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  1. The Rhun Prophet of Khron'Hundmar lets out a deep sigh. "So Urguan returns ta a Kirkja Dverga. We shall see how et goes, hopefully dey learn da lessons I learned faster den I."
  2. Before time, before light or dark, there was the vast abyss of the Void. It was nothingness absolute, a chaotic realm empty of meaning, order and every other conceivable notion. Hidden deep within the immeasurable abyss was a fire that burned brighter than any brazier, ornate in its flame. This fire was the Rhun; and it was the dream of creation. When Yemekar forged the first souls in pursuit of a being like himself, it was the dwedohin, the first dwarven soul of Urguan Silverbeard that matched. It was not for his might, nor his cunningness, but for his inspiration. Within Urguan and each of his innumerable inheritors, that hidden fire of passion for craftsmanship burns; the Rhun realized. The unmatched capacity to create and to work is what makes a dwarf a dwarf, and defines us as the chosen children of the Brathmordakin. Everything within dwarfdom, all our traditions and institutions, are obligated to bolster this purpose. Anything that distracts or obstructs the dwarves from their divine intention must be challenged and made to suit the endeavors of the Gods. A beast which invades the deep roads would be slain. Crumbling forges that cannot work metal would be repaired and replaced. When politics stands to prevent service to the seven, it too must be challenged and reforged into a shape that strengthens the dwarves. Governance The political schemes of Urguan between its factions are what have wrought its decay, so to avoid such an ideal dwarven society should be built upon the foundation of meritocracy. Clans are an institution of tradition, and should not have their elders, often disinterested and somber, be the rulers of greater society. Although emergencies call for decisive actions from singular leaders, in times of peace and preservation a council of Overseers who represent workers shall best ensure the interests of the folk are kept. Labor The common activities of the dwarves must be labors to the purpose of honoring the Brathmordakin and combating Khorvad the deceiver. The hammer must be put before the tankard. Feasts and celebrations must only be held for those honorable dwarven predecessors who captured the spirit of the Rhun well in their lives. Projects will be a right of the folk to dedicate themselves towards, and Guilds an essential institution with full resources to teach aspiring dwarves and visitors willing to respect our ways. Honor Only those oathed to the Rhun and Brathmordakin who honor the traditions and values of the hold shall be permitted citizenship. Dwarves who do not uphold honor and reject chances at change are those who condemn a society to decay and madness. Kinslay shall be held as the greatest of crimes, as well any acts of treachery against each other. Unity shall be maintained by honor, and common service to the seven. Scholarship The stories of the dwarven folk across the ages must be remembered and shared, so that we can keep the traditions of the venerable ancestors, know better than the folly of the fathers, and remember the legacy of the Silverbeards. Our scrolls shall capture knowledge of the wider world and develop them with the wisdom of our elders, instilling the Rhun into tomes that visitors might learn how to live closer to Yemekar. Diplomacy Diplomatic doctrine shall be against political alliances, and instead focused on the fostering of friendships with trust and respect. Wars must be avoided at all costs, for they interrupt the delicate balance of Yemekar and distract the dwarves from honorable causes. Too long has Urguan been weighed by dishonorable wars with no yields. Complete Isolationism is the way forward. Dwarves shall seek to lead their foreign diplomacy under the guidance of Armakak, exchanging dwarven goods with neighbors to share the industry and prosperity of the mountainhome for all; dwarves most of all. Rejection All things are humbled before the greater designs of the Rhun and Brathmordakin. The Obsidian Throne is not exempt from this, when it too acts to the disservice of the Gods. The foundation of Urguan has been weathered by the forces of tagum, crumbling and cracked; it can no longer sustain the