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  1. Norli makes his way to Corazon, hoping to catch a word with a canonist priest and share a discussion as he did last visit, when he spies a poster advertising the event. He makes his way to a Mareno merchant, checks the date of the event and enters the raffle. "I am curious ta see wot es on sale- I've a pretty penny saved up fer rare smithin' goods ta buy fer da clan." IGN: Nooblius43 RP Name: Norli
  2. Not to **** on the old Daemonsteel lore, but this is definitely an improvement and pretty poggers. Hope to see more Deep Steels @Elennanorekeep up the good work.
  3. Korgi Jewelbeard, grandson of Marguan, a frequent merchant of Adria who made his riches in Belvitz prays to Armakak for the restoration of the good duchy. The Goldhand makes plans for attendance, writing a letter to the organizers. Dearest Folk of the Good Duchy, I hold no doubt that the story of my family within Adria, a small group of self exiled Goldhands has been forgotten to the shorter lives of men, but I remember it with great fondness. My grandfather Marguan came to the Duchy and its roadside hamlet Belvitz for its proximity to the roads and its bustling tavern, but lingered there and bought a home for the impassioned people he had done business with. Where Kaz'Ulrah and Agnarum failed to welcome him, the folk of Adria even with their distrust of his kind were a better home to him. For this he learned loyalty, and devoted his career to Adria. Twice he served as Alderman in its DUMAs, thrice had he seen bodies fall to the river, and once even had he the fortune to see the windows crack with an infamous defenstration. He became an officer in your brigade, leading Cossaks on horses to combat the rampant banditry, lost his arms to a boomsteel bomb in your streets, and fell ill and to madness in his home off the road. My father Morag remembered Adria fondly as well, but by the time he was mature to travel there it was forgotten- but lo! He had stumbled upon an encampment with a tavern and tents, and of dreaming folk alike yourselves now who had seeked to reforge Adria. You know this story better than I- wealthy and ambitious men perverted the hopes and dreams of humble folk and the appointed Duke seemed far more invested in the future of Helena and the capital alone. Morag had pleaded against his appointment then, but few heard, though he had the honor to officiate a wedding later that noon. I am I, Korgi Jewelbeard, son of Morag, son of Marguan, son of Pinki, son of Finki, son of Alfados, son of Tungdil, son of Urguan himself. I plead to the good folk of Adria to let me serve as dwarven resident Alderman once more, so I may cast my vote for a Duke with a vision for the glory of Adria.
  4. IGN: Nooblius43 RP NAME: Norli Norvarsson AGE: Old ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: High Prophet of the clergy, Own the Temple, and Elder of Clan Starbreaker (Legion, Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Ulfric Frostbeard
  5. Grifter is the anti-hero protag and Kalgrimmor is the godly supervillain
  6. High Prophet Norli returns to his chambers with a shimmering starsteel hammer whose light is obscured by splats of dark red. He tightens his grip on the hammer before setting it down shakenly to draft a public address. This workhammer once once named VELERAK, dwarven for command, a reminder of his duty to enforce Yemekar’s Traditions. Now, it was the Doom of the Doomforged. ᚢᛚᚱᛟ-ᚡᛖᛚᛖᚱᚨᚴ-ᛖᚱᛟᚾ-ᛞᚨ-ᚱᚺᚨᛞᚨᚡ’ᚴᚨᚱᚨᚨᛞ ᚾᚨᚱᚡᚨᚴ-ᛟᛉ-ᛞᚨ-ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ-ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ AN ATROCITY PURGED ᛞᛟᚱ-ᛖᚱᛟᚾ-ᛞᚨ-ᛞᛟᚱᚴᚨᛞᚱᛖᛚ'ᚢᚱ'ᚴᚾᚢᛏ ᛞᚨ-ᚴᚺᚨᛉᚨᛞᛗᚨᚱ, the honored Folk of Urguan, have always been considered a militant society. The origins of such tradition however lie not in desire of conquest or destruction- such things the dwarves do not busy themselves with, a folk of craftsmanship. Rather, the most ancient militant traditions have origins in opposing the Abominations of Khorvad, be it the forces of undeath or its many brother evils. Chief amongst these corrupt forces after the decline of Necromancy and sealing of Iblees and his demons has been the Dragon King Azdromoth. ᛞᚨ-ᛞᚱᚨᚴᛗᚨᚱ, the dragonfolk known infamously as the Azdrazi and their corrupt Heralds have been a constant force of terror and chaos in the realm of Almaris and its predecessors. They enact the will of their dark master, the Arch-Drakaar Azdromoth to conquer and control through both deception and domination. They bring down and raze cities in the name of order, yet only chaos was born from the fall of Ando Alur causing the very ground to quake. They combat against honorable orders such as the Paladins of Xan who aid the dwarves in vanquishing the Abominations of Khorvad. They act as petty bandits and cause chaos on the roads, and terrorize settlements who resist their will, conquering others. Not long ago was Haelun’or subjugated under the Black Dragon, statues and shrines erected in his honor. ᚾᛁᚱ-ᚨᚾᛟᚱᛟᛋ are those amongst his horde enemies of the Brathmordakin and Yemekar’s Creation, they who would seek that the world serve the drakaar. However even within the honored ranks of the khazadmar, there are those who render themselves slaves to Azdromoth, who weave lies about our traditions to the populace to deceive a justification for their dark practice, who make themselves rank amongst murderous dragonfolk. ᚢᛚᚱᛟ a heavy heart do I announce that the previous Clan Lord of the Doomforge has been consorting with Azdromoth, and served as a Herald of the Dragon King. The honored Paladins of Xan, especially many of their dwarven acolytes, had communicated to da Kirkja Dverga and offered a wide array of evidence to support such a claim. After deliberation and confronting Draakopf, we are confident to make this declaration: Draakopf Doomforge is to be stripped of all honors and titles within dwarfdom by the command of Khaz’A’Dentrumm and its Herald, the High Prophet and his clergy. The Cult of Azdromoth is reaffirmed publicly as an Enemy of Urguan, and are warned to stray from dwarven lands else face the justice of Dungrimm. Any who hold doubt or dissent with this decision are welcomed to the temple to discuss with the leadership of the clergy. Some within the Doomforge clan already were warned to these events, and it is advised the clan do not follow the dark path laid by the previous lord. NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN
  7. Sadly don't think we've ever interacted that much, though I've heard a lot of good stuff aboutcha. o7
  8. High Prophet Norli, predecessor to Levian'Tol, smiles wearily as he arrives at the temple after the meeting. The Brewer King had kept up many of the Priest's policies and traditions, and advanced them even in many regards. He would hold Levian'Tol perhaps not a legendary king who felled evil empires, but no doubt a great king. "Top three en recent history, nae doubt."
  9. gotta cross this **** outta my rune rewrite now f*ck you
  10. High Prophet Norli smiles at the abolishment of slavery in uruk lands. "Da divine rexdom, a surprise but a welcome one ta be sure. P'raps theocracy shall become more popular," he remarks with a schemeing grin. "I'll have ta visit dis new rex."
  11. Genocide the avian population, I can finally do post master general RP.
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