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    Unrolruk, even though he is a proud dwarf when it comes to the honour of dwarfs and his craft, he usually is a gentle soul once you get to know him better. But be mindful of his ramblings and the sometimes sudden urge to either drink or work! His name, Unrolruk is oathbound by hus father, Sven, who swore in an act of rage against another dwarf who offended him, that his son could become one of the greatest smiths the mortal realm has ever seen without the aid or training from one of the greatest. Unrolruk is the Son and apprentice of Sven. After learning the basics of smithing, Unrolruk started to try his luck in the mines and generally as a regular worker to fund his own forge. For years he traveld and worked and said travels have brought him to the city of Sutica. A city, how he thought, full of beauty and genle words, but it had a lack of deep mines, and therefore a lack of a need for miners or workers, being a trading city. And working on the fields or the brewey was not something Unrolruk would enjoy so he loaded and unloaded boats and ships at the docs for a while. Not being satisfied with his life and his lack of funds for his own forge, was he glad when the King of Urguan called for dwarves living outside the mountains to come and explain their action. He was glad, because this gave him reason to move to the realms of Urguan where he now lives and wants to join the miners of Kal'Varoth.
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