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  1. can the server stop shitting on itself plz

  2. Imperium

    The Disunited States of America

    Commonwealth of Massachusetts President: Nathaniel P. Banks (Party, Commonwealth) Military: 75,000 Navy: 5 Ships of the Line, 2 Sloops of War, 1 Brig, 2 Screw Frigates, 1 First Class Steam Sloop (Side-wheel), 3 frigates Trade: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Union of Concord, and France Allies: Connecticut, and Union of Concord Enemies: New York President Nathaniel P. Banks sits in his office going over report from office of the Commander and Chief. New York has invaded New Jersey and forced them into a peace, now Virginian troops march alongside New York's in a show of force. Congress saw New York as a threat to Massachusetts and the majority party of the congress the Commonwealth demands action is taken. In the first week of 1863 letters are exchanged between the Federation of Connecticut and Union of Concord. Finally on the 7th of January congress meets and following a speech they declare war on the state of New York. Declaration of War Following the aggressive behavior from the state of New York the Commonwealth hereby declares war. The New England Alliance shall not stand aside while smaller nations are bullied by those who seek their own gain. Industrial Reforms Act The machinery in the manufacturers of the commonwealth start to replaced with newer models in order to provide better quality parts and products. This plan is set to take over the course of five years in order to not put strain on the flow of products. Actions -War Declared on New York -Industrial Reforms act passed -40,000 men are called on from the draft -Production Spencer Carbines continues (half a year) -Construction of the first Ironclad expected to be finished by the end of the year (Half a year) Dearest, Sophia, Orders have arrived it seems war has been called on New York, Fort Hooker has became backed with soldiers. Word is we will be marching out within a day, once the supply train is ready. I’m ashamed to admit it but I’m scared, this will be my first time commanding troops in battle. I’ve spent hours reading over military strategy from Caesar to Napoleon, but I don’t know if I'm ready for the pressure of war. I promise I’ll return home once I’m able, for you and our unborn child. Forever Yours, Alexander
  3. Imperium

    Tournament of Markev

    only nobles may do the joust I’ll sign you up for melee
  4. Imperium

    Tournament of Markev

    Sign up (RP&MC) Name: Marius Demetrius Barbanov Age: 15 Title: Grand Prince of Kusoraev. Holdings: NA Heritage: First born son to King Robert Bihar I and Queen Elizaveta Ruthern Events:Joust
  5. Imperium

    Quick Vaeyl PSA

    I miss you ❤️
  6. Imperium

    Tournament of Markev

    Tournament of Markev 14th of Horen’s Calling, 1698 His Royal Majesty, Robert Bihar I, formally invites all respective men and women across the land to attend the Tournament of Markev. These glorious events of splendor shall hold the case to rejuvenate the knightship of Haense in a glorious celebration of combat and feats of valor to reflect the prosperity of the realm. Events held will surmise the following... Jousting As is tradition by the Haenseti peoples, jousting will occur during the tournament to test the ability of men atop steeds of battle. Participation is limited to those of Imperial noble blood and will be spectated to provide the safety of tournament horses, which will be provided by hosts at no cost and without requirement of a saddle. Nobility will fight with lances handpicked by his highness, but the addition of armor will be at the discretion of the engaging knights. Reward: A significant purse will also be rewarded. Sign up (RP&MC) Name: Age: Title: Holdings: Heritage: Events: One on One Melee When jousting has come to a conclusion, fighting will proceed to stray away from horse combat. Guests will gather around the sand pits for one-on-one hand duels, without the use of armor or weapons. This portion of the tournament will allow those of any status, nobles and commoners alike. Reward: A significant purse will also be rewarded. Sign up (RP&MC) Name: Age: Race: ((This Event will take place this Sunday 01/13/19 at 6 pm est))
  7. Imperium

    Charter System [Your View]

    No more freebuild? Hell Im happy
  8. Imperium


    Marius marks down the date, “Can’t wait!”
  9. Don’t want them to shelter with us again, +1. @ibraheemc2000 Give them a slot, one of the most active and persistent communities on the server. The system of activity check I understand but it limits players and makes them tend to stay in their nation rather then explore the server.
  10. Imperium

