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  1. I am looking for one person to play my persona’s child. If you are interested, fill out the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeqi7dP1vG7LqHL8pK54-GhRm65ZZYyk_3ZsCAvstiiz9C21A/viewform This boy will have a unique experience, as he was adopted by darkspawn. He will be available to be played on May 8th. Other information is in the Form. We mainly look for a player interested in the family aspect of the RP, the whole darkspawn part is just a perk and added flavor! The boy has three caretakers. To avoid metagaming, I’ll list them as numbers. #1: She is the main caretaker of the child. She is a wanderer and tends to be rather impulsive on decision making. Also, she is a sailor (and pirate). Oftentimes she takes the kid with her on her adventures. She has a big heart and a lot of love to give. #2: He has open disdain for the child and children in general. But there are scams the kid would be useful for and he does, in spite of himself, somewhat care for him. He’s a compulsive liar, an attempted scammer, and will try to pass along all of these talents. He, alongside #1, both have an affinity for getting into trouble. #3: She oftentimes is the creepy one, giving off an odd and unnerving vibe. They have an interesting dialect and are a high ranking vampire.
  2. Soris sat within a room of her home. On her left lay the initial missive tacked on the board, on the right a copy of the Stewardry ledger. She sat with quill in hand, recently dipped into ink. "Ten of these signatures aren't citizenry of the State." Every single name was crossed out, save for Braxus, Eredael, Eistalyn, Gwen, Aeson, Khyana, Gwaen, Celos, Obok, Skeral, and Feyre. Now this outweighed by one single individual, but it certainly lessened the amount of names to begin with. "Half of them don't count under law and decision." She mutters, placing the quill away. It would soon be returned to the noticeboard, almost as if it had never left.. aside from the glaring change conducted.
  3. IGN: WizardWhisper Discord: Wizratry Category: Visual Arts Title of Your Piece: On A Rock (https://imgur.com/a/Up79Ii4) [+--------------------------------------------------------------------------+] Progress pictures can be found in the spoiler.
  4. I use Youtube Music, so I'm just going to list out a number of bands/songs like it is wrapped, even through it isn't! Most of them should also be on Spotify. Some include my favorite songs, others I love all their songs and can't pick. 1. Future Royalty -> Throw me to the Wolves 2. Apashe -> Witches // I'm a Dragon VIP 3. MISSIO 4. The Arcanian Wild -> Liar // Wolves of the Revolution 5. Paris Paloma 6. The Crane Wives -> Curses 7. + A number of Norse artists which I can neither spell nor list because there's a lot. Look below:
  5. ((MC Name: WizardWhisper)) Name: Soris Vote 1: Eistalyn Othelu'maehr Vote 2: Eistalyn Othelu'maehr
  6. A copy of the missive found its way inside the Babblebrook clinic where a certain Musin laid curled within a bed. A trash can clung close to the bedside, only an arm reach away. Copper groans, lifting the paper above from her face. "I wasn't injured.." She grumbles, words barely escaping as whispers. "I just di-.." Her words cut off as the sickness wells in her throat. She scrambles to grab the trash can, where she would remain coughing out her stomach.
  7. You deserve many upvotes
  8. For those that wander the sewer halls beneath the city of Kaethul, you may find one shop least expected.. The Extraordinary Matchmaking Service!! ⋆˚。⋆୨♡୧⋆ ˚。⋆ -+- Hidden deep within the sewer nearest to the stalls, your future partner, friend, or even enemy awaits you. All you need to do is fill out a piece of paper and place it within the submission box! ⋆˚。⋆୨♡୧⋆ ˚。⋆
  9. I've had a few encounters like this, moreso in Aevos than in Almaris. I'd love love love if /d20 was entirely removed from the rules. It'd be nicer if one, once killed, would instead be told to just give up their amount of items that aren't soul bound. Just make that the rule instead. If someone does leave with the items not given, call a mod. D20 really just heightens stress, especially when a fight is centered around the bandits getting the victim to that point by whatever means necessary.
