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  1. Khite

    Come the Beast

    MC Name: Khitebuilds Character Name: Yon Brudesmil Hope there is still room, and this isn’t too late! All good if not 💓.
  2. Khite


    Yon was born to a family of farmers outside the city of New Reza in a rather insignificant hamlet dedicated to farming. Shortly after his birth his father and mother moved to the city of Helena for work, according to his Aunt and Uncle. The family had ties to Oren apparently; After the siege of Helena during the War of the Two Emperors-- Known just as ‘The War’ to the family-- Yon’s grandfather Tomas fled to New Reza in search of some sort of peace. Regardless of whether he found that or not, Yon’s early childhood consisted largely of farm work and whatever was needed to help meet ends. Around the age of 13, Yon and his uncle regularly went into New Reza to market their crops to a few local businesses, although this proved largely unsuccessful and cemented a distaste for most aspects of city-life in the boy. At the same time, he developed an interested in herbalism and began to make his own teas and eventually brewed drinks. On their modest income his family did their best to support his interest and helped him acquire some books to further his knowledge, although proper literacy proved a slow process. For the last few years of his adolescence Yon tried his best to learn as much as he could about all manners of plant-life while balancing his duties on the farm. His parents were a taboo topic of discussion, although some less sensitive neighbors would let slip that they believed his parents abandoned him. As he grew, Yon did his best to ignore their whispers, but they proved to be too much. He knew at some point he would have to leave Haense and find a new future in Helena, and at 19 he set out to find his place in the world. The first leg of his journey took him to Suitica through a combination of bad directions and poor judgement. By his 20th birthday he had not arrived in Helena, and instead ended up celebrating it with a group of Cave Dwarves who had hired him to help with a mining expedition a way out from Kal’Varoth. Today he is still on the road but has perhaps lost sight of his original goal.
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