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  1. Azriel dropped the letter with shaking hands, the paper drifting through the air to eventually rest on the floor. She held his precious last gift tight in her arms as she rocked back and forth. A broken sob escaped her as she wrestled with an onslaught of emotions. She had just seen him, hugged him, laughed with him. Why... why was he gone? How could such a good person be taken so soon? Their last meeting wasn't supposed to be the last time they would see each other. They were supposed to laugh together again, to hug each other again, to be together again. He wasn't supposed to leave her. More broken sobs followed the first as tears flowed down her cheeks. She didn't bother to wipe them away, they would be replaced soon anyways. She couldn't help but sit there wondering if he was looking down upon her, continuing to protect her. She fought to get out words, but she could do it, for him. "I love you Absy. Thank you for being such a wonderful brother to me. You and the memories we made together will stay forever in my heart." She paused for a moment, letting the truth of the next part set in, before continuing on. "My heart may be broken, and it certainly isn't perfect, but a large part of it belongs to you." She knew she would never forget about him, but there was a heavy weight on her shoulders. Sheo has been missing for decades, she barely speaks to Aech anymore, Eugeo is always busy, and Lucius is always almost dying. She had just lost the closest, and most important person to her. How could she carry on alone? Who was going to protect her and support her? Who was going to love her in the way only the best of older brothers can? How could she carry on without her brother? How could she live alone? Eventually, when she had no more tears to cry, she weakly got up with a fiery resolve in her eyes. She would protect Elysium, and herself, just like Absolon. She was going to make her brother proud. For now however, she needed time. Time to process, and time to plan, but most importantly, time to both remember and grieve. She took a deep breath, hugging herself tight. "Goodnight brother. You can rest now."
  2. Azriel


    Azriel grew up playing pranks on her family with father, and learning about herbs and natural medicine with her mother. Her parents had been struggling with the curse of the Elves for most of their lives, desperate for a child. When they finally had a child, they endlessly spoiled Azriel from the moment they first laid their eyes on her. She is an only child, the curse affected her parents too much for them to conceive a sibling for her. She grew up in The Federation of Sutica, where she developed an interest in trade and money from a very young age. She lives on one of the many islands, dreaming of one day becoming like the trade princes and princesses from the past. While she is a high elf, from a young age being exposed to different races, she became more tolerant than most of her elven brethren. At about the age of 12, she was walking along the coast when she saw a man fall into the water. She did her best to call out for help, and to rescue the man, but he unfortunately did not survive. Since then she has always had a fear of being alone, and that fear eventually turned into being abandoned and left alone by those she trusts. While there were unfortunate mental scars left behind, it also inspired her to continue to good for others. She knows that life may be short, and that it should be spent living a full and happy life. She was taught by her parents, and was quick to pick up patterns, history, and economic concepts. She frequently wondered about life in The Silver State of Haelun'or, not remembering much from her birth there, but feared going back there because she knew she was more tolerant of others, even to her own parents displeasure. She was often times scolded for being too friendly with a passerby, but continued to do her best to be friendly even under her parents watchful eyes, and against her high elven culture. Not only does she have a taste for money and trade, she also enjoys listening to and creating music. She would often sneak away to listen to roaming performers and bards, or spend hours in her room late at night working on lyrics to a new song on how she would seduce the trade prince into loving her. She didn't have many friends from her parents point of view, but secretly was rather popular with the kids she ran into on the island. While her parents disapproved of her spending too much time with the "unpure", non elven children, she always found a way to create a clever decoy or distraction to spend time with the other children, even though she knew she would be scolded if she was caught. She gets in trouble at home, not only when she gets caught with a friend, but also for being mischievous. She inherited her fathers sense of love for laughter, but was only ever allowed to do such things inside behind closed doors, for fear that the laughter and jokes might paint an "unpure" picture of her family. While she was younger, she always wanted to explore new places, meet new people, and experience more of the world. She has always been eager to soak up any knowledge from anyone, like a sponge.
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