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  1. [!] This poster was spread about Almaris, wherever it could be posted it was there! Nim’bur has been missing for several years now, gone completely silent. To those that read this; if you know this Kha’s whereabouts or know of him, send a bird back to the address written on the bottom of this paper. I will pay accordingly to the amount of information given. Send your birds towards the Eastern sands where water meets the coast. I will find them.
  2. @_Sheylo_ harsh -Anywhoo I come from the depth to speak my advice! II suck at stranger interaction, that of which stems from my rooted social anxiety. But from a friend I'm apparently good at it? From my experience I try to be real friendly to the people I meet and hope it goes well from there! (I'm talking OOCly right now, given my main oc is rather harsh to new people.. and most people she knows.) Joke advice is good. Try cracking jokes if you're funny; or if you're not. If they don't find it funny, well, might not be a person to try and make friends with! -The obvious one is to be yourself. Try not to fret over every occurrence. If you keep the fret from your mind and play it cool in the moment, then it may be less likely you fret over it later. Even if you do I wanna let you know that people have their opinions. Not everyone is going to like you just like you don't like everyone. No matter if you try hard enough to get there, they simply may not like you; and that's okay. Move on from it, look towards others. The fear often is "What if no one likes me?" which sets in cold. It strikes deep but to make friends you have to break from that grasp. This is online we're talking about. You don't need to worry about facial expressions, only text! -Now for actually trying to find people.. find a community you can slip yourself into. For each of my characters I choose one to try and bloom within it. (You can also test the waters within a few different communities if you'd like.) When I came back to LOTC I tried Elvenesse with Deshe. That one didn't work so well because I struggled with the same issue you face now. I relied on my friend to form friendships with others, and from her down the road an unlikely friendship grew from someone she knew that heard of me. Something similar could work for you, you never know! Could also join a family and see if you can befriend any of those peeps oocly. Check who their friends are and make connections. -It's trial and error. You might meet people that are great! You might meet people that seem cool but suck later on. Get yourself out there, be friendly. See what happens but watch out for the warning signs. (Toxic, spamming, all the shit that hangs in the alleyways of LOTC.) Like I said, be friendly and just see what happens. (But don't be afraid to block when needed and distance yourself from the less than y'know, very good people.) -The others have provided good advice but I hope this helps. - Little bit tired, may not make that much sense so I'm sorry in advance!
  3. (OOC) Username: WizardWhisper Discord: Whisper#9930 (RP) Name: Soris Age: 47 Race: Mali'thill Position applying for: Bar Staff / Waitstaff Do you have any prior experience?: Ti, I've co-owned a tavern previously.
  4. "Uncle Gideon said th’ rules again an’ again. There’s t’ree thangs tha’ matteh; food, yer famileh, an’ th’ rats. In tha’ ordeh. No frien’s, nothin’ else if et ain’t on th’ list. Bu’ I was neveh good at followin’ rules.” [The Sun’s Smile, Year 75 of the Second Age] Breya decided that today was the day she’d finally go by and mess with a man she’d met so long ago. It had been a bit of time since she’d messed with anyone. It felt as if it had been decades since she’d seen him last. She wouldn’t know though, she couldn’t count past ten. Either way, she prepared one of her best disguises yet, birded her friend that would help make it all come together, and was off! Time Ticks. The two arrived at the Vortice gate. One orc and one human adorned in a cloak, paint, and a fake tusk. Orla performed a skit that played off her partner as her son so convincingly the man they came to see was so confused he left them right inside! Stage one was complete. Tick. The three arrived on the tavern roof, without a word to speak from the cloaked woman. Each movement, every step, brought the human closer to the elf, drawing closer and closer.. Orla lingered nearby, continuing her spew of disappointments in her ‘child’. Tick. An axe swung out from beneath the false uruk’s cloak, snagging into the man’s side. “Let’s ‘ave a littel fun.” Came Breya’s twisted words. The facade was no more, she was no deformed orc at all! She lunged with her weapon, he drew and swung his sword. Orla stood near as blade met blade in shrieks of steel and iron. Panic and anxiety pulses through the air, racing with each movement as the pair battled. Nothing but thrilled joy beat from Breya as she fought and sliced; her axe glinting with a crimson spray. TICK. Blood enveloped the iron sword. A pause. Breya’s eyes trailed down and the smile once strewn her face dispersed in an instant. She got too cocky, and it caused her to be stabbed in the chest. Not deep, not yet. “Yer tryin’ t’ kill me!” She jerked