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  1. Uppori Visaj read the missive carefully, and without flinching she immediately took a copy for herself to archive. She gave a quick nod towards the board, and seemed to walk away without a word.
  2. Faemystu Uveyna stared at the new structure of the Sillumiran, crossing her arms a bit as she thought to herself. She gave the parchment paper a snide ‘huff’, just as she unveiled her silver pipe and strode away from the notice board.
  3. Uppori Visaj began to sweat profusely, noticing that they were being thrown out if they did not court another individual... She would hide in her room, seeming to try and avoid the marriage drafts by the Maheral!
  4. [ ROLEPLAY ] [!] A letter with the Visaj Seal would be found in your mailbox, the wax being a calm sky blue color. Upon unfolding this envelope, the letter would be written in neat handwriting on a silky white piece of parchment paper. There would be a bronze pin located inside of the letter, one in the shape of a lion. ”Dear Mordithas Miravaris, Karin’ayla, Ker’ayla. This letter would like to congratulate you on your acceptance into the ‘Trainee bartender’ position.Your previous encounters with other individuals, as well as your uncanny determination to create a lively conversation with guests, is something that we appreciate in an applicant. I would like you to begin your training by working as a waiter under my supervision, later on we will place you under the guidance of our Silver Bartender to pursue your interest in the bartender branch. Before your interview, please make sure to memorize our drink and desserts menu, which will be sent to you in a different letter. During the interview please bring your letter of acceptance. Ahernan for applying! Sincerely, Okarir’tayna, Uppori Visaj 8th of Snow's Maiden, 1742” [!] The letter would end with her signature, and a stamp saying: ‘ACCEPTED, please find Uppori Visaj’ [OOC] Thank you for applying, I will talk to you on discord!
  5. White Stag Cooking Class 8th of Snow's Maiden, 1742 [!] A neatly written sheet was posted in front of the White Stag bar, a simple parchment with a notice and a wax seal from the Okarir’tayna. The seal seemed to be a rather calm red, boosting the importance of the short announcement. Beside the initially hung up sheet, there is a corner table holding a stack of copies for citizens to take. The contents were as follows: “Karin’ayla, Ker’ayla, This letter marks the beginning of the White Stag’s first cooking class, which will begin in approximately two elven days during the evening. This class will repeat on the same day the following elven week, courtesy of the tavern workers and the Okarir’tayna. These lessons will occur within the tavern’s kitchen and central dining hall, and we will teach a recipe to the citizenry during each session. The wonderful Silver Bartender and newly appointed Laurir, Goan Aldin will be the first instructor for the class in two elven days. If you wish to volunteer to teach a class a recipe or two, seek the Okarir’tayna. However, we have a couple of things that we recommend you bring, of course we will also have some spares available just in case you happen to misplace yours. You may bring: An apron, mitts for oven use, and as an option you may bring your own silverware. Should an accident occur during the session, you will be treated swiftly with first aid and sent quickly to the clinic. If you are prone to various allergic reactions to foods, please make sure to notify the instructor immediately. We have facilities available to rinse and clean your hands thoroughly to avoid such. We hope that you will attend the first class, ahernan for reading. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Sincerely, Silver Bartender + Laurir, Goan Aldin Okarir’tayna, Uppori Visaj” [!] The letter ended swiftly, as it was a short announcement. The large signatures of the two individuals were marked on top of the sheet of paper, both seeming unique in their own right. OOC: [Friday, 4:30 PM EST [11/15] in the Tavern] The class will reoccur for about 2-3 weeks, on the same day and time! Different people will be hosting, and times might change. Stay tuned!
  6. Uppori Visaj had not been around for the previous announcement #66 made to the Sillumir, but she was fortunately able to attend the Sohaer’s speech. She had begun by writing a letter, preparing for the trial that was soon to be executed by the Diarchy. She frowned within the own confines of her room, seeming rather distraught by this turn of events, but remained silent.
  7. Faemystu Uveyna would have skipped out on the Sillumir meeting, but was watching the entire encounter from a nearby bench. She squinted at the group, taking in a smoke out of her pipe quickly. She practically choked on the smoke in her lungs once she heard some of the last comments #66 made. “Wait wait wait, so he’s saying to disobey the orders of the Okarir’tir and the Diarchy?” She squinted, and let out a hearty laugh, elbowing a nearby ‘aheral in a humorous manner. “That’s absurd, and practically asking for a death sentence. It’s gotta be a joke right?” She laughed again, but then her face grimaced as she realized that #66 was being honest.
  8. Uppori Visaj stared at the research done, tilting her head at it for a short moment. She had no words at the moment, instead she simply placed the missive back where she found it. Whistling a bit as she took a step back from the pile of research papers, Uppori began walk away hesitantly, still not saying a word as she left the parchment paper alone.
  9. Uppori Visaj read the new laws quickly, a quick approving nod followed after. “Wonderful, a new set of laws that is rather crystal clear. Hopefully there will be no more disputes on the subject, and perhaps with time things will be added.” She commented idly, now taking a copy to put up in the tavern.
