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  1. Mika Goldhand would look over the missive with nothing but a simple nod upon his features filled with thought ”Then for Urguan it shall be, my blade will be red with blood and my armour worn out only through a BATTLE OF HONOR!” he’d say before shouting out the dwarven cry “ARUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” as he is making his way away from the missive to inform his close friends and family that he might not return for a while
  2. mika1278

    Technical Update

    let’s get an option C going, it sounds neat
  3. Mika Uialben-Goldhand would upon receiving the letter in his mailbox, shed a single tear before opening it up with a sigh as he quitely whispers into the letter ”Do not let this be what i think it is” as he starts walking into his manor and sheds another tear, starting his read over the letter while he quietly tells himself ”This can’t be ******* true” as he’d slam the letter into the desk with a frustrated tone to it, his tears seeming to flow by now, rubbing his eyes as he could not believe what he had just read, letting out a loud and pained cry of sorts which could be heard throughout the entire manor. ”no no no no” he’d say in a rather panicked way as he would depart from his manor to the more collective Uialben manor, spotting the bloodied words on the wall with an angered tone ”I swear on the iron mask of Dungrimm, They shall pay, everyone does in the end, for I shall not rest my soul until I either see this man dead in my burnt and blood stained grabby little ******* hands or dead on the street by my doing” the elf would be seething, starting to depart back to his own manor with a deep thought on who it could have been and who must pay for this, constantly repeating an angered and grumbly mumble of “Kraviil oz Thrumm’ur’Kotha” to himself along his trip along the roads for many to hear, going on with his life in vein of his newfound grudge while partially ignoring he is now the head of the Uialben bloodline.
  4. mika1278

    Alchemist's Guild

    Discord: mika1278#0993 I already am in there but forgot to post something here
  5. mika1278

    The 30 Theses

    Mika Goldhand would look over the 30 theses, intrigued by the words written down, starting to mumble to himself in a low tone ”I see there is truth in these words, rather, feel them, but i would need to do a bit more research on this before i act” before he’d then give a nod to the words to take his leave from it. Ekoraz Ironborn would look up to the paper, starting to laugh himself to the ground, slamming his fist into the door wheezingly ”Fock’n ‘ell, oi’ve nae seen t’is much funneh shoite en une letter” as he’d try to calm himself down, chuckling at the thought of an unstable clergy.
  6. RP Name: Mika Goldhand MC Name: mika1278 Race/Subrace: Elf Discord name and number: mika1278#0993 Have you served in previous Dwarven militaries? If so, which: not on this character
  7. Mika Goldhand would give a couple nods at the document ”I smell a clan meeting coming up” he’d chuckle right after Ekoraz would eminate a small frown, but stays content with what is going on ”oi ‘ope et’s guuen t’be alrought” before going back to his quest of finding the best stone
  8. LotsOfMuffins best muffins, a very good friend who i like to talk to/hang out with
  9. i hope you add a warning on bee hives that they might kill you if you don’t collect them in the right way
  10. mika1278

    Tech Update

    A legend away from the server, but always had fun with you around, have a good one, bro
  11. Henri, Marshall of Pestilles would smile at the document before him, nodding in contentment ”A good day for our men” before he sits down in his chair
  12. Mika Goldhand would raise a brow at the grudge, shrugging it off ”Another flame of war for the pyre we call Arcas”
  13. Mika Goldhand would look over the missive after he got some news ”I might have abandoned the Uialben name, but that doesn’t make me abandon my family nor disallow me to protect the nation i had once led” the elf would then open up a room he swore to never enter again, retreiving his old set of Sutican guard armour alongside his old blade as he ventures to Sutica in search of old friends and family
  14. Mika Goldhand would see the notice, slowly uttering a mumbled ”i guess.” he’d then move along, enjoying the rest of his day
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