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  1. The Count of Aldersberg sat on his knees in his tent, his head held low in reverence to an icon of Sigismund before him. He gripped a carved wooden Hussaryan Cross in trembling hands as he zealously repeated a prayer to the final exalted. He contemplated the history that led up to this moment, and the actions he would take to honor it. With fervor he gripped the sword of his ancestors Aventine and walked to Adria to continue his quest.
  2. Redmont Redmont is a smoldering landscape in stark contrast to the frozen wastes of the Ailmere it is tucked behind. Volcanic heights with sprawling lakes of magma decorate its north with massive archways and formations of stone that indicate an unnatural phenomenon. Great pillars and cavernous entrances lead into the labyrinth hidden within, and ruins of what once was can be encountered. At the foot of the volcano once was a sprawling forest whose flora and fauna were stripped in a blaze leaving only a Burnt Forest, hot pools of melted snow scattering the grounds. The Furnace In those ancient days when the Spire was still a prosperous metropolis, the Bohra discovered hidden beneath the volcanic peaks of the Redmont a labyrinthine cavern system with a great magical stone at its center in a lake of magma, with heat even more intense than that of the surface. The Bohra empire at its peak was distinguished with sorcerers and artificers who were unable to discern the meaning and origins of the stone, though still they sought to use its great power. They erected about it a construction called the Red Ring which through their enchantments made the volcanic cavern habitable and harnessed that intense magical heat instead for an elaborate workshop. Thus the great cavern system was turned into a Furnace and named so. Eventually the Bohra Empire would fall to a catastrophe, diminishing violently from the realm of Aevos. Over the course of centuries, the Furnace fell into disrepair and ruin. During the catastrophe, many of the tunnels overloaded and collapsed or imploded on themselves, though certain tunnels remained mostly intact, albeit very unstable. Centuries later a dwarf sorceress and Runelord named Ynna would arrive in Aevos with a host of dwarven refugees and kindred. They hailed from the Halls of Urguan, cave dwarves of the truest variety who had not known the surface world beyond the tales from their other kin. They had fled the onset of the dwarven Blood Age, where one clan began to assume total totalitarian control of the mountainhome and its guilds, especially that of the Runesmiths. Ynna and her host had come for the Furnace, and set about reconstructing the Red Ring to the best of their abilities. It required runic equipment and incredible effort to send dwarves in to repair the dilapidated construction and withstand the heat. The Red Ring and the broader Furnace’s main quality in both its peak during Bohra control and the later diminished dwarven era was not just tapping into the energy of the sealed stone for a single purpose but production of an enchanted fuel which was then able to be used to make special alloys and bolster the artifice both magical and mundane of the workshop. The most notable and widespread production was that of an enchanted metal called by the dwarves Kharvul Steel, used in their enchantments to retain more mana and alloyed with other rare metals. With the restoration of the Red Ring, they were not able to make the metal to the same pure qualities as their Bohra predecessors, but a more diluted version. The Eight Gates Even in its depleted state, the Furnace was still able to be used by the dwarves to create powerful relics, and Ynna had a purpose to risk her kin in its rekindling. Using sorcery and runecraft bolstered by the Furnace, Ynna began the construction of eight great runic seals to be placed across Aevos for some greater scheme, but such would take many years of effort. As they continued to operate the Furnace, Ynna ordered her kindred to begin to make preparations to secure footings across Aevos. Ynna’s dwarves would begin the construction of dwarven deep-roads, encountering the remnants of Bohra pathways and structures as they spread across the depths of Aevos. Frequently, they would set up outposts and holds in prospective locations of great wealth or in strategic positions which were important to defend their deep-roads. It was not uncommon to face conflict with the occasional band of Mori’quessir, specters, goblins and other forgotten beasts which hid beneath the earth. With her enchantments completed and her kin settling in small outposts across Aevos, Ynna constructed Eight Gates and sought to establish a dwarven presence over each to ensure their maintenance, however the folk were spread too thin. The dwarves began to be overwhelmed by their foes beneath the earth, and soon their civilization fell to disrepair, Ynna herself disappearing. Little more than ruins remain of their infrastructure, and what remnants of the kin survived the collapse scattered and hid beneath Aevos committed themselves to fulfilling the purpose of the Eight Gates; “Atta Edhekalmar” in their ancient tongue. OOC Information: Redmont is a maplore piece to offer resources for Story Team actors and players to build off of, as well as offering a greater story behind the typical ashlands aesthetic. It’s a consistent theme that dwarven ruins are scattered across maps, part of this Lore’s purpose is to offer an excuse to that as well lay a foundation of Deeproads events that both players and ET could explore. The story of the Furnace, Ynna and her Eight Gates will be developed by eventlines that will open up more of the lore to be used.
  3. Love this dude already. @mickdude2 What sort of RP do you want to do on LOTC?
  4. P*dophilia is the ultimate evil but not the only evil. I personally think being a Zoophile is cringe.

