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  1. House Ruthern House Ruthern is an ancient Raevir noble House, tracing its line back to the days of the Crowsmarch, when it was established by Ruther Barrow. In the modern day, the House is a vassal of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. House Loyalty: House Ruthern has had a very long tradition of betraying and murdering their liege lords, but in their modern incarnation have always proven themselves loyal and trustworthy vassals. They are sworn to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and House Barbanov, and are direct vassals of the Crown. A Ruthern settlement during the age of the Carrions of Crowsmarch. Patriarchs of the Rutherns House Ruthern is led solely by its Patriarch, usually the oldest capable, competent male. It is common for the Patriarch to give his brother(s) the ability to exercise some will over the authority, yet they should be in direct obedience to their older brother. House Ruthern was always ruled by the strong, and patrilineal descent meant little compared to power and above all, the preservation of the family. Ailred ‘the Turncloak’ Ruthern ✝ County of Cavan, Lord Marshal of Oren, of the Decturem Ivan ‘The Seafaring’ Ruthern ✝ Baron of Hammerspoint and Saltridge Blessed Dmitry of the Dreadfort ✝ Staunch supporter of House Carrion, blessed for his actions to enact vengeance for his Liege Lord’s death at the hand of Ailred Ruthern. Died in a charge to save the corpse of his liege, Franz Josef Carrion. Alric I Myakovsky Ruthern ✝ Count of Metterden, Commander of the Southern Gold Corps, Lord of Averheim, Lord Regent of Erochland, & Protector of the South. Maric I Dmitry Ruthern ✝ Count of Metterden, Captain of the Southern Gold Corps, Lord of Averheim, Lord Regent of Erochland, & Protector of the South. Demetrius II Viktor Ruthern ✝ Count of Metterden, Lord Protector of The Spine, Grand Meyster of the Order of The Golden Gryphon, Baron of Rostig, and Lord of Alriczan. Boris II Nikolas Ruthern ✝ Count of Metterden, Grand Marshal of the Order of the Edelweiss, Protector of the Pass, Baron of Rostig, and Lord of Alriczan. Victor Alric Ruthern ✝ Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Protector of the Pass, and Lord of Alriczan. Count Joren Ruthern ✝ Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Protector of the Pass, and Lord of Alriczan. Vladrick var Ruthern ✝ Duke of Metterden (Title Abolished), Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Protector of the Pass, and Lord of Alriczan. Rhys var Ruthern ✝ Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Protector of the South, Lord of Helmholtz, and Lord Marshal of Haense, Demetrius III Tuvya Ruthern ✝ Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Protector of the South, Lord of Helmholtz, Lord of Ivans Hall, and Lord Palatine of Haense. Konstantin I Lothar Ruthern ✝ Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Protector of the South, Lord of Helmholtz, Lord of Ivans Hall, and Lord Palatine of Haense Viktor I Sigismund Ruthern ✝ Duke of Vidaus (Title Revoked), Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Protector of the South, Lord of Helmholtz, and Lord of Ivans Hall Siguine I Otto Ruthern Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Protector of the South, Lord of Helmholtz, and Lord of Ivans Hall. Konstantin II Joren Ruthern Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Protector of the South, Lord of Helmholtz, Lord of Ivans Hall, and Lord Justiciar. House Culture and Traditions: The Rutherns descend from Raevir branches, and thus, their influence still stand to this day. Although, over centuries of the Raevs being oppressed, the Rutherns have come to reject many of the traditions associated with Raevir; most notably the botch method of speech. Nonetheless, traces of Raevir ancestry are still present in modern-day Rutherns, primarily in the naming of their children. Madness is the first word to come to to mind when describing the House, for indeed they have always held a reputation for being violent, unpredictable, and downright bizarre. The Rutherns hold an ancient record of military accomplishments, once upon a time, the Rutherns led the Orenian Empire’s largest militant Order. It stills continue