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  1. Imperium

    A Call for Sensibility

    The honorable Rhys pokes his head from his studies, he sense someone has insulted his honor.
  2. Imperium

    A Call for Sensibility

    Rhys smiles as he reads it, “My grandson has grown up to be a better man then I could have hoped for.”
  3. Imperium

    The First Summit of Cyrilsburg

    Rhys marks the date down to attend, and gets back to work on writing new legislation.
  4. Imperium

    Mournstone Declaration of Vassalization and Relocation

    Rhys offers a nod of approval
  5. Rhys reads the paper from his study, still locked away by the sky gods. “Hmph, seems this old soldier has one last war in him,” he remarks
  6. Imperium

    The Formidable Anti-Imperial Coalition

    Time to dust off my adobe and crank out memes
  7. Imperium

    An Ultimatum to the Invading Realms

    Rhys reads over the letter from his study, “Cowards, we’ll drive them from Last Hope and take it our self.”
  8. Imperium

    The Big Dogs are Back

    We literally just had died and came back to our city, you were the ones who came running in attacking us again.
  9. Imperium

    The Big Dogs are Back

    You ran through the markev, when btw we died and were just chilling there. Started to shot at us and drove us all into the barracks, cleary you didnt care we already died. All of us were still in the party, so you cant use the fact we were still statused as reasning when clearly you knew we were dead.
  10. Imperium

    The Big Dogs are Back

    Funny, didnt seem to care when you guys shot arrows at us and chased us into the barracks when you knew we already were dead. Only after we charged out to defend ourselves and started downing you guys did you suddenly care.
  11. Imperium

    The Big Dogs are Back

    Even fight? Half of us were banned mid fight
  12. Imperium

    Estermont Wick Trade Deal

    Godric etsermont rolls in his grave
  13. Imperium

    The Big Dogs are Back

    You know when it fails again this time, you can use your skills of recruiting child soldiers to take over a small african country.
  14. Imperium

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    We’ll free you soon
  15. Imperium

    The Big Dogs are Back

    Then you guys ran when empire rolled up