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    Dmitri Hanson grew up in the poorer parts of the city of Curon and apprenticed to his father who was a blacksmith in his early days he obtained many burns and scars as a result of accidents including a large scar down the right-hand side of his arm. He has an underlying fear of fire and tries to keep his distance he, however, enjoyed playing with the weapons that were lying around his father's shop and gained some basic experience with them as on rare occasions the soldiers of the empire in the fight against AIS whilst getting repairs may have shown him a trick or two. Dmitri’s father always wished for a better life for his son and a way out of poverty he paid what little he had towards getting Dmitri taught literacy as to teach him how to write which was one of the few skills his father was never able to obtain. At the age of 14, Dmitri was determined to learn how to fight properly and wield a sword, Dmitri agreed to help around the city barracks in exchange for lessons at the end of each day by one of the soldiers who had fought in many battles on the Empire's behalf. Dmitri loved to learn about how the empire was the strongest of all the nations in the world and how humans were destined to rule. His scholar had also told him off the other races in the world and he had seen dwarfs on occasion traveling the roads outside of the city. Dmitri had grown hatred towards a certain race which was orcs due to a group of orcish bandits attacking his mother one day as she returned from visiting her brother and his family in the capital. Dmitri had not left Curon now and at the age of 19, he was determined to see more of the Empire. Along with this, he wished to learn more of the Canonist church and its theology and how one should lead their life, as Dmitri believes religion is extremely important and to not abide by it is disgraceful. For although Dmitri attempts to lead a pious life, he is not a man free from sin and bends the rules on some occasions, especially when it involves the making of money which is of the utmost importance to Dmitri. He wishes to become extremely wealthy and be able to move away from his past living in squalor in the poorest parts of the city of his upbringing and wants to be able to save enough money to care for his only family, which was his father. Due to this necessity, Dmitri endeavored to move on and start a new life, so on the eve of his 21st birthday, he left his family home and walked down the empty streets of Curon unsure as to where he would journey next. He thought perhaps the capital, for he had heard great things of it the wealth the power but now he must remain in Curon. The city was not in good shape and was in need of change, and Curon had always been looked down upon within the Empire due to its shaky past and its movements including the breakaway from the Empire which Dmitri thought was appalling. He had decided he was going to fight for money, and so Dmitri became a mercenary in many posts, primarily guarding politicians and people of importance where he learned much of the ways of politics and how the bureaucracy of the Empire worked, due operating on a day to day basis with these powerful men and politicians. However he would have a long way to go if he wished to get to that level himself, but Dmitri is determined to make something of himself yet.
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