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    Gumi grew up with her parents and elder sister in a small village. Her parent’s were both avid users of Arcane Magic while her sister practiced the blade and wasn’t fond of magic. Gumi however looked up to and admired both her elder sister and her parents. As such she has an interest in learning magic due to her parents and her sister taught her a little bit about how to use a sword. She also practiced drawing but never got very good at it and is still improving. Gumi was friends with one of the Human boys living in her village and they played all the time every day she looked forward to hanging out with this young boy and his friends. But one day when the boy was around 16 and she was about 18 the boys friends had convinced him dark elves were evil and had to be purged from the village. So one day he and his friends burned down her parent’s house while her and her sister were out in the woods practicing swordplay. Once her and her sister had returned from training they were terrified they were hiding in the woods nearby looking from afar as they saw the house burning and her parents dragged out to the front of the house by her “Friend” and his gang. Her sister covered her eyes so she didn’t see their parents die. Her sister looked at her and simply said “We need to leave we aren’t safe here.” and so they fled the village and ran and ran until eventually they ended up at Talons Grotto.
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