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  1. EDIT – as of 17:00 GMT, 10/11/2019, my commissions are closed as i complete the commissions i have already accepted! thank you for all the interest shown, this notice will be edited again when i am ready to accept commissions again. BACKLOG – 6 hello! being new to LotC, i’m hoping to earn some minas. in return for minas, i’m offering art of your oc’s! FULLY SHADED, NEATLY LINED, COLOURED: 2700 minas Examples: these drawings usually take me around a day to complete, and under other circumstances I charge £35, therefore i am not cheap when it comes to ingame money. ROUGH LINEART, COLOURED AND ROUGHLY SHADED: 800 minas Examples: the lineart here will be closest to the lilac image, with colouring and rough shading. these drawings take around 3 hours. contact me on discord (D.#3817) for further information! thank you for your consideration <3.
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    Born into a small family of sheep-farming dwarfs living on the outskirts of Hefrumm, she was raised by strongly religious parents and dedicated worshipers of Anbella, the Hearth Mother. Her mother was a kind dwarf who often told Sygen stories of the Brathmordakin, and her father was a hard worker. The family often spent their time using wool from their sheep to create warm clothing which they sold for a profit. Sygen is most skilled in archery and agriculture, tending to a garden of valuable vegetables and herbs when given the time. She hopes that during her journeys she will find people to sell them to, as although these herbs could be used for magic, she is not skilled in Herblore herself. At the age of 16, she parted from her parents and other fellow dwarves, filled with the desire to further explore the world and find a place close to nature where she can rest and grow and raise a household. She is still travelling to this point. As a farming family, her parents saw little reason to educate her, therefore she is mostly illiterate and her ability to count is only enough to allow her to manage money. Sygen is also distrustful of people to a fault, and has a particular bias against Cave Dwarves, their size, reserved nature and way of living. She despises the idea of living within stone and brick.
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