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  1. FORMAT FOR GIFT EXCHANGE: IRP NAME: Julianne Barclay DISCORD: branchio#8294 IRP AGE: 15 LIST OF THREE GIFT IDEAS: Anything to do w/ jewelry or fashion maybe vanity items (tbh idk whatever is good)
  2. Juliane Barclay reads carefully over her father’s work, drawing her fingers over the well done paintings. “Perhaps it is time I give father a visit,” she’d mumble to no one in particular, only pocketing the article to look over again later.
  3. As Mary Jane heard of the news, her heart broke for her dear niece. Blind to it all since before she even left, she could not possibly understand. She blamed herself, thinking her departure may have been a reason to drive the girl to madness. Jane finally realized there was nothing she could do now besides finally come back and support her family.
  4. Julianne Barclay, a girl of just eleven, sat within the warmth of the Haense tavern. Cozy in her seat next to the fire, she read over the published works. The girl had previously not known of the duties, stress, and hardships of such a title as Queen. Something shifted in the girl as she read over it, that sense of wanting titles and power - the want to be a queen that every little girl dreamed of, faded. The writings in the Queen Mother's diary had moved her.
  5. Skin name: lavender bid: 1k discord: branchio#3614
  6. Juliane Barclay grins as her mother would read the invitation to her, gasping as she began to imagine all the fun they would have!
  7. “Carringtons always win” These were the words that played over and over through Mary Jane’s head- words that were often retold from her father, to her elder sister and most other Carringtons. Lately, Jane found herself murmuring them in consolation to herself late into the night as she laid wide awake in her chambers. Mary Jane had aged quickly; the woman, who most knew from her childish actions, grew up quicker than imaginable after her sister’s death. Caring for quite a few children would do that to a woman. Jane never saw herself as a mother, from only a child she knew she didn’t want
  8. As Natalya Eliza face reappeared within the city of Helena she looked for the familiar face of her old friend, Mariana. The woman went around asking others and attempting to seek her old friend out, though, no answers were given. Soon enough, Natalya heard the whispered rumors of the woman’s fate, Natalya would soon realize how different everything was now that she was back.
  9. Mary Jane sits at her desk in the Carrington Estate she now holds. Holding onto the document and reading it over and over again, not believing the words written. Finally the woman would come to her senses, dropping the parchment into a desk drawer and moving off through the estate to find her nieces and nephews, knowing they would be her top priority for these next trying years.
  10. Mary Jane lofts a brow upon receiving the invitation, reading over it once quickly she’d offer a single bob of her head before tucking it away in her desk drawer, “May he bring her happiness” she’d remark to no one in particular and continue on to take a sip of her nearby cup of tea.
  11. Mary Jane’s digits curl over the invitation, holding it with a light grip as she read over it a few times, finally the young d’Arkent would push it off to the far side of her desk, and with the invitation she pushed off the decision of her presence.
  12. All peers, citizens, and allied states of the Holy Orenian Empire are aptly welcomed to attend the ceremony joining Boris Var Ruthern and Mary Jane d’Arkent at the Basilica of Final Revelation and the reception thereafter, hosted at the Carrington Estate. Specialized Invitations are sent to: His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Peter III and his pedigree, His Royal Majesty, King Josef and his pedigree, His Lordship, Count Aleksander of House Ruthern, and his pedigree, Her Ladyship, Baroness Lucille of House Carrington, and her pedigree, His Grace, Duke Sir John
  13. Mary Jane grins as she reads over the invitation, turning to a passerby and remarking “Finally a match for my darling Ivelle!”
  14. Mary Jane claps upon receiving the invitation, thinking back to the day the young d’Arkent matched them in the first place. “A perfect match I made” she’d comment, tucking away the parchment for many years to come!
  15. discord: branchio#3614 dainty blue – 2.5k
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