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  1. Angelika Bykov perused the statement, releasing a long sigh afterwards for Ruben’s plight. She pitied the man, the man her husband had raised and viewed as a son. She recalled her own memories of her and her husband’s disownment. The scenario was all too familiar to her. ”A true shame...reminds me of us when we were younger,” she remarked to her husband whilst folding the parchment and setting it aside. ”I hope he will not regret it. I pray for him and his marriage.” @erictafoya
  2. “Niet...” Angelika Bykov murmured as she read through the letter, shaking her head in disbelief. The woman bit her bottom lip, unsure of what to think of Tanith’s accounts of her former colleagues. ”This can’t be...nevertheless, this must be investigated, da...?” “Oren seems to be collapsing underneath itself, doesn’t it, dear?” Isabella Barclay idly remarked to her husband as she leafed through the elf’s letter. Now, with a light shrug, the Duchess of Reinmar set the parchment aside without a second thought. @Coolcod77
  3. ((Zach aren’t you supposed to be at school? tf?))
  4. “Why does she have to go to Ass-field?” The young Ludovar pouted, releasing a long sigh as she prepared her dress for the occasion.
  5. Cactus Green – 2.1k A Simple Brown – 3.1k Simplistic Blue With Fur – 5.1k
  6. Angelika Bykov gasps upon reading the letter. She can hardly comprehend how anyone could write a letter to the Pontiff on such sins, or even consider doing so. ”Niet, this is heretical! These ideas must be shut down immediately before we are plagued with the sin of homosexuality.”
  7. ((MCname)): AnonymousAlexa Name: Aleksandra Ludovar Age: 13 Are you a citizen of Haense?: Yes Are you a knight of Haense?: No Which event do you desire to compete in (Joust, Fisticuffs, Archery)?: Joust, Fisticuffs, Archery, Apple Bobbing
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