to this day, Ruthernian bannermen are seen in nearly every conflict that involves mankind. As a result of such a rich history of military, Rutherns are more acclimatized and have an affinity for warfare and the various troubles conflict brings. Legally, House Ruthern are agnatic-primogeniture, meaning that the oldest male of the current ruler will always inherit. Although it is not surprising for Rutherns to just simply usurp one another if they are deemed too weak to rule. Ruthern soldiers marching through the thick woodlands of Erochland, heading south toward the Dreadlands. Ancient History: Anthos-Fringe The House Ruthern is a lesser House branched off the Princely House Carrion, descending from the line of Ruther, a bastard “Barrow” of House Carrion. As typical, the name Barrow was given to Carrion bastard born out of wedlock with a lowborn; however, Ruther was born in a stone castle amongst servant girls and castellans. His mother was a courtier of the court, who managed to take a bastard with the Lord of House Carrion 3 generations prior, Lord Borislav. The boy Ruther was ill-tempered and cruel; he had always been spiteful of those around him and took pleasure in torture and pain. Ruther had an intense phobia of blood, however, and would revel in forms of blunt trauma and torture to satiate his bloodlust, taking a hammer for training and preferring naval warfare of cold blue seas blotting out the blood of war. He would deface his enemies with wrathful impunity by ripping their teeth, spines, and bones, sporting them as war-trophies and forbidding all of his men to sport gold jewelry and instead bones of fallen foes, a brutal tactic which follows the House to this day. When time had erupted for war, the courtiers in service had pleaded with Lord Borislav to send his boy off to die in foreign soils, so the ill-mannered bastard would be rid of in a fashion clean of kinslaying. Ruther was given sixteen longships and a levy mixed with convicts and conscripts. Despite all odds, the raiding party had infiltrated the rival Kosanov stronghold and decimated the populace, a crucial turning point of the Raevir civil conflict. However, when the Carrion envoy arrived to claim the hold, Ruther garrisoned it and demanded legitimization for his valor in war. Borislav and Ruther compromised with the handover of a noble estate, for no vassal around Borislav would have wanted the wicked Ruther a legitimate Carrion to potentially inherit his lands, yet the stronghold was necessary in concluding the campaign, and an amphibious assault was out of the question. Ruther was granted a barren beach line for his warband out of appeasement to the rival lords of Raev, yet found himself little time to scheme further and advance himself with the abandoning of Crowsmarch. Ruther was forced to abandon his lands. In a fit of mixed fury and insanity, he navigated his ships away from the Raevir fleet, taking off to harry various island civilizations between Asulon and Anthos. He took thralls and wives under his own blade, and was succeeded by only one trueborn son. Ruther’s son Boris was the next of line. He took the sigil of the hammerhead shark for the creature’s savagery, hammer-head, and affinity for water, and had the bones of Ruther along with those he pillaged forged among steel to forge the ancestral hammer of the House. Boris continued his father's legacy of establishing violent campaigns against various trade archipelagos, and bore two sons, Ivan, named after the famed father of the Raevir race, and Ailred. Boris, however, did not have the unrelenting tenacity and violence as his father. He faltered and had his second son, Ailred, kidnapped at a young age by rival slavers. Ailred was lost to the family, being raised as a Dreadfort child soldier after being sold to Augustus Blackmont in Anthos. Boris eventually contracted scurvy, dying and sending the “Fleet of Bones” scattered throughout the wild seas. Ivan had witnessed his father’s slow health decline, and took what little strelesy conscripts and thralls to head for Anthos. He had figured the continent settled and ripe for war, despite his weakened fleet. Upon arriving to the Crimson Isles, he reunited with his brother, Flay bannermen Ailred, who was soon nicknamed “Red Ruth” for his