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  1. In dangerous lands far from the Motherland, a young High Elven boy had been lost. Though even then, his disappearance was quickly announced in the Blessed Bastion upon the peak in the north. A menacing pre-dawn chill; cold wind pummeling the stunned, disconcerted Citizenry gathered. The bell rang, and more children of silver took to the square. The Visaj Sohaer stood tall, as he always did, but his shoulders were long dropped and a troubled expression had taken root. He waved his hands about just as he did orders, and the Sillumiran; the proud silver host, stood in line awaiting further commands. The Uradir Okarir’san rallied the Blessed Citizenry, who brought both sword and armour. The body of the High Elven boy had yet to be found. The searching party of High Elves departed the Silver Stronghold, travelling far-south. Silir Uradir and Dimaethor Visaj led the party through Llyrian land, paths shadowed by thick spruce. Passing ritualistic circles of blood and stepping over anomalous clawed roots, the group had found nothing but the realisation of the tragedy which had struck them. The Eternal Flame of Larihei was extinguished, the shame of their failure weighing heavy on the shoulders of all. Merilon Visaj was gone. By word of mouth and by bird to those travelling, the news of the death spread like fire in a thick Elven forest. The Mali’aheral, as tradition compelled them to, prepared for a ceremony in the square. The Ceremony will be held in exactly one day. [[TODAY IN ONE HOUR, 01:30 CEST, 00:30 BST, 7:30 PM EST]]
  2. “Not at all.” The Sohaer replied, unable to even keep count on the dark mages he had trialed and executed during his tenure. His thoughts also went to the crusade on the Dark Magic-Manor of Gehenna a good few years ago.
  3. “There will be no sleep for us, Mali’aheral. Fan the flames, her light shall shine upon the realm. Ay’Larihei.” - Dimaethor Visaj IN HONOUR OF GUSTEN FAELIEL: THE CALL TO PURGE THE LLYRIAN DARK MAGES issued on the 13th of the Amber Cold, 1728. I address the state again: Mali’thill, you blessed adherents of Larihei, you unswerving allies of stability and order: Though the Motherland remains unblemished and well-shielded from the horrors beyond, the dark has festered in the cursed Concordat of the son of Laethis Izalith; Crumena Izalith. With promise of respite, the dark mages and demons flocked to Llyria like flies to a flickering torch. Crows and rats made it their domain, and from their nest, the cancer spread to all corners of the realm. The Mali’thill of the Silver State of Haelun’or vow to drive them back. We remember Gusten Faeliel. A hero to all descendents, a true vanguardist in our struggle against the dark. To protect a Haelunorian citizen from a Blood Mage which had infiltrated the Silver Stronghold, Gusten Faeliel heroically sacrificed his life. Harboured in the Izalith State of Llyria, the Blood Mage had been able to contrive the plan for his attack on the Children of Silver in peace. We will have retribution. There is no rationale in the defense of the dark; of the evil. All honourable, lawful descendents ought to rise and aid in the purging of the pest. The Haelunorian promise both protection and prize to those who join forces with the Mali’aheral in this quest. As the twilight of Gusten Faeliel’s time came, the Eternal Flame of Larihei burned even brighter. It lights the path for the Children of Silver, and it will be marched upon, shall our demands not be accepted: [ – ] The Concordat of Llyria shall EXTRADITE the following Dark Mages and Demons to the Silver State of Haelun’or, for sentencing and appropriate punishment (acid pit): Llyrian Councillor Cyrene Evark Evocress, who goes under the name and disguise of Erebus Tartarus Lithren Fawn Zhukar Vas Vincrute Karysmov Sloane Athri’ante Aische / Maya [ – ] The Concordat of Llyria shall permit the erection of a Haelun’or-drawn memorial for Gusten Faeliel in the heart of the capital of the Concordat, to remind the Llyrian citizenry of the solemnity of their crime to harbour and tolerate the dark in their halls. [ – ] Dark Magic is to be OUTLAWED, and the practicians hunted like the vermin they are. The Silver State of Haelun’or maintain their duty to proceed and lead the cleansing of the dark in the Concordat of Llyria, should the Llyrian guardforce be incapable on their own. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya
  4. “Praise these paladins!” The Sohaer exclaimed.
