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  1. Okay guys lets settle this, $20 dollar steam gift card to whomever disbands the Empire and ends this mess. 

    1. gandalfo


      i mean tbf hand that 20$ over 

      Edited by gandalfo
  2. King Marius shoots out of his tomb, “Why the **** is the Kings personal guard laying to rest a noble???”
  3. Rhys var Ruthern, founder of the Brotherhood glances down from the seven skies. He’d smile at what he sees, “May you never falter.”
  4. Marius smiles from the seven skies, glad his son is finishing his dream of uniting the Carrion Houses, “Carry on young Crow.”
  5. Tuvya Ruthern approves of Risky Ralphs plan.
  6. Kingdom of Byzantium 702 AD Royal Family King: Alexios Darius II age 47 Heir: Justinain Darius age 20 Prince Alexios age 14 Princess Maria age 17 Prince Justin age 42 Commanders Marus Salvo (Supreme commander of the east) Age 31 Lukas Drakos (Supreme commander of the west) Age 36 Trade with: Macedon, Epirus, Tarentum, Egypt, Avars, and Judea Marcus inspects the new men from the capital, his army has doubled in size since last year. Fresh men and now with ranged unit he’ll be able to match the Ionians in the field if not outnumber them. The envoys from Ionia keep demanding gold have started to get more demanding. ‘Best not keep them waiting’ Marcus smiles, he gives the order and his army crosses the border into Ionia. -- Back in the capital, Alexios has stopped bothering to give the Ionian envoys an audience. Soon they’ll learn of Marcus crossing the border. Never to be idle Alexios already started planning for after Ionia is taken. With Ionias resources, he’d be able to expand further into Anatolia. News has been flooding in from the west, Macedon seems to have gotten itself into war with Athens and Egypt. Nows its own vassal of Epirus has seemingly abandoned it. This could be troubling, and weakened Macedon could invite others to threaten Greece. Alexios orders new troops raised to defend the western border. It seemed as if Greeks all over were under attack, even in Italy Rome has attacked Tarentum. But with the Greek world under attack, this could invite opportunity to Alexios. Actions A town is built named Nicomedia in the eastern lands ((10k)) Two units of medium infantry are trained in the capital ((8k+2k T2+1K regular)) Gold is sent to the army in ionia for siege works ((1k for a ram)) Total ((22,000)) 1,600 Gold left over
  7. Siguard smiles the sun smile ((Hunwald don’t take away my priesthood I commented))
  8. Siguard returns from his ventures to find a letter waiting for him. A smile spreads across his face, “Was only a few years ago I served as an acolyte.” Siguard makes the sign of the cross, “I shall accept my new duties and position with dignity.”
  9. Archbishop Siguard van Reza readies himself to attend.
  10. Kingdom of Byzantium 701 AD Royal Family King: Alexios Darius II age 46 Heir: Justinain Darius age 19 Prince Alexios age 13 Princess Maria age 16 Prince Justin age 41 Commanders Marus Salvo (Supreme commander of the east) Age 30 Lukas Drakos (Supreme commander of the west) Age 35 Trade with: Macedon, Epirus, Tarentum, Egypt. Avars, and Judea Defensive alliance: Tarentum, and Epirus Alexios sits once more on his throne room, nothing much of note has transpired within the Kingdom of the Byzantines in the past year. Marcos Salvo and Prince Justinian has departed to the east, along with most of the army and new recruits. “Your Majesty,” Cicero’s voice breaks the silence. “The new villages to the west have just delivered their first taxes. I believe we should put the funding into more farms” “Yes, of course I trust you to handle such tasks Cicero,” Alexios leans back in the throne his gaze shifting toward one of the Generals in the room. “Lukas, with most of the army away in the east, I wish you to inspect the theme system. Should we ever be attack it must be ready to be called on.” Lukas places a hand to his heart and bows. “It shall be done Your Majesty.” The doors to the throne room are pushed open as a young page rushes in holding a letter. “Your Majesty, news from the east.” The page first hands the letter to Cicero, who breaks the seal. “It seems Persia has sent an army into Anatolia,” Cicero passes the letter to Alexios who skims over the words. “They seek to quell the tribes to the far east.” “First the tribes, then what's to stop them from seeking revenge on Greece?” Alexios rises from his throne, pacing back and forth. “We would be the first to meet any Persian threat. . . which means we must be ready” Alexios dismisses the council, and sets to work penning several letters. Actions Lukas sent to inspect the themes and western defenses Letters sent to Ionia, and Macedon The new green recruits from last year are trained to be regular soldiers ((1,000)) Another farm is built outside the capital to support the growing army ((5,000)) The four units of medium infantry and the unit of Heavy infantry are outfitted with T2 equipment ((5,000)) A unit of archers are trained to be regular soldiers and outfitted with T2 gear ((3,500+1,000 Regular+1,000 T2=6,500)) Two units of Skirmishers are trained and outfitted with T2 gear((2,000+2,000 Regular+2,000 T2=6,000)) Total ((23,500)) 400 gold left over
