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  1. Mika Goldhand gives a couple nods at the poster in agreement ”protect the blues”
  2. [!] a certain goldhand would frown at the sight of an oathbreaker being called out who was in the same ceremony as he was yet excited for his first official grudge.
  3. Mika Goldhand the local Urguani elf would agree with these epic custom weapons for really low prices
  4. “Epic” Mika Goldhand indeed signed
  5. Mika Goldhand would look at the document with a frown "Mystery, stop forging my name, damnit"
  6. a certain elf would scream from the roof of his palace ”HE’S FINALLY ******* DEAD AFTER 40 YEARS OF HAVING MY ******* SHOVEL STOLEN” celebrating it with a bottle of scotch, a glass of bourbon and a beer next to him, sitting on the roof drinking alone
  7. name: Durmm age: somewhere above 50 gender: male race: dwarf notes: a hot dwarven accent, more than 4 foot of pure ginger dwarf covered by the finest urguan scrap steel they give to the legion of mercy, a follower of the brathmodakin patron dungrimm, plays a bagpipe like no other, loves to drink some ale on fridays and defends the dwarven mountains on saturday and sunday.
  8. Mika Uialben spits out his evening absinthe, looking at the document "I did not sign up for this, the seal of sutica has been used unrightfully. time for plan Delta J.” The trade prince states before grabbing a second bottle of absinthe
  9. MC Name: mika1278 RP Name: Mika Uialben Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Kal'Varoth, KI502 Candidate: Gimli
  10. hey, so, i accidentally typed #loom and now i can't switch chats because i don't have permission to talk in that channel and i can't seem to gett out of it, please prevent people from getting access to switch to channels where they don't have permission to speak. later i tried to switch by clicking on the icon infront of the message, but that doesn't allow me to change back to a normal chat either. after a restart i was able to join the global out of character chat by clicking on it, it didn't work before so... just wait a restart out not being able to roleplay on the server
  11. imagine the CA flood if this gets accepted
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