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  1. The REAL Alphonse of Icathia, a new recruit of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl of Haense stood on the battlefield after a hard fought siege of southbridge. Wiping the fresh orenian blood off of his blade. "Ah..Victory, for Haense, Urguan, and for my rightful name. Miss you Gansk." he stated, rather calmly.
  2. [!] A missive would be posted upon most major town’s noticeboards. [!] The RIGHTFUL Icathian “I, Alphonse of Icathia, would like to let the world of Almaris know that my name was forged in a mercenary agreement with the Orenians. Leading people to believe that the Icathian mercenaries were serving Oren under a false pretense. This in itself is baseless, and disrespectful towards the Icathians that fought alongside Norland in the Oren v. Norland war, mainly its rightful leader: Gansk Lamar, a father figure to me. As the last Icathian, I am here to let it be known that the rightful owner to it never condoned this agreement, and the entire deal is a fraud. I will be in my new home in Karosgrad, my mercenary days are over, though I will never let the name be slandered, and I’ll carry it with pride. -Alphonse, The Real Icathian”
  3. A Warrior’s Death Absolon de Astrea Oh, the sweet bliss of retirement, one that Absolon sought out in his thirty plus years of service in leading Elysium’s military force. Though it was always the man’s true calling. After being a Head Ranger of the ranger’s of Elysium, the Marshal of Norland for a short time, and eventually the Lord Commander once Elysium gained its independence, he was doomed. Doomed to live a life that he both loved and hated, a place where the highs were the highest but the lows were unbearably low. Constantly bound by his addiction to military life. As he got older, the idleness got to him after a short amount of time. The retirement he’d thought would be good ended up a retirement to a mind that eventually turned to madness. Sitting there as his bones grew older to the point where he could barely move, his arms unable to hold a sword right, his knees so old that he needed a cane everywhere he went. The idleness forced him not to think about war but rather the loneliness he was feeling. The life he had failed to build because he was so focused on the military. He started to think about his wife passing, his daughter passing, his son being a mercenary. He eventually realized that he had none of his kin left, and only a few remnants of family members who couldn’t take his thoughts away from it. War, that’s what it was, but what was it for? He had found that it was all for Elysium, though it never managed to fill the void in his heart after retirement, the feeling of having no one close to you was all too much to bear. Eventually he had set his own mind. He would die a Warrior’s death, and fall to not old age, but a death of fighting for what he always fought for. What use was he?: he thought. Laying there and dying of old age? Or taking the fight to them? One day, the opportunity finally arose. “Bandits! Bandits outside the gates! Three of them!” A woman had called out. Absolon sat in his usual place in the tavern, drinking his days away. He looked around, not a guard in sight. “Eh’ll take care of it.” He arose, unsheathing his sword. All the while knowing he would die. Quickly, he walked outside the gates, ignoring the bell which would’ve called tons of guards there. He was met with three bandits. Absolon’s old form rose as he dropped his cane, raising his sword that had been so damaged from war it was unrecognizable to be Ursine’s Vengeance: The sword he’d used to gut plenty of men on the battlefield. He made quick work of two of them, quickly slashing them across their body, though they weren’t dead yet. The last bandit to see him was simply too quick, Absolon’s old body unable to catch the parry he would’ve been able to had he been younger. A dagger slashing through his chest, as he pulled the last bandit’s form into him, Absolon stabbed the bandit with Ursine’s vengeance, all the while looking into his eyes as he watched his life leave him. The other two bandits stabbed Absolon in the back while this was going on. All of their wounds were fatal, though they all weren’t dead yet. Absolon fell to the ground with three daggers impaled into him, alongside the bandits who he had bested, though he had been bested too. He looked to the sky as the rain started to pour. A smile formed on his face as his life flashed before his eyes, he remembered the crucial parts he had forgotten from being so focused on the army. He saw his wife, Lola, his two daughters: Penny and Amicia, ready to accept him with open arms. He idly reached into the sky, gripping for them as tears fell from his eyes. Maybe this was the key to being happy, being reunited with his kids and wife. A moment of innocence came from the bandits, as they all knew they were on their last breath too. “Was it all worth it?” The bandit who first stabbed him asked, probably in his own version of life passing before his eyes. “....Yes” Absolon answered. Though he didn’t know if it was directed to him. Happy after defending Elysium and his real sister Azriel one last time. After a few fatal minutes, his arm fell to the ground, his smile faded, and his tears dried as life slowly left his eyes. Along with the bandits he had bested.
