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  1. A Silver Lubba’s Tavern Night 10th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 46 of the Second Age With recent activities in the keep causing the Band and its Allies to prosper within, it has been brought to our attention that with the frequent visitors often seeking to close deals or hire our bondsmen for a job. While certainly this is great for the survival of our group and keep, it is time to use this prosperity and share it through the means of an event. Everyone who can find the keep is invited to a drink and perhaps some food at the tavern for the low cost of no mina at all for up to five drinks per person. The Tavern The Tavern, equipped with seats enough for 18 and a massive chess board outside will accommodate all the needs of those who visit. However, the regular course of business shall not be halted, trade and services shall flow during this event and perhaps our local cooks shall make a traditional dish upon request. Lubba’s Keep can be found through hints of previous announcements or a bird towards one of its members. Perhaps you will find someone from Lubba’s Keep willing to point the way! Happy Drinking! signed, The Silver Lubba OOC:
  2. Now this is epic, finally can have NPC atronachs bring me my tea
  3. EY I appreciate you what would you say to your younger self that has just joined the server?
  4. Mika Uialben simply watches the room being thrown all over the place with this sudden redecoration of sorts, seemingly fairly concerned in tone as he asks "Are ye.. sure ye wish to redecorate the room? Thought I'd have decorated it rather nicely" with a chuckle at the end, though then adds some words as he hears the rant after the downing of the wine bottle "As I felt with Sutica, it needed to change it's name, such they did. A legacy should not be tampered with, Maybe a change of the name could end some hostilities?"
  5. nice username

