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  1. "I live with him, hope he prevents robberies in My home." The ker Sheo Amanthul stated as he read over the paper with a grunt.
  2. "Grubgoth" Kog'Dol Mag'Dun slowly picked up the missive with a grunt, scratching his noggin after. "Mi rembur wen mi hiyurd zkahin udder globz tu koog en duh taburn, dey nub duin id wiyul mi buzzi? Ukee, mi'll kookob wibh diz glob den..." The grubgoth began his return to his kitchen from a long trip to the woods.
  3. "Perhaps it is time to visit Flour again, hm.." Replied the ker with a soft wince, dropping the letter with a grunt. "I will prepare my things soon.."
  4. The Old Grubgoth Kog'Dol Mag'Dun squinted at the paper, poking it a few times, before grunting, "Mi kennub reed.." He then scratched his noggin, before noticing what the paper truly was "O, krug hazzuh pabur, fur noos? Zoggin' hozh.. Ja'runk, peep diz zkah!" he called to his olog friend. @Turbo_Dog
  5. "Took them long enough." Commented a bored ker.
  6. rilath i was quaking and shaking when i read "villain application" i am in FEAR of this
  7. "Anudder gob tu maik grub fur mi tinkz" Replied a certain "Grubgoth of Helious", The orc then waved off the man who had read him the letter, turning to his olog friend Ja'runk with a grunt. "Wubh lat tink bruddah?"
  8. “Ancestors.. Another lost it seems.” The ker Sheo Amanthul stated as he stared at the missive in his hand, before simply, dropping it to the floor. “May he tread carefully among the ancestors now.. That odd, odd plant man..”
  9. "By the ancestors.. One Hundred years of Age is what I will continue to believe as the only True age.. Whatever these damned laws speak.. Twenty Five is too bloody soon.." The ker grumbled, stroking his beard, and shaking his head, seemingly quite unamused as he folded the paper he read this from in his hand.
  10. "O mi zkah, dub plazez!" the orc exclaimed with a grunt!
  11. "Ancestors be with you, Seryn, wherever you were, you and I had fun times with cannons.. And perhaps I will have to further examine these allegations.." The ker slowly stroked his beard, a bit confused
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