flayish brutality. Ailred eventually consolidated his bannermen into the Decturem, a fearsome military order renowned for strength and ruthlessness. Unfortunately, John of Darfey manipulated Ailred into turning against his Carrion kin, promising him the crown of Oren. His rebellion was short-lived, culminating in the legendary Siege of Mount Augustus. His son, Vsevolod, took the remaining bannermen loyal to House Ruthern and fled to the seas. The few surviving Rutherns lived in exile, thought to be extinct, until the days of Vailor. ~ Family Members(Alive/Active): Count Konstantin of Metterden, of Ailred’s blood. ( @Firecrimson ) Countess Katherine Marie Ruthern, of Nenzing (sirenscall_) Siguine var Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (Ave_imperium) Elizaveta vas Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (Axelu) Viktoriya vas Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (Zaerie) Aleksandr var Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (Unplayed) Rhys var Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (Pogmeister) Tatyana vas Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (Disheartened) Demetrius var Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (Aidoro) Ruslan var Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (Boywonderr) Erik var Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (SlavietBear) Viscount Ivan of Batavia, of Ailred’s blood. (TwanVanDijk) Dmirty Barrow, of Ailred’s blood. (Paulobig) House Relics: Members of House Ruthern hold many objects that they have emotional attachment to, but there are some truly renowned artifacts that have been passed down through generations that hold true value to the entirety of the House; for these items hold much history to their names. The Book of Rutherns Held by Count Konstantin of Metterden The book was authored by a literate member of House Ruthern ancestor, Yaroslav, son of Ruther Barrow, founding father of House Ruthern. Instead of taking up the sword as expected, Yaroslav chose the life of a scholar, a very unlikely position to find an ancient Ruthern in. This book contains written details on the origins of House Ruthern. It was passed on to his son, and his son passed it on, they continued to fill the book in, either by themselves or using writers. This book is mostly used to prove House Ruthern legitimacy and other deeds done by members of Ruthern. The book was discovered once more in the libraries of Averheim by Maric Ruthern, and he continued it with his own hand, his sons carrying it on after him. Ruther’s Hammer Held by Count Konstantin of Metterden This is the hammer that was used by Ruther Barrow to massacre all who opposed him in the first days of House Ruthern. It was made for him by Lord Borislav of House Carrion when he was sent on a suicide mission to attack the rival Fortress of Kosanov. It is said that over five hundred men have fallen to this hammer. It was passed from Ruther to Boris, then from Boris to Ailred, where it was thought to be lost. Ailred, however, gave it to his son Vsevolod, and it was passed down his family until it reached the hands of Arik the Black. It was lost during the voyage to Atlas, only to be found in a shipwreck by Rhys Ruthern. Ivan’s Cross Held by Count Konstantin of Metterden A simple Hussarian cross made of polished dark oak. Upon Ivan Rutherns reunion with his brother Ailred, he had his ships burned to the ground to signify the end of his days of piracy. The night before the ships were to be burned, he claimed to have had a dream in which GOD instructed him to carve a cross out of the mast, for if he did, he would hold divine favor. He did so before the burning, and carried it with him always. Ivan never suffered serious injury or illness with the cross in his possession, despite being a veteran of several wars and having fought many battles. When he did pass away, it was only after he had bequeathed the cross to his son Ivan. Ivan’s Cross is also featured on the coat of arms of House Ruthern. Notable Events in Ruthern History: Ancient History (1250- Ruther Barrow is born out of wedlock between Boris I Carrion and a courtier. -At age sixteen, Ruther is sent on a suicide mission to conquer Fortress Kasonov, he accomplishes this goal and is rewarded with