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  1. The great Migration

    "May ye journey be a safe one friend," says Rhys
  2. "Well sh*t then, guess the haflings are the one behind this war," Rhys comments
  3. The Fear of Death, Silver Fallen

    "Death is just another path, one we all must take," Rhys would comment.
  4. On Renatian Aggressions

    Rhys smiles
  5. Nobility of Hanseti-Ruska

    No judgement here old friend
  6. Nobility of Hanseti-Ruska

    "Maybe ye should read it a bit closer," Rhys Comments.
  7. Shield-Brothers of Markev | Recruitment

    STATE YOUR FULL NAME: Rhys var Ruthern STATE YOUR AGE: 36STATE YOUR RACE: HighlanderSTATE YOUR ORIGIN OR BIRTHPLACE: County of Metterden in AxiosHOW IS YOUR FIGHTING ABILITY? CAN YOU BE USED AS A SOLDIER?: I was a former officer of the Royal Army of Haense, and veteran of many battles.LIST ANY OTHER SPECIALTIES OR CRAFTS YOU HAVE MASTERED: Anything you need.
  8. [Denied]Disheartened's GM Application

    Would make a great addition to the GM team, she m is nice, and always willing to help. She's got my vote. +1
  9. 1000 A.D.

    KINGDOM OF ENGLAND Leader: Æthelred the Unready Heir: Edmund 'Ironside' Population:1.6 Million Military: 6,000 dismounted men at arms, 1,000 mounted men at arms, 1,000 longbow men, 1,200 mounted Knights. 12,000 levied men in training. Able to raise around 120,000 men in levies. Navy:130 ships Trade: France, and Normnady __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ King Æthelred sits on his throne, a young noble approaches him with news from Scotland, "What part of improve relations don't those idiots understand?" He grumbles. "Maybe you should sent word telling them what they can, and can't offer?" The young nobles suggests. "Ah... yes I should have done that in the first place," He states with a hint of annoyance. "Very well send word to offer Scotland open trade, and a Defense pact." "Of course, I'll send word at once," the noble proclaims before leaving the court. ~ The following day King Æthelred calls for a war meeting, "We all know the Danes are coming, when we are unsure of." He proclaims to the men gathered. "Our army while well trained is small do to recent losses, and levies have little combat experience." He looks around room glancing at each of the faces. "If the Danish horde arrives to face an army of inexperienced Englishmen we will be crushed. This is why I believe we should strike first, if we wait around with our sword up our arse we won't win if we let them prepare, and can't hold a siege forever." King Æthelred takes a deep breath, "This is why we should take the fight to the Danes, and invade Denmark." The room is filled with uproar from those present. "An invasion of Denmark is to much of a risk!" One Noble cried out. King Æthelred puts up his hand to silence the room. "We can not just wait here for them, we'll take the fight to them." Æthelred states. "Make preparation for a invasion, and finish the last of the ships." With that Æthelred ends the meeting. Actions A letter is sent to the diplomat in Scotland, informing him to offer the Scots a trade deal, and a defense Alliance. (MOD) The remaining 25 ships to be built are worked on. (MOD) Preparations for an Invasion are made, supplies are pooled together for the army. (MOD) King Æthelred orders a force of 4,000 man at arms, 500 mounted men at arms, 500 longbow men, 800 mounted Knights, and 12,000 levied men to rally, and camp outside of Hastings, where the English fleet is docked. (MOD) Æthelred pens a personal letter to Richard of Normandy, asking for aid in his invasion.
  10. [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Wolf goes Green

    Give him the chance, hes a great guy. I'e had plenty of fun rping with him before, and he would be a great actor +1
  11. 1000 A.D.

    KINGDOM OF ENGLAND Leader: Æthelred the Unready Heir: Edmund 'Ironside' Population:1.6 Million Military: 6,000 dismounted men at arms, 1,000 mounted men at arms, 1,000 longbow men, 1,200 mounted Knights. 12,000 levied men in training. Able to raise around 120,000 men in levies. Navy:100-150 ships Trade: France, and Normnady ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Today is the wedding of King Æthelred, and the Duke of Normandy's sister Emma. Æthelred stand infront of the alter with his newly wedded wife beside him, Richard the Duke of Normandy is seated in the front row along with the rest of his nobles. The church erupts applause and cheering as the couple share their first kiss. The following day Æthelred calls a meeting of his small council. In order to plan for the coming seasons. First he orders the defenses of London be strengthened, supplied & ready for a siege as well. Next he orders the drilling and training of the newly levied 12,000 men. Æthelred also orders forts to be built and garrisoned along the coast in case of danish raiding party's. He also sends word to the shipyards to built another 50 ships for the fleet. In order to pay for all of this he orders a new tax levied across the Kingdom, Æthelred states to the people "It is the duty of every Englishmen to aid the defense of the realm, be it with sword or coin." He also sends a diplomat to Scotland in order to build relations. Actions Æthelred married to Emma of Normandy. Defense of London strengthen, and supplied in case of a siege. Forts built along the coast, and garrisoned by the men sent there. (MOD) 50 more ships are being built for the fleet. (MOD) The newly levied 12,000 men are drilled and trained. (MOD) New Tax is levied to pay for the defense of England. (MOD) A diplomat is sent to Scotland to build relations. (MOD) ((This post is shitty I know, but it was deleted twice bc of the forums going down, I almost didn't even post I was about to quit)so I did this one fast just to get the actions done))
  12. 1000 A.D.

    KINGDOM OF ENGLAND Leader: Æthelred the Unready Population:1.6 Million Military: Around 8,000 professional Soldiers, 1,200 knights. Able to raise around 120,000 men in levies. Navy:Unkown Trade: Open ______________________________________________________________________________________________ King Æthelred sits in his court, surrounded by his nobles. King Æthelred rose to the throne at the young age of 12, from the start challenges faced the young King. Constant raids by the Danes have left his Kingdom in poor condition. Just three years ago he faced a heavy loss to the Danish invaders. Now at the age of 22 King Æthelred has great plans for England. Æthelred's first sends a diplomat to the France, and Normandy with hopes of building relations. His scribes would get to work writing. To the Duke of Normandy Richard the Second; To the King of France Actions Æthelred orders a census of his fleet as well, he wishes all ships to dock at Hastings. (MOD) King Æthelred also knows the need for a strong Army, a lesson learned from the Danes. His sends orders across the lands calling for lords to train 10,000 professorial Man at Arms, as well 2,000 Calvary. (MOD FOR RECRUITMENT) His Majesty orders his current Standing Army to start drilling, and preparing for coming conflict (MOD) His Majesty orders a force of 1,000 soldiers, and 200 knights to march for the Eastern coast of Mercia In England in order to repeal any further Danish raids (MOD)
  13. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Application Country/Tribe: England Leader: Æthelred the Unready Population: 1.6 million History: Anglo-Saxon England was early medieval England, It consisted of various Anglo-Saxon kingdoms until 927 when it was united as the Kingdom of England by King Æthelstan. King Æthelred the Unready came to the throne at the young age of 12 on 18 March 978. His early rule is plagued by conflict with the Danes. Æthelred hopes to stabilize the Kingdom, and drive out the Danish invaders. Do you have Discord?: yes
  14. [Denied]yoppl's GM Application

    Yoppl is a great role model and leader. I believe he wouldn't make a great addition to the Team. +1
  15. LoTC Tiny Towns Project