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  1. Uppori Visaj read the missive, a tired sigh escaping her. “More dark days ahead for the Silver State...” She spoke calmly, but seemed to be filled with some sort of odd sorrow. Taking a copy of the missive, she would rush off into her study. “I hope I can keep it together, the clock is ticking.” She commented carelessly as she rushed off.
  2. Uppori Visaj read the missive calmly, nodding approvingly to the message behind it. She would take a copy for herself, carefully storing it within her study, and began to write a letter. As she did so, she would whisper calmly to herself: “Mister Uradir, a man I had always looked up to from afar. I saw an individual willing to go to extraordinary lengths to retain peace, and purity.” She commented carelessly into her room, placing her quill down. “Perhaps, a bit too far this time... Taking one’s life is the greatest sign of impurity in a Mali’aheral, but it will not change that he has left quite the mark in the Silver City.” Uppori then glanced at the window, folding the letter she had written calmly. “He was right in one thing, the Kharajyr are our most favorable allies and lliran. To live and breathe side by side, we must learn to adapt and cherish the ones who live alongside us. I hope the future entails improvement, rather then more steps backwards.” She finalized her ramblings, standing up and tying the letter to a bird. “Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, rest well Mister Uradir.”
  3. The Union of Kleo Vethrai and Valliline Yllasalor 9th of The Amber Cold, 1751 [!] This notice was distributed to citizens in the city, very quickly. To all the blessed citizens of the Silver State, We invite the blessed Citizenry and respected allies of the state to attend the Union of our two wonderful Mali’thill citizens, who have taken the initiative to marry and continue their bloodlines for generations to come. We shall reconvene within the blessed knowledge of the Eternal Library, as per tradition in the following Elven Days to come. Please attend and witness the marriage of this lovely couple, and there will be refreshments and celebration to commence for the after-party in the White Stag Tavern. Ahernan for reading. Maehr’sae Hiylun’eyha. Sincerely, Okarir’tayna, Uppori Visaj [!] The official notice ended swiftly with the seal of the Okarir’tayna -= OOC =- [ Wedding is on Wednesday January 22nd, 2019 @ 4:00PM EST. Please attend, and have fun! ]
  4. Uppori Visaj watches as the prisoner was taken away into the clinic, to accept his gruesome punishment. However, within her own study she had taken this exclusive missive for herself to read. Uppori, seemed to tilt her head when reading the final sentences of the missive, sighing gently to herself. “Hmm, I did not expect this conclusion. Oh well... Not a matter for me to handle.” She muttered, placing the paper to the side and seeming to be filled with discontent.
  5. Feng Guihua read through the missive, nodding approvingly to the contents. She smiled from her shelter within the Silver State, already writing letters to her Xiongdi comrades around the globe to find the Monks of Dengyu Monastery... “Guihua is very pleased to see Hou move forward from tragedy. To see such disciplined group form, Guihua is eager to join up with comrade.” She commented idly at a free desk, continuing to write with a blissful mood.