  10. Hi. The discussion of realms has sparked up once again due to the recent application of Ravenswood. Many people have it on their minds, and so do I. Today I have made a list detailing the several realms that have been approved since the start of Aevos. I mean no hate towards any of them, I simply want to write out statistics and information. The list is from oldest to newest. This list however does not include realms that were a part of Almaris. 1. Principality of Aeltarys Approved on August 6th, 2023. Timezone play-time: Late EST Aeltarys is a human nation that lives on an island far north named the “Dragonclaw Island”, with their faith being centered around dragons. The city itself is not done. It appears to have very slow progress, however each time I visit, something new is added. This time around it was the road that leads from the main Snow_Steps warp road towards the city. That said, the road itself is a clear world-edited tunnel with specks of fire lining the way. As you can see, buildings remain unbuilt, as well as the black market sadly not spooky. Before we continue, here are some things I’ve noticed: A number of houses had jammed door signs. These were there when I visited last month. The tavern food chest has half a row of food in it. There are various mushrooms around the city radiating heat. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/228137-a This was the city I most had hope for, as old as it is. When I first visited Aeltarys back in.. August? September? I actually did see people there. One in the bakery and one sitting at a table in the square. Since then however, I’ve not seen a soul. -+- 2. Gotrek Union Approved on September 12th, 2023. Timezone play-time: GMT - European hours Gotrek is a dwarven settlement. It started as a guild, which grew to a society. They moved on to the north after the struggle, prejudice, and fear they faced within Urugan. The city is small, with few shops lining the outside, as well as six houses with no interiors. All that lines their insides is stone. It is located directly next to the House of Life in the far north. Within the mountain there is a large workspace. It’s been finished aside from the ‘don’t build’ area and the long stretch of mine-like tunnels behind the area mentioned previously. What I’ve noticed: They have updated the tunnels. They’re more rounded and feel less like a wide strip mine. They’ve added small rooms along the tunnels, as well as various lanterns and torches. The dead body I found one time has been removed. -+- 3. Ravenmire Approved on October 31st, 2023 Timezone play-time: N/A Ravenmire looks to be a mixed settlement. It revolves around alchemy. The area is lined only with tents, two of which are unfinished. There is no building off the coast. It’s located far north east. What I’ve noticed: All the tents are empty, with two of them unclaimed. The ruins the tents are set up next to are also empty. The only area that does appear to be lived in is a room beneath the trapdoor within the unfinished tent. Though I can only see carpet down there, so that may be incorrect. The PRO has been offline for 34 days. -+- 4. Kingdom of Vikela Approved on December 4th, 2023 Timezone play-time: GMT: 12pm - 4pm // 9pm - 3am EST Vikela is a mixed settlement that grew from Elysium. They were a vassal of Lurin before claiming their own land. It is located south, right on the edge of the dark forest. I was led here by one of the players in this community, Capy. When we arrived, there was another player sitting in one of the tents. What I’ve noticed: The few tents around are empty aside from one that has been claimed. The camp was set up two weeks ago. They’ve got a cute little stage and an alchemy tent. -+- Now, this list below does include the realms approved for Aevos that previously had roots in Almaris. I am aware Vikela originated in Almaris, however I saw near no activity in it. Whilst Celia’lin and Hyspia on the other hand I did. 1. Protectorate of Celia’lin Approved on October 25th, 2023 Timezone play-time: Between 12pm to 3pm // 6pm to 3am EST Celia’lin // Celia’nor is a high elven settlement. It was created in Aevos to re-spark what they once had in Almaris. It’s located near Veletz in the north. I debated adding Celia’nor to this list, as it was relatively Talar’nor in the sense it had most, if not all the playerbase Talar’nor held; to my understanding. Although since it was in the Completed Realms & Lairs section, it was required. This is one of, if not the most active settlements in this list. That is likely due to the fact the Talar’nor playerbase moved into Celia’nor. As of writing this, Talar’nor has now been left to be the desolate ruin. -+- 2. Viceroyalty of Hyspia Approved on October 29th, 2023 Timezone play-time: Late EST A human/farfolk settlement. It started out in Arcas, hung around in Almaris, and has reappeared in Aevos. It is right along the main southern river. -+- Should any information be incorrect, let me know and I will change it. You must be part of the respective realm for the change to occur. If you would like a discussion relating to all the twenty-three nations we have on the server currently and the split activity, refer to: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/233151-the-road-to-500-realms/.
  11. ⋆❆ Secret Sohaer ❆⋆ It has been over fifty years since Krugsmas has come. In only a few years it’ll arrive once more. To celebrate this rare occasion, an event is in order! Haelun’or will have itself a secret gift exchange. Want to participate? See below! Please note that only current citizens of the city may join the festivity. ⋆❆ Participant information ❆⋆ To participate, fill out the information at the bottom of this page. After it is filled, beneath the tree behind the tavern, pick a chest and name it yours. You may give up to three items. [These gifts must be RP/ST signed items. They cannot be regular mundane gear/food/etc.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorting will commence in two elven days. [Tuesday, December 5th at 3pm EST.] Names will be sent out about who you are getting shortly afterwards. After you receive your person, you may begin! Do not under any circumstance contact your secret sohaer. If you have any questions, please relay them to the event coordinator, Soris [WizardWhisper]. Form link: https://forms.gle/A8ozuzQXanR4gnzp7
  12. The Mailmouse Delivery Service This is the Mailmouse Delivery Service, otherwise known as the MDS. We’re a small group that works on getting your packages delivered wherever and to whoever they’re supposed to go to! It’s easy to attach a letter to a bird’s talons, or to their back. It’s not as easy to trust them to carry an entire package. That’s where this service comes in! We promise anonymity to each individual. We will not share what you desire delivered. No payment is needed. Format: To help us out, we need some information. Please include a paper next to your letter/item telling us the following. 1. Where is this being sent? What city/town? Is there an address number? 2. What is your name? If there is an issue during transport, let us know where to contact you! Mailmouse Pledge: I pledge not to steal from the person putting their trust in me to deliver their items. I pledge not to question the items and/or letters I am delivering. I pledge to do my best to deliver the items/letters within a year’s time. If you are interested in being a mailmouse and agree to the pledge, please send word via bird or voice to Copper in Babblebrook! We do not accept bigguns as mailmice during this time. Halflings are an exception.
  13. RP Name: Copper Race: Musin Participating in: Hog racing!
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