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  1. the joys of being european!

    the colonies shouldnt have more gms than the crownland
  2. the joys of being european!

    I was almost denied due to my thick accent. We need to stop the discrimination.
  3. late night ama; ft. pyro

    how are you

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    2. rukio


      Still waiting for the post, harold....

    3. Harold


      patience is a virtue

    4. Niccum


      where is the rib eating music

      this is ****


    1. Raomir


      oh just post it already

    2. Flugal


      Reported for spam pls ban yourself

  6. The Gates Of The Wronged

    Hezad would chuckle heartily at the propoganda, and passes comment to no one in particular. "The news travels' slowleh' to Lalaland now it seems."
  7. Thatpyrodude's VA appeal

    Blacklist Appealed.
  8. [Complete] thatpyrodude

    Moved to completed blacklists.