dwarves. The Grand King is slave to his ambitions, obssessed with glorious legacy. He has set about the majority of his reign with warmongering and disrespect. He has overtly disregarded diplomacy, discussion, and even his own folk. All so that he may rule by vainglorious attempts at matching the honor of far greater ancestors. In every King's Council, behind closed doors he would scheme his conquests whilst dismissing the counsel of advisors concerned for the interests of the folk. He has explicitly denounced diplomacy, saying that it is the errand of fools. The vast allies of Urguan held in our fight against the Philips have been lost, abandoned out of pride that they did not provide enough. Now, Urguan is a burden to its remaining allies, and a joke to the wider world. As Grand King he has done nothing but wage wars; no King’s Courts, no feasts, no royal endeavors or projects of any kind save the recent obsession with past heroes; further proof to his obsession. Despite this, the Grand King holds the audacity to tear down the work of others, insult his peers who dissent him. At last month’s Senate meeting, this came to a peak: The Grand King demanded another declaration of war against the orcs, on the basis of them burning down the Clan Hall- a dubious development, as the Grand King publicly stated that it was burnt a month before the hall was found destroyed. Upon denial, for the dwarven folk do not desire another rushed and baseless war, he insulted the Senate. He was challenged with a vote of removal, at which quickly Irehearts rallied into the chambers and intimidated the council. After a narrow denial, the Grand King and his goons called for the removal of all that opposed him, antagonizing the Lord Justicar and Grand Chancellor, the former resigning shortly before the meeting concluded before blood could be shed. This shall not do. In the pursuit of a noble dwarven society, the Rhun Oathed reject the Grand Kingdom and its Obsidian Throne, and set out to build a new future. There is no ultimatum, no demands for change or reform; it is altogether apparent that any attempts would only be met with opposition from the many factions within. Before the Rhun of the World Maker and the Brathmordakin, under the light of the Hallowed Halls of Khaz’A’Denturmm I swear to hammer the anvil and strike the earth until a new home is made. Meylis ‘The Raven’ Frostbeard ARCH-RUNELORD DAREK IRONGRINDER Grand King Emeritus High Prospector, Thor’nir Frostbeard Thalgrim Goldhand, Eivorsson Thromdrick Irongut Captain Melrik Deephook Dunan Stealhook The Honorable, Klouf “Forged-Fist” Grimgold Prophet Svardin Grandaxe Durin Hammerforge
  3. The Rhun Prophet sick in his office is awoken by the approach of a golem. It offers him a copy of the missive. The aged dwarf smiles wearily, "En dese turbulent toimes, et es good ta see da honor o' da Canonist flock. I shall have ta have a zealot o' Dungrimm work on dis," he rambles to the golem, who silently watches.
  4. I never knew you had any affiliation with the dwarves, or is that purely a meme? If not, when did you play in dwarves?
  5. why tf are y'all tilted about people making meme status updates lmfao nobody thinks they're making a difference by doing that they're just having a laugh
  6. A golem nails a bulletin to the notice board of Kal’Darakaan before marching off to spread word to foreign lands. ᚢᛚᚱᛟ-ᚡᛖᛚᛖᚱᚨᚴ-ᛖᚱᛟᚾ-ᛞᚨ-ᚱᚺᚨᛞᚨᚡ’ᚴᚨᚱᚨᚨᛞ ᚾᚨᚱᚡᚨᚴ-ᛟᛉ-ᛞᚨ-ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ-ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ Grand Rhun Feast Yemekar’s Workforce endures and prospers against the tide of darkness, and a chorus of hammers ‘pon anvils sings out from the Forge Depths. In celebration of the development of the guild, a great Rhun Feast is called so that we may share in glory and make merry. We shall break the caskets of our reserve brews, and hunt a beast of the valley for our meal. All are invited to the Temple of the World Maker to share in the glory of the anvil on the 16th First Seed. [OOC: Friday the 9th at 3 PM EST.] Crafts Contest All members of the Workforce are challenged to create a mastercraft that captures the culture of Urguan and the Workforce, and will be paid a prize of 50 minas if their craft is up to standard. The top rated craft will be given a grand prize of 500 minas, with the following three greatest crafts to be prized 