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  1. Imperium

    Child's Play

    I thought this was gonna be a cute rp post about a bunch of kids playing war and pretending when i saw this.
  2. MOD POST 2 Tale of Tongues 201 Sun's Height-Evening Star World Events -The Dragonborn is seen leaving Iverstead after several weeks with the greybeards. Now rumors of Blades hiding in Skyrim begins to spread. -The Dominion starts to cleanse Valenwood of the ‘impure’ causing much unrest within the Province. -In the Dwemer ruins of Hammerfell reports of metal monsters attacking travelers who get close begins to come in, it seems the Redguards exploration has awoken these metal guardians. The Forebears- Hammerfell -Only six warships are finished by the end of 201. -Many Redguards begin to protest the war in High rock after attack by the pirates. Empire of Tamriel -With the Pale Pass and others blocked by avalanches and snow storms any supplies would need to be sailed around the whole of Tamriel. Meanwhile the Jarls donate what they can but the winter in Skyrim means they can offer little help without risking their own people. -After Titus Mede II speech many of the reformists use this support to push through the reforms. While many officers still speak openly against it they are carried through. However, reorganizing the frontier and an army the size of the Legion could take months or years. - The Thalmor diplomats warn the Emperor that these open acts of preparations for war and ignoring the treaty that ended the Great War will not be tolerated. Thalmor agents begin to crack down on Talos worship even harder in the Empire, causing unrest among the population especially those Nords who support the Empire in Skyrim. Orsinium -Many strongholds in Skyrim ignore the war in High Rock and see no reason to support anyone. -The tariff does bring income into the Kingdom but leads to high prices for the grain. -Some orcs begin to talk about a Challenger who will try to duel Atuba Gro-Duron for the title of King of Orsinium. Wayrest -After the defeat at the hands of Eric Cumberland, Moorfords army is scattered and routed. He and his knights managed to escape and plan to lay low. -The Pretender from Northpoint begins the march south to join the fight. -Many locals in southern Wayrest begin to join Erics side after his victory. Stormcloaks -Another two thousand nords join the Stormcloak ranks, all of them young nords with little experience. -Dawnstar sends messages requesting aid from Ulfric after the Imperials take Fort Dunstad. Daggerfall -The crack down on the slums cause much of the poor to see it as an attack on them. Soon riots begin to break out causing many of the patrols to withdraw. -Three more warships are completed, however a break in at the docks by a Schooma gang causes a fire that burns down one of the ships. The Crowns- Hammerfell -The plans for new defenses are expected to be finished by next year. -The Patrols on the border lead to an incidents, a Redguard patrol gets into a skirmish with several Orcs leading to one on both sides killed. The hatred between the Redguards and Orcs seems to be reamerging. Tribes of Blackmarsh -The army of Blackmarsh is on the move, the recent actions in Morrowind cause many Dunmer to now openly call for war once more. Thousands are either forced to flee or are killed. The Great Houses of Morrowind can’t ignore a genocide of their own people. House Redoran and Dres both begin to rally their armies for another war. Whiterun -The lack of grain begins to take a toll on the Hold, many begins to starve only surviving off of rations given by other Jarls. But it seems the nine smile on Whiterun has Rorikstead begins to send much of its surplus of crops to feed the people.