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    The False Throne

    "The Syllar carry the heavy legacy of the Mali'ker on their shoulders now. There is plenty of work to restore what once was, to heal the wounds caused. The former faux-Prince Xavis Ashwood married a Mali'fenn, remember." Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj commented to his Dark Elven servant while she did his make-up.
  7. Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj summoned the Silver Host, rows and rows of white steeds left the Haelunorian stables, heading east, to then ride south. The time had come for the Dark Mages to be cleansed from the realm.
  8. THE HAELUN’OR–FENN DEFENSE ACCORD as signed on the 8th of First Seed 1728 The Terms, agreed upon by both signatories, are as followed: [ I ]: The Silver State of Haelun’or and the Princedom of Fenn shall enforce strict non-aggression, under all circumstances. [ II ]: A policy of free trade and travel shall be enacted between the Silver State of Haelun’or and Princedom of Fenn. No customs shall be applied to any exchange between their states. Roads between both parties will be kept clean in a joint effort by both parties [ III ]: Both parties will aid one another in obtaining fugitives and criminals from their respective territories, unless a fugitive or criminal has a pact with said respective nation they are residing in [ IV ]: Both parties shall agree to defend one another if the other is aggressed upon, with nothing left than the full extent of their military and political authority. [ V ]: Both parties recognise the supremacy each signatory holds over their race (Snow Elves, High Elves), and if this supremacy is contested then for the duration of the situation this pact will ascend into a full alliance. [ VI ]: In the case wherein the Silver State of Haelun’or or the Princedom of Fenn finds it necessary to engage in offensive war, provided the mutual consent of both parties leaders, this pact may ascend into full military alliance for the duration of the conflict. [ VII ]: If either party is found to be in violation of this pact, all articles shall remain in effect, so long as sincere diplomatic efforts are taken to peacefully resolve the dispute within 3 Elven days. [ VIII ]: This treaty shall last for a total of 12 Elven weeks, at the conclusion of which the leaders of both signatory parties shall meet to renegotiate this agreement. - Those signed beneath pledge their names and respective nations to the terms in unanimity, bound by honor to the oath in which they commit. SOHAER, Dimaethor Visaj GRAND PRINCE, Aelthos Tundrak III
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  10. CELEBRATIONS TO THE UNION OF THE BLESSED DIARCHY issued on the 19th of The Deep Cold. The Mali’aheral of the realm, the Blessed Citizens of Haelun’or and all its favoured friends and allies are invited to celebrate the union of the Blessed Diarchy; Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj and Maheral Iaria Elervathar. The Sohaer and Maheral attending the ceremony following the wake of Gusten Faeliel; a victim of a Llyrian dark mage. Rejoice! With an age of fierce struggle and strife behind us, we have mended what was severed and protected what was deserving. The Blessed Diarchy brought peace to our people once more. A principled peace, just and pure. The Visaj and Elervathar at the helm, we sailed through rough seas, into perilous storms, to calmer waters. There is assurance of Mali’thill continuance in the Diarchy’s boundless guidance and direction. Here dances the virtuous like a shimmering sapphire, among hearts conquered by the zealous fire. To the Union of the Visaj and Elervathar, The Silver State of Haelun’or will host a three month celebration, from a Silver Banquet at Snow’s Maiden [[Wednesday]], a Visaj-Elervathar Festival during Malin’s Welcome [[Thursday]] to reaching its summit on The First Seed; the Marriage Ceremony in the Eternal Library, in nothing but true Visaj and Elervathar opulence [[Friday]]. The Celebrations : The Silver Banquet Snow’s Maiden [[Wednesday, 4 PM EST, 22:00 CEST, 21:00 BST]] In the tavern embellished particularly grand for the occasion, Uppori Visaj and the rest of the Visaj and Elervathar Talonniian welcome the Mali’aheral to enjoy food from the grandiose buffet and the finest Visaj wine. The