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  1. Imperium

    One last saga [PK]

    Rhys places a hand over his heart, “Peace and fire, rest easy old friend.”
  2. Imperium

    The Red Duke Ascendant.

    Rhys gives a nod of approval
  3. Decree of Abdication 2nd of Snow’s Maiden, 1682 By the edict of the Royal Marshal of the Dual Kingdoms of Hanseti-Ruska, Rhys var Ruthern, after a tenure of thirty-eight years, does he abdicate the positions of Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Lord of Helmholtz, and Lord Patriarch of the House Ruthern, as to utilize his focus on the military needs of the Kingdom. Consequently, his titles are demised to their rightful heir, by right of birth, Demetrius var Ruthern; with the passing of titles comes the accompanying passing of responsibility and sworn loyalty to the royal house of Barbanov. May his worth be proved by a long and glorious reign. By Bones And Barrows His Lordship, Rhys var Ruthern ‘the Stalwart’, Royal Marshal of the Dual Kingdoms of Hanseti and Ruska. His Grace, Demetrius Tuvya var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, and Lord of Helmholtz. Mister Swithun Aldor, Royal Scribe of the Dual Kingdoms of Hanseti and Ruska.
  4. Imperium

    A Burning World ( OOC APP)

    Nation: Eastern Roman Empire Religion: Christianity Total population: 16,000,000 Backstory of your Leader/Country (I will do research on it, try to be accurate): Falling the death of Theodosius I and the split of the empire, the Eastern half continued to thrive while their western neighbor slowly crumbled. With the death of Leo II at the start of the year his young grandson and son law now hold the fate of the empire in their hands.
  5. Imperium

    [Community Review] Raids

    Got to say I like most of these rules, besides the breaking into chests and no raid cap for attackers is probably the only one I have a concern with bc then its basically a pillage warclaim. I also feel that raiders should indeed have a rp reason for a raid, not a cb but just an rply reason for wanting to raid them. Otherwise from what I've seen the rest I'm willing to see tested, nice job narthok ❤️
  6. THE MARSHAL’S REPORT From the Office of the Lord Marshal of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska 15th of Suns smile, 1681 Engagement with Red Vaeyl: 14th of The Grand Harvest, 1681 As of this report the Brotherhood of Saint Karl has successfully taken and now hold the Castle of Nekristadt from the Red Vaeyl. Following a joint attack by both the Brotherhood and White Vaeyl forces they managed to overrun the garrison inside the castle and secure it with minimum casualties. A garrison of two dozen brothers lead by Lieutenant Don and a regiment of White Vaeyl was established in order to guard against further Vaeyl attacks. 10th of Suns smile, 1681 Marshal Rhys led a force of five hundred brothers to reinforce the garrison after reports of Red Vaeyl activity. As the defences were prepared in Nekristadt, a band of Imperial Knights arrived, after learning of the impending attack, they decided to stay and join the defence. After a short pray early in the morning, a lone Red Vaeyl approached the gate offering peace if the Human laid down their arms and turned the castle over to them. In exchange they would halt their attack on Markev. After a short exchange of threats from both sides, Rhys denied the offer and his men began to open fire at the Red Vaeyl, killing him. Skirmishing began along the walls as both sides exchanged volleys with each other. Red Vaeyl Knights attempted to climb up the northern wall. The archers made short work of them and as the sun rose to noon, a breach was made at the gate. Vaeyl Knights came charging into the courtyard. After a brief but bloody melee, they were driven off and routed. Marshal Rhys quickly rallied the Brothers and Imperial Knights and marched out to face the main army of the Red Vaeyl which was enroute to Markev. On the way, Grand Marshal Ser Roland arrived with a legion of Imperial troops to aid in the battle. The Red Vaeyl set fire to several farms in the valley outside Markev before lining up for battle and with their backs to the lake, the combined Imperial and Brotherhood forces quickly drove the Red Vaeyl into the lake, slaughtering most of them. The remaining Red Vaeyl finally showed and made an attempted to storm the city but were quickly out flanked by the White Vaeyl from the rear and routed. Grand Marshal Ser Roland and Marshal Rhys led their combined forces and chased the Red Vaeyl back toward the southern wastes. Grand Marshal Ser Roland ordered a constant garrison kept at Nekristadt in case of more Vaeyl attacks, Marshal Rhys personally took command of the garrison of three hundred brothers and stood poised for a future counter attack against the Red Vaeyl. Signed, His Grace, Rhys var Ruthern, Royal Marshal of the Dual Kingdoms of Hanseti and Ruska, Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, and Lord of Helmholtz.
  7. Imperium

