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    It is believed that the Avud's family came from their great ancestors Malin's Gorge, that's what he has been told since birth, no proper proof was provided due to the clash between them and those led by Khel Oussana. (that's what his uncle tells him anyway) Growing up, Avud lived in a somewhat poor household, relied on knitting and helping his parents run the family properly, he began traveling at the age of 10, reaching as far as The Realm of Elvenesse looking for a new job and hobby to take on that might help him out in life. He stumbled upon something truly amazing, the art
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    (0 age - 18 age) Axel was found under the bridge entering the Elvenesse City by a wandering merchant thus resulting in him becoming a part of the city. (citizen by time) At such young age Axel was cared for by this merchant that he later calls Brok, by the time Axel matured he learned a few skills such as basic fishing, hunting and farming, he had to learn such skills to survive the brutal poverty that was happening back then. (19 - 21) Axel Axel decides its best for him and for everyone around him if he travels and goes away for a while to clear
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