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  1. Yes, but those discussions, arguments and debates aren’t being hosted on LotC mediums. You are welcome to come to the Haelunorian Discord and we can debate politics all you want (in the designated politics channel).
  2. Is this the hill you want to die on? You never used it for politics before this. To me this just smells like forum reputation harvest season, using a Chinese national tragedy.
  3. I’m honestly so confused to what purpose this discussion is supposed to have. LotC mediums aren’t used for political discussion, for mature themes (it is 13+) or the like, but REGARDLESS, I don’t see why there is a fight to be taken here. All integrated players of LotC are active in their own, national, charter, friend or guild discords. I haven’t ever seen a debate political of nature on the forums, on the discord nor in game. Just join a national discord and go at it. This post is so clearly just a way for people to farm forum rep and rebel against evil Chairman Telanir. Calling for the “liberation” of Hong Kong on a Mineman Roleplay Forum won’t get you anywhere. We don’t need it here. Here, go to https://www.reddit.com/
  4. TO TEACH THEM OBEDIENCE ORPHÉE DE BEAUVAIS Issued from The Office of the Blessed Diarchy The 11th of The Amber Cold, 1742 A quiet and anticipating Blessed Citizenry had gathered in the Silver Citadel. The halls flickered in the lights of candles and fires, reflecting on the petals of white lilies arranged in beautiful bouquets for the occasion. The leader of Auvergne; Orphée de Beauvais arrived at the gate of Lareh’thilln on paths shrouded by soaring spruce, cutting through the Silver Forest. Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar received the dignitary with a wide, faux-smile. He extended an arm in the entering party’s direction, greeting them as the allies they thought themselves to be. The Orphée de Beauvais, clearly oblivious to what was to come, expressed his great gratitude for the welcoming. Gifts exchanged, and the Sohaer finally made his announcement. Orphée de Beauvais had broken all statutes and traditions, all Mali’thill and surely Canonist creed. He had pursued and assaulted a High Elven child, with intention to bring her to his bed chamber. He was to be punished to the full extent of the Silver Law. The sharp cliffs below Lareh'thilln were coloured in a thousand hues of red, of corpses of the corrupt guards who had stood at the criminal Roy's flank, fallen to the merciless Sillumiran in a decisive dance of death. In a display of determination and devotion of maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the purpose of the protection of Elven children in the face of increasing Human violence, Orphée de Beauvais was sentenced to branding by serious mutilation of his body. In a realm post-Imperial pure hegemony, the responsibility of safeguarding our own is evergrowing heavy. May this High Elven LECTURE OF OBEDIENCE ring in the ears of all nobles and peasants who believe themselves to be above the ‘thill or beyond our reach. Harm my children, and you shall meet your justified end. ALL RISE TO DEFEND THE MOTHERLAND AY’MAHERAL IARIA ELERVATHAR, AY’LARIHEI MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA On behalf of the Blessed Diarchy, Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar
  5. “Procure progress, my dear children! Procure progress!” The Sohaer urged!
