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  1. welcome back to LoTC friend x

  2. A hooded figure laughs and shakes his head slowly. ”Here we go again, the Vallah decide to repeat their history once more, civil war comes at a rate of knots to the Orenian peoples.”
  3. Fenn has free housing, no taxes, and all are welcome. 😄

    1. Ayevia


      give me a home, then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. casperbt


      I’ll make sure to stop by once I get accepted! 🙂 

    3. Harold
  4. When will they learn? When will they learn? Their actions have consequences. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. secretcom


      start by not forgetting your most valuable friend in your ama and may be you’ll matter one day harold 😞 😞 😞 from your crying friend :,(

    3. rukio


      Harold the roach I named after u died. Very tragic. Fed him to my scabers.

    4. Harold


      I am saddened at the loss of Harold @rukio I’m glad he died a warriors death, in the field of battle. RIP Harold.

  5. “What is the tax per saints week?” inquires a hooded figure.
  6. Results are in I didn’t get into hogwarts maybe next year.

  7. Hadolph raises his hand, and the goons would descend.
  8. Though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death; I will fear no evil. Go in peace.

    1. SquakHawk


      i take a look at my life and realise theres nothin’ left

  9. Honestly, a couple of the times you went off and made posts to the community drove me up the wall. The community would eat every word you put on the forums and then throw it back at you. Even when I told you to stop posting and let someone else do it. Other than that, it was just two very passionate people who had disagreements on how we should do things, but in my view we always made an acceptable choice of action together. I don’t think any of it ended up being malicious, or ever was so nasty that it simmered – we did have some pretty heated arguments though. 😄 That everyone could get on and work together for a better server, and not the betterment of themselves and their player-bases only. Not my jam Stan. Its cool, glad to see you’re still about 🙂 Youngie I am sorry, my phone auto-corrected to kid rather than GM and I would like to apologize publicly. The most positive change I have seen on LoTC would be the introduction of rule sets that outline what is acceptable and what is not within a certain scenario or instance, therefore reducing any issue of he said, she said. Before, you just grinned and nodded as you got swept away with awful RP and no emotes. Now we have strict rules, and tighter moderation. I know this is probably a let down but its honestly been the biggest positive change I’ve seen since the likes of Aegis. Eid Mubarak ha7bibi, kul’am wa inta bekhair. I am well. Chocolate. Talking Squirrel. Aegis The Grand Empire of Vanderguan I do not have these games Humans I do not but thank you for asking.
  10. Prince Hadolph Tundrak II, son of Prince Sigirath ‘the Mad’ Tundrak, Duke of Castle on a Hill, Grand Treasurer of Fenn, would begin to count out the minas required for the sacking of Lyria. He would turn to his books and smile to himself as scribes would hover around him as he spoke out loud to no one in particular. “I hope a lot of the citizens stay so we can recoup the cost of this war on the items we take from them when Lyria is looted. During a pillage, we will be able to break all locks on their chests and take whatever we want. It would be a real shame if they left before this.” He would shake his head. “The Lyrians should take heed of this missive, the war is inevitable but their fate is not. Leave while they can and go elsewhere.” He would begin to write in the margins of the ledger as he mused.
  11. if you don’t like bandits get some guards and move around with said guards. Solve the problem with RP, instead of involving staff once more; we don’t need more change right now. What ever happened to letting the players sort of police themselves? You can lose, as well as win as win on LoTC, and I think a lot of people need to realise that. This is not a narrative written by one player. You will get bandited, how you deal with it is up to you, but making it an affair for the staff is not conducive to a happy and working server. There is no need to change the banditry rules right now, but please do have a rethink on the conflict rules as they are not good. I played when PvP was pretty much off on LoTC. It was awful. You had katana wielding mages backflipping to slice your head off. It was bad. No thanks