land and is legitimized, forming the Cadet Branch, House Ruthern. -Abandonment of the Crowsmarch, reason unclear. Ruther Ruthern is forced to flee with his warband, taking to sea and becoming an amphibious-based pillager. -Twins, Boris and Yaroslav are born. -Ruther contracts scurvy and consequently passes away, his fleet fractures at the loss of its leader. The twins Boris and Yaroslav are kept safe by loyal bannermen. -At eighteen, Boris is given reign of the remaining Ruthern fleet, he continues his father’s legacy of pillaging coastal settlements in the nearby oceans of Asulon. -1350) Yaroslav begins his work on the Book of Rutherns. (1350- Ivan is born of Boris. Ailred is born of Boris. -Ailred Ruthern is captured during an attack orchestrated by rival raiders, he is sold into slavery. -Yaroslav passes away due to health complications and aging, his work on the Book is passed onto Ivan. -Boris passes away due to scurvy, his old age and feeble body accelerating the process. The sudden death of Boris causes the fleet to violently shatter into splintering rebellions as each Captains of different longships begun to engage each other in bid to claim the position of being the Fleet’s Commander. The conflict is dubbed ‘The Night of Broken Ships’. -Ivan finally consolidates his own forces after a year of combatting rogue Captains. During the conflict he gains knowledge of Anthos and makes it his destination. -1398) It takes years for Ivan and his ships to reach Anthos, but upon arrival they come into contact with soldiers of House Blackmont. Upon meeting Lord Augustus, Ivan came to harbour a deep respect for the awe-inspiring bandit Lord. The remaining Ruthern forces integrate into House Blackmont as a result. (1399- Ivan finds his long lost brother, Ailred, serving as a bannerman to the very House he had just sworn loyalty to. Ailred explains how he was bought by House Blackmont to be a slave-soldier, but came to advance in rank, earning his freedom and securing his position as a bannerman. -The ‘Crimson Banquet’ occurs. After Augustus’ death, his inept and incompetent son, Tiberius, takes rule of House Blackmont. During a feast, Tiberius is poisoned which results in fighting as accusations are made widely. The fighting is so fierce that by the time it ends, the Dreadfort is reduced to rubble. Ivan and Ailred survive the fighting and relocate along with the surviving Blackmont bannermen and family members. -With the death of Horen V, the Dynasty of Horen falls without a proper heir and the Empire of Oren crumbles under civil unrest, the Great Exodus occurs, where most of Humanity departs from Anthos to the fabled continent of Aeldin. -1404) Ivan and Ailred opt to stay behind and govern the lands of House Blackmont. (1410-The Kingdom of Ruska begins to rise as a dominating force of post-exodus humanity. -Ivan is contacted by his distant relative, Siegmund Carrion, the King of Ruska. Siegmund states his wish to reunite humanity under one banner and wishes Ivan to join his fold. The terms are accepted and the lands held by Rutherns fall under Siegmund’s Kingdom. -The Kingdom of Ruska unites Humanity, House Ruthern is elevated in position. The sole Nation of Mankind is named traditionally, the Oren Imperium. -The Decturem Order is formed, Ailred acting as its Marshal. -Ivan passes due to health complication regarding old age. -Anthos is destroyed due to unnatural continental floods, inhabitants flee into a portal that led to ‘The Fringe’. -The Fransiscan Massacre occurs, Ailred Ruthern commits regicide by slaying Franz Josef Carrion, betraying his family in the process. A legitimized bastard of House Ruthern commits to a suicide charge to save the corpse of Franz, he is killed alongside his comrades and is later blessed for his actions by the Church of Cannon. -(1432) House Ruthern falls into obscurity due to Ailred’s actions. Modern History (1541) Twins, Maric and Alric Ruthern are born to Dmitry and Emma Klein-Ruthern. (1559) Lopkaea Marbrand and Alric Ruthern are wed. (1560) Maric Ruthern and Isabel Stafyr are wed. -Alric and Lopkaea Ruthern have a son, Josef Ivan. (1561) Twins, Dmitri Ruthern and Marjorie Ruthern are born to Count Maric and Isabel Stafyr (1562) Godric Ruthern is born to Maric Ruthern and Isabel