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  1. Rhys and Marius welcome their friend with open arms.
  2. “If you want the government to serve the will of the people join the feudalist. But, if you want the people to serve the government join the Centralists.” Comments Edward. “Both noble goals, one to help the people the other to help the state.”
  3. Never forget Estermont always there for each other
  4. “Prince Otto demanded I duel for honor, he should do the same.” Siguine comments has he reads the letter. “He should practice what he preaches.”
  5. Siguine stands up, “I vote Aye on Mister Ratispora’s nomination as Secretary of the Interior.” “However, I must vote Nay on the Civil Equality Act. This is not the solution to discrimination which you seek. If a non-human seeks equality then they should return to their own cities. Why should Humans have to bend their laws to those who aren’t even a majority of the Empire.The Empire of Oren was not built by non-humans, the Human cities are not mean’t to cast aside their culture for the minority of non-humans.”
  6. Senator Siguine arrives, shaking hands with his colleagues before taking a seat. When his term comes to vote he rises. ”Senator May has proven himself in my eyes, he has my vote and support.” Siguine smiles toward May, “Don’t let us down.”
  7. Marius welcomes his favorite son into the seven skies, “You did good kid, you did good.”
  8. A TIME FOR UNITY People of Haense, I first would like to thank you for your support though this election. For today is not a victory for me, but for all of Haense. This is a step forward for all of us, no matter what walk of life you hail from; the time has come for the voice of the people to be heard. The ideas of the Highlander spirit have not left us, and remain present in our minds and souls. With this spirit we are bound together as one nation, one blood, one people. Together, we of Haense have the ability to make the changes necessary to keep our great kingdom strong. It falls not to those outside our lands, but to the beating heart of Sigismund’s people to see ourselves prosper. Part of being a Highlander means to be independent, and strive to see that your success is borne on the back of your own labor. But this independence led to a rift between past administrations and the people, as the leaders forgot that we are beholden to our people. As the Senator of Haense, I fully intend to see this rift mended, and that all regardless of opinion or politics see their voice heard. Let no Highlander believe that they cannot approach me and discuss what I intend to do, or what would benefit them. Already supporters of the opposition has declared a subpoena of the Department of Civil Affairs; they do not believe that our victory was fairly won. But the people have spoken. All they do now is sow discord amongst our people in a time when unity is needed more than ever. They endanger not only Haense, but humanity as a whole. I urge them to accept the results so that we may come together and push for a brighter future. They may keep pulling away, but I will keep my arm outstretched to mend this chasm between us. My friends, we stand on the brink of a bright future for Haense. All I ask is that you accept my hand and stand beside me, so that we can lead our kingdom to greatness. The divisions of our past will be burned away as we look to a united future. For Haense! For the Highlands! By Bones and Barrows, Siguine var Ruthern
  9. Siguine smiles wishing Yuri luck. “A vote for Siguine is for a better Haense.”
  10. VOTE SIGUINE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW INTRO People of Haense, I’d first like to thank Aedan Capulei for his endorsement. Haense is a proud nation of Highlanders, one which has persisted through its harshest times. Only to come out stronger in the end. It is this fighting spirit that lives within all of us. One that I fear has been forgotten in recent years. I’ve seen division begin to grow within Haense itself, Houses fighting not with swords and men, but with words and intrigue. The growing disconnect between those who claim to rule for the people, and the people they rule has been made obvious. Now is the time to push for change and call for unity among the people. With elections drawing near, I will outline my stance on issues and policies that I shall push through the Senate. I claim to be the voice of the people, and I do not speak honeyed words. I spoke to several leading members of the populists to plan and establish policies that shall benefit Haense if I am elected to office. PLATFORM HIGHLANDER SPIRIT I. If elected to the Imperial Senate, I will strive to keep Haense as it is; a Highlander state that administers its own affairs, protected in the warm embrace of the Empire. II. In order to protect Hansetic Sovereignty we must also strengthen our own military. We cannot rely Imperials to defend Haense, instead we should be promoting growth within our ranks. Something we haven’t seen since Lord Barclay was removed as Marshal. I swear to resist any attempt to centralize into an Imperial army, sons of Haense Promote growth, and ensure resources are given to the Brotherhood of Saint Karl III. Restoration of Nobility within Haense. In recent years, many of the noble houses within Haense have gone overlooked. Those who have worked to earn their positions and help Haense are ignored. While those who simply have the friends are granted positions and lands denied to others. Promote growth of Nobility within Haense. Ensure those who have earned their titles through merit and hardwork are not overlooked. Prevent corrupt and unfair advantages given to a select few who are favored simply because of their name or friends rather than merit. THE CANAL DEBATE: I. If elected to the Imperial Senate I shall finally end the bureaucratic gridlock blocking the completion of the canal. I will endorse a bill with a simple plan to fix the issue: Have experts reevaluate the usefulness of the Canal and the possibility of our enemies using it against us. Based on the conclusions, the Canal will either be finished or filled in with Imperial aid. LAW REFORMS I. Under current Orenian law, guilty by association gets the same punishment as guilty. I would put forth a bill to reform this law. Those who are associates of a crime can not be charged on the same level of those who committed the crime. Prevent those with only minor offenses, from being punished by the full wait of the law. II. Under current Orenian law, any crime committed within a vassal state can be claimed by Imperial courts. This is a violation of Haense’s sovereignty, which must be protected. Any crime committed within a vassals borders will be dealt with by said vassals courts. Imperial Courts are denied the ability to make a ruling on the case. Imperials can only claim cases that cross vassal borders, and involve two or more parties from different vassals.. By Bones and Barrows, Siguine var Ruthern
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