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  1. Captain Ruthern grimaces as he handles the aftermath of the fire, remembering the soldiers who ran into the building to save Georges life
  2. Rhys Ruthern sighs in the Seven Skies, “If only.”
  3. Captain Ruthern sits in his office cleaning his armor following the wargames, "The Empire stands ready." Erik smiles as he recalls leading the first charge across the bridge.
  4. FIRST BRIGADE REFORMS The First Brigade stands as the backbone of the ISA. Every new recruit or cadet at one point or another has passed through the First after they complete training. With its role as the Infantry, it is one of the largest and most crucial Brigades in the ISA. However, after years of stagnation with no major reforms or changes Captain Erik var Ruthern sees fit to enact changes to the Brigade. Creation of the 1st Brigade Grenadiers For years the Imperial State Army has gone without its elite grenadiers. With a lack of organization and purpose they’ve fall
  5. Erik smiles as he recalls visiting Helena as a child with his father, "I'm honored by this, and shall repay Oren for everything its done for my family."
  6. RP Name: Erik var Ruthern MC Name: Ave_imperium Voted: Yes :)
  7. Captain Erik Ruthern smiles as he and his wife read over the invite, “Our eldest is all grown up now.”
  8. Erik var Ruthern smiles the suns smile as he two eldest children are becoming adults.
  9. Every year has brought its highlights with different people, so I can’t pick a favorite. But I do miss the early days when I joined and I was a simple noob running around to scared to rp with anyone
  10. Marus sits beside the fire in the southbridge tavern, watching the rangers in green cloaks drink and bond. "A motley crew," He'd huff before continuing to poke his longsword into the fire.
  11. Erik var Ruthern spits out his morning coffee when he heard what his daughter did.
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