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  1. You both are in the wrong. Yes, Trenchist provoked you, and his behavior was absolutely uncalled for, though you are far from innocent either. It was unprofessional and frankly, antisemetic to ban him for "No IDF". I understand that you were frustrated, but that doesn't excuse your actions. It's also disappointing that Snoopie even allowed it, particularly as someone who was calmer in that moment. Also, you definitely could have gotten your point across without spreading Palestine propoganda. As Eli said, this issue is not black and white, and I find it inappropriate to portray it as such.
  2. MC Name: AnonymousAlexa Current Tier: D Desired Tier: C or B Reason to be Moved: I have beaten... Shmeep Aiden Sarmadon North Ryno RandomGlass Eli Milen (occasionally) Louis (when he was in f3) ...and more Also:
  3. Aleksandra Ludovar (I) recollects the Scyfling Invasion from the Seven Skies, a faint exhalation escaping her. "Damn bastards," she uttered between sips of her favored Carrion Black. "Fucked me up good," she concluded with a soft chuckle. Her gaze panned about and she caught glimpses of her fellow brothers and sisters in arms whose lives had similarly been lost from the devastating invasion. "Next round's on me."
  4. "'Twas a good run," remarked Angelika Bykov with a gentle exhalation upon hearing word of the dissolution. The elderly woman fondly recalled the memories of her youth and the many likeminded individuals she met throughout her journey as a politician. As one of the few remaining original Josephites, she missed her colleagues dearly. But everything must come to an end.
  5. "Too soon," whispered Aleksandra Ludovar beneath her breath, promptly signing the Lorraine Cross for the late Koenas. The soldier recalled her friendly exchanges with Her Majesty only a Saint's Week prior. She thought of those poor children who would now have to live without a mother. Thoughts raced through her mind, though she did not shed a tear. The jaded soldier had become accustomed to death. However, the news left her heartbroken, nevertheless. Heartbroken and disappointed with herself. "If only I could have been there...been there to protect her- to save her, as is my duty. GODAN, forgi
  6. Go for it, man! Your skins look great :D
  7. Aleksandra Ludovar lay in a hospital cot, gently lifting the missive that had been handed to her with her un-severed right arm. A faint, pained smile formed upon her lips as she perused Shirren's recollections. Weakly, the Dame peered about the hospital at her comrades who had joined her on the treacherous journey. "Ai, we were pretty fucked up weren't we?" She remarked in fruitless attempts to lighten the mood. "Bah, someone get me a Carrion," she finally stated, intending to drown her pain in alcohol.
  8. Got my PC a few days ago and I'm still awful at pvp no matter what I try...


    idk man, thinking I might quit pvp and just become a roleplayer









    1. FionnTWG


      I wish it wasn't an April Fools, lord know you needs to stop even trying

    2. AnonymousAlexa


      @FionnTWG meet me on legacy :DDDDDDDDDD

  9. Are you coming back Fwied!?!?!?!?!? Also when are you PKing Vasili? ALSO, is cod cool?
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