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  1. The Eventide Reclamation [!] A note is found nailed to the various signboards around Arcas, the striking quality catching your eye. The letter is printed on regal parchment with a darkened black and silver border, with a simple seal that seems to be representing a hourglass adorning the bottom. To those seeking camaraderie, stability, and prosperity: This notice is to inform of the immediate reconstruction and reclamation of the Eventide Dominion of old, an ancient order that stood stalwart in its mission, only to be cast out by snakes from within the Kingdoms of Men. What is the Eventide? We are defenders of truth in a world of liars, the seekers of justice in a land plagued by corruption, the dedicated surrounded by a sea of the inept. The Eventide fights while others cower. With this project of grand reclamation, we approach those seeking new beginnings. Your race, creed, and prior obligations are of no matter – if you seek refuge from chaos, you are welcome within our halls. Much will be gained by those who take the first step. Those inquiring need but two traits about them: You must be ready to serve, and you must be willing to do what needs to be done. Surely the reader has many questions. Our ways are unconventional; our motives kept close to our chests lest vermin attempt to quash our sacrosanct mission once again. If you have interest in pursuing ordination within the cause, leave a way to contact you and a representative will arrange a meeting. Stay safe during these days of uncertainty, and hold fast knowing that the Eventide awaits. [[Please leave information that will allow your character to be contacted in-game. You will also receive a forum message with further information if you show interest.]]
  2. Hi Joe – send me a message if you end up seeing this! (Your messages seem to be disabled). I’m an old friend from the past, albeit under a different name. Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Abroxan

    Come the Beast

    I have sent individual forum messages to those who replied, with the exception of mumkey, as it appears they have their messages turned off. Mumkey, please send me a forum message when you are available. I will also trying messaging you in game later in case you don’t see this. If anyone else is still interested in applying, feel free to leave your information – just realize that we may be unable to let you in to the group, simply due to size reasons (It’s more of a small group effort, and adding more and more may get messy in terms of RP). If more decide to apply, we will try to figure something out if we are able. Thank you everyone for your interest!
  4. Abroxan

    Come the Beast

    Thank you all for your interest! I will send you each messages tomorrow explaining the situation further.
  5. Abroxan

    Come the Beast

    A robed, hunched man makes his way across Arcas, pinning up a plain looking advertisement across a variety of public noticeboards, aiming to reach a variety of major settlements and holds. One such advert happens to catch your eye, signed by the obscure Eventide Hourglass: Seeking Stalwart Adventurers! “In need of able-bodied people—of any race, species, or gender—that are of sound spirit and mind. You and a small group of fellow enlistees will be tasked to lay ambush to a dangerous entity roaming the lands of Arcas, defeat said being by whatever means necessary, and claim victory over its domain. You will be provided a standardized uniform and armor plating for the duration of this task. A prepayment of 50 Minas will be given prior to completion for any auxiliary expenses, such as blade sharpening, weapon sourcing, necessary camping supplies, and so forth. You will be expected to provide for your own weaponry, in whatever form you feel most comfortable, as well as to bring rations and equipment to last several days in mountainous terrain. Upon successful, confirmed completion of the destruction of the entity, a further 450 Minas will be paid per individual directly involved in bringing about it’s end. Any additional rewards and loot are permitted to be split between fellow enlistees. Further details about the being, precautions to take, and advised equipment will be given upon acceptance into the hunting party. If you are interested in this offer, please pin a note below it stating a way in which you may be contacted. A representative will reach you within an Elven day. Established mercenary groups need not apply; individuals or partners only.” Meanwhile, in the far distance of the north, the sky rumbles and lashes the frigid mountainscape with dry and unnatural lightning. There was, indeed, the slow approach of something tremendous in the north, if only far colder and wicked and mad than the fiery hordes that had fallen from the sky, which cast the shadow of a sole man; the shadow of Mordskov. [ Leave your MC and character name if you are interested in being chosen for participation. Party cap is limited to 6 individuals, with 5 more positions open. No PvP/PvE will be incorporated into this event. No nonsensical OOC behaviour will be tolerated. The time and day of the event will be revealed to individuals selected. This event has the opportunity to turn in to a long term event chain, for those interested. However you will not be obligated to continue past the initial event, if you so desire. ]
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