Blessed Diarchy will open the days of celebration with an address, and additional activities will follow soon thereafter. The Visaj-Elervathar Festival Malin’s Welcome [[Thursday, 3 PM EST, 21:00 CEST, 20:00 BST (open end)]] On streets spotted with stands and buildings dressed in decorations, the Blessed Citizenry will partake in celebrations and games that will celebrate the bonding of our venerable Sohaer and Maheral. This festival will take part all over the Silver State, around every corner there will be an activity to attend. The Marriage Ceremony The First Seed [[Friday, 4 PM EST, 22:00 CEST, 21:00 BST]] The Blessed Citizenry and any invited guests will convene in the bastion of knowledge to witness the union of the Most Blessed. The ceremony will be led by the highly revered Malaurir Iatrilemar Elervathar. A masquerade in Visaj-Elervathar lavishness and opulence will follow shortly thereafter, concluding the celebrations on the highest of notes! Aside from the complete Blessed Citizenry, the Silver State of Haelun’or extend invitations for the Silver Banquet and Visaj-Elervathar Festival to: Prince Avius Csarathaire and Prince Artanis Caerme’onn and the Citizenry of Irrinor Grand Prince Aelthos Tundrak the Third and the Citizenry of the Princedom of Fenn High Prince Fëanor Sylvaeri and the Citizenry of Aegrothond High Prince Vaelor Syllar and the free Mali’ker of Vira’ker [[DAILY EVENTS STARTING TODAY UNTIL FRIDAY EVENING! CHECK HERP DISCORD PINGS FOR MORE INFORMATION!]]
  11. Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj smiled broadly at the news of the Dark Elves escaping the oppressive grasp of the dark mages, demons and degenerates of Llyria! "Praised be the Syllar! All Elves free at last!"
  12. “Our Dark Elven cousins need a strong hand, and Eilistraee Ashwood has our trust; let she save them from the oppressive grasp of the demons, dark mages and Izaliths of Llyria. Long live Eilistraee Ashwood!” The Sohaer commented in his iconic clean and PURE voice. His blue orbs swept the square, lips drawn wide across his face into a smile. His High Elves were healthy and strong again, he could only wish that his Dark Elven cousins would achieve similar prosperity soon.
  13. ‘On the Elven Question’ issued on the 4th of the First Seed. The Haelunorian ambition for peace and harmony between all Elves have given result. The Committee for Elven Coexistence, chaired by the staunch Okarir’san Silir Uradir, have continued the work where I personally left it off following THE HAELUN’OR–FENN PEACE ACCORD, with great progress. Our resolve in mending the relations and tending to the wounds created by decades of conflict has never been stronger. We look to prevent the disunion and strife caused by misunderstandings, errors or merely the unfortunate circumstances we have been cursed with throughout Arcas. In regards to our Snow Elven cousins, we used language in the missive TO TOTALITY - I and to the summoning for the Assembly 1721, which should only be reserved for the evil and tainted, not our cousins and friends to-be. A blunder, oversight or poor old habit from the long conflict which had just been ended, but an overstep regardless. I look to our cousins in the far east and south, on the icy cliffs of the Princedom, the shadowy forests of Irrinor and the peaceful isle of Aegrothond, and offer another apology. Hands extended to all Elves, with an assurance of Mali’aheral assistance, should war come to your realms, we seek your forgiveness for the miscues and wrongings me and my predecessors which have caused your people harm. For the denouncements and assaults on your sovereignty in previous missives, and for the armed efforts in the wars we settled. Only so can we build a peace with principle, with mutual respect and understanding for the diversity of our traditions and cultures. I invite all Elven leaders, my revered cousins, to meet with the Blessed Diarchy of the Silver State of Haelun’or, to formulate and work out an accord for peace to last. It is in these terrible times of instability in the realm, with our Dark Elven cousins in Vira’ker annexed by the Llyrian Concordat, we ought to look to one another as family, beyond the tragedies and discord of the past. lomian’onn maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj
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