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  1. Mika Anarion finally gets some god damn peace and quiet
  2. The SIlver Lubba joined this dialogue "I was invited, I did not attend. This form of degeneracy is discouraged even in Lurin"
  3. The Silver Lubba responds: "We have actively deconstructed baths put in place by our citizens and fined them for it. Do not include us in your bath house crusade, because you won't find any."
  4. The Silver Lubba very simply states "We don't want war, we want you to stop attacking our citizens and innocent bystanders. The lich is a ***** though, trying to fuel both sides at this point considering my folks have found a vault that was supposed to keep him trapped near your village, regardless of his stance, he has been causing trouble among our own as well."
  5. TO THE UNDEAD Issued at Year 151 of the Second Age Cease you Gasha-*****. Lurin is not your vassal, Lurin is not your ally and Lurin is not your friend. Your attempts to sow chaos only reaches those most desperate to gain reasons to end us. If we were to attack the cherry blossom village, we would do so ourselves instead of relaying it to exactly that which we have been exterminating from our lands. If I manage to find where you keep this warlord captive, I will free him. There is no honor between the undead and living, only conflict. May your bones rot and crumble in the light. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba To those who wish to figure out the swear:
  6. "My citizens were given no last rites and were slaughtered in cold blood with no diplomatic envoy to convey their issues, this is not a matter of faith, this is a matter of states" The Silver Lubba proclaimed to the clearly investigating [Racist] Bishop Odo "After all, they have their willing vassalage under heathens"
  7. TO THE CHERRY BLOSSOM VILLAGE Issued at Year 151 of the Second Age The recent missives brought out have shone light on a few issues I was not made aware of, however, now I know and I will write this missive to make everything as clear as possible for the village of Sakurakagure. ON MY DAUGHTER I was unaware of her actions up until now, not a single diplomat was present from your village to inform me of these actions and your people allowed hatred to fester where reason was possible through communication. Rationality and good will is an uncommon thing these days, it shows me that even from the very start you have sought conflict and have sent raiding parties to my citizens without a message, without a cause to communicate, merely to try to slaughter them. My daughter, Scrisa, will be talked with. A solution will be had for her working with darkspawn and dark mages. Even though my heart wishes for something light, it cannot be ignored in the wake of the inquisition with my efforts undermined and will most likely end up on the more harsh side of punishment regardless of my attachments. ON THE TERMS While I find it most agreeable to find, arrest and execute the two mentioned necromancers, it shall not be ignored that your acts of violence could have been resolved with words as most civilized folk would opt to do. Your people have killed citizens unrelated to this conflict and even visitors during a time of day where most of my citizens are asleep. We were unaware of your location so we could not retaliate, now we know and the other terms you wish for will be ignored. We have a three strikes and you are out policy here in Lurin and your village has exceeded this limit, though we shall give one more chance due to these unorthodox circumstances. If you wish to truly wish for the best then send one diplomat with at most two guards to find a solution for this situation. Do so swiftly within the Esht day or it shall be presumed you only wish for war. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  8. THE SILVER CENTURIONS Issued at Year 150 of the Second Age A reform of the Silver Centurions has become a necessity with hostility of foreign forces making their attempt at hurting the balance of our most serene realm. Thus an effort shall be made to increase our capabilities from a defensive force to that of a military. STRUCTURE With the structure remaining intact, our most serene Silver Centurions shall not be confused about whose command to follow at all times. The Silver Lubba The Silver Lubba is the leader of the Silver Lubba Band and all of its holdings and divisions. This division is no different from that with The Silver Lubba hiring new recruits and enabling The Silver Centurions to uphold peace and law wherever they are garrisoned. Captain Captains of The Silver Centurions are tasked with managing the lower ranks and upholding the order within the holdings, often finding themselves more on the management side of the division though not to be fooled as they do still keep their years of experience that they have from reaching this point. These individuals are often seen recruiting new members into the band in general, making sure the entire band is well equipped and supplied with new recruits, novices and other beginning members of the band. Large scaled defensive projects often