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  1. Jahtep-Ra read over the recruitment drive with pride, waiting for the potential recruits.
  2. Lair PRO MC Name: HopefulSaint Lair Name: Danuglas [Green Valley] Lair Members: HopefulSaint, far1ca, Langobardi, MolagBallin, PrivetTovarisch/HeroOfDuloc, Poimandres_, RyuTheCoolest Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight/draw at least three on the map): Lair Lore (supply link to an existing creature or other lore if being used as basis for this lair) (1000 words minimum): https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/208064-culture-cingedozthe-cinged/ Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required, give dimensions): We will be building this lair by hand. Here are some screenshots of example architecture for the Cingedoz: https://imgur.com/a/D7FyruQ Here is a link to some of our builds currently in-game: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/208064-culture-cingedozthe-cinged/ Why can this group not fulfill their roleplay niche in an existing settlement or nation? (Give a detailed answer and examples of how this has not worked in the past.): The Cingedoz are semi-nomadic, moving from place to place, for trade and for safe haven from assimilation and incorporation. A stout and proud people, they hold their traditions as invaluable and immutable to themselves and have experienced much near-persecutions (in the case of the potential war that almost broke out between the Rurikids of Norland and the old Baron of Arichsdorf of Old Oren) and assimilation (in the case of Vistulia). How does this lair add to the greater world around it? How will its existence benefit its roleplay group and the server at-large?: I believe a number of staff members' admission of being impressed with this group undergirds the "benefit" the Cingedoz brings. It is a laid-back group without the pressures that larger entities usually put on their playerbases for activity checks and a number of in-game artifacts of the Cingedoz are visited by many players who enjoy them.
  3. Hoster Bishop smiles, gazing upon the document after reading it.. "May we serve our nation with honor."
  4. Hey, sometimes you gotta look at birchwood. I don't see it often, they should add more of it. When I look at it, I feel a serene peace like never before.
  5. —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The word "suffering" is commonly in reference to physical pain. It is, however, more frequently used to describe mental agony, or more frequently, it is used to describe any unpleasant feeling, emotion, or sensation. The words "pain" and "suffering" can be used interchangeably even though the former normally refers to physical pain and the latter to mental agony and suffering. Why Do We Suffer? Suffering is a result of Iblees - and the evil he has brought onto the world through his sin. In the Book of Provenance, it tells us: 2 In the beginning, the glory of GOD was singular and whole, and there was nothing but Him, so there could be no pain or iniquity. 3 And by His word the Planes were rendered, and His throne was in the Seventh Sky. 4 That which was farthest from the Lord became the Void, and that which was nearest became the Skies, and between them was the World. 5 And GOD saw that it was good. 6 And from His breath, GOD created His immortals, the Aenguls and Daemons, and named them His servants and messengers. 7 He assigned their roles, and said that Aenguls shall rule all that is, and Daemons all that is not. - 14 But among all the Daemons, the chiefest was Iblees, and he was very proud to reign over his kind. 15 And he doubted GOD’s strength, for it was given to the Daemons to rule what is not. 16 And Iblees desired to rule without the Lord. 17 So he descended the emanations of glory, and drew farther from GOD, until he reached the Void. 18 And lo, he was cursed by its touch. 19 And GOD was wroth. 20 For when GOD bore witness to the bounty of His Immortals, He was pleased. 21 But when He saw the bounty of Iblees, which was sin, He was wroth with the Daemon. 22 And He spoke to Iblees “Why have you done that which I have forbidden?” 23 And Iblees replied “For you name us as servants, and I shall devise no virtue until I am your equal. 24 And now my touch is the touch of the Void, and it is with all things in your creation.” 25 And GOD was furious, but Iblees would not repent. 26 And he fled into the Void, for he hated the glory of GOD, and by his own will was shackled there from the Lord. 27 And while the other Immortals had pleased GOD with their creation, none had fulfilled His plan, which was interrupted by the sin of Iblees. In the scriptures, it states that Iblees had interrupted GOD’s plan, and had brought forth sin and all sorts of evils into the world. He had corrupted GOD’s creation. Therefore, the world in which we live was good when it was first created, but it has since been strangely shattered and tarnished by evil. And wickedness also defaces and defiles our own humanity. Thus, the tragedy of pain inflicted on people correlates intricately to what it means to be human. But why was man created in this way? Why would GOD permit it? Has our loving creator GOD abandoned us to our fate? Of course not. The mysterious truth is that none but GOD alone possesses a full knowledge of the nature of suffering and evil. Instead, GOD tells us of his plan. 29 And they were virtuous, and GOD called them the first man and woman, who spoke no language and took no name. 30 And these were GOD’s favored creations, for they did satisfy His plan. The Scriptures even tell us Iblees himself suffered! 