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  1. Where are you boo... I miss you :(

  2. as a fisherman myself, a few suggestions come to mind. the first would be finding more miscellaneous items that aren't just the same pair of boots and bowls i find my bags filled with, but instead some interesting items like a broken sword and the likes, or in a different route, fishing in different biomes was something I saw, perhaps also fishing in cities yields different tables, albeit it would be quite difficult to set up I'd imagine. Last map we used to run over to Celia'nor just to fish in that small dent they had in their roads, and somehow fished live fish, which albeit was rather entertaining, didn't make sense. So in regions such as within a city, there'd be higher chances to get non-fish loot, and vice versa
  3. How much would you pay me to play a female dark elf? Asking for a friend
  4. Sheo stood there, holding the letter, his brow slowly raising as he raised a hand, and began to count the past few years worth of corpses, then pocketing the letter, to count with the other hand, before letting out a soft grumble, "Good bloke he was that Reetus aye.." He stated to the empty land around him, "Better than all these spider buggers thas' for sure.. But nae bloody way did any bloke deserve the fate o'dyin boi taere auwn ans'.." The ker paused as his accent grew thicker, before letting out a grumble, "Oi dinnae spaend aenuff toim' weff annae auffeam, oi raellae dinnae. Bot fok, Raetas tu? Aensaestars, gunnae naed ah Faurth paepar faur tae naems o'tae gud daed, mae tae aensaestars gaid yae, Raetas. Oi raesed yae tae baest oi kuld troi, n oi'd du et agaen." The man then simply pat his pocket, and walked off with a solemn nod.
  5. As they say in birmingham, proppa good innit

  6. "Fish On.." Stated the Ker as he held the letter, grunting as he knew what duty he had to Come.
  7. Sheo Amanthul of House Var'suuth picked up the confession letter, pausing a moment, before simply put, laughing his ass off. "I thought- BAHAHAH- They weren't ever- oh ancestors the idiot felt bad.."
  8. Sheo Amanthul of House Var'suuth, laughs at the comical nature of Lorec Bani's 'epic fail'
  9. "I live with him, hope he prevents robberies in My home." The ker Sheo Amanthul stated as he read over the paper with a grunt.
  10. "Grubgoth" Kog'Dol Mag'Dun slowly picked up the missive with a grunt, scratching his noggin after. "Mi rembur wen mi hiyurd zkahin udder globz tu koog en duh taburn, dey nub duin id wiyul mi buzzi? Ukee, mi'll kookob wibh diz glob den..." The grubgoth began his return to his kitchen from a long trip to the woods.
  11. "Perhaps it is time to visit Flour again, hm.." Replied the ker with a soft wince, dropping the letter with a grunt. "I will prepare my things soon.."
  12. The Old Grubgoth Kog'Dol Mag'Dun squinted at the paper, poking it a few times, before grunting, "Mi kennub reed.." He then scratched his noggin, before noticing what the paper truly was "O, krug hazzuh pabur, fur noos? Zoggin' hozh.. Ja'runk, peep diz zkah!" he called to his olog friend. @Turbo_Dog
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