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  1. To the Josephite Voters of Haense Dear Josephite voters of Haense, With the 16th Imperial Diet election coming to a close, the Josephite Party would like to thank the Kingdom of Haense for their support throughout the entirety of the election and for their astounding 69% voting Josephite. Change in the government requires the cooperation of not only the legislators, but the voters too. Without the voters, none of this would have been possible, so we thank each and every one of your from the bottom of our hearts. Throughout this upcoming term, we assure not only our voters, but the entirety of Oren, that we will continue to fight for the rights of every Orenian. For the dignity of all! MHC Angelika Bykov
  2. Angelika drew in a deep breath as she reads over the proclamation, a slight smile forming upon her lips. ”And so it begins.” She then continued to refine her bill that was to be presented at the upcoming Commons sitting.
  3. Angelika Bykov slams the proclamation down on her desk in front of her, letting out a huff. ”This is riculous! First they lose, and now they resort to censorship of their fellow politicians? They must be very desperate.”
  4. Angelika Bykov proudly casts her vote for the Josephite Party! ”For the dignity of all!”
  5. To the Undecided Voters As elections for the House of Commons rapidly approach us, Orenians all over the Empire have been questioning who to vote for. For many, the decision has proved to be simple, yet others still have yet to decide which political party to support. This is why I would like to remind all undecided voters of the Empire, as to what the Josephite Party stands for. To begin, we are a party of the people. Josephite officials and members have been campaigning tirelessly through the streets of Helena, New Reza, St. Owynsburg, and many more. We have been speaking to locals, whether they be small or large business owners, laborers, local leaders, and many more. On the contrary, the Everardines have been writing fiction, telling lies, slandering the Josephites, and endlessly attacking our campaign, while we have done nothing of the sort to their campaign. Secondly, the Josephite Party has already put together the Marna Plan, a plan that improves our current, or perhaps nonexistent, economy. The plan focuses on ensuring that all have a fair chance of success, with little government interference into how the economy functions. The Marna Plan also includes a plethora of miscellaneous bills, such as the Abolishment of Indentured Servitude Act and the Establishment and Protection of National Parks. Included below is a copy of the Marna Plan. The Marna Plan In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the Josephite Party supports and respects the military forces of the Empire, unlike the Everardines, who’s leader disrespected ISA veteran and long-serving statesman, Cyrus Basrid. His reflection on the occasion is also included below. Woe be to us Veterans Finally, to the undecided voters who wish to not vote at all, I would like you all to think of your ancestors, those who were not fortunate enough to be allowed to vote. Luckily, today, we live in a time when all citizens of the Empire are granted a voice in their government. To relinquish this right is a shameful and selfish act that should be unheard of. For these reasons, I urge every Orenian to cast their vote in this upcoming election, whether it be for the Josephites or the Everardines. In conclusion, the Josephites are the stronger party, and we will succeed in the Marna Plan, along with our goal to represent every Orenian in the House of Commons. For the dignity of all! Signed, Angelika Bykov
  6. d’Aryn vs. Elendil Debate Results - 1769 With the conclusion of the recent Josephite vs. Everardine debate, the Josephite party would like to review the results of the debate. Though both Mr. d’Aryn and Mr. Elendil made good points, Unchained has released the poll results of 20 debate attendees to reveal the victor of the debate. 60% of these attendees voted for Mr. Elendil. During his debate, Mr. d’Aryn attacked Mr. Elendil on his supposed lack of military service, while in fact, Elendil had fought in the ISA while d’Aryn himself spent his time in Helena, losing Senatorial elections, garnering in a measly 6% of votes. In addition, d’Aryn had disrespected an ISA veteran and long serving-statesman, Cyrus Basrid. These displays have proved Mr. d’Aryn to show little respect towards our men who sacrifice their lives daily to protect us. As the debate continued, d’Aryn’s lack of knowledge on economics became apparent, the Minority Leader seemingly misunderstanding basic economic concepts, such as inflation and deflation. For a man who advocates so much for economic advancements, it is shameful to see how little he truly understands about the topic. Finally, during the Q+A section of the debate, Mr. Amador had asked both debaters to mention a positive aspect of their opponent. While Mr. Elendil referred to Mr. d’Aryn as his “friend,” practically all Mr. d’Aryn was able to come up with was “he is much taller than me”. While the Josephite party attempts to work with our opponents to create a better Empire, the Everardines clearly hold little to no respect for their adversaries, a dishonorable trait. For these reasons, along with the vote, the Josephites would like to claim victory for the recent Josephite vs. Everardine debate. Signed, Angelika Bykov
  7. Angelika Bykov scoffed upon reading the missive. ”Does Mr. d’Aryn still not understand basic economic concepts such as inflation vs. deflation? It is quite embarrassing, seeing how much his party focuses on economic reform.”
  8. MC Name (IGN): AnonymousAlexa Personas (Character) Name: Aleksandra Ludovar Discord: AnonymousAlexa#3562 Timezone: EST Persona’s Race: Highlander Persona’s Age: 17 Any particular skills: Swordfighting Affiliations and Allegiances: Haense, Ludovar Bannermen, Adventurers’ Guild
  9. Terry’s Retirement Party Due to his countless years of service to the Empire, the Maer’s Council of New Reza and Baruch’s Bees™ are sponsoring a retirement party in order to celebrate and honor his tireless work throughout his years as a politician. The party will include a number of festivities, including Haeseni Chess and dancing. We hope to see you all there!
  10. Isabella Barbanov sat alone in her room, crying softly for her fallen friend. She recalled the memories the two shared, particularly the final memories at her sleepover. She remembered how she had called Karolina manly, a soft sigh escaping the girl’s lips. ”She was manly indeed...and she died how every true Haenseman should: for her kingdom.” Angelika Bykov embraced her husband after hearing word of the fallen girl. Tears fell down her cheeks as she mourned for Karolina. As time passed, she made her way downstairs to sit with her three children. ”I love you all so much.” She let out a sigh, sympathetic for Ser Osvald’s loss.
  11. Josephite Endorsement of the Universal Union 15th of the Amber Cold, 1768 On the 11th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1768, the Universal Union was formed by a man by the name of Okoro. This union was tasked with the responsibility of helping Orenians receive the pay they need in order to pay for their basic needs. The Universal Union’s ideals and values align well with that of the Josephite party, such as the importance of the common person, affordable taxes, and the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and trial. For these reasons, the Josephite Party is officially endorsing the Universal Union. We hope the union will accept our endorsement and support in assisting with the establishment of this great cause. For the dignity of all! Signed, Angelika Bykov
  12. Henrietta Ludovyk grinned as she recalled the fateful night’s events. ”Two victories in just one Saint’s Day! Those Ruberni bastards didn’t know what was coming,” the girl mused with a grin. ”Ave Haense! Ave Ludovar Bannermen! Krusae Zwy Kongzem!”
  13. Angelika Bykov reads over the document with a smile. ”Well said, Mr. Elendil and Mr. Nikolai. For the dignity of all!” She then continues to write her speech for the upcoming rally in New Reza!
  14. Angelika Bykov let out a sigh as she read the memoir. ”President Terrence May was one of the greatest politicians to ever live. I hope the new generation of young Josephites will make him proud. For the dignity of all!” She set down the memoir and began to work on campaign strategies for the upcoming election!
  15. Parliamentarian Bykov sumbits the day’s notes https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AmYDrA5FpoYNKkfH2gF3QUDTGMB3Rhssk_0-0av4gXU/edit?usp=sharing
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