  3. 201 Morning Star - Midyear World Events The sightings of Alduin seem to prove true, and dragons are spotted all over Tamriel, but most heavily in the province of Skyrim. They seem to be growing in number, and so far, attacks are few and occur only on small scaled. However, it is apparent that the attacks are becoming more frequent, and the dragons becoming more bold with each attack. The dragonborn is believed to be continuing his training with the Graybeards, though this is known by rumor alone, for he has not been spotted among the general populace for some time. Most do not even know what he looks like, or who he is, however. Saadia: Rumors make their way into the courts of the Crowned in Hammerfell. The rumors tell that the traitor, Iman Suda, who betrayed Taneth to the Aldmeri Dominion, is now living somewhere in Skyrim. Rumors do not say where in Skyrim she is located. The True High King: Rumors of a strange claw being located make their way into the Courts of Whiterun, the Stormcloaks, and to General Tulius. The rumors tell of dark colored claw, similar one reportedly recovered by the dragonborn near Riverwood. It is believed to be somewhere in either the province of Whiterun, Eastmarch, or the Pale. Clan Forebears -The old defenses of Skaven, Verkath, Hegath and Sentinel are examined, it would take roughly four years to finish the project. -Dwemer ore has been a rare sight since the fall of the Dwemer in the first era, the expansion of mining operations has yielded little result. -The secrets of the Dwemer have been long lost, there is little hope to mass produce dwenmer armor and weaponry. The Kingdom of Orsinium -The females make excellent gifts of the King of Orsinium, within half a year, all three are with child. -The lumber camps and quarries are built with little trouble, they began to supply the Stronghold with supplies. Empire of Tamriel -The Two half legions finally manage march through the pale pass, and enter Skyrim, many Nord Loyalists are raised to complement the two half legions in Solitude. -The military reforms started off poorly, reforming such a vast army which has been in place for years is no easy task. And with the threat of war against the Dominion and a civil war in Skyrim many generals question if it’s worth wild. -Thalmor representatives in both Skyrim and the Imperial city are outraged with the ‘slip up’ by Elisif, they demand the Empire denounce Elisif. Stormcloaks -The Stormcloak navy begins to grow, with a dozen ships added by midyear. - In the harsh conditions of Skyrim farmers and workers labor endlessly to supply the stormcloaks, how much longer can they keep it up? -Several Thousand Nords loyal to Ulfric flock to Windhelm the join the one true high King. (Another four thousand Nord recruits) Tribes of Blackmarsh -Explosion of the Dunmer from controlled lands hardly goes well, many fight against the Argonians and while many flee to either Skyrim or what's left of Morrowind a resistance begins to from to fight the Argonian invaders. -House of Redoran and Dres are suspected of supplying these rebels and might even be preparing for a counter attack. -Centralizing and consolidating the tribes of Black March is no easy task, however many clans unified in their hatred for the Dark Elves are willing to help. -Modernization of the cities of Helstrom, Stormhold, Stonewastes, Lilmoth and Tear are estimated to take four years. Clan Crown -The trench is started and completed by Midyear -Those sent to the Dwemer Ruins find little success, while the first level is relatively safe, anywho venture any further are lost. Maybe its best to leave the secrets of the deep elves unknown. -Any rare ores found are not enough to mass produce. Kingdom of Daggerfall -The Schooma gangs fight hard against this crack down, a little war between enforcers and Schooma gangs breakout in the Kingdom. Wayrest -The Once proud Kingdom of Wayrest which could once be an equal or even rivil Daggerfall has fallen far. The City lays in ruins and the King lost, either dead or in hiding. Among the ashes of the ruined Kingdom and man who claims the name Eric Cumberland rises as a leader among survivors from Wayrest. House Cumberland was once rulers of Wayrest during the Daggerfall Covenant, have they returned to restore the Kingdom? -The Kingdom of Evermore has began to fund Eric in hopes he retakes Wayrest. -Meanwhile in the Kingdom of Northpoint a man claiming to be the lost King is gathering support. Whiterun -The Dragonborn can’t be commanded by the Jarl of Whiterun! -The Skyforge of Whiterun has agreed to supply the Whiterun guard. -Thousand in the countryside are eager to serve the Jarl but they await the end of the siege to join.
  4. I gave you 20k what are you doing with it
  5. ((POSTING FOR PLAYER)) The Whiterun Hold ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The air was still, cold and silent. The only noise was the flickering flames from the surrounding braziers. Jarl Balgruuf sat in his throne before a messenger who donned the uniform of a Stormcloak and carried a large battle axe. The moment the man had entered Whiterun, they knew what was coming. This axe meant war, there was no escaping the great struggle. Balgruuf without any words got up from his throne and left the hall, retreating to his war room where he would ponder the most important decision he would ever make or any Jarl of Whiterun would make. Which side would he take in the Civil War of Skyrim. “You can’t stand for this insult.” Irelith says as she enters the room behind him. “Ulric is a friend, he only means to save lives.” “A friend would never threaten war.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The messenger had been kept from leaving the main hall while Bulgruuf pondered his decision. Minutes went on and turned into hours. The sun had set and a crowd had appeared outside Dragonsreach to see the final decision of the Jarl. The anticipation was over and the gates of the great hall swung open and the Stormcloak stepped out. He still carried the axe he brought in and thus the decision was made. Immediately the armory of Whiterun was depleted as every soldier in the city sprung to action, drilling and fortifying the city. Barricades and siege weapons sprung up over the yards and the main square littered with hurrying soldier. The citizens boarded up their homes, even the brave Companions turned their meadhall into a mini fortress. Grain was stockpiled and every animal in sight was brought into the city, they would be ready for a siege. Imperial forces already prepared to garrison Whiterun immediately flooded the city, their arrival greatly boosting the morale of the hold but it only lasted so long. The first sighting of the massive Stormcloak force came just a few days after the Imperials. The day was coming, Whiterun would fight for its survival, each and every man ready to die for their homes. (Obviously everything above is an action) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Actions: General acceptance of all trade agreements. Prepare for siege of Whiterun Send the Dragonborn to the Graybeards Forges of Whiterun run at maximum capacity to equip soldiers. Recruitment of as many capable soldiers as possible (gotta speak to ave ab this) Trade out of Whiterun would slow as stockpiling became the priority, eventually coming to a stop as the Stormcloaks grew too close.
