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  1. NAME: Demetrius AGE: Unknown POSITION APPLIED: Guardsman RESIDENCE: NA
  2. FROM THE WAR OFFICE OF GENERAL RUTHERN Appointment of Lieutenant Colonel, 1855 As General of the Imperial State Army the management and oversight of the ISA falls to me. However, it does not fall to me alone. A Lieutenant Colonel is most often named as the second in command of the 1st Regiment of the Imperial State Army. Since my tenure as General the position of Lieutenant Colonel has remained empty, as such I see fit to appoint an officer who has went beyond my expectations and the duties of their post. From this moment onwards Captain Quinn Darkwood has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of the 1st regiment of the Imperial State Army. He shall be the second in command of the 1st Regiment and be given the Authority to command in my absence. However like all members of the ISA even the Lieutenant Colonel must follow our conduct and Mandates of the Lex Kaedreni. Captain Darkwood has proved himself the true heir to his grandfather General Darkwood, a day hasn't gone by without Captain Darkwood in my office or giving me a report of all they have done. I appoint him with my full trust and confidence in his ability. As for the Captain of the 2nd, Lt Colonel Darkwood shall remain acting Captain of the 2nd Brigade until from among the officers of the 2nd one is interviewed and named Captain. Signed, Erik var Ruthern, General of the ISA
  3. Erik var Ruthern finishes the parade and marches into his war office, maps and plans for the coming siege lay before him. "If this is to be my last war let it worthy of those that came before us."
  4. I for one really enjoyed falling through the void gave me time to reflect. But jokes aside I know the staff are dealing with a lot, but maybe the best thing to do is make it less complex simple warclaims field battles and sieges as its worked for the entire lotc history. In any case thank you for the work you've put in so far and dealing with 300 players spamming you!
  5. "I really like the title, really good title. Its an amazing title for a post." Erik var Ruthern comments
  6. General Erik var Ruthern collected the armor by the fallen ferrymen, "A victory this day, and a victory in the coming battles. Oren shall not buckle under the pressure of this war!"
  7. General Erik var Ruthern cleans the beard of the dwarven King which they had shaved from his face, they kept it in a nice display case right next to the crown. "Wonder if they'd want these back?"
  8. General Erik var Ruthern cleans his sword of the ferrymen blood, "As long as I live I will not allow them to raid our roads unhindered!"
  9. General Erik var Ruthern signs off for each recruit as he notes their Graduation, "Well done comrades!"
  10. General Ruthern smiles “We’ve suffered a defeat yes, but the war shall be won!”
  11. General Erik var Ruthern lets out a sigh as he lists a soldier under his command KIA, "A brave comrade, he fulfilled his oath to the end. He shall watch over us from the seven skies."
  12. General Erik recalls leading the capture of the Grand King alongside Baron Varon, "Does he forget we cut off his beard and took his own crown?"
  13. Midnight Ride into the Grand King’s Realm; The Death of a Beard. “Promise me now to not seek human allies. This war is to be kept between Oren and Urguan… alone,” said Emperor Philip III. “O'I mus' decline yer offeh. T'ank yeh t'ough, ef o'I weren't about teh die, o'I'd keep yer mercy in moind. Keep et quick lad.” Grand King Ulfric Frostbeard in reply to his Imperial Majesty’s offer. 20th of Owyn’s Flame, 1850. It was late in the night when twelve brave souls set out under the guidance of the General of the ISA, Erik var Ruthern, riding across the countryside on horseback with a brigade of men at his back. The night was cold with a bitter wind, yet those who rode together continued without relent on their journey towards Urguan - not a word was spoken amongst them. They were upon the foreign lands of the Grand King of Urguan within the Saint’s hour. An impasse was amongst the men, as they argued where the roads would take them. Sergeant Julian Ein Stark and Private First Class Ivan var Ruthern argued that they should take their party to the Capital of Urguan, praying upon the fact that a key figure would be present. The city was empty as the twelve collectively made their way through it in search of any half-men. They searched every corner until their last destination; the throne room. As they gathered together and exchanged hushed words, one pointed to a window above. There, the Grand King of Urguan Ulfric Frostbeard and the Dowager-Duchess of Adria, Charlotte Augusta, sat with one another, within the Grand King's private chambers. The soldiers started forth without another thought and made their way to the stairs. Several volunteered to stay behind to keep watch for any others. Door by door, the other group gained further access into the unknown private confines. “Search all the rooms,” demanded the General. Each door they encountered the soldiers made their way through and found no one. Again, they searched the rooms until Amelia Hughes called loudly to the group and pointed out the door. Ivan var Ruthern stepped forth with an axe and bashed it in, and there behind the door were the two. The majority of the men moved downstairs, preparing for a fight while the Grand King was bound and captured by Aesar Melphaestus and Private Ruthern. Within minutes of the capture, the soldiers were engaged in a fight in the square of the city led at the command of Varon Draskovic and General Erik var Ruthern. A long and hard fought battle ensued, consisting of the best soldiers from both sides. Skirmishes took place across the center of the Dwarven city, with both sides clashing into each other numerous times with no fatal injuries taken from either side. The conflict continued, with a valiant charge being led by Varon Draskovic across the center of the city, another bloody melee ensuing. At this point, the battle was close though it was swaying in the Imperial State Armies favour, and they successfully routed the Dwarves within their own Capital. The Great City of Kal'Darakaan, Capital of Urguan had been captured. Their defenders killed or hiding, and the gates shut on their own warriors. Following this ordeal, an attempt at finding escape was done, with Amelia Hughes, Leopold Draskovic and Ezkaton finding an escape through the rail-lines of the Grand Kingdom. Ivan var Ruthern, Ezkaton and Aesar retreated from the Grand City, the Dwarven King mounted upon their back.. they made it home with the Grand King upon the steed, glad that their most bold endeavour was successful. The Dwarven King was then escorted to the throne room of the Imperial palace and taken before Emperor Philip III and Empress Anastasia. A crowd gathered there, with people pouring in to witness what the criers had called for: the captured king. Ulfric was knelt before the monarchs. Philip III greeted the Grand King as he looked down upon him, “Promise me now to not seek human allies. This war is to be kept between Oren and Urguan… alone.” The dwarven king retorted, “O'I mus' decline yer offeh. T'ank yeh t'ough, ef o'I weren't about teh die, o'I'd keep yer mercy in moind. Keep et quick lad.” At the order of the Emperor, the beard of King Ulfric was removed at the hand of Ivan var Ruthern. Then a branding was called for, and Duncan Vuiller approached the dais to do the task. The name ‘DUNCAN’ was branded into his left cheek. “Ask for Duncan and so shall you receive.” Few more words were exchanged until, at the order of the Emperor, the Dwarven King was released by a crowd of Orenian citizens at the front gate of New Providence. Oren aut Mortem. One God, One Empire, One Emperor, One Empress. Long live Emperor Philip III and Empress Anastasya of Kositz. Long may they reign. Below are the names of the brave Orenians who risked their lives and everything they hold dear to serve GOD and the Empire. Long may the names be remembered for their heroic actions. Erik var Ruthern Varon Draskovic Amelia Hughes Cato Perea Peter August Kaphro Ezkaton Ivan var Ruthern Peter d’Arkent Leopold Draskovic Julian Ein Stark Sir Arthur Komnenos Aesar Melphestaus
  14. General Erik recalls his old friend, "Rest easy, one day may we see each other in the seven skies."
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