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  1. rest in peace, kowaman. the lotc community will never be the same again.

  2. Hilda Freysson, the revered leader of the Norlanders, smiles the sun's smile.
  3. @Llir can you at least tell us if itโ€™s 1.8 or 1.9 pvp so we can practice?
  4. Hilda Freysson had just finished wiping both Redclyf and Failorian blood from her blade, when the missive had been delivered to her. "We march again, for Norland and the All Father!"
  5. Hilda Freysson wiped beads of sweat from her forehead as she trudged onwards through the endless deserts, guiding along her ancient great-grandfather in tow.
  6. The Esteemed Court of Failor The Loyal, Good, Brave, Triumphant, and Qualified Peoples of Failor vs. Adaranth Ravamyar 2nd of The Grand Harvest, 130 S.A. The Defendant, Adaranth Ravamyar, has been been found guilty until detained to stand trial for the following crimes: I. Terrorizing the realms of Failor and Almaris. II. Assaulting members of the Band of the Crossed Claw. III. Assaulting members of Redclyf. IV. Assaulting King Cyris I of the Wee Folk V. Manipulating the politics of Redclyf, by appointing himself shadow-commander. VI. Creating corruption in Redclyf and the wider Realm. VII. Consuming newborn babies. VIII. Disemboweling pregnant women. IX. Defiling sacred Fatherist idols. As such, Renilde I, Arch-Duchess of Petra, has instituted a bounty on the head of Adaranth Ravamyar. All good peoples of Failor are implored to heed her call, and seek out this deplorable criminal, so that justice may be delivered. In reparations for damages brought about by Adaranth Ravamyar, the Court of Failor has decreed that each individual wronged by Adaranth Ravamyar or the Redclyfian menace may demand one item of recompensation, so long as the request is within reason. The current demands are issued below. All victims are encouraged to petition for additional demands to be appended. Demands of Reparations: I. Saera Zalnarith: โ€œI would ask that my families heirloom the pendant of Cerridwen be returned to me. If he has otherwise sold it off or destroyed it I would ask for an eye to remind him that gazing upon what does not belong to him is sin.โ€ II. Devrick Wintercrest: โ€œI propose we strip him of all titles and brand him as Adaranth the Crybaby, on account of him acting this way when he didn't get his way.โ€ III. King Cyris: โ€œI wish for the armaments and the armor bearing his familyโ€™s colors that he bore when my eyes were taken- that I may take it and display them in a museum; And my kin for generations can look upon the belongings of the man that blinded their king.โ€ IV. [Unnamed Victim]: โ€œIn the case he is not executed, I wish for him to renounce all family heritage and Redclyfian titles, just as I had to change my own name.โ€ It is so decreed.
  7. The All Fatherโ€™s Warning Penned by Hilda Freysson, 130 SA In the restless hours of the night, as sleep eludes me and contemplation consumes my weary mind, an unyielding question persists: Why? Why have our people endured such suffering? Why have the Mori, those sinister invaders, unleashed their malevolence upon our cherished lands? Why has our abode, once a sanctuary of light, succumbed to their oppressive darkness? Why do I find myself composing these words by the flickering campfire, rather than within the comfort of my ancestral abode? The answer, dear reader, is woven within the tapestry of faith, or rather, the lack thereof. In a time preceding the divine inception of the All Father, our realm dwelled within a perpetual shroud of darkness; a natural state unaltered by the touch of light. It is through the benevolent intervention of the Father that we were bestowed with illumination and vitality. However, we, the descendants, are not entitled to these blessings. For as mighty as the All Father is, he remains tethered to an eternal struggle against the ancient olde ones, whose existence he cannot entirely erase. Thus, it becomes our sacred duty, as children of the All Father, to join His noble cause during our transient existence. Our enlightened forebearers recognized this solemn responsibility and forged formidable orders to stand resolute against the encroaching Long Dark. However, Norland, once a bastion of valor, has succumbed to a lamentable state. The Nordish populace, once renowned for their fortitude, now wavers in the face of adversity, their hearts succumbing to weakness and despondency. Our offspring are bereft of the foundational teachings that once intertwined Faith and culture, setting them upon a path of ignorance that perpetuates this tragic state of affairs. Undeniably, the ancient malevolence has discerned our people's inherent flaw, a weakness that renders us vulnerable to their insidious machinations. The Mori, serving as harbingers of the Long Dark, have been dispatched to herald its arrival, seeking to reclaim our worldโ€™s primordial obscurity, before the All Father's divine flame graced our existence. Though I hold steadfast optimism that the Long Dark has yet to envelope our entire realm, it has certainly cast its oppressive veil upon Almaris, poised to expand further should our people persist in complacency. The darkness wrought by the Mori, while not an irrevocable defeat, serves as a dire clarion callโ€“an urgent reminder that the All Father finds himself engaged in a battle of diminishing odds. Let us not falter in the face of this encroaching night. May this solemn reminder ignite the flames of resolve within us, urging us to rekindle the dwindling embers of faith and rally against the relentless darkness. Our sacred duty beckons, and it is only through our collective resolve, guided by the All Father's eternal flame, that we may yet illuminate the path to salvation.
  8. Hilda Freysson polished her blade, preparing to slay the blights of Failor. "It is too late for them to redeem themselves in the eyes of the All-Father. May their souls suffer in the abyss for eternity.
  9. this rabbit hole is crazy

  10. I sincerely value your recognition of the support we provide. The ad-hominem attacks directed towards myself and my acquaintances have begun to significantly impact me emotionally.
  11. Wow, we're lucky @__Clocky is a genius and remembered a youtube video he watched a year ago at 3 am
  12. Hilda unfurled the letter, beaming from ear to ear as she skimmed the note's contents. Tapping her pen upon her desk in thought, she contemplated the subject of her next thesis.
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