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    "Well, I don't expect us to cover any of the issues voters tell us are most important, so- goodnight everyone"
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    I just want people to look at my about me page :pensive:

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  2. ((MC Name: MC_BreadStick )) Name: Alpine Wonda Vote 1: Elarhil Sullas Vote 2: Elarhil Sullas
  3. I forgot what ama stands for. Anyway the other day I watched Kill Bill (both parts) and I can confidently say it was one of the best films I've EVER seen. It's got action, drama, romance (I think), and the COOLEST fight scenes ever. Quentin Tarantino is an actual cinema god. If you haven't seen Kill Bill, you shouldn't watch movies at all.
  4. MC_Breadstick Name: Alpine Wonda Age: 55~ Vote 1: Alaion Miravaris Vote 2: Alaion Miravaris Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  5. It seems today, that all ya see, is violence and movies

    1. _Sheylo_


      and *** on TV

    2. Shmeepicus


      but where are those good old fashioned values, on which we used to relyyyyyyy

    3. satinkira


      how could you disagree with tutel???

  6. :) I am Breadstick and I approve this player

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      I am satinkira and I am confused

  7. Alpine sighs as well, though hers was not a sigh of despair but a sigh a relief. Having not yet lost all hope for her people it brought her comfort knowing she really wasn't alone in seeing past the blatant backstabbing by this false council. "It's such a shame what lengths criminals will go to just for a taste of power... we will get to the bottom of whatever dark magic they used to brainwash the Sohaer, though I cannot lie, everyone is at fault here." She read over the signature at the bottom once more and pondered a moment "I was wrong about you... sorry..."
  8. Alpine frowned a little more as she read over the missive "And to think it was all going so well up until a few days ago... the thoughts of this being a nightmare fade dimmer and dimmer into this grim reality of a murderer, terrorist, and war criminal sitting within our council... at our own councils request no less. I cannot forgive these fennic monsters for what they did to our people- and the eternal library.
  9. Im gonna cry, I just found out about

  10. breadstick... wtf....



    1. MC_BreadStick
    2. MC_BreadStick


      Todays the day though- I get my lotc-sanctioned shitposting license. If you weren't scared of me yet... 


      well then lets just say this is a new chapter...

  11. I'm just gonna put this out there because I think everyone needs to hear it;

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