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  1. Happy Easter - your 2nd favorite Jew (after Jesus)
  2. free tabby before I stage a proletariat revolt

    1. MaltaMoss


      you don't read leftist theory alexa shut up

    2. AnonymousAlexa


      @MaltaMoss I'm in college now, I have to

    3. MaltaMoss


      holy mother of based

  3. So glad I quit lol

    Biggest rat on the server, and that’s saying something

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    2. MaltaMoss


      so glad i quit

      >comes back to complain

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      /seen me loser

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      Please quit more effectively

  4. @itdontmatta im serious, step down

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      who hid this status update just leave it bros

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      Prolly the last mod to visit this profile

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      @itdontmatta you gonna remove him too- oh wait, he's a ferryman nvm, he's chill!

  5. when are you guys gonna overthrow the autocratic regime?

  6. I hate to agree with you but glad to see you develop as a person 

    1. Demavend
    2. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      real passive aggressive there huh

    3. AnonymousAlexa


      My group fought against the problem. You enabled it. We are not the same. 

  7. Please bring back villainy blacklists. Tired of dealing with bad actors that run up to interrupt an event to initiate combat, and then promptly emote "runs away screaming" once CRP is called.
  8. I think a larger scale battle is far more interesting than a slaughter where pvpers hop into a city, kill a few random roleplayers, and leave. As I said, I think the fairest compromise is having two types of raids: a raid with a one hour notice and siege equipment permitted, and a short-notice raid without siege equipment.
  9. Raid tools should only be allowed when defenders get a one hour notice. Very cringe that raiders can insta hop over walls and slaughter civillians because people couldn't rally on a 5 minute notice lol
  10. I think the biggest problem the server faces currently is pvp unionism. Back in the day, pvpers would play within actual nations, but now, almost all the pvpers on the server are a part of a single group that uses their mechanical skill to control server politics that they have no actual stakes in--all for the sake of clicks. This has created a rather toxic server environment that has made fun conflict impossible. From bad faith actors to moderators and a certain admin that enable such behaviors, my experience on the server has drastically diminished in recent months.
  11. Norlandic Flyting Tournament ((Friday 8/18, 5 PM EST)) By the Authority and Will of the King of Norland FOREWORD Flyting, the art of wordplay to belittle one's opponent, is an ancient Norlandic tradition that has fallen out of fashion in recent decades. In efforts to revitalize this custom, a tournament of words shall be hosted in Vjardengrad. Participants will engage in a battle of words, using clever rhymes, inventive metaphors, and quick-witted retorts to outshine their opponents. The victor will receive a prize of 200 minas and the title of Skald in King Balon’s court. Our Will be known to all on the 24th of Thoromir’s Plight, 467 FifAe at Vjardengrad, Kingdom of Norland, BY THE BLOOD OF THE HERALD Balon Eiriksson Ruric, King of Norland, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Jarl of Vjardengrad, Defender of The Red Faith, Bulwark of the Norlandic People Hilda Eiriksson Ruric, Queen of Norland, Master of War, Captain of the Red Cloaks
  12. The Treaty of The Northflow By the Authority and Will of the King of Norland and the King of Aaun Issued on the 5th of Caedric’s Kindling, 467 FifAeSF | The 5th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1937 FOREWORD The Kingdom of Norland and the United Kingdom of Aaun have, due to previous geographical constraints, never been able to maintain proper diplomatic ties. However, now that our peoples have settled in to the new lands of Sólheim, our Kingdoms’ proximity has made it possible to come to mutual accord. ARTICLE I. Sovereignty The Kingdom of Norland and the United Kingdom of Aaun, hereon referred to as ‘the Signatories’, do hereby and mutually agree recognize each other’s sovereignty as independent and autonomous Human realms. This includes the right to fully rule and govern their Realms, territories, and protectorates as they see fit and take a non-interference policy toward said governance. ARTICLE II. Territorial Bounds The Signatories do agree to recognize the Northflow River, also known as the River Petra, as the border between our realms. This shall not be infringed upon by either signatory. ARTICLE III. Free Movement The Signatories do hereby agree to allow for free movement between their lands, allowing their subjects to travel unmolested. This does not extend to criminal acts, suspicious behavior, or moving of armies for warmongering purposes. If a subject of either Signatory is barred from travel, the other shall be informed in a timely manner within a single fortnight. ARTICLE IV. Extradition The Signatories do hereby agree to extradite for fair trial the subjects of their respective Realms should they be found accused of a crime, this only being in effect for crimes committed after the signing of this document. An observer from the offended Realm is authorized to observe the criminal process so as to ensure the article is not violated. ARTICLE V. Non-Aggression The Signatories do hereby agree to offer assistance in times of hardship, however in the matters of war the two shall remain neutral. Offering no assistance to any belligerent in any conflict in which any Signatory is participating, unless it be determined to be on the side of both Signatories. ARTICLE VI. Duration The Signatories do hereby agree to adhere to this treaty for a duration of fifteen years whereupon the expiratory date the Signatories shall meet for renewal. BY THE BLOOD OF THE HERALD, Balon Eiriksson Ruric, King of Norland, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Jarl of Vjardengrad, Defender of the Red Faith, Bulwark of the Norlandic People Hilda Eiriksson Ruric, Queen of Norland, Master of War, Captain of the Red Cloaks By the Grace of God,
  13. The real issue with pvp is the pvpers union. Call cope all you want, but as a former member of the union, it sucks for the server and conflict in general.
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