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  1. Reaffirmation of Vassalage Issued and Confirmed by His Royal Majesty the King of Hanseti-Ruska Marius II Demetrius, Iv Joveo Ehr 14th of Harren’s Folly, 1707 VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, Under the Majesty and Grace of GOD, our filial vassals swear to be forever loyal to the crown and peoples of our realm. That they will uphold the old law, as well as the new, while bearing heed to any words or callings from the King. Their House shall forever remain steadfast in the King's protection and bear no arms against him, or his kin and kith, unless his Majesty himself says otherwise. IV JOVEO MAAN, Signed, His Majesty, King Marius II of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Kusoraev, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kavat, Karovia, Torun, and Kaunas, Viscount of Alamar, Baron of Valwyk, Rostig, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, Lord of the Westfolk, Lord of Markev, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera. Signed, His Grace, Konstantin Demetrius Ruthern, Lord Palatine of Haense, Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig Signed, His Lordship, Leopold Kristoff of Stafyr, Viscount of Grauspin, Baron of Thurant, Lord Kastellan of Haense Signed, His Lordship, Iver Vanir, Marquis of Vasiland, Baron of Kracken’s Watch, Baron of Lorentz, Master of Ships Signed, Her Ladyship, Elisabeth Maria Preussens, Countess of Österland, Royal Architect of Haense, Lady Steward of Haense Signed, His Grace, Henrik Otto of Ludovar, Duke of Kvasz, Baron of Rostig-Ostistadt, Lizat, Lord Bursar of Reza, Knight of Haense Signed, His Grace, Varon Kovachev, Duke of Carnatia, Count of Kvasz, Turov, Kovachgrad, Baron of Valwyk and Venzia, Lord of the Stones Signed, His lordship, Lerald Vyronov, Baron of Rytsburg, Royal Exchequer of Haense Signed, His Lordship Jan Baruch, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Voron, and Riveryn, Lord of Jorenstadt, Knight of Haense Signed, His Lordship Henrik II Amador, Count of Mondstadt
  2. Imperium

    A call to trial

    “He has flown to close the sun,” Marius mutters.
  3. Imperium


    Marius sighs, “He was a great Emperor and mentor.” He’d not comment on the news of his dead wife's true parents.
  4. Imperium

    Crows Funeral

    THE PASSING OF VALERA BARBANOV In the sight of God, the Crown of Haense hereby brings these words to the public; Valera Barbanov, née Carrion—the wedded wife of Marius Barbanov, heir to the Crown of Haense—passed into the hands of God during childbirth, giving her life in the yielding of a son to Prince Marius christened Petyr Andrik Barbanov. It is with a grave solemnity that this message is delivered, for the Princess Valera was beloved not only by her husband and family but by the people of the Kingdom of Haense. In her diligent service of the Crown, she showed unceasingly splendid character and spirit in all tasks and undertakings. The Crown thus prays for a bountiful and marvelous afterlife in which all is in abundance and in which every comfort is given. In her honor shall the people of Haense and the many others Valera graced mourn for her, for we shall never see her likes again. The Crown has planned to host a funeral for Valera with a magnitude that reflects her greatness of mind and character to be held in the coming weeks.
  5. Imperium

