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  1. A Thoughtful Expedition "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” The Rustler Boss bid her farewells to those whom she held dear--the Rustlers, her cousin Arbane, and lastly, her brother Elsiimah, who had left her with a few parting words: "You need to realize something, Elsil. This banditry is getting us nothing but riches and sleepless nights. Take me up on my offer. We’re far greater than this life." Without a word in response, Elsil moved off to board the ship where she would spend the next few days voyaging to foreign lands. She did not know how long she would be gone for. In fact, nothing was certain, except for the lucrative mercenary contract she had accepted. Soon after the ship’s departure, the coast of Almaris was no longer visible. The seasick Elsil seated herself upon the deck of the majestic boat, allowing the cool breeze to soothe her illness. Sitting on that deck, seasick, alone, and miserable, she contemplated her brother’s words. She had everything she could have dreamed of as a child--wealth, glory, fame, though none of her success was deserved. It was stolen, all of it. Stolen from the rich, the poor, the deserving, and the undeserving. Stolen from the unfortunate passersbys who were unlucky enough to pass her on the roads. Yes, she lived like a Queen, though her luxuries came at the expense of others. At times, she even longed to travel freely, without worrying about the constant bounties which hung over her head like a crushing weight. Nevertheless, she held few regrets for her despicable actions, continuing to justify her behavior as “necessity”. Despite what she tried to convince herself, her thievery was no longer a product of desperation. Since she had founded the Rustlers alongside her brother, Elsil had obtained an unfathomable amount of wealth, glory, and power. Although her success would satisfy most, Elsil was never content. She always wanted more and more. With a prolonged exhale, Elsil untied the bandana from around her neck, to allow her to breathe in the fresh ocean air. She would need time to decide...
  2. Treaty of Rozania Preamble: In response to the Oisinite Rebellion, the Company of the Rustlers shall militarily aid the Kingdom of Rozania in their defense against Oisin ‘the Pretender’ and his allies. Agreements: ARTICLE I: On Military Aid The Company of the Rustlers shall aid the Kingdom of Rozania in the defense against the Oisinite Rebellion and its allies throughout the duration of the uprising. ARTICLE II: On Compensation In exchange for their service, the Kingdom of Rozania shall imburse the Rustlers with 500 minas per Elven Week for the duration of the conflict. ARTICLE III: On Military Training Throughout the duration of the conflict, the Rustlers shall consistently train the Królewska Armia Różanska in combat. ARTICLE IV: On Association The Kingdom of Rozania recognizes the Rustlers as an external force whose actions do not reflect upon them. As such, the Kingdom of Rozania holds no responsibility to assist the Rustlers with any pursuits or conflict that does not relate to the Oisinite Rebellion, both during and following the uprising. Penned by, Elsil’Ceru, Rustler Boss Signed, Elsiimah’Ceru, Rustler Boss Signed, Ser William Buckfort, King of Rozania, Father of the Sarissans, Keeper of the Night Glow, etcetera
  3. MC Name: AnonymousAlexa RP Name: Aleksandra Ludovar Are you are Citizen of Oren: Nah, Haenser CRP or PVP: PvP (coming for u @MailC3p)
  4. [!] A public letter would find itself widespread across the continent of Almaris, penned by the Rustler Boss herself. To the denizens of Norland, Your King is a coward. He possesses no honor, nor accountability for his abhorrent actions. Just prior this Elven day, King Vane was negotiating peace terms with the High Chieftain of the Skanarri, Grejon. When in disagreement of the terms, the High Chieftain challenged King Vane to a duel of honor to resolve the specific agreements of the treaty. The King refused. King Vane has made it perfectly clear that he is nothing more than a craven who is undeserving of the Norland crown. In addition to his dishonor and cowardice, King Vane is an incompetent leader. He allowed a force of his own men to march their death when they decided to raid a Rustler wedding with the express purpose of forcefully taking the groom from his soon-to-be bride. The King should have known that leading a force of Norlanders into an equal number of Rustlers was naught but suicide, even with their Ferrymen reinforcements. King Vane’s cowardice and incompetence display his internal corruption, as evidenced by the Third Tenant of the Red Faith: Stand against the Long Dark, which reads: "The craven...can be taken as examples of those with excessive internal corruption. When these cases are identified and properly condemned via a priest of the Red Faith then the only recourse is to submit them to the All Father’s mercy. They are to be tied to a stake and purified with Holy Fire. This will give them some small chance of being purified of their corruption and sent to the Father’s own embrace.” For the good of Norland’s people and the continued upholding of their valued faith, I implore the priests of the Red Faith to declare King Vane’s mind to be corrupted internally. Once such a conclusion is ideally reached, I ask that he be given the same treatment as those others corrupted, and be embraced into the Holy Flame. While the Skanarri may have backed down from their pursuits against Norland, the Rustlers have not. We will not until the priests of the Red Faith honor their endeared religion and hold the detestable King Vane accountable for his actions. Penned by Rustler Boss, Elsil’Ceru [!] A propaganda poster would accompany the letter, depicting the King of Norland with the word “Coward” in red, scrawled across the image.