  6. Love your profile art! Who made it?

    1. Ankan


      @reko made it! If you want to see the picture in full resolution:

  7. THE SILVER STATE SPEAKS TO ORPHÉE DE BEAUVAIS OF AUVERGNE Issued from The Office of the Blessed Diarchy The 14th of The First Seed, 1742 ADDRESSED TO ORPHÉE DE BEAUVAIS OF AUVERGNE AND HIS FAVOURED CITIZENRY: The Blessed Diarchy extends an invitation to the leader of Auvergne, Orphée de Beauvais to the Silver State of Haelun’or, to meet in the hallowed halls of the Silver Citadel to celebrate the friendship and ever-strengthening affinity between our two sovereign states, as part of the Alliance of Independent States, in this demanding time of war and terror. The Blessed Diarchy hope to entertain discussions of cooperation post-war and the exchange of gifts. The Office of the Blessed Diarchy have made time for an Auvergne envoy this Sun’s Smile. Should Orphée de Beauvais be unable to attend, we expect letter by courier to reschedule for a later date. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya On behalf of the Blessed Diarchy, Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar
  8. [ ! ] Pinned on notice boards around Lareh’thilln, as well as on several spots along the road through the Silver Forest towards the Haelunorian capital DUTY CALLS FOR ALL HIGH ELVES Written by Malaurir Dimaethor Elervathar Issued on 11th of The Deep Cold, 1741 Weeping and bleeding is the injured Daughter of Silver. She bleeds for our failure, and now cries for our aid. A shattering cry, though it is no use. The forge has long been cold, the barracks gathering dust. Not even the fluttering whisper of a mother, a mother in pain, can soothen the girl now. Lowered guard and rusting armour had crippled our defense, torn holes in the walls of Lareh’thilln and we paid once more with blood in our streets. No milk can heal her wounds, no guidance her lifeless soul. Only the cold Iron Fist can repair the spirit they broke. The evil yearn to see pyres from their murdered Mali’aheral rise to the sky, a snowfall of ashes, a victim to their tragic dance of death. The Children of Silver, strangers to the concept of retreat and defeat– pave a new path, map a new course. The maiming echo from the past finally cut out, no chains hold us longer. We lingered and bid our time, we waited, and watched, and harked. The beacons awaited their spark, for our charge against the dark. Under the light of an enchanting moon, through the smoke of sacrifice and the purification of our lands anew, we vow to forever cast aside all crows and rats who seek to make the Motherland their domain, the High Elves their servants. Enough was enough. The Silver State of Haelun’or rises. I CALL ALL HER ADHERENTS TO JOIN IN THIS MARCH OF THE SILVER, TO FAN THE FLAMES– WE SHALL ONCE MORE SEE HER LIGHT SHINE UPON THE REALM ENLIST IN THE SILLUMIRAN
  9. THE SILLUMIRAN THE PROTECTORS OF THE MOTHERLAND Written by Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar and Okarir’tir Alaion Miravaris Issued and adopted the 11th of The Deep Cold, 1741 INTRODUCTION The serious responsibility of the Motherland; her vast woodlands and towering mountain chains, the heart found in Lareh’thilln and the potent Provinces, falls on your shoulders, Sillumir. The philosophy, Larihei’s ancient creeds of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, guide us onwards, and the safekeeping of these values are imperative for the continuance of State and People. It is the Diarchy’s Silver Host- the Sillumiran, which make the Eternal Library retain her Eternal nature, and ensure our relevance and permanence in Arcas. Elsillumiran are the army in times of conflict, and the custodians of peace. Since the days of Larihei, these ‘thill have made the daunting decision to burden their lives with the blood they spill in battle. Though with newfound pride and confidence, with the last remnants of the old republic swept away, the Sillumiran march now straight in back, shoulder to shoulder. The Sillumiran Oath Larihei, kae'len cruan sulier, ay'kae vallumer'ehya Elihnsil, Elberr, kina'ehya, laean kae wynne myumiereyae ay'nae'leh sirame k' taliiyhe, ay'elcihil k' cruare il'iylkarim, mirueln thill'ehya ito kae'leh THE COMMANDING STRUCTURE ”You hallowed harbingers of harmony.. THE BLESSED DIARCHY serve as Supreme Commanders, directing the Sillumiran efforts during both war and peace, battle and home. None may trump their order. THE OKARIR’TIR, appointed by the Blessed Diarchy to organise and mobilise the Sillumiran in their place. The Okarir’tir promotes and demotes Sillumiran between ranks, ensuring that there is never a moment of chaos or anarchy in the organisation. THE TILRUIR’TIRAN, always two, never more, never less, are responsible for elite units of the Sillumiran; the Vihai and the Diarchists. They serve as commanding officers and work with their units on a daily basis to complete