    Medieval Age 1203 AD

    End of 1203 Ayyubid Caliphate of Islam -The caravansaries would be built and running by the end of 1203. -The warning is sent out to all Nobles, however reports of mobs killing christians have already started to flood in. -Soldiers are trained throughout the year. -Materials and funding is raised for the canals. The Teutonic Order -Castle Byblos is fortified, and supplies are brought in to last a siege. -Raiding bands are sent across the border, they burn and pillage the border villages. -onethousand more men, and fifty knights join the orders base in the Holy Roman Empire. -The heretics within Tripoli are converted slowly any resistance is quickly put to rest. The Eastern Roman Empire -The men already raised in the Themes are equipped; however, with the imperial treasure spent on paying the crusaders and the current standing army no new soldiers are able to be raised. -The feast in honor of Alexios IV brings the people together after the tension of the last year, and leads many to begin to take a liking to the young heir. Sultanate of RUM -Around four thousand men are raised to join the Jihad. Meanwhile, the forts are are able to be manned are supplied for sieges. -Suleiman II of Rum, who lead the nation into battle against the Kingdom of Georgia passed away as the new year started. He died of wounds suffered during the battle and is succeeded by his unpopular son Kilij Arslan III. The Abbasid Sultanate -17 thousand men are sent to Damascus, leaving the garrison throughout the Sultanate weekend and undermanned. Bands of raiders begin to attack villages and undefended towns, -The feast attracts nobles from across the realm, during the event many attempt to sway over the Sultan, and favor them more. Others attempt to convince him to raise more men to deal with these raiders. Azerbaijan -15 thousand men march to Damascus, however a large part are untrained and under equipped. -The Royal treasury is nearly emptied by sending gifts to the nobles and commoners. The nobles only ask for larger and larger loans, taking advantage of free Denars. This leads to most construction projects to halt and soldiers go without payment. Kingdom of Portugal -Men in the shipyards scratch their heads, not knowing what to build since they only were told to “Expand the navy.” -The funding the build whole new cities and towns is unable to be raised. THE CHRONICLE OF JERUSALEM -The pope hoping to increase devotion during this crusade, and overjoyed with the progress quickly agree to canonize Saint Baldwin the Leper. -War is declared, christian across the holy land rejoice at the news. Nobles raise their own levies to join in this great crusade. Sultanate of Mosul -Five thousand men are sent to Jerusalem. -The city supplies are stock piled, and defense increased. KINGDOM OF SICILY --Dipold, Count of Acerra leads the men to the holy land, enjoying fair weather on the way. -Frederick II begins to learn from the best scholars in Europe at the time. -The cathedral in Malta begins construction, and it expect to be finished within two years. -Half of the new force is raised before the year is over. The Most Serene Republic of Venice -Gold Company continues training and arming within Venice. By the end of the year these veteran men work together as a unit. -The expansion is underway of the harbors, market and housing expected to take several years. -Crusade stuff? Cilicia -Irrigation canals around Sis are started, however lack of material slows the progress. They predict it will be finished in four years or less. -The hospitallers agree to set up a chapter in Komana, several hundred knights and members arrive to establish and recruit members. -The fortifications in Kyrrhos and Tell-Basha are increased. Kingdom of England -((Pms))
  6. Imperium


    Marius smiles as one of many reforms he plans has passed.
  7. Imperium

    -= A Midget's AMA =-

    Aaron Burr or John Laurens?
  8. Imperium

    The Arcas Landing Festival 1706

    Name: Marius Mcname: Ave_imperium
  9. Imperium

    A Game of Thrones [RP]

    Lord: Roose Bolton Heir: Ramsay Snow Manpower: Five thousand men Seat: Dreadfort, Harrenhal temporarily Words: Our Blades are Sharp Roose sits in the lord hall of Harrenhal. In the past month he's taken the Lannisters stronghold in the Riverlands, and they’ve won a victory at the trident. He looks around the table of the lords gathered. Harrion Karstark sits right besides him, Robert Glover across the table and Ser Helman Tallhart on the far end. Roose gestures to the servant girl, “Fetch us some waters please, we’re going to be here for awhile.” The girl quickly nods before slipping out. Harrion is the first to speak, “We’ve taken Harrenhal the mountain is dead, I say we march our army right to King Landing.” “Lord Glover and Ser Tallhart will march against Duskendale, maybe we can put some pressure on the Crownlands.” The young girl would return with a pitcher of water, and fills the cups of the lords. Roose raise his in the air, “A toast to the North I pray we see it again.” A few days after Lord Glover and Harrion left, a ravin arrives. “A wedding? Seems we must be on the move again.” Actions -Robert Glover and Ser Helman Tallhart are sent to siege Duskendale with three thousand men. -Once word gets out Robb Stark broke his word with House Frey the 1,500 Frey men depart for the twins. -Roose Bolton leads a force of 7,500 to riverun for the wedding before marching north with Karstarks to Moat Cailin. -The remaining 500~ thousand men are left in Harrenhal, with patrols and Harass parties sent in the surrendering area. -Meanwhile a raven is sent to the dreadfort to raise another thousand men from the Boltons holding hoping to raise their army to six thousand. -Ramsay does his own thing -Rider sent to House Reed
  10. Imperium

