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  1. A adunic ranger stood on the walls of Numenost pondered the recent news she has heard, wondering if the war was over at last
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    Ascella was born to two loving parents of a common Adunian clan with one older sibling called Malir'elkor. When she was young her parents told her few stories of heroes and while not all of them were true but they did tell her about Elandil, the first Adunian lord which did intrigue her. She would also along side her brother learn how to use a bow and a sword. If at least to use to defend herself from bandits and the like. Her father also being often strict but caring. In a few years Ascella would soon have a younger brother Varsdale whom she learned to treasure. When she reached the age of Adulthood, Ascella and her family also a few friends gathered together to congratulate her. She would then spend ten years with her clan and family. And while her curiosity of the world and a want to be a more capable fighter did almost grip from time to time, she stayed with them. Upon reaching the age of 30 Ascella would both excitedly and somberly leave home. Giving her family one final hug fair well and a simple locket for her to remember them, she would leave to learn more about the world and different ways to fight. Though she would soon learn to avoid some peoples and societies like Oren. Preferring to be safe rather than sorry. She is now a bit of a wander with no set place to call home as of yet. She still wishes to be thought of as a good fighter but while some did consider her one, many did not do to her being a woman. That being something that always angered her along with causing her self doubt.
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