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  4. “Get on with it then.” would remark Hadolph Tundrak II as he goes back to his cheese and biscuits.
  5. >dwarves don’t honour treaties
  6. Hadolph remembers the council voting on the treaty, as it took weeks to get the council to agree, as per the conversations between diplomats and the Under-King.
  7. Hadolph Tundrak II would look over the terms of the Full Military Alliance treaty between Fenn and Urguan, which was also a standing non-aggression signed less than 8 stone weeks ago, that he had a large part in creating. He would move his finger to section 3, reading the terms out loud. ”...in the instance of conflict...” he would nod, then say the word “OR”, and then mention the rest. “These are two things, one being the instance of conflict, and the other being the aggression towards either nation.” He would rub his eyes, looking to his sick Nephew. “I wonder if the Dwarves know they just willingly broke the treaty they hold and signed as a council, with Fenn, by refusing to join the conflict we now find ourself in.” He would muse over his words, taking his findings to his Great Nephew now on the throne as Regent of Fenn.
  8. Prince Hadolph Tundrak II, Grand Chancellor of Fenn, reads the missive. “Let it be so, let us get on with the task at hand.”
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