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  1. Milk in a bathtub Ingredients 2 parts white rum, 1 part vodka, 1/2 part Cream liqueur
  2. Eoghan would take one last look out onto the ocean, a warm summer's sunset lit the water with a orange gold tint, some would say it was rather beautiful, a lovely day to pass on to the next realm. With a final whistle, an elegant falcon would come to his arm "Hello girl" he’d say with a tearfully happy tone "I’m not gonna be around to send anymore messages ok?" he’d say the bird nuzzling into his hand "One last round okay?" he’d say in an uplifting tone He would send off the falcon with one last round of messages he’d write for the afternoon, so that everyone was notified. After a
  3. Eoghan would be the most thankful he has ever been, with all of his family onboard and safe for the meantime, the man could finally rest at ease as they sailed into the unknown. a swell of emotions from memories made in the city with family and friends would wash over Eoghan for a moment, But the man reassures himself "Ehh, all of those who made those moments memorable are still here, it matters not the location" he'd sigh a relieved breath and go about to look after his family.
  4. *Eoghan would be waiting, a distraught look plastered on his face. hed hope to whatever god would listen for danas safe return*
  5. [!] Eoghan is as excited as ever as the time till the wedding is nearing its end
  6. *eoghan thinks to himself, how am i going to fit into one of vivians dresses*
  7. Eoghan O’Cathain Name: Eoghan O’Cathain Full Titles: Patriarch of House Balder, Shield brother to House watanabe Nickname/Alias: N/A KEY INFORMATION Gender: Male Race: Human Social Status: Nobility Relations: Happily married to Vivian O’Cathain Proud father of Eliott O’Cathain Sexuality: Heterosexual Height: 5’11 Weight: 74kg Homeland: Unknown Current Home: Talon’s Grotto PHYSIOLOGY Build: Well built,
  8. “I only keeps the book for the jokes...... thats all” *SWEATS*
  9. Parrot99


    Eoghan - a lumberman by trade - was doing what he does best felling trees. Being strong with an axe, Eoghan felt natural in his job, and felt good when doing it "Phew today has been a long one , One final tree and that's me done for the day". With a deep breath and a swift swing of his axe he felled an oak wider than most men. Cutting it was the easy part, moving it was the difficult part. With the tossing of two heavy chains, the log was secured. All that was needed now was some heavy lift gear; and with a whistle from his bearded face an ox of massive proportions stumbled through the woods.
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