    A Game of Thrones [RP]

    Lord: Roose Bolton Heir: Ramsay Snow Manpower: 5 thousand men Seat: Dreadfort Words: Our Blades are Sharp Roose Bolton encamps at the base of the twins following the battle of the Green Fork. While encamped he speaks with Walter Frey about seeking a new wife. He agrees to marry Walda Frey, and her weight in gold. Following their quick wedding he beds her, and then leads a force of 12,000 thousand men to take Harrenhal. Leaving Walda at the Twins for protection, scouts are sent to secure the crossing at the Ruby Ford. Actions -marriage with Walda Frey and Roose Bolton -Roose moves his force to seize Harrenhal -Ramsay does his own thing in the North
  11. Imperium

    Medieval Age 1203 AD

    World Events 1203 AD Following the Siege and sacking of the Christian city Zara, Pope Innocent iii excommunicated the crusaders. Now with news reaching him of their plans to place a pretender on the throne in Byzantium he further denounces calling end of the fourth crusade, and for the army to stand down. Once the Crusader Army arrived at Constantinople, a meeting is held between the Enrico Dandolo of Venice and the Roman Emperor. Finally, they emerge with a deal of peace, with the Romans promising to back the crusaders in the holy land. However, the leaders of the crusader army are outraged. They were promised to place Alexios IV on the throne and be paid after all this. Fearing they’re already in to deep after the exicummnatcion, the leaders order a camp set outside the walls of the city demanding the ‘Usurper’ Alexios III give up the throne. Bands of crusaders raid the surrounding area, looting and burning villages. The Eastern Roman Empire -The theme system is put into place, men across the empire are called into service. However due to a shortage of funds and the demilitarization of the Empire, only around half of the 153,600 men are raised to defend the empire. -The walls of the city are repaired and reinforced, enough food is stockpiled to last the city for months. A total of 15K men are rallied in the capital for its defense, including 5 thousand elite varanine guard. Ayyubid Sultanate -fifteen thousand men are conscripted into the military, many of these men are simple farmers with little battle experience. -The canal system is started, but with a shortage of manpower from the recent conscription and lack of funding the project’s completion is delayed. -With the lowing of the Christian tax and the Sultan returning many holy artifacts the people grumble that he is too weak to lead them. Some nobles are brave enough to call him a coward publicly and push for war against the Christian invaders. Principality of Kiev -On the 7th of January the feast brings people from all across the principality, nobles and merchant alike. The people rejoice for the new year and praise their prince. -The 12 thousand men are raised and stationed to protect the borders of Kiev. They are easily able to fend of the small bands of Cuman raiders. THE KINGDOM OF DENMARK -The Galicans refuse the offer of an alliance, but instead seek to open trade with Denmark. -The festival draws many people, leading to a week of celebration and games held. -The census is conducted, ((Answer sent in pms)) Kingdom of Acre -Nobles grumble about the treaty with Egypt but quickly come to accept it after the return of the True Cross -Many Nobles are weary of the idea of a united Cyprus and Jerusalem. Those who hold power in both Kingdoms openly support the idea, leading to many lesser nobles following their example and campaign for unity. Kingdom of Cilicia -Trade is opened with the republics of Venice, Genoa and Pisa. This combined with the income from the spice trade, enrich the realm and fill the royal coffers. However, some merchants begin to look for different routes to avoid the tax. -The castle of Kuklak is now under the command of Hethum, Lord of Lamprom. He oversees the repairs and upgrades to the castle and recruits several hundred locals to add to the garrison. -The nobles that can afford armor, eagerly equipped themselves leading to the emerging class of elite mounted warriors. Kingdom of France -With the order for more men, nobles across the France begin to raise their levies. Meanwhile the