    1. MikaSimp1278


      can confirm

  6. Mika Uialben who had already had a look at the new cathedral approved with a nod of the head as he walked past it "Seems a lot more practical on the inside these days. Glad for that"
  7. Mika Uialben perked up a brow at the announcement, giving it a single comment "Two dukes.. One title.. I've seen this one before"
  8. Mika Uialben, confused at the sudden screaming throughout his halls before being confronted by a 'thill running down the keep closing in, found himself to be reading the thing seconds later with the simple expression of "They did what? why? how? don't their cultures completely clash against each other? what will happen if they find out the diplomat could be a mage? Seems a bit strange Haense has to clean up their mess and then suddenly gets confronted with them being fought against in their war against Haelun'or."
  9. A Silver Lubba’s Bounty Board Due to the more unorganized nature of bounties popping up sporadically, it was seen fit for The Silver Lubba to organize the bounties listed in a more proper manner for his band. This board has some of the more recent bounties placed upon it regardless of its nature to uphold neutrality with some exceptions being made where the Silver Lubba himself won’t get involved, though the bounties will always be up for the taking for his men. The Bounty Board Located where once the dais was, a bounty board has appeared, replacing The Silver Lubba’s small unused throne with something more practical in the long run. The board already finds itself filled with various bounties which go up into the thousands worth for the more experienced men who reside in Lubba’s Keep. This board is not limited to the citizens and allies of Lubba’s Keep as this board is merely a collection of bounty notices placed around the realm, those who have access to it can claim a bounty to their desire. Happy Hunting! signed, The Silver Lubba
  10. A Silver Lubba’s Auction With the more recent establishment of Lubba’s Keep and the local economy on the coast this keep is found on, it was seen fit to throw a party of sorts. This party was the tavern night held a good while ago, so it is time to establish ourselves with the wealth we have collected throughout the years and host an auction for those who can find us in the realm. THE AUCTION The Auction is being held at Lubba’s Keep, at this location a makeshift auctioneer’s platform will be constructed within the square. Once the auction starts then the gates will close. At this auction various items will be sold by The Silver Lubba Company, its allies and potential merchants who wish to auction something off. If one were to wish to auction something off at the auction, then reach out to The Silver Lubba in advance. Anything can be sold as long it is not the life of someone else, unless this life agrees and is willing to contract themselves for a period of time. Happy Auctioning! signed, The Silver Lubba
  11. "Surprising to see an old friend on the board" The Silver Lubba commented with a perked up brow as he looked over the missive himself by now "2000 mina is four days worth of work, though.. going after someone I've fought battles with is against my code." He then shook his head, though remained pondering over the missive for the remainder of his day to possibly reconsider his decision. @Orlesian
  12. Mika Uialben coughs from a distance as he looks over the missive
  13. Lubba’s Keep, The Expansion 2nd of The Deep Cold, Year 41 of the Second Age As the final bricks were laid, The Silver Lubba of The Silver Lubba Band realized something. He had designed and built this keep with the intention of housing his men and women, though also for him to flourish in a place he could call home. This home, however, is for the band, affiliated companies/groups and those who seek opportunity. This opportunity is simply said to offer a job, having something to do while living life as someone who aids the realm in whichever way it's seen. The Keep The Keep, now functional in its current state seeks to accommodate more like minded individuals such as those from The Silver Lubba Band, the various old librarians, medics, general mercenaries, sailors, tavern workers, smiths, mages and weapons dealers ensure there will always be something to do. Lubba’s Keep had been designed for the single purpose of housing those who wish to explore the realm through different eyes while making a quick sum of mina. Housing Housing, often overlooked when designing a keep with purpose over beauty, though not gone unnoticed by The Silver Lubba as it is said this keep could house 50 individuals with relative ease and offer them such with minimal or no tax. If it were that taxes were necessary to be implemented then tax exemption would be in place for those who actively contribute to the keep’s prosperity. Medics gaining tax exemption when helping a patient, Mercenaries gaining tax exemption when aiding in a battle, Mages gaining tax exemption when summoned for projects, Tavern workers gaining tax exemption for a day’s work, Workers gaining tax exemption for donating their works, The event committee gaining tax exemption for hosting an event, And so on. Though this housing is often limited to members of The Silver Lubba Band, it is not uncommon for those who have found work in the keep to be provided with a room to call their own. Services and Facilities Lubba’s Keep, while not too big nor too small, offers a wide range of services and facilities to those within their keep or even those outside for the right price. Lubba’s Keep currently hosts these facilities: Library The Library, having a plethora of books and a wide collection of history throughout the centuries these librarians have travelled the realm and purchased books, now seen in the library of Lubba’s Keep. From children’s books to guides and theories on magic, it is likely to be found here. Smithy With the high demand for equipment for our workers and mercenaries, Lubba’s Keep hosts a private smithy for band members and the local smiths who work tirelessly to equip our people with the finest works and often sell some of this to the market or auctioning it off once an auction is held at the keep. Bath house Leisure is ofcourse a necessity for high morale, this bath house is to keep oneself clean and ready for the day. warm to the touch, a descendant made waterfall flows upon you and takes with it your troubles temporarily flow away in this room. Market place The market place like any good market should, is surrounding the square and is located in places of activity, having a good amount of small stalls for artisans and merchants to sell their wares at the keep for the right price. These stalls are often bestowed upon those who have the wares Lubba’s Keep would require to function or jewelry and fine clothes. Tavern Much like the bath house, the tavern was implemented with the purpose of leisure, though quickly became a place to share your stories, hold your speeches and seek a duel to take to the square. Offering a limited amount of drinks and foods due to the current state of there not being a dedicated brewery to supply this tavern, though it does offer every necessity for a good tavern such as beer, a non-alcoholic drink, tea, etc. Ballroom While less likely to be used due to the more vigorous nature of the keep, it is not too rare for there to be hosted a masquerade or party at the keep with fine piano music in the background. While the ballroom is not too big, it is said to be big enough to host a good amount of people if they had not already stumbled off to the tavern yet. Clinic The clinic is where those who are wounded or found sick go to, strategically placed next to the tavern to cut travel time from where more accidents happen. Offering a small crew of medics and a doctor, they operate fine and fix you up, sometimes offering limb replacements if necessary or if wanted for the right price. Holding Cells Due to the nature of Lubba’s Keep where it is filled with those who want a quick sum of mina in their hands, it was found a necessity to install holding cells for those stepping too far out of line or for enemies of the keep’s inhabitants, workers and soldiers. Mage Tower The mage tower is where the magic happens, quite literally. Teaching new students, building projects and forging new weapons to auction off once an auction is being held. The collective knowledge of the inhabitants of Lubba’s Keep make them a formidable group to develop and produce new kinds of weaponry unseen before in the realm. Stables Stables, while these are private for The Silver Lubba Band, are used to store and breed horses to provide its mercenaries with the best steeds they can find and make. Housing As explained before, Lubba’s Keep has plenty of housing of a decent size for a decent tax or none at all. The keep split into apartments and sections owned by the Lubba’s Council provide plenty of space for The Silver Lubba Band and its allies. Docks With the coastal positioning of the keep, having access to the sea is essential for trade and the sailors and mercenaries inside who seek adventure and mina. sometimes found to have its ships used to go on adventures out into sea where they find incredible monsters for their trophies and treasures hidden deep into the sea. Offices While the keep sounds pretty well managed already, it would not be possible with the administrative side of the ruling body over the keep. This ruling body is seen working in their offices, though they would rather be out in the field with their fellow bondsmen and workers who make the keep run as it does. Opportunity Opportunity awaits at Lubba’s Keep for those seeking it, fighting to defend their homes and seen outside of it fighting for coin when hired by a nation or if the nation they are under is being attacked. Come seek us, while I shall not give directions as of now, we always enjoy having visitors around to share stories with or perhaps make a deal which benefits the both of us. We shall host a tavern night and give directions and the time it will be hosted to those who wish to come. Our people will be prepared to receive a good amount of guests and only those who ask with good intent shall be served. signed, The Silver Lubba, Holder of Lubba’s Keep OOC:
  14. The SIlver Lubba received the missive upon his desk of his brand new Lubba's Keep, perking up a brow at the news, commenting "War already? we don't even have a new king yet." before setting the missive down back on his desk as he continued to ponder which was concluded with a shrug "It keeps us busy nonetheless"
  15. Nozcon has been cancelled Was fun having you around
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