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      does the rabbit from zootopia cont

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      Being attracted to animals is cringe.


      Who would have thought


  5. The line to be drawn, in my opinion, is as simple as if you would feel that the Roleplay is uncomfortable if it was between a 18yo and a 14yo OOCly then it shouldn't be on the server because that's often enough the situation. Another way of wording that is against Intimate Romance RP. Anything more than a peck on the cheek should be disallowed, and even intimate conversations I think ought be put to scrutiny. Relationships are obviously a big part of Character Roleplay, but you don't need to delve into many details to get the aesthetic/narrative of a Relationship. Taking it to another medium should also be seriously bannable 100%
  6. A courier arrives from to the pit-town and tells the news to the Raevir count. He waves over his betrothed, and some nearby levies. They discuss plans to visit the Failor Feast. "It will be good to meet with Arnaud e tell him our progress," Markus remarks [email protected]
  7. The Northern river detour construction is complete. Your welcome, Failor

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      You are about to be lavacasted by The Bald

  8. Markus Marie smiles after a successful crusade, his oaths to the Crossed Claw Band and Redclyf fulfilled. He returns home to his summit camp and approached his betrothed. "I have achieved glory for Godanistan- I am ready to leave Failor." @milkyi
  9. On the 17th day of Owyn's Flame of 1926 Many years ago the hosts of Redclyf were without home, and would frequent the streets of Velec. They participated in the Trophies of Aldersberg, hunting great beasts of Almaris together. However, it was quickly revealed by other frequent visitors of Velec- Hunters from the Band of the Crossed Claw- as well as members of Redclyf itself that there were dishonorable brigands among the ranks of Redclyf, notably one Adaranth of Redclyf. He had participated in the assailing of members of the Band of the Crossed Claw without provocation, as well the assault of members of Redclyf. Markus Marie Sarkozic hosted representatives of this ordeal in the palace of Adria, acting as Count of Aldersberg and a virtuous Canonist to ensure a just resolution of the conflict at the request of both those wronged among the Band of the Crossed Claw as well as the leader of Redclyf; Pyeter. Pyeter had been witness to the dishonorable acts of Adaranth, and requested Markus’ aid to arrest him. However, upon discussion Pyeter made it clear he did not want Adaranth to face consequences until he had gotten more out of Adaranth in political favors regarding their vassalization to Petra. Pyeter quickly refused to allow the Count of Aldersberg to settle the dispute, insisting that he would deal with it himself and promising justice for Adaranth. Pyeter of Redclyf was warned to settle the dispute. To this day, Pyeter has refused to ensure the virtue of his people and keep his promise; failure as a leader. This spurred me to action, and the levy of Aldersberg would prepare to confront Pyeter on this matter. During this time they have escalated their wrongdoing, acting not only as rampant brigands but even stooping to the level of lunatics, enacting godless atrocities upon the Wee Folk of Failor, and erecting heads on spikes before their gates. Adaranth- your own people do not protect you, but only seek to use you to their advantage. Turn yourself into the host of Aldersberg and you will be given a trial. Resist our arrest and you shall be crucified. Pyeter- you cannot outmatch the righteous fury of any single party which has declared their fury with you, much less all of them working together. Turn yourself in for a swift and honorable end. To the leaders of Petra, I encourage you to rebuke your vassal who has acted in bloodlust and atrocity. Let it be known that those of Aldersberg shall rally to the aid of the Loyal, Good, Brave, Triumphant and Qualified peoples of Failor against the brigands of Redclyf, especially for the capture of Pyeter and Adaranth to finally ensure the justice of Godanistan. Signed; The Right Honorable, Markus Marie Sarkozic, Count of Aldersberg
  10. no way we had a rylothh cameo to dogpile on the furry (pun intended)

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  11. not a fan of how people are getting so smug about a disagreement. I think better question is why did they make the entire server an Anarchy server then be surprised PvPers started killing everyone? Imma be real I would probably be defending the people PvPIng if their response to people complaining wasn't just "cope" cmon guys be mature the whole telling people to cope and seethe sh*t is meant to be ironic lmfao
  12. IGN: Noob3738 Discord: Nooblius#4534 Category of Choice: Creative Writing Title of Your Piece: Son of the Eagle and Crow
  13. But who could wield the power of the World Team? Only @Anore

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  14. I do think it's funny as it seems people almost want to be upset at Staff and assume the worst. Why not just ask if they are sure they had specific permission beyond paying $5 if you're concerned about it than assume they didn't and argue. I'm v disappointed in people's ability to critically think and ask questions, including my own. If you have any questions/concerns about how this was handled, then ask for the specifics and observe the answer; THEN make conclusions.
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