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  1. Durth Raguk hears the news by horn, setting course back to his old home after years of traveling the lands in aid of his brethren, taking with him only but his crude orcish blade and rations to make it back home, saying nothing more than ”Zkahin nub’hozh bruddaz”
  2. i miss bandits, they really made it hard for me to keep my gates opened, meaning i had to conscript more guards to either take them on or make them do more gate duty. right now i can leave the gate open with only the minor risk of two guys entering and trying to cause a bit of a ruckus while easily dealt with and usually them lacking proper motives to do anything alike. the current system doesn’t give good roleplay, it takes it. we need good villainy without too much rules limiting them so that i can once more try to find solutions of how to deal with them. doing CRP combat with 9 people is already really painful, i do not want to imagine what 11 would look like without a moderator on site trying to stop powergaming, false accusations or general toxicity. it is inevitable in CRP where both parties do not want to lose.
  3. MC Name: mika1278 RP Name: Mika Goldhand Discord: mika1278#0993 Which part of the tournament do you wish to participate in (PvP/Archery/Both): Both Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): CET
  4. i like basket, good choice
  5. Mika Goldhand sits alone in his chair, watching outwards through the window from his manor overseeing Urguan, a somber expression upon his face as he did not know where she had gone saying ”where are ye Grianne?” in a saddened tone as he had not seen her for days as he then looks back inside the now empty manor, devoid of all life but himself and the occasional visitor. whispering something to himself ”Please not again” as he’d shed a single tear, the tear rolling down to his chin, falling to the ground before Mika would clear up once more and move on to the rest of his day, hoping she’ll return.
  6. An amazing project to help work on with the lads
  7. Mika Goldhand Would stop sharpening his blade along the grindstone as the treaty had been signed officially, letting out a sigh of relief ”No more two front war, now it’s just one front” he’d them promptly continue sharpening his blade, muttering something about space demons
  8. Mika Goldhand would laugh his ass off upon hearing the announcement for a prolonged time to where it isn’t even funny anymore, eventually coming to a halt to shout across sutica from his gatehouse ”Absolute IDIOT that man is! we were so close to peace, but i guess we have to pick up weapons once more.” The elf let out a chuckle once again as he went to reach for his blade.
  9. mika1278


    Mika Goldhand would smile upon the announcement from the house horen, commenting with ”No emperor but Horen” before continuing with his day in sutica, recruiting more guardsmen by the day.
  10. Would be sharpening his blade along a whetstone, striking with precision and caution as he reads the message ”Mein Freund, I will fight for you, maybe even die, but i’d rather go down in battle than public execution by the orenite scum usurping the throne which belongs to Horen rightfully.” the elf would say, now laying away the blade and preparing his most great weapon of all, the mind, however, instead of doing what one would normally do to prepare his mind, Mika would pick up his blade and move to the warzone.
  11. Mika Goldhand smiles upon reading the announcement, glad he did not sell out his king like the Sutican council did
  12. Mika Goldhand would laugh upon hearing the news from the livery company ”I dare bet my stall contains more iron than your company, a poor choice indeed” he’d say while stiffling his laugh, commenting ”Have fun with that stall, you’re going to need it”
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