  5. The Rustler Boss ponders the notion of picking up a new hobby in her off time!
  6. “Eyes on the prize, lads,” the Rustler Boss remarked to her compatriots as she carefully tied her yellow bandana, preparing to set out for the hunt!
  7. Elsil’Ceru ponders the countless lives she has spared. If only more people would give in to her demands…perhaps they would be spared too!
  8. An infamous ‘ker scoffs upon reading the missive. “Imperial elves? They are a disgrace of malin’s descendants. Perhaps we shall pay them a visit…” Without another thought on the subject, she resumed the sharpening of her blade
  9. The Holy Matrimony of Norlander and Rustler The bells would ring throughout Stygian Keep in rejoicement! A wedding! A wedding! On the 15th of Malin’s Welcome, year 39 S.A, a beautiful ceremony shall bind the two flowers who have pledged the rest of their life together in love and harmony! The scrawny 5’4 manlet Northguard Lee Sun has declared his undying fidelity and love for the beautiful, young, Rustler Astrid Boulivert and proposed to her within the Rustler fort! A true tale of two young lovers who by all means should not be together but fate has made it so! “I know I don’t have much, and I know we haven’t known each other for long, but will you marry me?” Where the words that were so romantically ushered out from the Northguard’s mouth as he dropped onto one knee, stating: “Till death do us part” An invitation would be extended out for all of Almaris, those who wish to watch the two young lovers bound together are more than welcome to watch. The citizens and royal family of Norland would be personally invited to watch one of their own Red Faith guards, sacrifice his religion in the name of love and undergo a Canonist wedding! OOC: 11:15 PM EST TONIGHT! Rustler Keep in Stygian Hollow
  10. The new Baron of Otistadt puffs out his chest with pride for his house and kingdom.
  11. Elsil'Ceru does not recall ever fighting the Halflings.
  12. The Ceru Family "Strength from Unity” The Ceru family is comprised of mali’ker renowned for their combatant abilities. Though they have existed for centuries, the name rose to prominence decades after the migration to Almaris when Ceru siblings--Elsiimah and Elsil--founded the Rustlers, a dangerous and infamous bandit group for hire. The Ceru Family Members Living Members: Elsiimah’Ceru [Xhawn / __Clocky] Elsil’Ceru [AnonymousAlexa] Arbane'Ceru [BluSensei] Physical Appearance All Ceru's are mali’ker with ashen gray skin. Their hair is tinted shades of white and black, and their eyes vary most commonly between purple, red, and orange. Most Ceru's stand at heights between 5’10 - 6’7 and are naturally bulky due to their ancestors’ laborious past. Family History Ancient members of the Ceru family worked as various laborers, primarily employed in the fields of farming and ranching. While the vast majority of the family participated in honest work, a few opted to become “rustlers” in its literal term--cattle stealers. While the lives of most ancient Ceru’s were taken from them due to poor living conditions, these “rustlers” lived on to procreate and live modest lives on the outskirts of society. In later generations, the Ceru’s largely abandoned their malicious practices of stealing cattle and instead, trained in combatant roles. Many Ceru’s found themselves fighting in the armies of various nations in order to receive a fair living wage. Despite their proficiency in combat, no Ceru ever reached a high ranking military position. While most Ceru’s took to honest work, a small minority of the family continued stealing cattle and eventually, began banditting the roads. Nevertheless, few family members partook in such activity, so the Ceru’s never became prominent or feared brigands. Decades following the migration to Almaris, siblings Elsiimah and Elsil'Ceru rose to prominence after their founding of the Rustlers, an infamous and dangerous bandit group for hire. The siblings had not descended from a branch of Ceru which had participated in cattle stealing or banditry--in fact, both their parents were guards of Vira’ker. Nevertheless, they had grown up hearing stories of their distant and ancient relatives. Though such accounts were told with disdain from their parents, the siblings’ pure greed and lust for power drove them to follow in the footsteps of their misaligned ancestors. In search of riches and power, the siblings abandoned their work as Goats of Sedan, and instead founded the Rustlers, named in honor of their ancient cattle-robbing predecessors. Quickly, the siblings rose to prominence as the Rustlers became feared by many across Almaris.
  13. "My sword training will finally come in handy," remarked an Ithelanen with an amused smirk as she prepared to cut down all those who opposed Azdromoth.
  14. Elsil'Ceru stamps the poster with an official Rustler approval!
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