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  1. A Kraken’s Contract with a Lubba The Unified Domain of Vortice has contracted The Silver Lubba Band today, 12th of The First Seed, Year 28 of the Second Age to do the following within the lines of a custom contract which combines the following contracts into one: Garrison contracts Garrison contracts are similar to road protection contracts, though these contracts are for patrolling cities and settlements, defending them at any cost from raids, slavers, and malicious actions posed by the people inside. A list is to be provided to avoid confusion on what i
  2. Mika Uialben Smiles at the missive "Been a while- Yesterday, actually." He commented with a chuckle as he places the missive atop the rock he sat on, saving it for a later day
  3. Name: Mika Uialben Race: Elven Mutt Birth Year: 1642 Peerage (if applicable): The Silver Lubba Do you have a residence in Sutica, or are you guaranteed a residence as a government official, or are you currently in the process of acquiring one?: Yes Address of residence (if applicable): The Plateau
  4. Woah, mercenaries

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      Woah, Mercenaries


  5. The Silver Lubba Band 12th of The Grand Harvest,Year 27 of the second age (For The Glory of The Eternal Silver Lubba) Tensions rise and fall, but even in times of peace, there are battles to be fought. With this mindset and a recent acquisition of spare land and time, The Silver Lubba Band has been made to help quench this demand for soldiers with a right price. Raiders, slavers, bandits, and simple brigands roam the realm all night and day making our roads unsafe and take wealth within minutes that could have taken them years to acquire. Unfair
  6. holy ****, after almost 3 years of being unable to do status updates, i finally found the one slider in my settings i had to enable for this to work

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      same, took me ages as well

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      one slider to rule them all


  7. this would be pretty neat, but probably gonna need to submit these one by one due to how the forums work with creature lore
  8. it's about time the snow elves made a come back
  9. while i was not around for this time of the server, it does remind me with a load of nostalgia how the game used to be played rather than what complicated systems we have thrown ourselves into
  10. Timmy the ferrymen sailor and janitor scratches his beard after the battle had been completed, found with barely any scratches, though he is found wiping blood from his blade with an old gray rag as he sits atop the battlements nearby the ferrymen tower looking out over sea "Hrmm, Mountain elf callings Timmy voice of childings. Mountain elf of not seeings anymore."
  11. Discord: mika1278#0993 IGN:mika1278 Bids: Peachlova - Drape - 900 @Kaydovee_
  12. Discord: mika1278#0993 IGN:mika1278 Bids: Peachlova - Drape - 700 @BobBox
  13. Dope Discord: mika1278#0993 IGN:mika1278 Bids: Peachlova - Drape - 600 @BobBox
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