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  1. Vescyra Laraethryn lofts a brow at the entrance free, and simply places the missive into her bag. “Ah... I would be bankrupt for my travels, but I suppose I will watch the competition.” She offered lightly, amused by the thought of a chess tournament.
  2. Vescyra Laraethryn witnessed the generous grant, and seemed impressed at the announcement.
  3. Vescyra Laraethryn reads over some of the newly written missives she obtained from a courier, reviewing primarily the ones from Vira’ker. “Curious. Perhaps I will pay a visit to see how this... Long lived state is doing.” She remarked offhandedly, placing a visiting date on her desk as she pondered the route to the place.
  4. Quinn O’Rourke reviews the missive at hand with a small cup of whiskey at her side, holding onto the paper with a careful eye glossing over the contents. She exhaled a bit, rubbing the bridge of her nose. “Ah, t’is is quite t’e mess oi’ve got t’e horrid chance t’eh see...” She grimaced, folding the paper and placing it right into the glove compartment of her desk. “W’at are t’eh odds t’at its at a fifteh fifteh tie huh?” Quinn concluded, laying down to rest after the eventful day.
  5. Fēng Guìhuā briefly reads over the short missive, sipping tea with an uncaring expression of neutrality flashing through her facial features. She quirked a brow at the the conclusion of the missive, a smirk simply appearing on the old Hou-Zi’s face. “Pff, let the Hou pray that these Xiongdi of ours do not fall prey to the impurities of the world. Guìhuā hope these one succeed in the lunar cycles to come, perhaps Guìhuā will be able to meet them during the festival.” She remarked idly in her spot, although harsh in tone, she seemed content that the Hou were blossoming once more.
  6. Vescyra Laraethryn would browse over her cousin’s work, nodding approvingly to the contents of the calendar. She placed the calendar up on the wall to remember the dates, but would go back to her work nonetheless, as unfortunately she was incredibly busy.
  7. ~* 凤凰节 *~ Fènghuáng jié - The Phoenix Festival [OOC: 5/16/2020 Saturday @ 3:00PM EST] [!] A scroll was stamped into place in the boards of the monastery, with copies being placed all over Arcas along with this one. “To all the Hou-Zi denizens wandering among the descendants in Arcas, The Hou-Zi have lost much, traveled long throughout Arcas to find a place of their own. Even now, we struggle to keep ourselves together even through this blinding pain and anguish of our people. However, with each loss that the Hou-Zi experience and every new settlement that grows under the Hou name, as a collective population we learn from every mistake that we had made in our history. Many great Hou of various paths alike has fallen, lost to the ever-growing void and lingering hopes that they once held within. Qing Long is a grand example of growth and development, from facing loss and despair first hand. They will lead the proceedings for this Fènghuáng jié, which is meant to highlight the losses of the Hou-Zi populace which contorted into a lesson to remember for many lunar cycles to come. The Fènghuáng jié invites all Hou-Zi on Arcas no matter the origin or background of the individual, as we would enjoy the comfort of our own recalling the losses that our people endured and to recall such with an overshadowing lesson to remember. Of course, valuable individuals that the Hou-Zi either continue to have good relations with or new eager relationships with others which blossomed in the past lunar cycle are all welcome to attend. For those who wish to have a view of the culture of Hou-Zi, and would like to consult our own on such, are more than welcome to come and indulge on the lessons we learned from our losses. ~* 复兴盛宴 *~ Fùxīng shèngyàn - The Feast of Revival Before we begin the following ceremonies and traditions of the Hou-Zi populace in this particular festival, there will be a short feast for all to indulge in. A banquet of sorts, all allowed to partake and feast upon the meals laid out for all the individuals attending the festival. Once all have filled their plates to the brim with various food items and beverages, we will begin with a short speech from Feng-Guihua to address the climate of all the Hou-Zi have lost and learned from. After all the individuals have finished mingling and speaking to each other during this feast, we will move on to the main ceremony. ~* 火凤凰仪式 *~ Huǒ fènghuáng yíshì - The Fire Phoenix Ritual Once the feast and initial mingling are complete, all guests of the monastery as led by the venerable Qing Long will move to the ever-burning pyre which represents the pain and anguish all have faced in the current climate of the world. Forming a circle around the pyre, all individuals will gain a chance to voice their beliefs and thoughts of the continent known as Arcas. We will publicly speak of the losses, any problems, and growing issues of the populace at this pyre as a collective. None will be forced to speak, but it is highly encouraged to do so