missions and tasks granted to them by the Blessed Diarchy and the Okarir’tir. In the absence of the others above, the Tilruir’tiran lead the Sillumiran in battle. THE TAHORRAN are officers of the Sillumiran, ensuring that the plans of high command are achieved. They lead training sessions and play part in promoting new Sillumiran to the elite units. ..offer me your sword as Larihei offered us her guidance.” THE UNITS OF THE SILLUMIRAN “Enact the Silver Law with an Iron Fist, our foes forever kept at bay by the authority of the Blessed Diarchy.. THE DIARCHISTS – The first of the two Elite Units. The Champions of the Blessed Diarchy; Only the most ardent, stalwart and experienced defenders of the Silver State are entrusted with such responsibility. Their devotion to this bounden duty is reaffirmed through oaths, ceremonies and participation at summits and meetings everywhere the Diarchy travels. THE VIHAI – The second of the two Elite Units. Protectors of Lareh’thilln and the vast woodlands and plains at her feet, the Vihai take upon themselves all more adverse missions required to keep order in our dominion. Similar to the hunter, or ranger, the Vihai move in smaller groups, on lighter feet, armed with the sharpest weapons available to the Mali’thill. As their name suggests, the victims of the extermination will hear no more than a whisper. THE SILLUMIR – Soldiers of the Silver State, the initiate and trained, enacting the Silver Law and orders of high command to defend the High Elven people and her Motherland. The Sillumir is to serve an active period of four years prior to being eligible for promotion to an elite unit of their choice. The Sillumiran may, in addition to their common duties, seek a specialisation. The current options are WALEHIR, the medics of the force, and LOGISTICIAN, who tend to the horses for the cavalry and other equipment the guard may require. THE AUXILIARY – The loyal lesser descendents of the Motherland may serve in the Sillumiran as an auxiliary, aiding the guardforce in upholding Law and meeting victory in battle. Following long enough service, through blessing of the Okarir’tir, the Auxiliary may ascend to becoming a full-fledged Sillumir. ..The Silver Inquisition will continue.” ENLISTMENT Contact Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar [[Haelunor]], Okarir’tir Alaion Miravaris [[duckybreb#4385]], Tilruir’tir Storm Elibar’acal [[StormBreaker0520#0787]] or Tilruir’tir Nehtamo Seregon [[pkdon#3760]] for questions, or pin a response to this missive. OOC MC NAME: DISCORD: RP NAME: AGE: ARE YOU A CITIZEN OF HAELUN’OR? ALL RISE TO DEFEND THE MOTHERLAND AY’MAHERAL IARIA ELERVATHAR, AY’LARIHEI MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  10. THE HAELUN’OR-SUFFONIA PACT OF NON-AGGRESSION Signed and adopted on the 6th of The Amber Cold, 1741 The Silver State of Haelun’or and the Archduchy of Suffonia have on this day found fair terms, which the signatories devotedly and solemnly swear to uphold, to create conditions for a peaceful realm in which Mankind and High Elves can live in harmony. An enduring truce, destined to last even beyond the turbulent times of war the realm now experience. The Terms, agreed upon by both signatories, are as followed: [ I ] : The parties commit to adhering to a strict non-aggression pact, refusing any and all calls to war against either of the two nations. [ II ] : The parties commit to respecting their respective territory, the sanctity of their borders as well as their capacity to disallow trespassing upon their land. [ III ] : This treaty shall last for a period of 5 years, and must be resigned by all signatories at the expiration to confirm its dissolution. Those signed beneath pledge their names and respective nations to the terms in unanimity, bound by blood to the oath in which they commit. Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar Prince, Lord Protector of Suffonia John Nicholas Suffolk
  11. In the robe, endowed by additional jewelry and adornments, iconic for the Sohaer in wartime, Dimaethor Elervathar approached the gathering in the square. A Sillumir on each flank, a faint smile which certainly asserted his confidence and collected state. He lifted a hand, hazy sapphire orbs sweeping the square, settling on all and on one. The exquisite Nakamachi silk shifted like waves on a peaceful sea, reacting to all of the Elervathar’s movements. He tapped his heel on the stone underfoot, addressing the High Elves: My Children – Blessed Citizenry.. I address you with heavy heart, having had wept to the unfortunate circumstances brought upon us once again. I have been Maheral, then Sohaer, during nothing less than six draining war campaigns. We remember the Alderyni betrayal, with the Elven Union founded and lashing out towards us in fear of our evergrowing progress. We remember the War of the Two Emperors, when the Haenseti Horde joined forces with the