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  1. "Hozh, mi godz frenz en deez dub klanz.. Iz zoggin' hozh." The orc noted with a few nods, thanking the man that read him this missive, before turning back to the waters, casting his line back in, and returning to fishing.
  2. "Fizhin' Hozh." Stated the Grubgoth Kog'Dol Mag'Dun as a guild trainee read him the missive, nodding a few times to himself with a grunt. "Heeleeoz hozh tuu.. Lub dey boddulz"
  3. "O! Mi Zoggin LUB Burg! Ukee.. Nuw iz Kong'zho n Burg.. N gutlug? Zo dub Lurz n azh Raguk.. O zkah.. Ukee.. Hozh lug tu burg den." The Grubgoth Kog'Dol Mag'Dun stated with a grin, nodding thankfully to the man that read the missive to him, "Duh liddul zkribbli iz hozh tu.. Fur duh peepurz" he then scratched his noggin, and returned to fishing with his Olog pal.
  4. "O zkah mi rekognize diz.. Mi buddi duh Raguk gunna beet duh lur? JA'RUNK! ( @Turbo_Dog) IZ LAT PEEPIN DIZ ZKAH? OWUR LIDDUL KONG'ZHO IZ GUNNAH BADDUL UH LUR FUR HUNDZGOFF!" the orc cheered as he finally realized what may be happening, turning to his fishing buddy!
  5. "Mi kennub koog wibh diz.. bud ukee.." the orc replied confusedly, scratching his noggin as he was told of this by an associate.
  6. "No.." stated Sheo Amanthul as his eye grew a hint of rage, staring at the letter pinned by the vale, "Damned.. Madness always takes them.. Every damned time.." He grunted to himself, shaking his head as he turned to walk off, drawing a cigar from his cigar box, setting it in his mouth, drawing a match from his matchbox, and having a long smoke in memory.
  7. "Ukee.. Zo mi godz lozzuh klompurz tu gib grub tuu, diz zkahing hozh." Stated the Grubgoth Kog'Dol Mag'Dun, nodding to the man that read him the paper, then casting his line back into the waters to resume fishing, stating simply, "KRUG KRUG KRUG!" as he fished.
  8. Gaermin Ireheart, once Gaermin Stormheart, read the missive from the pile of logs and bush he had been living under in the middle of the woods all these years, recalling the lovely times from all those years ago, he turned to his dog, and nodded, stating simply, "Wael t'ey dinnae foin mae fo' t'es, bo' fock, oi'm bluddae Storm'eart agen eh? Et's bak lads!"
  9. The grubgoth Kog’Dol Mag’dun nodded to the human reading him all these missives, scratching his noggin, and taking mental note of each of the nations, he now had a list of places he could freely fish without any international incident. “Zoggin hozh.”
  10. “Zo, dizh duh azh guin fur Hundzgoff, Daz hozh, mi tinkz dey’ll bi hozh tu ged meetz frum, duh lurz hozh.” Stated the grubsgoth as he was read the letter by a fellow fisher, before turning his head to face his good friend Ja’Runk’Ungri ( @turbo_dog ) “Hoo lat beddin un? Duh Lur, ur duh udder azh, mi bed mi zhiniez un duh lur.”
  11. Sheo Amanthul looked from the paper, to his Urguani Legion armor, and for a brief moment, did not feel pride, instead the ker felt, confused, he slowly folded the paper, walked up to his set of armor, and stared at it a while, muttering simply, “Ancestors bless their choices..”
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