300 minas. Those top four contestants will be invited to apprentice in an important forging project of the Rhun Prophet. All submissions will be taken by the Workforce to place in a hoard in honor of Grimdugan, and never to be sold. Craftsfolk beyond Yemekar’s Workforce are similarly invited to bring a craft that captures their culture, and will be paid a prize of 30 minas if it is adequate, as well as their submission being held in a place of honor amongst the hoard of the Workforce. An extended place of honor is put towards the clans, where crafts that capture the culture of a clan may be given a unique prize of 100 minas if worthy to be held alongside the mastercrafts of the workforce in Hoard. Continued projects of the Workforce: Doom of Dragons The guild has once again begun producing weapons to combat the abominations of Khorvad, with such efforts being split up across new Overseers to ensure that each facet of our preparations can thrive. Meylis Frostbeard has been promoted to Overseer and is charged with leading the creation of alchemical oils and brews, assisted by Overseer and Grand Admiral Grimdal Irongut. Any aspiring alchemists are invited to assist in the endeavor and prove themselves worthy of apprenticeship, as well as other workers who may wish to help in the mundane sides of our alchemical weapons. [OOC: No set specific time, contact rdowdy or Xergarok for what times they will be crafting, as well keep an eye on pings for it.] Expeditions Merchants have spread rumors of a gigantic beast with hardened scales and ferocious bite. The Workforce seeks it out to test our weaponry against dragonkin, and to perhaps harvest its parts for greater weaponry. Durin Hammerforged, kin to the esteemed hunter Glithram Hammerforged, alongside Ulfric Frostbeard are leading an expedition to hunt this monster. All workers with spare time should seek out to communicate with them and familiarize themselves with operating Workforce equipment and hunting monsters for the glory of Yemekar and Dungrimm. [OOC: Thursday the 8th at 6 PM EST.] Likewise Ulfar Starbreaker and Darek Irongrinder are also soon to be hosting expeditions into the deeproads and wilderness, with more details to follow. Any worker who believes themselves passionate in leadership and exploration are invited to discuss with guild leadership if they want funding for an expedition. With the great treasure that remains to be seized at our fingertips, the Workforce is placing a bounty for finding of the blue hued beast of 500 minas and starmetal. Contact Durin Hammerforged for any leads, information beyond location may be rewarded as well. Library of Ogradhad The library continues to be an important stronghold of culture and wisdom in a city of madness. Currently led by Loremaster Atandt Irongrinder, the current objectives of the Library of Ogradhad are to compose dwarven volumes on the many subjects upon the shelves in a more accurate lens according to the teachings of the Brathmordakin, not foreign scholars. Workers blessed by Ogradhad are encouraged to seek out Atandt Irongrinder to aid in the efforts. NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN [OOC: An invitation to a main event as well as per usual an RP agenda of the ongoing narrative of the Workforce. Please don’t be afraid to message me about any of them. I hope for people to get invested and develop it further on their own!]
  7. ᚢᛚᚱᛟ-ᚡᛖᛚᛖᚱᚨᚴ-ᛖᚱᛟᚾ-ᛞᚨ-ᚱᚺᚨᛞᚨᚡ’ᚴᚨᚱᚨᚨᛞ ᚾᚨᚱᚡᚨᚴ-ᛟᛉ-ᛞᚨ-ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ-ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ It is an honorable task to set out to explore the crafted realm of Yemekar, leading expeditions for the glory of a hunt. One that the Workforce has been focused on developing for the last few years, and is eager to see more dwarven expeditions setting out, having many of our own plans and preparations in place to soon set out. I cordially invite you, Grand Hunts-Marshal, to the next assembly of Yemekar’s Workforce to discuss how our endeavors may be united through collaboration or perhaps bringing your fledging guild into the greater network and support of the workforce. NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN
  8. An elder Starbreaker saw this exchange in the Dwedbucks Cafe, and let out a chuckle, "Charismatic as ever, da Irehearts. I for one am surprised dey are nae more popular."
