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  1. Midwest Enclave CLASSIFIED Actions Research in T3 Heavy Firearms (28/50) Production of 4 T-51 (T3) Power Armor (4M 4E 2 AE) A group of 15 Enclave soldiers are sent to clear a block in the south lead by Daniel Perez (Regular training, T1 heavy weapons T3 metal body armor) 60 Enclave soldiers are drilled to trained (6,000 C) Spies are still at work shhh. . .
  2. Erik var Ruthern is getting ready to board the Oren Ship when word reaches him of his brother fate, Erik calls how they all once gathered to bury their father so many years ago the last time all of them were together. "To bones and Barrows, rest easy my brother. I regret we grew apart, if only you could see me now."
  3. Midwest Enclave ACCESS DENIED No rp this week sorry Actions Market is built in the new Block (5,000) Construction yard is built in the new Block (7,500) Research in T3 Heavy Firearms (21/50) Discovering the division within the Union, the Enclave sends Agents into the Union, and more to the rebels. Details for plans will be sent in a personal channel.
  4. Rhys nods toward Ithilian, "Good times."
  5. Rhys var Ruthern sips from his drink as he glances down from the seven skies, "Hmmm, nice to see my descendants haven't forgotten me."
  6. Midwest Enclave Report from the Office of Secretary Ryan F Kennedy Finally, contact has been made with another faction in Chicago. We’ve intercepted a message from something called the “Union.” reports suggest there's been heavy fighting in the area around them. The message suggests that they are in need of assistance. They are still unaware of our existence, or location. But, this could be an opportunity to expand our influence in Chicago. It is in my opinion and that of my staff, now is the time for action. But we must go about this carefully. We won’t act until the full extent of the situation and its consequences are accounted for. I apologize for the short report, but I shall send a full report next term and update our situation. GOD BLESS AMERICA, Secretary Ryan F Kennedy Actions Salvage yard is built in the new block (2B + 7500) Research in T3 Heavy Firearms (14/50) The First Stealth boy is built (2M 4 AE) Thirty soldiers are trained to be regulars (7,500) 15 T1 Heavy weapons are made (3 M) Enclave Agents are sent into the Union
  7. Midwest Enclave Report from the Office of Secretary Ryan F Kennedy General William’s men have successfully cleared another city block for expansion. We shall begin preparation for expansion. The small victory has done well to boost the spirit of our personnel, and marks the beginning of our plan to retake Chicago from the chaos and mutants of the wasteland. Because of our success, I’ve been instructed to proceed with the next stage of reintegrating Chicago. With our presence in Chicago firmly secured, I’ve set up three departments to oversee our efforts in retaking the wasteland. Department of War Overseen by General William Hooker, we shall lead our military forces within the wasteland. Charged with defending our territory and eliminating any threats to the Enclave mission in the city. Department of Intelligence Overseen by Commissioner Edward Chavez, tasked with collecting information throughout the wasteland. Gathering intel on various other factions in the area, and its inhabitants. The Department shall also be responsible for maintaining the secrecy of our operations in the wasteland. Department of Research Headed by Doctor Luke Scott, the Department of Research and development will be tasked with creating new technology to aid the Enclave effort. They will also be the scientific branch, to research and study anything that could help us in our mission. With the new system in place, I have high hopes for the Enclaves. I will be sending a copy of our plans along with this report linked below. GOD BLESS AMERICA, Secretary Ryan F Kennedy ATTACHED FILE: Operation Great American Liberty (GAL) CLASSIFIED INFORMATION MUST HAVE LEVEL FIVE CLEARANCE TO ACCESS. . . Actions With the Block Secured, the process of expanding into the block is started (10,000 C +5 B) Plans begin to be drawn up for an underground base to be built beneath the city blocks the Enclave occupies. Secretary Kennedy wants to know how much such a project will cost in terms of material and time. (MOD) Research is starts in T3 Heavy Firearms (7/50) Thirty Soldiers are trained (From Green to Trained 3,000 C) OPERATION G.A.L. IS STARTED
  8. Midwest Enclave Report from the Office of Secretary of State Ryan Kennedy The state of Chicago is far more dire than first thought. We’ve yet to find a single permanent settlement or any real form of civilization. In order to mask our presence for the time being we’ve removed all non-enclave personnel from the city block we’ve occupied. I’ve instructed General William Hooker to oversee expansion of our headquarters into the surrounding city blocks. Meanwhile I’ve tasked Commissioner Edward Chavez with collecting intelligence for the rest of the inhabitants of Chicago. However, with our personnel so little I’d like to make a formal request for reinforcements and any supplies able to be sent. In order to effectively reestablish control over Chicago I will need more equipment and manpower. Until further noticed I shall follow the instructions given and our presence in the city shall be kept secret and remain our priority for it to remain so. However, I do worry the effects of prolonged exposure to the wasteland and its mutants will have on my men. Radiation has mutated everything out here, had I been given the proper resources I could conduct a true purge of the mutants within the city but for the time that shall have to wait. I pray this report is delivered, as I fear our communication is strain with our other facilities. GOD BLESS AMERICA, Ryan F Kennedy Actions Report is sent back to Enclave HQ The Patrol from earlier is recalled, and an expedition of Twenty Men lead by Captain Daniel Perez is sent to the block directly south of the Enclave base. Their orders are to explore and prepare the block for expansion. Any wastelanders discovered within the area are to be eliminated. The party is geared with T3 body armor and T1 Heavy Firearms. 15 T1 Heavy Weapons are built (3M) Fortifications are built in the Block for defense (500 C + 1B) Fuel Refinery is built (5000 + 1B) T2 heavy firearms are being researched (20/20)
  9. Erik Ruthern smiles as he reads the thesis, “Very enlightened ideas, the state shouldn’t hinder the economic growth with over regulations.” The Ruthern quickly writes a short letter hoping to speak with Ledicort in person.
