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  1. It's early days @Tsuyose, war rules aint even out. It's a work in progress amigo, but thanks for the support all the same.
  2. ========================================= Name of the Treaty: Example Treaty ========================================= Type of Treaty: [Defensive Pact] ========================================= [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: Nation of Harold ] [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: Nation of Knox ] ========================================= Date of Signing: 1655 ========================================= <RP Treaty goes here, this MUST be included.> Harold "Rulebringer" Winter, signs the treaty and accepts its terms.
  3. This is the format needed for an Alliance Treaty to be recognized by the Game Moderator Team in matters of War. The Title of the post should follow this format: [Alliance / Non-Aggression / Defensive Pact] [Name of Treaty] of [In-game Date] At the TOP of the first post should be this format, filled out correctly. ========================================= Name of the Treaty: ========================================= Type of Treaty: [Alliance/ Non-Aggression / Defensive Pact] ========================================= [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: ] [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: ] ========================================= Date of Signing: ========================================= If another Nation / Freebuild is needed, please add accordingly to the format. After this format, the rest of the first post should be the RP Treaty as usual, in full. - At the end of the first post on the thread should be the first Nation or Freebuild PRO / recognized RP Owner, signing their names and titles. - The third post on the thread should be the second Nation or Freebuild PRO / recognized RP Owner signing their names and titles. The thread would continue in this fashion regarding other signatories if needed. If a Nation / Freebuild named in the first post, does not sign, the alliance is not recognized as legitimate by the Game Moderation Team. If the Treaty falls through and a Nation / Freebuild does not wish to be part of it anymore, a signatory should post that they rescind their signature on the Treaty. It is advised that this post is in Roleplay and on the TOP of this post they paste this to confirm the removal of their signature. ============================================================================ [Nation / Freebuild] [Name] hereby rescinds their signature from the Treaty. ============================================================================ If this leaves only one Nation / Freebuild within the Treaty, it will be archived accordingly. All other posts will be removed on threads.
  4. War and Freebuild Rules Update [Community Review]

    The FCR has now finished.
  5. Nearly 7 years and I'm still here smh 

    1. Malgonious


      7 year olds aren't allowed to play lord of the craft minimum age is 13.  You played yourself.  Hand in your gun and badge

  6. Poll: Bring nexus back

    why can't we have Nexis back
  7. Admin Update - Harold

    Good evening, Tonight, I bring you some updates from the Administration. Changes to Anonymous Staff Reports: As of last night, we have changed how the Administration handle anonymous staff reports. I’ll be entirely honest here, we haven’t been keeping on top of them and its become an issue. We decided to adopt a new way of doing things in that if your report is made and is about a member of a team, and does not involve the Director of the team, we will pass it along to the relevant Director to assess and pass judgement. We will still be monitoring these reports for jurisprudence. If the report is made and it includes the Director within, it will stay in Admin hands and be decided upon at the Administrative level without the team or Director having any knowledge of it. The hope here is that we will cut down report times drastically. Thanks to @dogbew for his incredible work on this. Temporary Removal of Rescue Raids: After being approached by the GM Team with evidence regarding issues relating to “rescue” raids, it has been decided on an Administrative level to remove these temporarily pending modification and re-implmentation. This is grounded in the fact that rescue raids are some of the most toxic encounters that happen on our server, and have led to several bans in recent weeks surrounding several areas such as meta-gaming, hacking, status abuse, new player PvP cooldown abuse, and general toxicity. I think it’s time we all took a breath before we start to proceed with wars, as these will be coming out very soon. This is not what we as a Staff, and i’m sure as a community, want to put forward as the image of the server as a whole. If you have any issues, or wish to help with the modification, please contact @Ioannis. War and Freebuild Rule Update: The Full Community Review has been a resounding success so far, with many good ideas and little things being highlighted for change or review. We now progress onto the next stage, whereby the comments and discussions will be incorporated into the two new rulesets before going back to Admin approval, and this really shouldn’t take very long. I want to thank everyone for their continued help in giving their opinions and thoughts on the new rule sets and i’m glad to see that the discussions are thoughtful and courteous! Charters & Nations: The Administration, the Game Moderation team and the Developers’ are working together to look at ways of bringing a temporary system to Atlas. This new system would allow people to region land in freebuild, for a price, to yet be determined. This would be rolling month-to-month cost for land protection. We are still in the early stages of this, but I wanted to draw everyone's attention to this as its next priority after we finish War and Freebuild rules. You can read my response to Sky's feedback thread here. Cheers, H.

    1. GloriaPreussens


      Old, but decent. One of his better songs.

    2. boy


      Sick song.

  9. superman ice cream

  10. New Nations?

    Good afternoon, Territories is the chess board here. Everything were doing right now, is in aid of it becoming online, when it becomes available to us. However, temporary solutions as of around a week ago are being looked at thoroughly: nation building, maintenance surrounding activity and overall balancing of freebuild (regioning.) As one of the people who helped create the last Nation system and watched what happened, we obviously have a lot to learn and will be talking to the community on this issue hopefully soon. We are in the early stages of this, with war rules and freebuild rules taking center stage right now, but it has been thought of and is definitely on the agenda Hope this answers your question. Cheers, H.

    1. Fireheart


      Really enjoyed the movie.