back, bringing a hand to the wound. Her axe swung to his shoulder, at least wounding him a bit more, nothing that would slow him. It wasn’t enough. “Of course I am!” The ‘ame shouted back, thrusting the sword into the middle of her chest, and even twisting the blade. The clock begins to run slow. The axe dropped with a metallic clang against the floor. A scream of pure agony emitted from the tavern roof, resulting in the old woman dropping to her knees. The rats that inhabited her cloak and overalls scattered out of the depth towards crevices and corners around the roof. Pain pulsed and twisted throughout her body. Her mind slipped to a memory of two individuals standing in front of a farmhouse in the land of Haense. The man on the right handed over a keyring to a much delighted, youthful Breya. She finally accomplished the family goal of getting one after years of waiting for the Oren officials to never deliver. Even now with her family of uncles and aunts gone and passed, she stood at the steps with a mighty grin sprawled across her lips. She did it. Tick. Orla who was watching the two like a hawk from near her seat, watched the pierce; racing over to the pair, picking up the pace rapidly as Breya took the hit. Her name was called to unfocused ears. Orla lowered herself to both knees, skidding along the wooden flooring as her palm supported Breya at the neck, keeping up that drooping head. “Keepz et in dere. Am dere a medic here?! ZUMUNZ AM HURT. Breya breya..du nub move tuu much. Lat kind am brittle at latz age, zo ztill.” Her free hand was working its way around the blade to provide extra blockage. “Pleaz.” Breya’s head lulled, her thoughts ending to answer the orcess. “‘m gon’ be okah.” Her voice muttered. Even as much as Breya tried to deny the feelings creeping, twisting up her spine to conjoin with the pulsing pain, there were not many ways to ignore them. For the first time in years she truly felt fear and .. that she was not going to get out of this alive. She knew the ins and outs of killing someone. She knew where to go, where to strike. She’d been doing it her whole life! It looked a grim way to go. Tick.. The ‘ame went to grab her by the collar, beginning to drag her toward the ledge of the building, yet Orla sought to yank her back. “FAK UFF, SHE AM BEATZ. LAT WUNNINZ.” She emitted in a feline-like hiss. Breya was stuck in a tug of war as she was pulled to one side then the other, back and forth which did nothing good for her. Background pounds came, unsure of if it came from herself or the roof’s door… It didn’t matter. Her mind slipped away to a memory once more. This time the woman stood on an old ship, overgrown with plants and mold. She stood there with friends and allies surrounding her. Breya couldn’t recall the words they spoke, but it seemed joyous enough; they were there to celebrate after all. She’d just let their guest out of an old tater sack, allowing him to go away below deck before turning to the real party. When she looked back, everyone had disappeared except for one. She spoke with him for a bit, then others, before opting to have the celebration with her rats below in her quarters. A feast it was! If not with her crew, she could still celebrate with family. Orla gave one final yank before pulling herself up. She still clung to Breya’s garments as she lunged forth with her mouth open as wide as it fell, before locking up on the man’s arm. Breya dropped to the ground. Orla soon suddenly let go, moving over Breya, using her body as a shield. “Lat am here ztill?..” .. “Et am uykee, Breya. Lat am uykee.” Breya laid there, some on her side, mostly not. Barely a strained chuckle escaped the woman; “Glad we’s frien’s..” The woman breathed out in her last breath. Her eyes flickered closed for the final time and her body fell limp. Breya Hucklehill, who lived her life killing and terrorizing many, who cared and loved those few people and rats she called family and friend, finally met her end. Tick… The pounding had long stopped and a new ‘ame male stood over Orla, pressing a blade into her neck. For a long pause, there was nothing. No words, no movement. That was until Orla slipped both arms underneath Breya, pulling her into a coddle-hold as her torso rotated towards the first ame’s direction. She brushed some paint from Breya’s face. “Mi hope lat die zum forgotten znaga eytin rat shitewiv lat twiggeh-c-nt kindz. Lat am all scum inferiazh.” Her gaze returned to Breya, those being the last words emitting from the orc as she took her last breath too. Time ticks on. Not for the pair that drew their final breaths not minutes apart, but for the rest of the world. [!] The rats of Providence, now Vienne, awaited the one that fed them each day for over fifty years; but no one came. So, they scattered to find another means of food. Three rats with envelopes tied to their backs took to traverse the land. The hope was that they eventually happened upon three specific individuals; Rosalind (@Generi), Gelt (@acostrob), and Orla. One would never find its match, instead to be picked up by a passerby or not at all. Each envelope held a drawing within, as well as who it was addressed to in shaky handwriting. A true remembrance for Breya Hucklehill.