start with a captain before the workforce is notified of such a project and the feasibility of achieving it. Officer Officers of The Silver Centurions are on the way to true leadership, always present to make sure everything runs smoothly among the watchmen and recruits, often seen conducting training in combat, law and equipment maintenance for new recruits and making sure they are up for the task before them. These individuals are extremely versatile and often have the option to switch or add to a different division at this stage, though at the cost of losing progress within the structure of the band to further build up their repertoire and experience. Officers are however also capable of recruiting and managing smaller projects acting for these tasks instead of a captain. Watchman Watchmen are the bulk of The Silver Centurions, finding themselves virtually anywhere The Silver Lubba Band is present. Having passed their training allowed them to become a Watchman ready to uphold the order of The Silver Lubba’s holdings and campsites around the realm. These individuals are allowed to detain those who are in violation of the public order established and either deal with them on the spot or send them further to trial with a Lubba Judge. Recruit Recruits of The Silver Centurions are new to the majority of how everything is supposed to be operated, still needing to go through training for combat, law and equipment maintenance. Often seen staying near a watchman or officer to aid them in tasks or guarding a door or outpost without much conflict happening around them for this period of their career. PURPOSE AND DUTIES The purpose of The Silver Centurions is straightforward and clear, however, if one may forget their purpose or duties, it shall be stated here or in other documents if found necessary to amend. Maintaining Order Maintaining order is the primary purpose of all Silver Centurions, all other duties and purposes are secondary to maintaining order through upholding and enforcing law through the proper means and conduct. Without this essential duty the realm will devolve to chaos and makes the state more likely to look for alternative means to keep their citizens safe. Purging the Dark While not originally included in our previous duties due to the rather obvious nature of it, it should be known by every single centurion in our most serene territories that darkspawn are a threat to every single realm present of this world. None may live, regardless of if they are perceived as friendly or good in nature. Arresting Criminals While conduct dictates part of maintaining the order is to lock up criminals of the state, it is often overlooked how valuable a proper trial and sentence may be. The arresting of a criminal should be the first priority unless they are found to be unreasonably hostile and need to be dealt with as efficiently as possible. Interrogating Criminals Upon the arrest of a criminal, it is more than likely that they had a goal in mind and a reason for doing so, the task at hand is to find out their reasoning and to gauge if this reasoning is sound or simply criminal. Judgement may be formed from this interrogation. Eliminating Threats There is a chance one day a clear threat will come to our territories, it is then that every centurion must come to aid to eliminate this threat as fast and with as little casualties as possible. Investigating Individuals If seen fit by an officer or by the captain of the Silver Centurions, an investigation may take place to ensure the safety of our citizens. This would merely be a precaution for most, though if taken seriously, an arrest might come out of it. Patrolling Territories While keeping the city is key, our allies and the roads leading to our territories can prove to be useful to be kept safe. The presence of bandits, spooks and undead upon our roads or allies’ territories can prove to be detrimental to the flow of people and prosperity. Small scouting groups will from time to time be sent out to ensure the safety of our territories or collect information on potential threats. Aiding Military Missions Military missions are rare during times of peace, however, every Silver Centurion along with the Expeditionary Force and Lubba Knights become part of the general military of our territories during times of war, making them most valuable to keep them up with training. Military missions are oftentimes used to inflict damage to morale or to secure certain strategic areas. Aiding Those In Need While the primary goal is to keep order, it cannot be maintained without putting the troubles of others to rest. With such citizens or travelers may request aid from this division, though one ought to be careful of deceit and bring ample men to aid those who request aid outside of the Silver Lubba’s territories. Protecting The Realm Maintaining order is ofcourse the first priority, however, as the bulwark of these territories every Centurion must aid to protect the realm regardless of the odds. Every raider and hostile invader must be struck down or incapacitated with extreme prejudice. However, this is not only done through combat as preparation