  6. History of Hou-Zi on Arcas 4th of the Sun’s Smile 1751 [!] A neat scroll contained the contents of Feng Guihua’s take on the history of the Hou people, there seemed to be two versions of the book. One mostly written in a Hou dialect, whereas the other was looked through and edited with more common. The one with more common, was as follows: Chapter I: Introduction The story of the Hou-Zi civilization is one of cruel origins, and perhaps a bitter ending to a populace that is still attempting to strive even with their current conditions. To my Xiongdi, Hou title for each other, I send my deepest prayers to you. This short piece of scripture will serve as a memory, and recollection of the current events conducted by the Hou-Zi of Arcas. A remembrance of the lives lost and sacrificed to reach this very moment. I, Feng Guihua, hope that all of my fellow Xiongdi after many lunar cycles remember that our struggles and efforts were not in vain during this iteration of our civilization. Chapter II: State of Shen When the Hou-Zi first entered Arcas, some history was muddied or forgotten as the elders passed on or disappeared. We will start with the State of Shen, during 1710, which resided on the exterior of the Gongzhu tribe. Krugmar, the one place where the Rex had accepted the Hou-Zi and allowed them a small plot of land to build. There began the construction of the major Shen Temple, in respect to the deity of the Hou-Zi people, Hou-Shen. Around the same time that Guihua joined the civilization, the first peace treaty between the Hou and Kharajyr commenced. A peaceful future was clearly in sight. Lead by the chosen Huangdi Yu Zhuding, a Hei-Zhu of royal blood and chosen by Hou-Shen, the Hou-Zi people lead a prosperous life by the coasts of the Krugmar Savanna. Protected, and we fought for them no matter the cost. The current families at the time were: Yu, Liao, Hsieh, Tian, Shui, Feng, and Lang. Many Hou-Zi returned to their roots, in search of their culture and history. Yu Zhuding could be thought of as the ultimate incarnation of what is expected of a Hou-Zi, a wonderful retainer of culture and discipline. At some point, Yu Zhuding mysteriously disappeared and was replaced by Hsieh Xin. An activist for peace and respect, he was remarkably appreciated by most and some did not like his mercy towards others. However, due to the transition in leadership, it leads to a growing feud between the Gongzhu Ren and the Hou-Zi. The Rex at the time, Burbur’lur, was not fond of the demands for the respect that was in the treaty of Fur and Tusk. As time passed, tensions grew and times began to change. Chapter III: Qinghai Slaughter As the conflict grew between the Gongzhu Ren, and the Hou-Zi populace of Qinghai under the leader Hsieh Xin, there was an attempt to pass leadership onto someone who seemed rightfully chosen by Hou-Shen. Under Cao Cao and his second Shen Bu, it was thought that they would lead the citizens of the State of Shen to a prosperous and peaceful time. However, the council was misinformed, and we slowly descended to a time of panic. The Hou-Zi all equally respected Cao Cao, believing he was truly the chosen of Hou-Shen as he descended upon our people. Soon, it became clear that his actions to some were not favorable in the Hou-Zi name. With the council torn, half in favor of the previous Huangdi Cao Cao, the other disapproving of his actions. The fateful day came where a wandering Aishan, a dwarf, entered the State of Shen’s lands with the wish to sightsee. Cao Cao’s decision, was to tear apart the poor foreign visitor, making an example of him and displaying is military might. The citizens watched as Cao Cao brought back the might of the Hou-Zi from hundreds of lunar cycles ago, ready to make claim on the world. Obviously, the citizenry was full of unrest after the altercation. The Gongzhu were in favor of Cao Cao, many were at the time. However, the brutal murder of the foreigner led towards half of the Family Heads making a hasty call. Quickly, the Hou-Zi began to gather their things at the sounds of nearby war horns, it seemed they had an eavesdropper on their conversation. The Hou-Zi began to rush away, piling their things onto their boats to escape. However, Cao Cao and his brother descended upon them, only to realize they were ready to slaughter helpless civilians. The Civilians called out for peace, and to allow them passage away from the State. Cao Cao, decided to attack the civilians regardless of the negotiation. With a sword drawn, they attacked the ship. The venerable Lang Xiahou stepped forward to buy the rest time, as they all escaped through swimming or through using a nearby ship. The slaughter of civilians could be heard from the coast, as the State of Shen cheered for the deaths of the Qinghai people. The slaughter of the innocents had occurred on the very night their council disagreed with Cao Cao. The State of Shen referred to the fleeing group as ‘Yellow Turbans’ apparently due to some farming Hou’s current wear after a long day of work. Sun Wukong, joined the Military State of Shen with a drive to hunt down the rebels. The Qinghai victims referred to Cao Cao as the Tyrant for the rest of their separation. The rift between the Hou-Zi had spread rapidly. Chapter IV: Settlement of Xiongdi de Lianhe: The Jade Republic The rebel Hou-Zi of Qinghai immediately rushed to their nearby allies of Sutica and under Tul’Tsisha the Kharajyr. The treaty remained still, and the Kha offered up their home for the group until they could find shelter elsewhere. Under the statue of the Kharajyr