  11. Kingdom of Byzantium 700 AD Royal Family King: Alexios Darius II age 45 Heir: Justinain Darius age 18 Prince Alexios Darius age 12 Princess Maria Darius age 15 Prince Justin Darius age 40 King Alexios walks along the ramparts, overlooking the great city of Constantinople. He looks out on the city which his ancestor Constantine built at the founding of Byzantium. For twenty years he's ruled Byzantium, and for twenty years his Kingdom has been idle as the world around them changed. The Empire to the west has been weakened their influence now barely goes beyond their borders. Now is time for the fledgling Kingdom of Byzantium to look beyond its own borders. King Alexios sends a summons to his council, his closest advisors wait for him in the throne room. Cicero, the King's chancellor steps forward “Your majesty we’ve received trade offers from The Despotate of Tarentum, Macedon, Epirus, Egypt, and the Avar tribe.” “Accept them all, if we are to expand our Kingdom we must first expand our trade,” Alexios nods toward Cicero. “What about the alliance offers from Tarentum and Epirus?” “Yes your majesty, Tarentum and Epirus both have asked for a defensive alliance.” “We shall accept then, we must secure our western border if we are to expand east.” Alexios rests on his throne, scanning the men before him. “Where is my son, I asked him to attend these meetings.” “I believe Prince Justinian was within his chambers with. . . company.” Cicero shakes his head, “If the boy spent as much time learning as he did whoring he would be a great King.” Alexios let out a sigh, “Agreed, maybe a term of service in the army will set him straight.” Alexios motions one of the generals within the room, “Marus I wish for you to take my son to our eastern provinces with you.” “Of course your majesty,” Marcus places his hand to his heart and bows. “I shall make a model soldier by the time he's returned.” Alexios nods toward Marcus, “That is all then, Cicero I place you in charge of urban development” Alexios rises from the throne room and departs. Actions Two villages are founded utilizing excess population from the current ones ((20,000)) A port is constructed in the capital city of Constantinople ((10,000)) Roads are laid in the capital city to further support trade. (([Level 1, +2 Trade Relations] 25,000)) Another unit of Medium infantry is trained in the capital ((4,000)) Farms are built outside the capital to support the growing army ((5,000)) Total: 64,000 500 gold left
  12. Jorenic Conclave of 1722 From within the Blessed Cathedral of Saint Rudolph, muted clamoring could be heard amongst the throng of assembled highlander clergymen. The War of the Two Emperors had taken a toll on the Haenseatic congregation, and in the aftermath, beloved Archbishop Zachery had been executed by the Imperial Crown. Graced by High Pontiff Daniel VI’s benevolence, the clergy of the Archdiocese of Jorenus had gathered together to elect their own Archbishop. Small groups of clergymen huddled together amongst themselves, debating the merits of several potential candidates, although few of these cliques managed to reach a consensus. But amongst these pockets of debate, High Pontiff Emeritus Pontian II found himself striding up to the dais, clutching artfully at his cane. After a few labored coughs into his hand, the aged ex-Pontiff managed to quiet his GODly compatriots, before beginning a small speech: “Without considering once more the circumstances of His Eminence Zachery’s tragic demise, there is no doubt that he was held in the highest esteem by every man in this room. However, in this new age of political unity under the Pax Orenia, we should start anew by electing a candidate who will ensure the unity of our congregation under the tenants of GOD and His church, and not secular whim. With this in mind, I henceforth nominate Siguard van Reza to administrate the Archdiocese of Jorenus. An able and well-regarded servant of the cloth, there is no doubt that he possesses the ability to restore the Archdiocese to its rightful status as a bastion of the faith.” Proceeding a lengthy interview of good Siguard, and heart debate amongst his countrymen, the Highlander cleric emerged triumphant, receiving a strong majority of the conclave’s approval. As a tonsured monk deftly lowered the diocesan mitre atop his visage, Siguard’s status was official: His Excellency Siguard van Reza, Archbishop of Jorenus.
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