5 Now Iblees had suffered in the Void for an age, avoiding the grace of GOD, for he doubted the Lord even as he fled Him. 6 He saw that the Sons became more worldly, and that they spoke with GOD less each day. Experiencing Suffering It was iblees and later man himself that has brought suffering, for GOD is the source of all goodness - and without engaging Him, the source of Goodness, we fall more and more into corruption and evil which only brings about more pain and suffering. The more man had strayed away from GOD, the more evil man became - and so the void is a place of punishment. Justice is given to those who are evil, and have done evil with no repentance. Ever since man had brought suffering, the minds of mankind have become so corrupt, foolish, and delusional, that we now, and quite often, suffer more in imagination than in reality. As in the scriptures, Iblees had strayed further from GOD and eventually came to the Void, so too is man straying away from GOD as clear as the light. I too have had moments where I suffered, some of which never truly happened in reality but only in the mind. We suffer in imagination more than in reality; through overthinking, anxiety, worry, sadness, heartbreak - If you are distressed, keep faith that GOD is with you, and will render each impossible obstacle a mere step on the progress of man on his walk with the Lord. Yet then again, one ponders, is suffering real whether external or internal, or is it simply just existing only in our perception? There will always be pain in life, but to suffer in such is a choice that may at a certain time seem inescapable, and at another, a wholly unnecessary blockage to one’s own success. We should turn inward when we are suffering, and take control over it, as well as counting the many blessings granted by the grace of GOD. Then, He may transform us into better vessels of His will so that we can always love and appreciate Him. Truly, suffering and pain turn some into wise-men, and indeed it can teach us things - it can even make us learn lessons from our wrongdoings and mistakes. Suffering and pain will sometimes make the people seek GOD, and it can make one pursue virtue and wisdom. However, GOD does not make us suffer - it is only man, who manifests his own dread, and wollows in it. This comes to the detriment of his GOD given purpose. And as I wrote earlier, the void is a place of punishment. Signed, Hoster Bishop (That won't be confusing)
  6. To Those of the Canonist Faith I fear that there are many hypocrites who walk among us, and dwell within the church. The generations are being raised without god, and do not have the fear of him in their eyes.There are some who claim to be for him and with him, but their actions say otherwise. There are many canonists whose faith is lukewarm, and do not lead lives of righteousness. They claim to be Canonists, and yet they are enveloped in continuous self-indulgent sin and hypocrisy. I urge this hypocrisy to stop, and for the Church to regain its honor that it once had, but for now that honor remains history; for I've only read it in the history books. Today men honor our creator with vain lips, and do not honor him with discipline, obedience, and devoutness. We have killed our religion and replaced it with a self righteous system of hypocrisy. I have felt the agony, the suffering, and the misery of a godless world so intensely, at a time when others are blind to its tremendous consequence, that I am able to experience in advance, as it were, the fate of the last righteous generation, a generation I was not even born in to see, that I have simply read in the books stored in libraries. Our religion died when we stopped honoring our creator and his church, when we stopped raising our children with the holy scriptures, when we stopped praying, when we started honoring ourselves, when we stopped hosting our sermons, when we started to only go to our Cathedrals for funerals and weddings, and yet we expect our creator to bless us. We now believe ourselves to be our own masters of destiny, and some do even now believe themselves equal to God himself. The marionette strings of devils emerge from our shoulders as we are, in fact, led by demons that laugh at our lack of faith. We have deceived ourselves through the idolatry of ourselves and false figures. Iblees, sits at the seat of his underworld in triumph whilst our church burns in support of him. We are too weak to stop it, for we trust in the world rather than in our maker; though if we trust in him, and honor him, we will regain our strength to get Iblees out of our church. Together we may do it simply if we began to honor the creator and his church once more. I fear strongly that the future generations will be raised with dead faith, and indulge further and further into sin. Woe unto this generation, and woe unto the generations to come! Sincerely, Aleksandris Piter
  7. Howdy! Interested in playing a new persona, a child? Then you’ve found the right place! Introduction To Neville: Neville is a small Orenian 9 year old male child, with big eyes, brownish hair, is somewhat more light-skinned than his father, and is usually dressed nicely. His parents are Jack and Dahlia Beckett. Jack, Beginning as a vengeful young man and now becoming a middle aged man, can be described as a family-man, brave, and an albeit reckless individual who is somewhat hot-headed and erudite, and quick to act on his desires. He is a rather quick-witted and individual who is interested in what could benefit him and those who are with him, caring deeply for those closest to him. Jack is mostly kind, easy-going, and well mannered, though can be almost selfish and can be ruthless when he thinks it is necessary. Neville’s mother Dahlia, can be described as fun individual though sometimes can be blockish and is usually kind at heart. The family is fairly active, having four living members already. Neville can have the personality of the players choice, and be lead whatever path the player chooses. I hope that you can atleast be active, If you would like to play Neville - Please message me at LordOfLords#1874
  8. Hopeful


    Arthur was born to a wealthy family who let him have whatever he wanted. His parents, William, a merchant, and Mira, a farmer, only showed him materialistic signs of affection. His older brother, Rohn, was learning to become an architect. At some point during Arthur's childhood, He travelled with his father, William, On a horse to trade and purchase Items in a nearby village. During the travel with his father, Arthur spilled Ink he had recently bought from a shop on the horse's saddle, Which angered his father. Due to William's anger issues, He punished Arthur by having him walk home. Arthur enjoyed the stacking of cairns, a skill taught to him by his mother. William would often tell Arthur stories around cairns, The curious Arthur was always eager to listen. Later in life, Arthur attended a class where he would be training to become a guard, This required him to learn sword-fighting, and how to fight unarmed. Arthur made a friend named Vlad, Who would practice sword-fighting with him each day after the class. Vlad taught Arthur about the Inferi War, which interested him. At the beginning of Arthur's adulthood, his family's village was raided by bandits, Arthur's brother Rohn, Informed him that Vlad was working with the bandits. Discovering Vlad's betrayal, Arthur hunted guided his family to safety and moved them to another location.
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