and information is enough of a deterrent most of the time, if someone wishes to do harm upon the realm they are to be reported as soon as possible. Maintaining Equipment While equipment is provided by the state, it must be maintained by the individuals who received such. It is possible for the state to give out another set of equipment during times of active conflict where equipment becomes harder to maintain properly. Every Centurion will be taught how to properly maintain their equipment either by their brothers in arms or at the academy. Maintaining Knowledge Knowledge is one of the most valuable assets to any force in the realm as some spooks and undead have specific ways to more effectively defeat them or remove them as a threat entirely. Alongside this comes the knowledge of how to use your weapon properly in defense of the territories to most efficiently deal with common threats. CODE OF CONDUCT members are expected to follow all of the following or risk punishment : They shall uphold the laws of the Lurin Codex and remain within the Laws of the Lurin Codex or risk a level higher punishment for their actions. They shall never harm a citizen or through inaction allow a citizen to come to harm unless in pursuit of the greater good. They shall follow the orders of the officers and captain placed above them unless through such action they would be committing a crime or acting outside of this Code of Conduct. They shall respect their fellow citizens in all legal affairs. They shall maintain a level-headedness in the face of danger. They shall regardless of their personal interests not act upon such. They shall not disgrace their uniform by making modifications which would be seen as disgraceful or ill-taste unless directly approved by The Silver Lubba. They shall frequently be training both their mind and their body to ensure peak performance at all times. They shall never initiate with aggression unless provoked prior. They shall maintain decent language in front of children. They shall NEVER take part in any non-approved offensive action, as this could violate a neutral stance towards some settlements and nations. They shall NEVER harm an innocent citizen or a fellow Centurion unless in doing so they end a greater threat. They shall NEVER give information to an enemy of The Silver Lubba. They shall NEVER be recruited into foreign militaries for any reason. They shall maintain a level of cleanliness of their room in the barracks and uphold a level of cleanliness of themselves. They shall keep all equipment on them while on duty, and they will be responsible for obtaining replacements from the Quartermaster. Violation of this conduct may result in the direct stripping of one’s rank and be tried for one’s crimes. IDEALS The ideals are what makes the Cerulean Army an Army, without clear ideals or morals, a nation is bound to fall. The ideals the Cerulean Army follows are not only internally, but external as well, requiring a focus on what we wish to do with this army: cause Peace and Prosperity.. Peace The Silver Centurions are here to Protect and ensure peace and prosperity, it is not to cause chaos. causing chaos will lead to a dishonorable discharge and relieve you from your position as well as all granted titles if any. Termination of Cults and the Dark The Silver Centurions, as a majority internal force, work together to keep cults out of our territories and exterminate darkness from our realm by hunting down dark mages and creatures within its borders without hesitation and with extreme prejudice. Fortitude It is sometimes found that an individual is struggling with their work or life in general, let it be known to those individuals that taking a break from the Silver Centurions is allowed and Hiatus can be held with permission. The mental state of a member of the Silver Centurions is as important as its physical state, allowing for Silver Centurion field days to relax a bit or do some fun activities. Aid of All The Silver Centurions, provided each member is to learn a certain set of skills by requirement, they are not to back away from conflict or wounded individuals, no matter the race, group or nation they are affiliated with. We are here to help, not turn our backs to fellow living descendants and beings of this realm. Kindness and Gratitude are key to living a better life for all of us for a man who turns to banditry out of necessity can always be rehabilitated if offered the right tools to do so. Logic and Law, Driven by morals. While the law is set in stone, one who has broken a law must have had a rational reason to do so, with such a member of the Silver Centurions can interrogate an individual to see why this law has been broken by them and possibly hand out a lower fine or even exempt them from the crime they had committed. Self-sufficient together There is an emphasis within the Silver Centurions that once you are at the rank of Watchman, your set of skills taught to you are just enough to supply your own food, your own equipment, and your own minas. However, this does not mean you stand alone in conflict and is merely a tool to improve your ability to aid