  10. Midwest Enclave With their base established, the Enclave begin to spread their influence across the ruins of Chicago. Secretary of State Ryan Kennedy, has a policy of covert operations. Wanting to keep the Enclave presence secret from the various factions in the city. He’d order special operations agents be sent out to scout the wasteland and begin to live among the people. For now the true purpose and goals of the Enclave in Chicago remain unclear. Actions Six Enclave Operatives are armed with armor and heavy weapons, and sent out dressed as a part of wastelanders to explore the ruined city Construction yard is built (7500 C) 25 T3 Body armor wielded (4 M) T2 heavy firearms are being researched (14/20) Market is built (5000 C + 1 B)
  11. Midwest Enclave Ryan Kennedy sits in the conference room listening to a debriefing about today's events. They have finally established a permanent base within the city limits. They had to clear out a few scavengers and raiders, but they proved little trouble. For the time they needed to keep the location of their base secret, they needed to establish themselves first. Contact with the other Enclave chapters had been strained the past few weeks, so until further notice they were now on their own. “What information do we have about other factions within Chicago?” The Secretary of State looks around the room, waiting for an answer. The head of intelligence clears his throat before speaking. “Currently we have no information about those within the city limits, but from what we can tell it's very isolated to the rest of the wasteland.” “Then I want to send out agents right away, we must know what we are dealing with here. I don’t want any surprises.” General William raises his voice, “In the meantime I shall establish a perimeter, and begin construction of our base.” “Very well then gentlemen, that is all. I shall attempt to send a report back to our headquarters.” Actions: Chip Manufacturing built (10,000 4B) Market built (5,000 1B) 15 T1 Heavy Weapons are built (3M) T2 heavy firearms are being researched (7/20)
  12. Faction Name: Midwestern Enclave Civilization Type: Advanced Starting Points: 4 Research, 3 production, 1 starting 5k bonus, 2 basic recourses Faction Backstory: Contrary to popular belief, when the bombs dropped it wasn’t the end for the United States Government. A continuity of the pre-War federal government survived. The President along with many members of the shadow government took refugees on an oil rig and other various bunkers throughout the old United States. The true extent of the Enclave is unknown, however following the destruction of the oil rig in 2242, the Enclave was forced to relocate their headquarters to the mainland. They sent out various patrols and expeditionary forces to spread their influence across the wasteland. Eventually they’d reach the ruins of Chicago. In 2264 an Enclave expeditionary forced lead by Secretary of State Ryan Kennedy, and General William Hooker arrived in Chicago, quickly establishing an Enclave outpost in the area. However, they’d keep their presence and activities secret for the time. With Enclave influence spanning from the former Capital to the Mojave Wasteland, the Outpost in Chicago will look to expand their influence into the Midwestern wasteland. Character 1: Ryan Kennedy A member of the famous Kennedy family, which held much sway during the pre-war federal government. Ryan Kennedy rose to become the Secretary of State of the Enclave. Hoping to spread their influence throughout the former United States He took it onto himself to lead the Enclave expedition into the Midwest. General William Hooker Leader of the Military branch for the Chicago Enclave. General William Hooker is experienced in the wasteland, seeing combat in the Mojave Wasteland against the Brotherhood of Steel and Caesars Legion. More Characters to come Discord: No
  13. Marius embraces his long time friend as he enters the seven skies, “You’ve served with Honor and dignity you’ve earned this rest.” Marius offers Otto to join him in a drink as they watch their descendant from the seven skies. "I’m glad I named you as my Marshal, wouldn’t have had it any other way.”
  14. Brandon Vanir marks the date down, and plans to attend.
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