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  1. interesting that haense raided haelun’or together with a banned player ban evading! (sixth loss for them in 2 weeks anyways)

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  2. THE SOHAER’S DUTY – II Issued from The Office of the Blessed Diarchy on the 6th of Snow’s Maiden, 1752 Oh tremble, you who test the principles of our people, the unwavering staunch stand against both dark and division. Oh fear, you who claw at the tall silver walls of our blessed bastion, delusional attempts condemned to fail. Oh dread, you who are summoned to the Purity Tribunal, where deceit and depravity meet unyielding justice and the triumphing truth. BLESSED CITIZENRY OF THE SILVER STATE OF HAELUN’OR, The Withering Republic is abolished, buried and a memory- a mere symbol of the failure it ended in. Our Silver Enclave in Fi’halen rose swiftly under the steady guidance of a unified Blessed Diarchy and her most Silver Council. The Enclave, clean and uncorrupted, became a worthy home for all Mali’thill. The Motherland was reformed, stronger than ever before, and its glory blinded the realm. Tilruir’tir Storm Elibar’acal, who should be an icon of the unblemished enforcement of law, sent the Blessed Citizenry a most disturbing letter, making EXTREMELY SEVERE accusations against his own superior: The Okarir’tir Alaion Miravaris, whom the Tilruir’tir claim have reason to believe is conspiring with forces of the Dark. Now, it should first be noted that the Tilruir’tir had NOT informed the Blessed Diarchy of his suspicion prior to this most dramatic public missive- potentially putting the Stability and Security of our nation at risk, especially considering the circumstances with the ‘Maehr’tehral Conspiracy’ resolved only a few years prior. ‘Opportunism’ brought our precious people to its knees in Axios, in Atlas, but I assure you, child of Silver, under the Elervathar Diarchy all attempts at undermining the law, the constitution or maehr’sae hiylun’ehya for personal gain shall be thwarted. Did they think we would yield, grow comfortable in slack devotion of ancient tradition? Rooting out impurity is an eternal battle, though paramount for our permanence. Without the struggle await only toil and everlasting torment. Nerithil Valarieth shall be summoned to Silver Trial, accused of dark magic. Alaion Miravaris shall be summoned to Silver Trial, accused of conspiring with the dark. In addition, Alaion Miravaris shall be suspended from his duties as Okarir’tir until the trial has taken place. Storm Elibar’acal shall present cases for both the accused, and in doing so successfully he assures the Blessed Diarchy that the missives were sent with reason and on proper grounds, not to cause disorder and chaos. If not, a case for Storm Elibar’acal breaking ‘Article 8 of the Obvious Laws’ may be tried. Îdhron Visaj, a notable Haelunorian scholar in Vailor, reflected plenty upon the Silver State and I have in my duty as both Maheral and Sohaer allowed myself to be inspired by the wisdom my relative shared then. I quote: “A society should never become like a pond with stagnant water, without movement.” Let all doubt in the unadulterated Silver State perish. Praise Larihei. Praise Maheral Iaria Elervathar. Praise the Blessed Diarchy. lomian’onn maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Sohaer, Dimaethor Elervathar [[ THE SILVER TRIAL WILL BE HELD FRIDAY 4 PM EST / 22:00 GMT+1 / 21:00 GMT IN THE SILVER CITADEL ]]
  3. Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar sat in his office, comforting himself with the LAST bottle of his Uradir Wine. He groaned and shifted in his seat, sore from the day of work. The posthumous letter hadn’t come to any surprise, yet.. this sort of letter? Dimaethor found himself at a loss of words, and the countless glasses of red that followed didn’t seem to make his mind any lighter. ”He was good. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.”
  4. Dimaethor stays away from the degeneracy of the square, noting the Sutican Energy™ present.
  5. Dimaethor Elervathar poked Iaria with his elbow, reading the missive over her shoulder. He smiled broad and proud: “I share blood with the Okarir’tayna, you see!”
  6. Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar had together with the Tilruir’tir and additional officers ruled that only true impurity of mind could bring a High Elf to harbour and protect one who refuse to be cured of his curse, so naturally, all who did would be brought to justice. Dimaethor Elervathar wouldn’t wonder why the new Maehr’tehral didn’t understand purity though, considering the company they had spent their time with since they stepped into Lareh’thilln not many years ago.