Ruthern. (1565) House Ruthern is officially recognised and reinstated as Orenian nobility, risen to the station of Count and given the rights to Metterden. Their stain of regicide wiped clean. -Alric Ruthern disowns his son, Josef, and leaves his wife, Lopkaea. Vanishes without a trace, last seeing heading into the woods outside of Felsen. -Maric Ruthern ascends to be Count of Metterden, Lord Regent of Erochland, Protector of the South, Commander of the Southern Gold Corps, Lord of Averheim, Bailiff of Destati. (1571) Vailor is lost to a plague, House Ruthern flees with its liege, House Barbanov and establishes itself in Axios. (1572) The New County of Metterden is recognised within Haense. (1574) Boris I Ruthern dies from an infected wound. (1572) The Alriczan Castle is built, under the supervision of Godric var Ruthern and Dmitri var Ruthern. (1577)Maric Ruthern abdicates to his eldest true-born son, Dmitri Viktor II Ruthern and he becomes the Third Count of Metterden. (1582) Ruthern loyal bannermen, the House of Marbrand, receives the land of Rostig within the Kingdom of Haense. -House Marbrand officially joins the County of Metterden. -House Amador officially joins the County of Metterden. (1583) House Amador officially departs the County of Metterden, vassalising beneath the royal crown of Barbanov. -Boris Nikolas II Ruthern is born to Sofia and Dmitri Ruthern. (1591)Boris Nikolas is kidnapped by High Elven and Dwarven insurgents. (1594) Demetrius II Viktor Ruthern passes, 1561 - 1594. -Boris II Nikolas Ruthern becomes the Fifth Count of Metterden. (1596)Following a succession crisis, Count Boris seizes the lands of the Barony of Rostig and takes direct control of it. (1599) A marriage is held between Lady Adelheid Ruthern and the King of Haense, Marius of House Barbanov. (1601) Arik ‘the Black’ Ruthern arrives at Metterden and makes a deal with Count Boris to inherit the County -Boris Nikolas Ruthern is murdered by Courlanders, 1583 - 1601. (1602)Viktor Alric Ruthern and his uncle, Adelwen, rebel against the Haensetic crown, and swear fealty to Courland.A schism is driven into the House. -Joren Ruthern is born to Viktor and Cecily Ruthern. (1604) The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska surrenders to the Courlandic crown. -Viktor Alric Ruthern marches north, and ascends to become the Seventh Count of Metterden. -The Ruthern Restoration Act of 1604 is published, disowning and renouncing Arik the Black’s claim on the Ruthern noble name - including lands, holdings and titles. (1605)Ser Maric the Crowshield Ruthern dies from an infected wound, 1541 - 1605. (1607)Viktor Alric Ruthern dies from these lines are blotted out with heavy ink, 1585 - 1607. -Joren Ruthern ascends to become the Eighth Count of Metterden. (1609)Count Joren repeals the Ruthern Restoration Act and appoints Vladrick Ruthern as his Regent. (1611)Count Joren is killed during a meeting with the King of Courland. The Greyspine rebellion starts following Jorens death. -Uhtred Ruthern ascends to become the ninth Count of Metterden (1612)The second battle of the Rothswood takes place resulting in a Ruthern victory, restoring the Kingdom of Haense. (1616)Uhtred Ruthern disappears, the male Bloodline of Ivan Ruthern ends leaving Vladrick Ruthern of Ailred’s blood to become the tenth Count of Metterdn. (1643)During the voyage to Atlas Vladrick is lost at sea, with his fate unknown his only Son Rhys Ruthern becomes the eleventh Count of Metterden. (1656) Rhys takes his family and flees Haense following the collapse of the government. (1658) House Ruthern returns to Haense under Rhys, and pledges itself under King Karl II. (1661) Castle of Helmhotlz is built by Rhys var Ruthern. (1662) Black Company is founded to serve House Ruthern and protect its lands. Godfric Black is named its first Captain. (1665) The bastard son of Rhys var Ruthern, Dorian attempts to kill his own father. He is later hung after being captured. (1666) With the death of King Karl II, and no male heir to the Ottonian line. His cousin Franz Bihar rushes to be crowned King. During the coronation men hired by Renatus attack the palace and later kill King Franz after he refuses to bend the knee. The nephew of the late King Franz, is crowned King of Haense becoming the second in