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  1. Imperium

    [Bounty] DESERTER

    ((Then don't meta, if you do no reward))
  2. Imperium

    [Bounty] DESERTER

    *Wanted posters are posted across Atlas* WANTED: ALIVE This Criminal is charged with deserting his post, and breaking his oath to the Kingdom of Haense. Hes wanted alive, and upon capture brought to Count Rhys of Metterden (Ave_imeprium) to face justice for his crimes. He may have changed his appearance and name, so be on the lookout for any one resembling him. Name: Peter (MellamoPeter) Location: Last seen in the City of Markev. Currently Unknown Reward: Two Thousand Minas will be rewarded to whom ever brings him to Count Rhys alive, No reward will be given if hes dead.
  3. Imperium


    ACCEPTED Report to Helmholtz for further orders.  Signed,  Count Rhys
  4. Imperium

    1100 A.D. Medieval Age (RP)

    Turn 10 Summer and Spring of 1103 AD Damascus -Training and drilling continues for the men. -The settlement is still being built. -200 recruits join this season. -When your men attempt to kill the 100 knights they are repulsed they seem to have been ready for the attack. They seal themselves in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, hundreds of christian citizens begin to rise up in defense of the men. 50 of your men are killed chaos. -An advance force of 600 Fatimids show up, they enter the city shortly after riot. -The Crusading Army under Baldwin arrives, they lay siege to the walls, however they don’t assault. They instead plan to starve out the garrison. -Population rises .05% Aleppo -The crusaders don’t meet you in battle - construction of orphanages and hospitals in the country begins. -The manufacturing of arms and armor begins, however with money spread the hospitals there isn’t enough to finish the order. -population rises .3% Duchy of Guelders -one housing district is finished in time for Spring. -The Inn is completed mid summer. -1 cog and 2 galleys are finished this turn -The Army arrives in the Crusader Camp by the start of Spring. -Population rises .5% Khereid Tribe -The Oirad submits to vassalization. -Bands of men are ambushed by combined forces of Merkits and the rebellion. 30 men are killed. -The horsemen are sent, hope to bring back technology, cultural influences, wisdom and goods from their journey. -Population rises 1% Chola Empire -War is declared. -Kulottunga I army marches and begins brunning any village in sight, the men pillage the lands of even Princes friendly to your cause. -Islam begins to spread among the people, it seems to be taking root. -the 4,000 men are raised and start training -The Statue of Kulottunga has been done since Winter (IS LAST MOD POST) -The request is sent, but will time to complete. -The construction of 10 more Thirisadai and 20 more Dharanis continues. -Population grows .4% The Kingdom of Bohemia -The construction continues. -The men keep drilling and training. -Rumors that Welf II, Duke of Bavaria is gathering an army spreads. -The Program is a huge boom. -population rises 5% Roman Empire -Spy network expands. -The Crusade camp is fortified, drilling of the men continues. -The legions from croatia, and the newly trained legions arrive in the crusader camp. Totaling to another 18k men added to the army. -The blockade keeps up, blocking trade to the middle east. -Population grows 2% NPC ACTIONS -The Holy Roman Emperor begins his march to the holy land with an army of 30,000 men from all over his empire. Even Danish mercenaries are among the ranks, -The Fatimids rally to fight in the Crusade. -The Crusaders camp waiting for more men. -Bishop Burchard has gathered an army of mercenaries, and begins to march to retake his land. -The Danish civil war ends, with Eric II the bastard son of Eric the Good taking the throne.
  5. Imperium

    A Way Through the Dark

  6. Imperium

    Church Bells Toll

    Rhys Ruthern weeps as new arrives at Helmholtz, he'd cry out to the sky, "May the young King find peace in the Seven Skies, something he hoped for here."
  7. Imperium

    Alt Deportation [GM/ADMIN]