  10. The Taeleh’laurir Association 12th of the First Seed, 1739 [!] Notes were passed around the entire Silver City, and it seemed that it was written in very neat handwriting! The missive was written upon creamy white parchment paper, and contained the stamp of the Visaj family. A couple of application forms were found on each note posted around the city. Have you ever wished to freely debate to your hearts content, within a select group of individuals? Maybe you simply wish to mingle and socialize with your own, as one Mali to another. Perhaps in your time within the Silver State, you have yearned a tight knit group to discuss topics that concerned the state? An association of sophisticated Mali that focus on the development of the Silver State of Haelun'or and the rest of Arcas, has now appeared at the door step of the Silver State. Coleyo Visaj has taken the initiative to start a club within the Silver City, and it is sure to be a life changing experience if you decide to join. The Taeleh'laurir Association is filled to the brim with individuals that are looking for fellow sophisticated Mali to join them in their endeavors. This group focuses on debating over architecture, literature, and politics that occur all over Arcas. This group also, is open to those that simply wish to have a good chat and time with some fellow lliran. Taeleh’laurir Rules I: The Taeleh'laurir Association is strictly Mali only, those that are not of Elven blood must go through stricter procedures in order to be allowed into this fold. These standards will vary and change along with the political climate of Arcas, and very much vary between each individual. Having a member 'vouch' for your entry is incredibly recommended, and shows your initiative to interacting with our fold. II: This association of sophisticated Mali does not invite the feint of heart, as we retain a strict and poise stature towards debates. Responsibility lies within tolerance and maturity, which is required within the group. Senseless bickering and arguing whilst displaying your appalling ignorance on a subject, will only serve to get you kicked out of the group. III: Proper etiquette and manners must be upheld at all times, those who were brought up with 'backwards' thinking are advised to steer clear of the association. The unclean and unkempt individuals are not welcome, lest they change their ways and embrace the sophisticated standards of the Taeleh'laurir. If you wish to join this group, please find Coleyo Visaj and fill out this application: Taeleh'laurir Application Form Sincerely, Elemyumiran, Taeleh’laurir Leader, Coleyo Visaj Okarir’tayna, Tavern Keeper, Uppori Visaj [!] The missive ended quickly with the signatures of those who took part in writing the announcement... =OOC= Hey! The leader of the Taeleh’laurir is SlimittyJimmitty on Minecraft. Please go talk to them or fill out the form ASAP if you want to join! Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you at a club session. For easy contact, make sure you are in the Haelun’or discord [SlimJim on discord]!
  11. [ ROLEPLAY ] [!] It seems that Alaric and Uppori have already handled the form in person, therefore a letter was not returned. [OOC] Thank you for applying, I will talk to you in rp.
  12. Information for Aspiring Club/Event Hosts 12th of Sun’s Smile, 1738 [!] A missive was attached to a sleek birch box, and it was held together using steel and reinforced metallic bands. It had a stack of forms, and a rather delicate quill for those to use. Inscribed upon the creamy parchment was an official briefing on some new forms that were being distributed to the public. This birch box, seeming like a mailbox really, was posted right in front of the White Stag Tavern. "Karin'ayla, Ker'ayla lliran. As the Okarir'tayna, it has come to my attention that besides some local exclusive sites of work and progress, that the state is incredibly lacking when involving the citizenry in various easily accessible activities. Joining the Sillumiran, becoming a researcher, a physician, or even a tavern worker are all wonderful career paths to enjoy, but I wish for more public and calmer hobbies to become prevalent within the walls. The Uhieran are a wonderful example of what I envision to occur more often in the state. Citizens are now being given a chance to take the initiative, under my guidance and aid. If you wish to create and/or lead any clubs/associations, please fill out the following applications that are listed below. Refer to the next section for some quick aid on the matter as well. Short notes for aspiring event holders and club creators I: Notify the Okarir'tayna of your intent before acting, if you wish to annually host events on a regular basis you must fill out the application. If this is a one time event, please just chat with the Okarir'tayna so they may give you helpful feedback or help to make your event run smoothly. They can offer materials and items for the duration of your event. If you are simply hosting a celebration after your own wedding, you are not required to fill out an event host application! II: If you are hoping to create a club, you are absolutely required to fill out the application. If you wish for a one on one chat about the situation beforehand, please send a letter to the Okarir'tayna. If you are uncertain of what exactly you want, please organize a meeting and bring along some others that are interested in your idea. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Sincerely, Okarir’tayna, Uppori Visaj” [!] The missive ended quickly with the seal of the Visaj Family stamped right onto the paper. =OOC= Event Suggestion application https://forms.gle/kAxjt1zydhaDns1m6 Event Host, Club host, and potential Medi’ir application https://forms.gle/D29rYtQDrekTPy9c6 OOC: Please shoot me a message if you need help! I’ll be more than happy to assist you. I want to help others host their own events and start clubs, so please let me know if you’re interested.
  13. Uppori Visaj glanced at the crows dropping the missives from the sky, the red paint staining the floors and windows. “Staining the state with horrid blood red hues only speaks to the impurity that the writer attempts to hide with their somber pleas.” She spoke slowly, gazing at the blue windows becoming tinted with dark dyes... A frown followed her comment, as if expecting there is still more to come.
  14. Uppori Visaj stared at the missive blankly, and then let out a subtle sigh. “Hmm... Alright, this doesn’t seem to be too much trouble. It is simply a public statement of existing facts after all.” She gave a calm smile, and placed the parchment into her leather pouch.
  15. Faux reached over to pull the announcement off a nearby board, flicking at the paper to straighten it. Her mask covered her expression, but as she peered over it she furiously tapped the ground with her foot. “Innocent travelers? I’m pretty sure they were bandits, we were just doing our job keeping the roads safe!” She jested with some fellow Ruswick men, letting out a hearty laugh at her comment. – Uppori Visaj would only frown as she read over the missive, seeming distraught that yet another war was occurring. “How many wars must we partake in? Our efforts should be kept with handling the Irrinor situation...” She let out a rather somber sigh just as she placed the announcement on her table. She took a seat in front of her desk, quickly writing some letters to her friends, family, and employees. With a stamp of of the Visaj Seal, she would place an incredibly short missive right on top of the tavern doors: “The White Stag Tavern will assist in ensuring the Sillumiran do not go hungry, please donate food and materials for the war effort. – Uppori Visaj.”
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