goddess ‘Muuna’, Tul’Tsisha and Hsieh Xin shook hands to begin a new era of peace and protection between their new people. Relations seem to improve greatly between the groups until the worst had come to invade Sutica. Often, the State of Shen military would come to raid the land of Sutica in search of the rebel group. Most times, in an attempt to take prisoners of the people or other interesting times of when they would ask for the group to rejoin the State of Shen. Claiming that burning bridges will only stunt the peace between the two groups. The fear of Cao Cao grew within the current escapee group, and they have politely declined these offers. Soon, with the aid of Tian Hong and Shui Haiyang, they began to construct giant ships to take the population back to the roots of Hou. They began to sail off into the distance, in search of the jungles to claim once more for themselves, off the coasts of Queens Isle. Once they made their way to this far spot, away from almost all civilization, they began to construct their city: Xiongdi de Lianhe, and now most commonly known as the Jade Republic. The Jade Republic was a place of neutrality and peace, seemingly inviting all within its walls and any who seek shelter. At the time, they contained various groups within their walls who found the settlement to their liking. Living within the trees and building lavish homes on the ground, among their giant temple to worship Hou Shen, it was a dream come true for the once prosperous Hou-Zi. The Hou-Zi celebrated many holidays within their lands, in particular some included the Shōuhuò Yuèliàng jié, The Harvest Moon Festival. It was a worldwide celebration, gathering hundreds of civilians from all over the world seeking to attend the culture of the Hou-Zi. Then, came the Qīngmíng jié, Tomb Sweeping Day, in honor of those lost to the massacre and the bravery of Lang Xiahou. Although there were many meditations for peace, and prosperity, the day finally came when the prayers did not reach Hou-Shen. Chapter V: The Mother of the Void The ground of Arcas shook wildly, and missives were sent everywhere, posted on every single door of the realm. Beware the Mother, it spoke quaintly of an entity we did not know about. Then suddenly, large beams of darkness erupted from the underground of the Jade Temple, the Hou-Zi began to panic. Hastily, we began to pack up our things in order to escape the calamity ahead of us, though it was too late. Frighteningly, a large round beast of unknown origin grew from the ground, eating away at the temple and growing horrid tentacle growths. Grabbing at civilians and popping them into its mouth like candy, and summoning Voidal terrors unlike anyone has ever seen. Everyone on Arcas appeared to deal with the situation, though from my perspective it seemed that none cared for the Hou-Zi populace. Hastily, Hou-Zi rushed about to grab whatever citizens they could, some overwhelmed by the energy of the Mother whereas others succumbed to the tentacles to become fodder. At this moment, Hsieh Xin the Huangdi of the Jade Republic was lapped up by the Voidal Terrors and instantly killed during the fight. The Hou cried for their Huangdi and rushed into battle, many simply dying with grief due to the loss. The civilians quickly gathered, rushing out of the gates and rushing onto their separate ways. Without a leader, some Hou-Zi rushed off to Llyria in order to settle with the Chi Monk order who took refuge there. Others, rushed onwards to Irrinor the settlement of Wood Jiantou, hopefully, to seek neutral shelter in their walls. In an attempt to avoid war, many had simply gone missing or traveling. The State of Shen, sat comfortably within the Gongzhu walls, as this entire event occurred. Chapter VI: Conclusion I did not reconvene with my Hou-Zi people and stepped down from my position as Chancellor. This was the peak of Hou civilization in this era, and it truly did make an impact on the world at some point. However, this Voidal being that attacked the Hou people was a warning to us, a horrible omen for what the future will bring. The Hou-Zi will rekindle their culture, and return to their roots at some point. Xiexie, and Blessings from Hou-Shen. *This Scroll should only be in the hands of the Eternal Library or the Hou-Zi people. If the original copy is found elsewhere, please return it.* Written By: Feng Guihua, previous Chancellor of the Jade Republic Note: Feng Guihua will continue to write on Hou-Zi culture, and thank the individual who read the history of Guihua people. Unfortunate that Guihua had to flee during the final act of the Jade Republic, but still hopes that the other Xiongdi are alright. -= OOC NOTE =- I’ve always loved the Hou-Zi culture, although there’s quite a lot of dislike from the LOTC community towards them. I wanted to make sure there was some form of a literary piece left on Arcas for the Hou-Zi, so at least in the future players will have something to learn from this era. I’ll be putting all this information in a written book as well soon so the Eternal Library has a physical copy as well! Please look at the references section:
  7. Uppori Visaj just so happened to pass by during the festivities, unfortunately missing some of the events due to her work. However, a warm smile on her face appeared as she read the single sentence referring to her gift for the Kharajyr people. “Ah... A shame that I missed most of the festivities. Hopefully, I will be able to attend next time. It is truly swell to see the Kha doing wonderfully.” She muttered to herself, continuing on her way.