  5. The Man Down Yonder Come close and let me ask thee: hast thou heard the tale of the man down yonder? Far, far beyond over the ocean’s waves there lies a great field stretching for miles. Mountainous tops stretching to touch the sky surround the valley of forest and field alike, trapped within. A long river intertwines amongst long grass and old pine. Then comes a clatter of hooves, rattling against the dirt in swift motion. Birds call out their voices to his unspoken song as steed and man break free of the forest into the long scape of open land. Needles and leaves calm themselves back along the ground. The youth of the field may scatter, but tender old know his dance. Their small gazes watch as he rides on. Over the river and down the rolling hills, wind breathes through him and his steed. They act as if they were one and the same; and they may have been. As the sun so high above turns to sleepy eyes, the man returns to the wood. They disappear past the tendrils of branches, nothing more than a memory till the sun rises again at morn’.
  6. A specific 'thill looks blankly between her paper and the code. "I don't think I did this right.." She murmurs, sighing at the absolute gibberish in front of her.
  7. Heyo mayo! Are you looking for a new persona to play? Do you want to play in a funky family? Look no further! Two elves partnered, differing between ‘aheral and ‘ame, have found a lost baby human boy from origins up North.. and so bestowed upon him was the name “Myriil”. He will be growing up in elven culture!.. Alongside elven friends alike. Things may ensue, who knows! The description of Myriil is that he doesn’t cry often, a happier child. He’s also a total maln’s boy. I only ask you follow that basis for a bit until the child grows, and then you are free to take him in whatever direction. After all, people don’t stay in the same personality forever. As a bonus, Myriil was dropped a.. few times as a baby. Not on purpose though, don’t worry!.. He’s only got a stutter. It’s fine! Myriil has fair skin, brown eyes, and black hair. The average human if you ask me. You'll also have a few weeks until he hits 5, approximately until the 26th of January. The family itself is pretty active, plenty of family on the adoptive father’s (Emandriel) side and literally no family on the adoptive mother’s (Soris) side! If you’d like to play Myriil, please dm me on Discord at Whisper#9930. I ask that you would be fairly active, though.