    A Brave New World

  8. Imperium

    A Brave New World

    A Brave New World (europe 1600 for reference, not playable) Europe, home of the worlds greatest empires, is in shambles. Cities are filled to capacity, disease runs rampant, and the Protestant reformation wars cover the continent in warfare and destruction. Many, who now believe Europe is fast approaching its end look to the west, the discovery of the Americas in 1492 by Christopher columbus went relatively unnoticed. Several expeditions funded by the spanish crown were met with little success. Interest in this ‘New World’ slowly waned into irrelevance until now. Across Europe, peasantry, business men, & nobility alike all weigh their options. The conclusion reached by many is to abandon this seemly doomed continent and test their fortunes in this ‘New World’ supplies are gathered and the Voyages set sail, never to return. Where these Voyages hail from, the reason for their departure, where their loyalties lie & their mission is up for you to decide. _______________________________________________ This RP will run on an AP system details can be found here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16plDWp9QGL7jHQi1cV-yBJVGB_YgRSH8yyseC0OqPxI/edit?usp=sharing Any further questions can be brought to a MOD or the discord server _______________________________________________ Your Colony Your colony will land in the place of your choosing. With the supplies, ships, weapons, religion you decide to bring. From there you will forge your nation across the New World. Initial survival will be tough, the natives, disease, and starvation threaten the survival of your new colony (Mods: Ave_impierium, Krefarus) Application Colony Name: Nation of Origin: Religion (Catholic, Protestant, or Othordox): Colony History: Starting Location: (fill in a square & PM to either mod) Initial 200 AP investments: Unique Military Unit: Discord: Suggestions: (Credit goes to Krefarus for making the post)
  9. "Kakaw!" A long dead Crow calls out from the seven skies.
  10. Imperium

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    BYZANTIUM Leader: King Justinian I Darius Age: 42 Heir: Crown Prince Alexius Darius Age: 20 Family: Prince Justinian Darius age:1 Queen Maria Darius Age: 40 Princess Justina Darius Age:19 Prince Domnicus Darius Age: 14 Military: 21,000 Standing Army (once replenishment is done, 17,500 until then) Navy: 3 galley Population: 817,7532 + 5% pop growth= 860, 640 pop Alliance with: The Empire Imperial Egypt Venice Trade with: Egypt Venice Arabian Sultanate Ap: 16 per turn ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The once vast Camp on the Shores of Southern Italy is void of life. The bodies of 16,000 Greeks lay scattered, among them the Kings of Ionia, and Macedon. The League plotted to Betray Venice just a few hours ago, however Ser Lukas commander of the Byzantine men turned on his Greek brothers and put them to the sword. The crows now feast on the dead, however this is only the start of the war. Justinian still couldn’t believe the news, “So it Begins. . .” he mutters Lukas words before he turned on his allies. The leagues combined army was nearly wiped out and the Kings of his neighbors killed in a single Night. He orders ‘Noble’ Sir Lukas Veris to be imprisoned for his actions and plans for his execuaution are made. Justinian address his people in a speech following Ser Luaks return and Ionia bending the knee, “The war we have feared is here, Persia has taken control of Ionia. Now all of Greece lays open. We don’t deserve help from our brothers in Athens and Macedon after what Lukas did to them. We stand alone, against the might of an Empire, but we will not falter. We will push back the evil we’ve let grip Greece from the hells of which it came!” Justinian orders letters sent to the other Greek states urging them to stand together against the threat of invasion from the East. “Ionia has already fallen,” he claims, “Next will be all of Greece.” He denounces Lukas and claims he'll pay any price once Persia is defeated. Justinian orders the defenses of his capital reinforced, and his newly made Varangian Guard is prepared to defend it with their lives. He orders another unit of Varangian Guard, pikemen and Archers trained. Meanwhile Marcos leads an army of 4,000 Medium Infantry, 2,000 Pikemen, 2,000 light infantry, and 3,000 Bowmen into Ionia, Moving to release the lands of Persian influence. Words is spread in Ionia that their once mighty nation has bent the knee to Persia, and the people should rise up to break their chains of oppression. Actions 2 ap spent to replenish The men lost in the Battle of the Red Shore Researching Heavy Cavalry (14/35 RP) 12 ap spent on another unit of Varangian Guard, 1,000 Pikemen, and 1,000 Bowmen.. Marcos leads an army of 4,000 Medium Infantry, 2,000 Pikemen, 2,000 light infantry, and 3,000 Bowmen into Ionia and to their closest city for a siege. 2 ap is spent to create catapults for the coming siege. The remaining men are stationed in Constantinople defend from any Eastern Assault. Researching Heavy Cavalry (14/35 RP) <Secret Action>
  11. Imperium


    Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Ser Peytor of House Vance Age: Like really old (Should be dead old) Knighted By: Otto II Moniker: The 'Huntsman' Liege Lord: Sigmar I Lands: NA Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: Yes Coat of Arms: Once I find it
  12. Imperium

