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  1. elSillumiran Identity Order Kaelan Maeyr’onn, former Okarir’tir Introduction The Sillumiran since the days of Larihei have made the daunting decision to burden their lives with the blood they spill in battle. They began to conceal their identity in order to prevent their family and fellow Sillumir discovering their real identity. This was done to protect their purity, for an individual that serves within the Sillumiran serves as one of Larihei’s weeping blades, one that tarnishes their own purity to protect others. To avoid judgment and ill-will brought upon them, a ‘number’ system was brought into place in order to distinguish one another, they were given numbers for the mali’thill and their fellow comrades to identify them by. On Anonymity The Identity Order itself is a practice and a discipline every Sillumir shall follow. Where the duty comes to the point of neutralization, anonymity is what protects the faceless soldiers from external dangers. One can not put out the fire of rebellion and not expect revenge from the pesky troublemakers. The very personal Identity Number is chosen by random, drafted from a bowl that contains the tickets with every number from #002 to #099, except for taken or forbidden ones. For some this number serves as a lucky number, for some that could be their whole new personality. While on duty, every Sillumir is ought to wear an own set of armor, given by the state, that carries a personal Identity Number. Every guard is supposed to respond by their number, as the usage of their names are forbidden during duty. Violation of this law, if one reveals their own personality, or the name of another, that will result in a court. Safety All the Information regarding one’s rank and number is written down in the secret documents buried down within endless Sillumiran archives. Though, in case of Safety of our own citizenry and the government, these documents are available for Okarir’tir, Sohaer, and Maheral. If Sillumir’s number is publicly revealed, that Sillumir will be dismissed from the duty, until further investigation. If their honor will be regained, they will be given a new number, to keep their identity anonymous still. On Personality With time, when Halerir becomes a proper Sillumir rank, with all their knowledge and experience, they might customize their armor. As every sillumir uniform has their own identity number, it is unique itself. To accent this personality, one could customize their own uniform with paint, stripes and symbols, yet the red cape shall stay as a banner of Silver State and elSillumiran. As for customizing, the Motherland shall recognize their hero, even if their face is but a mask. Example of customization:
  2. pirate pirate pirate pirate (pirate chanting)
  3. Comrades Rejoin Year 115 Okarir’tir: Sillumir #90 Tilruir’tir: Sillumir #85 Addressing elSillumiran ElSillumiran, those who fight for purity and fight for the Silver State. Those who are so brave as to shed blood for their people, to sacrifice their health for the sake of their ‘thill kin. I, Okarir’tir of Haelun’or, speak to you; my brothers, sisters, and my comrades. This is the time to come back. I call for every Veteran Sillumir to rejoin and unite under one face and banner again. I call for everyone who has fought against the fennic occupants. I call for every soldier, Mali, Valah, Bortu and Uruk who dedicated themselves to the patriotism of our most blessed motherland. Put on your weary mask, polish your identity number, and rally into the formation. Signed, Okarir’tir, Sillumir #90 maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, ay’larihei
  4. ((MC Name: WizardWhisper)) Name: Soris Vote 1: Luthrien Maeyr'onn Vote 2: Eistalyn Othelu’maehr
  5. Soris sets two missives side by side upon her desk. One written by Sarah and one by Eistalyn. "..Hm. Sarah, don't joke about this." She utters to a completely silent room.
  6. Name: SorisUsername: WizardWhisper woowowowoo
  7. A frown creases along her lips as Soris holds the letter within her home, a number of fingers tapping against the wooden table. "How unfortunate." The mali'thill only seems to utter towards the short words. Unspoken words surely flourished. 'Was he dead? And if so, what killed him?' The letter held barely any information to come to a true conclusion. One option was he was in another phase. After all, they hadn't spoken in years. The other linked the explanation with the last sentence; an assumption that he may very well be dead. It was cryptic and surely any birds sent would be left on deaf ears. Soris held only confusion in this moment and soon even that dispersed as her various duties took her attention back again. The letter was left with the rest, locked away.
  8. What do I want from Cloud Temple? I experienced Atlas and the very beginning of Arcas. In Atlas I really enjoyed the stands that were centered all around, selling various goods. Almaris had a few of those stands but they were centered in a line. Maybe you could have something like that? Arcas had that too, but it was more in a circle with the banker/auction in the middle. Atlas also had a greenhouse which was really neat. Instead of getting flowers from different hubs, it was all in one centered place. I don't know if Arcas had that, but Arcas did have its own wheat field new and old players alike could go to and get wheat for bread or otherwise which was nice when you didn't have a home or suddenly needed food because you ran out or something. Now you just steal from the new player chest (seen it happen before) or buy it off the auction house. Though I mean, the AH only sells bread for like two mina. Each of those also were integrated into the world. I would like to wish that CT would be integrated into the map like those two, where you could run to your destination, but plans are already made for it being up in the sky it seems. Guess it'll fit it's name for once.. Cloud Temple being amongst the clouds. I've read through what others have been saying as well but I generally like how you can rp in the CT, it gives it more heart than some lobby waiting for you to go into a respective portal (or tunnel, counting that there's a halfling group nearby now.) Even to rp in the sky, it could be something like the first iteration of Ando Alur and how it was a floating city. You can still rp there and then use the magic teleport (and maybe get motion sickness if your character can't handle that-) to get down and go around to wherever you want to go. I suppose just keep it as a spot where there still can be activity in it, where people can chat and exist. I liked how others were saying a group notice board, where you could put different things to seek out groups. Would help new players begin to find where they like rping and help those without a group currently, find where their character belongs in a sense. Okay that's all goodnight.
  9. IGN: WizardWhisper Discord: Whisper#9930 Skin/Art: (Screowl)
  10. Uh maybe when my one elf wanted to go on a peaceful outing with her roommate family in Luciensburg when it was still alive and immediately got stopped because one of the roomies was a ghost and they hated ghosts. Anyways three of the roomies got killed and she got her tongue cut off~
  11. ..paint a pumpkin.. (All angles inside spoiler) pupkin
  12. ((MC Name: WizardWhisper)) Name: Soris Vote 1: Kaelan Maeyr'onn Vote 2: Kaelan Maeyr'onn
  13. [!] This poster was spread about Almaris, wherever it could be posted it was there! Nim’bur has been missing for several years now, gone completely silent. To those that read this; if you know this Kha’s whereabouts or know of him, send a bird back to the address written on the bottom of this paper. I will pay accordingly to the amount of information given. Send your birds towards the Eastern sands where water meets the coast. I will find them.
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