  9. ᚢᛚᚱᛟ-ᚡᛖᛚᛖᚱᚨᚴ-ᛖᚱᛟᚾ-ᛞᚨ-ᚱᚺᚨᛞᚨᚡ’ᚴᚨᚱᚨᚨᛞ ᚾᚨᚱᚡᚨᚴ-ᛟᛉ-ᛞᚨ-ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ-ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ You dare speak of our feud, but there is none; only the mad ravings of a petty dwarf who thinks himself lord. In our many years of knowing each other, I have done nothing but serve you graciously despite your insults. When you first came to Kal’Evraal, I gave you my home. I instructed you in the matters of the gods. When you committed that grave atrocity against the gods and your progeny, through me the Gods offered you a mercy to reject the elf as your wife and carry on fathering your children, and to do penance before the gods through craftsmanship. Such penance I was prepared to offer you again, had you not been so obstinate. I was the first to say that you should be Grand Marshal, and when you failed the kingdom and were to be removed, you attempted to blackmail and threaten myself and Kazrin, claiming to withhold support needed to slay the Inferi legions. The only reason you were not executed at that moment was pity, for what ignorance must strike a dwarf to think himself greater than the force of united descendents against evil. In Almaris we negotiated during the election, I told you my plans and how you would prosper in them only for you to thereafter claim I had promised you lordship which I explicitly said I couldn’t do out of integrity. You were a thorn in my side throughout my reign, but I never held that against you. Upon my return to the realm during Levian’s reign, despite all of this I was willing to teach you golemancy and Rhuncraft. My kinsmen despised my choice, and demanded that I didn’t but I tried nonetheless out of hope for the youth. How foolish I was, for it was only a matter of time before behind my back you slandered my name, claiming I blackmailed you for alchemical knowledge. If I were a man who governed by feuds, this would be by far the end of the story. But upon your request into the ranks of the clergy and to lead other dwarves, I offered you again a chance, again against the direct warnings of my peers. That as well was squandered, and you didn’t do a single damned thing throughout your tenure before I was forced to remove you, alongside returning rumors of your proclaimed elven wife. There is no feud, only the continued disappointment of a teacher who madly hopes that a student may turn towards the right path. One cannot accept the authority of the temple and the Gods but deny its judgment. Alaric Grimgold, there is written evidence of your own assent and oath to respect the temple’s jurisdiction, and again testimony that you accepted it at the trial's onset. Despite this upon attending you denied the terms of redemption offered to you; breaking further oath to the Gods and disrespecting them with your selfishness. I will remind you what these terms were; simply make oath to the Rhun and Brathmordakin to not abide atrocities before the Gods, and relinquish your power so that one can lead your clan better than you. The reasoning for this judgment is self-evident; your clan has been governed by greed and madness. From your folk more heretics have stumbled from the woodwork than other clans combined. I wish to see the good Grimgolds prosper, and truly Alaric you among their rank- but that cannot happen under a jaded veteran who openly campaigns distrust against the gods. You speak that you wanted Craegorn dead, but he was well and alive for many years before our trial, and you wept upon being offered the chance to execute him as you allegedly desired. Even now, you claim that his blood stains my hands, but I place that fault squarely on the Clan Father who failed him. In only that short time, Glod spoke the grave heresy that even if Yemekar himself told him you were guilty he would deny it. You are the first and foremost example of Khorvad’s tagum, for your actions have led to not one dwarf’s destruction but several, leading your clan to destruction but too ambitious to know it. You are condemned to Vuur’Dor for denying the Gods’ final chance of mercy, and your soul shall haunt alongside Velkan’s kin. Any dwarf who can read these words and still consider Alaric honorable is likewise blinded by madness, and is commanded to seek the counsel of the Rhun Prophet if they want clarity and healing. No death shall fall upon those who accept the mercy of the Gods, only those stark mad to deny it. NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN
  10. An elder Starbreaker eagerly sketches designs for five different statues of himself flexing different poses, one of which with his boot on the back of a slain mountain dwarf heretic, another holding hand with his long lost Irongut male lover.
