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  1. Cassian's cousin, Theodosya von Augusten, let out a hefty sigh upon reading the news of his disunion. "Eam niet surprised. Is it bad eam niet surprised? Ah, well - hopefully the two find happiness, which will evidentially niet be with each other."
  2. Theodosya von Augusten thundered away from the courier who had brought her the news of her aunt's sudden death. The heels of her shoes clicked and clacked against the hard floors of Rikardsburg's keep. Her breath kept hitching in her throat - she desperately wished to breathe but seemed unable to find the wherewithal to. After she had found an unoccupied corner of a staircase, she collapsed into herself, hot tears staining her cheeks in one of the few times she had ever cried. She had lost the closest thing to a mother she had ever known.
  3. The Viscountess-Consort of Azor held onto the hastily growing baby Konstantin as she sat in the family church. She prayed for him - as she had grown accustomed to do since his birth. One day, the small boy would be the leader of his House, and to Azorites alike. The toll of such a responsibility was not an easy one, as she had seen growing up watching her brother, the Viscount of Amador, perform his duties. "Do niet fret, mea wee lamb-" Theodosya von Augusten smiled some for her son, gently grazing a finger against his nose, "-Vy will be great. Just as vyr papej is."
  4. Theodosya von Augusten set aside her knitting of a hat for her infant son to think about her love for boats.
  5. Theodosya Amador, the apparent pariah in the d'Arkent's household rolled her eyes upon reading through the missive. A subject that was dishonest and continued to be mulled over for over eight years was moot to her. "Lord Peter and Ea were never courting. S'pose the family has forgotten that letters from the matter exist." With a final 'tut', Teddy dropped the parchment into a nearby wastebin. She hastily returned to sewing her wedding dress - her heart skipping a beat as she thought of her fiancé.
  6. Theodosya Amador anxiously began to sort through the various sketches of bridal dresses she had doodled prior to her and her fiancé's notice of nuptials being sent out!
  7. Theodosya Amador hurried over to Esfir and Selyne, cooing over the babejs as they slept. "Mea dear, what beautiful lasses." Teddy reached a hand to gently brush against the future Viscountess' cheek. "Grow big and strong, mea wee niece. Niet a red-head like eam - but that's alright. That's what vyr sestra is for!" She chirped, gingerly moving to pat Selyne's head.
  8. Teddy wished people would stop breaking into her familial home (it keeps happening).
  9. Theodosya Amador wondered how someone who used to bear the name 'Amador' could side with the nation that harbored her attackers.
  10. Arn's cousin, Theodosya Amador, mournfully signed the Lorraine over herself. "Mea dear coz, may vy rest easily." The redhead sought to locate her aunt, who was surely in the depths of despair upon her son's death! @Cheese
  11. Theodosya Amador’s brows knit together at the sight of the painting. An idle hand seemed to subconsciously reach up to caress her still rather short locks. "Ea hope niet many people have seen this." Teddy gulped at the thought - as the self-conscious girl she was. “Well - ea look ever so heroic! Maybe Henrik will frame it for eam...” The redhead’s dour mood seemed to lift upon beholding such a beautiful painting of her likeness!
  12. Theodosya Amador remained in the barony of Mondstadt for some time - sobbing in her room anytime she'd look in the mirror and see a reflection much unlike herself staring back at her.
  13. Theodosya Amador read over the script of her friend. An audible gulp erupted from the red-head as she pondered if she needed to wear a blonde wig for her role in such an occasion.
  14. A prideful smile crept along Theodosya Amador's face as she looked over the missive. "Ea s'pose spying on aedypapej Murtagh was a clever move." The redhead promptly returned to sewing the bridal gown for the upcoming affair!
  15. Theodosya Amador crinkles her nose at the missive. "Hopefully she can find dobry soap for him to wash up with. Mea kinsmen smell absolutely foul." she spoke aloud to no one in particular.
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