    I do agree alting is a problem for the server, I remember during the Northern war with Courland I hated the alting that happened. I wanted to staff to crack down on it and when this warclaim came around I thought well why not? the staff don't care.I about to alt for this warclaim (Had my power not gone out) I thought that it would be a great time to get revenge. But after all the that happened afterward, I realized I was only adding to the problem I so hated, so I won't be attending anymore warclaims unless I have an rp reason to do so.
  8. 10/10 guy, he gets sh*t done
  9. Imperium


    ACCEPTED Report to Helmholtz for further orders.  Signed,  Count Rhys
  10. Imperium

    1100 A.D. Medieval Age (RP)

    Turn 9 Fall and winter of 1102 AD Damascus -Training and drilling continues for the men. -The settlement is still being built. -The knights in Jerusalem keep the themselves mostly. -No new recruits join this season. -Word reaches your court that the Fatimids have begun to rally an army. Aleppo -The crusaders don’t march to meet you in battle. -500 men join the army back in Aleppo, their training starts right away. Roman Empire -The food from the harvests last the winter, there is no shortage of supplies. -The spy network continues to be expanded on. -The legions continue, they seem to be disciplined soldiers now. -The Equites start training. -Men in Croatia sit around, doing nothing. -The fleet blockades the coasts limiting the supplies to Rum and its allies. Duchy of Guelders -The fair goes wonderful, the people are pleased with their Duke. -The donations pleases the Church, may GOD bless you. -The construction slows in the winter, but should be done within a few years. -3 cogs are built by the end of Winter. -The census starts, but will take time. -The training, and drilling continues. -The militia begins drilling weekly. -The Army sets out to the Holy land! However in the dead of winter supplies are limited, and unable to complete the march. Khereid Tribe -Jochi and his people flee the battalion and are scattered to the hills. -Merkit flee the search parties, and hide in the hills. -The army would be unable to find Jochi himself, only scattered groups of followers. -Another 300 family move into the camp for the winter. -The farmers seem to mostly ignore the deal. Chola Empire -The trade between Damascus begins. -the Raj Guard are equipped with the weapons once they arrive. -The coups go as planned, there isn’t much of a fight, however, many people are disgusted by the trickery. -Chalukyas trade is broken, costing them much money. -The forts being construction along the Chalukyas borders. -The Statue of Kulottunga is finished. -The request is sent. -Construction begins. The Kingdom of Bohemia -2,000 men begin to march to the holy land, plan to wait out the winter on the hungarian border. Mosul -The call is answered 1,000 men join the army. -The Seljuks finally start to notice the growing strength of Rome. -Training begin for the new men. -No spies are found. -The Education of the people starts. Champa Kingdoms -The war games o well, giving the men more battle experience. -The shipyard continues its hard work. -The mines construction should be finished by the summer. -The ships don’t return during the winter, and the hunters send a message saying they have captured the elephants and are in the process of training them, and ready them for transportation. -Secret action is secret. NPC ACTIONS -The Crusader army in Rum camps for the winter, and finally the French army arrives with 8,000 infinity and 1,500 knights. -King Baldwin I rallies his forces and begins to march to Jerusalem with 800 knights, and 6,000 infinity, including locally recruited men. -The Holy Roman Emperor calls for his vassals to join the crusade as he finally gets word of Jersulams capture. -The Fatimids begin to rally an army. -Denmark is thrown into civil war! The new Kings nephew is now leading a rebellion. -Bishop Burchard hides in the Imperial court gaining allies.
  11. "When will they stop bothering to call it Santegia? Its just a puppet of Renatus now," Rhys comments as news reaches him.
  12. Imperium


    ACCEPTED Report to Helmholtz for further orders.  Signed,  Count Rhys of Metterden
  13. Imperium

    [Accepted] marimbamonk's Event Team Actor application

    10/10, this guy is what we need on ET right now
  14. Lancaster? whats next York?

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      Ave Lancaster 

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      Seems like in not the only one to realise it.

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    ACCEPTED Report to Helmholtz for further orders. Signed, Count Rhys of Metterden