  4. [!] A rather large flyer would be placed upon the majority of nation and vassal bulletin boards. [!] THE BLACK RAVEN EMPORIUM [!] A depiction of Black Raven associates, forging new inventory. [!] Who are we? The Black Raven Emporium is a union branch of the Elysium Trading Company, headed by Absolon de Astrea. The goal of the emporium itself is to spread fair-priced and exquisitely made combat gear from trusted and respectable blacksmiths. The emporium has a main focus of supplying the most necessary and commonly used weapons to those who need it, without those individuals having to break the bank. Inventory Catalogue Ferrum Plate Helmet: 5 Mina Ferrum Chain Chestplate: 5 Mina Ferrum Chain Leggings: 5 Mina Ferrum Longsword: 5 Mina Ferrum Shortsword: 4 Mina Ferrum Warhammer: 8 Mina Arrows: 0.2 Mina Steak: 0.2 Mina Porkchop: 0.2 Mina Golden Carrots: o.8 Mina We sell in bulk for much cheaper prices! Having already supplied entire nations in the past! Need to contact us? Need bulk deals, business inquiries, or want to become an associate to the Black Raven Emporium? Bird Absolon de Astrea (Disc: Jay_#8625) Locations Flagship store and base of operations: Elysium Owned by: Absolon de Astrea Storefront: Haense, Sigismund Street I Owned by: Togrim-Heartstring Vanari For those who took the time to read this, thank you. We look forward to having your business! Black Raven Emporium Owner, Head Ranger, Absolon de Astrea
  5. [!] Absolon reads the missive while enjoying a cup of fresh mead. Upon reading the end, the mead is spat out in a sudden rage of laughter. [!] "Financial hardship! Meh pockets an' Elysian's pockets're doin jus' fine! An' they'll continue teh be jus' fine!" He looks to the tavernfolk around him, shouting: "Go down teh my shop by theh river. Speak teh me fer bulk prices on all yer combat equipment. As far as eht stands, theh prices are better than most, ef not all of theh lands of almaris. Theh blockade of theh ferrymen aint theh only highway robbery goin' on!"
  6. Absolon de Astrea reads over the missive placed on his desk rather quickly, he pinches the bridge of his nose as he rests in front of the fire. "Ah damn shame teh be defined by two mishappenin's." he shakes his head, going to tell a story to his new grandchildren that were so young they'd never understand. "Aye, theh rangers may ave' had ah couple ah hiccups ehn their term as military. Such as defendin' theh ambassador ah urguan or stoppin' varhelm from takin' theh magic mirror no one but us knew more abou' at theh time." He looks to Acadia and Anya as they babble in nothingness with the inability to comprehend what he was saying, he leans back in the chair, continuing his system of venting by starting another story. "Although, eh'll tell yeh what they rangers did do. We supported norlan' fer years in theh beginnin's of Almaris. All while theh rangers were fresh an' new. Durin' theh war with oren, we built ah wall fer ourselves in jus' ah month teh defend our own in theh time a massacre happened ehn Elysium. We continued teh battle it out an' try our best fer norland, workin' effortlessly day an' night teh protect our home. When theh time for warclaims 'appened. We made theh majority of Norland's rally, givin' in nothin' but our best fer Norland and theh place we were able teh call home. Maybe thin's woulda turned out different if theh past kings or keepers 'ad been around more teh pass theh influence beyond Varhelm." he sighs, reaching to his hot cocoa that he only took the pleasure of drinking sometimes. "Ah damn shame fer us teh be painted here an' stripped away fer our ability teh uphold theh law when what we ave' done heavily outweighs theh mistakes thah were made." he shrugs, slouching back in the chair oncemore as his rickety old spine releases a few cracks. "Thirty two years, servin' norland, and theh group I've worked tirelessly weth many others teh make an' maintain continues teh be discredited, no matter what we do our overwhelmin' good'll never outweigh theh miniscule bad. Theh people outside ah Norlan' thinkin things like this abou' us. What has theh world come to, what type ah water are all of theh people ah Almaris drinkin?" he shakes his head oncemore, his one eye closed in disappointment. He takes a moment to think in silence before standing up and giving his grandchildren a light kiss on the forehead, as they had fallen asleep while he said his story. He escapes the room quietly, closing the door with extreme care.
