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  1. Mika Uialben smiles at the fruits of the sutican event team "Now hope farmer billy bob shows up to destroy us all with chess"
  2. "Communicate with your liege" Mika Uialben states with a huff as he looks over the copy "Almost seems like the church is invading sutican land at this point. i won't care if it is communicated with me, but don't make decisions outside of me when these matters are Sutican."
  3. An Orcish breach of neutrality 13th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 4 of the Second Age. The Story on a regular stroll through the city, Mika Uialben, The Trade Prince of Sutica was halted by a tall and imposing orc from Krugmar, demanding tribute from the monarch and trying to claim the right of sutican throne right before him, stating the Sutican lands were Krugmari territory as by his command. such an act made the trade monarch chuckle and request his leave, which was denied and instead called upon two others as a citizen and Domonic Elmoran, the minister of defence, had taken
  4. Doing alright myself, just got soaked back from work but it's warm at home so that's good
  5. Timmy of the ferrymen company saltutes to the post with a sense of pride to his work, his beady little eyes remember seeing the moment and partaking in such "Elf wood of, gone of fours" the small man sagefully nodded along with his fellow ferrymen
  6. Timmy of the ferrymen group sits on the docks, fishing as gains a twinkle in his beady eyes when he hears the news and looks to the green mask and single coin besides him with a broad smile. The relatively small man ready to get out on the field once again as he grabs both the items, leaves the fishing rod on the docks and leaves the undisclosed location in a rather quick fashion to meet up with some old friends.
  7. Finally, i can pay people again
  8. The Creation of The Department of Sutican Welfare Foreword As descendants approached Almaris, a question has risen for the Suticans as soon as we set foot on the new continent and constructed the city: “How are we going to generate wealth for the free state and its citizens?” and such an answer was quickly found in the first few days of experimentation within the department before it’s official creation to improve our local economy and in turn Sutica itself. Table of Content I. The Goal of the department of Sutican welfare I.I. S
  9. It was a pretty scummy situation how i got banned there (first time as well), i have been preaching for a while that if you have an issue you have to resolve it during the ongoing conflict and not afterwards when communication is thrown out of the window. I enjoy conflict, good or bad for my character as long the quality of the roleplay holds up, which is the case in the last given situation. My bandit persona is to provide something for both me and whoever i interact with as it is a persona who does not only bandit, but he has a life besides it as well. The ban was caught on my alt, which
  10. The Codex of Sutican Law, Year 1 of the Second Age Foreword The Free State of Sutica and all who are within it are bound by the legislation within this Codex. The purpose of this Codex is to act as a general reference for legislation which was put forward by the Trade Monarch or by The Council of Sutica. legislation may exist outside of this Codex and this Codex must exist under the Writ of Governance as the Writ is the supreme law of the land. All further legislation has thus been hereby approved and enacted by the Trade Monarch.
  11. This does indeed Satiate my hunger for knowledge on this subject to a degree Dr. Kippothy. though i am more inquired to ask how these so called "Bandits" would deal with such a barrier in their daily lives considering they are usually lively folk that innovate the scene to overcome obstacles as the incentive to storm a city and "raid" the citizens within the city only becomes greater when they stockpile most wealth in one location unlike cities who have their gates opened at all times?
  12. Very wise dr. Mickaelhz, but how much do you know behind the psychology of bandits being faced by a closed gate? how does this effect Mickonomics?
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