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  1. "The skin color of Caves Dwarves is always a darker coloration." While I would agree this is poorly worded and ignores the chance of variety, saying it has no bearing on skin color is definitely wrong. Cave dwarves have always been either pale, or gray, desaturated. But you never have a bright pink skintoned cave dwarf.
  2. Markus Sarkozic recalls a memory of when he first encountered homosexual behavior, and rambles to a Numenedain knight. “I can remember exactly when my epiphany was. I hadn’t thought much about it, to tell you the truth. I was a squire in Velec, and my papej was dropping me off. I remember I was about to get out of the cart, and I look to my right, two well-dressed men in wigs kissed each other. They gave each other a kiss. And I’ll never forget it, I looked at my papej, and he said, ‘Mark, it’s simple. They love each other. It’s simple,’ — now I’m not joking … And it’s never been, it’s never been … It’s just that simple. It doesn’t matter whether it’s same-sex or a heterosexual couple. They should be married. What is the problem?”
  3. When Realm Applications make a return, I would advocate that they should require the signatures to be on their most active persona- because communities are composed in their core of players who are invested in them. More importantly however in my opinion is that Realms need to have progression. I mentioned this in mapdev a while ago, but groups are successful when they go through actual progression. This is a Roleplay Server after all, so narrative of course maintains a high importance. This could be implemented by forcing groups to have actually had time going about different nations or what have you, or maybe allowing them to have a campsite before they can have a nation. I think as well the concept of Realms should be changed from purely a governing system for tiles to be implemented more substantially across all levels of 'Groups'. I think we are artificially encouraging people to divide up as much as possible because you get more recognition for being a less active but independent state than you do for being an active vassal of another nation. I think it's a warning sign that the system is flawed that RP hubs are discounted as being put on map but far less active 'Realms' are put on there. Maybe the system should instead be designed to be about integrating the different levels of RP groups and their ability to affect world than it is just monitoring tile ownership at the highest organizational level of group. I may draft up this idea with more detail and make my own forum post, because I don't think I can do it justice with just 300 words. But I really think we should focus on the user-end of how people interact with groups and how it encourages gameplay and roleplay as opposed to closely following the default of what we have done on server for a while, because all the current realms change as opposed to settlement and nations did was make everyone a nation, but nothing actually else.
  4. Markus Sarkozic watches over the events of his former domain with trepidation. His fingers anxiously twitch upon the pommel of his family blade Aventine (something he would never give up, despite his fondness for old books). "Was it so urgent to rise to rebellion only to Surrender as I had? I recall an agitation against my own maneuvers of surrender for the purpose of reconciliation." He paused to consult the expressions of his own sons, who were unlikely to raise any word of dissent against their father's character either in their familial trust or perhaps acknowledgement of his growing violent paranoia. Markus prattled on, "If the Covenant denies this, I would like to see what reason they have. My greatest complaint against House Van Aert was always that they would brandish their sword before having a chance to wield the pen. But by GOD, this coalition is hardly different! They cannot speak what they want of the Midden, nor communicate regarding their leader's suspected habits. It would be just war, even if not agreeable, should the wargoal be to suppress a previously violent regime- or to enforce terms of Surrender previously agreed by the sovereign of the Midland Realm. But nothing!" The former duke would continue to kvetch to any who would listen, and would waste his day whining about politics that he could after all instead do something about.
  5. Markus Sarkozic read over the allegations from within Numenost. No other city across Canondom, in his estimation, took so seriously offenses against Church and GOD. This grizzled veteran furthermore maintained a great suspicion of Haense, and suggested to his sons a theory. "Why does the King nor his court speak to his innocence? A claim so wild is easily disputed- but they make niet effort whatsoever. This is wildly against their own interests- and remember, that always a prince is guided by his own interests. There can only be two reasons; that the accusations though wild are largely true, or that the King of Haense thinks so little of the world that he does not believe they are warranted an explanation; that he is due their total trust without advocacy. This latter attitude is what began to spell the doom of Gaspard- I worry for our Ruskan cousins in House Barbanov. They spur scandal against their storied legacy- and for what reason?" The Adrian shook his head as he contemplated such horror. Then he thought of his former kinsmen who had enraged return to Winburgh to fight against Haeseni control of their city. He detested the wars continuation; but could he blame them? He would speak to all Adrian refugees and any he met on the streets of Numenost a similar message; "Pray for the House of Barbanov, and pray for the Men of Midden! May redemption find both by the graces of GOD!"
  6. An old veteran of Adria's wars vaguely recalls childhood memories. The Duke, the Chancellor, and the Maer; all three laughing as they shared drinks at the Basking Turtle. One night, a drunken Duke spoke that if only more men were like the Maer, there would be less worries in the world. Markus Sarkozic signs the Lorraine and offers a prayer that the wisdom of Stefan might ride across the seas and many may live long mirthful lives.
  7. Markus Sarkozic wonders if Aleksandr was enjoying his Carrion history too much, and sought to emulate the possession of Yakov. Though Markus was hesitant to endorse such treachery if true, he did appreciate a fellow enjoyer of History and gave Aleksnadr a thumbsup. "Surely this man is the King of Ruska!"
  8. Markus Sarkozic proudly recognizes MS paint when he sees it. He supports such cartography endeavors, and sends an ADOBE suit subscription to the south
  9. Heavy is the head that wears the diamond helmet.

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  11. The Duke of Adria watches the Coalition army marching west from Easworth Heights through Winburgh's front yard to return to Westmark. He scratches his head as he contemplates the coming course of war. A clump of hair falls out. This sign of ill health somehow stirs confidence in the duke, and he calls out to his courier; "I have taken auspices. Fetch the Bard, we shall seek audience with the Grand Covenant soon again." Markus looked back out the window and counts the banners of the coalition. Six remain. How many of them truly sought our people's destruction? His fingers shook in mild mania as he considered this. Surely not six. His smile widened, and he left his office to find Captain Radmir. Despite negative covenant covfefe, Markus Sarkozic remained with heart and hope.
  12. The Duke of Adria wipes some sweat off his brow. He remarks aloud to his aides, "6 more to go! May GOD forever bless the Númenedain, most righteous of Canonists!"
  13. The Duke of Adria scowled as he read these words. He would call out to his couriers, that they might lift his words across the roads. "I asked only for a home for my people, and was denied. They insisted that our culture was an accursed one, and that there can be no home for Midlanders unless we are to be evicted and spread across all nations in a Diaspora. This is a bold retelling, certainly, of the day's events. Let it be known the terms of peace listed as a 'Hope for New Dawn' remain, and that the war shall continue not for pride, but the envy of lesser nations seeking to remove the midlanders from any chance of home." The Duke of Adria with the help of a Planeswalker observes the similarity in the Piast Dynasty Crest and that of House Sarkozic.
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