  6. Marius welcomes Lerald into the seven skies, knowing he didn’t commit any crimes. “They give you to much credit,” Marius jests to Lerald.
  7. Tale of Tongues 201 of the Fourth Era The Skyrim civil war rages on across the provinces. The Holds of Riften, Winterhold and Windhelm have all risen in revolt lead by Ulfric StormCloak. The rebellion could have ended at Helgen, if it wasn’t for the appearance of a dragon. Both sides remained locked in a stalemate, with most of the Empires troops on the border of the Dominion few legions have been sent to crush the Stormcloaks. Only by the leadership of General Tulius has the Empire halted the Stormcloaks. One side must act if they hope to turn the tide of this war. Morrowind lay in ruins, the once proud Dark Elves are now refugees spread across Tamriel. Only a few Houses remain within Morrowind, and it was only by the heroic efforts of House Redoran that the Argonian invasion was halted. Can the Dunmer people rebuild or will they fall as so many before them. Following the events of Helgen rumors of a new Dragonborn have traveled, it's said he was called to train with the greybeards. Could this really be the end times, has Alduin the world eater returned? OOC Turns will be half a year, because having them be any less would drag this on. If you have any questions ask a mod. Remember its freeform so feel free to be creative! The Empire and Stormcloaks are at war Morrowind and Black Marsh are hostile
  8. accepted, but I can’t find your discord. Add me Ave_imperium#4314
  9. Tale of Tongues Tamriel, a land plagued by strife and war since the fall of the Septim dynasty. The Empire forged by Tiber Septim, which ruled all of Tamriel now lay weakened and divided. The Mede dynasty had risen to power roughly 200 years ago after the death of Martin Septim during the oblivion crisis. They maintained order within the Empire for decades until the Aldmeri Dominion invaded starting the Great War. While both sides suffered greatly in the war, with the Dominions whole army in Cyrodil wiped out and the Empires legions nearly drained. Emperor Titus Mede II agreed to peace, and signed the controversial white gold concordat. Outlawing the worship of Talos in the Empire and ceding parts of Hammerfell to the Dominion. Hammerfell refused to accept the terms effectively breaking off from the Empire and driving out the Dominion on their own. Now Ulfric Stormcloak has risen in rebellion against the Empire in Skyrim. He challenged the High King to a duel and used the power of the voice to kill the High King. Now half of Skyrim calls Ulfric a murderer and traitor. Early in the rebellion Ulfirc was captured and brought to Helgen for execution but a dragon quickly interfered saving the Jarls life. With the reemergence of dragons and rumors of another Dragonborn walking Tamriel, the world lay open for opportunity. Playable factions: The Empire(taken) Kingdom of DaggerFall Kingdom of Wayrest Kingdom of Orsinium (Includes strongholds) (Taken) Morrowind Great House of Dres Great House of Redoran Great House of Telvanni Stormcloak Rebellion Tribes of Black Marsh Hammerfell Clan of the Forebears (Taken) Clan of the Crowned (Taken) Aldmeri Dominion Kingdom of Valenwood (taken) Elsweyr Kingdom of Pelletine Kingdom of Anequina Rules This will be a freeform Forum Roleplay. Which means you’ll be free to do as you wish without having to worry about AP. However is must be within the realm of reason the Mods will moderate what you are doing if its seen as unfair or unrealistic. Also, while you can change the events and decisions of the factions you play as you can’t do something that goes against their beliefs. For example the Stormcloaks teaming up with the Elves to fight the Empire. Emperor of the Empire will be playable, the Empire itself is divided and in the middle of a rebellion it won’t be overpowered. But the Aldmeri Dominion itself will be off limits, however the Kingdom of Valenwood and its allies in Elsweyr are playable. Overall when in doubt speak to a mod. APPLICATION Factions name: Discord: Brief history of your faction:
  10. Better fill out a church request form
  11. Rhys and Marius both welcome Nord into the Seven Skies
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