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  1. I like vortex and I dream of Malinor

  2. Victoria Anne d'Arkent perused the article with furrowed brows, disgusted by the rumors surrounding her brother, Charles Augustus d'Arkent and her best friend, Anna Henrietta. "Surely this cannot be true. It is all a bunch of rubbish, I say." The woman pursed her lips in thought, wondering who this mysterious new author might be.
  3. Aleksandra Ludovar sharpens her blade in preparation for the return of the trolls. Not once did the thought of diplomacy cross the arrogant soldier's mind. Much like her aunt and namesake, she sought for blood.
  4. "How utterly incredible!" Victoria Anne d'Arkent remarked as she heard of the news that had been rapidly spreading around the capital city of Providence. "And two children?" She recalled her plethora of science experiments of her youth, before shaking her head in astonishment. "And to think...I never imagined flight could be possible."
  5. Isabella Barclay rushes over to the Basilica to purchase some Church Merch!
  6. Please bring back multiple pages of latest topics

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      no we removed it to annoy everyone including ourselves and are doing nothing to try to fix it, duh

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      25 minutes ago, Llir said:

      no we removed it to annoy everyone including ourselves and are doing nothing to try to fix it, duh

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  7. Victoria Anne peruses the study with much intrigue. "How fascinating. And how very kind of Anna to be assisting the mentally ill," she notes, silently assuring herself that she definitely struggles with no mental illness...
  8. "Perhaps I must arrange a visit to Krugmar," Victoria Anne, founder of d'Arkent Deals mused to herself.
  9. How have we not had an ocean daemon for so long... Great lore Crevel, and best of luck with your cult! +1
  10. Imagine not buying from d'Arkent Deals...couldn't be me!



    Providence, Oren: Carrington 9

    Karosgrad, Haense: Merchant Stall 9


  11. Snail Owner: Isabella Barclay Snail Name: Zippy Residence: Duchy of Reinmar
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