought back to Daggonoth invasions, Kobold skirmishes which very nearly left him a vegetable himself, and one particularly noteworthy Shapeshifter that nearly killed him if it were not for a young officer who cut its arms off in the nick of time, sacrificing his own arms in the process. He started to remember more, recieving his Order of Bravery after breaking his arm and leg when a Throne was thrown at him in the defense of the Westerlands keep, or when a hurt hill giant threw a full tree at him - breaking both his legs. His time with the Westerlands had been varied, but always challenging, and always eventful. It was his life now, and it would remain that way until his time was up on this land. He had hope. He sat up on the battlements until nightfall, gazing into the moonlit pools below and the opaque darkness which descended onto the land infront of him. The patrols became more frequent along the wall as the darkness set in, and the whispers from the Sunless Sanctum not far away became more and more noticable. The same patrol did the same salute and acknologdment everytime they would pass - one patrol even sending for an oathed man to come keep watch over the sleeping knight, his bread and carrot still uneaten. As Ser Lucas "Cyclops" McScribley of Bastion, Decurion of the Company of the Westerlands awoke, you would even swear a slow sigh escaped from the darkness that engulfed the expanse beyond the walls. There was work to be done. _____________________________________________________________________
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