    The Disunited States of America

    Commonwealth of Massachusetts President: Nathaniel P. Banks (Party, Commonwealth) Military: 75,000 Navy: 5 Ships of the Line, 2 Sloops of War, 1 Brig, 2 Screw Frigates, 1 First Class Steam Sloop (Side-wheel), 3 frigates Trade: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York , Union of Concord, and France Allies: Connecticut, and Union of Concord Enemies: NA Joseph Hooker is sitting in his office when a man comes rushing in, stopping to salute. The young man holds out a piece of paper, “Sir, I have news from the naval yards the ships have finished.” Joseph offers a nod as he takes the paper. “Thank you soldier, your dismissed.” Joseph tosses the paper down, walking to his window. ‘An Ironclad has just rolled off the docks in Virginia these wooden ships aren’t enough,’ he thinks to himself. Hooker walks back to his desk and quickly pens a letter to congress. Meanwhile congress once again meets towards the end of December. A new bill proposed by the recently formed New England party that hopes to lift the tariffs on European goods as been blocked by the commonwealth party which makes up a majority. Naval Funding Act By request of commander and chief Joseph Hooker, funding has been directed to the ever growing commonwealth navy. The new funding shall be put forth to the construction of the commonwealths first Ironclad. Actions -Designing of an Ironclad begins with plans to construct and test it. Joseph Hooker looks for an expert to help with the construction. -with the forts finished, men are sent to garrison them across the commonwealth. Fort Alexander which defend the capital of Boston has been named the headquarters for the Commonwealth Military. -Plans for the production of Spencer Carbine rifles, ammunition and Blakeslee cartridge boxes and cannons/ cannon balls are sent out to the manufactures to start producing them. -Two new parties now make up congress, New England Party (minority), and Commonwealth Party (Majority). -Congress has passed the first draft, calling all men white and black between 16 and 30 to register for the draft. Able to be called on if the country needs them. -The army continues to drill and train. Dear, Sophia I miss you dearly, I plan to visit once I have leave next month. Fort Hooker has becoming full of men, nearly 3,000 here alone with twenty thousand station along the border. Most of my days are spent drilling my men, and patrolling the surrounding roads. How has your father been? I know he was sick when I left, I hope he's gotten out of bed since then. Your Love, A. Wellington
  11. Imperium

    Revival of the Global Assembly

    The aged Rhys grumbles, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” The young prince Marius raises an eyebrow at the news. “This is something I might look into,” he would start to pen a letter to hos father.
  12. Imperium


    Noble Registration: (RP&MC) Name: Ave_imperium, Name: Marius Demetrius Age:14 Title: Grand Prince of Kusoraev. Holdings: NA Heritage: Eldest son of King Robert of House Barbanov, line of Bihar Events:The Joust
  13. Imperium

    Notices throughout the Empire of Man.

    An old crow smiles from the seven skies
  14. Imperium

    A Commander's Sacrifice

    Rhys var Ruthern watches over the ruins of Last Hope, waiting to hear word from Brog about further expedition over the wall. “It was to easy, now the Vaeyl still hide on the other side of the wall, but we’ll come for them they can’t hide from us.” Rhys turns away from the ruins making his way make to the now almost empty Crows Nest to await Brog. Prince Marius sits in the palace, digging through some old chests looking for his favorite book, the ‘Tales of King Andrew’. His hands brushes something hard and metal, “Whats this?” Marius slowly lifts the heavy object from the chest. Its a bronze Waraxe, it looked very old and hasn’t been touched in years. Not wanting his mother to take it away, Marius locks the chest and has his servants slides it into his room.
  15. Imperium

    The September Prince Eventline

    I actually did have fun at the start of the event line, missed the past two sadly. Def could be better tho, but nothings perfect. Overall I thought it was fun for those who attended. @Aesopian @Valyrian