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  1. Vladislaus shakes his head, disapproving of his Uncle Ivarus's missive, strangely being on the Devanites side on this "May GOD save his soul" He remarked!
  2. "Race traitors man.." Petyr Bishop mutters from beyond the grave, surrounded by past Sedanian rebels from his family
  3. Petyr Bishop welcomes Maya with a glass of carrion black, and his sickly complexion being distorted into a smile. He raises a glass in her honor as he walks through the gates.
  4. Petyr Bishop smiles upon seeing Luka's entrance to the Seven Skies, he grumbles for a moment, remembering that he had not gotten his water yet
  5. Petyr Bishop smiled upon seeing his brother, "I have waited so long to see you Vik!"
  6. DEATH OF AN ANCIENT FELLOW A PK OF PETYR BISHOP [1773-1854] Petyr Bishop would take his last breath within the confides of his bed, surrounded by friends and family. The founder of the Barony of Avoria and former Sedanian knight passes, having accomplished much of his accomplishments in the former years of his life. Petyr after the Sedanian Rebellion began to settle down, withering for the last years of his life. Petyr only returned with the Josephite Bishops during the twilight of his life, upon return he was obviously disappointed of it's current state, being vocal. Yet, somehow, the senile old man still cared for his entire family, wanting the best for them in his own vision. His last word before passing was, "Water", having called for his son Ivarus to get him a glass of water. Petyr's last thoughts of were Sedan and Haense, having been both within his life. He thought fondly of the rebellion and the rebels that he fought with. He smiled after hearing of the results of the Siege of Southbridge, glad to hear that the Imperials were defeated before his passing. His smile despite being crooked and somewhat toothless was obviously filled with joy. He left behind a hastily written note for his family before passing, To the Josephites
  7. Cesar de Rivera after being annoyed by his primo took note of this meeting, wanting to attend
  8. Cesar II de Rivera who was the right hand man and first to pledge his loyalties to Georg I remarks, "Blue and Green I dress, eagle on my chest, glory to the Duchy of Reinmar.."
  9. Cesar II de Rivera would mourn the loss of the son of Georg I privately
  10. "Haeseni Chess" Smh my head, should be Ludo
  11. Venerable Francisco from the Seven Skies looks to his friend and mentor, Pelagius de Savin ( @shrigma male) and informs him, "Dios mio..look at what as happened since your death, mi amigo!"
  12. Brother Sigismund cackles loudly in his cavern before pausing, preceding to ask his fellow monks a question @BuilderBagel@Bigman31@Shah of Iran, "What is Pinemaw?"
  13. Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
    Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring
    Snowin' and blowin' up bushels of fun
    Now the jingle hop has begun

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