  8. White Stag Tavern Apprenticeship and Work 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 1751 [!] This notice was placed exclusively on the noticeboards located within the tavern and of course the square of the Silver City. The notice read as follows: To all the blessed citizens of the Silver State, The staff of the White Stag Tavern has been re-structured with hopes of attracting Mali’thill who are eager to learn more about the professions we offer. Most positions are open at the moment, due to the dire need to have them filled. However, please note that for most beginners they will be immediately allocated into some sort of apprenticeship program. For higher roles, we will require a bit more experience in the matter. Coming to work for the White Stag Tavern will allocate you with the knowledge and experience you need for all endeavors you seek. I: Tavern Keeper [Uppori Visaj] - Owner of the White Stag Tavern, oversees all tavern activity, creates future plans, and organizes events in the tavern. They are meant to socialize and do business with tavern owners across Arcas. They will handle apprenticeships for every category should they be absent. II: Eletaynuel [Goan Aldin] - Co-owner and Manager of the White Stag Tavern, they organize and manage all the groups to the best of their ability. They ensure each group is properly supplied and monitored. They are able to become the master of whichever group they desire, and the Head of that section can consult them for information + help. A. Bidanbilokir [Goan Aldin] - The Head Bartender. Handles all the bartenders, delegating tasks to them as they see fit. They lead the bar at all times and will act as a role model for all current bartenders. a. Bartender [OPEN] b. Bar Trainee [OPEN] c. Bartenders are regarded to be experts in all sorts of drink preparation, and Bar Trainees will have to pay close attention to the Bartenders around them to learn mixology. B. Fihernir [Cinh’llytn Leni’irrn] - The Head Chef. Handles all chef work, delegating tasks to them. They essentially lead the kitchen on all tasks, and they assign Station Chef’s appropriate Commis. a. Station Chef [OPEN] b. Kitchen Apprentice [OPEN] c. Station Chefs have a special skill on top of their normal day to day routine, in which the Kitchen Apprentices are expected to follow without question to fully understand the culinary arts. C. Elanahanair [Anya Asclepius] - The Head Waiter. Handles all the waiters, educates them all on formal executions of handling guests. They often will assist the VIP room and large city events occurring in the tavern. They also assist in ensuring that the apprentices learn proper manners and etiquette. a. Waiter [OPEN] b. Waiting Novice [OPEN] c. Waiting tables and guests will earn you the skills you need in terms of teamwork and organization. Learning proper professional manners + etiquette during your apprenticeship. Prerequisites for joining the Tavern staff: The Silver State of Haelun’or first-class citizens will enjoy the immediate ability to apply for all ranks in the Tavern. For those who reside outside of the Silver State, you are required to first come for an interview. Once you pass the interview, you will be requested to fill out the citizenship form during your apprenticeship. Constructs are not allowed apprenticeship due to unforeseen circumstances. Perks for completing apprenticeship: [IRL 2-3 WEEKS] Guaranteed education throughout your apprenticeship. All extra tips earned is yours, extra compensation will be granted. Bartenders get immediate permission to mix and sell their own drinks in the tavern after being reviewed by the Eletaynuel. Chefs get immediate permission to cook freely all sorts of goods and sell their creations in the tavern after being reviewed by the Eletaynuel. Waiters get immediate permission to host private VIP room parties, at no cost and at the discretion of the Tavern Keeper. Perks as Head of a group: Special items available on the menu, and permission to alter the menu. Ability to accept and decline applications. Allowed to host events without extra permission. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Sincerely, Eletaynuel, Goan Aldin Okarir’tayna, Uppori Visaj [!] The notice quickly ended with the stamp of the Okarir’tayna, and a bunch of extra slips: -------= Apprenticeship or Work within the White Stag Tavern =------- OOC: Discord ID: [example#1234] Minecraft IGN: ___________ RP Information Name: ____________ Race: _____________ Preferred Position: ____________ Previous Experience:__________ [1-2 Sentences] -------= Please turn in the slip to any staff member. You will be sent a letter of acceptance or rejection with a date of your interview. =------- OOC: Please copy-paste your form onto this thread. For more information, please message me on discord! I’m currently accepting most applicants, please reply to this forum post with this exact form. If you don’t want to put your discord on a public forum, just privately message me your discord on the forums.
