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  1. Discord: Arbiter#8152 Preferred time of interview: 3PM PST Example RP: Fin would be calmly standing by the counter cleaning a glass with a small cloth, he would have a small smile on his face as he did. Once done, he would reach down and put the glass with the rest of them. Once done, he would look around to see if anyone would wish to hold a conversation or need anything. Then he would rest his right elbow on the counter, and would proceed to rest the right side of his face on his right hand, awaiting any new customers to come by. [ROLEPLAY] Name: Fin Race, and are you a citizen of the Silver State?: High Elf, and indeed I am. Preferred position: Bartender Why should you get this position?: [!] The Handwriting would be very neat [!] I think I am a very sociable and pleasant person to be around. When it comes to it I can make the customer have a good time. I am also available a lot so I would most likely be dedicating my time as a bartender.
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    Raz was born in a small non-important village near Helena. He was born to a High Elf Mother and Human (Heartlander) Dad. Raz’s mother died on birth so he never got to meet her. Raz since young was a subject to racism by everyone as they all knew he was a half breed. In this small mainly human village Raz was considered an abomination by everyone including his father who would constantly tell him he should’ve never been born. Raz would be left days without being fed and would be beat up by the local children of the village. Raz was starting to grow to hate society (We live in a society ?) but one day, he met a man by the name of James who pitied Raz and took him in, he taught him how to read, do maths, etc, this man was also a magician and mystified Raz with his magic. However, before Raz could be taught the village kicked the man out for being a knife ear lover and Raz never saw him again. However, thanks to the random act of kindness by the man Raz didn’t fully lose hope in society. He would grow a back bone for himself and leave his village at the age of 19 in search for the man James and in order to learn the arts of magic. However, Raz would also hide the fact that he is a half breed, to fit in.
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