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    Lámeä was born and raised among the High Elves. He swiftly grew to appreciate the other races, which is unusual for a High Elf. As Lámeä grew in wisdom and knowledge, so did his discontent for the current mental state of his people. His parents were both of a pure strain of Elven blood, so, naturally, the family was considered with respect. Despite this, Lámeä maintained a dislike for the bigoted opinions that his people held of themselves. He became so distressed at the treatment of the other races, that he began to speak out against his own people. After a few years, he finally could not stand it any longer. So, he left the Silver City. Ever since his self-imposed exile, he has remained aloof and alone, as most other Elves are not fond of the racist opinion that High Elves hold, unknowing that this particular High Elf is of a different mind. He travels throughout Arcas, distrustful of most people, and especially of other High Elves.
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