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  1. Ivelle would smile at the sight of the invitation. “How could I miss a wedding of my dear friend Mary Vespira? I’m so happy for her!” She would smile once more before going off to prepare her dress for the wedding.
  2. The 8.0 map looks really pretty and quite exciting!!
  3. A huge smile would fall upon Ivelle’s face as she opened the invitation. “I have been waiting for this day for quite some time, and the day has finally arrived! I’m so happy for Jane!”
  4. Welcome back! Hope it’s as fun as it was when you played it a couple years back!
  5. sauerkraut230


    Ivelle was born and raised in Helena. Growing up, she discovered she is a highly positive person who enjoys making others happy. She is optimistic, being very confident about her future she is going to explore. She often likes to travel, visiting the human nations, such as Curon and Haense. Ivelle is very sophisticated, as she finished all of the schooling available in Helena. She is currently 23 years of age and hopes to find peace with the world, which includes marrying a charming man. She does have the hopes to settle down with her man, and she hopes to maybe start a family of her own. Whether it comes to adoption or childbirth, Ivelle loves all with everything in her heart. She cherishes all the glorious time she has left with her parents, too. Ivelle is ready to finish her journey throughout her life, whether it is a smooth or rough course!
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