  9. The White Stag Tavern 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 1751 [!] This notice was placed exclusively on the noticeboards located within the tavern and of course the square of the Silver City. The notice read as follows: To all the blessed citizens of the Silver State, The moment this missive is displayed for public view means that the final reconstruction of the White Stag Tavern is complete. With the aid of the Laurir Goan Aldin, the reconstruction and redesign of the entire tavern have been fulfilled within the year. However, with the newly improved and advanced tavern structure comes with change. This notice serves as an update for the current Tavern, including the addition of various rules and new services. Please continue reading should you be interested in the new facilities and opportunities the tavern now offers. As this missive is hung up for public view, the White Stag Tavern’s construction will be officially complete. Official Rules of the Tavern: I. Unless it is a formal debate between two courteous individuals, arguing and impure bickering is not allowed within the tavern. Slander, profanity, and all will be requested to leave the tavern. If they do not heed warnings and do not leave when asked, the Elsillumiran will be called to handle the situation. II. The White Stag Tavern is welcoming and tolerant of all individuals of the realm, however, constructs are required to be accompanied by their masters. Constructs are not allowed within the tavern. II. Before you leave the tavern and have been aided by a staff member, please make sure to tip them for their work. Leaving a tip is a kind way of saying thanks for their time to serve you, so we highly encourage it. Other than that, citizens of the state are allowed free meals whereas visitors must pay the set amount required. Opportunities and Facilities: I. The Major opportunity for all aspiring citizens of the Silver State is the open apprenticeship for learning mixology, culinary skills, and the mastery of professional mannerisms + etiquette. Apprentices will work under their assigned mentor for the duration of their studies. Information will be submitted soon in a further notice. II. Visiting reservations in the new VIP Guest Room. Single room open for all visitors in the Silver State of Haelun’or, for an extended period of time. They will be guaranteed free meals and drink while residing in the room. If they pay for the week, they will be given an exclusive tour and VIP brunch, which needs to be scheduled in advance. [350m per Elven Week][50m per night] III. Citizens may reserve the tavern for private or public parties, in which the tavern will take offer catering services for all the guests. We will offer proper accommodations for seating and decorations as they see fit, as long as there is proper notice. [Not including the VIP room.] IV. The new VIP lounge is now available for reservations, for those seeking to have private meetings with a full course meal. Staff will be assigned to your table and will treat you to a divine time as you discuss matters of importance. [100m per person attending] V. We are now eligible to sell wine bottles from our collection. Please notify any of the Head staff for help with pricing and overseeing the collection. You may ask for other food orders from the tavern as well. The menu is being corrected as this missive is pushed out, please remember to ask for prices. Finally, enjoying some relaxing time within the tavern! We will have a wall dedicated to ensuring that visitors are knowledgeable on certain announcements and things they might need for prolonging their stay. We are currently accepting apprenticeships and full-time work within the tavern as well, but please look at the previous announcement for that. Please visit the White Stag Tavern, and ahernan for reading. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Sincerely, Eletaynuel, Goan Aldin Okarir’tayna, Uppori Visaj [!] The notice quickly ended with the stamp of the Okarir’tayna.
  10. Uppori Visaj, glanced at the notice casually within her own office. A fleeting smile appeared on her face as she placed the document onto her never ending pile of papers. She whispered to herself, seemingly positive input on the paper, giving it one more nod before striding off.
