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  1. I'm kinda late to the party but in my view and I believe the view of most people, punishments should be based on either 2 of these criteria. Either A) The punishment helps the community’s playing experience, ie punishing a player who is disrupting roleplay and negatively affecting the experience of other players present or B) The player went against a moral rule, ie pedophilia or racism. Well, it’s pretty clear the ban doesn’t help the community, and will especially hurt the community that Narthok has built up in Norland and Morsgrad. I don’t know Narthok as well as the other people in his thread, but speaking on behalf of the few of my friends that have recently joined the server, as players of Morsgrad Narthok is the leader we look up to and the one who leads us. He would always give us iron armor and other gear if we died without a second thought, and has truly established a thriving community in Morsgrad. He has poured what I can only assume must have been dozens of hours in writing roleplay for our nation, and 100s of pages. So seeing that it is evident his ban will not help the community, the only other explanation is that his forum posts went against the moral rules of the server. I don’t know why Narthok got his previous forum warns, so I can only speak for the last one and the warn that ended up resulting in his ban, which has no basis. You could say that he broke a moral rule by promoting racist thought, but in fact, the opposite is true as he is making at the expense of someone who peddles in racist ideology. In fact, it seems that another mod believed the joke has tame enough and allowed the post to be made in the first place. If Narthok is banned, then it is what it is. It will truly be sad to see Narthok go, but we will remember all that he has done for Norland o7.
  2. Legend As the three men in the pub engaged in dialogue, and the topic of Eimar and his brother’s surname came up. “A curious name for a Dwarf that is, La’Vassiuer.... if you don’t mind me asking what is the origin?” Eimar answered with a laugh “Aye, a curious name it is indeed! I’ll allow my brother Durin to answer that, he has a much better grasp on our family history than myself.” Durin recited the story as he had done many times before, “A curious name our lot have. Well Legend has it our granddad was ambushed by bandits. A wee little Halfling chanced upon them, and together they swiftly escaped on horseback with a fighting retreat. They camped together and discussed many a topic, and when the question of family came up the Halfling responded that he had none. Dwarves hold heavy grudges and are eternally grateful for those who help them, and so he changed his surname to that of the Halfling to show his eternal gratitude; La’Vassieur.” The stranger responded, “A great story that is, and a worthy surname you lot have. A toast to that Halfling!” OOC Explanation We were told by a staff member that we should consider adopting the name of one of the clans if we wish to integrate into Dwarven society, so this is just a quick post explaining why our family name is La’Vassieur. Citation Spoiler None
  3. Maga_The_Puffer


    Eimar comes from the village of Revel in the Duchy of Courland to a small peasant, farming family. His village was compromised of a dozen or so Heartland families, although there was one peculiarity; a family of Hou-Zi. They were the envy of the village, and were often persecuted as the Hou-Zi possessed both intelligence and physical prowess. Eimar once defended the son of this family named Hou-Zou from a group of bullies, and these two would form a life long friendship. As a child Eimar often lacked the education and bringing up that his piers received due to his father’s greedy nature. Because of this he would form a bitter disdain and dislike of his father. Eimar was also socially isolated from his piers due to his association with Hou-Zou and because of this began to be the object of bullying of the other children. Something inside him had... changed he no longer felt any emotional connection to other people and only looked out for himself and Hou-Zou. Both of them began to plot their escape from Revel, and they soon escaped, and no one missed their departures. They would struggle to live in the wilderness but Eimar was a skilled archer after being taught in the Heartlander way, and together from stealing from Revel and foraging, they scraped out a meager existence. Both would soon turn towards another more lucrative line of work, banditry and were able to live better off than before. Having aroused the suspicion of the villagers due to their frequent raids, both have left to move onto greener pastures and it is unknown where faith will cary them..... OOC: My friend Scribble103 will be RPing as Hou-Zou.
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