other members of the Silver Centurions. During times of conflict the territories will not be shy to give out some extra equipment to get the job done. HONORS AND MEDALS Recognition of the actions of our members within The Silver Lubba Band is a high priority, granting them medals or ribbons for outstanding actions or having them remembered in ceremonies to remind them of their actions or the actions of their predecessors. Listed in order of precedence -- Additional Medals may be listed elsewhere Anchor of Valour The Anchor of Valour is the highest honor, awarded by The Silver Lubba themselves. The Anchor of Valor is given to those that demonstrate acts of valour far beyond the call of duty. To receive the award is quite difficult and requires having your efforts recognized by The Silver Lubba themselves. Archrims Legacy - A Royal Eternal Named after Captain Archrim, this medal is a level above the medal of sacrifice in that it is only ever bestowed upon those that have given their all and placed everything on the line in the defense of our territories. By risking it all, they have demonstrated their dedication to the Oath and will be forever remembered for their contributions to the territories. Every member which has been bestowed this medal shall also be granted the rank of Royal Eternal as a lasting mark of their dedication and become eligible for knighthood by default. Medal of Sacrifice This medal is given to those who have sacrificed permanent loss of ability in protecting and serving The Silver Lubba. It is given with the blessing of The Silver Lubba to show their unending support of those who have sacrificed to see our territories continue to grow and prosper. This is given to those that were willing to sacrifice something, for The Silver Lubba to gain something else. Medal of Civic Honor This medal is granted to citizens of the territories who have shown tremendous effort towards the security of the Lubban way of life. It is the highest Non-Band medal, being granted directly by The Silver Lubba themself. It is to serve as a reminder of the binding nature of citizenship in the territories and those who have risked it all for the greater good of the community as a whole.. Ribbon of Heroism Given to an individual who has against all odds demonstrated boundless courage and has performed above and beyond in service to his fellow Band members and in doing so saved the life or lives of his companions. As well as those that achieve results far beyond typical expectations in the service of The Silver Lubba. Ribbon of Loyalty This honor is given to those individuals that stood and continue to stand firm in their duty to The Silver Lubba. This is usually awarded by the Captain of The Silver Centurions. It is awarded to those that have devoted their lives to the Silver Centurions and to the duties of The Silver Lubba. Campaign Medals Campaign Medals are granted to members of The Silver Centurions who endured during major conflicts or during expeditions. These medals are to serve as a reminder of the actions they took part in and as an outward display to remember those who may not have returned. To receive this class of medal it is only necessary for the member to have taken part in a campaign deemed fit by a captain of The Silver Centurions with permission of The Silver Lubba to receive a medal. Medal of Eternal Memory This Medal is given to the families of those that lost their loved ones in their duty toThe Silver Lubba and their territories.. At the end of every tenth year, a remembrance ceremony is held to commemorate the ones who lost their lives during the years and to remember the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice in the years-long gone, the medal given to the families of the fallen at this time. INITIATION For our ranks to expand with willing future centurions, it is found to be most effective to recruit them as volunteers as requirement to serve is not found yet to be a necessity in times of peace. Additionally this would make our forces able to have a higher level of professionalism if trained up correctly. The Process With the desire to become part of The Silver Centurions a citizen has a simple path ahead where they merely need to find an officer, captain or The Silver Lubba. Once one of these individuals are contacted they need to show that they are willing to join on their own accord, are capable of basic combat and have ample knowledge on The Codex of Lubban Law. Once deemed fit for The Silver Centurions, they shall receive their uniform and a set of equipment to deal with general threats and uphold the law accordingly. If they wish to further affirm their loyalty and be eligible to gain further access to the HQ, other facilities and the potential to rank up, they are needed to take the oath below. The Oath I [Name] do solemnly swear without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, To pledge my undying loyalty to the Service of The Silver Lubba Band, to the Silver Lubba for which guides these holdings, And to the citizens and subjects under the Silver Lubba I pledge my efforts to the prosperity and defense of the institutions of the