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  1. "God bless my grand niece and nephew", Laurent Frederick would remark
  2. Laurent would yelp as he was struck by the cane! "Its ok! Its ok!" He'd say, backing away from his crazed, dancing mother
  3. Cesar de Rivera the second of his namesake sighs as he hears of this new Cesar "This upstart is not only a fool, but also a thief, stealing my name and presumably my title."
  4. can we get much higher

    1. Nescaffier


      (so high)

  5. tick tock tick tock tick tock, the hour is nigh

  6. Laurent Frederick wept for his cousin, who was like an uncle to him, "I shall miss you greatly, Artemes, you were the best hookah smoker in all of Oren.."
  7. "GOD bless the House of O'Rourke.." Laurent de Sarkozy would say with a smile "They've picked the right side"
  8. Laurent Frederick smiled as he signed the document, remarking as he did so "For King and Country.."
  9. Laurent de Sarkozy looked at the missive, a firm disappointed look formed upon his face as he continued to read through, "Did we not walk up and swear allegiance to his majesty, Frederick I not some saint's hours before?"
  10. Laurent Frederick de Sarkozy wept for his brother; he'd play a sad tune dedicated to him
  11. Youtooz Drops 'TrollFace' Figures | licenseglobal.com

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      This is genuinely me

  12. Laurent de Sarkozy sighs after reading the missive "Why am I not mentioned? The great musician Laurent Frederick de Sarkozy should be mentioned!"
  13. Laurent Frederick de Sarkozy yawned after reading the poem, remarking loudly after "Boring!"
  14. tick tock tick tock

    1. Nescaffier


      me when ominous timer message

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