remains of the Briton forces manage to regroup and start to march to join their French allies. KINGDOM OF SCOTS/SCOTLAND -The tax is placed on the people; however, many nobles pay little or just refuse it all together. Sultanate of RUM -Kingdom of Georgia agree to the terms. -Many people grumble about the lowered taxes on Christians, while the minor Christian people rejoice. -The five thousand slaves are recruited; however, many were taken by force leading to outrage from the nobles and man refusing to pay taxes. -After becoming a protectorate of the Ayyubid, the survey of the people reports that many are discontent and some even speak openly about revolt. -The festival is held which distracts the people for a time of the recent blunders of their Sultan. -The Christians resist the attempts to convert especially now with less taxes to pay. Kingdom of England -A fresh force of 5 thousand men is raised and cross the English Channel, but poor weather conditions lead to many ships being lost at sea. Only three thousand men land to join King John's host. -Many local lords don’t attend the feast; Arthurs allies seems to favor the French invaders after their recent victories. The Most Serene Republic of Venice -The reconstruction of Zara is started; however, lack of funding and supplies slows progress. -The Gold Company is raised; many veterans join this elite force. But with a shortage of funding from the crusade and other projects the quality of the equipment is lowered. Novgorod -two thousand men and the cavalry are easily raised. -No major mercenary companies seem to find. Kingdom of Makuria & Alodia -the feast is held, leading to two weeks of celebration and games. -the signal tower system is put into place, funded easily with the gold from the mines. -New gold mines are created, several new veins of gold are found, while the old mines seem to be running dry. -Funding from the gold mines is used to start construction of walls and the new village. -The Makurian Throne Hall is expanded, and its defenses improved. -Reports of bands of raiders begin to pour in from the borders. -The construction of the Gezira Scheme and two Caravansaries is started predicted to be finished by the end of the year. -The port cities reconstruction is started, however with funding spread thin from other projections the completion is delayed. Azerbaijan -Christian rejoice, and begin to practice their faith openly. While many nobles openly speak out against this reform. -Only ten thousand men are raised, many don’t see the need for the military buildup. -Celebration are held leading, however in one event bands of unhappy commoners start a street fight which turns into a riot. Its quickly put down by the local guard but also ends the celebrations. -The life expectancy hasn’t improved. -The borders are protected, and bandits are fended off. The Teutonic Order -Nobles and commoners alike seek to join this new order, leading to another two thousand men and 2 hundred knights enlisting. -Chapters for the order are created across the Holy Roman Empire, and one is founded in Paris. Abbassid Caliphate -People rejoice with the lower taxes. -Only six thousand men are raised, many don’t see a need for a large army in times of peace. -The khawarshim sultanate agree to open trade and non-aggression pact. Sultanate of Mosul -Only five thousand men join the army, many refuses in times of peace. -many nobles grumble about the lower taxes on Christians.
  12. Imperium

    A Game of Thrones (OOC)

    Application House Name:House Bolton Holdings: DreadFort Lord: Roose Bolton Religion:Old Gods Brief History (1-2 Paragraphs):House Bolton were once known as the red kings, and feared throughout the north. However during the andal invasion they bent the knee and have been loyal to the starks of winterfell. Its rurmored they still practice flaying their victums Discord:you got it
  13. Imperium

    Blood and Rain

    Rhys smiles as he has outlived another person. Marius makes the sign of the cross, “Farewell Emma.”
  14. Imperium

    Medieval Age 1203 AD OOC

  15. Imperium

    Union of the Falcon and Hammerhead

    Rhys smiles at the news, “My last surviving child will finally wed.” He marks the date down before returning to his writing.