Wyvrun Cultists, stating intention to annihilate our peaceful dominion. We live long lives, Mali’thill, to which bitterness and resentment is lethal. We forgave the Marnan States, as we did the Mali’fenn, and now the Mali’ame of Irrinor. To break an eternal cycle of oppression and violence. The era of isolation has long passed. On clear days, you can see most nations of the realm from the towers of the Motherland. We can dream away, raise our walls taller, add another layer of bars to the gates, but the realm and the descendents beyond them will not go away. We must not invite trouble, or waste more lives on muddied besieged fields far away, but we must be rational: what happens elsewhere is often relevant to the security of our own dominion. We shall not fight their wars, defeat their foes, but we shall see to Silver and Sovereignty being assured over all. We will continue to defy the barbaric practices of the warmongering lesser. But the Tilruir’tir #066 spoke. He called for betrayal before an order had even been issued. A crime against the Constitution and Silver Law, to undermine the authority of the Blessed Diarchy, which constitutes the pure foundation of the Silver State. The Tilruir’tir #066 is summoned to stand trial for his misconduct, failure to adhere to both Constitution and Sillumir hierarchy. The traitors shan’t be able to pluck any Silver Lilies. Due to the urgent nature, and severity of the crime, the Silver Trial is to commence this Elven Day. Voice your opinions, Blessed Citizenry, let a thousand flowers bloom, but to call for deviation from the course mapped out by the Constitution of our Silver State will be punished accordingly to the Silver Law. My office is open for you. And with a last: maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, the Sohaer concluded his speech, retreating to the Silver Citadel to test a new vintage of Visaj Red.
  12. [!] Submitted to the Eternal Library MILITANT FATE Written by Malaurir Dimaethor Elervathar Issued on 23rd of the Amber Cold, 1740 The horizon behind the Motherland was beautifully on fire. The soaring towers stretched upwards, piercing the sheening heavens above. Upon our peak of sheer splendor, the ‘thill had reconciled with one another in an enduring truce. Candles and a sweet scent seeping out of a hall hinted at a daughter and her parents and their parents savoring supper. Oh you peaceful dominion of Silver. An unexpected snowfall obscures the view, and creates chaos and panic. Arrows adrift flew through the air above the heads of crouching Sillumiran, dancing the dance of death. The horses rise, neighing, and there are no riders in their saddles. The trenches are filled with a thousand lonely murders, and the dark wind continues to blow. We are trapped on these besieged fields. Bells must no longer toll, and in its place ring laughter of children. Pristine pillars of quartz had risen out of luscious grassland like sunflowers, or lilies. A domesticated Mali’ame wandered about, plucking weed out of one of many Haelunorian lavish parks. Soups of the finest vegetables simmered in the tavern, and barrels and barrels of Visaj wine were rolled in to build stock for a grand feast. Days passed slowly; serenity for what seemed like an eternity. A rose drifting in water. A silent scream in the night. The hardened souls softened against the steel swords sent in their direction. The trumpet call to continue the charge, a fanfare of impure affliction, compelled more Elves forward to the slaughter. They rang as if in anticipation of the impending carnage. With this backdrop of suffering, blinded and choking, they were taken to have a dawning and dismal realisation.. No more ashes. Peace.
  13. Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar signs.
  14. THE HAELUN’OR-IRRINOR PEACE ACCORD Signed and adopted on the 14th of The Amber Cold, 1740 The Silver State of Haelun’or and the Forest Realm of Irrinor have on this day found fair terms to begin the efforts of reconciliation. An enduring truce, with intention to break the cycle of Elven oppression and conflict. The Terms, agreed upon by both signatories, are as followed: [ I ] : The armed and political conflict between The Silver State of Haelun’or and the Forest Realm of Irrinor will end with immediate effect. The truce to follow has no date of expiration. [ II ] : The Forest Realm of Irrinor shall issue a most sincere apology to the Mali’aheral for the violation of treaties and the transgressions upon the Silver State of Haelun’or. [ III ] : The Forest Realm of Irrinor shall pay war reparations to the Silver State of Haelun’or in the form of 20,000 Minaan. Those signed beneath pledge their names and respective nations to the terms in unanimity, bound by blood to the oath in which they commit. Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar High Prince Lyemar Aureon
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