  12. Well shoot, time flies when you’re having fun (and in the slammer.) its important to remember the friends you you have met along the way, especially when it’s eight years down the line. i want to give a shout out to those who have been with me through the trenches as I mark an important anniversary. @Watyll we never forget you brother, you were the best of us and I wish you could be here to see us forge forward. RIP, and god bless you and your family. @Ioannis my brother, who I gave the gift of LoTC, has been by me through thick and thin. Nobody could ask for a better friend. There is no hell I wouldn’t walk through you with. @Aeldrin a man who I also gave the gift of LoTC, and has seen me at my very worst and still given me somewhere to go in the darkest of times, when the rest of the server had blackballed me. Kudos, brother. May we see the flames again. @Vege my son, the greatest rebellion leader LoTC has ever seen, I gave you the tools to do the work but **** you broke them and made your own. I miss you, you should write more. @Sultan the man who gave me the tools to break LoTC, even though we’ve had our issues in the past you know that you’re a simple message away boss. @boiendl a friend, although apologies may be in order. You’re a good man, and I’m sorry for the part you had to play in the game. @Will (TauFirewarrior) a friend, although perhaps maybe no more in your eyes. The day you called me up was a special one, even if we were doomed from day one. Never forget mate, give me a call. @Telanir while I may disagree on many things with you, and while I may think you’re high as a kite most of the time I do think of you as a friend and I cherish that. I’m sorry for the drunk phone calls. @501warhead there hasn’t been a man on LoTC that has loved this server more than you, and I appreciate your comment more and more these days. You are a god among men, and I just wish the community knew that like I do. I will ride through the flames any day with you old friend. @Sporadic & @Tofuus without you, we wouldn’t have LoTC. You are the backbone of this server, and I wish the community gave you more love even if you don’t want it. @LostPoet you’re great. @MissJosey so are you. @Youngie5500 one of the greatest kids this server has ever had, and now someone I can call a friend (even if I was his number one target for a long while.) through flames we go whenever you ask brother. @Vaynth & Toxzero but you’ve changed your name, *******, you two are probably some of my favourite people in my time on this server and I wanted you to know that. @Nate1450 one of the worst GM leads we ever had by damn is he a nice guy. You’re a friend Nate, give me a call. @Josh3738 @Beamon4@Hiebe @z3m0s@arockstar28 @Kevinblabla7 @Fimlin @joenaj @Legoboy7984 @Raomir @Hobolympic @Tharggus @ryno2 My favourite dwarves, I wish you the best in my hour of power, and you know that if my snow elf dies I’m making a dwarf right? X @cablam @LadyRebecca @Thomas I miss the old days. Maybe not so much under you Tahmas, but I miss the jokes we made and the fun we had. @ScreamingDingo I know you hate me for the **** I gave you, but look how you turned out. You’re better for it, and you’re a dam fine staff member. We’re counting on you. @frill you have been my greatest champion while I have been in jail, I wish you the best. @Wrynn you’re too good for LoTC, I wish you all the best in your future. @DPM and all the other goons like @dewper and @dane you are the remnants of days gone by LoTC, and if you leave the server won’t be the same. Keep us strong by doing what you do best. @Gizzol Haunter7, you are again too good for LoTC, I’ve been through too many fires with you and I’m sorry for that. You’re a great man, don’t let anyone **** with you. If they do, send them my way. @Knox my friend, look where we are and what we have done. Get in touch if you need me. @Zhulik @niccun @joey calabreeni@shady @Temp – the aesterwaldian goons, we had some fun and I miss some of you badly so please do get in touch. @Cracker merry Christmas and happy new year but On Skype. @wolfkite my friend, I wish you all the very best with your camouflage tactics. There is definitely may more that I can’t remember now, but I want to say well done to all of you for being with LoTC as long as you have. I love this server more than most and have given my chunk of flesh for it. Go ahead, ask your questions I’ve said my piece. I’ll answer as best I can, but I’m still bound by the Administrators code of practice as to certain things. Cheers, H x
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