  11. ᚢᛚᚱᛟ-ᚡᛖᛚᛖᚱᚨᚴ-ᛖᚱᛟᚾ-ᛞᚨ-ᚱᚺᚨᛞᚨᚡ’ᚴᚨᚱᚨᚨᛞ ᚾᚨᚱᚡᚨᚴ-ᛟᛉ-ᛞᚨ-ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ-ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ An artistic depiction of the anvil after the Judgment of the Rhun Prophet. The First Blood Though the Articles of Urguan are authority of the lands and mundane means of the realm, it is the traditions of Khaz’A’Dentrumm which are supreme in their rule over dwarfdom. No crime of the Civil Codex no matter how egregious can compare to atrocities against the Gods. In these times where madness grapples with order in Kal’Darakaan, it has never been more important than to enforce the traditions of Khaz’A’Dentrumm and honor for the Gods. This is the reality that Craegorn and Alaric Grimgold were met with. For far too long has the blasphemy and dishonor of the clan brewed, nothing done to curtail it by its leadership. So the elders were summoned before the Temple of the World-Maker, and were put before the judgment of Khaz’A’Dentrumm, as interpreted by its emissaries the Rhun Prophet Norli Starbreaker, Falk Irongut and Kazrin Starbreaker. Lies and dishonor were spread by Craegorn, the honorable Paragon Tungdil Goldhand slandered by the Grimgold as he sought to cement himself as true heir to the Gilded line; a pathetic attempt at ambition in itself, for dwarves do not operate by standards of Oreni inheritorship. Craegorn asserted that there was an unknown line of dwarves Greycast, who were born of the suddenly existent true first son of Tungdil, Craein, and who his descendents were owed power over their cousins due to this line. An absurd claim, entirely unbelievable and based on no standards of evidence save a single gold coin, dubious in its origin and meaning. Nonetheless, he was to be offered a mercy- one that was outright denied by Craegorn without hesitation. Craegorn Grimgold-Greycast, FOR the slandering a paragon, rewriting sacred history for personal ambition and to justify a claim to power, SHALL Dungrimm judge you unworthy to enter the halls of your ancestors and Gods, and condemned to Vuur’Dor. There is no greater weight for a dwed to bear than the atrocity of kinslay. Even when done in retribution for a dangerous crime that one is unrepentant towards, an execution weighs on the soul. To this end, the Rhun Prophet deemed it necessary that he not sully his hammer further on the matter, and Alaric Grimgold was made to execute his clanson, for though it was the choices of Craegorn Grimgold that led to his stark raving madness, it was the poor fathership of Alaric Grimgold that permitted his clansmen to suffer to the temptations of dishonor more than any clan. But his dishonor weighed less than Craegorn’s, so he was to be offered a terms of appeal; an oath to Dungrimm and the gods, as well as to resign for a younger dwarf less corrupted by dishonor to lead his clan to glory. Alaric denied these terms, interrupting the Rhun Prophet and insisting that the terms were impossible, and unfortunately for him his word was taken. If terms of resolution are impossible, then there is only one judgment for the atrocious. Alaric Grimgold, FOR the slandering of the faithful, dishonorable acts against the gods, stirring discontent against Khaz’A’Dentrumm amongst your ranks, admittent fostering of heretical beliefs and otherwise leading your clan to dishonor, SHALL Dungrimm judge you unworthy to enter the halls of your ancestors and Gods, and condemned to Vuur’Dor. Dwarfdom as a whole may flourish through the removal of corrupted souls, cursed and unwilling to repent from tagum. We find ourselves in just such a time where we must act decisively and with ferocity to wrestle the honorable legacy of Urguan from the forces of evil. Let these two deaths serve as warning to the wrongdoers among our kin; You are weak before the strength of the gods. Repent to the Gods and accept the mercy of their emissaries, and this shall not only be the First Blood but the last. NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN
  12. Below the mountain in the Forge-Depths of Kal'Darakaan, the Rhun Prophet mourns the loss of his favorite Norlander diplomat from his reign.
  13. Ever a paranoid man, if Norli had heard such words, he would perhaps wonder what Mao was referring to, and how he learned of such events in absence. But Norli had not heard him.
  14. ᚢᛚᚱᛟ-ᚡᛖᛚᛖᚱᚨᚴ-ᛖᚱᛟᚾ-ᛞᚨ-ᚱᚺᚨᛞᚨᚡ’ᚴᚨᚱᚨᚨᛞ ᚾᚨᚱᚡᚨᚴ-ᛟᛉ-ᛞᚨ-ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ-ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ Stumpy Mossborn, Ursus Grandaxe has not been pardoned for his crimes in the eyes of the Gods, and is already not permitted to act in a capacity to serve the temple until Dungrimm has made his judgement on him. It is good to see folk in Hefrumm who concern themselves with matters of honor and redemption, and I applaud you for enacting as is your honorable right a grudge. It is especially proper that you did not seek out blind revenge, but sought true redemption through trials. I officially endorse these terms as Rhun Prophet, so that Ursus might heal the wounds of the family he has deprived. I anticipate Ursus will redeem himself with dignity, for I have known the beardling since his arrival to Urguan and always has he sought honor. I do not encourage that anyone even consider the latter option, for as dramatic as it may be to offer yourself to be slain, it is not at all appropriate and honorable before the Gods. Thank you, and narvak oz Brathmordakin, kavir oz Khorvad.
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