the line Bihar Kings. (1667) Rhys var Ruthern is named Marshal of Haense, with Black Company becoming the largest levy within the Kingdom. (1670) Ailred Ruthern, Rhys’s son and heir, dies from food poisoning. (1672) For his service to the crown, Rhys is given the title Duke of Vidaus. (1679) Rhys var Ruthern, forms the first Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Combining all the Haense forces into one unified fighting force. (1681) Rhys led the first engagement between the Brotherhood and the Vaeyl at the Siege of Nekristadt. The combined forces of the Brotherhood, and Imperial reinforcements drove back the Vaeyl Knights. (1682) Rhys steps down as Lord of Ruthern, instead passing it onto his grandson Demetrius. Rhys continues to serve as Marshal of Haense. (1682) A marriage is held between the Lady Elisabeth Ruthern to the King of Haense, Robert I of House Barbanov. (1688) Demetrius III of Vidaus is made Palatine to King Robert I. (1691) Rhys led the combined forces of the Empire against the Vaeyl at their fortress of Last Hope. They would defeat the Vaeyl forces once more, taking the fortress in the name of the Empire. (1702) Aleksandra Ruthern, Baroness of Antioch, marries Prince Josef Barbanov, jointly leading the newly formed House of Alimar with him as the Grand Princess of Muldav. (1704) Atlas has been consumed by a Blizzard created by the Vaeyl as an attempt to drive the descendants from the land. They are forced to break through the ice wall in the far south and travel to a new land. Rhys var Ruthern is lost during the chaos with his body never being found. He outlived all his children, dying at the age of eighty three. (1704) House Ruthern led by Demetrius III lands on Arcas. He soon took ill from the long voyage, prevent him from performing his duties. (1707) Demetrius III of Vidaus dies at the age of forty two, leaving his son Konstantin I to become the next Duke of Vidaus. The newly crowned Marius II appoints Konstantin to take his father's place as Lord Palatine. (1709) After only being in office for two years, Konstantin resigns as Lord Palatine. (1719) Konstantin abdicates to his eldest son Viktor who is only thirteen at the time. Konstantin believing his path lay with GOD joins a holy order where he would remain until his death several years later. (1721) The young Duke Viktor finally takes over after reaching adulthood. He faced the daunting task of rebuilding House Ruthern after the devastating War of Two Emperors. (1727) Due to Lord Viktors failure to attend Duma, and his inability to raise the prestige of House Ruthern. King Andrik III strips House Ruthern of the duchy of Vidaus after four generations of Ruthern Dukes. Soon after, Viktors twin brother Tuvya arrives in Haense and begins plotting to seize control of House Ruthern. (1728) As he steps out of a Duma meeting, Viktor sees his brother waiting for him. Following a brief exchange, both Rutherns begin to duel. However, Tuvya is much faster than his elder brother and manages to fatally wound his brother. Viktor while wielding Ruther’s Hammer brings it down onto Tuvya’s head, killing him instantly. Viktor would die shortly, leaving his young son with Princess Mariya of Haense, Siguine-Otto, to succeed him as Lord Ruthern. (1739) Siguine, after only eleven years as Lord of Ruthern, vanishes. The young Count is believed dead and is soon succeeded by his uncle Konstantin. (1742) Siguine is found alive, and returns to Haense. But, he seems to have no intention of pressing his claim. Instead he becomes more active in local politics. (1749) Konstantin II is named Lord Justicar of Haense. Becoming the first Ruthern to have a seat on the Aulic council since Konstantin I. (1755) House Ruthern joins the Valwyck Pact, an alliance between many of the lords of Haense against the regency under Otto of House Barbanov-Alimar, who they believed to be overstepping his authority. (1757) A compromise is reached between the Valwyck Pact and the regency. Among other things, law reform was agreed upon by both parties, with Konstantin II overseeing it as both the Lord Justiciar and a signatory of the pact.
  2. Always will enjoy your time apart of Haense and Ruthern, going to miss you man. Even if we were on different sides sometimes we stayed friends.
