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  1. Umbra Noctis General Information: Name at Birth – Aganeo Noctis Current Name – Umbra Noctis Titles – None Age – 22 Physical Description Gender: Male Race: Snow Elf How old does he/she appear: 20 Weight: 156lbs Height: 6'2 Body build: Ecto-Mesomorph The shape of their face: Heart-shaped Eye color: Blue Glasses or type of aid for the eyes: Skin tone: Lightly pale Skin Hair color: Light silver hair Type of hair: straight Hairstyle: Usually keeps it in a topknot Voice: slightly high pitched. Overall attractiveness: 7/10 The usual fashion of dress
  2. UmbraNight


    Born in Lareh’thillin. Umbra only had one family member, his mother. He didn’t know who his father was. He grew up, taking after his mother elitist views, but he never understood why High Elves were superior besides their own beliefs. He never seen other races, but he met a merchant in town when he was sent to the market for some groceries. The way they were described seemed so strange but interesting. He wondered how they live, was it different than us. When Umbra grew up, he behaved for his mother and adopted her elitist views. He took jobs at the market to earn some money to travel to Llyri
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