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    BYZANTIUM Leader: King Justinian I Darius Age: 41 Heir: Crown Prince Alexius Darius Age: 19 Family: Prince Justinian Darius age:0 Queen Maria Darius Age: 38 Princess Justina Darius Age:19 Prince Domnicus Darius Age: 13 Military: 17,000 Standing Army Navy: 2 galley Population: 778,812 + 5% pop growth= 817,753 pop Alliance with: The Empire Imperial Egypt The League of Olynthus Trade with: Macedon Athens Egypt Ionia Ap: 17 per turn ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Justinian stands in the harbor of Constantinople, 6,000 men stood before him, 3,000 medium Infantry, 2,000 Pikemen, and 1,000 Bowmen. They were about to march to the coast, Meanwhile Marcos was sent back to Crimea to deal with rumors of a rebellion. He scanned the faces of men before speaking. “Brothers, sons of Byzantium, long have our fellow Greek been under control of the Italians. Today you sail fight alongside all of Greece to free our people. We fight not glory, nor riches but for the freedom of our brothers and sisters. I Rómi prépei na katastrafeí!” The whole army lets out their warcry, “I Rómi prépei na katastrafeí!” Actions 5 ap the +land is colonized between Byzantium and Crimea. Justinian Darius son of Crown Prince Alexius is born. Researching Heavy Cavalry (11/35 RP) 6,000 men are sent to march to the Adriatic coast to await transport, alongside the rest of Leagues army 7 ap. the first unit of Varangian Guard are trained in the capital to protect the King. (5ap) 1,000 pikemen are trained, and 1,000 bowmen ((Sorry for the short rp, I only had time for actions and a small rp part. Next one I promise will be longer.))
  13. Imperium

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    The League of Olynthus Treaty for the Defense of Magna Graecia The League of Olynthus hereby declares a mutual pact of defense with the The Empire of the Sun against the The Republic of Italy, should either side be attacked by the Italian legions. Article I Should the Italians aggress upon either nation, the other will declare war on the Italians and march to the aid of the defenders. Should either nation make aggressive moves upon the Italian Republic, the treaty is considered null and doesn’t require the other to follow through with their promise of aid. Should any military action be taken against The Empire of the Sun or its vassals by The Republic of Italy or its allies the League of Olynthus declares its intent march to the aid of their Imperial counterpart. Should The Republic of Italy or its allies attack any member of the League of Olynthus, the Empire also declares its will march to its aid. Article II Should a war against the Italian Republic be successful under these terms, the League of Olynthus declares its intent to liberate the Greeks of Magna Graecia and Sicily into itself, as vassals of the former states. The League will also support the Empire in the claiming of whatever land it wishes from the Italians, provided a modicum of freedom and rights be alloted to the Italians under their jurisdiction. Signed, His Imperial Majesty, Charles I of House Merovingia, Emperor of the Sun Signed, His Grace Justinian of House Darius, the First of His Name, King of Byzantium and Crimea. Signed, His Grace Antiochos of the Dynasty Argead, Descendant of Alexander III of Macedon called the Great, Basileus of Macedon Signed, Tyrannos Denys of Athens, High Mediator of the Athenian Republic Signed, His Grace Attalus the Second of the Nicator Dynasty, Basileus of Ionia and Cyprus
  14. Imperium

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    BYZANTIUM Leader: King Justinian I Darius Age: 40 Heir: Crown Prince Alexius Darius Age: 18 Family: Queen Maria Darius Age: 37 Princess Justina Darius Age:18 Prince Domnicus Darius Age: 12 Military: 15,000 Standing Army Navy: 1 galley Population:551,250 + 5% pop growth + 200,000 conquest = 778,812 pop Manpower: 116,821 Alliance with: The Empire Imperial Egypt The League of Olynthus Trade with: Macedon Athens Egypt Ionia Ap: 17 per turn ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A young boy busts into the throne room, “A letter!” he runs up to the King, “A letter from General Marcos your highness,” Justinian rises from the throne he offer the boy a smile before taking the letter and reading it. To his Grace Justinian the first of his name King of Byzantium, I’ve defeat the Crimean Khan in battle, routed his army. I’ve spent the rest of the spring subjugating the rest of the province. These land now belong to you the rightful King of Byzantium and Crimea. Signed, General Marcos Salvo. Justinian could now help but smile, he’d look up to his scribes, “Write a letter ordering him to leave 2,000 Medium Infantry as a garrison, and return home for we will hold a great parade in his honor.” The scribe bows his head, “Of course your highness.” Justinian returns to his thrones a smile spread across his face. Actions 3 Ap spent to replenish the losses after the battle. 5 ap spent colonizing a new provence 3 ap spent building another galley 6 ap spent on another 1,000 Medium Infantry, and 1,000 bowmen. 2,000 medium Infantry are left in the newly conquered land while the rest return home lead by Marcos. Researching Heavy Cavalry (9/35 RP)