  11. Reconstruction of the Okarir’tayna 6th of Sun’s Smile, 1750 [!] This notice was placed exclusively on the noticeboards located within the tavern and of course the square of the Silver City. The notice read as follows: To all the blessed citizens of the Silver State, “Master of Life, the Okarir’tayna administrates and ensures that the excellent living standards of the Mali’thill is upheld and constantly improved. The Okarir’tayna sees to the administration and organisational measures required for happenings of different natures, enabling all who wish to hold events of their own.” - The Silver Diarchy As you all know, the Okarir’tayna duties now include ‘overseeing the Clinic and all its future endeavors’. Without a doubt, most civilians may see this role only pertaining to the organization of public welfare, including all sorts of events. However, it is not that simple of a task to generalize into a single sentence. The tasks include, ensuring that the living conditions of all Mali’thill are enriched and up to my standards. Meaning, I am meant to oversee all tasks among all the Okariran and ensure the civilians working in their stead are treated properly in terms of social, mental, and physical standards. Ensuring their tasks are executed without a problem, and ensuring all civilians are contributing to the city in some way, are all important factors of what sort of administrative duties I execute. Now, not only will I be overseeing the tasks of all Okariran including the citizens working for them, but also appointing certain Medi’ir and new positions under my stead to aid me in my effort to continuously enrich the city: I: This includes the newly appointed Medi’ir Storm Elibar’acal, who will primarily oversee the work of the Okarir’san and Okarir’tir. They will execute and formulate new ideas, suggestions, and reviews of the work forces under the Okariran of each respective group. They will ensure that the standards of the Elemyumiran and the Elsillumiran are constantly improved. They will be the voice of each group, in terms of complaints and concerns; even helpful feedback. A: All Medi’ir under the Okarir’tayna will be supervising the duties of their assigned Okarir and group. They will not be of higher rank whatsoever, only to act as a helping hand when they are in desperate need of improvement or enrichment. They will always seek to constantly improve the conditions of the groups they have been assigned, and will collect all possible input from their group. B: Medi’ir have the choice of picking exactly which part of the Okarir’tayna duties to indulge in. Be it primarily the organization of public events and mental health, OR the administration of Silver State facilities. Organization of public events will include creating missives, planning blueprints, decorating, and maybe leading the event if there is no host available. II: The Head Physician of the Haelun’or Clinic, Laurir Dele Seregon, will be known as the official Advisor of Public Health. They will advise the Okarir’tayna, medical providers, and aspiring physicians on all that is health and medicine. The Head Physician will rightfully be one of the second in command to the Okarir’tayna in ensuring optimal public health. A: Whenever a situation is in dire need of the evaluation of the Head Physician, they will be granted temporary access to the council meetings for that specific necessity, upon the Okarir’tayna’s approval. This includes when the physical or mental health of the citizenry is at risk, the sudden risk of disease/plagues, work in the clinic, and more to be determined. They may determine possible plans for the clinic and in terms of health, all under the discretion, advisement, and approval of the Okarir’tayna. III: All adult citizens within the city are required to search for the Okarir’tayna for professions and opportunities should they require help. An adult citizen without work, stunts the growth of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Oem’iian with a focus on a certain profession are optimal, laziness will not be tolerated within the city. IV: This serves as the end of the clarifications on the duties of the Okarir’tayna, henceforth from this very moment. We are actively searching for Medi’iran who will serve in our ranks, to help enrich and improve the life within the Silver City. Please seek the Okarir’tayna for available opportunities and questions you may have. For now, please ignore OLD missives in regards to events. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Sincerely, Head Physician, Dele Seregon Medi’ir, Storm Elibar’acal Okarir’tayna, Uppori Visaj [!] The notice quickly ended with the stamp of the Okarir’tayna.
