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  1. Captain Ruthern collects the armor gathered in the fight as he replaces his nearly broken gear, "It was a hard fought victory, but we drove those Ferrymen from our lands." Erik Ruthern recalls taking part in several raids against norland as part of the Orenian counter offensive
  2. Brandon Vanir lofts an eyebrow from the even skies at the coming of age tradition recalling a very different one when he was Lord.
  3. “When they start to lie and change history, we know we’ve won.” Captain Ruthern comments as he observes the aftermath of the hanging.
  4. Captain Ruthern watched the hangings, observing the pagans last moments. “Its a shame really, even in their own city they aren’t safe.”
  5. Captain Ruthern smiles, “I must respect the name. Now we fight, together for GOD and Empire!”
  6. “I shall be honored to fight by your side,” Captain Ruthern says as he hears the news.
  7. Erik Ruthern sits in his office when his son arrives to inform him of Elizaveta's death. The aged Count embraces his son, "She watches over us in the seven skies now, be blessed with the children she has given you and for being apart of this family."
  8. Captain Ruthern looks around wondering where that voice came from inside his own estate. "My GOD, they really do have demon magic."
  9. Captain Ruthern reads over the declaration, "Only those who raised a blade against were attacked." Erik shakes his head, "Now the Duke seems to say whatever will save his life in the moment, a weak man who only seeks to keep himself alive."
  10. Captain Ruthern nods his head, "I've seen the skill of some of these men in combat, I will be glad to have them by my side."
  11. "It seems they must make up false victories in their heads, they aren't taking the loss very well I assume." Captain Ruthern shakes his head.
  12. Captain Ruthern lofts an eyebrow, "Interesting, the help is welcomed against these pagan invaders. I've seen what the MRA can do when provoked, they are not to be underestimated." Erik slides the missive aside, "We must all come to together to protect our faith."
  13. The Count of Kositz cleans his armor and weapons, "A great first victory over the pagans. Let it be known we did not wish for this fight but we shall finish it."
  14. Captain Ruthern smiles as the Ranger confessed to the crimes Norland has committed. "I pray their fellow countryman follow their example."
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