  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [!] Posters are hung up all around Almaris, except for the city of Karosgrad. Are YOU looking to hire someone? Look no further! ‘Rose’ does any job imaginable! She has generously given a list of what she can do.. 1. She cleverly goes by the name “The Cleaner”. She will clean anything for you, ranging from your house, miniscule spills, you, and other people you may or may not like. 2. Rose will also do hard labor (she loves it!) such as mining or collecting wood, bartending, being your friend, cooking, hunting, and whatever else you are able to put your mind to. This list does not limit what is capable of. She has heartily stated she will do anything for payment. Payment will be discussed upon after deciding the job, however the line will be drawn at nine mina. Find ‘Rose’ around Providence or send a bird! Don’t be shy! [!] An epic and completely accurate visual sketch of the woman. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IGN: WizardWhisper Discord: Whisper#9930
  9. There's a lot of hate throughout these comments on the map and its blandness, I personally do enjoy it to some extent. The map's largeness may be bad in terms of finding rp and whatnot, but from an exploration stand point, it's interesting. When I get bored enough to go exploring, more often than not I manage to find a little treat or surprise, from signs to new houses. There are several issues in this map I too can't ignore as many have complained about, like the treacherous mountain ranges and whatever the heck the hole-mountains in the North are, but as I've said before, it's interesting. (Except when you accidently fall into one of the holes and die because they're so freaking deep.) I don't want to rant too much, but from a regular player stand point, I too have some complaints and opinions, but I'll just put two for the sake of length. As much as I love traveling, it is annoying to arrive at a town after traveling for a solid five minutes, only for it to be completely deserted. What I can guess about the scale of Almaris was that they wanted people to spread out and not clump together, and I get that, but it is annoying to travel that far with the conclusion literally no one is there. (This mainly refers to the larger cities, who got to choose their placements at the beginning.) Also, in some instances people are clumping together anyways because of the mountain issue? Now, what I do like is the events! I get stressed out easily so some events like the crp related ones that I don't initiate myself can be crossed out of the 'liked' list. The events I do like are the smaller, player-ran ones; specifically the parties, hunts, and whatnot. Of course they don't just relate to this map- but I've spent the majority of my LOTC time on Almaris. I should add that do like a few of the ST-ran events too. These are specifically the Crypts (valley) that ran for awhile, Attunland, and the Rimevald Trolls. People could participate in their own ways (which is probably like any other St event, but I haven't attended others so I wouldn't really know) and it was just nice. Okay that's it, epic disappearance
  10. Finally Deshe received, or rather found, the letter telling of death. As she first laid eyes on the first sentence she begun to crumble. Every word she read aloud to herself, yet barely able to finish it with sobs taking over her voice. With blurred, teary vision she crumpled to the ground, only to grief the loss of her sister, her best friend, alone in silence. With a heavy heart soon after she grasped her dagger, cutting off her hair to the shortest length it would go. "Rest well, Tahlia."
  11. Student Application OOC: MC Name: WizardWhisper Discord: LilKitten#7471 Timezone: EST IC: Name: Deshe Age: 43 Field of Interest (Class): Medicine Will you require housing? (Y/N): No
  12. It is time to exist. Hello. ✨

    1. Kuila
    2. TwiSama



  13. [!] A poster is pinned around various taverns and cities in and around the desert lands! High upon a hill sits a quaint town named Brynrose just beside Sutica. The newly renovated Light Leaf Tea House is opening its doors to all in one short elven day and will be celebrating its reopening! This adorable shop is excited to serve you tea, snacks, and dessert! Brynrose can't wait to see you! {OOC} This will be taking place on March 20th at 5pm EST. To find Brynrose: Go to South Hub and head to Sutica. Right before hitting the gates, while looking at them, turn right and jump off the bridge. Keep swimming till you hit the settlement.
  14. Heyo, some advice I have is this: 1. You can always try to incorporate a need to interact with people in your character. Like, a trader- boom you're selling items and that's a way. You could be weird, give strangers items and tada, a beginning. You could also be an interviewer and y'know interview. Those are just a few possibilities. 2. Regarding the forum posts, there are a few handy dandy edit items up top when you're typing. You could try hitting tab, bolding, italicizing, adding pictures, all that fun stuff. 3. This goes out to that second to last P.S. Birds are a thing used to communicate through long distances. I believe they're in the rules somewhere, regarding how to emote them and all that. I'll go find the link after I post this... I did not find it. It goes like this: You send three emotes to send the bird off and three emotes to receive it. Here's a quick example of it. Deshe pulls out a piece of paper and a pencil. She scribbles something down. With that done, she gives her Parrot the letter and sends him off. Okay so that was the first, here's how receiving might work. [!] Her parrot returns, landing on her shoulder with a note tied to his foot. She takes the note from the bird. She opens it up, reading over the contents within. 90% sure that's how it's done, but there's also a chance I've been doing it wrong for these past few months. Anyways, you send a bird to a person you know icly or have been told about icly (and know where they live ii believe) and boom, you wait for a response. (Usually you can message them by doing /msg (their username) or by going to a Discord provided.) That's the best way besides walking all the way to the place with said job. 4. Feel free to hmu on LilKitten#7471 (Not sure if this is the advice you wanted but ayo here you are.)
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