  12. IN REGARDS TO THE OKARIR’HIYLUN 16th of the Grand Harvest, 1750 [!] This notice was written swiftly, and placed all throughout the city. Upon further examination, you could see that it was made rather hastily. The contents were as follows: To all the blessed citizens of the Silver State, With a heavy heart, the Okariran of the Silver State of Haelun’or announce the sudden vacancy of the Okarir’hiylun in the city. The once esteemed Okarir’hiylun, Nelgauth Maehr’tehral, has been unfortunately removed from his position due to unforeseen circumstances. Leaving an open vacancy within the council, promptly leading to the removal of the Okarir’hiylun spot. The Okariran have decided that it was time for a new council position to be birthed, which will be addressed in a further notice. The duties of the Okarir’hiylun have been delegated to the Okarir’tayna and the Okarir’mali. The Okarir’tayna now takes the burden as overseer of the Clinic and physicians; Whereas the Okarir’mali will strive to become the protector of Mali’aheral oem’iian. For any inquiries on the well being, or placement, of oem’ii that have found themselves in the Silver State please locate the Okarir’mali. For inquiries on facilities, opportunities, appointments, or perhaps donations to the working ‘thill in the clinic please seek the Okarir’tayna. The position of Okarir’hiylun is abolished, until further notice. Maehr’sae Hiylun’eyha. Sincerely, Okarir’mali, Azorella Elibar’acal Okarir’tayna, Uppori Visaj
  13. Haelun’orian Mid-Winter Ball 8th of the First Seed, 1746. [OOC: The event is: December 19th, 2019 @ 4:00 PM EST] [!] A rather neat notice was posted almost all throughout the city, and most were located on doors of nearby housing units. Additionally, a framed notice was placed right on the doors of the White Stag Tavern. The bold title was eye-catching to any citizen strolling by, and the letter said as follows: “Ker’ayla, Karin’ayla all citizens of the Knowledgeable State of Haelun’or, A contribution to ensuring progress and life to the wondrous Silver City has come at last, specifically hosted by the kind Valliline Yllasalor. They have come forward and requested aid from the Okarir’tayna to host an end of the year ball to embrace the coming of Winter in Arcas. Lately, as we have examined in the city it has begun a hefty expansion in order to improve the living conditions of our people. Why not celebrate this apparent progress with a ball to commemorate not only maehr’sae hiylun’ehya but also the end of the year? Upon entering the barren lands of Arcas, we were all met with the blinding cold when escaping our previous homeland. The troubling era of starvation and worry comes to an end, as we remain victorious in the face of danger. This time however, we are met with an abundance of food and shelter by the hands of the Blessed Diarchy and the Okariran. Thanks to the fruitful efforts of Valliline Yllasalor, we are able to continue forward in order to bring our citizenry together and move forwards away from the previous worries our people have had. Look no further, the date for which the ball is to commence is during the 19th of Malin’s Welcome which will be in only a few Elven weeks. Come in elegant clothes, preferably bronze, pine green, and/or crimson red attire. You are permitted to wear ‘winter’ colors such as white and all blues. Individuals wearing informal clothing meant for solely work or clothing from a previous celebration, will be asked to wear a brooch that is meant for this occasion. This is meant to ensure that you are still within the theme of the ball. This ball will be featuring special items specifically from the lovely Valliline Yllasalor, along with unique items from the White Stag tavern. The beginning of the ball will be holding short speeches from various individuals, in order to announce important events and upcoming details. A toast to the Blessed Diarchy and the blessed citizenry will be absolute. The featured items will be premiered on the day of the ball, and brooches will be given out prior to the celebration. In addition to this Winter Ball being hosted by Miss Yllasalor, we will be including an additional event to end the ball. This ball occurs close to the recovered tradition of the Mali’aheral, the intriguing Eve of Larihei to mark the mid-winter mark upon the mountains of Mali’thill kind. This event is held as a remembrance of the journey taken to this very moment, and to bless the citizenry for the upcoming decades ahead. This means that we will naturally be giving out a multitude of random gifts to all citizens that attend this time. Feel free to donate items to the White Stag Tavern that are intended for this gifting season, however please keep note that only unique items will be stored and given back to the populace. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Sincerely, Okarir’tayna, Uppori Visaj Laurir, Valliline Yllaslor 8th of the First Seed, 1746. [!] The note ended with the official stamp of both the White Stag Tavern, and the Okarir’tayna. -= OOC INFO =- [ Brooches are a Minecraft + RP Exclusive item. You may request one early.] [ We are looking for musicians! If you want to try performing, please let us know! ] [ Donate any unique rp items for the tree! We will be randomly handing them out to people after the ball.]
  14. Faemystu Uveyna squinted at the notice, tapping the ground impatiently as her eyes drifted over the paper. A sinister grin poured over her face, one of pure malice that is not normally seen from her usual uncaring personality. “Ah... The assailants better be found soon...” She mumbled with obvious hints of rage, stomping off away from the board to regain her composure.
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