  3. HOLY KINGDOM OF ASCALON Government Type: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy Magic Type: Light Magic, focus on the Light Subfield. T1 of Light Beam, T1 Sunflare, T1 Light strobe Characters King Baldwin IV of Ascalon, deemed himself unworthy and hid his face. (Leadership 8, Charisma 4) GrandMaster Godfrey of the Templars (Martial Skill 6, Agility 2, Leadership 4) His Holiness Pius X, (Arcane Skill 8, Leadership 4) Crown Prince Edward, nephew of Baldwin IV (Leadership 4, Martial Skill 3, Charisma 3, Agility 2) Culture: Humans History The Kingdom of Ascalon is a religiously devout nation along the coast. While officially a hereditary absolute monarchy, much of the power lies with the Church. The people of Ascalon are devout worshippers of GOD and his light. The Church of Ascalon has become a powerful force in politics, with the Patriarch wielding almost as much power as the King himself. They believe there is only one true GOD, and to deny his light is blasphemy! King Baldwin IV currently rules Ascalon. Known to be a wise and devout ruler he is popular among the people. However, at a young age he saw himself unworthy of GODs light and took to covering his face hiding it at all times with an iron mask. While the King is strong in his faith, he has been attempting to restore the Monarch as the true head of state. This has led to many political conflicts between the Crown and Church. Groups or places of interest: Holy City of Antioch- Capital of the Kingdom, and home to both the King and Patriarch. It is has seen as the most holy site, where GODs Light blessed the first King to rule. Helmgard-The headquarters of the Templar order. Located just south of the capital. Its high walls have never been taken, the fortress is seen by many as impossible to siege The Church- Easily the most popular faction in the Kingdom, the Church's influence is equal to the Kings. This has lead to several conflicts between the Crown and the Church in the past. Templar Order- The elite Holy warriors, who answer only to GOD. Independent from both the Crown and direct control of the Church, they serve as the Vanguard of Ascalons armies. Point Distribution: Loyalty 2 Magical Knowledge 5 Technological Expertise 3 Size 5 Economy 5 Military 6 Unique Units (3): Templars (Heavy Cavalry) Holy Warriors of GOD, they serve as the Vanguard of most armies. Originally founded as defenders of the faith, they now serve as leaders of the Kingdoms armies. Led by the Grandmaster, they are mostly made up of nobles who donated this wealth to the order and now dedicate their life to defending the faithful. Mounted on horseback, these heavy knights are almost unstoppable. Papal Guard (Medium Halberd Infantry) The Personal guard of His Holiness himself. These men are veteran warriors who will defend the Church with their lives. Armed with a Halberd and short sword, they are able to easily defend and hold against an enemy. Pilgrims (Light Infantry) The most devout followers of GOD, they have given up everything to worship and spread GODs light. Armed with heavy clubs and simple robes, but their real weapon is only the presence on the battlefield. During battle you’ll find them behind the battle line praying and singing toward the heavens which inspires the troops and raises morale. Starting Location: Red is Capital, Black are cities, Brown are castles Discord Name: Ave_imperium#4314 What is my Favorite color?: White
  4. “That last true knight...” Siguine smiles as he reads the missive.
  5. Siguine var Ruthern takes a deep breath, “Now we wait.” He rides home beside his uncle, his thoughts drifting toward the future.
  6. Siguine recalls seeing the Lord Regent not long before his death, “A shame, he honored House Ruthern. I pray I can repay my debt to him one day.”
  7. RP NAME: Siguine var Ruthern MC NAME: Ave_imperium DISCORD: you got it ADDRESS: County of Metterden QUALIFICATION FOR POSITION: Former Senator for Haense, and Duma representative for House Ruthern.
  8. Rhys and Marius welcome their friend with open arms.
  9. “If you want the government to serve the will of the people join the feudalist. But, if you want the people to serve the government join the Centralists.” Comments Edward. “Both noble goals, one to help the people the other to help the state.”
  10. Never forget Estermont always there for each other
  11. “Prince Otto demanded I duel for honor, he should do the same.” Siguine comments has he reads the letter. “He should practice what he preaches.”
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