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  1. Grand King Norli Starbreaker stands at the highest peak in Almaris at the Shrine of Yemekar, looking northward as he pondered the upcoming conflict. Against the sounds of raging winds and birds flying by, he by miracle recognizes a distinct bell toll heralding the arrival of a ship. He jerks his head over his shoulder and squints as his gaze fixates on a small figure emerging, and he smiles. Things just got more interesting.
  2. Grand King Norli Starbreaker smiles proudly knowing that his Prisoner of War Trade-School is the best in all Almaris, and that unlike certain ministries, the Legion of Urguan doesn't need to force people to write letters.
  3. The Grand King spins around, surprised that someone had entered his office. "I'm bein' completely serious, da honorable folk of Luciensburg wisely claim glory where et es abundant- en slaughterin' women and children. Unlike d'ose riled up Norlanders who seem incapable of doin' da same. Maybe ye need to start sending more Canonist preachers dere ta teach 'em how ta live a more peaceful life, domesticate da blood thirsty barbarians." He holds out a hand as if to silence the intruder, "And save meh da 'dey started et' talk, ye know damn well dat's nae true. Now crawl outta my palace and back ta w
  4. "Aye, at least dey're nae like the barbarians of Norland who have laws 'gainst killin' priests and children- those uncivilized degenerates." remarks a sardonic Grand King.
  5. I think characters who redefine history forever are Lords of the Craft. Characters that define their culture, create forever lasting traditions. Under that basis, I nominate for the dwarves Thorik Grandaxe(made name Grand Kingdom, although not all of its systems. major player in writing brathmordakin tho), Thorin Grandaxe(father of the Grand Kingdom and Urguan's biggest empire), Valen Grandaxe(father of dwarven lore), and then Kerwyr and Zahrer together, as the whole ulrah/arcadian rivalry was like a major source of dwarven political RP and chaos for a long time. I'm not super fami
  6. ON SLANDER AND DECEPTION We regret to announce that the Kingdom of Oren has publicly attempted to slander Urguan’s folk and deceive the descendant races of their true intentions. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and its people, however, do not subscribe to the same ideology of our Northern neighbors. We do not operate in the shadows or needlessly slander, we simply state the facts as told to us. The Orenian Government claims we have antagonized them and attempted to manufacture discontent, yet we have shown no aggression to them until our grudge only stone days ago. In terms
  7. Grand King Norli Starbreaker is utterly amazed at the complexity and genius embedded into the Halfling's Charter, and immediately writes to his secretary Azkel Frostbeard. "By the seven, we've done it all wrong. Start a new draft for the sole Article of Urguan immediately based off of the attached charter."
  8. Somewhere in a world beyond mortal comprehension, in Khaz'A'Dentrumm a certain cave dwarf smiles that his refusal to compromise with an Anvilaxe had led to a series of events that inevitably freed the clan from mountain dwarf hands and into Golden ones. "Stay toasty fer meh Hekkaes, for Vuur'Dor shall be far colder."
  9. Grand King Norli Starbreaker scowls on the Obsidian Throne as he reads the missive. gesturing his Lord Chancellor Azkel Frostbeard to take a read. "Den dey once again choose ta lie and slander, ta degrade and belittle da Grand Kingdom rather den seek compromise or communication. Wot arrogance and spite must plague John Charles fer him ta desperately hang onta da rightful property o' da khazadmar." He lets out a deep sigh, reclining against the sharp edges of the black glass seat. "Shame, I'd have want ta change history and have peace with Oren, but ets King es hell bent on war. Ef such es how
  10. Grand King Norli Starbreaker smiles as he watches the Vasoyevi caravan move for a final time to the lands to his East, and leaves a flower at the Shrine of Lady Anbella along with a hope that the Hearth Mother would guide his new friends to find their own hearth to last generations.
  11. “He laid his sight on a mighty mountain, with a teeming forest and deep cavern below it, and pulled from its heart a shining jewel. It was ornate and sturdy, and YEMEKAR then forged it into form, and it became Urguan.” [Music] ᚾᚨᚱᚺ-ᛞᚨ-ᚾᚨᚴᚺᚢᛗ'ᚢᚱ-ᛞᚨ-ᛟᚱᚡᚢᛚ-ᚾᚨᚴᚺᛁᛗᛁᚱᚨᛉ=ᛖ-ᛒᚨᚴ’ᛞᚨᛗᛗᚨᛉ GRUDGE OF GREEN MOUNTAINS ᛞᚨ-ᛒᚨᚴ’ᛞᚨᛗᛗᚨᛉ-ᛖᚱᛟᚾ-ᛞᚨ-ᚷᚱᛟᛒ-ᚨᚷᚾᚨᚱᛗᚨᚱ Ever since the great beginning of dwarfdom when Lord Yemekar forged the first dwedohin from the heart of a mountain, the bearded children of Urguan have always been bound to the great feats of natural creatio
  12. [Music] A sequence of runes illuminate the main chamber of the Colossus Golem, as the dwarves stood gathered round, faces plastered with expressions of awe as the runic lexicon hummed to life, and Tyvald Kornazkarrum entered the room as an apparition. He appeared forged not from flesh nor stone, but of runic light, animated with life by forgotten spells. The figure started speaking, its voice a metallic mimicry of the Runelord, an echo reverberating throughout the hollow chamber of the runic behemoth for all the khazadmar to hear as it told the tale of the fallen behemoth.
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