for the ritual. By the end of the pyre, a single orb will be tossed into the flames as an offering, a wish to learn from these mistakes and improve. Once this main ceremony is complete, the denizens of the realm will move onwards to the final ritual intended for the festival. ~* 水凤凰仪式 *~ Shuǐ fènghuáng yíshì - The Water Phoenix Ritual Once the guests of the monastery complete addressing their concerns and doubts, they will follow Qing Long to complete the next ritual by the river, representing progress and learning from the pain experienced in the pyre. All individuals will be given parchment paper, made from the reeds grown locally in the monastery. They will be asked to form origami with the paper, in order to form a lotus flower. They may write anything they wish on the paper, and decorate it however they like. When they are all finished, they will place the papers in the river to allow it to float off into the distance, a form of remembrance and learning from the past. Food and refreshments will be gifted to those that attend, along with some unique items they may take home to remember the occasion. We welcome all denizens of Arcas to come, and we look forward to your attendance. 真诚地, 青龍【Qīng lóng】 Sun Monk & Student of Dengyu Monastery 风桂花【Fēng guìhuā】 Way of Sun Monk & Teacher of Dengyu Monastery -= OOC =- There is also a lesson before this if you would like to come early! Check out the letter below! Let any of us know if you need help finding it. @Stargazer @UmbreScye @Waibiao [!] A letter was also distributed throughout the monastery and neighboring Hou-Zi temples. [OOC: 5/16/2020 1:40 PM EST before the Phoenix festival!] “你好兄弟: Before the festivities begin, another venerable Hou-Zi by the name of Wài biǎo from a neighboring temple will be arriving to conduct a short lesson and meditation session revolving self-thought. They will be addressing philosophical ideas regarding to the inner-soul and self of an individual, we encourage all Hou-Zi and guests to attend this lesson before the festival. We look forward to your attendance to this lesson. 真诚地, 外表【Wàibiǎo】 花轿的僧和老师 - Huājiào de sēng hé lǎoshī Huajiao Monk & Teacher
  8. Vescyra Laraethryn approves this message.
  9. The Spring Solstice Festival “Tor Eldar - the fruitful beginning to the unity of Elven Kind” OOC: April 30th, 2020 [Thursday @ 3:00 PM EST] 5th of The First Seed, 1765 [!] A missive is distributed all throughout Arcas for all Mali, descendant alike to look over. The insignia of the Pale of Aldemar and the Okarir’taynuel would be pressed into the paper as well, to allow the reader further guidance to where it originated. “To all citizens of the Pale, friends, and guests of our realm: The Okarnmira’myumier Kaliri, the Spring Solstice Festival is meant to spread our culture and advertise the clarity of the future that Malin had set aside for his children. The weight of the burden to fully unite our people as one, rests in the hands of the Pale of Aldemar, now formally known as the city of Tor Eldar. To completely celebrate the beginnings of our future and progress towards the united Mali people, we will begin with the first festival of this season surrounding the Spring Solstice. This event begins with a public full Elven day festival where all can attend and later in the evening an extraordinarily formal ball that will be reserved for citizens and formal guests to our realm. We encourage those attending to dress in Spring colors, bright and warm colors, within Tor Eldar. ~ The Dusk of the Spring Solstice ~ The citizenry and guests of Tor Eldar will be invited into the throne room where the Warden will be sworn into office by the Saneyir. The Saneyir will approach the throne with the Warden, rightfully overseeing the Warden with the grace and blessing of Malin riding on their words. The Warden will be expected to repeat and uphold the oath as stated by the Saneyir. This will serve as the conclusion of the event, however, festivities will continue for as long as guests remain. ~ The Dawn of the Spring Solstice ~ The public festivities of the Okarnmira’myumier Kaliri will revolve around esteemed lliran erecting merchant stalls and booths in our lavish city, to enable guests to purchase their goods. There will also be various activities available throughout the day for individuals, each held by both coordinators and volunteers of our community. For those curious about how to earn an event space for this event, please note that the most successful volunteer will be awarded a sum of minae for their contributions to Tor Eldar. There is a limit to merchant stalls, and it is highly advised that individuals host games at their stalls. Please contact the Okarir’taynuel for information and help on what you can do during this festival. -= Advertised Stalls =- If you are interested in holding a merchant/game stall, please let the Okarir’taynuel know. Vethrai Flower Stall: The stall will be operated by Ciliren Vethrai. The Vethrai family will be using one of the merchant stalls to sell and advertise their available bouquets and flowers. They will