Holdings I pledge my body as a tool for the The Silver Lubba, a friend to the commoner, a blade for the wicked I shall uphold to the principles of the code, and maintain the dignity of the division I shall obey the orders of those placed above me, and I shall never falter from this oath On my soul, honor [and on deity applicable] this I swear. STAND ETERNAL WITH HONOR AND GLORY! INCENTIVE To maintain a reliable force of centurions, it will be necessary to grant them incentive for staying loyal to our most serene state. However, with our low taxation we shall enable a system where more mina can be made when a centurion is actively participating. Captain - Benefits of all ranks below and permanent tax exemption for 1 property Officer -Benefits of all ranks below and Tax Exemption for each week they host a training or organize a mission. Watchman - Benefits of Recruits and able to request free Centurion housing Recruit - Recruits will be granted: - 5 mina per training they attend, up to 10 mina per week - 10 mina per issued mission - 15 mina for a campaign - 5 mina per patrol in a group of more than 3 per day up to twice per week - Half of the fines collected will be granted to the recruit if properly executed May this incentive be enough for our fellow Centurions and make them prosper. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  9. TO THE ESHTAELITE FLOCK Issued at Year 150 of the Second Age With our most effective efforts of cleansing darkspawn from our most serene host nation of Lurin, where our flock roams the halls of Eshtael and Tahariae, we are now in the final phases of our aengul’s inquisition to restore balance to the lands. With our methods having been incredibly effective in the locating and eliminating of spooks, it shall be our duty to maintain this balance while it is present and remove those that should not be within the realm. Thus the inquisition shall persist as our flock shall end the rise in influence of darkspawn where we are able to, however, we are short of manpower to extend this inquisition beyond the borders of the CCC block and seek fellow members of the Eshtaelite flock who will join us in our mission to restore balance to not only Lurin, but every single realm who is threatened by darkspawn. ESHTAEL TENAS EKVILIBRON signed, Philliam, The Eshtaelite
  10. Tax us, right ******* now I want to see every single nation shrink next tile map update and finally be held accountable for poor financial decisions regardless of having been made aware that taxes were going to start to be collected 12 weeks ago but we all collectively forgot about until recently however, I do feel like 12 weeks of upkeep tax in one go is too much and at this point they should decide if they are capable of continuing the upkeep system since I see it fail every single map I have been a leader of a realm or nation (From Arcas to Almaris to Aevos)
  11. The Silver Lubba raised a brow to the missive on his desk, simply commenting "Almost as if the politics of nations are becoming involved in faith- again and again"
  12. What is the point of the rally bell when CRP lock exists? Just curious since if a conflict happens at the site of the rally bell, 15 minutes in you finally ring it and then you are rallying people who can't even join. Explain and debate this stuff because this isn't working.
  13. THE FROST WITCHES IN LURIN Issued at Year 149 of the Second Age We found the frost witches, they are gone now. THE LAIR OF ICE Hidden deep underneath the city, there was a lair of ice. We blocked the only entrance with piles of wood and lit them on fire to smoke them out and melt their icy walls. Presumably there are no survivors as afterwards we stripped the lair of any defenses and texts they held. The names on the signs of their abodes within the lair seemingly were targeted towards Lurin itself as they included every single council member’s name including that of my own and notable Lurinites to mock us and use in transcripts written by them. Corpses were burnt, bodies in vats were found and all remaining forms of life were thrown into the hole without a bottom. SURVIVORS Not all frost witches were found or present within these caves, be careful of a return in another realm nearby. They may hide in vassals of surrounding nations as they are masters of disguise and may convert a female leader to be in favor of them. Testing here in Lurin continues to find those who have decided we are not hostile enough to their existence. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  14. TO THE NEVAEHLEN LETTER Issued at Year 149 of the Second Age Cease, you did not want my people near your lands and now you are begging for men without payment. This act of desperation is dishonorable to your own people and for that I refuse this and all following calls. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  15. The Silver Lubba very simply responds with "All o' my lads hate the lobsters" followed by a few bobs of the head as he reads the missive, being the old lobster cooker that he is, ready to add his standard signature: The Silver Lubba
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