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    Dexter Morris was born in the cold kingdom of Norland and grew up with his mother, father, 3 younger sisters, and his dog Russel. He helped his father a lot with work and his mother with cooking. He also was responsible for helping his sisters with anything they needed, so he became the reliable sibling out of all of them. On most weekends, his family and him went to the canonist church near their home and stayed for almost the entire day. On his 6th birthday, his parents got him a spotted dog named Russel and they were best friends since day 1. A new kid comes to town that is around the same age as him and they become friends, at eleven years old he and his new best friend Hoover go to play on the icy water by the edge of town. They gently walk around for a little bit until the ice started to break under Hoover. Dexter tries to reach him and pull him away but he was too late, his friend fell into the water. He shouts for help and his dad comes running, trying to get Hoover out. His mother quickly takes him home while his dad jumps in. An hour later he hears his parents talking to Hoover's crying ones. Once they leave he asks his mom what had happened. His mother explained to him that he drowned before they could get to him and that I was lucky enough for his father to be close by so they could at least retrieve his body. He cried through the whole night and the next week they went to his funeral. He decided that he was going to go and live the life that Hoover and him wanted to live; traveling around the world. He worked with his father for the rest of his teen years and on his 18th birthday he told his family that he was going to move out. His mother teared up at this but helped him pack nonetheless. The next day he said his goodbyes and left heading southeast.
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