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  1. "Coup d'état" 9th of Jula and Piov, 298 | 9th of Owyn's Light, 1745 The Coat of Arms for House Ruthern-Batavus (left) and the previous Brunswick (right) The day had begun well. The enemies had fled as soon as it had become clear they would meet with fierce Curonian resistance. Ser Brand Aldis von Denhardt and Yugio Romanovich set out after them on horse, to ensure that the ruffians wouldn’t escape. But neither could they have imagined that they would take Alexander Merentel 'The Snake' himself captive. When they had found him, it was with only a woman. Ser Brand retrieved his bow as he shouted for the man to halt. When he didn’t, he tightened his grip around the bow“HALT!” He shouted at the man. Unwilling to fight, Merentel, grudgingly surrendered and was to be taken back to Avalain, to face justice for his treason. A chivalrous man, Brand allowed the woman to go free, while promising that Alexander would not be harmed. But oaths and promises mean nothing to their breakers, and little did they to Brand when dealing with them. Unfortunately for Brand, this act forced his hand with a plot that was months in the making. racing over to Ivan Ruthern, a legitimized bastard of House Ruthern and an Alderman of Haense. Together, they led a small army as they marched on the Templar fortress of Brunswick. They were received well initially as many of the housed Templars thought for it to be a simple return of host and formal meeting between their liege and another; yet that was not what happened nor would happen. Brand ordered his men to seize Brunswick which was in fact already his, though he intended to purge the plague known as the 'Knights Templar' these unholy men that had taken up arms against the Church from Brunswick and even from the world if the need would arise. His own council received him well, though many refused his offer to abandon their heinous ways and as such, were forced to step down and banished. There had been no fighting, but many a man was banished. The Templars who remained loyal to their leaders were banished, as were those leaders themselves. The coup was a huge success, and the two were proudly able to call Brunswick theirs. But for Ser Brand that was enough as he handed the freshly conquered lands over to Ivan Ruthern to do with as he pleased. Ivan, in communication with his parent house, established the cadet branch Ruthern-Batavus as he prepared to formalize an agreement with the crown of Hanseti-Ruska, renaming his new lands to Batavia. It was thus officially declared; the lands of Brunswick under his Lordship Ivan of House Ruthern-Batavus shall become a vassal of the Kingdom of Haense. IV JOVEO MAAN HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, King Andrew III of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Kusoraev, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Grand Duke of Vanderfell, Duke of Vidaus, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, and Kaunas, Baron of Valwyk, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, Lord of Alban, Reza, Markev, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders HIS LORDSHIP, Lord Ivan Ruthern-Batavus, Viscount of Batavia THE RIGHT HONORABLE, Ser Brand Aldis von Denhardt, former Baron of Parvousburg and Brunswick
  2. “Proud Highlander traditions indeed, a shame we spill each others blood in this war.” Siguine comments as he reads the act.
  3. “If a Highlander is willing to break his oath, and betray his kin for land. He is no true Highlander.” Siguine var Ruthern comments as he reads the letter. “House Ruthern will stand by House Barbanov as it has for generations.”
  4. Imperium


    “We kill soldiers, not children.” Says an Imperial
  5. best poet on the server
  6. Marius looks down from the seven skies, the former King offering a smile, “From failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high.” ((Glad you finally got it posted))
  7. https://tenor.com/view/good-luck-gif-4547465 Peace
  8. Said peasant and his family soon vanish.
  9. “I actually enjoyed it,” says a passing peasant.
  10. MOD POST 3 Tale of Tongues 202 Morning Star - Midyear World Events News begins to spread that the Blades broke into the Thalmor Embassy and stole documents, some even claim it was the DragonBorn himself. Meanwhile, In Valenwood a rebellion has started between the Pro Thalmor Government and resistance group hoping to overthrow the Dominion rule. Forebears -Only another four thousand join the military, manpower is starting to run low. -The amount of weapons and armor ordered will take nearly a year to fully finish and a large part of the treasury. -Food Supplies and gain are stored in the cities, but with no enemy marching most will go to waste if not used. -Five Warships are built -The People seem split on the subject of High Rock, many of the warriors are eager to teach the Pirates and Bretons a lesson, while the lower class who are taxed heavily to fund a war begin to openly protest against it. -Many Redguards seem magic as unhonorable and the few who practice magic can only cast basic destruction spells. Wayrest -Eric has won, with Moorford dead, the people of Wayrest have thrown their support in with the young King. However, even has thousands more flock to his banner the north is held by the Pretender and the Pirates still hold the capital. Even the Redguards remain with a fort on the coast. - 100 more Knights join Erics Host, and one thousand men. Crowns -Many Veterans decide to stay home instead of joining the army, there is no war for them to fight. -When the host arrives at the border they find several bands of Orcs from one of the many clans in camps watching them. -The one thousand men sent to the dwemers across the Crown terrority, but any parties sent into them are nearly wiped out with survivors refusing to enter. Instead they attempt the block up the ruins but they are harassed by what reports claim are ‘metal demons’. -8 warships are built. Daggerfall -The operation begins and ends without much trouble, several Knights are killed but tens of hideouts are found and burned. The supply of Skooma begins to drop and the violence between gangs also lowers as they are slowly taken out. -The agricultural projects take off, and funded by the King they are expected to be finished next year. Orsinium -The March through Evermore surprises the Breton Kingdom. They had ignored the raiding since its typical for the orcs and paid no attention. The Kingdom was to busy dealing with the civil war in Wayrest to care for the Orcs. However, then a large warband led by the King Atoba himself, the Breton King sends a message demanding they withdraw from Evermore. Stormcloaks -Two thousand men join the Stormcloak ranks, however with winter and manpower running low its expect this will be the last wave of recruits for sometime. -The Jarls loyal to the Empire decline, they shall not break faith nor will they side with the man who murdered the High King. EMPIRE -While Numerius Mede is able to prevent the Thalmor from any open action, they still begin to crack down on Talos worship in Skyrim and Cyrodiil. -The reforms continue, still it will take time for the new system to be ready. -Only one thousand men are raised in Skyrim with winter and low manpower. Blackmarsh The Dunmer armies quickly begin to regain control of the land lost in the Blackmarsh invasion. With the man host staying in Blackmarsh they Great Houses of Morrowind are able to free their people and lands. ((Rushed modpost before swim, enjoy a better one next time I promise.))
  11. ((I don’t have the energy to write a post, but Siguard is dead he tripped and broke his neck.))
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