  7. Daisuke breaths a heavy breath, preparing to defend the rustler fort "...**** it, we ball."
  8. "Damn, that's crazy" Daisuke looks over the list of commands, laughing hysterically as he looks to Elsil' Ceru while she signs it.
  9. Daisuke, A Rustler, looks over the document "Hmm, diplomacy between these groups? Might aswell." he shrugs, looking to Elsil'Ceru. "Let me know what happens please." @AnonymousAlexa
  10. "Couldn't agree more, it's a shame that people stoop as low as to not simply behead, but alas. We didn't torture them, and they were put down humanely. Regardless of what people around the bell said. Those are the people who's family have died horrendously in this war, maybe take a second to understand why they have such harsh words. No matter how vile it is, there's some justification as to why they act this way. Let us be humane in our actions atleast, since words mean nothing without action."
  11. [!] Absolon's raven caws as it questions it's own random ability to find people. Next to Absolon, who is slightly chuckling at the letter he recieved. [!] "In good health to you too lad."
  12. [!] Absolon goes up to Rinehart, on the road of elysium "I don't know what you're talking about, all we did was behead the fool. No torture fell upon him."
  13. [!] Absolon promptly responds, sending a bird back. [!] To whom this letter concerns, This is why they were carrying firebombs yes? That of matching residue from the attack on the Leumont walls? I beg to differ, civilians don't hold firebombs. Thanks for sending a letter of propaganda though.
  14. [!] In the maplewood forests on the road to Norland, a rather horrific scene of a severed head that seems to be an MRA soldier hanging from a lone maple tree. It ominously swings with each subtle gust of wind. The head would clearly be fresh, exhibiting an emotion of pure terror. Attached to the head is a note, written in blood. Around the tree, blood would be spattered everywhere, showing that more than one MRA soldier fell victim to the wrath of Norland. [!] " To the MRA, It has been brought to my attention that the MRA has been continuously harassing innocents of Norland on our own roads. We, the kind-folk of Elysium have not failed to notice that you all turn tail and run at the first sight of a true warrior of Norland descent. While you cower in fear in the bushes of the Maplewood forest as a soldier walks by, you willingly jump out to harass and torture innocent civilians. An act of true cowardice, and a clear example of abhorrent behavior. There's been a continuous argument on whether those that follow the Red Faith are pagans or not. I offer this open-ended question; what would you call someone who tortures an innocent woman, brands her, and sends her back to her town? What would you call someone who massacres a town of innocents, including women and children? That's right, Pagans. If you thought otherwise, you yourself are a pagan. Nevertheless, I don't give a damn if you think I'm a pagan or not. There has to be someone to call judgement upon those who prey on the innocent. I, along with some other good people, am offering myself to speed up the process of karma to befall upon you fools. Go ahead and pray to your false god, I'll be kind and send you to him. After a few excruciating hours of course. Maybe you'd consider what the point of this letter is. It's a warning and a sign of clarification. I'm just merely spelling it out for you. You are no longer hunting the innocent on our roads. We are hunting you. I truly hope you're naïve enough to ignore this warning. I promise you, we will be waiting. Love, The One Eye'd Raven Absolon de Astrea"
  15. "This literally...Didn't happen?" he looks to the paper, scratching his head with a raised brow.
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