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  1. Siegmund von Reuss exhaled, sighing with relief "Finally, I am glad we do not have to wait long."
  2. Siegmund von Reuss grinned widely as he was passed the missive, he was ecstatic for his sister and excited to attend!
  3. A depiction of Lord Siegmund and Lady Marlene before their ceremony. To the Inhabitants of the Realm, After a two year engagement, it is with great joy that the Houses von Reuss and Alstreim announce the blessed union between Lord Siegmund von Reuss and Lady Marlene von Alstriem. Legend states that Lord Siegmund’s heart was captured by Lady Marlene’s grace from the instant he beheld her presence upon his arrival to Whitespire. Their initial encounter transpired within the hallowed halls of the Hand of Horen, a moment that altered the course of both their fates. T I M E T A B L E I. THE CEREMONY The ceremony will begin in the Chapel of Our Lady of Paradisius where Matthias, Cardinal of Lotharia, shall officiate the wedding. All those are welcomed to gather to witness the exchange, uniting the pair in sacred matrimony. II. THE RECEPTION After the ceremony in the Chapel of Our Lady of Paradisius, the newlyweds and their guests will gather at the Whitespiren Tavern for a happy celebration befitting the occasion. Waldenian drinks and dishes will be served as guests are to intermingle and toast to the couple. As the reception concludes, the couple will receive gifts and express their heartfelt thanks to all that came. I N V I T A T I O N S The family of the Bride The family of the Groom Sister Amadeya of Mardale Princess Franziska, Duchess of Akovia, and her honored family The Merchants, Boon & Bane His Royal Majesty, Edmund II, King of Aaun and his royal pedigree His Serene Highness, Ferdinand Barclay, Grand Prince of Minitz and his noble pedigree His Highness, Heinrich II von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather and his noble pedigree His Highness, Gawyn Tiber, Prince of Beaufort and his noble pedigree His Royal Highness, Richard Stassion, Margrave of Stassion and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Louis de Rosius, Margrave of Haute-Epine and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Konstantin von Augusten, Count of Hohengarten and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Emilio Varoche, Count of Varoche and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Louis Haverlock, Count of Talentine and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Fernand de Lewes, Baron of Virdain and his noble pedigree SIGNED His Lordship, Siegmund Otto von Reuss Margrave of Velen, Count of Cantal and Revedin, Baron Mons Velena and Alsace, Patriarch of the House of Reuss, Elector of Velen, Protector of the Aschenwald peoples Her Ladyship, Marlene Konstancja von Alstreim Head Bellwether of the Clementine Courts OOC:
  4. Siegmund von Reuss smiled with pride, happy for his uncle, "Perhaps now Henri will have less to complain about"
  5. Kasimir Sarkozic would place a cigar in his mouth "He just wants my money, truthfully."
  6. Kasimir Sarkozic grinned widely! "Ave Stassion!"
  7. RENOUNCEMENT OF ALLEGIANCE Penned by The Viscount of Pompourelia c.1943 TO THE KINGDOM OF BALIAN, It is with great indifference that the House Sarkozic var Pompourelia officially renounces its oath from the Kingdom of Balian effective immediately, and with that it no longer swear any allegiance to the Kingdom and the House d’Atrus nor have any association with its subjects. Henceforth, House Sarkozic var Pompourelia will be leaving any lands bestowed upon it by the Kingdom and it will promptly take its personal belongings and look for new beginnings for the family to flourish and grow on within the Realm of Aevos. This decision, though a surprise to some and expected by others, is born from the deep-seated discontent felt by the members of the House for far too long. The persistence of insults and unwarranted interference from King Adrian I has only served to exacerbate this sentiment. SIGNED, THE MOST HONOURABLE, Kasimir Sarkozic, Viscount of Pompourelia
  8. Blessed Francisco's severed head smiled contently within his arms, admiring his old knight's psalms.
  9. Siegmund von Reuss was happy now that he and his fellow squire were officially allies. @JustAngel69
  10. Siegmund made preparations for the debut!
  11. Siegmund von Reuss could not help but smile, "Time to visit Alfred!"
  12. Siegmund von Reuss beamed with a greater sense of pride.
  13. Blessed Francisco wonders why anyone would have his skull when he left it to the church.
  14. Kasimir Sarkozic cried many a tear for the Duke-Emeritus.
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