  7. make a high elf and escape human rp today

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  8. ((Halsi plays Maheral Iaria Elervathar, the leader of Haelun’or, yes.))
  9. “The Maheral is my wife, if the Mali’ata did not know.” The Sohaer shook his head. “Besides, there are PROCEDURES to these kind of matters. The Maheralship is sacred, passed on by Maheral to Maheral for centuries on end. It has never been as stabile and strong as it is now. Bless the Elervathar.”
  10. “The ramblings of a tainted before their rightful and justified disinfection through acid.” Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar commented as he had a copy be brought to him in their new office.
  11. “The Kharajyr and High Elves stand together, at last. Blessed be your pride, sons and daughters of Metzli.” The Sohaer said, smile broad.
  12. Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar rose out of his makeshift throne as he saw the chalet fill with lesser ‘dignitaries’. He towered the tallest in the midst of the group of High Elven officers in their end of the room, and with a broad, faux-smile and his arms extended, he welcomed them. His darkened blue God-Emperor toga had no crinkles or creases, no imperfections and the gems in various pieces of jewelry, as well as in his iconic circlet, were polished to a blinding sheen. He allowed the Ape-Kharajyr to make their approach, gesturing for one out of his group to take the platter. “GODRIC..” The Sohaer begun, taking another step away from the group of Elves behind him, leaving the flank of his wife Maheral Iaria Elervathar. His voice rung loud and clear, cutting through the chatter of the officers present. “The Motherland welcome you again. You know the North and the barren cold already, so I hope you feel at home. It is always a pleasure to receive a friend.. even if the circumstances are less than perfect this time. The Silver State of Haelun’or and the Mali’thill thank you, and accept the compensation as justice. I believe I speak on the behalf of the Elven Tripartite when I say we have restored confidence in both the Alliance as it currently stands, and the future prospects of more cooperation. There has been plenty of questions on how we should proceed with the Alliance, on what terms it should be resigned, if at all. A discussion for us to entertain in a more private setting than this, perhaps, but I wished to air the desire regardless.” The Sohaer let his arms drop to his sides again, and he lifted his chin in brief, theatrical contemplation. He let his blue orbs sweep the room, recognising only a few faces. “Do you suggest we begin with the first pressing issue, good Godric? I understand there can be no War Council without discussion of War, regardless of how much it ruins the mood.”
  13. ON THE SAVAGERY OF THE KAEDRENI Issued from The Sohaer’s Official Office, Drafted by the Haelunorian War Council The 13th of Snow’s Maiden, 1747 THE WAR BETWEEN THE ALLIED STATES AND AXIS IMPERIALS RAGES ON. I speak to you, Blessed Citizen, who most certainly grow worried with the terrible instability our realm is facing. While we enjoy the sweet fruits of the stability brought upon us by staunch adherence to maehr’sae hiylun’ehya and the Elervathar Constitution, the ‘lessers’ continue their petty attempts to undermining and subverting those of blessed blood, those of silver. We have been spared from most of the war’s brutalities, and have contributed no more than we have been obligated to, even going as far as retaining some sort of diplomatic contact with the Axis Empire, but today it was proven to all Mali’thill present that the Imperial barbarism, their irrational longing to expand into the Elven realms may not be curbed. Make no mistake anymore, Child of Silver. We are at war. Following a BRUTAL attack on the Motherland which the Sillumiran with success rendered useless, Kaedreni savages have issued a denouncement, a full declaration of war on the Motherland, and so OUR DUTY NOW CALLS. We repeat our firm support for the Alliance of the Independent States, and call for the additional punishment to put on the cursed Kaedreni state post-war. Fan her flames and Larihei’s light shall shine bright upon our realm. TO OKARIR’TIR ALAION MIRAVARIS AND HIS OFFICERS: [ – ] None affiliated with the Axis Valah Empire shall be granted entry to the Motherland, diplomats in service are the only with immunity from our revenge. [ – ] Rally the Silver Host and issue additional posts for wartime recruitment. [ – ] Send word to the Eastern Allies and organise campaigns to clear our roads. ALL RISE TO DEFEND THE MOTHERLAND AY’MAHERAL IARIA ELERVATHAR, AY’LARIHEI MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Sohaer, Dimaethor Elervathar
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