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    "Well, I don't expect us to cover any of the issues voters tell us are most important, so- goodnight everyone"
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  1. Buck slowly took another sip of tea as she squinted more and more at the page. She set the mug down: "Alright wait-... the high elven capitol- has just become a protectorate-... of what used to be Sutica-... what happened to Haelunor?"
  2. Become an MC_ and join my gang- 

    [5 STRONG RN]

    The benefits: 

    -You're instantly among the coolest people on the server

    -You get turned into a fully customizable marketable plushie for the world of LoTc to collect and invest in

    -You get a pokemon/gwent card of you (if you wanna :uwufingers:)

    -You uh, you... uhm.... you well.... uhh.... yeah


    The un-benefits or whatever they're called:

    -Literally like nothing except I think I'm on the KGB's watchlist so I guess you get to live in constant fear that some fully decked out gopnik warriors will flashbang your room at any moment and take you to the Kremlin for interrogation for relating to me somehow.

    -And I guess theres also the Hungarian mafia which is kinda jealous of us too but you don't need to worry about that.

    -It also smells like gasoline around here and idk why but you also don't need to worry about that either.


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    2. TheFlowerBandit


      but yes become MC_. just got my marketable plushee can't wait to market it

    3. HogoBojo


      I'm MC*, does that count?

    4. MC_BreadStick


      No- in fact I am incredibly jealous that mine doesn't look like [MC]MC_Breadstick. I almost consider you an enemy even...

      Popeyes Disappointment GIF - Popeyes Disappointment ...

  3. And I said: "Look, I just work here ok?" 


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      Wait why is it 3 am

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      ooga booga

  4. Guys I updated my about me page :3


    For your viewing pleasure of course

  5. i HATE this dude.

    1. MC_BreadStick


      which one


    2. MC_BreadStick


      oops wrong chat


  6. I have nothing to do with this....
  7. So apparently:

  8. Um it's um-... well it's kinda sorta-... ya know-... well I don't mean to impose anything or- anything-... but it's like-... well it's my birthday today and well-... you're probably invited to my birthday party today :> probably maybe-... kinda. If you're cool. 


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      Imagine like.. happy birthday

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      Happy Birthday!

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      Happy birthday <3

  9. Lillian skimmed through, crinkling her nose as she read the missive- it seemed all well till she got to the demands- "Money- Iron-... An apology?- WE- OWE THEM AN APOLOGY? For Focken WOT?" She'd scoff "After attacking first-... three times- TWICE on our OWN FUCKN SOIL, they expect an apology from us. ****'n elves dunno what t'do with themselves these days..." She shakes her head "those lil' ****'rs are proud of sending an army to a city of trade... seems the Orenian warfront was too scary for them huh" She snickers to herself before trotting into town to conduct business with the surrounding merchants.
  10. This is nice! I like this! Nothing is a failure!! :D
  11. So I was just thinking, like-... um-... so, well-... I guess its hard to explain but the jist is-... ya know like-.... well-.... so theres this like thing- that basically- well how do you put it, um... its like... I was thinking about it and essentially well... uh....

    1. Laeonathan


      I uam- yeah so. I think, well. I'm not entirely... well maybe.

  12. IGN: MC_Breastick RP NAME: Maeven Candidate: Norli Starbreaker
  13. what have we done to this server

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