be selling flower crowns and giving out free single flowers to those attending this festival. They are incredibly intelligent in the ways of the flower language and can formulate any sort of gift you can imagine for a close llir or partner of yours. Make sure to check out their stall for all their goods, as they are focused on ensuring you stay within your spring theme! Laraethryn Lantern Stall: The stall will be operated by Leandra Laraethryn. The Laraethryn family will be holding a temporary merchant stall to bring back old traditions to Tor Eldar for the Spring Solstice, predominantly creating lanterns and all sorts of paper knick-knacks for guests. Guests may pay for a pre-made lantern or may make their own, leaving within a message to resemble their own wish. At the end of the event, all the lanterns will be set alight and sent into the river to be dropped into the waterfall, to signify the sending of all the guest’s wishes with hopes of granting them. There will also be tiny paper figures to be sold at this booth, all holding different sorts of prayers and wishes within them for the guests. -= State Held Games =- If you are interested in helping with a game, please notify the Okarir’taynuel. Over the Vallei: The event will be held by the Divu’sulli family. Logs will be placed in the major river of the city before the lantern stall begins their rounds. Two contestants at a time will be allowed to parkour through the river, however, each will be gifted a single-pole each. If a contestant can successfully knock the other into the water, they will win immediately. However, making it to the finish line will also grant the person a victory, giving the players equal opportunity to choose their battles. [2000 Minae Prize] Apples and Arrows: The event will be held by the Okarir’taynuel. Three apples will be set up in varying heights in a separate location, and individuals will be tasked to hit each one with a bow with blunted arrows. Being able to hit all three of them will gain you the best prize, however, being unable to hit any of them will lead to the apple bobbing round. For each apple missed, you will need to dip your head into an apple barrel to successfully grab an apple to make up for it. Depending on the color of the apple, decides your punishment or reward for the event. This can range from eating spicy candy, or even getting the full reward anyways! [1500 Minae] and a special item. Life or Death: The event will be held by Valliline and Kleo Vethrai. A total of three contestants at a time will be presented three coins each with different symbols on each one. The Malin coin, which represents either Neutrality or Bias. The Cerridwen and Cernunnos Coins which represent life/death. The goal of the game is to successfully pick the Neutrality coin with the right side up. This game is matched by elimination rounds, those that pick life will be given a sip of wine, people that pick death will be given a shot of whiskey, and those that pick bias will be eliminated. Gaining neutrality will give immunity to the person for the next round. The last person standing will be victorious in the drinking game. [1000 Minae] and a special item. We look forward to your attendance at the Spring Solstice Festival. Esteemed guests will be sent letters as a personal invitation. Sincerely, Vescyra Laraethryn Okarir’taynuel -= OOC =- We could use some extra hands for the festival, if you’re interested in doing something please let us know. We’ll only be allowing a couple of game/merchant stalls up, so let us know early if you want to hold one for the event. You will be compensated for whatever help you can provide, and we hope to see you at the event! Please privately message me @UmbreScye on the forums for my discord if you would like to contact me there.
  10. Luyre Miravaris points to the missive and nods, munching on a piece of bread. “Yeah, now that’s Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya.” She nods approvingly, walking back to the tavern.
  11. Fae Reusvuln sat alone on the rooftop of the Reusvuln household’s home, the evening clouding the sky with stars as darkness took over the city of Helena. It was awfully silent, unlike the usual bustling nights the Valah city was well known for. In one hand the elfess held a long silver pipe, and in another was a note detailing the demise of Sepp. She crumpled the paper with her hand, and stuffed the whole thing into her pocket. Only outrage was visible on her face as she gritted her teeth, shaking her head subtly in a displeased manner. “I knew you’d die, leaving a bunch of kids that loved you behind. Guess that’s the life we signed up for anyways, ain’t that right?” She muttered, taking an inhale of the fumes from her pipe and staring up to the sky. “Hopefully Malin pities your sorry behind, you fool.” She exhaled, continuing to stare up at the sky as she leaned back on the rooftop.
  12. now this is the sort of application I like to see on lord of the craft ! bring them in you won’t regret it!!!!! +1
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